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As Green as the Sea

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“Aye, you sure you’re taken, though?” Harry leans in, resting his head on his hand. 


Lonnie rolls her eyes from across the table, yet she couldn’t resist the urge to smile. “Completely taken .” she giggles. She can’t help it, the boy is extremely charming.  


The pirate then turns his attention towards Lonnie’s friend and begins to make a move on her.



“How long do you think he’ll keep it up?” Gil nudges Uma, two tables down from the one Lonnie, her friends, and Harry were sitting at. 


“Don’t know, don’t care,” Uma mutters from beside her blonde friend, aggressively tapping at the new cellphone Evie had insisted they’d get. Apparently, it’s the quickest way to communicate with others or something like that; Uma doesn’t remember exactly what the chirpy girl had said, all she knows is that she has no idea how to work this damn thing.  


Gil’s brows furrow, “Why not?” he pouts, staining the corner of his mouth with ketchup. Chicken nuggets tasted a whole lot better now that they’ve been allowed to eat food from Auradon. “I thought you liked Harry?” he frowns.


Uma’s neck snaps in his direction. “The hell you talkin’ about, Gil?” she looks at him as if he’s just said the most bizarre thing in the world. “I don’t like Harry? What’s wrong with you, man?”


“Oh,” Gil looks down at his box of nearly empty chicken nuggets as his bottom lip sticks out a bit. He knows he’s never really been the ‘brightest’, as many have told him, but he had always assumed that Uma and Harry had been a ‘thing’, or at least something. Maybe he had been wrong this whole time?


He looks over at her, again. There’s a crinkle in between her eyebrows as she stares dully at her phone, continuously tapping at the screen. After a few seconds, she finally grows tired and just lets the phone drop on the table. “Ugh, I’m going to kill Evie!” she grunts.


“I heard my name!” Evie chirps on over happily, dropping her tray onto the table and taking a seat across from the two pirates. “So, what’s going on?!” she smiles, brightly.


“Uma’s upset,” Gil speaks before his captain can.


“Oh, no. Why?” Evie’s smile instantly shifts.


“This stupid-”


“I think she’s sad about Harry-” Gil cuts her off, looking down at his chicken nuggets, again.


Evie’s brows furrow. “Wait, why are you sad about Harry? Did he do something?” 


Uma smacks Gil’s arm. “Shut up, Gil.”


Evie glances back at Harry, who had his arms over Julia and Riley, before looking back at Uma. “Does it have something to do with him talking up Lonnie’s friends, over there?” she gestures back towards the group of teens with her eyes. 


Uma follows her eyes, turning around and catching sight of him with his arms around the two giggling friends. He catches her eye from across the food court and instantly retracts his arms from around the two teens. She turns forward and scoffs “Not at all. Don’t listen to him,” she points at Gil with her thumb. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”


“You sure?” the blonde questions, hesitantly.


Yes, Gil.”


“But are you really sure?” Evie pitches in, quirking an eyebrow. 


If looks could kill, they’d both be six feet under now. “I am. ” 


Evie hums, her eyes narrowing on her for a bit. “Why are you upset, then?”


“Because of this stupid phone you made me buy!” Uma huffs out, gesturing towards the device. “I don’t even know how to work the damn thing!”


“Don’t worry, you’ll grow to love it once you get the hang of it,” the blue-haired girl assures. 


Uma snorts, “Doubt it,”


“Learn to love what, aye?” Harry appears beside Uma, swinging an arm around her shoulder as he occupies the seat next to hers. 


Moments like these have always been natural between them, so Uma finds herself a bit taken aback when her heart rate begins to speed up of nowhere. 


He just took me by surprise, she tries to convince herself. 


“Uma’s new cellphone,” Evie says, tearing off the seal from her salad. 


Harry chuckles a bit before turning his head to face her. “If ya ever feel like smashing that rotten thing, I wouldn’t blame ya! Mine wouldn’t stop ringing so I just slammed the thing with my sword until it shut up!”


Evie chokes on the lettuce, “I’m sorry,” she says, bringing her hand above her chest. “Did you really break that new, expensive iPhone that Ben bought for you?” she’s horrified.


Harry leans back in his chair, “What?! The guy’s rich and handsome, he’ll live!” 


“Hey, at least you didn’t drop yours in the toilet!” Gil laughs as all three of them turned their heads to face him, each wearing their own disgusted expressions.


Evie nearly has a heart attack upon hearing this. “Well that’s canceled!” she clasps her hands together. “Please tell me you at least pulled that beautiful, golden, waterproof phone out of the toilet before you flushed.”


“Oh. They’re waterproof?”


Evie’s left eye twitches a bit as Gil looks around the table confused. “Nevermind,” she says.


“Speaking of beautiful…” Harry leans forward, grinning at the girl across the table. 


She holds her hand up, putting a stop to his advances. “Still taken,” she reminds him.


Harry laughs, leaning back against the chair. “What about you?” his attention is back on Uma, a smirk playing on his lips. “Are you taken?”


Uma scoffs, pulling away, causing his arm to drop from around her shoulder. “Shut up, Harry,” she tells him, grabbing ahold of her cellphone and tapping at it again, trying to ignore the weird knots in her stomach. She tries not to think much of the way she sees his smile drop from the corner of her eye.


She can’t help but wonder where this sudden rupture inside of her came from. It’s not like this is the first time Harry’s been affectionate towards her. 


“If ya want, I can help ya figure out how to use that stupid ol’ thing,” Harry suggests, leaning towards her again.


Uma’s head snaps in his direction, her brows furrowing a bit. “I thought you said you smashed yours?”


He shrugs, “So? I could always learn for ya.” he suggests, a small smile playing on his lips.


For a moment, Uma considers this. Maybe they could learn together? “Alright-” she’s interrupted by her first mate’s name being called out by a trio of teens passing by their table.


“Hey, Harry!”


“Sup, Harry!” 


“Lookin’ good, Harry!”


They greet him as they walk by.


Uma feels herself tense as she watches Harry turn his attention towards the passing trio, flashing them a toothy grin and a flirty greeting. 


This isn’t anything new, she reminds herself. He’s always like this.


Still, she can’t help but huff out as she rises from her seat, dramatically scooting her chair back as she does so. “You know what, nevermind.” she scoffs. “I’ll figure this out on my own,” and she begins to storm off.


“Wait, where are you going?” Evie calls out after her.


“You didn’t even finish your fish sticks!” Gil adds.


She briefly turns for a moment, her eyes scanning the three of them, landing on Harry last. He wears a puzzled expression as he looks up at her with wide eyes. For a second, Uma almost allows herself to melt under his gaze. She quickly snaps out of it when she looks back at the trio of teens glancing over at Harry from afar.


She scoffs again, “I lost my appetite!” she tells them before turning back around and proceeding to storm off.



Harry can’t seem to wrap his mind around what’s been going between him and his captain recently. Any attempt he makes to get closer to her, she continuously dodges.


Did he do something wrong?


He can’t help but wonder that for the rest of the day. She just seems so distant lately. 


Could all that time they spent apart actually be taking a toll on their relationship? He’ll admit, upon reuniting with his captain, he instantly noticed a shift in their relationship.


For one, they were more affectionate than usual. Hugs were a rarity back in the Isle, but once in Auradon, he noticed that it became something they started to do more frequently. However, ever since the day that she curved their almost kiss, he’s noticed a strain in their relationship.


Had he crossed the line?


Did he go too far?


Did he make her uncomfortable?


These worries eat him up as he sits alone at the beach that evening, taking in the glistening sea before him. Back on the Isle, the sea never looked as big and as magnificent as it does right now. It calms him, a bit.


“Hey, you!” he hears a familiar voice from the side.


Harry turns and catches sight of the beautiful lass he danced with days ago, on the day the barrier was removed. “Adrianna?” he tries his best to remember her name, given that their prior interaction had been short and simple.


“Audrey,” she corrects him, carefully bringing herself to sit on the sand beside him. “Well, Princess Audrey if you wanna get technical,” she smiles to herself for a bit, before it instantly drops upon seeing Harry’s face. “Woah, who died?”


Harry turns to face her, “What?” he questions, wearing a perplexed expression.


“Frowning causes wrinkles, you know?” she tries to ease the very tense atmosphere she had just entered.


He doesn’t seem to get it, though. “What?”


“Wow,” Audrey whispers to herself, before turning her attention back on her hopefully new friend. “I’m just trying to ask you what’s wrong.”


Harry’s brows scrunch together, “Really?” he questions; he genuinely hadn’t noticed.


“Yeah,” Audrey cringes a bit as she sighs. “I don’t blame you for not noticing, I’m not really good when it comes to emotions- or so I’m told at least.”


Harry sighs, allowing himself to fall back against the sand. “Don’t worry, that makes two of us!”


Audrey copies his actions, laying down, looking up to face the barely visible sun. “Could your unhappy mood have anything to do with Uma?”


He side-eyes her, “How do you know Uma?” he challenges, raising an eyebrow.


“Who doesn’t know Uma?” Audrey fires back.


“Fair point.”


“So are you like this because of her?” she asks again.


He doesn’t know how to answer that. “What makes ya say that?”


“Well, not to sound like a total stalker, but I’ve kinda been watching you and by default, I’ve pretty much witnessed a lot of your interactions with her recently, and not to further ruin your mood, but they haven’t exactly been the best.”


Harry’s eyes jolt in her direction. “Uh, I don’t know what you Auradon Kids consider stalking ‘round here love, but you ‘watching’ me kinda does sound a lot like it!”


Audrey cringes again. “I know. I’m sorry. It’s just been really hard being around anyone these last couple of days. Everyone either looks at me with pity or with fear and I’ve just really been in the mood for a friend. I mean, even Chad looks at me that way-”


“You thought we were friends?” Harry cuts her off; there’s no malice in his tone, though, just confusion. He hasn’t really made any new friends around here yet, they’ve all been too busy trying to flirt with him.


“Well, yeah, right?” she tries. “I mean, we got along pretty well at Ben and Mal’s engagement party.”


“Huh,” Harry breathes out, nodding. “Friends.” he tastes the word before shrugging. It’s not like he wouldn’t mind making a friend who actually just wanted to be friends and nothing more. “Alright, we’re friends.”


Audrey smiles before turning to face him. “You know friends ask each other ‘what’s wrong?’, right?” she tries again. “So are you going to tell me what happened with you and Uma that’s got you so down? I mean, I know it may not seem like it, but I might be able to give some pretty good relationship advice!”


Harry lets out a sad laugh. “No, we’re not- we’re not in a relationship.” he shakes his head.


Audrey seems surprised by this. “Wait, seriously?”


“We’re just really good mates,” Harry clarifies, his lips for a thin line. “Best mates, that’s it.”


“Oh?” Audrey chuckles to herself. “That’s good, then, I guess.”


“Good?” he asks in disbelief.


“Uh, yeah,” she speaks in a ‘duh’ tone. “That means I don’t have to smack you in the head for being a dumb boy!”


Harry’s mouth falls open slightly, before shaking his head once more. “I’m sorry, I don’t follow, love?”


“Maybe the ‘dumb boy’ part is true?” she comments to herself, before further elaborating upon seeing the pirate’s perplexed expression. “See, because I thought Uma was your girlfriend, I was going to advise you to stop flirting with every single living being in sight, because she clearly doesn’t like that.”


The crease on Harry’s brows deepens, “What makes ya think Uma cares?” he questions, a hint of sadness in his tone as he remembers how she’s been curving all of his advances. “She doesn’t like me like that .”


“And you’re so sure of that?”


“Yes!” he insists. “I’m nothing more than her first mate, really!”


Audrey hums. “Well, I don’t know about that. She sure does seem to get a little too upset any time you flirt with someone,” she tells him with a shrug. “If she really wasn’t interested in you, then there’s no reason for her to get upset at all!”


When she sees his puzzled expression still in place, she adds “I’m gonna let you think about that for a bit,” before turning her attention back towards the peaking stars above.


Uma gets upset when she sees him flirting with others? No! The princess has to be seeing things, right?


He then stops to think about how Uma rejected their almost kiss after he had just finished teasing about being interested in Mal and Evie. He also remembers seeing her steal back a few glances at him whenever he was talking to Mulan’s daughter and her friends. Then how she yanked herself away from his arm when he began to tease Evie again and how she rejected his offer to hang out later after the trio of teens, whose names he can’t even remember honestly, had passed by, despite the fact that she had already agreed to it prior to them passing.


“Holy shi-”


“Language.” Audrey cuts him off by clearing her throat.


His eyes widen as he turns to face his new friend. “I’ve made her upset!” he exclaims in realization.


“No, shit!” Audrey mentally facepalms. Boys, she thinks as she shakes her head.


Harry does a quick double-take, “Wait, why do’ya only get to curse and not me?”


Audrey shrugs, “Just wanted to see if you’d listen to me,” she replies simply. “That’s beside the point, though! Back to you and Uma!”


“W-Well, what do I do now?” he finds himself stammering at the thought of his captain possibly returning the feelings he feels for her. 


“Evidently, you have to stop flirting with every single person you come across.”


Harry nods as he takes in this information. He’s willing to take all the help he can get. “Stop flirting, got it!”


“And then- you just tell her how you feel,” the princess says, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


“That’s- it?” he finds himself slightly disappointed. He was hoping for a more detailed plan in which she told him what to do.


Audrey laughs, “Well, I mean, how else are you supposed to get with her?”


He sits up straight, holding his knees in his arms. “Ya really think I can do this?” he asks, the doubt was evident his tone.


“Well not if you keep sitting here talking to me!” she suddenly jolts up and shoves him forward, causing him to rise to his feet. “Off you go! Shoo!”


Harry turns back to look at her as he stumbles to his feet. “Did ya really just ‘shoo’ me away as if I were a bloody fly?” he’s almost impressed.


“Yes,” Audrey states firmly. “Now stop stalling and go get the girl, dummy.”


Oddly enough, that’s all he needs to get his confidence up and running. Just as he’s about to dash towards Uma’s temporary residence, he stops. “Hey Adrian!” he calls back to the girl.


Her head jerks up to look at him, “Audrey!” she corrects him, again.


A teasing smile forms on his face, “I know,” he tells her. “Just wanted to let ya know that if ya ever feel in need of a friend or whatever, I’m sure the rest of the crew wouldn’t mind having ya around.”


A hint of a smile appears on the princess’ face as she gives him a small nod. “Now go!”


After that, she doesn’t have to tell him twice.




Third-wheeling is such a pain.


Uma came to realize this as she sat across from Ben and Mal who were supposed to be there to discuss future plans on dealing with the still very vengeful villains and those who wanted to start fresh. They did, for a while at least, before things got all mushy.


They were sitting at a round, wooden table at the beach. Ben didn’t feel like working in the office today, because apparently “it’s too beautiful a day to waste!”


Well, the day is beautiful. She’ll give him that.


Upon seeing Ben lean down to kiss Mal’s cheek, Uma feels the urgent need to leave. “Well, as fun as this has been, I believe that’s my cue to leave!”


“Wait, no, we’re just about to wrap things up, right babe?” Mal stops her.


“Yeah, totally!” Ben acts as if he was not just being all mushy and gross right in front of her.


“You sure? Because it looked like you two were just about to start eating each other’s faces right in front of me!”


“We were not!” Mal’s cheeks grow a taint of pink.


“Yeah, besides, it was just a small peck! We’re in love! What did you expect?”


“A bit of professionalism,” Uma sasses back, only partially joking.


They take it lightly, especially Ben, who takes this as an invitation to direct the conversation towards her. “C’mon, Uma, you’re telling me Harry’s never kissed your cheek just because?”


His teasing smile is replaced by a puzzled expression when Mal nudges him, gently. “What?”


Uma finds herself stiffening at the king’s comment and he instantly notices that.


“What? What did I say?” he looks back and forth between the two girls, remorse evident in his tone.


“They’re not dating,” Mal leans in to whisper, failing terribly to be discreet. 


Ben’s eyes nearly pop out of his head as they lock with Uma’s, who gives him a tight smile. “Oh, I’m sorry!” he’s quick to apologize. “I just thought- since you know, the way he acts with you that he-” he fumbles with his words. “Nevermind.”


Uma assumes he’s talking about her first mate’s flirtatious nature and decides to clarify. “He acts that way with everybody. Nothing special about me.” she shrugs.


“Eh, I don’t know about that?” this time it’s Mal who can’t bite back her tongue.


A smirk plays on Uma’s lips, “Does Her Majesty think she knows everything now that she’s engaged to the king?”


“Absolutely!” Mal doesn’t take her bait, she knew her well enough to know that this was Uma’s attempt to shift the conversation in a different direction. “Isn’t that right, babe?”


“One hundred percent,” Ben agrees.


“Whatever,” Uma scoffs, leaning back against the chair with her arms crossed.


The two lovers share a look before turning back to face her. “Ben isn’t the only one who thinks you two are dating, you know that, right?”


Uma remains unphased, “It’s a common misconception,” she responds as if it meant nothing to her. “Still doesn’t change the fact that Harry is like that with everyone.”


“And yet, the way he looks at you is different from the way he looks at everyone else.” Ben points out.


Uma’s glare shifts towards him. “It’s called respect ,” she insists, her tone hard.


“Yet, it seems like more than that,” Ben continues to challenge.


“But it isn’t,”  


“But are you really sure it isn’t?”




Completely sure?”


“Mal, I’m about to throw your boyfriend into the ocean,” Uma threatens, her eyes still glaring at the king.


Ben only chuckles at that, “Look, all I’m saying is that maybe you should give him a chance? Ask him what it means?”


“Hard pass,” Uma says.


“Uma!” she hears a familiar accent calling out to her in the distance. Her head instantly turns in the direction that it’s coming from.


“And speak of the devil!” Mal exclaims as she eyes the running pirate. He seemed to be coming from the other side of the beach.


This time, it’s Ben who nudges Mal. “Uh, Mal, isn’t it about time we head in? My parents are probably wondering where we are.”


“Oh, definitely!” Mal is instantly on her feet. 


“You don’t mind collecting these papers for us, would you?” Ben gives her an innocent smile.


One that Uma returns, except hers, is definitely not genuine. “You two are annoying,” she tells them.


“Have fun!” Mal calls back, as she and Ben head towards the palace, their arms linked together.


So annoying, she mentally adds.




“Uma! Hey!” it takes Harry a whole minute to finally reach her. “I’ve been lookin’ for ya!” he sounds out of breath.


Uma doesn’t even look up at him as she takes her time to collect all the papers the royal pains had left behind. “Why?” she hums indifferently. “Your new friends too busy for you?”


“What new friends? I don’t have any new- actually, wait scratch that! Turns out I do have a new friend, you know her, actually! She’s cool!” 


She lets out a dry laugh, “Well, why don’t you go bother her, then?”


Harry’s face falters a bit. “Uma, why are ya upset?” his tone goes soft.


“Who’s upset?” Uma shrugs. “I’m not. I just don’t feel like talking to you right now, Harry.”


He does his best to ignore the feeling of his heart being jabbed repeatedly with a sword. “Why not?”


“I don’t know,” Uma tries to keep her voice hard. “Why don’t you go ask one of your new friends? You seem to love spending more time with them, recently!”


Audrey’s words replay in his head, reminding him that the reason Uma was upset is because she didn’t like how he flirted with everyone else, especially not in front of her. He reminds himself of this to keep going. “That’s not true,” he tells her. “I’d much rather be with you.”


Uma scoffs, “Could’ve fooled me!” the memory of him hanging around Lonnie and her friends is still very fresh in her mind.


“I know it hasn’t seemed that way, but it’s true!” he insists. “For a long time now, I’ve wanted nothing more than to just be with you.”


She stops what she’s doing and turns to face him, not sure how to interpret his words. “Well, you’re with me now,” she points out.


“That’s not what I mean,” his voice goes low as he inches towards her.


Uma backs up a bit, “Then what do you mean?” her voice grows quiet, as well.


Harry stops inching towards her just as he’s about towering over her. “I think ya know what I mean,” he whispers, his heart pounding against his chest.


Uma swallows hard upon realizing how close he’s gotten. The short distance between them is nothing new, it’s just, they’ve never been like this with each other; not like they were now, at least. 


She shakes her head. “I-I don’t.” If she were in any other situation right now, she’d cringe at herself for stuttering. Right now, though, that’s the last thing on her mind.


“Uma,” the way he says her name is so soothing, she finds her breath slipping away. He reaches down for her hands, “I think you know how I feel about ya, I’ve made that pretty clear.”


Before she can protest, he continues. “I like you, Uma. I have for a really, really long time,” though the words are simple, they’re true. If he could think of a better way to express them towards her, he would in a heartbeat. But there’s only so much an Isle Kid can do. He’s willing to give it a shot, though. “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on, but ya know that. You’re like a breath of fresh air for me, but ya know that. There’s also no one else in the world that holds me, poor, rotten, ol’ heart the way you do and I’d hope that you’d know that already.”


Uma feels a lump on her throat upon hearing his words. Her heart could just explode.


“You do know that, don’t ya?”


Though her breath hitches a bit, she tries to keep her composure. “You sure you wouldn’t much rather be with one of your little friends?” 


And a small smile plays on his lips. “There’s no one I’d rather be with than with you,” he tells her, his tone dead serious.


Uma can’t fight back the smile that spreads across her face upon hearing that. “Is that so?” she quirks an eyebrow, keeping her voice light.


“I can prove it to ya, if you’d let me.” it’s as if a light bulb appeared above his head.


She hums, feeling his breath on her face. “I don’t know if you can?” she tilts her head a bit.


“Can I try?” he asks, not wanting to do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.


She inches towards him a bit more, “I don’t know, can you?”


Harry finds himself getting a bit flustered, whether she’s testing him or now, he can’t tell. All he knows is that he’s determined so holds his ground. “May I?” he rephrases.


Just then, a wicked smile forms on her face. “Catch me and find out,” she breathes against his lips, causing him to lose track of all thoughts.


“What?” he questions, his tone in a daze.


Before he knows it, she drops the collected papers on the table as she takes off running. It takes him a second or two to recollect his senses before he begins chasing after her.


He feels a thrill rushing through him as he tails behind her, feeling all the tension and pressure lift from his shoulders. 


She keeps a steady distance from him as she runs around the sand, the wind pushing back her hair as the sunset kissed her skin. She’s absolutely marvelous and he’s completely enamored by her. Harry has to keep himself in check to prevent himself from stopping just to stare at her.


Somehow, he eventually loses his sandals somewhere in the sand, making it easier for him to speed up. 


He’s nearly got her. Literally, his fingers are just about tracing the skin of her wrist when she suddenly lost her balance and falls to her side, letting out a foreign squeal as she does so.


Harry uses this to his advantage as he allows himself to drop right above her, holding himself up with his hands to keep him from crushing her. “You alright, love?” is the first thing he asks before even thinking about mentioning that he had caught her.


Uma looks up at him, feeling her cheeks grow warm as she takes in their position. “I-I’ve been worse,” she tells him. “Looks like you caught me.”


“That, I did.” he smiles softly.


“I guess that means you can prove whatever it is that you want to prove,” she speaks slowly.


“Only with your permission, captain,” he says, quietly.


She gulps, wondering if he can hear the banging of her heart. “Permission granted.”


And yet, just as he’s about to lean in, he feels himself overpowered with a wave of doubt. 


He wants this , he wants this more than anything, but what if she doesn’t? 


What if she’s expecting him to do something else? Like a grand declaration or something? 


What if she’s not ready to kiss him? Has she even kissed anyone before? What if she doesn’t want him to be her first kiss? 


And if she does, then what if he’s not a good enough first kiss? What if he makes this uncomfortable for her?


What if-


“Oh, for crying out loud!” Uma exclaims as she reaches for the collar of his shirt, pulling him towards her after he clearly wasn’t getting the hint that she wanted him to kiss her.


Within an instant, their lips meet, and Harry lets out a sigh as he tries to balance himself with one hand, to use the other to caress the soft skin on her face. 


She pulls back a bit, their lips still touching. “Was that okay?” she asks, tentatively.


“Far from it,” Harry tells her as he leans down for another. “It was incredible,” and after learning how exceptional the experience was, he kisses her again, wanting to feel whatever warm sensation he feels inside for the rest of his life.