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Nightfall had fallen over the land, turning the forest into a quiet dark void. The only sound penetrating through the silence were the low tones of crickets' music to the stars. The moon's pale light shined down onto the earth, lightening spaces of the forest that were not obscured from the shadows of the trees. Many of the woodland creatures were asleep in places far hidden away from the world.

A small pack of wolves were the only ones brave enough to walk deeper and deeper into the darkening abyss. 

One wolf strode up to the front, leading the group. His fine-lined straight fur was the darkest shade of black, blending in perfectly with the woods. Hints of blue highlights reflected under the moon's glow, disappearing and appearing with every step he took. He led the group with cautious yet steady strides. His ears pointed upwards to listen for anything coming from miles away as intellectual blue eyes scanned all around for any sight of danger. The broad and tall stance of his form defined him as an Alpha who swore to protect his pack mates at any cost.

A tanned fur wolf walked beside of the Alpha. Its body structure was sleeker and way less burly than the Alpha's. Her eyes were a warm golden brown that occasionally would shift from the Alpha then to the other wolf trailing behind them.

At the back of the group, the wolf, whose lithe figure was covered in a shade lighter than the Alpha's but had peculiar highlights of green that were difficult to depict in the darkness, especially with its shaggy fur, kept its attention on a very hyperactive pup. The small black fur-ball often strayed away from the group, wobbling on its short legs towards anything that piqued his curiosity. Whether it was something shiny, an oddly shaped object, or it had a weird appearance, the pup was immediately attracted to it. 

The pup's eyes settled on a spider's web, glittering brilliantly due to mildew drops sprinkled on it. He instantly trotted over, wanting to get a better and closer look at it. Yips escaped from his mouth when his mother grabbed a hold of his neck with his jaws, shielding his canines to prevent from hurting him. He placed the small squirming body right back in front of him, away from the spider's web.

The little pup let out a whine, looking at its mother with those big dark chocolate brown eyes.

The sage green wolf huffed, nudging its child to continue walking.

The pup whined again, shuffling closer to its mother before rubbing its head on his mother’s leg.

A low purr rumbled from the wolf's chest, leaning down to lick the pup's head lovingly.


The wolf looked forward, seeing that the other two wolves had stopped walking and were now facing him.

Izuku, is everything all right? The tanned wolf yipped curiously.

Yes, everything's fine Uraraka! Sorry about that. Kouta was just wandering off again. Izuku barked in reply. His attention was brought back to the pup who settled itself against his front leg, laying its head on his paw and yawning loudly before closing his eyes to rest.  

He huffed fondly. I think he's a bit tired from all the walking.

It was a norm that packs have the ability to send messages telepathically to each other. It is completed by a bond formed between an Alpha and several other wolves. As a ritual ceremony takes place, the Alpha would stand with the current Alpha who's stepping down from the position. Then the two Alphas repeat the traditional phrases which transferred the powers from the Old Alpha into the New one.

This was considered to be the most appropriate way to transfer powers between Alphas. The other way was a ruthless one where two Alphas are challenged over the position. They tore each other's body and attacked viciously until one of them die. The last Alpha standing will be the one who immediately takes over, becoming the new Alpha of the pack. It may seem a full-on bloodbath but sadly that's how Alpha strived to obtain the power they so desperately crave.

The Alpha in the group whined softly. I'm so sorry, Midoriya. He then barked haughtily at him like that of a mother scolding her child. 

Why didn't you tell me sooner?! We've would've taken a rest break when asked. You should know that you need all the rest especially since after what happened.

The atmosphere turned into a deadly solemn one. The dark green wolf pushed down the raging emotions that were clawing deep inside his gut as if trying to escape and take over his entire body once again.  

A pitiful whine erupted from his chest, feeling ashamed for letting his comrades trek numerous miles without stopping. Especially his dearly beloved pup who was incompatible to travel nonstop at his young age unlike adult wolves.

Sorry. I didn't mean to anger you all. I just didn't want us to fall behind.

The other two wolves barked reassuringly.

You don't need to apologize for anything, Izuku-kun! We are pack and pack sticks together like family! The female Omega walked to him, rubbing her head against the side of his. 

Uraraka is right! We're family and family stays together through the ups and downs. We are forever by your side. Whenever you need us Midoriya; we are there.

Iida looked at their surroundings, huffing. 

Anyways, we've lost them back there about five days ago. It would possibly take them twice the amount of miles we covered over the week. 

The shaggy green wolf growled appreciatively, feeling blessed with these two as his pack. 

Do you think we can rest for a bit soon then? Because I think Kouta's energy has already vanished. Izuku gazed down at the pup lying peacefully on his paw. His tiny body moving slightly with every breath he exhaled. 

Uraraka crooned, tail wagging.

Iida's eyes softened at the sight, barking firmly. 

Yes, but we must travel for a couple more miles at least. I rather not endanger ourselves resting in an open area like this.

Uraraka and Izuku nodded, barking in agreement. 

Izuku gently moved his paw to rouse his pup awake. When that didn't work, he leaned down to nudge him off of his paw, eliciting a squeak from him. Kouta wobbled as he stood, growling angrily at his mother for rousing him from his peaceful slumber. Izuku growled playfully back, nipping the pup's ear. Snorting when the pup returned the gesture, jumping to reach his ear, but he was far too tiny and instead nipped the edge of his muzzle. He fell on his bottom while doing so, snarling angrily. Izuku's chest rumbled in laughter, licking his pup's ear as Kouta grumbled in distaste. 

After helping the pup back on his feet, he prompted the pup to walk with a nudge on his behind. With slow staggering steps, Kouta managed to resume walking beside his mother. 

The group proceeded on their journey. They walked several more meters before Iida came to a sudden halt.

Iida-kun, what's wrong? Uraraka barked quietly in concern. 

The Alpha leaned his head back with his nose in the air, flaring his nostrils vigorously. He inhaled the vast aroma of pure mother nature, seeking something astrange he swore his instincts warned earlier. A viscous snarl ripped his lips apart as he detected two specific bitter scents apart from his pack. 

We've got company.

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Terror burned through Izuku’s chest as panic engulfed his senses, realizing the dreadful truth.

The only one who was cunningly intelligent enough to follow them was no one other than him.

The faint clamor of footsteps pounding on the forest floor disrupted the Omega from his thoughts. Izuku immediately brought the black pup closer to him, standing over him completely. Kouta whimpered, seeking for comfort under the Omega's white furred underbelly. Izuku crooned reassuredly and licked his small muzzle, before whipping his head to the sound of a snapping twig nearby.

He tried to quell down the fear of him finding them as his mind formulated numerous consequences that each held a terrible outcome. Soft whines erupted from his snout. As if sensing his distress, Uraraka pressed closer to him while rumbling comfortingly.

Iida's growls grew louder by the minute as the sound of feet hurrying over to where they were came closer. His body crouched low in a defensive position prepared to attack at the sign of danger like any Alpha would do for his pack. 

The noise of snapping twigs and rustling leaves stopped, allowing silence to return.

Then the cluster of shrubs shook violently in front of them. 

Iida let out a vicious growl, shifting his weight on his legs that were tightly tensed with adrenaline. Uraraka snarled quietly, adjusting her position slightly in front of Izuku who crouched lower to the ground to shield Kouta from the incoming danger.

A few moments passed by. The shrubs stopped tremoring then broke apart, allowing a large wolf to come forward. 

The wolf stalked forward, taking every step with extreme caution as if he was approaching a predator. Its fur shone brightly like a scarlet silk ribbon under the moonlight before disappearing into a dark rufescent charred one. Its eyes bearing the same shade flickered between the three of them, growling lowly.

Kouta stuck his head out from underneath the green wolf, curious to see what was making that ridiculous sound. Sniffing at the unknown scent, he squeaked and yipped at his mother wanting to know who it was. 

The blood-red wolf paused with a paw in midair of a step. Its eyes looked over to the small black mass under the green wolf. 

Izuku hushed his pup by placing him back under him and softly growled disapprovingly. 

Meanwhile, Iida and Uraraka kept their eyes on the wolf, watching his every move. 

With a huff, the blazing cherry red wolf took a step back and gazed at the trio shortly before barking.

The shrubs rustled behind the flaming red wolf, revealing a man only covered in a pair of shorts. His messy tousled hair consisted a faded shade of lilac but glowed with such luminosity under the moonlight, framing his winsome yet pale face. Deep, dark bags settled under his pair of keen violet eyes, clearly exhibiting signs of sleep deprivation. Something Izuku was fairly accustomed with. 

WIthin a blink of an eye, the claret red wolf was replaced with a man. His hair identical to the vibrant brick red fur, ending in spikes on the top of his head. Standing side by side, the cerise-haired man’s figure was far brawnier than the other guy’s. Regardless, the prominent yet faded domineering scent evidently proved both males to be Alphas.

Not to mention the fact that the spiky red-haired guy was completely nude.

Izuku’s paw quickly covered Kouta’s eyes who squeaked in protest but was shushed by his mother’s low growl.

“There’s children present idiot.” The lilac-haired guy commented in contempt dully as he threw an article of clothing towards the naked red-haired guy.

The claret-colored Alpha grumbled under his breath, slipping on a pair of trousers. “You know I can’t help it. It’s part of being a werewolf, bro.”

“It’s best to change right before. You don’t want to scare off everyone when they see you in your birthday suit.”

“It is not manly to hide the true power of being a werewolf shifter, Shinsou!” The apple red wolf exclaimed. “It is a blessing to have such power ya know.”

“Not when you’re going to show the whole world your naked glory all the time which is disturbing,” Shinsou, the violet Alpha, remarked. “Save it for your mate.”

“For your information, my mate just so happens to love all of me.” 

“Well, good for him. But have some decency for the rest of us, all right?”

“You just don’t appreciate the manliness of being a werewolf.” The red-haired Alpha pouted, sniffling as if he was actually crying. “What a disgrace you are to our ancestors.”

Shinsou merely snorted. “Oh, get over it, Kirishima. We’ve got more important things to deal with.”

His sharp heather-violet eyes landed back to Izuku and his friends.

“You three. Shift.” 

Iida growled at the curt command before shifting to his human form. His senses remained alert, staying in front of his pack mates just in case these strangers decided to attack them.

Shinsou glanced behind him, saying in a clipped tone.

“All of you.” 

Uraraka and Izuku hesitated, tensing under the growl coming from the said lilac Alpha. Kouta whimpered softly, cuddling deeper under his mother’s fur. 

“Chill, bro.” Kirishima cautioned, noticing the growling whooly green Omega staring deadly at them. 

Shinsou’s growls stopped though his harsh violet orbs only heated more in impatience.

Knowing with utmost certainty the Alphas’ restlessness would not deter them from attacking them, Iida simply turned his head vaguely to the side not letting the unknown individuals out of his sight. He nodded briefly to both his Omegan fellows. 

Uraraka was the first to shift without a care about her nudity on full show. She moved stealthily in front of Izuku who hesitantly shifted after he pushed Kouta towards her to hold. He groaned as he transformed, feeling the crisp, chilly night breeze brush over his wounds that he fleetingly forgot about. 

From the fingertips of his hand to the top part of the junction of his shoulder and forearm, gashes littered his right arm wholly that engraved deep fissures on the skin tissue.  Several have already formed scabs though most of the recent ones would be scars without a doubt. 

It would take some time before all of the scrapes will fully heal. However, Izuku hoped it’d happen sooner so he would not have to deal with any infections.  

Once he was fully shifted, Uraraka handed Kouta back to him. The tiny black pup showed signs of a fussy tantrum: relentless squirming and distraught whines. Izuku coddled him gently and securely in his arms, hushing the noisy pup as he placed him above his heart. The black pup eventually claimed down as he listened to the steady heartbeat of his mother. The calming scent of spring rain and pine forest gradually relaxed his body. With a soft whimper, he nuzzled his head against his mother's chest and sneakily latched onto a nipple to feed.

Izuku winced as the pup's jaws clasped onto his nipple, exhaling heavily through his nostrils. He was still sensitive from breastfeeding not so long ago, but he would not risk Kouta surviving the rest of the night on an empty stomach. It was downright cruel to do such a thing even to his own pup.

As the pup fed, Izuku maneuvered him in the crook of his elbow as he cradled his head with his other hand, shielding him from the unwavering stares from the two Alphas.

"Look, we mean no harm to you or your pack." Iida explained. "We are just passing through and need to be on our way."  

Shinsou simply grunted. He scrutinized Iida before asking him.

"Where are you guys headed?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Everyone turned to stare at Uraraka in complete bafflement.

Iida hissed. "Uraraka.” 

"It’s just a simple question, Tenya.” She rebuked.

Iida opened his mouth only to smack it closed by his mate’s fierce glare resting on him. “We can’t tell them. Who knows if they’re working alongside them,” she sneered.

“Hey, hey.” Kirishima intervened. He flinched slightly when the brunette Omega's ferocious glare landed on him. 

“Look, whoever you’re running away from I swear on my grandmother’s grave that we are not involved whatsoever.”

“It is strictly inappropriate to swear anything upon anyone. Especially your family relatives,” Iida declared, slashing the air with his arms in a robotic manner.

Uraraka snorted as Izuku shook his head. Their Alpha friend often acted as strict as if he’s their parent.

“As Kirishima mentioned,” Shinsou began in an exhausted yet authoritative tone. “We do not interact with anyone outside our border. Whether it be packs nearby or far, we have no connection with them unless they are our allies and can be contacted under the Alpha’s permission.”

His blank violet gaze narrowed in on Iida, lips conjuring a snarl.

“We especially don't let rogues loiter around here unless they’re asking for a death wish.”

Izuku gulped dryly as fright began to fill in his eyes. He knew it from the start; they were doomed.

Kirishima scoffed. “Way to kill the mood, bro.” 

“Would you rather lie to them before or after he tears  their guts out?” Shinsou remarked wryly. 

The curly sage green-haired Omega's soft voice interjected the Alphas’ squabble.

"Please," he pleaded. Swallowing down his fright when all eyes set on him, he spoke in a loud and coherent voice. 

"We did not mean to trespass your territory. We absolutely had no idea there was another pack near here. We have no knowledge of this area since we've never travelled anywhere outside where we…” he paused momentarily, forcing down the jagged ball of trepidation back into his gut, “... w-we resided at previously."

“Just let us go and we won’t ever interfere within or around the border of your territory,” Izuku begged, holding back the tears that were pricking the corners of his eyes. Then under one huge breath, multitudes of words spewed out

“I promise we won’t. Ever. If we ever do then unfortunately we’ll be at fault. But that won’t ever happen because we never forget. However, if we do then surely something can be arranged. Right? Unless your pack dynamics differ from others. Surely it does due to every pack has its own traditions and rituals though most are similar in some ways-”

“Hey, pipsqueak.” Shinsou interrupted. “Cool it.”

Izuku pressed his lips together tightly, cheeks blushing from embarrassment. He heard a low growl building from Uraraka's chest. 

“Look, bro. We understand that you and your friends didn’t come onto our territory purposely. ” Kirishima's lips formed into a smile that seemed more of a grimace. “But rules are rules, dude.”

“You’re trespassing Ground Zero territory,” Shinsou proclaimed sternly. “You need to come with us. Our Alpha wants to speak with you.”

Neither Iida and his packmates refused, realizing how belittling their protests would be. 

Suddenly, Kirishima bent down to grab a small satchel hidden by an unilluminated spot of the forest ground, pulling out several articles of clothing. 

"Here." He passed the bundle of clothes to Iida who hesitantly took it.

“You guys better cover yourselves up. It’s a bit cold out and I’m sure you all don’t want to freeze to death before we make it back to the pack-house."

Izuku rather have their pack Alpha grant death onto him freely, longing for the torment encasing his entire being be washed away entirely instead of enduring anymore insufferable misfortune.

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The earth was still consumed with darkness as Izuku and his pack mates followed the two Alphas farther out of the woodlands. The luscious greenery landscape dull in the moonlight soon diminished into gritty sand soil that harshly pricked the heels of Izuku. The cool air that inhabited the forest was now horribly muggy, causing perspiration to form behind Izuku’s thick curly bangs on his forehead. He swiped them back as he huffed and continued walking while glancing at the two Alphas who were on either side of the line they formed.

After the Alphas generously gave clothes to Iida which they quickly changed into, they headed in the opposite direction where Izuku and his pack mates previously planned on travelling to. Their chances of escaping were very slim since one of the Alphas, Kirishima, decided to walk behind all of them as Shinsou directed them up-front. With Iida following right after the lilac-haired Alpha and Uraraka right behind him, Izuku walked ahead of Kirishima who easily caught up with the Omega’s small strides and effortlessly strolled beside him. 

Pathways became narrower and steeper as well as the incline of the plains increased, making it quite difficult for the curly-haired Omega to cradle his pup securely in his arms while avoiding any loose rocks existing on the path. As he took every step with caution, his foot suddenly nicked the edge of a rock sending him straight towards the ground. 

A firm grip snagged his forearm, pulling him upright.

“You all right?” Kirishima asked while he helped the Omega back on his feet.

Izuku nodded, exhaling shakily at the near drastic fall he would’ve experienced. The sounds of whimpers brought his attention down to Kouta who was fully awake. The Omega crooned softly, bringing the pup close to his face. He planted a kiss on his snout, whispering lowly. “I’m so sorry for waking you, my darling.”

The black pup squeaked, fervently licking the tip of his mother’s nose. 

A quiet giggle erupted from the curly-haired Omega, cradling his pup back on his chest.

Kirishima watched the interaction between the Omega and the pup in awe, smiling at the unconditional love the Omega had for its pup.


Both the Omega and Kirishima watched as Uraraka and Iida came towards them, leaving Shinsou behind.

“Midoriya, is everything fine? Are you hurt?” Iida interrogated as his eyes checked his body for any injuries.

Izuku smiled brightly, waving off his friend’s concerns. “I’m fine, Iida-kun. It was just me being clumsy,” he laughed nervously. “I would’ve fallen if it weren’t for Kirishima-kun catching me on time.”

The said Alpha’s cheeks blushed an identical red like his bristly hair. “It was nothing. I didn’t want you to hurt yourself or your pup,” he said bashfully.

Out of nowhere, Iida bowed deeply while declaring. “I appreciate you for saving our friend from a disastrous fall.”

“Yes, thank you.” Uraraka said gratefully even if her eyes were critically gazing at the Alpha.

Kirishima stammered. “Like I said. It was nothing.”

“Are we done chit-chatting?” Shinsou yelled from the front, crossing his arms over his chest as he huffed impatiently. “In case you’ve forgotten, we have no time for dawdling around. Alpha is expecting to see these runaways sooner than later.”

Kirishima cupped his mouth, hollering. “Sorry, bro! Just saved one of the Omegas from slipping to his death.”

Shinsou grunted and turned to walk away, muttering under his breath. 

“Best be it now than when they meet Alpha.”

As his friends asked once more in concern of the Omega’s well being to which he reassured, the journey treading the dangerous rocky hillside proceeded. When they came to a hill, Izuku briefly stopped to stare in apprehension at its appearance. 

Huge boulders as jagged and sharp as if the earth created them in its anger formed a gateway trailing on either side of the path leading up on the hill. Some rocks were tittering on the edge of several boulders, teasing the upcoming tragic death to anyone who dared to pass through. Not to mention, the treacherous drop-off that was settled on the right side of the hill. The curly-haired Omega carefully leaned near the edge and curiously looked down, seeing the enormous stacks of sediments abruptly end in a thick polar white mist. Anything from below the mist was completely hidden from eyesight, leaving little knowledge of the bottom of the trench's existence. 

"Might wanna back up a little, bro." Kirishima grasped the Omega's arm firmly yet gently, steering him away from the cliff's edge. "I won't be able to rescue you if you'd fallen, that's for sure."

Izuku gulped, responding in a mere whisper. "Yeah." His gaze fell onto the hill before him, sighing at the possibility of over exerting himself while climbing it.

The red-haired Alpha's eyes followed the Omega's gaze, then noticing his distraught expression he suggested.

"If you'd want, I can carry you." Watching the Omega's eyes widened in shock at his request, he quickly clarified, "It's only for the safety of you and your pup. I don't want you to fall over while you're handling your pup at the same time."

Izuku chewed on his lower lip, glancing at the steep hill then down to the black pup sleeping soundly once again in his arms. It wouldn't hurt to receive assistance from the Alpha as he scaled the hill due to having to carry his pup along the dangerous path. However, it was such a mega risk to trust an unknown Alpha other than Iida, being totally blind to his actual intentions.

Izuku’s eyes examined the Alpha before him ever so meticulously, wondering if this sweet facade was just a disguise of his real personality. 

Kirishima discerned the Omega’s scrutiny. “Look, I understand you are weary of accepting the offer, but I just don’t want you to injure yourself. I would act the same way if someone other than my pack mates wanted to help me out.” He ended in a light chuckle though cooled his face in an utmost serious expression the Omega ever seen lately.

“But I swear I won’t inflict any pain on you or your pup.”

Pure genuine sincerity in the Alpha’s tone lessened the curly sage green-haired Omega’s uneasiness, causing him to take the risk he forbid to do from the beginning. 

“Okay, I-I’ll take your word for it.” 

Kirishima’s lips broke into a wide bright smile, showing very sharp pearly whites. “Awesome, first let me find something...” he trailed off, grabbing a hold of the satchel that sat on his right shoulder. He spoke in low mutters as he rummaged through the leather bag, searching for the object he was destined to find. 

“Ah-ha!” He exclaimed as his hand pulled out a cloth material that consisted of loopholes entwined together. The more Izuku stared at it the more the object became somewhat recognizable to him.

“Is that-?”

Kirishima nodded eagerly, giving the material to the Omega. “It’s a baby sling that one of my pack mates made out of the finest and strongest leather that is nearly hard to find. Also,” he pointed to the fastening clips on the ends of the shoulder pads running along the front area where a pouch was stitched at, “these clamps can be adjusted so your pup will be secured in any position you carry him in.”

Izuku’s eyes gleamed in wonder. “That’s so cool! I wonder where your packmate found the leather material exactly? It is extremely hard to find especially in barren areas. It could be an export from other pack though your pack possibly do not interact with other packs based on what Shinsou said. But then again maybe it is some sort of treaty that became beneficial to the pack. Therefore you all-”

Kirishima’s hearty laugh cut off the Omega’s ranting. “Why don’t you try it out so we won’t get farther behind the others, yeah bro?”

Izuku’s flushed face caused the Alpha to chortle once more before giving the sling to him. He aided in showing how to unfasten the clamps, allowing the Omega to place the pup into the sling himself. Then with his consent, he positioned the sling onto the the Omega’s back and double-checked the metal clasps being locked and secured. 

“Alrighty then.” Kirishima crouched low to the ground. His broad back bent as he awaited for the Omega to climb on. 

Izuku clambered onto the Alpha very slowly, wrapping his legs around his waist. 

Once Kirishima felt the Omega’s arms locked firmly around his neck, he slowly but surely stood and began treading the hill. The ascent was challenging; the crunching of loose gravel sounded vibrantly under the Alpha’s feet as he proceeded onward. Izuku merely glimpsed his surroundings, taking note at the elevation that eventually risen with every step the Alpha took. A light breeze ruffled through his glaucous curls, erasing the sweat that matted the strands together earlier.

Then returning his gaze forward, he depicted an odd blemish running along the top of the Alpha’s left shoulder. Looking closely at the disfigurement, two concave moon crescents were settled directly on the intersection between his clavicle and shoulder. 

Izuku choked on his spit upon the discovery behind the meaning of this scar. This Alpha was marked and he was plainly laying all over him carelessly!

Kirishima’s relieved sigh disturbed the Omega’s obtrusive thoughts, bringing his eyes to set upon a rustic gigantic castle beyond the horizon.

“Home sweet home.”

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

Coming near to the enormous fortification launched immediate anticipation and nerve-racking fear to swelter tremendously in Izuku’s belly. He gawked at the tall spires reaching towards the heavens above settled upon three standing towers protruding from the fortress. Natural stones structured the magnificent fort, signifying the power it owned visibly for wanderers from miles away. Obsidian black gates encompassed the entire perimeter of the castle.

Shinsou lifted a hand towards a watchtower that stood outside of the iron gates, shouting unintelligibly for Izuku to clearly decipher. 

The large metal gates shrieked in protest as it leisurely opened, clanging abruptly to a stop. 

Izuku stared in amazement at the grand scenery before him. 

Acres of refined greenery landscape surrounded the castle. Huge pine trees lined on either side of the path leading to the fortress, shadowing the moonlight entirely with its curled spidery-branches. The stony earth was paved into smooth gravel, sealing each rock with one another. Moving closer and closer into the mainland, vines were easily seen climbing upon the stone walls. Its tendrils crawled through the crevices and cracks in between the mortar and stone, forming a lush green cloak on the castle.

As Kirishima brought them closer, Izuku spotted two figures standing before the entrance of the palace. One was a guy whose face was slightly rugged with a scar running across his lips yet his big eyes held a hint of nervousness. He towered over the girl standing next to him. Her short black hair framed her stoic face though her keen eyes narrowed when they came closer. She stepped forward, growling ferociously when her eyes fell directly upon Izuku.

“Really, Kirishima?! Carrying an Omega on your back when you’re already mated to one!” She yelled. 

Iida and Uraraka stared at the Alpha carrying their friend in utter surprise. They reprimanded themselves for not clearly thinking of aiding Izuku hiking the hill. Moreover, they were astounded at the strange feeling of relief at the sight of their comrade being cared for by someone else other than themselves.

Kirishima huffed as he crouched low for Izuku to climb off. “Back off, Jirou. I was just lending a helping hand to a fellow in need.”

“Yeah, right. Just wait until Kaminari hears about this,” Jirou scorned.

The spiky red-haired Alpha growled defensively. “At least he will understand unlike you who haven’t even made a move yet on your mate.”

Jirou snarled, letting out harsh pheromones that had Izuku’s nose scrunching in repulsion. He was very certain that she was an Alpha.

“Hey, you all can fight after we deal with these rogues.” Shinsou adjourned the beginning of a quarrel between the two Alphas. Sighing tiredly, he looked to the guy beside Jirou. 

“Handcuff them, Kouda.”

The guy, Kouda, made a sound in his throat but obliged to the Alpha’s command. One of his hands held several strands of rope. Handing one to Jirou, he cuffed Uraraka’s hands while Jirou secured Iida’s hands. Izuku watched as the two individuals wrapped the rope around his friend’s wrists. He fought down the jagged spear of panic penetrating his chest when he saw Kouda coming towards him. 

Trying to remain still as his hands were carefully held in Kouda’s grip, the coarse rope was soon wrapped around his wrists. Izuku bit his lip from crying out when the bristles rubbed against his wrists as flashes of terror blurred in his mind. He closed his eyes, breathing in and out through the nostrils as he tried to remain calm but the anxiety was pushing through the barrier that was built right after its existence. Its strength was overwhelming the walls of tranquility, readying to breakthrough at any second. 

A calm scent of oak and vanilla prevented the dam from bursting. Opening his eyes, he gazed at the faint smile on Kouda’s face. The kindness swirling in his eyes sent his body in a calm state.

Realizing that this was a gentle Alpha surprised the curly-haired Omega completely. Normally, he encountered Alphas who were rude and obnoxious to anything and anyone especially Omegas. It was simply rare to find ones who were polite and kind. An Alpha having those distinct qualities was what Izuku dreamed of being marked with but the faint memory of a particular one in mind delayed that dream from becoming true. 

After Izuku and his friends were restrained, Jirou and Kouda pushed the large wooden doors open. Shinsou led the group down the hall, heading towards a grand staircase that was placed in the back of the spacious foyer. 

Polished marble floors shined underneath the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Izuku was looking at every aspect of the interior in astonishment, staring at the crystals of the chandeliers glittering like the stars in the galaxy to glimpsing shortly at the wide passageways on either side of the grand floor room. He held onto the smooth black marble banisters as he ascended the stairs, taking every step with caution since he didn’t want to wake up his pup. Once they reached the top, a set of grand doors blocked their way from entering. Intricate designs covered from the bottom to the top of each door, displaying several specific creatures carved deep into the panels. As Izuku squinted his eyes, he realized the creatures were werewolves circling a large sword emblem in the midst of the division between the two doors. Small inscriptions were set onto the sheath of the sword, decrypting a message that was unknown to the Omega.

All of a sudden, the doors separated opening into a vast throne room. 

Following after Shinsou into the throne room, Izuku couldn’t help but stare at the paintings hanging on the walls. Illustrations manifesting the history of lycans and disastrous incidents that occurred in the past hung on both sides of the pathway. Each were illuminated altogether by a massive chandelier hung right in front of the throne. 

Izuku felt his heart pounding very rapidly like a hummingbird’s as he was ushered closer to the throne. He averted his gaze to the glistening coal black marble floor, refusing to stare at the eyes of the Pack Alpha who would determine their fate.

Uraraka glanced worriedly at him then shifted her gaze to her mate whose eyes remained forward. Iida carried his body straight like a true soldier in combat as he walked towards the Alpha that would dictate their fortune. He prayed to the gods above that the Alpha would show—at least—a bit of compassion towards them. Howbeit, he knew without a doubt that wouldn’t be the case.

As they strode closer to the throne, Izuku couldn’t help but distinguished the overpowering aroma of cinnamon spice and ripe cloves. Both were such an odd combination yet their unity sent a startling tranquility within Izuku. Furthermore, the two distinct spices brought a distant memory to mind causing the Omega to fret over in recalling where exactly he came across the scent before.

Izuku felt the others come to a stop and copied their actions. Keeping his gaze on the polished floors, he heard both Shinsou and Kirishima greet simultaneously. 


A deafening growl resonated through the room, sending shivers down Izuku’s spine. 

Shinsou cleared his throat before saying. “Alpha, we found these rogues roaming near our borders. They claim to have no intentions of trespassing since they had no knowledge of our territory.” 

“They displayed no harm to us when we asked them to come with us,” Kirishima added. “A bit hesitant but still followed our orders nonetheless.”

“They’ve spoken about running away from someone who they did not reveal under unknown circumstances.” Shinsou informed.

“Then why the ever living fuck did you let them come unto our lands?” A deadly smooth baritone voice questioned.

Both Alphas remained silent, unsure how to respond. 

“Let me get this straight,” the Pack Alpha seethed, allowing unearthed rage to be clearly identified. “You let these fuckers come into our territory and into my fucking castle when you both have no fucking clue on where the fuck they came from? Are you seriously that fucking stupid like dumb-asses?!”

Kirishima fumbled for words. “They were only escaping from-”

“Someone who's more than likely dangerous enough to attack our fucking pack,” the Pack Alpha snarled viciously. “They could lead us into another bloody-fucking war! Think for once in your life, Shitty Hair.”

“I don’t think they’d begin a war, Bro.” Kirishima reasoned as Shinsou shushed him from digging themselves deeper into the hole they were already going to be buried in.

A menacing growl rippled deep from within the Alpha’s chest as the scent of cinnamon turned utterly soured mixed in with charred cloves to the crisp of smoke filtering in the air. The scent became overwhelming for Izuku, emitting a pitiful whine out of his lips as he tried to block the acidic odor reaching further in his nose.

The sound of thundering footsteps stalking towards him caused him to shut his eyes, holding in the tears from sneaking under his closed eye-lids as the bitter perfume of the Pack Alpha became more predominant by the second. A callous hand swiftly grasped his chin, forcing his head to tilt back without restraint. 

“Oi, shit-head. Open your damn eyes.”

Izuku simply screwed them tightly, whimpering at the growl rumbling from the Pack Alpha’s chest. He faintly heard Uraraka’s growl in retaliation. 

“Shut it, Round-Face. If you know what’s good for ya.”

The curly-haired Omega remained motionless still as a statue, breathing heavily through his vaguely parted lips as the pungent odor intensified drastically.

“I don’t fucking like to repeat myself,” The Pack Alpha snarled in annoyance. His firm grip on the Omega’s chin tightened.

“Look at me, Omega.”

Izuku forced himself to not obey but his inner Omega stubbornly refused to withstand the definite power lying in the Alpha’s command. His eyes fluttered open only to stare directly into a pair of beautiful yet lethal carmine eyes. The color of vivid crimson like the thorned-roses Izuku would always be gifted with in the past sent his heart nearly plunging dangerously to the depth of his rib-cage. Short ash blonde hair closely related to the grains of wheat that was harvested back in the village where the Omega was originally raised at spiked in all directions but perched closely over thin arched eyebrows boring the same color. Unblemished chiseled facial features that had replaced the childish face he had once been so familiar with. 

All of the unmistakable clues came crashing down into one epic bombshell, leaving Izuku absolutely speechless yet he magically found just enough strength in pronouncing the name that he promised himself to never speak of ever again.


Chapter Text

Night had fallen over the land, covering every inch of the forest in darkness. The moon soaring high above in the clustered-starry sky provided the only source of light, casting a heavenly glow upon the woodlands. Absolute silence subdued the busy clamor of life that reigned earlier. Despite the stillness of the woods, painful groans and woeful whimpers broke the soundless atmosphere. 

Deep within the forest, an Omega wolf was nestled in a cave at the side of a rocky cliff. The thick cloak of vines trending downwards from the ceiling of the cave’s entrance obscured her vulnerability from the outside world.  Moonlight streamed through the slitted openings of the foliage, illuminating upon the bright virescent furred wolf.

Laying flat on her belly, the Omega whined in despair as her hind legs twitched vigorously. Excruciating pain ruptured from her lower regions, inflammation tremendously intensifying by the minute. Her tail swished in agitation, lifting ever so slightly as fluids rushed out of her southern cavity.

A long pitiful whimper erupted from her as constant pressure pressed violently along her lower abdomen. She carefully maneuvered herself on the rough cave floor, laying on her side to lessen the pain consuming her body entirely. Groaning, she laid her head on her crossed front paws as she waited for the contractions to dwindle into a sparse rhythm desperately needing to catch her breath. Breathing in and out as calmly as she could, the Omega sent prayers to the entities above for strength and patience be bestowed upon her to get through this unbearable pain.

One oppressive contraction caused a shrill howl out of the Omega, causing her inner muscles to force the massive ball of pressure out right away. 

She sucked in a breath, taking a moment to relieve herself.  She grumbled in impatience when she felt the pressure already past her lower navel and was currently very near at the opening edge of her nether lips.

Mustering up the last bit of strength she had recovered through the few moments of rest, she pushed in one fluid movement. Frustratingly growling, she proceeded in pushing the compressed ball of pressure out while propping herself on her front paws upright to accommodate the process easier.

The Omega she-wolf yelped when the pressure finally spilled out of her genital cavity, instantly falling back onto her stomach after the power instilled in her from the beginning moments of this occurrence vanished.

Sighing tiredly, she closed her eyes only to be startled awake at the faintest cries echoing in the vast cavern.

Languidly turning her head, she stared down at the dark tiny mass lying closely beside her. Translucent liquid substance covered every inch of its body, matting its fur directly upon its wrinkly skin. The small figure wiggled and tottered around as its nose sniffed the new aromas attacking it from all corners of the strange environment's surroundings. 

Preventing the newly born pup from wandering any farther, the Omega grasped the back of the pup's neck with her jaw gently without any infliction of pain and placed it near her stomach. She positioned herself sideways once again, making her nipples greatly heavy of milk easily accessible. Crooning soothingly to the pup's pitiful whimpers, she guided it closer to her. The pup squeaked when its snout buried in the fur of the Omega’s underbelly. It dug into the Omega’s long shaggy fur coat, searching for something when he successfully latched onto a rosy peach bud and hungrily consumed the nutritious liquid flowing into his mouth.

The Omega wolf growled in a gentle manner, lowering her head to properly lick the bloody mess off of the pup. Her coarse tongue laved off the bodily residue, gently bumping the tip of her snout on the pup's head. She huffed amusingly at its muffled squeal.

Once the pup fulfilled its empty belly with the wonderful milk, it yawned in drowsiness then settled itself closer to the Omega, cuddling deeper into her fur.

The she-wolf hummed softly, curling her large body around the pup with her tail covering the pup wholly like a warm blanket. She nuzzled the sleeping pup, feeling utmost adoration of receiving the best gift any Omega could ever receive: a pup whom she promised to care and love for always.


(Few Weeks After Birthing)

The faintest sound of crunching leaves and snapping twigs immediately stirred the Omega from her slumber. The strong scent of unknown wolf wafting in her nose caused her shackles to rise in alarm. A vicious growl building in the back of her throat at the sight of silhouettes standing right outside of the cave. 

One of the scents belonged to an Alpha that was clearly endangering her and her pup's safety. It was strictly forbidden for any Alpha other than the one mated to the Omega who recently gave birth to be in the said Omega's nest. Entering the domain without permission will force the Omega to defend the nest, even if the Alpha is their mate since they feel threatened of anyone coming in and disturbing the secured environment they created for their pup.

Noticing one of the silhouettes coming closer to the entrance, the Omega's growls increased in volume warning the intruders to back off or else.

A hand broke through the foliage curtain very slowly, gesturing a sign of coming in peace.

The Omega's growls quietened, snarling as the vines allowed the silhouette to come forward. Tousled spiky brown hair framed a middle-aged man's face, walking ever so carefully into the cave but stopping a few inches away from the foliage drapes to allow enough space between the Omega and himself. Thin rimmed glass frames settled on the bridge of his nose, visibly showing the slightest hint of fright in his eyes. He was shirtless with only several colorful beads hanging from his neck that laid across his chest. Chestnut leather trousers covered his lower half of his body with strings of black lapels criss crossing along the edges of the pants to secure it firmly around his waist. 

The man held his hands up while tilting his head to the side, baring his neck to the Omega. An action that clearly defined that he had no intention of threatening to her and her pup.

The Omega became silent, scrutinizing the man standing before her. She noted his scent was not dominant as an Alpha's but rather a placating aroma of lavender and thyme fresh from the farmer's market, realizing the scent was similar to that of a Beta's. His lips parted to speak but a booming voice coming from the other side of the vine curtain deferred him from doing so. 

"Oi, Masaru are you alive? Because if you don't answer me in the next five seconds, I'm coming in. Even if I don't want to save your ass for the damn millionth time."

The Omega snarled at the unknown feminine tone, getting an overpowering whiff of apple cider and smoky pine penetrating through the vine drapes. She knew without a doubt the other was an Alpha.

Masaru sighed, speaking clearly but not so loud to frighten the Omega more than she already was. "I'm thankfully alive and breathing, darling. It's just an Omega who recently gave birth. Moreover, she's extremely distressed of our presence. Please, whatever you do do not—"

The greenery curtains were split into the middle as a woman instantaneously entered the cave. Pale sunflower hair styled in uniformly jagged short layers beautifully shaped her flawless face. A vivid scarlet cloth covered her bosom, stopping right above her muscular midriff. Small intricate ancient Chief symbols etched along the top were in shades of golden sunlight. A skirt having an identical shade to the man's trousers ended at the midst of her firm thighs with a woven belt made of thick dark string beads coiled along the waistline. Bizarre turquoise and blood-red beaded necklaces sat upon her chest proudly, displaying the hierarchy this woman held. 

"—barge in as if it's your cave back at home," the Beta grumbled, momentarily forgetting how stubborn his mate was.

The female Alpha's fierce flaming cerise eyes filled with shock once settling on the very perturbed Omega. Then a mixture of recognition and profound happiness occupied her gaze.

"Well, I'll be damned." She remarked, crossing her arms over her chest. Two tan leather bracers designed with the similar Chief embellishments from her animal hide brassiere strained against her biceps. Her lips broke into a grin. "I've been wondering where the heck you've been, Inko."

The she-wolf mainly stared in disbelief, sensing a long-forgotten familiarity in the female Alpha’s tone of voice. 

The viridescent furred wolf was replaced with a stout woman standing before the two individual shifters. Bold emerald hair pinned halfway messily in a bun, forming around the woman’s plump and rounded facial features. Her huge light parakeet green eyes held complete surprise as her stare remained on the blonde-haired woman.


The Alpha smirked. “The one and only.”

Inko’s eyes suddenly became full of tears, sobbing in joy as she stumbled forward to embrace her life-long friend. Mitsuki wrapped her arms around the weeping Omega, rubbing her cheek against Inko’s hair and unconsciously scent-marking her. 

“I forgot how much of a cry-baby you are,” she joked.

Inko laughed joyously, pulling away as she wiped her tear-stained cheeks. “Well, it seems you’re still the same sharp-witted and resilient Alpha I knew when we were pups. Not to mention, the numerous Alphas you frequently scared off whenever one tried to court me.” 

Mitsuki scoffed. “If it weren’t for me, you would’ve mated with some other buffoon Alpha instead of Hisashi. Speaking of that devilish handsome, where the hell is he? Don’t tell me he was like one of those assholes who immediately left when the mating ritual was completed!”

“No, no! It was nothing like that! He was everything that I could ever ask for as my mate,” Inko proclaimed. “It was about a month after we marked that I found out we were finally starting our own pack. He was so happy like any Alpha-father-to-be would, promising that we would be the greatest pack to ever live.” Her face once full of happiness dulled into a morbid one, utter sadness filling her eyes. “A-about half a month we wandered into the w-w-woods, searching for a place for us where o-our pack could thrive and f-flourish. I--I-I should’ve paid more attention to w-wh-where we we-were h-heading. I-I shouldn’t h-have s-st-stopped t-t-to res-st. H-h-he-I-They!—”

Mitsuki instantly brought the sobbing Omega into her embrace once again, shushing her heartbreaking cries that caused her inner Alpha to go destroy the murderers of her friend’s beloved mate. When Alphas, Betas, and Omegas found their compatible mate, they were marked for life. Practically, when marked the two wolves would venture off and begin their own pack. While the wonderful idea of starting one’s own pack was heart-warming, there were tragic instances that severed the connection between all marked shifters. If one’s mate is killed, then the other would soon follow in causes of suicide or during the on-stages of depression. It was unlikely for a widowed mate to be marked with someone else considering their first marked consort was the epitome of their purpose for living. Henceforth, it literally shook the mighty female Alpha to the core at the discovery of her lifelong friend surviving through the death of her marked by a whim. 

Internally sending thanks to the were-gods above for the safety of her companion, Mitsuki froze stone cold at the broken sentences spouting out of the Omega’s mouth.

“I-it’s my fa-fault that he’s g-g-gone! He’s gone b-b-because of m-me! I sh-should’ve been the o-on-one t-t-to b-b—”

“Don’t you dare fucking finish that sentence.”

Inko stammered at the Alpha’s command, whimpering as she reluctantly obliged.

Mitsuki pushed the Omega away, placing her hands firmly on her trembling shoulders. Blazing vermilion eyes consisting a raging fire about to consume the forest entirely stared into the somber willow evergreen orbs.

“Let me ask you this,” The Alpha nearly snarled out. “Did you force your marked one to travel into the forest?”


“Did you send those bastards to kill him?”

NO! Of course not!”

“Then why are you blaming yourself when those assholes are the ones at fault?!” Mitsuki yelled in frustration.

“I-I-I don’t know! Okay?!” Inko hollered hoarsely, choking on her sobs. “I-I don’t know why I-I-I think it’s my fault t-that h-h-he’s g-gone f-f-forever! Maybe i-it’s because I sh-sh-shouldn’t have been pre-pregnant si-since I w-wo-would’ve been able t-to d-defend myself instead of him r-ri-risking his life f-f-for me.”

A feral growl emanated from the female Alpha’s lips. “Listen to yourself, dumbass. Are you really regretting having your pup when it’s been one of the fucking things you constantly pestered me about ever since we were pups?!”

Inko sobbed, shaking her head vigorously. “No! I don’t regret having my dearly pup at all! He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

“Then don’t you ever say fucking nonsense ever again,” Mitsuki pronounced in maximum authority. “Got it?”

The Omega simply nodded, sniffling and hiccuping the ends of her heart-wrenching sobs. A well hand-made stitched handkerchief appeared unexpectedly in front of her along with a bundle of leather cloths. Glancing sideways, Masaru wore a solemn expression with a light smile on his lips as he handed her the articles of clothing along with the miniature clout.

Mitsuki pointed at the Beta beside her. “Masaru, Inko. Inko, Masaru. My mate.”

The Beta smiled graciously, bowing. “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Midoriya.”

Inko flustered under Masaru’s courtesy. “Please, call me Inko. I never knew you would be marked with a Beta, Mitsuki.” She chuckled lightly as she put on the clothing.

“Well, this one just so happened to capture my attention.” Mitsuki said, further explaining: “If it weren’t for his persistent courting , I wouldn’t have given the damnedest thought of marking a Beta. Also, you know what they say about the quiet ones.” The Alpha smirked mischievously. 

Masaru spluttered as Inko giggled.

The Alpha laughed at her mate’s embarrassment, immediately quieting when her attention settled on a small green pup with fur ruffled into natural curls staggering towards Inko from behind while gazing at the two strangers with huge raw shamrock green eyes. 

She smiled broadly when the pup stopped at the foot of its mother. “And who’s this fur-ball?”

Inko glanced downwards, beaming when delighted yips emitted from the tiny olive green pup below. She bent down to pick him up, holding him securely in her arms as she introduced the pup to the Alpha and Beta couple. 

“This is Izuku,” she said proudly, giggling when the pup barked and licked her cheek sloppily as any newly born pup would. 

“He’s a cutie.” Mitsuki commented to which the pup gazed at her, yipping at the new scent of smoked caramel apples. Chuckling, she carefully rubbed the center of his head and grinned when the pup purred loudly under her caresses. 

“Reminds us of our pup when he was just born,” Masaru muttered fondly.

Inko looked at the marked couple in surprise. “You have pups?”

“Only one,” The Beta corrected. “We decided one pup was enough for us.”

“Yeah after we realized how handful he was from the start,” Mitsuki stated in disgruntlement, pulling away with one last tap of her finger on the pup’s head. “I wasn’t going to produce another spawn of the devil.”

“Mitsuki!” Masaru scolded.

The Alpha simply glared at her marked spouse. “It’s the fucking truth! He causes havoc at everything he touches or sees. He even has the mouth of a sailor! Not to mention, I went through hell when conceiving him and in labor. Literally.”

The Beta sighed. “He wouldn’t curse so much if you would be mindful of what you say on a daily basis, dear.”

“Well, I wouldn’t be saying such things if the pack were just fucking doing as they’re told.” Mitsuki growled out.

“W-Where is your pup? I’d love to meet him and I think Izuku would too,” Inko said to which the pup barked in affirmation.

Mitsuki chortled. “If you insist.” Turning around, she faced the entrance of the cave and yelled out.

“Oi, brat. Come in and meet our guests!” 

Shortly afterwards, a small figure burst from behind the vines revealing an exact replica of the female Alpha though in a smaller male version. Regardless of being completely shirtless wearing only a pair of hand-made trousers tinted in the purest shade of cedar, it was apparent that this young pup held himself with great confidence unlike any other pup.

“Brat, meet Inko. That green fur-ball there is her pup, Izuku.” Then Mitsuki nudged the boy to prompt him in introducing himself on his own.

The blonde-haired boy growled, shrugging his mother off before saying in a powerful voice a young-ling could possess. 

“My name is Katsuki Bakugou.”

Inko smiled down at the spiky-blonde pup. “Nice to meet you, Katsuki. My, you sound so mature for your age.”

The boy merely grinned, puffing his chest out in pride. “I have to be in order to take over the old hag’s place of the throne even though I’m only four years old.”

Mitsuki slapped the back of his head, growling angrily. “Not with that attitude you’re not!”

Katsuki was about to respond back with a brutish snarl of his own when a high-pitched whine ceased his actions. Glancing up at the curvy short woman, the boy noticed the pup squirming out of his mother’s hold. Inko gently placed the pup onto the ground, stumbling towards the blonde-haired child. Katsuki growled when the pup came too close, watching the green fur-ball trip over and fall flat face on the rugged cave floor. Normally, Katsuki would laugh at such a crack-brained stunt however hearing aching whimpers that sent a weird feeling in his chest halting any laughter from escaping; thus, the irritating unknown  emotion forced him to effortlessly aid the pup back on his feet.

Once the pup was standing upright again, Katsuki reproved him angrily in a snarl.

“Watch it where you’re going next time, Deku.”

Mitsuki opened her mouth to scold her demon-child when the most unforeseen thing occurred before the adults’ eyes.

Izuku barked in compliance to Katsuki’s command then tentatively marched right towards him, taking each step with extreme caution as if he learned his lesson from before. When the pup was mere inches away from the boy’s face, he playfully licked his nose yipping away in utter glee as if realizing he finally walked correctly without tripping or falling. A genuine smile fell upon Katsuki’s lips, ruffling the pup’s head with his hand causing the pup to purr as he closed his emerald eyes in contentment.

Neither of them had the slightest knowledge that this was the emergence of their souls being tethered together only to be ripped apart in shreds when disaster struck years later. 

Chapter Text

“You’re doing it wrong, Deku!”

A spiky blonde-haired boy had yelled in frustration at another lad cowering under his fierce glare.

Evergreen pine hair formed into a mess of curls on top of the smaller boy’s head, fluttering with the gentle breeze passing by. His figure was ideally diminutive even more so with his shoulders hunched in shame. A soft whine erupted from his lips as he responded to the boisterous boy.

“I’m doing it like you told me how, Kacchan!” He exclaimed causing the blonde-haired boy’s scowl to deepen. “I-it’s just hard because it h-hurts a lot whenever I try to c-change.”

It’s been over roughly three years since these two pups have met, becoming an unlikely pair of companions. Once Izuku was able to venture out of the den at the age of two, Inko had taken Mitsuki’s offer in joining her pack. The female Alpha and the male Beta led her to their homeland within the mountain terrains, directing her carefully while avoiding the treacherous paths of rocky cliff sides and drop-offs. As they made onto the territory, Mitsuki allowed Inko and her pup to settle in one of the cabins that she ordered her pack-mates to build on the outer edge of the territory. Of course, it was still within the perimeter of the pack’s territory but it allowed comfort and privacy for the new mother and her pup. Occasionally, both the female Alpha and her Beta would drop-by to see how the Omega was doing along with her devious pup joining them, who instantly ran towards the pup the moment his eyes landed on him.

While living in a well-built amenity was suitable for the small family, Inko was still worried about her dearly beloved pup. As each day went by, her pup remained in his wolf state which constantly increased Inko’s concerns about his health. During the third month of pregnancy, the were-shifters (bearing the child) would transform into their wolf form carrying the fetus throughout the remaining months until the sixth month when the pups are born. Depending on the fertility of the marked couple, the litter size of pups ranged from one to three. Aside from that, one of the advantages of shifting into wolf forms was high tolerance of pain allowing the mother wolves to persist through labor more easily than in human form. Likewise, the mother will nurture the newly-born pup or pups by providing milk for approximately two weeks. After nearly two weeks, the pup’s eyes open and will begin walking around the environment they’re in due to practicing walking flawlessly with their parents. Thus, the common age for the pups to fully shift into human form was three years old since they gained observation from their parents during the past two weeks.

However, that was the opposite for Inko Midoriya’s pup. 

When Izuku had just turned three, there was no change whatsoever. She had explained her concerns to Mitsuki who set up an appointment with the pack doctor. After examining the pup thoroughly through a physical exam and blood test, the doctor reassured the poor Omega mother’s worries by stating that her pup was just a late-bloomer. As mentioned previously, it was highly uncommon for a pup to not shift past the age of three. In spite of the information, Izuku was a special case bearing the misfortune of being unable to shift forms when all the other pups in the pack already have.

It didn’t make things easier with the mockery and taunting behind Izuku’s back whenever he went to the grounds where the pack pups usually played at. At first, he enjoyed meeting new faces but once the pups turned three and were happily shifting into their forms back and forth they immediately shunned Izuku completely once they noticed that he was different.

When they realized he was the oddball of the group.

Before the exclusion occurred, Katsuki would invite Izuku to play with he and the other pups. A sense of delight unknowingly bloomed in his chest at the sounds of gleeful yips from the tiny olive green-furred pup whenever he transformed into his wolf form. Basically, he peculiarly favored praise coming from Izuku and only the said pup as he fruitfully ignored all other pups’ admiration. He rather have the pleasant chirps coming from the miniature shamrock pup instead of the awful racket yapping of other pups.

It was only after a while did the blonde boy started to discover a few things.

Noticing how disheartened the pup would be when the other pups would exclude him from their activities even when he or Izuku weren’t looking, Katsuki decided to take matters into his own hands like any true Pack Alpha would do. He alienated the pups from the pack, growling and snarling his anger towards them like any Alpha would. Even though Katsuki was merely acting like an Alpha just like he was being taught, his actions not only caused the pack pups to cry and run back to their parents but also a fuming Alpha-old-hag-of-a-mother rushing to him.

As Mitsuki was forming a good punishment on her brat of a son, the unthinkable happened.

Standing in place of the small pup was a boy with hair identical to its green fur that consisted of massive curls interwoven into a mess. Freckles danced across his cheeks, spreading sparsely all over his slender body. His bold emerald eyes stared pleadingly at the female Alpha as two furry ears flattened on his head, almost entirely disappearing within his curly hair if it weren’t for the darker shade they consisted of. A fluffy tail wrapped around his waist in agitation, bearing the identical color as the ears. 

Izuku begged Mitsuki to not punish Katsuki, being fully determined to take the blame even though he knew the female Alpha would not be able to understand through his barks and yips. Just as he opened his mouth to do so, he suddenly realized the increase in height he was looking from. Then glancing down to actual palms faced upwards and toes peeking just beneath him, he let out a shrill scream.

Ever since then, it established the beginning of Izuku’s were-transformation with Katsuki as his trainer. 

Although Katsuki agreed to teach Izuku to properly shift between forms, no one told him how utterly difficult it was going to be. Especially with some pup who can’t—for the sake of the old hag’s life—remove his ears and tail completely.

Which has brought them to the current incidence in the forest on a beautiful sunny day..

Katsuki growled in annoyance. “Of course, it’s going to fucking hurt. That’s the part about being a werewolf, Deku!”

“I know that! I-it’s just--,” Izuku trailed off, lips quivering as his eyes began to fill with tears. “I just want to be l-like you, Kacchan.”

The blonde-boy scoffed. “You’re never going to be like me, Deku. You want to know why? Because there can only be one of me.”

“Yeah, I know.” Izuku pouted, furry evergreen pine ears flattening on his head and his tail sagging in sadness.

Seeing the frown on the curly shamrock boy caused Katsuki to moan irritability. “Stop with the pouting. You look even more ridiculous. Look, I said that I’d help you and you’d listen and do whatever I tell you. So, unless you wanna be a damn brat and remain as a useless pup forever then be my guest. If not, then suck it up and do it again.”

A whine erupted from the thin boy, biting his lip as he contemplated over the other pup’s words.

“What’s it going to be, Deku?”

Izuku exhaled deeply as he made his decision. His ears flicked upright as his tail swished vigorously in an upbeat rhythm.  Then staring straight into flaming scarlet, he responded in utter resoluteness.

“I’ll keep practicing and won’t stop until I get it right!”

Katsuki smirked as he found himself admiring the determination swirling in those jaded emeralds.


Within two years, Izuku finally shifted flawlessly.

Before he could even celebrate his achievement, Katsuki had dragged him beyond the outskirts of the territory leading them into an isolated area of vast land. Long feathered grass tendrils fluttered into waves as the wind carried onward. The two pups followed an unpaved path, coming towards an opening of cave conjured into the midst of a rocky cliff. 

“Here,” Katsuki yanked the lanky boy down to the rough cave floor as he settled down himself bringing out a handmade leather satchel onto his lap as he foraged through it.

Curious, Izuku leans in trying to take a glimpse on what the blonde-haired boy was searching for. He let out a squawk when a hand roughly pushed his face away.

“You can’t look until I say so!”

Izuku whined. “But Kacchan-”

Katsuki growled, causing the boy’s protests to fall into silence. “Close your damn eyes, Deku. And no peeking or else I’ll claw them out myself.”

Huffing bemusedly at his friend’s antics, Izuku complied. Shutting his eyes as he attentively listened to Katsuki’s disgruntled low grunts and curses as he continued to rummage through the satchel. Just when Izuku was going to risk a peek, a pair of hands suddenly pulled his own with an additional weight dropping upon them.

 “Now you can open your damn eyes, Deku.” Katsuki muttered.

The said pup complied and found himself gazing downwards at the transparent object in his palms. A miniature glass jar was hooked onto a leather string with a brass looped hook. Inside the small glass bottle was a tiny vibrant lavender rose. Minute grains of soil settled beneath the miniature floral. Izuku lifted the mini glass container, observing closely at the soil remaining motionless as he flipped it downwards.

“It’s sealed with a substance that prevents it from moving everywhere,” Katsuki said as if reading the pup’s mind. “Of course, the old hag helped putting it in but everything else was done by me.”

Izuku was absolutely mesmerized at the pint-sized glass bottle. Though his silence was definitely disliked by his blonde-haired companion. 

“If you don’t like it, then just give me the damn thing back,” he responded with a resentful growl. He reached forward ready to reclaim the glass container that he spent so long assembling every piece until the overall result was perfect as he imagined. 

Izuku instantly yanked the small vessel away from the blonde-haired boy’s grasp.

“No!” He exclaimed, clutching the object tightly to his chest. “I don’t like it, Kacchan.”

“Then fucking give it back—”

“I don’t just like it,” Izuku corrected then his lips broke into a bright smile. “I absolutely love it!”

Katsuki snarled. “Why didn’t you fucking say so then?”

“I was going to but you didn’t let me finish, Kacchan.” 

“Well, you didn’t open your mouth sooner, Deku.” Katsuki was about to spat more remarks when the curly-haired pup suddenly lunged towards him and threw his arms around him. He hugged him tightly, nuzzling his face on the blonde’s exposed upper torso.

“I really do appreciate the gift, Kacchan.” His words were muffled against the blonde’s bare chest, but the blonde heard appreciation clearly in his voice. “Thank you.”

Katsuki huffed and awkwardly placed his arms around the boy. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t push it, Deku.” Then he instantly pushed the boy away when the pup started to rub his cheek heartily against his sternum. “Stupid Deku, don’t get your scent all over me.”

Izuku grinned sheepishly. “Heh, sorry Kacchan.”

Katsuki snorted, gazing into the landscape beyond the cave’s entrance. After a few moments of silence, he said. “Oi, Deku.”

Izuku perked up, humming in acknowledgement.

“We’ve known each other ever since we were pups. Huh?’

Izuku nodded, smiling at the brief memory of meeting the blonde-haired pup. “Yep! Right after your mother gratefully accepted us in your pack, we’ve been best friends ever since.”

“Best friends…” Katsuki murmured. 

Izuku’s eyebrows furrowed at the peculiar solemn tone he’s ever heard from the blonde pup. Turning his head, his eyes widened in shock at the unreadable expression upon Katsuki’s face. His eyes darkened to a flaming scarlet fire, igniting the ferocity the boy was born with that always entranced Izuku.

“I’m only saying this once, Deku. So listen damn well.” Katsuki spoke sternly. “Since we’re the best damn friends no one will ever live up to, we’re not only going to stick together but also be the best god-damn fucking Alphas anyone has ever seen!”

Izuku beamed. “Yes!” Then his cheerfulness deflated at the blonde’s declaration. “But what if I turn out to be an O-omega?”

The curly-haired pup was close to the age of presenting, but was weary at the final revelation that always seemed to creep upon him as the years got closer. He had numerous terrible fears but the worst one of all was losing this precious friendship with Katsuki. The mere idea of him becoming an Omega dampened his spirits in being the best friend the blonde pup could ever wanted—moreover ever needed.

“That doesn’t fucking change anything.” Those words caused Izuku to jerk his head upwards, finding complete sincerity in a pair of carmine eyes.

“Once I become the Pack Alpha, I want you as my Beta even though you’d be an Alpha but no one else is fucking damn tolerable as you are. Hell, you’d do damn well job than those other extras. And if you’re an Omega, well…” Katsuki’s cheeks turned faintly red as well as the tips of his ears as he spat out, “you’ll still be my side no matter what. All right?”

Tears engulfed Izuku’s eyes, crying out. “K-Kacchan!”

He threw himself unto the blonde once again, strangling him into another embrace and speaking in a hoarse emotional voice.

“You don’t need to worry about that because I’ll be right behind you. Always.”

“You fucking better be, Deku.”

Unfortunately, some promises were meant to be broken.

Chapter Text


The name slipping out of Izuku's lips caused the grip on his chin to slacken slightly. Gazing into the flaming scarlet eyes, the Pack Alpha's face fell ever so slightly. Shock flashed in those rich scarlet orbs but was replaced by anger in an instant.

Tightening his grasp on the curly-haired Omega's chin, he snarled.

"What the fuck did you just say?"

Izuku squeaked when his head was jerked backwards forcing his eyes to meet fiery red orbs directly. He heard his pack-mates growling ferociously, warning the Pack Alpha to back off or else. 

"I-it's you,” Izuku gasped out, trying to speak clearly with the steel grip constraining any movement. “I k-know it's you." 

The Pack Alpha growled, seething through this teeth. "What the ever living fuck you talking about, dumb-shit?"

"Y-you don't remember me?"

"As if I fucking remember associating with a damn puny Omega like you."

"How can you not remember whom you wanted by your side, Kacchan?" 

Utter bewilderment overtook the Alpha's face entirely. His narrow eyes increasingly widened to saucers flickering all over the Omega's face. His lips parted to speak only to be disrupted by the sound of a high-pitched whine. 

The Alpha peered over the Omega's shoulder, noticing a squirming tiny black mass attached to the Omega's back.

Izuku noted the Alpha's eyes directed behind him. "A-ah! I see that you've met Kouta. I would've carried him if it weren't for the dangerous road that we traveled from. I tend to be a klutz and fall over both even and uneven ground which is really troublesome especially now that I have a pup and have to carry him mostly everywhere. Luckily, one of your pack-mates gratefully helped the situation by providing me—"

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up."

Izuku's rant halted at the obscure tone in the Alpha's voice, barely noting the pure hostility it portrayed. 

A cloud of pure animosity flooded those vibrant dark scarlet eyes. The dark stoic expression overtaking the Alpha's facial features sent bitter coldness running in Izuku's veins. 

"K-Kacchan? Is something wrong?"

"Whatever bullshit you're pulling, you better fucking stop it now before I fucking tear your damn tongue out of your mouth." The Alpha seethed through gritted teeth.

Izuku stammered. "W-w-what—"

"You know," the Alpha interceded with a sneer, "it's fucking pathetic for someone to pretend to be something they're not."

Izuku's eyes widened in bewilderment. "Y-you think that I'm lying? Lying of… our friendship?"

A booming savage growl ripped out deep from within the Alpha's throat, squeezing his grasp on the Omega's chin. Pitiful whines resonated from behind him causing Izuku to feel utterly useless at being unable to comfort his distress pup. He tried to keep his scent pleasant in order to pacify the pup’s whimpers to a minimum.

"You’re fucking delusional.” The Alpha spoke brusquely, slurring in-between words due to the elongated canines peeking out of his parted lips.  “As if I'd have some kind of damn relationship with a fuck-up like you." 

All that escaped from the Omega's lips was a broken whisper.


With a final ferocious growl, the Alpha released the bruising grip on the Omega's jaw and took a step back letting the Omega’s eyes set fully on his appearance. 

A bold red sleeveless cape rested upon the Alpha’s wide shoulders that was clasped by two lapels with ancient chief designs. It wrapped around the top of his shoulders, resting nearly against his external obliques on either side. Faded faux fur lined along the collar of the cloak, ending just at the edges of the lapels at the midst of his deltoids. Vibrant orange bracers embellished in similar shaman symbols varying in a gradient of black and white settled perfectly upon his biceps, stopping just above his wrists. The opening of the red cloak showcased his bare muscular torso, light casting shadows on every dipping valley of the firm muscles.

Four necklaces hung across his chest, bearing vibrant colorful beads and varying in lengths and sizes. All of them consisted of sharp pointed fangs but one in particular consisted of three glossed in azul lapis, hanging right in the center of the others. Dark hickory hide trousers hung securely around his wide waist by a large chestnut belt. Two umber knee braces outlined by coal black stitching's were placed right above a pair of handmade leather white tinted boots with faux fur surrounding the midst of his calves laced up in numerous holes including small buckled straps. 

His powerfully built figure signified his superior rank like a typical Pack Alpha's.

Iida mustered enough bravado to speak like the Alpha he was. “Look, sir. We mean no harm coming unto your land. We were just passing through-”

“From where exactly, shithead?” The Alpha growled.

Iida choked on his spit at the pejorative term spat at him. 

“Nowhere. What’s it to you?” Ochako quizzed curtly.

The Alpha snarled viciously, leaning towards the brunette Omega to glare directly into her eyes. “Well, you all shitheads stumbled onto my land and I’m the Alpha of this fucking pack making it my fucking business to know why the hell there’s damn rogues trespassing my goddamn territory.”

Ochako merely growled, lips rising to show her extended canines though it was hardly anything compared to the Alpha’s. 

“For your information, we’re not rogues. You don’t see us attacking you or your pack-mates like savages.”

The Alpha simply smirked cunningly.  “We’ll see about that.” He told her, ignoring her growls as he returned his gaze to the Omega.

Izuku gulped, fidgeting under the malevolence prominent in those blazing orbs.

The Alpha’s terrifying blood-red stare remained on the Omega as he announced to his former pack-mates.

“Send them to the dungeons.”

What?! ” Everyone exclaimed except for the curly-haired Omega who just stared in horrifying shock.

Shinsou suggested.  “Alpha, perhaps you should reconsider—”

"There's nothing to fucking reconsider about, Baggy Eyes." The Alpha growled out viciously.

Shinsou quietly grumbled, clenching his jaw when the Pack Alpha’s growls rose in octaves then tilted his head to the side slightly as a sign of submission.

"Sir, please.” Tenya stated, surprising both Ochako and Izuku at the pleading tone of their normally levelheaded companion. “ With all due respect we were just wandering through and—"

"Whoever trespasses into my territory have no obligation to speak for their actions," the Alpha cut in as he proclaimed his statement in the utmost authority, silencing any protests. 

Ochako yelled in absolute fury.

"This isn’t right—you can’t do this!”

The Alpha roared in complete vexation, causing Izuku to send low croons to the weeping pup on his back.

“Listen here, Round Face.” He spat through his clenched teeth as his lips curled upwards to showcase extended polar white fangs, sharp to the edge. “If you can’t remember—which I’m fucking sure you didn’t with the tiny ears you have—I’m the fucking Alpha of this goddamn pack. Whatever I say goes. If anyone has a problem with that, then they can kiss my ass for all I care. If rogues are trespassing my land, they will deal with the consequences—no matter if they don’t fucking like it.”

“Some Alpha you are,” Ochako muttered in revulsion.

The Alpha’s growls escalated to a deafening ferocious one, balling his hands into fists so tightly Izuku could see veins protruding along the knuckles. Watching the Alpha stalked towards the she-wolf with a murderous glint in his eyes, the Omega blurted out in despair.


The Alpha head swiveled towards his direction. 

“Please,” Izuku cried helplessly, easily letting the tears trail down his cheeks as he spoke. “Don’t do this, Kacchan. W-we can talk a-ab-about i-i-it—”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Omega.” The Alpha fumed as his piercing gaze deepened, causing the Omega to quail under its monstrosity. 

“Once again, none of you are the fucking Alpha; I am. You three invaded my area; now deal with your shitty choices. Maybe next time use your fucking brain before trespassing into someone else’s land,” the Alpha jeered.

A wave of tears burst out of the Omega’s eyes, steadily making their way down his cheeks.

“Bakugo,” Kirishima enunciated seriously. “Is this really necessary?”

The Alpha, Bakugo, snapped his attention to the red-haired male and responded in a venomous hiss. “You dare question your Alpha.”

The red spiky-haired Alpha backed off, sharing a troubled glance with Shinsou.

“Take them to the fucking dungeons,” Bakugo ordered in absolute finality.

Seeing the two other Alphas motionless, he growled out potently in true Alpha’s command.


Izuku felt a grip placed upon his shoulders, vigorously shaking it off as it began pulling him away from the Alpha. He stared pleadingly at the Alpha one last time.

“Kacchan, please.” 

Hope was simply crushed by the Alpha’s impassive countenance, watching nonchalantly in silence as the Omega pleaded audibly. A massive blade of agonizing pain punctured severely through the curly-haired Omega’s chest without resistance as he and his pack-mates were dragged out of the throne-room. Bakugo’s malignant gaze remained on them for a few more moments then swiftly turned away and headed towards his glorious throne. The tattered ends of the red cloak flared around him in flawless grace as he rested himself on the majestic throne seat.

The grand doors swung closed, echoing off the pristine immaculate walls in a thunderous slam though Izuku will never forget the fleeting glimpse of the Alpha's cold, sinister gaze that only promised insufferable destruction.

Chapter Text

Both Kirishima and Shinsou led the trio down to the lower level of the palace, crossing numerous halls as they descended further within the fortress. Torches hung in metal frames that were sealed to the limestone walls, providing slivers of light for the were-shifters. The chilly, damp atmosphere became unsettling for Izuku, constricting his throat with every passing minute as they proceeded downward in the dark void. His bound hands twitched frequently at the continuous whimpers of his pup behind him. His back getting jabbed spartically indicated the pup’s restlessness. The coarse rope binding on his wrists restricted his dire need in comforting his pup, knowing that if he’d foolishly broke free not only will he hurt himself but the Alphas will surely come upon him aggressively.

The Omega felt even more like a failure as a wooden door appeared before them.

Shinsou grasped a circular chain loaded with numerous keys from his pocket, inserting one into the metal lock above the handle. He twisted it to unlock then pushed the door open, ushering the others inside. Walking through, Izuku examined the long hallway with cells on either side. Steel bars barricaded each small enclosure with one small-width door as being the only entrance and exit. All cells were vacant with the exception of pail buckets set in the far corner.

“This is where you all will be staying until further notice,” Shinsou informed them, gesturing to the barred compartments. “Food and water will be served. That is if Alpha is considerate enough to feed you, trespassers.

His eyes morphed into hard violet partitions, studying thoroughly at each of the trio convicts.

“Kirishima and I will be cutting the bonds. Show any resistance or you’ll be sorry."

No harm. No foul. Izuku reminded to himself as the Alphas held a small blade in each of their hands and sliced every shackle off. Ignoring the aching soreness blooming red on his wrists, Izuku hastily unclasped the sling off of him and pulled Kouta out of the pouch. Cradling the whining black mass against his chest, the Omega rubbed his nose on the pup’s head and crooned softly as Shinsou headed to unlock one of the cells. Swinging the barred door open, he stepped aside and waited for one of them to step forward.

Iida inhaled deeply then approached the sterile enclosure. As he passed through the entrance, he stared briefly at the lilac-haired Alpha who coolly returned his gaze. Ochako followed suit only to skid to a stop when the door suddenly slammed shut.


“You all have your own cells,” Shinsou stated as he locked the metal door then escorted her to the one next to Tenya’s, opening the metal frame. “Seeing that you both are marked, Alpha didn’t want any... shenanigans occurring.”

The she-wolf growled lowly and stomped angrily into the dungeon, glaring at the Alpha as he led the curly-haired Omega to the cell beside hers. 

Izuku faltered a step just inches away from the entrance as he glanced warily at the sleep-deprived Alpha. His arms tightened their grip on his pup as a growl reverberated lowly within his chest.

Kirishima heeded the alarming ire reflecting in the Omega’s eyes, getting a whiff of bitter honeysuckle doused in a heavy storm.

“It’s okay, bro.” He spoke softly, listening to the growls increased in volume as he mollified the overwrought Omega. “Your pup is not going anywhere, okay? He’s staying with you.”

Shinsou snorted at the utter disbelief appearing in the Omega’s eyes, saying. 

"Just so you know we’re not completely heartless, pipsqueak.” 

Izuku narrowed his eyes at them, scanning for any sign of deceit but only found sincerity in either Alpha’s eyes. Hesitantly, he stepped towards the metal frame holding Kouta closer.

Before he could actually step into the shabby cell, a folded blanket was thrusted to him.

“We normally don’t give our prisoners any value of comfort,” Kirishima commented, scratching the back of his head as he grinned sheepishly. “But since it gets rather cold down here you might want to keep your pup warm as possible.”

“Don’t get used to us providing every little thing to you,” Shinsou sneered. “You’re still a prisoner, got it?” 

The Omega jerked a small nod as he took the wool blanket from Kirishima, moving into the cell. He jumped at the clamor of clanging metal as Shinsou locked it.

“Shifting is allowed but don’t get too cocky in trying to escape.” He pointed to the bars, blocking off the three wolves from freedom. Izuku just registered a pair of black tinted leather gloves covering the Alpha’s hands. 

“These bars are pure silver and you don’t want to know the repercussions of it.”

It was extremely dangerous for were-shifters to make contact with any object made out of the metallic mineral. If one were to touch it, their skin will inflame. Even though the wounds could be healed with the appropriate medical treatment, a werewolf’s skin could still scar or possibly deteriorate depending on how severe the burns were. 

Ochako scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Shinshou completely ignored her remark, turning away as he walked back the way they came from. Kirishima went to follow but stopped at the mere whisper of a plea.

“Please, let us go.”

The red-haired male turned, glancing at Izuku who was silently crying.

“I would if I could, bro.” Kirishima sighed forlornly, forcing himself to look away from the heartbroken expression on the Omega’s face. “But as Alpha’s packmate, we must obey his orders.” 

“Even if it’s wrong?” Ochako growled.

An unreadable expression crossed upon the spiky-haired Alpha’s face, his silence answering the she-wolf’s question as he left them all alone in the pitch black chasm.

Uraraka opened her mouth to scream in frustration but halted when she glimpsed at a wolf huddled near the far corner of the opposite cell beside hers.

“Izuku-kun! Why did you shift?”

“You're going to worsen your wounds!" Iida reproached the Omega. 

I can’t afford Kouta sleeping on the cold floor

“But didn’t they offer you a blanket?” She asked.

The wolf moved his tail away, allowing both shifters to glimpse at the pup bundled in the small woolen material. Kouta mewled when the extra warmth was removed, only nuzzling deeper in his mother’s shaggy fur to regain it as he continued to slumber. 

It won’t be enough to keep him warm during the night. Izuku replied, placing his tail back over Kouta who rumbled in satisfaction. He leaned down to lick his head, nosing him gently as a chorus of whimpers emitted from his muzzle.

I’m sorry everyone. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I’m the reason why we’re in this mess.

“Midoriya. No,” Iida said firmly, meeting the Omega’s shattered gaze. “Do not apologize for anything. Especially for that . If anyone should be apologizing, it is me. I should’ve been more aware where we were headed instead I landed us back where we started." Tenya lowered his head in shame, releasing a bitter aroma of cedar wood and mint.

The Omega whined. Iida-san… 

"Izuku-kun," Ochako called. The Omega noticed a contemplative look in her eyes. "Back there when we met that bastard—” Iida interrupted with a holler of “language!” which she ignored.

“Were you truly being honest about knowing him?"

Izuku ignored the excruciating pain sweltering along his chest as the blade from prior punctured deeper until the tip barely grazed the outside membrane of his heart. He turned away from her, shielding the traitorous tears burning the corners of his eyes. 

I had mistaken him for someone else.  

The curt answer left the she-wolf skeptical, realizing there’s something more the Omega was hiding. 

"Then why did you—"

"Uraraka. Let Midoriya rest," Iida insisted once he noticed their pack-mate's discomfort. "He needs it after all the trouble we've been through today."

Ochako reluctantly obliged, sending one last worried glance towards her pack-mate.

With his back facing the others, Izuku begrudgingly let the tears slip out once again. Cuddling closer to his pup, he lowered his head upon his crossed front-paws shutting his eyes as the low murmurs of his companions vibrated softly against the shallow walls.

Unconsciousness eventually overcame him though a pair of sinistrous crimson orbs plagued his dreams throughout the night.


The shrill noise of clashing metal awoke Izuku from his slumber, growling quietly at the unknown scents traveling into the cells. He instantly hovered over Kouta who was still asleep, listening to the faint thudding footsteps drawing closer.

The growls grew louder at the two unknown scents associating with the known scent of bursting citrus. 

Kirishima appeared, walking along the cells as two female were-shifters followed behind carrying trays of miscellaneous items. One of them was taller than the other, curvaceous in form and consisting of a lighter complexion. Long raven hair style in a ponytail that fully showed off her perfect feminine facial features. The aroma of eucalyptus soaked in lavender wafted through the Omega’s nostrils, identifying the taller female as an Alpha. The second she-wolf consisted of an energizing scent of rosemary which was not as intense as the other female’s. Dark juniper hair cascaded down her back, ending in a fashionably bow. A beige dress adorned her lean figure unlike the other female’s attire of trousers and a long-sleeved blouse that accentuated her athletic figure. 

They stopped once they reached in front of Izuku’s cell.

Kirishima strode forward, stopping once at the Omega’s vicious snarl.

“Hey, bro.” He greeted with a smile. “I’m sorry if I’ve woken you up but Alpha seemed to be in a better mood today. So, we brought food and beverages for you and your pack-mates.”

Izuku merely huffed, maintaining his position over his pup as he glared at the intruders. 

The raven-haired Alpha grimaced slightly. “Kirishima, perhaps we come back later. It is unwise of us to enter through an Omega’s domain without permission.”

“Don’t worry, Momo; everything will be fine.” Kirishima assured. “Anyway, It’s a bit too late to turn back since I’ve begged Alpha all yesterday and this morning for allowing these folks some sustenance.”

The female Alpha, Momo, sighed. “You know best not to bother Alpha especially over something so trivial.”

The other she-wolf hummed. “I disagree with this being minor, Momo. Of course, this Omega along with the other two wolves are convicted for trespassing yet this Omega has several fatal wounds not to mention he has pup. Also, they did not show any acts of aggression towards Eijirou-san and Hitoshi-chan when they were brought in. It’s the least we can do to show them that Alpha is not as merciless as the legends foretell.”

That last comment slit an opening on the Omega’s heart, wondering what other horrifying tales speak of the Alpha who’d already done enough damage on his pack-mates including himself. It caused him to rethink if the memories of a blonde zealous boy he supposedly knew ages ago was simply a pinnacle of his imagination.

“You’re absolutely right, Tsuyu.” Kirshima grinned, walking behind her and placing his hands upon her shoulders. “Hence the reason we brought you, an Omega, to communicate and make our bro at ease here.”

Tsuyu croaked as she was pushed towards the Omega’s cell. “Kirishima are you certain that it’s appropriate for us to do this? Like Yaoyorozu mentioned, we are endangering ourselves if we enact without the Omega’s consent.”

“Tsuyu, you know I would never put you in harm’s way, right?”

“Of course not.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about,” Kirishima confirmed, urging her nearer to the cell. “Momo and I will attend to the other two bros.”

“If anything comes up, just yell and we’ll come.” Momo added.

Tsuyu nodded, turning to face the Omega whose growls quietened a while ago. Inhaling deeply, she slowly approached the cell. Stopping only a few feet away when the Omega began growling once again. Her head tilted to the side, defining her harmless presence to the Omega. As the growls subdued to a mere low rumble, she resumed forward then gradually lowered herself to the cold stone floor.

Resting on her knees, she placed the tray down next to her. Tsuyu dared herself to meet the Omega’s gaze, recognizing dull shamrock wilted in total sadness. 

Giving a faint smile to the fellow Omega, she placed a hand on her chest.

“As you’ve heard before, I’m Tsuyu.” She said. One of the Omega’s ears twitched slightly at her croaky voice. “I’ve brought some nourishment for you this morning.”

Grasping a pair of gloves, she pulled them onto her hands. Then, she grabbed a plate consisting of several loaves of bread, pushing it through the open slot between the metal frame door and ground. Izuku glanced at the plate then back at the she-wolf, soft grumbles emitting from its muzzle.

“If you’re concerned about the food being poisoned, then believe me when I say it’s not.” Tsuyu explained further in hopes of calming the Omega’s distressed thoughts. “Kirishima, Momo, and I were present when the food was made and given to us—uncontaminated of any toxin.”

Izuku’s head lowered then as carefully as if he was looming towards a dangerous entity, he stepped forward.

Seeing the Omega reaching towards the plate, she grasped the cup and carefully slid her hand through the slits of the bars, setting the cup on the floor. 

Izuku halted, glimpsing at the cup in suspicion.

“It’s pure water,” Tsuyu affirmed. “Fresh from the spring wells within our border.”

A high squeak shifted her gaze downwards to a tiny black mass tottering towards her. The pup lurched to a stop when the Omega growled disappointingly. The pup responded in a whine, turning to gaze at the green-haired she-wolf curiously. 

Tsuyu smiled, reaching for the extra plate on the tray. She slid it under the metal frame ever so cautiously, considering the Omega examining every movement she initiated. She knew the consequences of demonstrating any sign of harm to the pup—even the slightest—the Omega will attack.  

As the plate passed under the metal frame, the pup gazed at it once it stopped a couple of inches away from him. He looked at it then back at the she-wolf. 

“That plate is for you…” Tsuyu glanced at the Omega staring directly at her interacting with the pup. “If your mother allows you to have it.”

The pup turned to the Omega, whining pitifully as he pawed at the plate. 

Izuku grumbled, ambling forward and nudging the pup away as he bent down to detect anything hazardous. Then his jaw opened, biting off a small piece of a loaf of bread.

Kouta barked in disgruntlement, feeling greatly distraught at the fact of his mother eating his food when he had a plate of his own. The Omega replied with a growl when the pup latched onto one of his front legs, gnawing at his paw. The pup’s small incisors hardly did any damage, merely scratching lightly against it. Grabbing the nape of his neck, Izuku dropped him down to the side watching amusingly as Kouta growled and let out a few barks to describe his distaste of his mother devouring his meal.

A light giggle broke the pup’s squabble with his mother, returning his gaze to the she-wolf.

“Don’t need to get all angry at your mother,” Tsuyu chided light-heartedly. “He is simply doing his job like any other mother would—protecting you, his pup, from any threat. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful mother.”

Kouta barked proudly in assertion, wagging his tail. The Omega crooned, leaning down to lick his head lovingly. Low, short grumbles left from the pup’s mouth, trying to escape from his mother’s clutches but was soon trapped by one of the Omega’s paws encasing him completely. He squeaked grumpily as he was lifted slightly off the ground with the paw holding his underbelly. The Omega’s tongue fully laved all debris from the night before, ignoring the pup’s plea to be released as he continued to groom him. Once Izuku considered the pup cleaner than prior to yesterday, he carefully placed him back on the ground. Kouta grumbled though perked up when his mother gestured towards his plate. A delightful squeak was his only response before he immediately dashed to demolish the meal entirely.

Tsuyu stood back up, solemnly watching the adoring relationship between the Omega and his pup. As she noticed Momo signalling her to head out, she contemplated on her Pack Alpha’s unjust decision on the three inmates. She believed that her Pack Alpha knew what was best for the pack even though he tended to be and was perceived as an overly hot-tempered Alpha rampaging over the tiniest things. Despite that, he was considered as an ideal Alpha whom Tsuyu held most respect for as much as the other pack-mates. Supporting the pack through thick and thin, sacrificing anything and everything for the safety of his pack-mates, Bakugo represented the epitome of a Pack Alpha: courageous, powerful, and resilient. 

Regardless of how exemplary Bakugo was as a Pack Alpha, Tsuyu couldn't rid the guilt building inside after her encounter with the Omega while pondering if her Pack Alpha’s judgment was far misleading than ever before.

Chapter Text

“Is it possible that Bakugo could’ve mistaken the verdict?” Tsuyu uttered suddenly as she and her pack-mates ascended to the higher level of the castle. She could no longer hold back the question that was bothering her from the moment she saw the harmless Omega caring for his pup. 

Both Momo and Kirishima glanced at her with perplexed eyes. 

“What do you mean by that, Asui?” Kirishima asked.

The she-wolf placed a finger on her cheek, as she responded contemplatively. “Well, they hardly seem to be prisoners. Afterall, they were utterly passive as we served their meals.”

“That’s just because they knew the consequences of retaliating against us.” Momo proclaimed.

“But, surely you don’t believe they are guilty of any treason?” Tsuyu interrogated. “Do you, Yaoyorozu?”

The raven she-wolf turned away, her lips screwing up in a soft scowl. “It’s not our responsibility to deal with such complex adjudications. Moreover, no one is to question Alpha’s decisions especially his own pack-mates.”

Tsuyu knew without a doubt there was something else lying beneath the surface of Momo’s response. Her vibrant fern green eyes shifted to the spiky-red haired Alpha who was walking in silence.


“Asui, I appreciate your concern for others.” Kirishima stated. “Honestly, I do. Having such a huge caring heart and loving every single one of your pack-mates is super manly though I can’t help but notice that you’re having doubts on Baku-bro.” He sent a glance over his shoulder, a faint frown on his mouth.

“I did not say anything of doubting him,” she asserted. “I’m just stating the obvious.”

“Which is?” Momo inquired.

“That perhaps he was misguided in his decision,” Tsuyu disclosed.

The other female were-shifter scoffed quietly. “As if.”

“Tsuyu, Baku-bro is never wrong.” Kirishima surmised. “He knows what he’s doing. Afterall, he’s our Pack-Alpha.”

“Eijirou. Yaoyorozu.” 

Both Alphas froze. They were surprised to hear the slight authoritative tone in the usual Omega’s passive voice.

“It’s completely acceptable to be brutally honest. Nothing will leave from whatever is said between the three of us.”

It was only a few more moments until Kirishima spun around.

“Baku-bro has gone bonkers!” He sputtered out as utter fright washed over him, pleading. “Don’t tell him.”

“You have my word,” Asui promised then looked to the raven-haired she-wolf.

Momo sighed, feeling utterly shameful as she admitted her deepest thoughts.

“As Kirishima clearly stated, Alpha may have gone overboard this time.”

Tsuyu smiled softly, appreciating her pack-mates’ honesty. “So then how do we explain the matter to Alpha?”

All of a sudden, two pairs of eyes switched over to Kirishima who met their gaze with a confused stare.


“It would need to be you, Eijirou.” Tsuyu informed.

The gears turning suddenly clicked into place as the spiky haired Alpha’s jaw slid open.

“Oh, no.”

“You're the closest one to him out of all of us,” Momo explained. “Not to mention, you are one of his prestige Betas.”

“Yes, but as his Beta it’s wrong to go against him.” Kirishima reasoned.

“Well, would you favor for the prisoners to be alive and free or dead in the cold-bloody dungeons?” The raven Alpha retorted. “Because the latter will be a low unmanly thing for someone like you to choose.”

Kirishima groaned. “That’s not fair, bro.”

“Nothing in life is fair,” Tsuyu claimed. “Though fairness will be granted to the innocent inmates if we help Alpha realize how he misapprehended their reason in trespassing his territory.”

“I know that, but I just can’t simply go up to Baku-bro and tell him that he was wrong.” Kirishima threw his hands in the air as he exasperated. “It’ll crush his heart!”

Momo merely gazed at the Alpha impassively, muttering under her breath. 

“It’ll destroy his ego, that’s what.”

“Yaoyorozu,” Tsuyu chided lightly. The raven-haired she-wolf blushed in embarrassment at being heard speaking rudely of the Pack Alpha.

“Look, I understand you both want to help out.” Kirishima sighed, resuming walking down the hallway. “It’s very unlikely for Baku-bro to let them go so easily without reason. Even if we were to convince—”

A force slammed into the spiky-red haired Alpha, causing him to tumble to the ground. Groaning at the bruising he surely gained from the fall, the sweet fragrance of zesty lemon shot straight into the Alpha’s nostrils. Only one person came to mind who had the power to send his heart into a frenzy.


The Alpha gazed into pure golden topaz orbs, shining brilliantly as if they were literally made out of sunlight. Sunflower-blonde hair parted in the middle with a black streak on the left side, framing smooth facial features. Thin lips stretched into a cocky grin.

“Hey, there hot-stuff.”

“Kaminari?!” Momo exclaimed.

"You came back." Tsuyu chirped in glee.

The blond-haired Omega snorted. "Of course, I'm back. Why wouldn't I be when I have this handsome Alpha waiting for me to return home to?"

“Kami.” A smile broke upon Kirishima’s lips, complete adoration filling his eyes. The Omega gave him a quick peck on then lips then suddenly sprung up, saying.

“Oh, yeah! Tsuyu, Tokoyami was looking for you. He has a little something for you that I know you’ll enjoy. Especially for tonight,” Denki noted with a mischievous smirk.

The she-wolf’s cheeks flushed deep red. “I-I best be going, t-then.” She stuttered out before scampering away.

Momo scolded the grinning Omega. “Really, Denki?”

“What? It’s nothing to be ashamed of—she and Toko are Marked.” He gestured to Kirishima laying below him, planting a hand on his chest as he said. “It’s perfectly normal for marked couples show how much they love each other. Just how Eiji and I are going to do tonight—”

“I think I hear Jirou calling me. If you’d excuse me,” The raven female Alpha quickly scurried away. Only to froze in mid-step when Kaminari hollered out.

“You better make the first move—because Kyouka is too much of a chicken to do so!”

A growl was Momo’s only response as she trudged away, leaving the Marked couple alone in the hall.

“You just love to spur things up, don’t ya?” Kirishima deadpanned.

Denki gazed down at the Alpha underneath him, shrugging. “It’s not my fault that they aren’t getting anywhere. Heck, it’s pretty insufferable if you ask mean.”


 “Mm-hmm,” Kaminari hummed, sliding his hands across the Alpha’s chest up to his face. Cradling his cheeks as he leaned in until his lips was a breath away from the other’s. “It’s annoying to see those two constantly fleeting away at every chance they’re together,” he said. “Like how dreadful it was for me being away from you.”

“It was only for a few days, babe. It was even your idea to join Tokoyami and Oijiro going to the village.”

“Yeah, but...” Denki’s cheeks blushed as he shamefully conceded, “to me it felt longer than that.”

A pair of hands gripped his waist, pulling him closer as Kirishima muttered out.

“Next time when Baku-bro doesn’t have me on patrol-duty, we’ll go together. Sounds good?”

Denki nodded then buried his face in the Alpha’s neck, purring at the aroma of sandalwood mixed with orange blossom filling his senses. He enthusiastically scent-marked the man whom he missed deeply. Though he immediately pulled away at the whiff of a peculiar scent.

"You smell funny.”

Kirishima’s eyebrows furrowed in puzzlement. "Like what?"

Denki leaned in again, inhaling the odd scent emanating off of the Alpha’s collarbone where his nose was previously pressed up against. The subtle aroma of sweet honeysuckle nectar provoked him in shoving the Alpha away as he briskly stood up.

Kirishima glanced at the Omega worriedly. “Denki?”

“You, jerk.” He snarled, trying to force back the tears that were burning the corners of his eyes. “I leave for just a couple of days only to come back and you reek of another Omega?!”

The Alpha’s eyes widened, opening his mouth to respond when Denki continued spewing in ire.

“I didn’t want to believe Jirou when she mentioned something about you all snuggled up with an Omega. She literally ran straight towards me when I barely even set foot in the castle, dude. Then when she started talking about you and some Omega, I just thought it was one of her dumb jokes she brings up now and then. Now, I know why she didn't seem amused telling me thanks to that stupid scent lingering on ya.”

Kirishima internally cursed at Jirou for blabbering out nonsense as he hastily stood to appease the rattled Omega whose scent was becoming bitter with every passing moment. 

“Kami, babe. I promise you that nothing happened while you were gone.”

“Don’t lie, Kiri.” Denki argued, a frown sealed upon his lips. “The scent clearly says it all. I’m not that stupid to tell the difference between my own scent and someone else’s.”

Seeing dejection replaced the cheery expression the Omega always wore caused Kirishima’s inner Alpha to howl in despair. Letting out a frustrated growl, he gripped the Omega’s arms firmly yet in a gentle manner. Then he asked in a severe serious tone.

“When have you ever seen me nestling with another Omega besides you?” 

“Well, there was that one time with Tsuyu who needed some comfort after having a bad day. Then there's Mina who always demands cuddles but she’s an Alpha and pretty much snuggles with anyone no matter if they’re an Alpha or Omega.”

“So?” Kirishima prompted.

Denki grimaced. “So it’s never been anyone really except me—intimately that is.”

“Then why on earth would you assume such a thing?” 

The blonde-haired Omega lowered his head in chagrin when he depicted absolute sincere truth resonating beneath his Marked one’s words. He physically  felt it through the bond between them. Moreover, he berated himself for mistrusting his Alpha for a brief moment. It was another irrational spur thought that caused to overact. It was one of the many things that he greatly hated about himself.  His hands clenched into fists at his sides, biting down hard on his bottom lip to stop the whimper from coming out.

“I-I don’t know. I-I thought,” Denki gritted out, shutting his eyes to block the tears from escaping. “I’m just a huge idiot who knows that sooner or later you’ll realize that a-a-and leave—”

Complete warmth impacted onto his lips, eyelids flashing open to see the Alpha kissing him strongly yet ever so gently like he always does. Before he could even respond, Kirishima soon pulled away but kept his hands on the Omega’s face.

“You may have your dumb moments and often jump into conclusions,” he said as fondness appeared in his gaze, “but you shouldn't believe in something ridiculous like that. You are my Marked; we’re eternally bound for life. I can’t see myself with anyone else other than you.”

Denki exhaled through his nostrils, feeling pure genuinity shimmering in their bond. Pulling away from the Alpha's grasp, he mumbled sourly. “That still doesn’t explain why there’s another Omega’s scent on you—so unfamiliar from anyone in the pack.”

Kirishima scratched the back of his neck, looking off to the side. “Uh, well. It’s kind of a long story. You’d probably think it’s crazy.”

The Omega crossed his arms over his chest, one eyebrow rising as he gazed skeptically at his Alpha. 

“Try me.”


“So, you’re telling me this Omega is down there—in the dungeons—along with his buddies.” Denki recited the information recently discussed to him, finding the entire story to be quite difficult to wholly comprehend. “All because they were trespassing our borders since Baku-bro didn’t bother to hear out any explanations. Which then leads to Momo, Tsuyu and you having second-thoughts on his decision?”

Kirishima winced as he elucidated. “Look, I know it sounds bad—”

“Yeah, it does. You’re his Beta and hearing you being uncertain in his choices doesn’t suit well in your position, bro.” 

“I know that, Kami.” Kirishima groaned, rubbing his temples to erase the stress building inside his mind as all of his thoughts battled against each other. “But I just can’t help but worry that this may be...profoundly misjudged. It’s stupid I know. I’m already failing my duty as a Beta in doubting my Alpha when I should be supporting him at every moment. But i-it’s just—”

The red-haired Alpha's head hung, staring at the ground as his out-spoken thoughts brought an unwelcoming guilt over him.

Cool, soft fingers briefly touched his cheek, trailing downwards to grip his chin and tilt it upwards. His eyes met bright golden warm honey.

“It’s obvious that you’re loyal to your Alpha,” Denki remarked affectionately, “which is why you need to speak with him.”

“Kami, sweetheart. You know that’s—”

“Impossible, yes I know due to Bakugo’s overly huge self-confident macho-self.” The blonde-haired Omega added, cupping his Alpha’s cheek to redirect his gaze to his. “Even if he were to throw his usual tantrums like the big baby he is, it’s best he hears your concerns about this. He takes your words in high consideration—Beta or not. Besides, it wouldn’t be very manly for you to not inform him about it.”

Kirishima whined, fully realizing how true his mate’s words were. “I hate it when you’re right.”

Denki smiled, leaning in to kiss his Marked Alpha. “That’s why you love me.”

The Alpha returned a dazzling one of his own. “One of the many reasons.” He suddenly frowned when he thought about the curly-green haired Omega down below. “It just sucks that if this doesn’t go well then those bros will remain down there for god knows how long. The Omega’s pup is hardly able to conserve warmth on his own—”

“Pup?” Denki piqued. “What pup?”

“One of the Omegas has a pup. Oh, Kami you should see that little fur-ball! He’s so cute, tiny, and—wait, where are you going?” Kirishima asked as he saw the Omega walking away.

“To zap some common sense into Bakugo’s big-ass mind,” he growled out as he stalked in the direction where the Alpha’s chambers were located. 

Kirishima yelped, running to catch up to his mate. One arm wrapped around his midsection, whirling him around to face him. He then placed both hands on his waist in a firm hold, preventing him from going any further. “No, don’t! Look, the pup is fine. Although the Omega, his mother, does have several wounds—”

“Wounds?!” Denki shrieked, his shrill voice echoing throughout the empty halls.

“Most of his injuries seemed to be healed,” Kirishima reassured, remembering the quickest glimpses of scabs forming. 

“That doesn’t mean that he’s perfectly fine!” Denki quarreled, shaking off the Alpha’s grip. “They could get infected and make him sick, Kiri.”

“You think I don’t know that?” The Alpha growled lowly all of sudden in irritation. 

Kaminari snarled in response. “Don’t get all huffy-puffy with me, sir—or you’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight.”

Kirishima simply huffed, staring off to the wall beside him.

“Eijirou, this is really serious.” Denki contended. “There’s no telling how long the Omega’s wellness will last since he’s still recuperating and carrying for his pup at the same time. It’s going to overwhelm him sooner than later, leaving him helpless and possibly abandon his pup to fend on his own.”

The Alpha’s gaze returned to his mate's, softening to understanding. He couldn't deny the fact of the terrifying possible outcomes to occur if nothing was enacted upon. He sighed deeply, knowing what he must do.

“I’ll have a talk with Bakugo tomorrow,” he declared. “I’ll try to reason with him—all right? Just promise me one thing.” He moved his hands on top of his mate’s shoulder, staring directly into his eyes as he said.

“Promise me you won’t go down there all by yourself. I would rather not have you get easily heartbroken if plans go astray.”

Denki rolled his eyes, chuckling at his mate’s absurd assumption of himself. “Come on, Eiji. My heart is made out of iron steel, clearly indestructible.”

“Promise?” Eijirou just repeated sternly.

Kaminari responded with a tender kiss on his Alpha's mouth. 

“I promise, babe.”

Little did Kirishima know that his Omega already had a plan in mind.