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The sky was a deep red and the clouds were a shade of green.

Dawn felt nothing of the bark of ivy cover tree when she touched it and her feet being sunk into the mossy grass.

The clouds rumbled and pokeballs started falling, shattering when they touch the ground.

“Your dreams are strange.”

She turned to see a shadow almost staring at her, the voice gravelly and demonic. She didn't speak, she couldn't. It felt like something was stuck in her throat, wedge deep by some powerful source.

“You are a strange one, aren't you. I have never seen someone like this before.”

The steady of the abnormal rainstorm quickened and the sky changed to an inky color.

“So tell me human. Who are you? What are you?” This time the thing was attached to her back, sprouting out of her birthmark.

The force in her throat didn't lessen, but she managed to get a single word out her mouth without realizing it.