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“Come oooon, I love this song! Why did we even come here if we’re just gonna sit at a table?! Someone dance with me!”

“No.” Katsuki answered immediately, beer halfway to his mouth. “Came for alcohol.”

“Eijirou?” Mina turned her best puppy dog eyes on him.

He ducked his head in shame. “I think I’m gonna sit this one out too... Sorry.”

Ugh, fine. You guys are so lame, I’ll go by myself.”

“Mina, wait a—” Eijirou tried, but she’d already disappeared into the undulating mass of people.

“Lame, dude.” Denki mumbled into his beer. “That was your chance to dance with her.”

“I know,” Eijirou slumped forward onto the table, defeat in the set of his shoulders. “I chickened out… So not manly...”


hold me in the dark, turn the lights down & gimme your electric touch


Mina pushed through the crowd towards an area closer to the DJ. She’d come to let loose and have fun, but it was kind of difficult when her squad wasn’t willing to cooperate. A night out was always better with friends, but regardless, Mina didn’t need anyone else to be able to have a good time.

In her own flawless opinion, the perfect spot was anywhere that the bass pounded hard enough to take over for her own heartbeat. Her eyes drifted shut momentarily, shooting back open when she felt a hand graze her ass. She stepped away and spun around with a glare that could level most people.

A complete creep stared right back, a grin stretched across his sleazy face and undeterred. “Looking for a dance partner, baby girl?”

“No.” She quipped and ducked into the army of bodies again, heading to the opposite end of wherever that guy decided to post up. Despite remaining somewhat on edge from the unwanted attention, she let the music flow over her and lost herself in the rhythm of good memories and possible regrets.

Two songs hadn’t even gone by before an arm snaked around her waist. She ripped it away, unsurprised to be met with the same gross weirdo from earlier. “C’mon baby, don’t be like that. I just wanna dance with you!”

“And I don’t!” She hissed, annoyance and fear fighting for prevalence. “Leave me alone!”

His eyes darkened slightly. “Watch your mouth.”

Unwilling to wait around for whatever he was going to say or do next, Mina took off, weaving her way back towards the table that housed her friends. The night was shaping up to be a disaster.

A hand tapped her shoulder. She turned in panic, surprised to collide with a solid wall of muscle rather than the fairly lanky greaseball she’d been expecting. Instead, she stumbled back slightly to see a tall man with green hair who seemed to be mouthing something along the lines of “I am so sorry!”

Mystery man leaned forward slightly, towards her ear, and then paused. She held her position, uncomfortable and unwilling to bolt on the off chance he’d follow, but he didn’t move either. It took her several seconds of pondering to realize that, oh, he was asking for permission. She nodded warily.

“I’m sorry if I startled you! I really didn’t mean to. It’s just, you’re Ochako’s friend, right? I recognize you from her insta.”

Mina blinked, and leaned back slightly to get a better look at him. Now that he mentioned it, he looked familiar too. Well over six feet, bouncy green curls that tapered to a buzzed undercut, arms that looked like he could bench three of her without breaking a sweat—yeah, she’d been graced with glimpses of him before. No doubt part of the other friend group of Ochako’s that she’d heard so much about but had yet to meet.

She beckoned for him to lean down so she could reach his ear, because even heels weren’t gonna cut it with this guy. “Yeah! I’m Mina! Don’t worry about it, I just wasn’t expecting to walk into a brick wall.” She laughed, and he flushed slightly.

“I’m Izuku. I just wanted to tell you that she’s here too, I bet she’d be super happy to see you. She went to the bathroom but she should be coming back this way. If you can’t find her though, we have a table over there!” He gestured off to the side with a gentle smile. “It was really nice to meet you, Mina.”

Before he could turn to head back to wherever, Mina found herself catching his wrist. Ochako’s taste in friends had never let her down before, and something about this guy gave off the aura of comfort and friendliness. He sent her a questioning look.

“Actually, you startled me because I was trying to avoid this creep right before you showed up. My friends don’t want to, but I really just came to dance. So... if it’s not weird that we barely know each other, you up for it?”

Izuku’s expression blossomed into a smile so bright, Mina could have sworn she was looking directly at the sun. “Of course!”

They began to sway together to the music, Izuku offering his hand to spin her at random intervals, or for them to break into a spectacularly shitty rendition of the waltz at the most inappropriate time possible.

She honestly couldn’t remember the last time she’d had so much fun on a night out.

The music flowed into a bass-y synth beat, and Mina clapped her hands together. “I love this song!” When her eyes landed on Izuku again, his expression had hardened into some very unfriendly and borderline challenging—but it wasn’t directed at her.

Izuku jerked his chin just slightly in the direction behind her. “That the guy? He’s been staring at you for a while.” He offered to spin her again to be discreet, and to her dismay, she did spot the same guy leering at her from some distance away.

As much as she was trying not to draw attention, their eyes locked for a moment, after which he pressed forward through the crowd.

“Yeah, that’s him.” She felt sick.

“Okay. Sorry, but just trust me for right now? I really don’t like the vibe from him.”

Mina found herself nodding without hesitation. Izuku was the type of person you wanted to blindly put your faith in.

Permission given, he pulled her backwards against him, her back to his front, hands falling to her waist. It wasn’t overtly obvious to anyone observing, but he was keeping as much of a respectful distance between them as he could without making it look weird.

He leaned down, mouth brushing against her ear. Instead of the sexually-charged energy Mina had come to expect from the way they were positioned, it was almost like he was telling her a secret at a sleepover. “In my experience, guys like that only take ‘no' for an answer from other guys. Usually guys they can’t beat in a fight. It’s disgusting. I’m just kinda hoping he’ll go away if he sees that you’ve got company.”

“It’s okay!” And she meant it. “It’s still dancing anyway, so I’m getting what I wanted. I’ll go back to my friends after this song is over. Can I play this up a bit?”

“Sure. I’ll walk you over when it’s done. Where are they?”

Mina reached back and threaded her hand up through Izuku’s soft curls, the other hand falling to rest on top of his grip on her hip. “Over there, on the upper level.” She angled her head. “Black hair, redhead, two blonds.”

Izuku glanced up just as the chorus restarted, his own eyes locking with a pair the colour of a sunset melting over the horizon.


she wanna play hard to get, it’s fine by me


“This song kinda slaps. I’m gonna Shazam it.” Denki fumbled for his phone and held it up in the direction of the DJ, eyes scanning the crowd lazily. “Whoa, wait, hold up!”

“What, Sparky? Are you gonna barf? ‘Cause if you puke anywhere near me I’m gonna—”

“No! Dude! Uh, anyone seeing what I’m seeing? Mina? That Greek god behind her? Mina grinding on that marble statue? Am I hallucinating?”

Eijirou about choked on his beer, slamming the bottle down and scrambling to shove Denki out of the way. Mina was indeed dancing on a guy, her hand in his hair, head tilted back so he could whisper into her ear. She was even smiling. “No way! Who is that?! Oh my god. This isn’t happening. Is this happening?”

“Your girl got snatched...” Hanta had a half-formed grin on his face, like he wasn’t sure what emotion to be feeling. Amusement won out. “It’s okay man, now you get to win her back. This is some romcom shit.”

Katsuki clicked his tongue and finally turned to survey the scene, eyes finding the two just as the guy looked up—and Katsuki could have sworn he was drowning.

Holy shit.

“Who the fuck is that?

“I don’t know!” Eijirou wailed, throwing himself dramatically sideways into Denki’s lap.

‘No,’ Katsuki wanted to say. ‘I want his name. Get me his number too, if we’re asking for shit.’ Instead, he held his tongue, wondering how close to rock bottom he must be if he desperately wanted to switch places with Pinky. “Then man up. Go get her.” It wasn’t a selfish request at all, of course not.

“What, like I’m gonna go down there and challenge him for her honour or something? This isn’t the 1800’s, Katsuki.” Eijirou looked totally beside himself. “This is the worst night of my life.”

Would it be insensitive of him to say ‘same’?

“They’re coming this way...” Denki whispered conspiratorially.

Eijirou looked like he could cry. ‘Same,’ thought Katsuki.


can’t you see honey you’re for me, oh, we were meant to be


Izuku couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t. “Um, who… is that?”

Mina followed his gaze, catching on immediately. “Oooooh, I see how it is~!” She singsonged. Izuku spluttered, embarrassed that he was being so blatantly called out. “That’s Katsuki. Hot as hell but he’s a real dick. But, y’know, you’re a sweetie and opposites attract and all that. I’ll introduce you!”

When the song bled into the next, they disentangled themselves from each other. Mina beckoned him to follow. “They’ll like you!”

They neared the edge of the dance floor with no issues, but nothing was ever that easy. A familiar face appeared in front of them from the depths of the sea of people. “You should have said you had a boyfriend instead of leading me on like a whore.”

Izuku surged forward, positioning himself front of Mina enough to block her from view. “What does it matter? If she said no she said no, it’s none of your business why.”

He turned his gaze on Izuku, seemingly unbothered that the other man had several feet and many pounds on him. “You looking for a problem?”

“No, but you’re gonna find one in a minute.” Izuku warned, his expression going steely.

The click of something caught their attention. It drew Izuku’s eyes toward the guy’s hand where he discreetly held a switchblade. “Listen, fucker—”

Instantly, Izuku’s arm swung out lightning fast and connected with the guy’s nose. The crack was distinct even over the noise of the club. His feet left the floor completely; when he hit the ground with a gross smack, he was obviously unconscious.

Izuku kicked the knife away with the tip of his foot, watching it skitter along the floor. “We better go.” He tugged Mina forward.

Mina was speechless. All she could do was blink at the guy on the floor and let Izuku pull her along to their table. She snapped out of her daze to a picture of her friends, all wearing equal expressions of shock and concern. Two voices spoke up.

“Who are you supposed to be?” came from Eijirou, while Katsuki’s voice carried over it with “Did you break that guy’s nose?”

“Eijirou!” Mina hissed, not missing his rude greeting.

“Um, probably.” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck. “Knocked him out cold.”

Katsuki leaned back in the booth with a little smirk, his eyes smouldering. Izuku couldn’t look away.

“Guys, this is Izuku! Izuku, this is Hanta, Denki, Eijirou, and Katsuki. He’s one of Ochako’s friends. That weirdo was following me but Izuku stuck around so I could dance.”

“I, uh,” Izuku ripped his gaze away from Katsuki, taking in the others. “Nice to meet you guys. Not that I don’t want to stick around, but security’s probably trying to find me and I don’t want to get you all kicked out too.”

“Aww, I’m sorry.” Mina deflated a bit. “You’re gonna get thrown out because of me.”

“It’s not your fault! He had a knife, I didn’t have much of a choice.”

All eyebrows at the table rose.

“He had a knife?” Hanta repeated, incredulous. “Damn, man.”

Eijirou pushed himself out of his seat, expression shifting from unimpressed and disapproving to gratitude. He thrust his hand out to Izuku. “Thanks for looking out for her. I owe you one.”

Izuku caught Mina smiling out of the corner of his eye as he shook Eijirou’s hand. Oh. The hostility made a bit more sense. “Of course. Well...” He scanned them all one more time, lingering on Katsuki a fair bit longer than strictly necessary. “Um, see you all around.” He hoped. He prayed. Maybe if he sold Ochako his soul in exchange to get their friend groups in the same place at the same time.

With one last wave and a hug at Mina’s request, Izuku turned to head down the steps. He took them two at a time, not in the mood to get caught and banned for fighting.

Right before he could turn the corner at the bottom, a gruff voice stopped him. “Hold the fuck on.”

Izuku glanced back, finding Katsuki standing there. He swore he could feel his blood pressure skyrocket through the roof.  “Hey...?”

“You were staring at me.” It was a statement that left no room for argument.

Izuku turned red. “Well, I mean—yeah.“

“Gimme your number.” Katsuki didn’t beat around the bush, apparently.


“I said gimme your number. You deaf?”

“No, I... uh, why?”

“Because if that’s how you dance for an act, I wanna see how you dance for real. That’s what it was, right? Unless you were trying to get laid with the chivalry angle.”

He let it sink in, processing. Oh. Shit, what was his number again? “Here, uh—” Izuku nearly dropped his phone trying to get it out of his pocket, passing it over to Katsuki with the new contact page open.

The blond’s grin was feral, as if he knew that all the synapses in Izuku’s brain had started to misfire with his single request. “It was. An act, I mean. Even though dancing with Mina was super fun! But I wasn’t trying to get in her pants. Dress? I—”

“Alright, shut up, I believe you. There. Text me.” Katsuki turned to head back up to his friends, though not before throwing one more look over his shoulder that made Izuku feel like there were fireworks crackling all along his skin.

“See you around, Izuku.”


all my life i’ve been waiting for a good time, a good time


#team katsuki dye your hair

my two favourite boys!
have i mentioned how much i love you both lately?
fuck you want
how'd you see through that
are you joking?
let's go with yes.
i wanna go dancing
who's game?!
no you aren't, it's the weekend!
busy doing not that
BOOOOO! you're boring.
i gotta work early :(
you guys owe me for this
literally for what, we didn't do anything

Katsuki clicked his tongue, tossing his phone down onto the couch cushion. What he needed was some peace and quiet, not a bunch of sweaty twenty-somethings puking on his shoes.

Objectively, Katsuki was hot. He knew it, everyone else knew it, and he certainly wasn’t afraid to use it to his advantage. Mina’s favourite club wasn’t branded explicitly as a gay club, but there was an understanding that getting hit on by whatever gender wasn’t out of the question. Between women unabashedly asking to buy them a drink and men eyeing him up from across the bar, peace would have been far out of his reach.

And, well, if you don’t know why it’s a bad idea to go to a club to find a quiet place, I don’t know what to tell you.

He didn’t lie, not really, because he’d specifically made plans to do dick all for the evening and relax for once in his life. No obligations, no socializing, no one to piss him off.

The only thing he hadn’t accounted for was how utterly bored he was going to be.

Nah, fuck it. He’d been staring at the same spot on the ceiling for like twenty minutes. Eijirou really did work early but Katsuki could probably bully him into going for a beer or two—at a bar, like a civilized person. His hand slapped blindly against the couch for his phone but came up empty.

With a grumpy hiss, he jerked to a sitting position and reached for the device. The time read far later than expected, almost an hour. Damn, he’d been zoning out for an hour.

After shooting off a quick text of ‘bored. beer?’ to Eijirou, all Katsuki could do was wait. A thought popped into his head unbidden; he chewed idly at his lip in consideration. He’d been determined to wait out the nerd, but… it’s not like he would know if Katsuki looked him up on social media.

Not unless he did something stupid like accidentally liking an old picture, which Katsuki would definitely never do, because he wasn’t inept at technology like the people he willingly surrounded himself with.

He clicked on the icon for instagram.

Katsuki skimmed through his following list, finding Mina’s account near the top. He opened her following list next, scrolling through slowly as he searched for something recognizable—a name, or familiar green curls. Both showed up soon enough, accompanied by a display picture of Izuku caught mid-chin up.

No one would ever know that Katsuki literally groaned out loud in frustration. He didn’t fuck on the first date but this guy could bend him all the way over a table any time.

Pink and copious amounts of leopard print caught his eye, and he had to double check that he hadn’t accidentally clicked back to Mina’s profile. He hadn’t, but Mina was there anyway, front and centre in Izuku’s latest picture that was conveniently posted only about twenty minutes prior.

It was a shot of the two of them in the mirror. Mina in a long-sleeve black dress that fell to mid-thigh, gold detailing and a mesh keyhole just above her chest; Izuku in a pair of illegally tight black jeans with a plaid shirt layered over a white t-shirt, sleeves rolled up past the elbows. Izuku was sitting on the bed, leaning back on both arms, mid-laugh as he observed Mina strike a horrible Sailor Moon pose in the mirror and snap the photo.

izukuwu  mina said i should caption this “bouta drop acid [alien emoji]” but i feel like that would mislead some people.
alienqueen  I’M THE ACID!!!!! [alien emoji] [alien emoji] [alien emoji] [alien emoji]

It had only been several weeks, but Izuku and Mina had very quickly formed a weirdly close bond. Probably hard not to after punching out an armed stranger to protect another stranger. On the flip side, he’d heard from Izuku precious few times since they met, and yeah, maybe Katsuki was starting to feel a little bitter about it.

He hadn’t exactly been reaching out to Izuku either—but that was a different conversation that he wasn’t looking to have. Hadn’t they had some kind of weird connection bullshit? There had definitely been eye-fucking involved.

If Katsuki had his way they’d have gotten to the real fucking by now.

He tapped on the back arrow, returning to Mina’s profile. He did want to keep scrolling, but he really didn’t need to fall into the thirst trap that was Izuku’s instagram. The same display picture of Mina stared back at him, but something was different than before.

A new post—a video.

He clicked it. Posted thirty seconds ago.

Izukuuuuu~” Mina’s voice came from behind the phone, a little slurred. Pregaming, he taught her well.

“Yeah?” She rounded the corner where Izuku was kneeling near the front door, tying a pair of gaudy red shoes that had no business being worn with his outfit.

“You ready?”

“Mhm!” He reached to the side for his phone, and Katsuki totally did not watch the muscles in his neck shift. “I think the cab is here too.”

“Cool. Just wondering, since we’re both depressingly single and will probably come home together, you gonna let me ride that jackrabbit later?”

Izuku spluttered and lost his grip on his phone, sending it flying across the hardwood until it thumped against the door. “Mina!

The woman behind the phone burst into howling laughter, the video dropping to a view of the floor as she doubled over. “Sorry! I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it after Ochako told me!”

“One time!” He wailed from off camera. “One time I said that and it still haunts me! It was a joke! A joke! People laughed! There’s context and everything—”

Every word that came out of Izuku’s mouth in his own defence just seemed to send Mina into another fit of hysterics until the video cut off mid-wheeze.

alienqueen  i fucking love this kid [rabbit emoji] #jackrabbit

What? What? He was gonna murder that pink-haired man stealer.

‘Whoa, hold on.’ Best stall that train of thought before it even left the station. His thirst jealousy was starting to ramp up to dangerous levels.

As was customary for him, aka with a complete lack of giving a shit, Katsuki dropped the offending device onto the coffee and waited for the inevitable. He could deal with his own issues after fielding the latest crisis. Eijirou had post notifications on for Mina, and the storm was about to blow into town.

As predicted, his phone began to buzz near immediately, rapidly drifting towards the edge of the table. Each text notification flashed by faster than Minoru could jerk off. (Like four seconds, if anyone cares.) Finally, Katsuki swiped his phone from the table with mild annoyance, trying to read even as new messages came through.

shitty hair:

Today 10:17 PM
RIGHT ?????
BRO !!!!!!!

Kirishima’s ringtone started up, signalling his friend’s rising panic. Katsuki hit speaker and immediately went back to attempting to scrub the image of Izuku’s most recent post from his mind. “What?”


“You’re acting like a fucking nut job, Eijirou. What’s the hell’s wrong with you?”

Several deep breaths came through the receiver. Katsuki stared at a spot on the wall and adamantly didn’t think about the way Izuku’s collar bones collected sweat.

“Sorry. I panicked.”

“You gonna do something about it?” Katsuki made a good wingman—he was multi-talented like that. Putting in a bit of work with Eijirou and Mina seemed like a good trade off to get Izuku alone. This whole Mina-sticking-to-him-like-glue thing wasn’t doing any good for getting either of their dicks wet.

“Like what? She’s not home and I already told her no to hanging out anyway.”

“So? You’re not gonna get grounded if you show up at the club. Just tell her you changed your mind.”

“But—” Eijirou started, probably about to say something self-depreciating or protest or give any number of excuses for why he and Mina ‘just didn’t work.’

Katsuki scowled. “I swear to god, you better not say whatever you’re thinking or I’ll punch you so hard the dye comes flying off your head. Get dressed, and don’t you dare put sweatpants on. Call Pikachu and captain office supplies. You’re calling in tomorrow, we’re going out.”

“For beer…?” Eijirou’s voice asked, hesitant and nervous in the way that he knew Katsuki had an idea that was about to be executed no matter what.

“Hell no. We’re going to the club.”


no time to quit now, just time to get it now


Friday night, the bodies crowded on the dance floor pulsed to the harsh beat.

Izuku nudged his companion, pointing to the bar and making the motion that colloquially meant he was knocking back a beer. ‘Drink?’

Even on her toes earshot was just slightly out of reach. Izuku compensated, leaning sideways so she could talk in his ear. “Tequila.” She went for the hidden pocket on her dress for some cash, but Izuku stopped her.

“I got first round. Be right back.”

One of the perks of being fairly tall and built like a brick shithouse was that wherever he went, people would tend to get out of his way without asking questions. Even with the sheer amount of people crowding every inch of the club, it took Izuku barely two minutes to get to the bar. “Tequila, please. Two. Wait, actually, make it four. Thanks.”

Mina appeared by his side just as he was handing over the cash. “It’s sooo full in here! Figured I’d come find you so you didn’t wind up wearing the drinks.” Her face perked up a little upon seeing four shot glasses lined up on the bar. “Oh, drowning our sorrows already, huh? I’m game!”

It was a little early in the evening for Izuku to be lamenting about his lack of a sex life, but what the hell. He lifted the first shot into the air. “To being too scared to text the guy you wanna bone.”

“Here, here!” Mina cheered, shooting back the liquid and reaching blindly for a lime. Izuku pressed one into her hand, his own throat burning pleasantly.

Their second shots went down much the same, settling Izuku into what would be a nice buzz. With the addition of shotgunning a beer back at Mina’s, it was enough to dull the ever-present creeping anxiety.

The bartender set down two more shots, winking at Mina before he retreated. There was a napkin tucked under the one closest to her.

Izuku leaned over to inspect it. “Oh, his number. Original."

“Izuku, sweetie, free alcohol is free alcohol. We thank the party gods for this gift and get on with our lives.” His pink-haired companion enthusiastically pumped her fist into the air, knocking back the third shot with a grace that really shouldn’t be possible when shooting hard liquor. There was a glint in her eyes that Izuku had come to recognize over the past few weeks as mischief. “Hey, I got a plan, come with me.”

And then she disappeared into the sea of bodies.

Turned out that the “plan” was to squeeze through every single person on the dance floor and climb the stairs to the only-slightly-less-crowded raised platform in the middle. Izuku had half a mind to keep his ass planted firmly near the bar, but the passing thought of the first time they met and his overprotective nature spurred him into the crowd—after downing his own drink, of course. Waste not.

Their personalities really didn’t mesh at surface level. Bubbly and outgoing versus reserved and quiet might do big numbers in romcoms but they didn’t always play so well in reality. It didn’t matter much—the bond that formed between them was built on that split-second of trust when Izuku threw hands for a stranger. He liked her. She pushed him to be himself, but just a little bit more.

He just needed to find someone who made him feel that way in the intimate sense, and had confessed to her as much.

“Could be closer than you think, you know?”

What the hell was that supposed to mean? Izuku was never good with the romantic subtext; half the reason he never got a date in high school.

Mina was swaying to her own beat when he came up behind her, clearly feeling the tequila take over. He tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned, she crowded closer to him—a result of the sheer number of people occupying the dance floor and bumping into each other. It was easier to talk like that anyway. “So you just run off and leave me by myself like some kind of loser?”

She laughed, loud and unabashed. “Sorry! I needed to dance! Felt it in my bones.”

Izuku couldn’t stop his eye roll, amusement painted on his features. “You call this dancing?”

Bingo. She looked affronted.

“It’s not my fault, this song sucks!”

God or the DJ or someone somewhere heard her, because the bass kicked up and some heavily remixed version of ‘Work Bitch’ blasted through the speakers. The mood of the dance floor shifted from playful to dirty in a matter of seconds, the ocean of people all around them finding their partners or friends and pressing close. Very close. Izuku may have been kinda awkward, but he was no prude—that being said, some things were better off behind closed doors.

Unless some things were in reference to a certain blond Izuku knew of, in which case he’d do said things in places that would deeply disappoint his mother.

“Earth to Izuku, you alive in there?” A hand waved back and forth in front of his face like she was checking just to make sure he hadn’t gone catatonic. “You can’t insult my dancing and then stand there like a traffic cone.”

“Sorry! I was somewhere else for a second.”

“Well get back here and shake your ass!”

Much like the first night they’d met, Izuku and Mina’s dance moves didn’t necessarily fit the mood, but it mirrored their detachment from the regular crowd.

In a weird way, the party scene was one of the few places where Izuku felt free to do whatever—dance like an idiot, make a fool of himself. No one was watching, and even if they were? They wouldn’t remember in the morning anyway.

“Hey,” Mina’s velvet voice cut through the noise. Izuku had pulled her in by the waist when a guy approached her from behind; a casual way of saying ‘don’t even think about it.’ “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Okay. Be honest with me. Do you… do you think I have a chance with Eijirou? I thought he was interested but I keep getting mixed signals and now I dunno anymore…” The words tumbled out in a rush, like she was embarrassed to admit her uncertainty.

Izuku didn’t know how to tell her that he looked at her like she hung the moon, so he went a different route. “Shoot your shot. If you don’t try, you’ll never know, and it’s pretty hot when a woman initiates. He’d be stupid to say no.”

“That’s super not what I asked. Besides, take your own advice! Katsuki’s been brooding since the night we all met. Like, more than usual.”

“What’s Katsuki got to do with anything?!”

“Hey, watch it. You’re spilling your thirst everywhere.”

“There’s no thirst.” He protested, knowing it didn’t sound convincing in the slightest.


“I—Mina, c’mon.”

“Oh please, we all know he’s hot! Babe, you can get the business. Take advantage.

Bit of a mood killer to confess that he was too scared, that he’d barely interacted with Katsuki yet found himself inexplicably drawn to him, that he couldn’t handle a rejection from him so maybe not trying was the best option.

…But Mina made it sound so simple. Possible rejection didn’t sound like such an impossible mountain to climb with the tequila airlifting him halfway up. There were at least enough faculties left rattling around in his head to realize he was walking a dangerous line, some kind of Jigsaw ‘I-want-to-play-a-game’ kinda nonsense.

“You first! I just got here. You’ve been pining for forever.”

“For Baku-hoe?”

“What? I—no! For—obviously for Eijirou!”

“Oh! Sorry.” She patted him on the chest sympathetically. “Tequila brain.”

“Wait, if you guys start dating, do I lose my dance partner?”

Mina gasped, scandalized. “Nothing’s gonna come between us.”

It really took several more songs of Izuku tuning out his half-sober thoughts to get comfortable, and a few more after that to find his stride. The dance floor had descended into even more of a writhing mess than before, bass ever present and moving bodies with an inherent synchronicity.

He felt good. Eight outta ten. Could maybe use more tequila with the way they were sweating it out.

“—Oh my god, I can’t do this anymore.” Without any other words of warning or explanation, Mina folded at the waist, making quick work of the laces on her shoes.

When the familiar pink disappeared completely from his vision out of nowhere, Izuku stalled, trying to process where she went. He glanced down. “What’re you doing?”

“These boots were such a bad idea, it feels like my feet are covered in acid or something. Can we take a break? I’ll just go barefoot til we get back to the bar.”

She was brave, he had to give her that. Who knew what mess of alcohol and sweat and unknown fluid caked the floor; near anonymity made people do questionable things. He peaked over the edge of the platform. “Uh, you sure? It looks kinda…sticky?”

Too late; the boots where already in her hand. She groaned loudly. “Seriously?! That’s so gross. Ugh. If I cry when I put these back on, just ignore it.”

“No, wait a sec, now I have a plan.” He hopped off the platform.


if i’m shiny everybody gonna shine, yeah, i’m gold


“Here.” A wad of bills was shoved unceremoniously into Denki’s hand, courtesy of Katsuki. “Go get drinks.”

“Dude, I’m not the errand boy.”

“Get yourself drinks, you asshat. Take the walking back-to-school section with you, I’m doing something.”

Hanta slung an arm across Denki’s shoulders. “Eijirou, no matter how many times Katsuki assures you that spit works as lube, don’t let him touch you in your no-no place.”

The redhead snorted into his hand, trying to play it off like he hadn’t laughed. “No butt stuff, got it.”

If only Katsuki could spontaneously combust people or explode them or something. “Speak for yourself. And fuck you, Soy Sauce! I generously won’t bring up the amount of times you struck out last time. Seven.”

Denki snickered.

“Don’t laugh shithead, you were at nine.” The abrupt end of Denki’s laugh and abortive noise of protest that came after was music to Katsuki’s ears. A double platinum hit.

“Thanks for the reminder! Now I really need a drink. C’mon, Hanta.” The two wandered off, leaving Katsuki and Eijirou to their business.

Now they just had the impossible task of locating two needles in a haystack… made of more needles.

Katsuki made the mistake of believing that they’d be able to pick the distinctive pink and green hair out of the crowd, but the dimmed lighting made it significantly more difficult to discern anything specific.

Then again, Katsuki refused to be anything but excellent in any activity.

A familiar figure hopped off the platform. Not to give off stalker vibes, but he’d daydreamed about those shoulders enough over the last few weeks to recognize them anywhere. The two men watched Mina appear from the throng of drunken adults—and hook her leg over one of Izuku’s shoulders, using his hand for support to get the other one up as well. She looked over the moon.

God, he could practically feel the waves of disappointment rolling off of Eijirou. “If you give up before you even try I’ll leave your body in a dumpster somewhere.”

Never mind that he was feeling some particular emotions of his own after that little show.

“What was that?! He carried her off life some real life Prince Charming! Who does that?!” The humidity in the club was making Eijirou’s hair droop just slightly into his face. He pushed it back.

“Stop talking before I beat your ass concave.” Katsuki sucked in a breath through his nose and exhaled noisily through his mouth—it was time to put his money where his mouth was and actually put some work in to get Izuku alone. He couldn’t remember the last time he had to chase someone; it was always the other way around.

It almost made it fun. Almost. He was still a cocky asshole at heart.

“Look, you and Mina have been dancing around each other for who the hell knows how long now and it was kinda funny to laugh at your misery in the beginning but now it’s just making you look sad. The whole group would already know if they fucked anyway, she doesn’t know how to keep a secret.”

Eijirou made a small noise of dissatisfaction.

“So we’re going to the bar, and I don’t care if they’re making out or some shit—” Yes, he did, he cared very much actually. “—you’re going to ask her to dance.”

That typical look that Eijirou got before he was about to make an excuse blossomed on his features, but it disappeared just as quickly to be replaced with hardened resolve.

“Okay! I’m gonna be the manliest dance partner she’s ever had!”

“Fantastic.” Katsuki said dryly. “And you’re also gonna not come home tonight.”


“You heard me.”


won’t you take me home i wanna ride it, just lose control


“Oh my goooood, I think I owe you my life now.” Mina deposited herself into one of the bar stools with exactly none of the grace she’d possessed earlier in the evening. Getting her off Izuku’s shoulders without accidentally flashing the entire club presented some degree of difficulty, but they managed.

Probably wouldn’t be the first ass most of the people saw that night. Izuku still had some lines left to cross, though.

“Nah, maybe just a shot.” He teased, handing her shoes over. It wasn’t exactly easy to carry footwear and keep his friend from taking a header off of, well, him—but it was a better alternative than getting smacked in the face with them.

“Deal.” She waved down the bartender (not the same one whose number they’d ditched earlier, thankfully) and requested ‘a shot and something fun!

Whatever ‘something fun’ entailed, he hoped it contained a lot of alcohol. Izuku was bordering on sober and the last thing he wanted was the anxiety returning full force.

“Now I have to wrestle these shoes back on. You think dancing in heels is considered a super power?”

“I dunno, do you have a spandex suit under your dress?”

“You would have heard me complain about it going up my ass already, so no.”

“Can I cut in?”

Izuku startled just a bit at the sudden additional voice and tap on his shoulder. He certainly wasn’t expecting to see the redheaded target of Mina’s affections of all people; from what she’d said, the rest of her friends had already declined her invite.

Mina peaked around Izuku’s shoulder. There was confusion written on her face, then recognition, then happiness, finally settling back on confusion. “Eijirou…? I thought you worked in the morning?”

At least he had the decency to look sheepish. “Hey. I changed my mind, I hope that’s cool… I wanted to see you, maybe make up for not dancing last time.”

His companion may have been lamenting Eijirou’s lack of interest for the better part of the evening, but hey, a girl could change her mind. Izuku sent her a questioning look, hoping to get his point across without actually having to come out and say ‘hey, should I leave you two lovebirds alone?’ or ‘are your feet going to survive this?’

It was clearly unnecessary with the way she’d lit up in excitement.

“Uh, yeah! She’s all yours. Have fun!”

The second Eijirou had his back turned to lead her onto the floor, Mina spun back to face Izuku. Her hands folded in front her face; a desperate attempt at a thank you before she ran off after him. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise!”

He was happy for her. She deserved someone good, and Eijirou seemed like a good guy. Plus, he could do a bit of people-watching before he went home. The club wasn’t quiet but there was some kind of peace to be found with your heart pounding along to a synthetic beat in the half-darkness.

That peace was horribly short-lived when Katsuki appeared and promptly scared the hell out of him. “Hey, nerd.”

Holy shit!

“Easy!” Katsuki snapped, dodging a flailing arm. “You’re gonna knock someone the fuck out.”

“I wouldn’t if you hadn’t snuck up on me!” Izuku’s heartbeat had catapulted into dangerous territory, and not entirely because of the scare. “Which is… I mean, what are you doing here?”

“Eijirou was whining like a lost puppy so I came as a favour. It’s his one for the year.” Katsuki looked like he’d been styled by a professional, hair messy in a purposeful way and outfit unfairly flawless. He was probably the type to own one of those ‘I woke up like this’ shirts because it was actually true. “You really got his panties twisted into knots, you know that?”

“Huh?” Izuku must have severely overestimated his ability to remember how attractive Katsuki was face to face. He was just as good looking as before—better, even, and Izuku was not about to admit that he didn’t hear what Katsuki said because he was busy imagining them getting it on in the club bathroom. Gross.

“Doesn’t matter. You drink whisky?”

“Not if I can help it.”

“Here you go.” The bartender interjected before Katsuki could order a drink, placing down a shot glass and, frankly, a monstrosity. “Tequila and something fun.”

Izuku was more than sure that Katsuki was wearing a similar expression to him. “Uhhhh…”

Katsuki barked a laughed and slapped his open palm on the counter. “You ordered a muff diver? What the fuck.”

“That would be Mina. Sort of. Mostly the bartender, actually. 80/20.”

“Figures. So,” Those piercing red eyes turned on him, appraising. “Break any noses lately?”

Izuku reached past him for the shot and threw it back it without a moment of hesitation. It burned just a little more than last time—maybe it had something to do with the sudden light-headedness that overtook him. “Nope.” Why did his voice sound like he’d smoked two packs a day for twenty years?

There was a precious few seconds where Izuku could see the scene in perfect clarity—himself, downing more alcohol while not quite as sober as he’d previously thought, Katsuki, looking like he belonged on a runway, and a bad idea that could only get worse. Too bad the Izuku that had a lick of sense was on an eighty proof-induced vacation.

He reached for the other glass.

“I wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good drink. Do you mind?”

Katsuki looked at a loss for words. Call that a win—Izuku wasn’t getting a lot of those tonight. Instead of anything verbal, he just slid back on the stool to leave enough room between his legs for the glass. Izuku leaned forward and planted his hands firmly on Katsuki’s thighs.

He was even prettier up close.

Rather than bend to his desire to stare and start cataloguing facts, Izuku busied himself with the task at hand: getting his face dangerously close to Katsuki’s dick without popping a boner himself.

Why’d he think this was a good idea again?

Izuku dropped into a crouch, using his grip on Katsuki’s thighs to keep himself upright. He glanced up briefly through his eyelashes to make sure the other man was watching, and dove into the whipped cream.

He was barely down there for a few seconds before his lips wrapped around the shot glass and retreated. It tasted good, like sweet coffee and bad decisions. There was a lot of satisfaction in the feeling of Katsuki’s gaze following his tongue as it licked the whipped cream from his lips. “That was easier than I remember it being.”

Katsuki seemed to be contemplating something. “…You wanna dance?”

Izuku could clearly see the choices laid out in front of him like two diverging paths: one safe and familiar, the other completely out of his depth.

Neither of them seemed like particularly good options, so he’d just walk straight down the middle. “Uh, no, I think I’d rather… go.”

Izuku was far too off his game to catch the flash of disappointment through the other man’s eyes. Instead, he got Katsuki leaning back cooly against the bar, looking nonchalant and unbothered. “Damn, a performance like that and then you just leave a guy hanging? You’re more savage than I gave you credit for.”

It took a second for Izuku to parse the meaning behind his words. “Oh. No, that’s… I meant… go. Preferably to your place.”

That made twice in the evening that he’d caught Katsuki off guard and Izuku found he was quickly becoming fond of it. But then he got a taste of that grin, sharp and feral, and oh.

He liked that too.

“Fuck yeah. Let’s get outta here.”


slide with me, ride with me, get high with me, know that i like it when you’re next to me


There was a taxi waiting just outside the doors that was calling their name. The cool evening air assaulted them the second they stepped through the door, throwing Izuku off kilter just slightly. He had no idea where they were going or how long it would take to get there and frankly, his typical patience was running dry. Instead of letting Katsuki slide into the back seat, he yanked on the collar of the expensive looking jacket and crashed their lips together.

Katsuki indulged him for a precious few seconds, but the man clearly had priorities. He pulled back to a whine from Izuku. “Get in. We can make out in the car, it’s called multi-tasking.”

‘Mom, I think I love him.’

He complied. The faster they got settled, the sooner they could get back to business. Izuku’s mind was focused solely on getting his mouth back on Katsuki’s. He was stopped by a hand to the shoulder.

“Hold up, shoulda asked this sooner. How drunk are you?”

“Sober enough to consent.” Izuku’s reward was a smouldering, toothy grin that could have melted him into an incoherent puddle of goo if he was any more buzzed.

“My favourite amount.”

It was absolutely cliché to say their second kiss felt like fireworks, electricity pulsing down their skin, fundamentally right like the Earth orbiting the sun—but even cliché had to get it right sometimes. The sound that Katsuki made was not quite a gasp, not quite a moan, but it captured whatever feeling was flowing through their veins like blood. Izuku had to agree.

He did his best to get closer in the awkward amount of space; Katsuki indulged him by wrapping a hand around the back of his neck and tugging him as close as he could manage.

It was faint, but Katsuki was sure he felt something mumbled against his lips. Not his name, but close enough to recognize. “What did you call me?”

Izuku straightened up and looked mildly guilty. “What? Um, I dunno… Kacchan?”

If it made his heart pound that little bit faster, Izuku didn’t need to know. He just kissed the other man again.

Pulling up to the curb had never felt more relieving nor more nerve-wracking. Izuku was quick to exit, despite being practically attached to his companion like glue since they left the bar. Izuku turned back to meet him, and for a second Katsuki was sure he could read everything in those eyes.

More and more, he wanted to figure Izuku out.

“It’s $17.40.”

Katsuki blinked back into the present. He let himself digest for a moment, then paid the cabby double for having to watch them neck in the back seat like teenagers and not saying a damn thing.

They stumbled through the front doors of Katsuki’s building and made it to the elevators without taking their hands off each other, only breaking apart when the doors opened to a nice older couple who greeted them cheerfully. Izuku’s hair looked like it went through a wind tunnel and Katsuki was trying to cover up his panting with Mean Girls fake coughs, but sure, they definitely looked like two strangers with nothing to hide.

(“That old hag had to be eighty. It’s like one in the morning, don’t old people stop existing at this time?”

“Grandparents can still party.”)

The second the elevator doors opened, Katsuki took the opportunity to lead him down the hall and back him up against the door, licking into his mouth while threading his key into the lock. Multi-tasking.

“Wai-wait, wait, wait!” Izuku mumbled frantically against Katsuki’s lips.

He pulled back, eyebrows furrowed. “What?”

“I just... I want you to know that I don’t do... this.”

“Do what?” Katsuki repeated, detaching his hands from Izuku after a moment to bring them towards each other in the eternally mature gesture for boning. “Fuc—“

“No!” Izuku interrupted quickly. “I mean… hookups? I’ve never just gone home with someone.”

“And you’re rethinking your decision?”

“Not that. I just don’t want you to get the wrong first impression of me.”

Katsuki wisely kept his mouth shut over the thought that his first impression had been ruined the moment he saw Izuku grinding up on someone that wasn’t him. “Yeah, well, if it makes you feel better, I don’t usually do hookups either.”

“I find that a little hard to believe.”

“Hah? What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?” Despite his tone, the blond was already leaning forward to mouth at Izuku’s collar bone.

“You’re literally—” And because Izuku wasn’t completely sober yet, it was pretty easy for the truth to slip out. “The hottest guy I’ve ever seen. And you’ve got that bad boy vibe.”

Katsuki’s answering grin was predatory, ego boosted past eleven. “Oh? So you like bad boys? Typical.”

“Actually, it’s just something about you, I think.” Izuku reached back to twist the door open, never breaking contact from where he was pressing kisses and gentle bites along Katsuki’s jaw and up to his earlobe. They stumbled backwards through the entryway, Katsuki managing to kick the door shut behind him.

“Flattery will get you fuckin’ everywhere,” His head tilted to allow Izuku a better angle, basking in having Izuku’s attention fixated on only him. “And it will definitely get you in my pants.”

“Good, ‘cause I’ve kinda been thinking about it for weeks.” His voice dripped with a flattering mix of confidence and lust.

Katsuki liked that look on the nerd—the same confidence that knocked a guy’s teeth in for making a move on his friend. It suited him.

Izuku straightened back up to his full height, a cursory glance given to Katsuki’s apartment. He watched Izuku’s eyes land on the couch, then drift towards the darkened hallway. “Lead the way, Kacchan.”

That stupid name on those lips made him uncomfortably hard. He wasted no time in grabbing Izuku’s wrist and dragging him down the hallway, not willing to admit how desperate he was to get both of their clothes off.

Luckily, Izuku had a similar desire. Katsuki’s shirt was already being coaxed off before they even made it to the bed.

Izuku’s noise of appreciation had him practically preening. This guy was great for his ego. He also took it upon himself to do some of Katsuki’s work for him, shrugging off his plaid shirt and letting it fall to the floor.

Katsuki’s mouth went dry. He wasn’t small, but those biceps could easily hold his weight and then some. The thought of being fucked against a wall or maybe just nothing at all slammed into him full force, and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so turned on. When he joined Izuku back in the real word the remaining shirt had been tossed too, giving Katsuki something new to drool over.

Finding someone who could handle his standards when it came to getting dicked down was a Herculean task, one that Katsuki rarely indulged in. He usually ended up going with the easier route of finding someone else to dick down.

Izuku may have been the answer to his silent prayers.

A hand brushing against his clothed cock and the sound of his own zipper alerted him to the sudden lack of pants. And then he was on his back on the bed, Izuku hovering over him on his hands and knees with the most earnest look Katsuki had ever seen. Why was he so cute? Ridiculous.

“Can I show you what I can really do with my mouth?”

“You think I’m gonna say no after that stunt you pulled earlier?”

Those ridiculously green eyes dropped to his lap and Katsuki was given the absolute pleasure of watching Izuku’s tongue dart out to wet his lips. Izuku dropped his head.

Katsuki was straining so hard against his boxers that it was starting to hurt. The fabric was already wet with precome, but he’d let himself ponder a certain question for less than a second and couldn’t seem to banish it from his mind. Decidedly pressing a finger against Izuku’s forehead, he pushed lightly. Katsuki couldn’t help it, he had to know or he was going to insane dwelling on it. “What’s the deal with you and Mina?”

Izuku stopped abruptly, pulling away from where he was pressing his lips against Katsuki’s inner thigh. “Uh. You really wanna talk about Mina right now?”

“Yeah. You guys banging?”

Silence, and then Izuku was pushing himself into a sitting position, leaning back on one arm as if Katsuki had casually asked him the weather. He’d never known someone to adapt to the change in atmosphere so casually—at least, not without complaining about ruining the sex first. Katsuki had a habit of changing his mind, but assholes that complained weren’t worth his time anyway.

“Nope, nothing like that. I guess I’m like, her cheerleader? Moral support?” His lips twitched up into a smile. Katsuki exhaled forcefully to focus on something other than his dick twitching angrily at being ignored. “Besides, she’s beautiful and all but I don’t really feel like getting into a brawl with Eijirou.”

It was a joke, but something about it still fundamentally pissed Katsuki off. “You’re gonna talk about how good looking someone else is while we’re about to fuck?”

“I think you forgot who brought up this conversation.” His bedmate was quick to point out. Izuku was right but Katsuki would be damned if he didn’t argue his point all the way to his grave. “But I was just kidding. I’ve sort of had my eye on someone.”

If it were anyone else, anywhere else, Katsuki might have gone off the rails. It was a vague enough comment to leave room for interpretation, but the expression painted on Izuku’s face left no room for misunderstanding. His eyes were hazy and half-lidded, tempered slightly by the soft upturn of his lips. A complete contradiction, but Izuku had been that since the second they laid eyes on each other.

“Tch. Should’ve texted me then. I could’ve been at your place in fifteen minutes.”

“You don’t even know where I live!” Izuku protested.

“Does it matter? Get back over here.” Katsuki’s impatience was overriding his usual aloof demeanour. With an annoyed grunt, he shed his boxers and tossed them across the room.

He watched Izuku stall completely, halfway between them and gaze focused on Katsuki laid out in all of his glory. “What, nerd? Never seen a dick before?”

It snapped the other man out of his daze, at least. “I have one, you know.” He countered and made quick work of settling back between Katsuki’s knees. “I even use it sometimes.”

“That so? You’ll have to prove it.”

“Prove it?” Izuku echoed, processing slower than usual.

“Obviously. What do you think we’re doing, making pottery?”


Katsuki levelled him with a look so severe that Izuku had to find something else to focus on. For the first time that evening, he was wondering if he made a mistake—if only for the fact that having those piercing red eyes trained on him was driving his levels of horny straight through the roof and into the stratosphere. “You talk a lot.”

The fact that Katsuki had initiated the conversation and urged it along seemed to be irrelevant. “I mumble when I’m nervous.” Izuku explained.

“So you’re nervooo—oh my god.” He didn’t get to finish the rest of his sass because Izuku swallowed him without any preamble, all the way to the base.

A moment of shocked silence blanketed the room, Izuku breathing easily through his nose and looking absolutely pleased with himself. He began to pull back slowly, letting his tongue take over the effort. His cheeks hollowed as he moved away, the suction pulling a soft, shuddering sigh from Katsuki’s lips.

The smaller man reached out to give an experimental tug on the curly green mop sitting between his thighs and received a muffled moan in return. It must have sparked something in Izuku, because he made a show of shoving Katsuki’s dick halfway down his windpipe again. That he could feel the rumble of Izuku’s throat against the sensitive head nearly had his hips lifting off the mattress.

“Fuck,” The only thought that Katsuki could manage to piece together enough to make sense was that he was ready to buy a wedding ring if it meant more of that. Izuku’s tongue was something-fucking-else. “You trying to make me come before we get to the main event or something?”

His voice came out a lot less authoritative than he intended. Izuku didn’t seem to notice.

“Kacchan,” Izuku mumbled, and when Katsuki met his gaze, he looked absolutely reverent. “I can’t help it. You taste good.”

Dead. This man would put him in grave and he’d say thank you.

He’d been unashamedly dreaming about getting Izuku into his bed since their introduction, often jolting awake with a painfully hard erection and no partner to do anything about it. Looking down the length of his body to see Izuku devour his cock like he was a starving man and it was dinner made Katsuki’s head swim like he’d taken several shots of his own.

“Not this time, asshole. If I don’t get fucked tonight I’ll never forgive you.”

Izuku groaned lowly, forehead pressing into Katsuki’s thigh. He took the liberty of leaving several bite marks and hickeys behind. “Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. You’re just…” He made a vague gesture towards Katsuki like he was supposed to know what that meant.

“Just what?


Katsuki could have choked on his own tongue. Like, yes, he knew, thanks; but hearing it from a guy who looked like he was perfectly moulded to suit Katsuki’s specific preferences would boost his cocky energy past eleven for weeks. “Gonna do something about it?”

Rather than a verbal answer, Izuku leaned over to Katsuki’s bedside table, procuring a bottle of lube from the bottom drawer. Katsuki raised an eyebrow in questioning to which Izuku only shrugged. “It’s where I keep mine.”

He pressed one last kiss against Katsuki’s length, eliciting a whine from the blond, before joining him on the bed. “Can I?”

Katsuki observed him for a moment before he settled on a decision. “Nah.”

Izuku blinked slowly, digesting Katsuki’s answer, and began to shift away from him. “I—”

“I was gonna let you do it,” A hand shot out to keep him close. “But I want to see the look on your face instead.”


“Fuck you, this is my show.” He shoved at Izuku’s chest, pushing the taller man ruthlessly onto his back.


“Let me take what I want or I’m leaving.” He interrupted. It was a bluff, obviously—there was no way he’d say no to Izuku pounding him into the mattress—but he wanted, no, needed to ride him like a fucking pony.

“…I’ll literally give you whatever you want.”

That particular memory was getting filed away in the subsection titled ‘things that I’ll never get tired of jacking off to’.

“Good. Then watch.”

He climbed atop Izuku’s lap, no subtlety in the way he ground his hips down against the other man’s clothed erection. Izuku hadn’t escaped his jeans yet, but it gave Katsuki a small amount of twisted to pleasure to know that Izuku had no choice but to stay put and pay attention until he was done.

He popped the cap and drizzled the cold lube over his fingers, anticipation sending a shiver up his spine. Izuku’s eyes were trained on him. He felt powerful, invincible. That feeling tripled when he reached back, purposefully pushed one finger into his ass, and Izuku looked like he might pass out.

“Kacchan,” Izuku mumbled, probably unconsciously more than anything, hands twitching where they rested at his sides.

“What?” He asked innocently. His free hand was pressed against Izuku’s stupidly toned stomach, using him for balance.

“Can I touch you?”

Katsuki’s eyes narrowed. “I said I’m doing it. Not going fast enough for you?”

“No, not that!” Izuku quickly corrected, completely distracted by the way Katsuki’s arm moved—or rather, the knowledge that he stretching himself so he could sit pretty on Izuku’s cock for the rest of the evening. “I just want my hands on you.”

Oh—hkay.” Katsuki breathed, legs shaking slightly as he pressed a second finger inside himself. Izuku’s hands, large and scarred, settled on his hips, the slightly added weight pressing their erections together. Hearing the larger man underneath him shudder a sigh and cant his hips up just slightly sent a sick rush of satisfaction up his spine.

He scissored his fingers apart, leaning forward to press his sweaty forehead against Izuku’s chest in an attempt to muffle a whine of pleasure. “Fuck.

There was no way in hell he was going to, but he’d be damned if he couldn’t get off like this, rutting against Izuku like they were in high school and fucking himself on his own fingers.

The third finger sinking inside was the straw that shattered his demeanour—Katsuki could feel himself drooling onto Izuku’s chest, moaning every time he pressed in and twisted his fingers just so. Izuku had moved his hands away; to do what, Katsuki had no idea, but it pleased him greatly that he was clearly straining to keep some semblance of composure while Katsuki prepared himself on his lap.

Good. Katsuki never felt better than in the moments where his partner’s desire for him was the only relevant thing in the world.

Shaky and too turned on to think about much besides getting on with it, his brain had to be given a moment to reset when he straightened up and caught a look at Izuku’s face. He looked undone. His eyes were totally dilated, face flushed and arms folded over his head, grip dangerously tight on the headboard.

“Kacchan,” He started, and his voice was rough and pitched an octave lower than before. “I am definitely going to come in my pants if you keep it up.”

“What, just from a little rubbing?” Katsuki teased, like he hadn’t been thinking the same thing moments ago.

“If it’s you, absolutely.”

A shiver ran the the length of his body and back, culminating in the form of all of his blood flow redirecting to his dick and to his face in equal measure. What the fuck.

Izuku was infuriatingly honest about everything, emotions laid bare like it wasn’t a ridiculously embarrassing thing to just come out and say. Katsuki lifted himself off Izuku’s lap enough to give him some room to maneuver, determined to draw attention away from his own discomfort. “Get those fucking pants off.”

Despite how tightly the jeans seemed to be adhered to Izuku’s thighs, they were flying across the room in seconds, along with his boxers. “You have a condom somewhere?”

“No, fuck that. I want the full experience.” He pulled his fingers out, silently mourning the loss of feeling full, to present them to Izuku with a defiant look. “Suck.

Without hesitation, he opened his mouth and let Katsuki press his fingers inside. It was unfairly hot, the way Izuku let him take control despite his ability to toss Katsuki around like a ragdoll.

Katsuki was all about control, after all.

There was enough lube covering his hole and his fingers that he didn’t hesitate, reaching back to grab Izuku’s cock and position it against his entrance. Katsuki had made the mistake of not bothering to even look, and he was big—but Katsuki was a Bakugou and Bakugou’s weren’t fucking quitters.

He let gravity do some of the work, pressing downwards to the familiar pleasing burn of being stretched.

Izuku groaned around Katsuki’s fingers, one hand finding Katsuki’s thigh and locking his grip there, the other digging into the wood and making it creak ominously. His words came out muffled. “Oh my god, Kacchan, holy—”

They were both feeling it, if the way Izuku’s eyes rolled back and mouth fell open was any indication, but it wasn’t enough, wasn’t right

“Hey,” Katsuki growled, powering through his own shaking thighs and flushed complexion. He watched Izuku blink out of his pleasured haze. “Eyes on me.

Something in him flipped a switch, his gaze shifting and sharpening back into razor focus. Izuku’s voice was raspy and rough but held no room for questioning. “I haven’t stopped watching you since the first time I saw you.”

“For fuck’s sake.” The words nearly made Katsuki’s legs give out. A sharp jolt of heat curled low in his stomach at the thought of that night having as much of an impact on Izuku as it did on him. He closed his eyes to try to focus his thoughts to a single point rather than the scattered mess they were currently in. “You’re just gonna—say shit like that?”

“It’s true,” Izuku’s insisted, detaching his iron grip from the headboard to curl his fingers around Katsuki’s waist instead. “I couldn’t get you out of my head.”

Whatever this man was doing to him, Katsuki couldn’t handle it.

Katsuki sat back up, swallowing down the lump in his throat and his own pride. He gazed down and met Izuku’s reverent gaze, a King looking down on their people, and finally let himself bottom out on Izuku’s stupid monster cock.

He could always ride him like a pony next time. “Shut up and fuck me.”

Izuku looked like he’d been issued a challenge, and Katsuki had a sneaking suspicion that he was the type to go all in. His hips snapped up mercilessly and without warning, using his grip to maneuver Katsuki’s body however he pleased. Katsuki slapped his palms down against Izuku’s chest, vision blacking out for a second as he fought to keep himself upright.

Well, he’d wanted to ride him—but now he was just along for the ride, trying to keep himself from screaming so loud that the neighbours would hear while Izuku worked his hips with the efficiency of a hydraulic machine.

He barely registered Izuku sitting up like a rocket, dropping Katsuki onto his back so fast that might have given him whiplash if he hadn’t been flung into a cushy bed. Izuku’s hands thumped down on either side of his head like a cage. That lawn of green hair hung over his forehead, but Katsuki could still make out the furrowed brows and semi-pained-looking expression that meant he was nearing his tipping point.

Katsuki reached up and wrapped one hand around Izuku’s shoulder, nails digging mercilessly into his skin in silent encouragement.

Okay, not silent—he was really making enough noise for the both of them, but actual words were out of the realm of possibility at that time.

For him, anyway. Not for Izuku.

“Kacchan, say my name,” Izuku ordered, his expression reading a mix between molten lust and something that Katsuki might catalogue as awe.

He tried, honestly. “De—” He gasped, his other hand fisting in the sheets. “—ku, oh my god if you even think about stopping I’ll literally kill you don’t you dare stop yes keep going—

Deku?” Izuku repeated under his breath, before giving a low chuckle. “Good enough. Katsuki,” It had never done it for him before, but apparently having Izuku tell him what to do sent him completely over the edge. “Come.”

“I’m—” Katsuki started, but couldn’t manage the rest. He grabbed a violent fistful of Izuku’s hair and yanked him into a messy kiss as his orgasm slammed into him. He couldn’t breathe or see or speak, only hold on for dear life while Izuku fucked him through his orgasm and prolonged it longer than Katsuki thought was entirely possible.

He felt Izuku’s hips stutter for the first time that night, warmth filling him as his partner came. Katsuki whined into his mouth, loud and high, his legs locking them together in an effort to keep the feeling as long as he could.

They finally separated from their lip lock, Izuku staring down at him for an extended time, maybe searching for something, maybe just trying to memorize the moment. He pulled out gently and collapsed off to the side with a wheeze. Thankfully, because Izuku probably had so much muscle packed onto him that he could flatten Katsuki against the pillow-top. “Wow.

Katsuki would’ve agreed, but he didn’t have enough energy to move his jaw.

He watched, with vague interest, as Izuku slid off the bed and sort of stumbled his way to the bathroom. At least they were both exhausted. Katsuki shifted his field of vision to the ceiling, marvelling at how weightless he felt.

Normally he’d have come up with a list of things that sucked by then, but he was really scraping the bottom of the barrel with the latest list. His chest was sticky. He was completely overheated. He was definitely skipping leg day for at least a week. But that was the best sex he’d ever had.

And Izuku hadn’t even needed to touch his dick to get him off, Katsuki realized belatedly.

Speaking of the devil, Izuku had returned, and with a cool washcloth no less. It felt amazing against Katsuki’s skin. His eyes drifted shut, letting Izuku clean him up and not even minding that he was humming the theme song to the All Might cartoon under his breath while he did it.

The All Might cartoon. What a nerd. No, he wasn’t going to acknowledge the fact that he recognized it in the first place.

Izuku shuffled back off, likely to get rid of the cloth and whatever else that didn’t actually matter because Katsuki was completely checked out for the next ten to twelve hours.

He had enough stamina left to get under the covers and shove his face into a pillow, at least.

“Do you want me to help you wash up the rest of the way? I’ll hold you up in the shower.” Izuku questioned, sounding amused.

“Fuck off.” Katsuki mumbled, face half smushed into the pillow. “T’m’rrow.”

“Okay.” Silence. “Should I…?”

“Get the fuck in the bed. Spoon me. And stop talking, Deku.”

“Okay.” He could practically hear the grin in Izuku’s voice.


always the same and never the same, day by day, life after life


The hazy transition between sleep and consciousness was always balanced precariously for Katsuki. He’d been a light sleeper for his entire life, even more so when forced to share a bed with someone. Generally he’d be awake much before his bedmate if they ended up spending the night. Big emphasis on the if.

Which was why it was odd that instead of rousing himself naturally, Katsuki was woken to a soft chuckle near his ear. He tentatively cracked an eye open, trying to piece together the situation.

A eyeful of green greeted him. He scowled, because it seemed like the right thing to do when someone was laughing at you for unknown reasons. “Why are you giggling like an idiot at seven in the morning?”

Izuku smiled sheepishly at being caught. “Oh, I was just thinking that last night you were really pretty and way outta my league but, well. The face you were just making was kinda… ugly?”

Katsuki sat up like he had lightning running through his veins, zero traces of drowsiness to be found. “Did you just call me ugly?”


“That’s still ugly!” He had half a mind to throttle the man. Or maybe just toss his clothes out the window. “You’re a fuckin’—” Katsuki’s mouth clicked shut the second his hazy vision managed to focus on Izuku. His hair was completely flat on one side and curlier than ever on the other. It was awfully sappy of Katsuki to think that the barest hint of sunlight over his freckled skin made him look ethereal.

Izuku followed his lead and sat up. His clothes were scattered haphazardly about the room; there wasn’t exactly any time to fold them up nicely in a corner. One leg swung over the edge of the bed, then the other, and the only thing keeping him decent was a small chunk of the blanket pulled modestly over his lap. “I should probably go. I think it’s prime ‘walk of shame’ hours, you know?” The small laugh he offered sounded nothing like the earnest Izuku of yesterday.

Katsuki thought of his record—the people he’d told to get out without a second glance, the way he’d scoff if someone asked to stay. Younger Katsuki hadn’t been that kinda guy, preferring one night stands to any kind of actual meaningful relationship. He never did feelings and he didn’t particularly care if he hurt anyone else’s.

But now, watching Izuku meander around the room and awkwardly pull last night’s outfit on, Katsuki had to wonder how he’d been so callous. Maybe it was getting older, wiser, maybe it was the therapy—or maybe it was that he’d never found the right person to share the morning with.

He was jarred from his thoughts by Izuku cracking the door open. “Well, uh, last night was fun. Thanks for… um, thanks.”


Izuku stalled, halfway through the doorjamb, which was really great because Katsuki had no idea what he was doing.

“Let me make you breakfast. …If you want.”

The smile that Izuku gave—a real smile—was like a slap to the face with realization.

“Really? You don’t mind?”

“I want to.”

His face softened into something that hatched butterflies in Katsuki’s gut. It was like emotional whiplash for the uninitiated. Katsuki plowed forward with this newfound ‘embracing emotions’ thing before he lost his nerve or turned back into an asshole like Cinderella’s pumpkin at midnight. “And then we could hang out. Or whatever. If you don’t have plans.”

Izuku’s hair honestly looked really stupid—and his shirt was on inside out. There was a stain on his jeans that was probably alcohol but also maybe whipped cream and also also maybe from Katsuki’s shameless performance. The dark circles forming under his eyes betrayed the fact that they’d gotten less than the ideal number of hours of sleep. His breath probably smelled awful from the mixture of alcohol and everything they got up to while the moon was out.

But… Katsuki really, really wanted him to stick around.

“Yeah.” Izuku stepped back into the room and shut the door with a click. “I’d really like that.”