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The other Battle God

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RedNightAutumn: Hi, are you still looking for people for boss hunts? I would also like to ask you something personal, Mister AutumnTree? :)

Autumn Tree: Hi? Yes, we still need people for boss hunts, but please call me Autumn Tree, tacking the Mister in front is so old D:

RedNightAutumn: I heard you and your partner are earning money through Glory, would you mind to include one more? I can earn boss materials easily by myself if you don’t need hidden bosses :) With a party as awesome as you two, hidden bosses will be easy to kill ;D

AutumnTree: Woah brother, that statement’s kinda boasting, let’s see what you’ve got! Meet us at Congee Forest. We’ll test you out ;D

RedNightAutumn: Awesome. See you there :D


“You see this RedNight, Ye Xiu?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“His avatar also has ‘autumn’ in it, wonder if we could form our Autumn Forest group now”

“… You serious?”

“Hehehe! Gege still wants an Autumn Forest group! You’re not a boy band!”

“Hey now Mucheng, your brother and Ye Xiu are quite handsome okay! Let’s see if this bro is also just as good-looking as we are!”

 “Now you’re just praising yourself, Muqiu, have some shame. Wait, we don’t have those, what a pity”



 “Ah, he’s here!”

 “Hello hello? Wait, that battle mage looks familiar! Also… what?”

They both thought they were looking at an inverted version of One Autumn Leaf, but this avatar was dressed in deep red, carrying a magical battle spear that they didn’t recognise on sight. A silver weapon! His back skirt was more elaborate than One Autumn Leaf’s, it had a few side pieces resembling a peacock’s tail. His mantle also had the similar three tassels on his back. Muqiu was able to tell if they were equipment drops, since he didn’t recognise them, he was sure they were silver equipment!

What was even more shocking, the design of the face was almost exact to the dark-blue clad avatar’s, complete with golden eyes but the parting of the hair was flipped. Su Muqiu can’t help but to comment excitedly.

“Woah, brother, did you model your avatar to look like our infamous brother here?!”

“What? No! I didn’t know how One Autumn Leaf’s face looked like when I created my avatar, I get a lot of grief from other players about this! Luckily I can handle them, you don’t need to worry. Besides, there IS a lot of copies out there, it’s amazing to look at”

They were both surprised upon hearing the other’s voice sounding very familiar to One Autumn Leaf’s owner. If they weren’t next to each other right now, they will think it was Ye Xiu talking through another computer. Although they were shocked, there were also so many people in the world, they were bound to bump into someone with a similar sounding voice. While Su Muqiu easily dismissed it, he missed how the colour drained from Ye Xiu’s face, like he remembered something horrible.

“Hey, if… if you don’t mind, let’s introduce ourselves” Ye Xiu immediately offered.

“Ye Xiu, what?! We don’t know this guy’s genuine or not, we can’t be giving away our identities!” Muqiu harshly whispered to his partner next to him, muting his mic for a moment.

“He’s fine, trust my instincts Muqiu. Please” Ye Xiu looked at him, his eyes pleading desperately.

Su Muqiu was unsettled at the sudden change of attitude from Ye Xiu. He thought they should test out this expert’s skills and knowledge to add to their materials raid, not being dictate by whims and emotions. He had never seen Ye Xiu looked like this. He quickly nodded to placate his friend.

“Bro, I’m Autumn Tree, the name’s Su Muqiu. Coincidently our avatars’ names all have ‘autumn’ in it, what say we form a group for ourselves if we work out? Hahahaha”

“Oh? A group is good but if you come up with a lame name I’ll PK you myself”

“What, how rude! What’s your name, brother?!”

“Sorry sorry, but in front of Mister AutumnTree, his ideas are top notch hahaha. My name’s Hong Yeqiu, exactly the same like my avatar”

“What! You can’t even give a proper name for your own avatar?!”

“I don’t want to hear it from you, Mister *AutumnTree. Besides, my name is awesome okay, and my battle mage is as awesome as I am”

While Su Muqiu scrunched up his nose at the naming jab and the blatant self-praising (like a certain someone next to him, ddin’t help Yeqiu talked like him too), he was worried when he realised Ye Xiu has yet to speak even though he was the one that wanted to know the guy more. But his worries were unfounded when Ye Xiu took a deep breath and started speaking as well.

“What a coincidence, my name’s also Ye Qiu, though just two characters. Nice to meet you too! Not only our avatars have ‘autumn’ in their names, our real life names have them too”

“Wow, that is interesting. What kinda group name that Mister Su wanted to have?” 

“You guys know you two sound alike right? It’s so creepy, like Ye Qiu already had this convo recorded before hand and playing it by someone he hired offsite”

“Don’t spew nonsense, Muqiu. I can’t possibly predict what you’re going to say. I’m not that omnipotent. Besides why would I waste money hiring people for a prank?!”

“Your avatars look like twins, Ye Qiu! Inverted hair styles and different colours. I bet if you two swap armours you’re gonna look like each other in a mirror!”

With that comment, Ye Xiu’s pupils shrunk and he took a few deep breaths. Su Muqiu quietly apologised for it with furrowed brows and a sheepish smile, his hand reached out and patted his friend’s back soothingly. He didn’t know what triggered Ye Xiu’s mild panic this time, but he hoped he could hold it out. At the same time, Yeqiu frowned upon the mirror comment, but he wasn’t as affected. It was a off-hand comment after all. Coincidence.

“Don’t be silly, we’re not trading our silver gears no matter what or how you craft your gear. It took me a lot of time to create this Red Mage’s armour, I’m really fond of it”

With that familiar nickname, both of them were suddenly attentive. Little Su Mucheng didn’t know what was going on, so she went away to get some tea and snacks for them.

“No wonder your avatar is so familiar, YOU’RE THE BLOODY RED MAGE?! The one that single handedly killed the wild bosses by himself?! Even with other players gnawing at his heels?!”

“Well, if you believe me as that person, that is. I don’t like that to happen too often, so I will try to finish off the boss as fast as possible. Kill steals and PKs are troublesome”

“Show me the equipment drops from this morning’s Buddhist Zhen Mo!!”

Yeqiu was shocked that they believed him straight away. He did say he has received a lot of grief from the other players thinking he was an imitation. Heck, the Bloody Red Mage was a title the masses gave him, not that he labelled himself. He has proof anyways, and luckily he has yet to sell the equipment drops from the battle mage boss he killed earlier today. He switched into the equipments from that boss onto his avatar briefly. He trusted that these two experts will be able to recognise said equipments after all. After a few moments he switched them back.

“Is that adequate, Mister Su?”

“Holy crap, you’re the real deal!!! You’re an expert among experts already, you could carry yourself!!! Why would you want to join us?! Don’t call me Mister Su, Mister Hong!”

“Why wouldn’t I? You two are the best around, and are earning right? I need to support myself somehow, but I would love to do it via Glory. If i go earning by myself, we would be competitors, and it’s tiring to kill and be killed. I apologise if it break your status quo. I’ll understand if it’s not within your plans. I thought I could give it a try. Also don’t call me Mister Hong!”

“With you around we will definitely increase our rare boss materials!!! This is amazing!!! Ye Qiu!!! What do you say?! Call me Muqiu!”

“I wouldn’t mind, that means I get to do less work for the same amount of stuff”

“Shameless as always!”

“Hahaha, are you two always like this? Well, call me *Wanqiu then, since there’s already a Ye Qiu! I don’t want to be called Brother Hong either”

“Still think the two of you having the same looking avatars and same sounding voices is creepy! Awww, okay. But I think you can call Ye Qiu Old Ye instead, you can keep Yeqiu!”

“Who’re you calling old, MISTER SU?! By… by the way, can you video call?”

“Sorry Brother Ye, my desktop doesn’t come with a camera. You’ll have to live with my similar eerie voice then, Muqiu! Oh,haha no, I don’t dare to replace the actual Ye Qiu who’s here first in your partnership” Yeqiu typed a ;D so it appears above his avatar’s head in a speech bubble.

Su Muqiu was taken aback by how the other guy called his name with a slight affection, like Ye Xiu always did. He knew it was done in jest, but it still sent a shiver down his spine and he glanced at his partner. He saw that Ye Xiu was frowning and he was breathing heavily, but controlled. He blinked, then let out yet another deep breath.

“Right, let’s go test you out in the open wild, Bloody Red Mage or not!”

“Okay! You have intel about bosses? According to my information and calculations, Setting Sun Hunter should be spawning soon in Almarshan”

“You even have calculations?”

“Sorry, I’m a sortakinda nerdy? I gather info and do some calculations on my spare time”

“Well, let’s go and see if your information is as good as you say you are”

“Right. We’ll be doing a pincher or you want me to solo?”

“Wow, soloing a boss is something only Ye Qiu would say. So far, no offence”

“Well, if you want me to solo, I can!”

“Let’s go!”


Their luck was so good today. With their own intel and Yeqiu’s calculations, they had managed to snag at least 6 wild bosses and 4 hidden ones throughout the whole day. Their dungeon raids no need to be said. Their harvest was bountiful today, and the amount of materials they had was enough for half of Muqiu’s crazy experimentations creations. He loved the new guy already! No offence Ye Xiu! He loved Yeqiu a tiny bit more, in the materials gathering department that is.

The other guy’s skills were almost on par with Ye Xiu’s own! With a bit more intense training, these pseudo twins will be the most terrifying dual battle mages this server has ever seen! Muqiu’s mind was racing with all the possibilities that these two can do, both of them had good synergy with one another, and with him as well! This brother’s understanding of other classes was also not bad at all! Was he on par with Ye Xiu too? Did Ye Xiu finally meet his match?

Muqiu also noticed Ye Xiu was performing quite good albeit the mild panic he had earlier. He was relieved to see Ye Xiu had calm down. Luckily he managed to get Ye Xiu hooked to GLORY, and had become his soothing outlet. Anyways, back to the evaluation of the new guy. Screw probation, he wanted him in their little circle! Yeqiu passed with flying colors and no further testing needed!

“Brother Wan, you’re amazing! We never had this much wild bosses before in a single day! You’re god send!!! You passed! Welcome to our Autumn Forest group!!!”

“Oh, thank you for your praise, Brother Su! We’re lucky the remaining bosses choose to spawn closer to the end of the cycle week. But, Autumn Forest, seriously…?”

“Why do you two have the same opinion about it?! I like to see you two come up with a better one!”

“Haha So sorry, you can keep it if you want, not like everyone will know our group name. Please don’t brag with it, it’s really…. unique

“Hahahaha!!” Ye Xiu laughed heartedly, much to Muqiu’s joy, but he soon remembered what he was laughing at.

“Aiya, just tell me straight it’s lame, don’t have to sugar-coat it”

“I’m pretty sure others will start cursing us as those Autumn bastards instead of graciously naming us as those Autumn Foresters hahahaha”

“Wow you’re very direct, Ye Qiu” Muqiu typed a face-palm emoji to show up above Autumn Tree’s head.

“Isn’t that what he always does to you? You seem to enjoy it. A lot” A :) appeared in a speech bubble above RedNightAutumn’s head.

“HAHAHAHA” Ye Xiu typed and hold the LOL emoji so it appeared bigger than average above One Autumn Leaf’s head.

“Wow, you pick up trash-talking easily, Brother Wan!”

“Well, Brother Ye is the best around here right? I learnt from the best”

“We’re going to be the most infuriating trio this server has to see, I hope you’re ready for it!”

“You say it like I don’t get angry players chasing me all the time…”

 “Awww, is Brother Wan a run-away bride too?”

“If they kill this bride wearing red, I’m going to come back and haunt them, make their lives so miserable that they wished they had never messed with me in the first place, since I’m a very menacing ghost!!!”

“Don’t worry, you have the protection of our furious blue dragon lord, you’ll be fine!”

“This red phoenix doesn’t need protection from a dragon, this red bird will rise from the ashes and burn their enemies!”

“That’s the spirit!”


With that, the Autumn Forest group was formed, not like they registered it or anything. Su Muqiu continued to develop silver weapons and equipments for sale, depending heavily on the twin battle mages to harvest for him (of course he helped too, he’s definitely not a freeloader and a cheerleader). He was especially grateful to Yeqiu’s calculating ability to further perfect the things he was making. Luckily for them too, Yeqiu didn’t require their earnings too much, as he stated he was set for 6 months on utilities, so he’s working to save for future ones.

They did offered him to move in with them, but when they discovered he was in another city 3 flight hours away, they just gave up. Yeqiu also said he had to take care of his mother and brother, so it’s unlikely he would move. Such a pity they can’t live together and work as one big happy family.