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Boiling Point

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Oda was the jealous type.

If Tachibana hadn’t noticed that, Oda would’ve thought he was knocked over the head and replaced with a very life like robot of him. Tachibana could read people like a book, and Oda barely hid his reverence for Tachibana. So needless to say when this bratty son of one of the biggest men in the Japanese underworld came into the picture and earned the eyes of his boss without doing anything other than being a cute little naive piece of ass, it ticked him off. It set him off like short fuzed dynamite, and he felt like any moment he’d snap and leave Kiryu in a ditch with his face beaten in.

He wondered if Tachibana set up these group meetings on purpose. These meetings just being the sitting at the large dining table in Tachibana’s penthouse with all of them spaced out accordingly, with Oda, much to his chagrin, sat in the middle while Tachibana and Kiryu took the foot and head respectively.

It gave Tachibana a straight view of Kiryu as he ate his meal. Tachibana would talk business but his eyes said something else entirely, something only Oda knew how to see. Tachibana did a good job of hiding his more lecherous side now that he was a normal, goody-goody, law abiding real estate agent, but Oda could never forget that look. Whenever Tachibana’s eyes would fall on him like that it would drive him fucking insane, and now it seems that attention that, at one point was reserved for him, is now all for this fucking brat.

Tachibana’s mouth is moving but he can’t understand a word except for his name when Tachibana looks at him. Oda lifts his head from his hand and blinks a few times in confusion, as if he had made himself deaf with his thoughts that blared through his mind like someone was shouting inside of his head with a megaphone.

“I said what do you think, Oda-san?” Before Oda can open his mouth to let out some half assed answer Tachibana narrows his eyes, “Or were you dozing off?”

“Oh well, uhm.”

Tachibana raises his gloved hand, and Oda knows not to even try. “These get togethers are meetings as well, you know that, right?”

“Y-yes boss.” He nods his head.

Tachibana just sighs and looks back at Kiryu with a smile far more genuine than the one he was giving Oda. It’s all in the eyes, the way Tachibana looks at people. Perhaps being able to tell what he’s thinking is a skill only Oda really has, because Kiryu is about as dumb as ever.

Tachibana closes his eyes and places his silverware down, “Kiryu, if you’ll excuse us.”


“Oda?” Tachibana’s eyes move seamlessly from Kiryu and back to Oda with a glare.

“Come to my office, now.”

The bite to end of his words brokers no room for argument, and with motions that are almost robotic in nature he sits up from his chair and follows Tachibana into his private office. Much like the main room it had an all seeing view of Kamurucho, where Tachibana could look down upon everything while everyone else could only look up and wonder what was in there. Tachibana takes a seat, back facing the windowed wall, he folds a flesh hand a topped the glove plastic one and leers at Oda.

“Oda your behavior as of late has been… troubling to say the least. Are you under the weather by chance? I don’t like working sick employees to the ground, you know.”

“N-no boss.” There’s hardly a point in lying to Tachibana about such trivial things, it would only make him angrier.

Tachibana’s brows tighten together, and he slowly closes his eyes.

“Then tell me what’s going on. Did you and Kiryu get into another fight?”

“It… it isn’t that either.” And even then, despite being so far beneath him that Tachibana feels like a giant and he a worthless, meaningless ant, Oda couldn’t lie., He couldn’t even keep it a secret. “You’ve been really concentrated on Kiryu is all.”

Tachibana’s brows raise. “Why wouldn’t I be? He’s a new recruit, why would I treat you with the same surveillance as I would a fresh h-”

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

It’s like an entire anvil is tied to his words, and the silence that follows only adds to it. He gulps thickly, feeling sweat starts to drip down the back of his neck. “You know what I mean… the way you look at Kiryu, the way you talk to him.” He smirks, but it’s a weak one, shaky. It almost looks like a kid drew it one his face. Oda’s stomach felt like it was swimming as he continues to speak.

“I’m hurt, boss.” He chuckles, “We’ve been like this for so long and you think I don’t notice?”

“Well, then think about it for a second, Oda.’ Tachibana regains his composure which he had lost in that brief moment of shock. He runs his hand through his hair, fixing any non-existent imperfections before folding them back together. “What is Kiryu doing that you aren't?”

“What is it?” Oda echoes his question, “I don’t understand, I ain’t anything like him.”

“Come on, Oda. You’re smarter than this.” He chuckles, crossing one leg over the other, “Really think, because I know you like the same thing too. What does Kiryu do?”

“He’s… appealing to you.”

“How so?”

Oda gulps, the strangest sense of shame and embarrassment is ripping his heart to shreds, “That’s he’s so fucking dumb. He wouldn’t know someone was hitting on him if they weren’t straight up saying they want to fuck him.”

Tachibana seems surprised this bluntness but Oda knows he’s more or less correct in his assumption. “I ain’t that stupid, boss. Couldn’t be like him even if I wanted.”

“Are you saying I’m a virgin chaser?”

“Saying?” He scoffs, “I know you are, boss, you love dumb ones like him.”

“Hmph…” Tachibana smiles. He’s amused, that’s for sure. Loving undoing Oda’s bravado and crushing beneath his foot like a bug. “Maybe so… when I have the patience for it.” The chair creaks as he rests further back into it, his hands moving to rest in his lap, “But you’re right, it’s not fair to play favorites.”

Oda gulps, the tension feels like a noose around his neck and Tachibana is the hangman. In the same vein of how terrifying it is, it also has Oda feeling hot in all the wrong ways, his cheeks burning and a twinge of arousal deep in his gut. “S-should we go back to Kiryu?”

Tachibana nods, “He can finish dinner alone.”

Oda gulps, clenching his toes inside of his shoes as Tachibana eyes go up and down his body, inspecting him. “Show me…”

“Sh-show you what?”

“How much you want me, of course. Earn my praise, Oda.”

Oda’s cock twitches in his pants when Tachibana’s eyes fall right down to this groin. Of course he knows this treatment gets him going. Oda undoes his fly like clockwork and pulls himself out of his pants, sighing in relief as the cool air of the office hits his cock. He starts to slowly stroke himself, “B-boss…”

Tachibana chuckles lowly, stroking his thigh as he watches Oda’s hand move up and down his shaft. “Come closer, Oda, I want to see.”

Oda’s feet move on the own, and he’s barely an arms length away from Tachibana’s desk, but not close enough hide the show from Tachibana’s prying eyes. Oda peers over the desk, seeing Tachibana’s hand drawing closer to the growing bulge in his pants.

“Ah, no peeking, Oda.” Tachibana wags his fingers upwards, “Look at me, Oda. Tell me, what can you do to make me want you more?”

“I… I can…” He shudders, “I can be under your desk more… where I belong.”

“Hmm.” Tachibana rubs his thigh more, “Keep going.”

“You get so tense… you can use me whenever you want. I’m yours, b-boss.”

“Are you?” He raises a brow.

“I am…” He gasps, a sharp spark of pleaure runs up his spine. “I’m your bitch.”

Tachibana’s pops the button on his pants. He pulls himself out and starts to stroke himself alongside Oda. “Like music to my ears.”

Oda’s smile is shaky. Even with the rest of his beautiful body covered, he looks so nice. His skin starting to shine dully with fresh sweat and the way he bites his lip in pleasure. Oda wants to cum, but knows he can’t just yet. He slows himself down, his body screaming in protest as the heat in his belly has no way to escape. His lips part as a gasp rips from his throat, “B-boss.”

“Good boy, Wei Tien…” He speaks, shifting back to his native tongue.

“Li Hua…” When he calls him by his name it sends his brain into overdrive. It’s like giving a dog a treat.

“I’m getting close.” He whispers, biting his lip. He bats his lashes, his brows curled in pleasure. He strokes himself quicker, his back arching breifly from his chair, “Ah-”

“Li Hua…” He whispers. He leans over, his hand landing on the table with a thud as he supports himself. “I’m…”

“You can cum, Wei Tien.”

Those sweet words drive him over the head. His whole body tenses, in an effort to stifle his moan, it comes out as a pathetic whimper. His toes curl till the knuckles turn white, his cum shooting from his cock splatters all over the table and whatever paperwork was unlucky enough to be there. His body laxes just as quick and he gasps for air. His grip around his cock loosens, and he looks at the mess on his hand and the table before looking back at Tachibana.

He’s much more silent with his own climax, so much that Oda doesn’t even know he’s came until he cums all over his hand, some of his lands on the table too, mixing in with Oda’s.

Tachibana’s eyes remained closed, but his breathing soon returns to normal. “Clean it up.”

His brain still fuzzy, he leans over the desk and runs his hot tongue along the polished wooden desk, licking all the puddles of warm cum with a low moan of delight, his hot breath leaving a wet trail in his wake. When he gets the last bit he doesn’t swallow right away, instead he pulls back, his tongue out so Tachibana can see the mix of cum and spit on his tongue.

Tachibana folds his hand on the desk and smiles, pleased at his work. “You may go, Wei Tien; and if Kiryu is still here you can tell him to go home.”

Oda straightens himself out, and tucks his cock back into his pants. “Y-yes boss…”