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sweetheart, sleep

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hoseok sighed, after a long day of teaching his energetic dance classes he could surely use a bit of rest and comfort in his little apartment shared with his boyfriend. smiling at the thought of the younger boy he searches for his keys in his pockets and unlocks the front door.

“tae, shut up! come heal me, i’m fuckin’ dying here.”

beautiful words to come home to, hoseok huffs out a small laugh, drops off his bag and kicks off his shoes at the entrance. he brings his gaze towards the living room where his boyfriend is currently playing with his headset on and thumbs wildly flailing around the controller, “tae, you’re so infuriating just come help me!” jeongguk huffs and ruffles his long hair in annoyance with one hand.

huh, hoseok hadn’t noticed how long jeongguk’s hair had gotten, almost fully down to his chin. that’s hot, hoseok thought while humming and making his way towards his boyfriend, who seemed oblivious to his arrival.

“sweetheart.” hoseok sat next to jeongguk and reached over to tickle his chin softly. it took jeongguk a while to comprehend what happened and he blinked three times before completely abandoning his game to attack hoseok in a hug.

“hyung! you’re home.” jeongguk says excitedly and takes a big sniff of hoseok’s shirt, a habit he does when greeting the older boy. hoseok thought it was a bit weird at first but now found it endearing to witness. jeongguk says his scent is a calming vanilla-like scent that makes him happy.

“that i am, baby. how are you?” hoseok asks, trying to find a comfortable position with the overgrown bunny trying to snuggle up in his lap. in the background he could vaguely hear taehyung screaming through the headset and sees both their players die, he sniffles a laugh.

jeongguk doesn’t seem to mind at all though, he’s much too happy in the presence of his wonderful boyfriend, “‘m good, hyung. missed you though.” hoseok doesn’t mention how they just saw each other that morning and instead coos and hugs the boy even tighter.

“is that so, gguk-ah?” jeongguk nods wildly and yawns a bit, rubbing his eyes, “oh? you’re sleepy, just like hyung. how about i shower and we can sleep, mm?” hoseok asks, petting jeongguk’s hair gently.

the boy nods and stands up to let hoseok stand as well and then sits back down on the couch, “i’ll be playing with tae for a bit, till you’re done!” he says and grabs his headset and controller to continue his already failed game.

hoseok laughs giddily and walks in the direction of their bedroom, “alright, sweetheart.” he waves and disappears into the room.
after hoseok showers he realises he was a bit fast and decides to play with his phone for a bit before getting jeongguk, just to let him play a bit more. laying on top of the bed he sighs and unlocks his phone mindlessly scrolling through twitter.

“yeah, i think he’s a camper, he hasn’t moved since the match started.” hoseok stirs awake with a voice speaking in a loud whisper.

he shoots up and looks at the time on his phone, “fuck,” he swears and stands up fast, making him become a bit dizzy, “ ”s 6am. where’s gguk?” he mumbled sleepily, he must’ve fallen asleep whilst scrolling through his phone.

he walks towards the kitchen to grab some water when he sees jeongguk. still playing video games, “fuck fuck, gguk-ah.” he breathes out, walking rapidly towards the boy with bloodshot eyes, “baby, why didn’t you wake me?”

“hm? oh, hey hyungie.” jeongguk waves at him with a tired yawn, “‘m sorry, what’d ya say?” he makes no move to stand up but turns off the device, mumbling a goodbye into the headset.

“gguk, baby, it’s 6am.” hoseok says with guilt settling into his chest, “hyung’s sorry, i meant to get you earlier but i fell asleep, forgive me.” he hugs a tired jeongguk to his chest, “you must be so tired, my baby, i’m sorry.”

jeongguk pushes hoseok away gently and tilts his head, “wait what?” he stares at the clock on the wall and his doe eyes widen even more, “oh no, hyung ‘m sorry i lost track of time.” he says sporting a small pout, “can’t believe i pulled an all nighter, i feel horrible.”

hoseok clicks his tongue, “it’s both our faults, sweetheart, ‘s okay.” he mumbles into jeongguk’s temple while leaving a short but loving kiss there, “let’s get you to bed, hm?”

jeongguk nods and holds onto hoseok’s arm, following him to the bedroom where they sleep away the tiredness in their eyes, sharing a soft embrace.