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Commentary Crew Oneshots

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Alex was wearing his lightest pink hoodie, he thought Will was out to the shops. Alex cleaned out their spare room and began to put up sunblocking curtains, fairy lights, stuffed animals, anything he could find that made him feel small. He grabbed his favourite stuffie which was a soft pink rabbit he found at a thrift store. Alex had accidently ended up falling asleep, the sobbing from the previous night making him exhausted.

~Small Time Skip~


Will unlocked the door, "Alex, I'm hom-" there was a strange pale light coming from under the spare room door. Will knew he shouldn't snoop but he opened the door softly to see a sleeping Alex, his headphones playing Littlespace by Sxye. Will smiled softly and quietly walked over to kiss his boyfriend on the forehead. He moved Alex's hair out of the way and pressed his lips to his forehead. Alex stirred in his sleep and opened his eyes after Will pulled away. "W-will...?! What are you doing home this early?" Alex looked around the room, he had planned to take everything down before Will came home but it looks like that plan had failed. "I finished up at the shop a little early. How about we cuddle and watch Princess And The Frog, baby boy?" Alex went wide eyed and nodded softly. "Yes please, daddy." Alex had a new sparkle in his eye. Will opened his arms for the other male to climb into. Alex wrapped his arms around Will, Will grabbed Alex's thighs to keep him up. Will was only going to get the movie but he wanted to keep his partner by him. Will grabbed the movie and went back to Alex's littlespace room, he set Alex down on the bed and put in the movie. He turned off the light so the fairy-lights were alluminating the room. Will went over and got on the bed, hugging Alex to his chest. "Want me to buy you some stuff, baby boy?" He asked softly while looking at DDLB stuff on shops. Alex nodded and pointed to things he wanted, there was a totsl of 5 things. A dinosaur pillow, two pairs of light pink and white footie pajamas, a binkie and a sippy cup. Alex smiled softly and looked up at Will. "I love you daddy." Alex sounded more at peace and happy in this moment. It made Will happy that Alex was happy. "I love you too, baby boy."