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Bakugou hadn't wanted to go, he didn't care his mother's friend was going to get married.

Then he was told Deku would be there.

'Deku, you dummy, always changing my planes,' he griped internally, he had planned to rewatch some of the camera footage he had to pass the day.. but it wasn't good enough now that he had the ability to see the other boy face to face.

They arrived at the dress shop and Baku had expected the green haired boy to be sitting, bored as he would be soon.

He hadn't expected to see the love of his life twirling in a wedding dress, lighting up his field of vision as soon as he laid eyes upon him.

He hadn't expected the blush, the widening of eyes and the giant smile that caused flowers, the same flowers from the first day, to fly behind him. The golden haired boy's breath caught.. 'you look so beautiful.. I want to keep you, after our wedding day, when everyone knows you are mine.. I will lock you up and keep you forever, safe, if it's comfortable enough, I'll keep you in that dress forever love.'


Midoriya hadn't wanted to go, he didn't care that his mother's friend was going to get married.

Then he was told Kacchan would be there.

'Ah Kacchan, I wish I could be mad at you.. I was going to stare at my collection all day you know?' They had arrived and Deku had sat for the first hour, having to admit that the dresses were kind of pretty.

Would Kacchan wear a dress at their wedding? Would he want Deku to wear it? 'I'll wear nothing to our wedding if it keeps Kacchan happy.' He sighed contentedly at the thought.

One of the ladies working there passed by with a child sized dress and when asked about it, explained that some kids liked playing dress up with their moms as the dress trying happened.

They had the brilliant idea to dress Deku up. He didn't look half bad, the dress fit and it was very close to his dream dress for his real wedding. It was a smooth princess skirt that was decorated with lace, trailing up to his neck. A crown of red carnation's had be put on his head.. then suddenly a billion pictures if him were being taken, some with polaroids.

Deku lost himself in modeling until Kacchan walked in, eyes widening. Kacchan was seeing him as a bride! He felt his eyes widen, his face suddenly hot.

But Kacchan didn't frown and it made Deku smile. Feeling a little bold, he jumped into Kacchan, who's arms opened automatically to catch him.

'Such a hero, so prepared to save anyone at any time!' Deku and Kacchan spun as they balanced, he had to be dreaming, Kacchan was this perfect in real life but they must look like a couple and that was beyond his wildest dreams.


Stupid, adorable, love of his life... irresponsible green head! The boy had jumped into his arm, as if he was sure that Bakugou would catch him. Good, this meant his plan for Deku to feel safe around him was already underway.

As they spun, his red eyes were able to watch that expression of utter bliss without repercussion and it made his chest fill with somehow even more love than before.

'Beautiful.. pretty, mine.. mine mine mine.'

His thoughts were interrupted by that adorable voice informing him that dizziness was filling Deku's head. He felt a little sad that the giggles filling the air had stopped.

But the females in the group weren't done, seeing the boys interact spurned them on. With the help of the shop ladies, who had joined the dress up party, they found a mini suit and dress Kacchan up. Now they looked like bride and groom and it pleased him people were aware they looked good together.

Another billion photos were taken. The boys now owned a ton of photos of themselves and each other, and a lot more of them posing in different ways together.

They couldn't be happier.


By the time the group was done, both boys had fallen asleep and were allowed to leave dressed that way after the shop keeper told their mother's that she wouldn't be able to see anyone else in those clothes without feeling a little indignant now.

Baku awoke still dressed in the suit, he got an idea.. it was his right to a wedding night after all this hassle, right? So he sneaked into his future wife's room silently.

He had the phone he normally used to take photos of sleeping Deku and he had a few ideas on what he wanted.

He raised the skirt above Midoriya's thighs and his breath caught, apparently the shop ladies didn't think boxers were appropriate because Deku was in panties. He had to stop himself from jumping the boy, pictures first.

He took a few with the panties on before lowering them, gently pulling out Deku's precious little dick. He took pictures of it surrounded by white lace and ruffles.
He would have continued but Deku flipped as soon as his panties were slid up, so he got some of his cute ass peeking out from underneath the dress. This was heaven.

He pulled himself out and took a few photos with him positioned over his lovely husband before getting too excited and cumming all over the exposed cock and thighs. He eagerly took pictures of that.

'You look so pretty for me.. only for me.. look how gorgeous you look with me all over you.`

He wanted to go hom to properly enjoy the pictures, so he left after a kiss to his wlhusband's forehead.


Deku woke up a little fuzzy, still in his wedding dress and lovingly tucked into the bed. There was a warmth on his forehead, how long had he been asleep?

He moved his blankets and looked down, he had finished in his new panties! Probably because of the gorgeous wet dream he had experience in his unconsciousness.

No matter, he had to get evidence of their wedding night! He snuck into his husband's bed room silently. Same process as Kacchan had done, unbeknownst to him.

He slipped in between Kacchan's beautiful legs before pulling out his camera and taking pictures of his dress covering Kacchan's legs, pulled back to reveal his lovely soulmate's crotch.

Then he took one of his hand over said area. He gently pulled out the most delicate part of his favorite person in the world and pumped it twice. Then he was able to unabashedly take photos of Kacchan looking dominant even in his sleep.

He found a way to take a few more risque ones, surprised he came so fast after coming once in his sleep, he cleaned up after hanving humped his husband dry.

He looked around and other than the tissue he had used to clean Kacchan, he took a shirt that had been carelessly thrown under his desk.

'You always leave me little presents.. you're so sweet Kacchan!'

He went home, content.

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Deku looked beautiful