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Baby For You I’ll Risk It All

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Namjoon’s job sucked. Sure he was the bodyguard of the heir of the most powerful drug lord in Seoul, and yes he made a shitload of money out of it, but never grated on his nerves like Jimin disobeying explicit orders to stay at home when a rival gang was after his ass. 


He really couldn’t understand him was this fucking party worth the risk of being kidnapped and probably tortured? He sighed looking at the younger moving around his room, half naked and swinging his sinful hips around while humming, dolling himself up for a party his best friend Taehyung organised in a club in Gangnam. 


He watched as the younger put a small amount of rosy lip gloss on his plump lips, making them glisten enticingly under the room’s lights. He straightened up then, ruffling his hair a bit, making them appear as though someone grabbed and tugged at them during an intense makeout session. 


Namjoon sighed once again, arms crossed tightly across his chest, posture rigid and eyebrows frowned in disapproval. He didn’t like this one bit, he wasn’t particularly fond of going against the rules, especially ones that came directly from his boss, but as Jimin’s bodyguard it was his duty to protect him at all costs, and knowing the kid he would have probably sneaked out on his own anyway, so it was smarter to go with him anyway. 


“Jimin-ssi, is it really necessary for you to go to this party?” 


The younger turned his head to look at him, eyes looking sharper and sexier thanks to the smoked eyeshadow and eyeliner he put on earlier, then walked slowly towards him. When there was barely any more space between their chests Jimin stopped and wrapped his arms behind his neck, closing the distance between their faces.


“We already talked about this Joonie, I am going to that party, with or without you and you know this well. No one comes between me and what I want” 


He said in a low and raspy voice that sent shivers down the older’s spine, eyes fixated in his shined mischievously.


The older held his gaze for a couple more minutes before giving up, arms relaxing from their previous position and going around his waist instead, closing the last bit of space that there was between their bodies.


Jimin smiled triumphantly at that, knowing that he had won their little argument, and leaned in to press a kiss to Namjoon’s soft lips, gratefully.

It was not like he wanted to disobey his father’s orders but this was Taehyung’s birthday party and he couldn’t not be present. 


And he was sure everything was gonna be just fine, his best friend had reserved the whole club for the occasion, security high and vigilant, with little to no risk of anything happening at all. The perks of being the heir of the top weapon dealer of South Korea.


Jimin wasn’t stupid or naive, contrary to what many people might think by just looking at him, he knew that this little pathetic gang was targeting him, probably to blackmail his father in giving them money or large amount of heavy drugs.


He knew all this risk well, though he could not stand to be caged in his own house like a scared animal, afraid of anyone and anything that may bring harm to him. This was just not the person he was.


The older reciprocated the kiss, giving access to his mouth, sucking and biting to his plump lower lip. Their tongues intertwined slowly, reacquainting themselves with the oh so familiar taste of each other.


They slowly grinded their crotches together, one of Namjoon’s strong thighs slipping in between the younger’s legs, rubbing on the other’s clothed cock. 


Things got heated quickly after that.

Jimin slipping his fingers into Namjoon’s hair, tightening and tugging on it when the older’s mouth moved to his exposed neck sucking dark marks on it.


The younger moaned breathily at the ministrations, then tightened his grip on the other’s hair, bringing their mouths together again, demanding to be kissed once more.


Jimin was the first one to regain his bearings and detach himself, unwillingly, from the older’s embrace. They had a party to attend and they were terribly late already.


Namjoon tried to chase after  the younger, not wanting their short makeout session to end, but Jimin put a fingers on his lips to stop him and then gave him a sweet peck.


“Sorry baby, we’ll have plenty of time to continue this later but now we really have to go or Taehyung will have my head” 


Namjoon tightened his hold around the other, whining softly in protest in the crook of his neck. The other chuckled fondly at that, endeared by his bodyguard’s actions. 


The older breathed him in for a couple more seconds, taking in his sweet cinnamon smell that comforted him, before letting him go completely.


They composed themselves, adjusting their clothes and hair that got ruined by their heated encounter. Namjoon cleared his voice a couple of times once they were both decent enough to go out.




Jimin walked past him, sinful hips clad in skin tight leather pants swayed before his eyes, the older turned his head to him when he got to the door of the room and winked cheekily at him as he caught the older looking hungrily at his ass.


“Let’s go, honey” 




When they got to the club pounding pop music could be heard from outside the building. As promised Taehyung rented the whole place for his party, security in almost every corner, their eyes focused and vigilant. They were let inside immediately, one of the guards, Hoseok, recognising them and gave the couple a small but sincere smile.


Once inside the dimness of the club, broken only but strobing purple flashes lighting up the dance floor, Jimin went immediately to look for his best friend, wanting to wish him happy birthday and give him his gift. 


Namjoon caught him by the wrist before he could disappear in the rush of sweaty, grinding bodies he could see from there.


“Don’t run off like that! If I lose you I can’t protect you”


Jimin rolled his eyes but stayed close to the older as they waded through the crowded dance floor, trying not to make contact with anyone.


A couple of people tried to hang onto them, asking to dance but they smiled and shook their heads, and continued to make their way out of the sea of bodies.


They finally reached the VIP area, where the secluded booths were. Taehyung was sat on Jeongguk’s lap, chest pressed closely together and arms wrapped around the bodyguard’s neck.


The poor man’s posture was so tense, as if he didn’t know what to do with himself while the little minx whispered hoarsely in his ear. And judging by the younger’s dark blush and Taehyung’s smug smirk, it wasn’t anything innocent either. 


Namjoon sighed in sympathy at the sight, he knew that feeling too well. The two heirs loved to play with them in public, their expressions filled with glee when they saw their usually straight-faced bodyguards lose their cool in front of a crowd of people.


Taehyung got up from his seat as soon as he saw them, running towards Jimin to give him a big hug, the box shaped smile on his face making him look nothing like the vixen of a few moments ago.


The shorter man thrusted his neatly wrapped gift into his bodyguard’s hands, opening his arms wide to receive the taller’s embrace, giggles filling the air around them.


Namjoon smiled fondly at the pair and moved to join the younger on the leather couch, who exhaled in relief as soon as the older left his lap.

The older patted Jeongguk on the back a couple of times, a sense of understanding passing through them as they watched the best friends catching up and screaming things at each other’s face.


How they went from sensual minxes to happy children in seconds was still a mystery to them, but they stopped questioning it after a couple of times the same thing happened.


The heirs soon caught up with them, chattering all the way to the couch. Jimin took the gift his bodyguard was still holding and gave it excitedly to the birthday boy. 


Taehyung hastily unwrapped the package, squealing in glee when he saw the expensive looking pair of earrings and a matching pendant.


“Oh my god Jiminie I love these! Thank you so much honey” said as he put the velvet box aside to kiss his friend on his plush lips, one hand carding through the shorter’s blonde hair to deepen the kiss.


The other reciprocated without even thinking about it, arms wrapping around the taller’s waist while their tongues intertwined.


The bodyguards didn’t even blink at the scene, already used to the sight of the two friends making out with each other, surprise having worn off the first couple of times they did it.

Heat stirred in Namjoon’s gut as he watched the youngers’ heated exchange, not an ounce of jealousy filling his body and a quick glance to Jeongguk’s body revealed that he was probably feeling the same way.


Who wouldn’t get turned on at the sight of two gorgeous men kissing each other passionately in public?


When Namjoon first was hired as Jimin’s bodyguard, he came across this exact same scene and asked the younger if they were together. They weren’t yet in a relationship at the time even though the attraction between them was obvious, so the first time they saw the two friends making out on Jimin’s bed was deeply confusing.


The younger laughed at his face when he had the courage to voice out his thoughts, wiping fake tears from his eyes.


“Oh no sweetheart” he said still giggling at the hilarity of the thought “we wouldn’t be compatible in bed, Taehyung and I would clash too often”


Namjoon accepted the explanation although he didn’t fully understand what he meant. The youngers looked perfect for each other to him, so he let it go with a slight frown on his face.


He only grasped the implication in Jimin’s words when Jeongguk came into Taehyung’s life, hired to be his personal bodyguard. 


The taller fawned all over him, demanding to be held and picked up by the younger to see red dusting his face. He whispered dirty things into his ears, lowering his voice and running his slender hands all over the younger’s body.


Like Jimin, Taehyung relished in the feeling of bringing strong, muscular men to their knees, the rush of power at seeing them flush and become weak under his attention was addictive.


The youngers broke their kiss, hair and clothes in disarray thanks to their wandering hands, chests heaving and red swollen lips glistening under the dim lights of the club.


They took a few minutes to compose themselves before going back to their respective partners, sitting on their laps with darkened eyes.


Jimin leaned into Namjoon, licking and sucking at the sucking at the skin under his jaw, leaving purple marks for all to see.


“Enjoyed the show pet?” the younger murmured in a sweet raspy voice, grinding into the older’s hardening length that was pressing on his navel.


The bodyguard cleared his voice, looking away from where he could see Taehyung thrusting his tongue in the younger’s mouth and palming at his groin, and looked into Jimin’s half lidded eyes, a smirk painted on his full lips.


“You know I did, Jimin. You can feel it” the shorter man laughed at that, head thrown back, exposing his pale and slender neck beautifully.


Then he too looked at the other couple seated next to them on the couch, observing them making out and rutting shamelessly.


“Taehyung’s on fire tonight, I think he and Gguk have something special planned” Namjoon hummed at that. Honestly he didn’t want to know what the minx was up to, he could see the intensity in the taller’s actions. Jeongguk was gonna get the fuck of his life.


They stayed in the private booth for a few more minutes before the youngers deemed it too boring and went to join the crowd on the main floor.


Jimin latched onto his bodyguard, as Taehyung did the same to his, both couples dancing in the rhythm of a remixed version of Gorilla by Bruno Mars.


Yeah I got a fistful of your hair


The younger carded his fingers through his hair, tugging on it while grinding their crotches together dirtily. Namjoon mimicked his actions, hands wandering from his slim waist to his ass, kneading it roughly. Jimin threw his head back in pleasure, letting out a high pitched mewl.


But you don't look like you're scared


The younger brought their faces together, lips brushing against each other without kissing, breaths mingling


You're just smiling tell me daddy it's yours


Jimin smirked at the line, his dark half lidded gaze focused on him and him only. He turned his head to whisper in his ear, caressing lightly his cheekbone with his sinful lips. 


“Daddy is gonna reward you tonight, you were so good for me baby” He took his lobe into his mouth, sucking gently on it, making a shiver run down Namjoon’s spine. He couldn’t fucking wait until they got home. He almost moaned at the thought only.


'Cause you know how I like it use a dirty little lover 


“You like that pet? Daddy is gonna ride you ‘till you cry honey” the bodyguard’s hold tightened at the words, cock twitching in his black slacks. He groaned out loud at the mental image, Jimin returned to his previous position, smiling lewdly when he felt the older’s dick hardening against his.


Suddenly a hand grabbed Jimin’s shoulder, making him and Namjoon separate. The younger gasped, limbs not cooperating because of the suddenness of the action. A strong hand went to his wrists, restraining them behind his back, then he felt the dressing sensation of a blade against his neck, digging into his skin and reddening it.


Everything stopped, the music, the movements, the moment suspended in silence. Then a scream.


Namjoon tried to intervene, roaring to his aggressor to let go, but he quickly found out that he couldn’t, a gun pointed at his temple preventing him from doing anything.


The man behind Jimin chuckled cruelly, the heir ground his teeth together, trying to get out of the other’s hold, kicking at him or stomping on his feet, but he stopped immediately when the other man gestured to fire the weapon at his bodyguard if he didn’t calm down. 


“Well well well, who do we have here?” A deep voice coming from the panicked crowd said. It belonged to an elegant looking man in his thirties, slicked back black hair and ice cold eyes. The crazy smile that marred his otherwise handsome face deepened even more.

He walked towards the younger man held captive and caressed his face almost tenderly. 


Jimin recoiled at the disgusting touch, spitting out “Son Junwoo”, voice dripping with anger and revulsion.


The man dropped his hand from where it was touching him, bringing it to his chest in an act of fake flattery. He then bowed down in front of him.

“I didn’t expect the young Park to know my name I’m honoured”  he said in a mock awed tone.


He wandered around the room, stopping in front of Namjoon, snickering at his attempts to find a way out without harming anyone in that club. Well, anyone except Son Junwoo his goons obviously, those fuckers could die in a ditch.


“I didn’t expect the heir of Park Sunjin to be here tonight, I came only for the Kim boy but imagine my surprise when my men told me Park Jimin was attending too, and with only his personal bodyguard even” 


He threw his head back laughing boisterously as the bodyguard silently looked around, sighing in relief when he didn’t see them anywhere. Jeongguk was probably somewhere organising the backup group to free them from this shitty situation, the kid was a master planner in emergency cases. 


He murdered the gang leader with his eyes, suppressing a smug smirk down, he didn’t want to give any signs in case the thugs were watching him and got suspicious. Son Junwoo was too much of a reckless fool to be a respected gang leader, he should’ve let his goons handle this and now he risked getting himself captured because of his vindictive strike.


Namjoon wanted to snort at the thought but restrained himself one more, as he saw the gang leader go around and declare his ‘master plan’ to the whole building, gesturing crazily for good measure. What a fucking idiot.


He crossed gazes with Jimin and he saw the younger rolling his eyes and suppress a tiny smile as the older man went off his devious tangent. It’s not like the younger wasn’t able to free himself from that thug’s hold, because he could, he was the son of a drug lord after all, he knew how to protect himself. 


As hypocritical as it sounded he didn’t want to endanger any innocents in his personal affairs so he stood still and played the part. He didn’t do any casualties. The bodyguard understood that and did the same, choosing to stay calm and wait for Taehyung and Jeongguk to intervene.


A familiar voice coughed loudly a couple of times, effectively silencing Junwoo and making the panicked murmur that had been going on in the room cease.


His leather clad body strutted towards them, a very different attire from the one he was wearing before, the ripped jeans and flowery shirt gone. Now Taehyung looked the very bit of the mafia heir that he was, terrifyingly beautiful, a sweet but deadly poison.


He stopped in front of a mildly alarmed Junwoo, his eyes flitting around the club frantically, Jeongguk stayed close to his boyfriend, a gun in each hand, alert.


“What are you doing here? My men should’ve taken care of you already!” The gang leader screeched, panicked. Taehyung smirked at him, eyes dark and deadly, and moved himself to show Junwoo the three thugs that tried to attack them, all bound and covered in blood and bruises, alive but barely. Taehyung wasn’t as generous as Jimin, Jeongguk probably stopped him from doing any more harm.


“You mean those? Ha, they couldn’t hurt a fly nevermind a Kim” 


The younger circled around the gang leader, like a panther did to his prey and then stopped suddenly in front of him, grabbing tightly his jaw, almost crushing it in his grip. The older man looked like he was about to piss himself and a quick look to the side showed his goons to be in the same position.


“How dare you piece of shit ruin my incredible birthday party, attacking my guests in my club” he spit on him before quickly grabbing at a sharp dagger knife, previously hidden in his boot, and dragged it on his throat mimicking the same position the thug was holding Jimin.


“You know my father is really fond of those guns, but I’ve never liked those very much, I always thought they were for cowards that didn’t wanna get their hands dirty” he whispered near his face, eyes fixated in Junwoo’s, while he moved the blade around, pressing it around the skin of his neck, drawing small droplets of blood.


“I much prefer blades instead, I have a twenty four inch katana at home, maybe I should show you sometimes” he said as he pushed the dagger deeper.


“Taehyung” called Jeongguk sternly, a warning. They looked at each other for a while, something silently passing between them. Then the younger sighed in annoyance and let the gang leader go, returning to his bodyguard’s side.


Son Junwoo’s knees gave out, as though the only thing keeping him upright was Taehyung’s grip. As soon as Jeongguk gave the signal his men immediately took care of the gang leader and all the other goons scattered through the crowd. Jimin took the opportunity to headbutt his capturer in the face, stole the knife from his hand and kneed him in the groin, making him gasp in pain from both his fractured nose and balls.


Namjoon in the meantime took advantage of the arrival of security to disarm the goon and point the gun to his head. The guards captured all the gang members present and escorted them away to be dealt with at a later time. Jimin stopped the men that were dragging Junwoo away to kick him in the face and stick his knife in his right arm, enough to make it bleed plenty but not kill him.


“This is for thinking I was a helpless damsel in distress, Son. I was born in the mafia, bastard, and an arrogant fool like you could never take me down” he spit on him for good measure, demanding him to be taken to the Park headquarters instead, his father would have the pleasure of disposing of him.


The goons put up a fight while they were carried out, calling Namjoon and Jeongguk “Park’s and Kim’s pathetic dogs” but they didn’t react at the name at all, the older bodyguard smiling at that instead. They didn’t know what they were talking about.


After that the trash was disposed, Taehyung clapped his hands a couple of times, demanding attention, he apologised to his guests for the trouble and invited them to continue to party without him, since he had urgent matters to attend. The crowd smiled at him, the incident already forgotten, their minds filled once again with the urge to dance and drink to their heart’s content. The music began to fill the air again, orders for drinks piling up at the bar. As if nothing ever happened.


The two couples quickly moved from the dance floor, both not in the mood to join the crowd anymore. They went back to the private booth to grab their things and get out of the stifling atmosphere of the building. Once they were outside Jeongguk called their driver while Namjoon retrieved his car keys. Taehyung and Jimin hugged briefly, the taller apologising once more for what happened, apparently one of his guests snitched their positions and details to Junwoo and some of his goons knocked out the bouncers to infiltrate too. They were all being dealt at Kim residence in that moment, which means they were either being tortured or were already dead and being buried somewhere, his friend’s family was known to be quick and efficient with these matters.


They bid the younger couple goodbye and went back to the Park mansion. Namjoon sighed, this had been a long night and it wasn’t even finished yet.




When they got home no one rushed out to punish or scold them, which was only a momentary relief. They knew they were gonna get punished for disobeying direct orders of Park Sujin, but they could deal with all of that tomorrow. Now they were gonna be busy with more pleasurable matters, Jimin not having forgotten the promise he made to the younger earlier that night.


As soon as they got into the younger’s rooms Jimin pushed the taller against the shut door, devouring his mouth with a kiss, hands wandering from his broad chest to his twitching cock, palming at the hardening length.


Namjoon let out a breathy moan, pleasure clouding his head and thrumming in his veins, heating his body up. They made out for a few more minutes, the younger starting to unbutton his shirt and unzipping his slacks. Then they parted lips, Jimin pushing his boyfriend’s jacket off, impatiently, and ripping buttons off his shirt when it didn’t open all the way. 


The younger’s actions were frantic, he couldn’t wait for the real game to begin, clothes another obstacle in between him and his objective. When the taller man was left in underwear only, Jimin unwillingly let the other go to retrieve something from his closet. Namjoon was already overwhelmed, chest heaving and mind hazy with pleasure and anticipation, eyes glassy.


The younger quickly made his way back to the room, holding a leash and a collar in his hands, both black and made out of leather. The taller’s breath got stuck in his throat when he saw the items. Oh, he thought, he was going to be completely wrecked tonight. Jimin smirked cheekily when he saw his eager expression, pleased with the older’s reaction.


“I heard that goon calling you my loyal doggy, so I thought why not make that a reality? You up for it, puppy?” his voice was raspy but serious when he asked the question, he didn’t want to do anything if the other wasn’t feeling comfortable with it. 


Namjoon keened at the words, nodding eagerly at the prospect of being leashes and choked by his boyfriend.


“Words pet, Daddy didn’t hear you” he reprimanded calmly, when in a scene he needed verbal consent.


“Yes, Daddy I wanna be your puppy tonight” Namjoon’s cheeks were set aflame by the words that came out of his mouth, but that didn’t affect the sincerity of them. 


“Good boy” the heir praised, the approval going directly to the older’s dick, making it twitch and leak. He was so hard already just from a few kisses and the idea of being at the mercy of Jimin’s requests.


The younger walked towards him, going on his tiptoes to fasten the collar around his throat, tightly but not so much that he couldn’t breathe at all, and he clipped the leash on the silver ring in the front of it. 


Namjoon got on his hands and knees for Jimin then, the younger tugging at the lead to push the older’s face on his hard groin. The bodyguard panted at that, mouthing at the younger’s hard cock through the leather pants, the other rubbed his dick to his face, hips rolling smoothly, almost suffocating the other with the action.


Namjoon unzipped the pants using his teeth, mouth pulling down at them as far as he could, nuzzling his face on the boxer clad erection, lapping at the tip of the cock that peeked out of the underwear. 


Jimin hissed in pleasure at that, and pulled off his pants impatiently, to feel the other’s hot mouth better on his hard dick. He grabbed at the older’s dark locks, tugging him towards his newly uncovered length, demanding to be taken into his mouth.


“Now be a good bitch and suck Daddy off ok?” He ordered through his gritted teeth, roughly pushing the older’s mouth to take him completely.


Namjoon complied, licking and sucking the hard cock, moaning at the taste of the younger’s precum that exploded on his palate. The older loved sucking cock, the feeling of a hard dick weighing down his tongue, the sensation of it forcing his throat to open up. 


“Would you look at that, you really like sucking Daddy’s cock, slut?” Jimin groaned at the sight of the older man on his knees for him, looking up at him with tears running down his face, dimples coming out obscenely every time he went down on his length.


Namjoon mewled at the dirty question, the words sending heat all over his body.

The other stopped him when he tried to go down on him once more, grabbing him roughly by the hair and pulling him off his dick. He tilted his head upward, drying away a few of his tears, gently.


“Can I fuck your throat, baby?” The younger asked hoarsely, the taller immediately nodding at the question, moaning raspily at the thought of being used as a cocksleeve.


“Please Daddy, use me” Jimin almost growled at the pitiful plea, incredibly aroused by the sight of the other’s open mouth and pliant throat. So lewd, but so beautiful.


The younger spit in the other’s mouth, letting his saliva drip from his lips to the other’s awaiting ones. The filthy action sent a thrill down to Namjoon’s spine, his cock leaking heavily as he tried to reach for more with his tongue. He gulped down the liquid making a show of having swallowed it all down.


Jimin hummed, pleased, before straightening up again and guiding the other’s head to his rock hard dick once more. He took control of the rhythm, setting a brutal pace for the blowjob, his length harshly pumping in and out of the abused lips. He relished in the feeling of the other’s gagging, throat constricting beautifully around him, and the drool dripping down his dick only served to make him even more aroused.


Jimin stopped only when he was about to cum, not wanting to end their night early. He slapped his cock on the other’s blissed out face, covering him in saliva and precum. Then he made him get up, tugging forcefully at his leash, directing him to lay down on the bed, ass up.

Namjoon obeyed, knees and thighs aching a bit for having been on the floor for that much time. He put his face on the bed, sideways so he could still see what the younger was doing, arms uselessly placed along his body, and his hole exposed to the air of the room, the coolness of it making it twitch hungrily.


Jimin groaned at the sight of him on the mattress, looking helpless and ready to be wrecked. Tonight wasn’t that night, though. 


The younger’s rummaged through his toys box, looking for a soft leather flogger and a wide silicone buttplug. Hummed in triumph when he found both, quickly returning to the bed when the older was waiting for him. 


He dropped the plug and the lube he also found in the box on the bed, keeping only his flogger in hand. Namjoon moaned in anticipation when he saw what the younger carried with him, skin already tingling preparing itself to feel the other’s hits.


“Colour pup?” Jimin asked, the other’s well-being always being is main priority.


“Green Daddy” Namjoon answered, body almost vibrating in excitement on the bed.


The first hit took him by surprise, heat licking at his body. He moaned breathily when the rest of them came, mewling in his throat each time he felt the leather touch his tense body, skin rapidly reddening and becoming more sensitive.


The older screamed when he felt the flogger on his tight hole, pleasure and pain courses through his body in an addictive mix. He was a painslut and the younger man knew that well.


After twenty or more hits, Jimin dropped the flogger and run his soft hands all over the sensitised, red skin, making the older groan in pleasure. The touch felt like heaven on his body.


Namjoon’s mind was so clouded by the pleasure he couldn’t form coherent thoughts anymore, he could only feel , so when the older lubed his fingers and started prepping for the plug he could only help in surprise and mewl at the pleasuring stretch of his walls.


He felt so empty he couldn’t bear it anymore, so he screamed and begged for more, earning himself a few spanks and tuts of disapproval when he got too aggressive with his tone.


“Shut up bitch, you’re gonna be filled up soon so stop complaining” the other whimpered, asking for forgiveness, not wanting the younger to leave him high and dry when he most needed it.


Jimin made a quick work of opening him up and loosen his walls for the wide, purple plug that was soon gonna be in his tight entrance. The older moaned and whined high pitched in his throat, he felt as though he was swimming in cotton, vision fuzzy and body over sensitive to every touch.


Seeing the taller man so out of it spurred Jimin on working quicker, scissoring his fingers wide inside him, making a dirty, squelching sound every time he moved them, lube running down the older’s thighs when he pumped him full of it a couple of moments ago. 


When the younger was satisfied and sure the other man was not gonna feel any pain, he took the buttplug he dropped on the mattress earlier and gently pushed it in the other’s hole, stuffing him. He caressed the other lightly, hand running on the irritated skin, pleased at the marks the flogger left on his baby’s body.


Namjoon trembled and let out soft whimpers when the toy entered him, the hunger in his stomach calming down significantly at the action, feeling pleasantly full and floaty. 


Jimin rolled the other delicately on his back, seeing as the other looked too out of it to do it himself. He pulled his crop top and underwear off as the taller man took a few moments to regain his bearings and shake the fuzziness away. 


Jimin returned to the bed, climbing on the mattress and on Namjoon’s lap, leaning down to kiss him sweetly on the lips, hips grinding down into his groin, cocks touching and covering each other in precum. 


He kept the make out session brief this time, the desperation and need to be filled catching up to him, making his control fray. 


“Everything ok puppy? Colour?” said the younger in a fond low tone, brushing the other’s dark locks out of his face. The taller man chased his lips when they separated, whining at the loss, but pushed into his hand like a little kitten when the shorter caressed him.


“ ‘m okay, Daddy, green” he mumbled, voice wrecked by the earlier rough treatment. 


Jimin straightened up, retrieving the bottle of lube forgotten on the sheets. He squirted a small amount on his partially coated fingers, quickly opening himself up to take the taller’s thick, veiny dick.


He didn’t spend too much time fingering his hole, as he enjoyed the pain of the stretch too much and his patience was running thin.


When he deemed himself ready enough, he took the other’s cock in his hands, keeping it upright as he slowly buried it inside himself, moaning shakily for every inch of it entering his tight hole.


Namjoon clawed at the sheets the entire time, clenching his abs in the pathetic try not to cum early and ruin their fun. He groaned raspily when Jimin bottomed out, feeling his dick wrapped in tight, silky walls, contracting and releasing every few seconds, milking him.


“You feel so good baby, so big and hard just for Daddy” he moaned airily, hips grinding and moving in circular motions. The younger grabbed at the forgotten leash, tugging at it while he began slowly riding the other. 


Namjoon felt his breath constrict pleasantly as the other grabbed roughly at the lead, body thrumming with heat and pleasure. Little breathy gasps were forcefully pushed out of him as Jimin truly began riding him out, cock leaving the other’s hole just to be quickly engulfed into it once more.


The younger was losing his mind into the act as well, control slipping from his grasp, as he let out incoherent praises and calls towards the taller man.


“Such a good bitch for Daddy, yeah you love it when I ride your pretty little cock until you spill all over” he panted out as he slammed down the other’s dick, sounds of skin on skin slapping resounding into the air around them, Jimin’s thick thighs vibrating with the force of his fucking.


“I love your cock so much baby, I want it in me everyday. Can’t wait until you cum hun, wanna drip your dirty spunk for days” the older let out a tortured whimper at the words, the mental image almost enough to let him cum there and then.


“Daddy, please please please, wanna make you cum and fill you up” Jimin smirked at the words, taking one of his hands and bringing it to his distended stomach, pressing down on it and making the other feel the shape of his cock pumping in and out of him. Namjoon flushed at the action, wanting to remove his hand from there but the younger didn’t let him.


“Can you feel it? You fuck me so deep, baby, your cum is gonna end all here” the shorter said, breathing heavily form the exertion, the thought of his baby’s spunk stuck so deep into him turned him on immensely, he could probably cum from fantasising about it alone.


The younger fucked himself on his cock for a couple more minutes before his thighs shook and gave out, making him lean on the other’s chest, heart thundering. 


Jimin reached behind himself, in between the other’s legs, he grabbed at the forgotten plug, twisting and pushing it into the older’s hole until it rubbed on the other’s prostate at every thrust.


Namjoon screamed and came heavily into the younger’s stomach, his walls milking him thoroughly until he had nothing more to give and his balls were empty. The shorter man tugged at his cock a couple of times until he too came with a long, drawn out moan, covering their abdomens in pearly white spunk.


They stayed in that position for a long moment, Jimin laying on the other’s body, soft cock still in his hole, and Namjoon spread out on the bed with his arms wrapped tightly around the shorter’s waist. 


Jimin left sweet, butterfly kisses on every inch of the older’s skin he could reach, heart swelling in size when he looked at him, hair ruffled, pink cheeks and swollen lips.


It was one of those kind of moments where the younger realised how lucky he was to have the older in his life. He might be on the wrong side of the law, his existence threatened every time he took a step out of the mansion, with no one to confide in except his family, but nothing else mattered as long as he had Namjoon by his side. The other kept him sane, otherwise he would have gone crazy a long time ago.


The taller men leaned his head towards him, brushing their lips together gently in a chaste kiss, one of his hands coming up to card through his blonde locks, trying to tame the bird’s nest he had on his head, chuckling when he found a stubborn piece of hair sticking upright like an antenna.


He stopped when he saw Jimin looking at him, fondness dripping from his dark eyes.


“What? Do I have something on my face?” he said running his fingers on his cheeks, nose and forehead looking for something suspicious sticking onto it.

The other giggled, shaking his head and taking the hand into his, kissing his palm softly.


“I love you Namjoon. So much” the older’s heart beat out of his chest at the words, making it feel as though it was gonna explode. It was not the first time they said those exact same words to each other, but every time was precious to him. Love was something dangerous in their world, especially seeing as the role Jimin played in it was an extremely risky one and he could not afford any weakness. 


“I love you too Jiminie” he said, a sweet smile curving his lips, eyes turned to little crescents and dimples as deep as ever. When he looked at the older being so happy and relaxed everything else lost meaning.


Jimin decided he didn’t care about the risks, Namjoon was the only one in this wicked side of existence keeping him strong and going. Taehyung was his platonic soulmate, they grew up together and they’re of the same destiny. They’re one being, but still too similar to be able to really support each other fully.


The year before Jeongguk was hired was a tough one for the tall boy, he couldn’t understand how Jimin fell so easily for his bodyguard, openly disapproved of their relationship even though he didn’t show it to the taller man. Taehyung was like a machine before, a perfectly trained assassin, beautifully sweet poison. Even though they both went through physical training together and did Judo, the younger had always had a smoothness and innate elegance to his movements.


Seeing him in action was like looking at a panther lunging at his prey, magnificent but deadly. Even in his happiest moments Taehyung had a perpetually cold glimmer in his eyes, as if he was always on guard calculating his every action. 


Jeongguk was the only one able to pull him out of his worst moments, like what happened earlier at the club when he called out his name, making that cold spark disappear, melting the ice that had surrounded his heart for so many years before him.


Now the younger was more carefree, love sparkling in his eyes, tenderness filling his every action when he looked at the younger bodyguard. He was finally truly happy, he had finally something to look forward to at the end of the day, someone to care for, to protect. A goal in his life.


They were so similar Jimin’s heart ached every time he thought back to their childhood, both busy with private lessons by day and combat training by night, Jimin busy with Judo and Krav Maga and Taehyung with Kendo and close range combat with weapons.


Namjoon’s voice shook him out of his thinking trance “What are you thinking about?” the younger looked at him smiling while shaking his head.

“Nothing don’t worry” 


They eventually got up to clean things up, their noses crinkling when they found out their skin stuck together because of the dried cum. The younger went to the bathroom to get a wet towel to get most of the grim off their bodies, and to look for a plug before the cum inside him had any chance of escaping.


Namjoon resorted to changing the dirtied sheets and replacing them with fresh, silky ones. 


They showered together, playing around and giggling like little kids, Namjoon washing the younger’s hair as the younger did the same for the older’s body. They got out only after the bathroom’s air was completely fogged up by vapor. They got ready for bed side by side, brushing their teeth at the same time, elbows playfully touching.


They dressed up in comfortable sweatpants and got straight to bed, the exhaustion of the night finally catching up on them as they yawned widely. They got into the sweet smelling, soft sheets, lips smacking softly in small kisses. They exhaled deeply, Namjoon with his chest against Jimin’s back, an arm wrapped around the younger’s waist, sleep weighing their lids down.


They said ‘I love you’ to each other one last time before surrendering themselves to Morpheus’ embrace.