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A Perfect Circle

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When Katsuki first stumbled upon the porn site, he was a bit weirded out. It was questionable and had some shady looking porn. A lot of them involved BDSM, pet play, roleplay, punish fucks, and a lot more. But his arousal got the best of him, and he continued to browse through the content out of boredom. It had become one of his favorite websites to get a quickie off and explore more of his kinks.


Now, though, as he was lying in bed, rubbing at his thickening cock through his boxers, he stumbles upon a video that shocks him.


It was titled “Tiny Teen in School Uniform gets Gangbanged”. When Katsuki clicks on the video, he questions if that boy really is of age because he’s small and young looking.


When the video starts playing, that’s when Katsuki’s interest piques.


The quality of the film is shit and with the dimensions it looks like it was recorded on a cell phone. But it starts with a raven haired boy, dressed in a middle school uniform, fighting against three older boys and the realism of the video makes Katsuki question if it was actually a planned out porno or if he was about to accidentally watch a kid really get gang raped.


He was on a fairly questionable and shady porn site, after all.


The boys are degrading the middle schooler, calling him names and telling him that he’s weak and useless and that he’ll never be a hero. Katsuki watches as the other kids hold the boy, watches as he gets punched in the gut a few times, watches him get slapped in the face, and kicked in the groin. The kid cries out. He’s gritting his teeth and struggling against them, pleading for them to stop.


But it’s four on one and Katsuki knows that kid doesn’t stand a chance. He feels bad for him, thinks it’s an obvious unfair fight, especially with how much smaller the kid is compared to his attackers. The other boys look a bit older, like maybe they’re a couple years older than him, so of course they’re going to be stronger.


But his cock doesn’t seem to feel bad at all with the way it swells when the young boy whimpers and groans.


He watches the kid crumple to the floor, holding his stomach as he snarls at the boy next to him. But it just earns him a kick in his side and then there’s a hand fisting his hair. It tugs roughly and forces the boy’s head back. The cameraman adjusts and gets closer, zooming in on him, showing off his pretty face, his cheeks still round with baby fat and his lip bleeding from the harsh slap across his face.


The kids are laughing at him now, the camera shakes with the guy filming as he giggles, and then the camera view is going lower. It zooms in on the dark, wet spot on the boy’s groin.


“He pissed himself!” One of them shouts, and they start cackling loudly as the boy’s cheeks burst red from embarrassment.


“What a baby!” One of them teases, and then they’re pushing him down on the ground, grappling the kid to lay flat on his back.


Two of them are holding his arms down while another one tugs at his pants, pulling them down along with his undies. The cameraman steps closer, getting a better angle, and from the close up, Katsuki can clearly see how wet the kid’s thighs are and how soaked his trousers are.


“Pissed all over himself. Disgusting.“ one of them grunts, and the one pulling his pants off just laughs.


“ We haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.”


The kid is yelling at them, begging for them to stop, pleading with them that he’ll do anything if they just let him go. And fuck, his voice sounds so familiar. But Katsuki can’t put his finger on it. He wants to analyze it more, but he really can’t bring himself to care at the moment. His cock is rock hard and begging for attention.


The video escalates from there.


The boy between his thighs is quick to get his fingers inside him. Obviously working the kid open by the way he screams and struggles against them. How he starts to cry and beg them to stop. But another kid is there to muffle his voice. Slaps a hand across his mouth and holds it there as the raven haired boy squirms and writhes in their hold. The one working him open with his fingers obviously didn’t try hard enough because he’s already adjusting himself to force his dick inside him and the poor boy is outright sobbing now.


Katsuki’s already got his cock in his hand and he’s fucking up into his fist at the thought of being in that kid’s tight heat. Wants to feel his little virgin hole tight around his cock as he milks more cries from the boy. He’s embarrassingly turned on by the way the kid whimpers and grunts with each thrust from his rapist.


The camera shifts and wobbles as it’s being passed around and it’s annoying as a viewer but Katsuki doesn’t dwell on it too much, the content is too hot to complain. He’s already so close to busting.


The camera shifts and then there’s someone straddling the kid’s chest, shoving his cock into his mouth, threatening him that he’ll send the video to UA if he even so much as feels teeth.


Katsuki almost nuts when he hears that. He wonders how long ago this video was made, wonders if the kid ever actually made it into UA. Thinks that maybe he might’ve passed the kid in the hallway.


The point of view of the camera is at a perfect angle. It’s from the pov of the guy getting his dick sucked and Katsuki can easily imagine it was his dick getting sucked by that pretty mouth. The quality may be bad, but with the camera being this close, Katsuki can see pretty pink lips wrapped tight around the guy’s cock, can see his scrunched up face as his eyes stay clamped shut.


“Hey, look at the camera.” the guy spits. He thrusts his cock deeper into the kid’s mouth for emphasis. And when the kid doesn’t react, the guy yells, “Look at the fucking camera!”


He fists the younger boy’s hair, tugging roughly at the long locks until the boy peeks his eyes open.


Katsuki’s breath catches at the sight.


There’s tears overflowing from them but they are a beautiful ruby red.


He ends up coming unintentionally.


Katsuki’s heart is hammering as he cleans himself up, exits off the page, and tosses his phone on his bedside table.


Fuck. Looked like Eijirou. he thinks, as he falls asleep in his post orgasmic bliss.





When he sees Eijirou the next day he can’t help but think of the video he watched the night before. He keeps catching himself glancing at Eijirou’s face, taking in certain details and look at his pretty ruby eyes.


He knows it’s silly, knows that he’s being stupid. Eijirou has shitty, bright red hair and he’s strong and tough. He could have easily defended himself from those assholes.


It’s just a coincidence, he thinks.






But when he goes back to his dorm that night, he pulls the video up again. But he watches it on his laptop. Better quality, bigger screen. He waits for close ups, ignores his thickening cock to analyze the video.


He wants to get a good look at this kid. Wants to know if maybe he has passed him in the hallways. If maybe the kid is in a class near his. And at the back of his mind, if maybe the kid is in his class.


There’s lots of close ups of the kid’s face and Katsuki has to pause it at certain spots to examine it. Soft skin, round cheeks, pretty eyes, long eyelashes, sharp teeth….


He finds a perfect close up, with really good quality and when he pauses it he can’t help but stare. Seconds tick by as he takes in the image.


Round ruby eyes glare at the camera in anger. Pretty long lashes frame those fierce round eyes and there’s a little tiny scar above one of them.


Katsuki’s heart picks up.


He thinks he’s stupid. This whole thing is just stupid.


Thinks he should just jerk off to the porn and get on with his day.






He most definitely feels like a fucking creep the next day for constantly trying to get a good look at Eijirou’s face. Specifically at the scar above his eye.


After class he goes immediately back to the dorms and pops the video back up on his laptop. He’s frustrated with himself and embarrassed that he’s so obsessed. But he’s more horny than anything so he’s planning to jack off to the rest of the video.


But half way through the second guy nutting inside the crying kid, Katsuki’s mind drifts to Eijirou. Imagines the kid with red hair instead of black. Imagines Eijirou’s bubbly smile being wiped from his face as he gets gangraped by his older classmates.


It’s the best orgasm he’s had in his life and he feels fucking terrible for it.






He avoids Eijirou the next day, the guilt eats at him and he’s uncomfortable with the fact that he’s been jerking off to the idea of Eijirou getting gangbanged as a kid.


But it’s not him, there’s no way.


It can’t be.






The day after that, he spars with Eijirou during training. His grunts and groans make Katsuki’s cock swell and he fucking hates himself for thinking of that god forsaken video all throughout training.


He goes back to his dorm room and jacks off to the video again that night. Watches the whole thing patiently this time, slowly strokes his cock as he watches the poor boy choke and sob. Watches him get flipped into different positions as he’s brutally raped in his own pile of cum and piss.
He climaxes with one of the boy’s, watches as the young kid’s face gets covered in another layer of cum.


He fucking wishes it was his cum on that pretty face instead.






The next day, he can’t stop thinking about it.


He wakes up with the thought of that video in his head.


In the morning, he barges into class, a scowl on his face as he storms up to Eijirou’s desk.


He grabs at Eijirou’s face, forcing him to look up towards Katsuki. And the blond feels like his heart stops momentarily when pretty ruby eyes stare back at him.He’s got thick dark lashes and a little scar at the corner of his eyelid.


“Dude, what’s the matter?” Eijirou asks, look at him curiously. “Looks like you’ve seen a ghost, bro.”


Katsuki gulps, and thinks, ‘maybe not a ghost, but something much worse.’


“Fuck off!” he yells at him, and glares at the rest of the class before storming off to his own seat. He can hear the girls giggling and hear Hanta making some stupid joke but he’s too busy to fight them.


Too busy thinking about the video. Trying his best to remember which fucking eye that little scar was on.






He barely pays attention for the rest of class, and when he goes back to his room he refuses to open the link.


His fingers itch to pull up the video, to wrap his hand around his shaft, to see if Eijirou’s scar matches the kid’s one.


But two hours later his cock is already starting to stir and he’s only a teenager. He can’t fucking help himself.


This time, as he watches the video, he imagines it as Eijirou the entire time. Imagines the redhead crying and begging for them to stop, listens to the kid’s voice and watches every glimpse of those red eyes to help fulfill his fantasy.


After he comes, he goes back a few minutes into the video, goes back to the close up of the kid’s face right before he gets a facial. It’s a clear and crisp image of him. His little scar in clear view.


Katsuki realizes it's the same scar on the same eye.


It has to be Eijirou.


 He knows it is. There’s no other way. No way someone else has those shark teeth paired with such pretty, round eyes with an identical scar on one of them.


But it leaves him questioning why his hair is black.


Thinks maybe Eijirou dyes it, and gets frustrated at himself for to recognizing it sooner.


He has to confirm it though.


It could all just be speculation at this point.






“Do you fucking dye your hair that shitty red?” Katsuki outright asks Eijirou the next day before class.


And by the way Eijirou gapes at him, expression almost comical, he knows it’s true. On his way back to his seat he hears Eijirou grumbling to Ashido.


“Mina! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone, you ass!”


And Eijirou’s arguing with her now, and Katsuki can hear her swearing that she’s never told a soul but Eijirou doesn’t believe her.


Katsuki doesn’t bother telling them to shut the fuck up because he’s already feeling adrenaline and dread and sick excitement running through his veins.


He’s so shamefully aroused and horny at the new information he’s gained that he actually ditches class halfway through. Tells Aizawa sensei that he doesn’t feel too good.


His cock is already at half mass by the time he gets into his room. It takes him less than a minute to pull open his laptop and pull up the link to the video again.


“Fuck fuck fuck” he curses under his breath, fisting his dick. He watches the video from the very beginning, turns the audio up. Fuck taking the time to find his headphones.


He watches the kid on the screen with keen eyes. Watches him struggle and attempt to put up a fight. Watches him get punched in the jaw, get kicked to the ground. Watches him piss himself. Sees his dark hair get tangled in a fist. Listens to the kid’s voice, Eijirou’s voice. Watches the boy’s small body get held down and spread open. Eijirou’s body. Stares at pretty ruby eyes glaring into the screen.


Eijirou. Eijirou. Eijirou.


He comes half way through the video, during his favorite part, where young Eijirou is being pressed into the ground and brutally fucked from behind. Here, the angle of the camera shows Eijirou’s face, red and blotchy with tears.


He’s panting heavily and so fucking disgustingly turned on by the knowledge he’s just learned.


Ten minutes later and he’s got his slowly hardening cock in his hand once again.


Katsuki is so consumed with the porno and listening intently to Eijirou’s little whimpers and moans that he doesn’t hear the footsteps coming from down the hall.


He doesn’t hear Eijirou’s muffled voice behind the door.


“Hey dude, heard you were feeling sick and came to check on-”


When the door swings open and the redhead waltzes in, it feels like time freezes over.


Katsukid doesn’t know what to do.


The audio is playing and middle school Eijirou’s moans and cries are filling the tense silence and Katsuki prays that Eijirou can’t see the computer screen from where he’s standing.




Katsuki slams his laptop shut and refuses to turn around to acknowledge the redhead. He feels like there’s something clogging his throat and his body is so tense that his jaw aches from clenching it so hard.


“Did I really just catch you watching porn?”


Katsuki’s heart hammers but he refuses to speak.


There’s an awkward silence and he knows Eijirou is waiting for some response. He cringes when the boy starts talking again. Knowing Eijirou feels bad now.


“It’s okay dude. Everyone jacks off! Honestly, thought you never did, though. Felt you were more like a machine. Eat, train, sleep, repeat, you know? “ he’s babbling.


Katsuki knows it’s because the idiot feels awkward and bad and is trying to lighten the situation.


But it’s better this way. It means Katsuki can relax just a fraction because Eijirou doesn’t know what he was jerking off to. Doesn’t know what exact porn video he was watching. Doesn’t know that he’s been nutting to Eijirou’s traumatic gang rape experience.


“Get. Out.” Katsuki growls, low and threatening. It’s the only thing he can manage to get out through the panic and embarrassment rising in his throat.


Eijirou knows that tone, knows it’s serious. So he awkwardly apologizes, “I’m sorry, really. I didn’t mean to. M-my bad, bro.” he says, before leaving the room.


Katsuki’s body is shaking and there’s sweat on his palms. His fists are clenched tightly and he can still hear his heart pounding in his chest. He thanks whatever deity is up there for having Eijirou be oblivious to exactly what he was watching.


Because he’s scared and disgusted and absolutely fucking horrified at himself. At the thought that flickered through his mind when Eijirou walked into the room.


A sick part of him wanted to get up and tackle the redhead to the floor. To kick him in his gut and fist his hair. To degrade him and call him a weak bitch while he shoves his cock down his throat.






Katsuki has a hard time sleeping that night.






The next day, he avoids Eijirou like the plague.


Thankfully, Eijirou gives him his space. He knows the redhead thinks it’s because he caught him jacking off. Even though it does piss Katsuki off that he walked in on him like that but that’s not the reason.


The real reason he’s avoiding Eijirou is because he can’t help the sick thoughts that surface every time he looks at him. He keeps seeing scenes of that video play through his head whenever Eijirou looks at him.


It fucking sucks. And he feels fucking terrible.


But his groin warms every time.






When they’re training, Katsuki is extra rough with Eijirou. He hits him harder than usual, slams him into the ground, shoves his face into the dirt while he straddles his back. Every grunt and groan Eijirou lets out sends heat straight to his cock. Every time Eijirou yelps out and grumbles at him to get off him, Katsuki thinks he might really pop a raging boner in the middle of class.


He wants to grind his erection against the redhead so badly, wants to pin him down and whisper in his ear what a weak whore he was back then. That he should’ve fought those boys harder if he really didn’t want it.






That night, Eijirou knocks at his door.


Katsuki ignores him.


But Eijirou knocks again.




“We were supposed to study tonight?”


Katsuki’s heart hammers. He forgot all about that. He flings the door open.


“ Also, just wanted to say sorry again, man. I didn’t mean to-”


“Just shut the fuck up about it already.”


“Oh, okay…”


“Get in.”


“so you’re not mad?” he asks, trailing in the room after Katsuki.


“No, I told you to shut up about it, didn’t I?”


“Yeah, I just figured...” Eijirou mutters, setting his books on the desk. “You ignored me all day dude, I just wanted to-”


He gets cut off with a growl as Katsuki tackles him onto the bed.


Fucking stupid Eijirou wont shut the fuck up. He doesn’t even fucking know what Katsuki has been doing. What he’s been going through. Doesn’t know that Katsuki fantasizes about holding him down and raping him like those boys did years ago.


Eijirou stares at him with wide eyes as Katsuki pins both his hands above his head and straddles his waist.


And god, does Katsuki like this.


Likes feeling Eiijrou’s warm body beneath him. Likes the fear behind Eijirou’s eyes and the way his heart picks up and how the redhead tenses under his grip.


He’s afraid.






There’s a slight tremor in Eijirou’s voice and god, Katsuki wants to milk more of that sinful voice out of him.


He sees the redhead gulp and shift beneath him.


“I said, shut up.” Katsuki hisses, low and threatening. He can feel heat pooling in his groin and he has to give everything in his power to keep himself from grinding down against Eijirou.


There’s a shudder that goes through the redhead and Katsuki has to try his best to hide the sick smirk that wants to creep across his face.


Eijirou frowns, “Get off, dude.” and he’s trying to pull his wrists free but Katsuki just tightens his grip.


“I’m serious! You’re acting weird!”


Katsuki can see the panic rising in his eyes, the way he starts to struggle more, the way he’s gulping in air like he’s about to have a panic attack. He milks it, takes in every minute detail of Eijirou’s frightened face, real and up close in front of him. No longer on a screen with that shit quality.


And he just knows Eijirou is getting flashbacks, remembering how those boys held him down and had his way with him.


“Tch.” He gets off him.


Leaves Eijirou splayed on the bed, heaving in air.


Katsuki just shrugs, acts like nothing is wrong, and goes to sit at the desk.




“Just leave, already.” Katsuki spits.


And he knows Eijirou is starting to feel bad by the way he doesn’t budge. Just sits up and stares at Katsuki’s back.


He can feel his eyes on him, but Katsuki refuses to turn around. The hard on he’s sporting is too obvious in his pants, and his hands are sweaty and all he wants to do now is jack off to Eijirou’s frightened face and timid voice.


“Look, Bakugo, I..”


Katsuki sits and waits, listens.


“When I was- When I was in middle school-” he hears his voice crack.


“Get out.”


“Wait, I have something to tell you!”


“Get the fuck out! I dont fucking care!” he screams.


And he hears Eijirou’s breath hitch before he’s leaving the room in a hurry. Shutting the door roughly behind him.


“You’re a fucking jerk, Bakugou!” he yells through the door.


And Katsuki wants to laugh.


Because he’s much worse than that.







He quickly shoves his hand down his pants, fists his cock at the fresh memory of Eijirou’s face, his shaky voice.


Fuck, FUCK.


Eijirou was about to tell him.


About to confide in his best friend. Tell him that he was traumatized in middle school. Was going to spill everything to Katsuki so he could know why he “overreacted” the way he did. He’d probably cry a little doing it, his voice would get all shaky and Katsuki would get to see his face get all blotchy with tears just like in that video.


He jerks himself faster.


The fact that he has no idea that he’s been jacking off to his middle school trauma fills Katsuki with sick pleasure. Doesn’t have a fucking clue. He trusts Katsuki so much he was about to tell him and here he is, about to nut over that fact.


He was disgusting.


He closes his eyes, imagines wiping Eijirou’s tears from his face, telling him it’s okay, everything is alright. Letting Eijirou cry in his arms right before he turns him over, holds him down and forces himself on him. Knows Ei’s heart would break and he’d probably scream and cry as Katsuki forced his cock into him.


That thought itself makes him come.






The next day, Eijirou is the one that avoids him. But Katsuki catches him frowning and pouting throughout the day. He knows he’s hurt Eijirou’s feelings but really, what was he supposed to do.


The constant stares he gets from the redhead and his friends piss Katsuki off. He wants to be left alone. It’s not his fault. Eijirou shouldn’t have fucking opened his mouth. He doesn’t want to know Eijirou’s trauma. He’s already watched a fucking graphic video of it. Jacked off to it multiple times.


He hates how his friends all stare at him like he did something wrong to Eijirou. As if he was the fucking one to rape Eijrou in middle school or something.


Taking his fucking side when they dont even know anything.


Katsuki gets fed up with it and finally confronts him.


He doesn’t apologize. Of course not. But he asks him during training to be his partner. Mainly because Katsuki doesn’t like partnering with anyone else but also because he wants the stupid fight they’re having to stop.


But Eijirou brushes him off. Tells him he’s already partnered with Hanta.


And Katsuki gets pissed.


He fumes as Aizawa pairs him with Izuku.


Absolutely destroys him in the training practices, Aizawa has to step in and stop Katsuki for being too rough and reckless. But he doesn’t care. Just scoffs at him and continues to take his anger out on Izuku.


How dare Eijirou.


How dare that bastard fucking shove him off like that. Forcing him to pair up with Deku of all fucking people.


Eijirou was just being a sensitive brat.






Maybe, just maybe, Katsuki thinks, he deserved what happened to him.






The next few days, Katsuki leaves him be and Eijirou slowly starts to come around. He thinks it was probably because of his friends convincing Eijirou to forgive him.


When Eijirou asks Katsuki to study, he knows it’s Eijirou basically telling him that he forgave him.


So of course, he agrees.


“Whatever,” he scoffs, sharp eyes glaring at the redhead.


“Want to meet at my place or yours?”


“I dont fucking care.”


“Yours it is!”





When Eijirou bursts into his room around 8, Katsuki is prepared.


When he does arrive, he’s being his typical bubbly self, probably trying to lighten up the tension between them. But Katsuki thinks it’s futile.


Not after what he’s seen.


What he’s been watching for the past few weeks.


Eijirou is sitting down at the desk, half way through his math problems, groaning about how hard it is, while Katsuki had already finished his entire set ten minutes ago. He’s laying in his bed, ignoring the redhead’s complaints as he browses through his phone.


“Hurry up and finish the damn page, hair for brains.”


Eijirou whines, pulling at his hair in frustration as he tries to solve a problem he’s been stuck on.


Katsuki gulps.


The noise Eijirou made went straight to his groin, his cock stirring as images of the video flash through his head.






He eyes Eijirou out, sees that he’s fully concentrated on his work. He turns to lay on his back, holds his phone up close, eyes Eijiou out again.


Katsuki is sure he won’t be able to see from this angle.


So he jams the volume on his phone down to zero and goes into his bookmarks. Clicking the one he’s frequented the most these past few weeks.


He knows it’s reckless and stupid but fuck. He wants to see it so bad. Wants to watch it while Eijirou is right there. Wants the present Eijirou right in front of him as he watches the past Eijirou get brutally fucked on his phone.


His cock swells at the thought.


Thickens even more as he watches the kid get beat down. Watches it slowly escalates.


He glances back to Eijirou every few seconds, making sure the redhead isn’t looking over, making sure he’s still working on his homework.


He can feel the heat filling his groin, feel the excitement spread through his body as his heart picks up.


He’s watching Eijirou get fucked right in front of him. Watching him get held down and spread open. Watches the cum leak out of his abused hole as another boy lines up.


And the whole time Eijirou is oblivious. Groaning and grumbling as he tries to solve his problems.


Katsuki looks at his phone, then to his groin. Sees the growing erection in his sweats. The wet spot of precum where the head of his dick is pressed against the grey cotton.


“Hey, Bakugo” Eijirou says and nearly startles Katsuki into a heart attack. But when he looks, Eijirou still hasn’t looked up from his work. He’s biting on the end of his pen, trying to figure out a problem he keeps getting wrong.


And Katsuki can’t help but zero in on those pink lips parted open on his pen.


Katsuki’s dick twitches.


He can’t have Eijirou seeing that.


So he turns over. His front side now on the sheets and his cock pressed sinfully good against the mattress.


“What?” he grunts.


“What answer did you get for number 14?”


“Fuck you,’m not giving you my answers.” Katsuki voices, gruff from being aroused and he looks at the side of Eijirou’s face as he grinds his hips against the mattress.


Eijirou pouts, glaring at the worksheet like it’s his sworn enemy, before finally look at Katsuki.


“I dont get it.”


“That’s because you’re a dumbass.” Katsuki says. Staring at Eijirou and his pretty ruby eyes and his stupid pouty lips.


“Argh! You suck. Why is this so hard!?” Eijirou complains, turning back to look at the problem.


Katsuki ignores him and looks back at his phone.


Black haired Eijirou is gagging on a cock right now. There’s still cum on his face from the previous facial he got. Some of it oozes down the left side of his brow, clumping at his eyelashes but the boy filming doesnt care, just continues to fuck into his mouth.


Katsuki grinds down again.


“I really need help, man.”


The kid’s face is being tugged off of the cock, being forced to look at the camera with an unrelenting hand in his hair as the guy busts his nut all over Eijirou’s face. Some gets in his hair, on his eyebrow, but most of it lands on his lips and nose.


“Please, dude”


Katsuki rocks his hips against the sheets.


On screen Eijirou unconsciously licks his lips, grimaces as he tastes the spunk on them. And then he is saying something, and Katsuki has watched this so many times, he knows he’s begging them to stop, telling them it’s enough, he’s learned his lesson, please. But then he’s getting slapped across his face, his small body getting repositioned again, his legs being held wide open so the camera that gets passed and adjusted can clearly see the way his hole oozes cum.


He grinds his hips more, reveling in the friction of his hard shaft pressing against the mattress.




He wants to see that hole red and abused and oozing cum.


Wants to be the one that made it like that.


He rocks his hips again.




Katsuki’s eyes jerk up to Eijirou.


He’s looking at him with shock on his face, a deep red blush on his cheeks, as his round eyes blink at him. He was red in the face, embarrassed because he had just caught his best friend, Bakugou Katsuki, grinding his dick against his bed.


“What are you looking at?” Eijirou sputters, clambering out of his seat.


Katsuki growls at him, “Shut up,” before slamming his phone face down, so Eijirou wouldn’t see the screen.


“Is it porn again?!” the redhead’s mouth is gaping like a fish as he accuses Katsuki of exactly what he was doing.


“No, goddamn it, shut up!”


“It totally was! Bakugou, you perv!” he accuses, but there’s a hint of mirth, a giddy smile trying to surface.


And Katsuki feels his blood pressure rise, feels heat fill his face, adrenaline thrum through his body. Embarrassment coats his throat but he’s quick to cover it with rage.


“I said I fucking wasn’t! Shut the fuck up!”


“Was it a picture of a girl then? A boy? I dont judge, man.” Eijirou laughs, and he clearly doesn’t understand how pissed off Katsuki is. How much he’s converting his embarrassment into anger. “Or..are you sexting someone? “


Eijirou tries to hold in his laughter, but seeing Katsuki’s face get redder and redder is too much. His silence just eggs Eijirou on more.


“I thought we were friends, bro. Come on! Dont be shy! Tell me! Tell m-”


“I said shut the fuck up, you slut!” he screams.


And that makes Eijirou freeze. He looks at Katsuki with scrunched eyebrows.


“What the hell man, I was just joking.”


But Katsuki isn’t having it. He gets up off the bed, a dark look in his eyes that makes Eijirou take a step back.


“You really want to know what I was watching?” he asks, low and dangerous.


Eijirou peers at him, squints his eyes and frowns because he doesn’t like the way Katsuki is acting. Doesn’t like the way he’s looking at him.


“S’ nothing, nevermind bro. It’s okay. ”


Katsuki steps closer, and Eijirou steps back.


“No, I’ll show you. Since you want to know so fucking bad.” Katsuki growls out.


He steps even closer to Eijirou, till he’s got his backside up against the desk, trapped between the wood and Katsuki’s intimidating stance.


Katsuki jams his finger on the volume button on the side of his phone until the audio is turned all the way up. He listens as the whines and cries of middle school Eijirou’s voice gets louder and louder.


Eijioru’s face blossoms red as he hears the porn audio Katsuki is listening to, hears the crying and broken moans, but he’s still looking at him like he’s confused. Doesn’t know why Katsuki is acting the way he is.


He doesn’t even recognize who the voice from the audio belonged to.


“You don’t recognize this?”


And Katsuki laughs as Eijirou shakes his head ‘no’.


“You sure?”


He’s got an eerie smile on his face as he stares Eijirou down.


There’s almost an entire awkward minute of grunting and moaning that goes by, with Eijirou looking at him in utter shock and confusion until one of the older boys blurts out,


“Wow, what a fucking slut. He’s starting to enjoy it.”


There’s laughter, and Katsuki knows this scene well too.


Black haired Eijirou starts crying again, and then,


“Please, no more.”


“Nah, we aren’t done yet. Don’t you want to be a hero?”


A whine and a broken sob.


“Better get us off one more time, or else we might accidentally send this to UA.”


Another set of laughter from the boys, albeit filled with static from the weak phone speaker.


Katsuki stares at Eijirou’s face as it slowly dawns on him.


It feels like a dream being able to see Eijirou’s sweet face twist in fear.


His eyes widen, his lip quivers, his breathing picks up, his hands start to shake.


“Wh-What is that..” his voice is so soft and quiet and it’s like nothing Katsuki’s ever heard come out of his mouth before.


“Hm?” Katsuki cocks his head, “You mean this?”


He smirks, bringing up the phone’s screen to face Eijirou, he watches as the redhead’s face goes pale as if he’s seen a ghost.


His ghost from middle school. The traumatic past that he buried down deep and now his best friend is exposing it to him like it was some sick treasure.


The horrified look on Eijirou’s face goes straight to Katsuki’s dick.


“Where...Where did- you” Eijirou stutters, and it’s like he’s frozen, his eyes glued to the screen in Katsuki’s hand. He barely moves, just stands stock still as Katsuki steps closer, into his space. Tilts his head down so he can watch the video with Eijirou.


It’s the scene with black haired Eijirou’s chest pressed to the floor as his hips are being held up and he’s being rammed into from behind. The look on his face is an exhausted and fucked out expression and if Katsuki squints, it looks like Eijirou is enjoying it.


“Hn, my favorite part.”


“Where..where did you.. find that? H-How...I dont no way.”


Eijirou’s knees go weak, and they buckle beneath him.


But luckily Katsuki is there to catch him.


He slides a knee between Eijirou’s thighs and grabs at his tank top just in time. Holding him up from completely crumpling to the ground.


He tosses his phone on the desk, lets the audio keep playing, as he wraps his arms around Eijirou.


“H-how, no...W-why?”


The redhead fights him at first, shaking his head and pushing at his chest, but Katsuki just shushes him and forcefully tugs Eijirou closer. Holds him until he’s sinking into his embrace.


His shoulders are tense and shaking and Katsuki knows he’s crying.


“Shh. Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone.”


Katsuki slides his hands down Eijirou’s shivering back, presses himself closer to him until his entire front is against him, his arms tighten, wrapping possessively around Eijirou's waist.


His erection obvious against Eijirou’s thigh.


“On one condition.”


Eijirou full on sobs and Katsuki feels his cock twitch.