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Helping Each Other

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Lucy Stevens sat nervously in a chair outside of her social workers office. She was very nervous about her uncertain future as her worker was inside talking to her possible new parents. Her arm had a bruise on it which was given to her by her old foster sister Margot. The two fought often and it almost always got physical between the two but Margot was much stronger. The parents got sick of their fighting and decided to give Lucy back to the system as they had always had a level of favoritism towards Margot. By now she had given up hope of adoption as she was 16 at the time.

She took several deep breaths to try and calm herself down but internally she just couldn’t stop her mind from racing.

“What if my new parents are abusive? What if I have new siblings who hate me? What if they barely feed me?”

All of these awful scenarios were going through her head until the door suddenly opened and she was beckoned inside. She walked inside and saw a nice looking man and woman sitting across from the desk.

“Lucy this is Austin and Maria Collins. They’re going to be your new foster parents.”

Maria stood up and smiled at Lucy before shaking her hand.

“We’re very excited to invite you into our family,” she said.

They seemed nice but Lucy had parents in the past who only acted nice in front of her social worker so she could never be sure.

After doing some paper work and talking for a bit Lucy left the office with the Collins and went out towards their car. It was about a fifteen minute drive across Ryme City until they reached their house. The three walked to the door and stepped inside the house. Immediately a Growlithe ran to them excited to see someone new. He jumped up on his hind legs leaning on Lucy which made her step back well Austin tried to pull Growlithe away.

“He’s just excited to meet you is all,” he reassured.

Lucy was caught off guard by the puppy Pokémon but she followed Maria through the house into the living room. In the living room there was three other kids. Two boys and a girl.

“Alright everyone this is Lucy, she’s going to be living with us. So we’re all gonna make her feel welcome and safe here right?”

The three of them smiled and Maria told them to do introductions. The two boys both 13 were named Nolan and Toby and the girl who was 9 was Lily. They all seemed nice enough and Lucy was surprised when Maria told her she’d have her own room.

The room was small with enough room for her bed, dresser, and a desk but it was better than most that she’d lived in.

“I’ll give you some time to settle in. We’ll probably eat around 6,” Maria told her.

She nodded before sitting down on her bed and staring at the wall. Her backpack only included a few pairs of clothes and a notebook she kept. Inside the notebook she wrote down every days events to try and calm herself down in stressful situations. She had writing in it for a few months and it had really helped her through many tough times.

She laid down for about 20 minutes until she was called down for dinner. When she entered the dining room she saw her three foster siblings rushing around to their seats well Austin and Maria were putting things on the table. Lucy sat down at the one empty chair and silently stared down at the table. After everyone was seated conversations started but Lucy felt overwhelmed. All 3 kids were trying to talk over each other well the two parents were trying to listen to all three of them. Meanwhile Growlithe was moving underneath the table and sniffing at her. After a few minutes it became to much and she pushed her chair away before rushing upstairs.

Lucy wasn’t sure why she was having an anxiety attack at that moment. She knew the family was nice but for some reason all the sensory input just threw her off and now she was in her new room trying to calm herself down. She took several deep breaths and thought about something soothing.

“Are you okay sweetie,” she suddenly heard.

Austin and Maria were standing in the doorway looking concerned.

“Um yeah I’m sorry. It’s just been a really crazy day and I guess I just wasn’t expecting so much.”

Maria crouched down next to her rubbing her back.

“I’m sorry, we should’ve done more to welcome you.”

“No, you’ve been amazing. I just... have trouble in social situations.”

Lucy was embarrassed. She had parents in the past who she didn’t stay with long because they didn’t want to deal with her outbursts.

“It’s alright sweetie. We know it can be overwhelming. A new home, new room, new foster siblings and parents. But if you need anything, anything at all. You can ask us,” Austin reassured.

Lucy nodded finally having calmed down. After that she decided to go back down and finish dinner where everyone was much calmer.

The next day Austin and Maria called Lucy down to the kitchen because they had something important to tell her.

“We wanted to take you to a nearby Pokémon adoption center. My friend works there and she has a Pokémon she thinks you’d love to meet,” Maria explained.

Lucy nodded so about half an hour later they drove over to the adoption center. The three of them walked inside where the receptionist greeted them.

“We’re here to meet with Natalie. She has a Pokémon for us.”

At that moment Natalie walked out into the entrance and hugged Maria. She then beckoned for them to follow her back into the main area of the center.

“Just wait here and I’ll go get him,” she told them before walking off.

When she returned Lucy could see a small yellow Pokémon slowly waddling behind her legs nervously peeking out at them. Natalie crouched down before nudging the Pokémon out from behind her.

“Lucy, this is Psyduck.”

Lucy looked down at the duck Pokémon and smiled and he stared back at her. Psyduck seemed nervous and he hugged Natalie’s arm for comfort.

“Don’t be shy, he’s just a little questioning but he’ll let you pet him.”

Lucy put her hand down gently petting the head of the cute water type.

“You know Lucy. Psyduck also gets anxious during stressful situations,” Austin said.

“We thought it would be good for both of you to... help each other out. Keep each other calm,” Maria continued.

Lucy smiled as she sat on the floor across from Psyduck. Slowly he let go of Natalie’s arm and waddled over to Lucy who continued to pet his head.

“I think that would be great,” she smiled.

After filling out some paperwork it was official Lucy Stevens had finally found a Pokémon partner.


That night it was storming outside. Thunder, lightning, and down pouring rain. Lucy woke up at about 1 in the morning to the rain pounding on her window and usually this would cause her nerves to rise up again. However lying next to her in the bed she saw Psyduck, peacefully sleeping, not deterred by the rain. In that moment as she saw her new Pokémon at peace Lucy knew that everything would be okay.