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【 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐉𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐱 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐛 𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐚𝐫 】

Naib moaned as he fingered himself underneath the covers. His trousers and hoodie long forgotten on the manor's crimson-carpeted floors as he chased down his own pleasure in the dimly lit room.

Now, you may be asking why he's doing something so shameless as to masturbate in one of the manor's chambers, but in his defense, it's not everyday that all of his friends are busy and out and about in the fields, looking for clues about the mansion. Seeing as he has the manor all to himself for the whole day, Naib decided that it has been long enough since the last time he relieved himself.

The past few days have been rough on him. The hunters are growing stronger and stronger by the second and it's always up to him to save his teammates whenever they are in a tight spot. Decoding ciphers as of late have become more of a chore and means of survival as opposed to a challenge.

Now, challenges, he loves very much ... but unfortunately for him, things have taken a turn towards Frustrating Territory with the last few battles he was in.

He was always the one doing the saving, but whenever it is him that is in danger, his teammates are quick to tattletail and leave him behind at the hunters' disposal. There's just no justice.

He let out an inward sigh upon remembering his predicament during the past few days. With all the stress he's getting, he really needed this.

Fingers picking up in speed, he screamed in pleasure as his fingers hit that especially sensitive spot inside of him. Stray tears cascading down his cheeks, saliva dripping from the corner of his lips, legs spreaded and dripping with lube and pre-cum from his fast thrusting. The usually stoic and composed mercenary was quite the sight to behold looking like this.

He looked absolutely vulgar. Not only is he doing something so unspeakable, he also forgot to lock his door - as fate would have it. Had he known he'd end up in this state then would've had half the mind to lock it in the first place.

Just how would one of his friends react if they were to see him in such a perverse state..?


For some odd reason, the thought only served to turn him on more. Instead of deterring him from continuing his ministations, it only made him harder than he originally was. Mewling loudly, he dipped his fingers in deeper.

'He wanted more. He wanted to go even deeper.' Were his thoughts as he let out a frustrated moan when he couldn't reach the spot he is looking for.

"F-fuck! Ah ah! Haㅡ"

"What a lovely sight we have here." An icy, but smooth voice filled his ears, snapping him off of his reverie. Swiftly looking at the direction of the voice, his vision landed on the window beside his bed. He paled, fingers pausing from their haist. Right before him is the last person he wanted to see.

Jack the Ripper is sitting on his window sill: Cross-legged, smirking, and enjoying the show.

At that moment, he felt as if his whole body went from cold to burning hot in a matter of seconds. What in the world is a hunter doing in the manor?!?

Swiftly covering his exposed body, he forced a glare at Jack's direction, who is merely smiling playfully at what he just saw.

"You've got some explaining to do, you freakshow." He grumbled as he marched over to where Jack is, draping a blanket over his naked form.

"Just what the FUCK are you doing here, Jack?!" Naib asked, jabbing an accusatory finger at him. The look of utter incredulousness and humiliation plastered all over his slowly reddening face.

"Aww. There's no need for you to he so bent out of shape, dearest. I am merely appreciating the beautiful view."

"Beautiful view my ass! You were creeping up on me, you pervㅡ"

"Do you really think that you still have the right to call me a "perv" when you are the one doing something this..." Jack paused, slowly looking at Naib's form from top to bottom suggestively. "indulgent?" He continued, stating it with that grating sing-song voice of his.

Jack chuckled. The taller man was clearly enjoying the fiery red blush that crept up on Naib's face after his insinuation.

"I-it's not like that..!" Naib said in a hushed tone, embarrassed that he got caught. His accusing finger lowering slightly as he averted his eyes in shame.

Oh, how Jack loves it when the young mercenary gets like this. Indeed, he adores him when he is his usual confident and exuberant self, but seeing how deliciously vulnerable he can be at times is such a bliss and honestly...

It makes him want to fuck him to oblivion. Against any surface, furniture, or walling until he's reduced to a moaning mess who could only cry out his name in unbridled pleasure.

The mere thought of it sent torrents of excitement throughout his body. A tent already formed on his slacks at the thought of the mercenary moaning against the beat of his thrusts.

Jack may pride himself for being a man of self-control and discipline, but when it comes to the young mercenary, all his reservations and reasoning always seem to jump right out the window. He simply can't control himself.

"Say, dearest... Aren't you going to let me in?" The ripper said, cocking his head to the side. His voice feigning innocence.

"Give me a reason why I should do that." Naib rebutted, glaring daggers at the man before him.

Jack could only smirk at the wary boy. He tries to look intimidating, but his cheeks that are still damp from the tears of pleasure and his still trembling body from the earlier tryst with his fingers are a dead giveaway. The mercenary's glare is not exactly as effective he intends it to be.

Oh, how Jack could give him something more... Something far better than those fingers of his.

"Come here and find out." He challenged, licking his lips from within his mask.

At that, Naib gulped before slowly walking towards the ripper and unlatching his window open, giving access for Jack to enter.

"There. I've already let you in. Now, whaㅡ MMMF!" Before Naib could even say something more, his lips were ravaged by the taller man's skilled mouth. Exploring every corner and cavern of his mouth was that ... that traitorous tongue dominating his. The mercenary could only moan into the kiss as Jack positioned his thigh in between Naib's legs. Both of their members rubbing against each other in a sinful dance.

Soon enough, the blanket covering Naib's body joined Jack's mask on the floor.

Naib's soaked member against the ripper's clothed one feels too good. Had Naib been more honest with himself, he would've admitted to the pleasure brought about by Jack's kiss was greater than his fingers.

Naib could only mewl as Jack continued violating his lips. This wasn't like any of the kisses he had in the past. Sure, Naib has indeed locked lips with a lot of wonderful women back in the day, but this time, it is different. He could actually feel himself melting against the kiss and losing himself into his aggressor's lips.

He would even go as far as to say that it made him see stars.

... Yet again, this is the combatant we are talking about. It would be a blow against his pride to admit that the reaper's kiss is making his heart hammer against his chest.

At the lack of air to breathe, Naib pushed Jack away to create a semblance of space between the both of them. Well, save for the string of saliva connecting their tongues when they pulled away.

The mercenary panted, clearly very turned on from what just happened. As if the sweat forming on his forehead and neck, red cheeks, and twitching member were to go by. He wanted to be fucked.


Not wasting any chance, he grabbed Jack by the collar and pushed him to the bed. Jack was pretty shocked in the beginning, but his surprised face slowly melted to a smirk as he caught on what the other was doing.

"Did my kiss turn you on that much?" He waggled a brow suggestively to which Naib just rolled his eyes to.

"Shut up and just do what you came here for." The mercenary gritted out curtly.

At that, Jack chuckled. "Right down to business. I like that." Naib tried his hardest not to pout and instead, masked it with a scowl. The hunter knows how he hated being teased.

"Quite the impatient one, are you? Are you sure you don't want me to prepare you firㅡ hh." Before Jack could even finish what he's saying, Naib had already zipped down his slacks and positioned himself on the tip of the his cock.

"My entrance is wet with lube as it is. I don't need preparation." Naib spoke tauntingly. "Don't tell me you can't go through with it afterall?" Faux confidence lacing his voice, cockiness written all over his face. He smugly smirked down at Jack.

"What? Getting cold feet?" He goaded.

Who does this hunter think he is? He may be bottoming this time around, but he'll be taking the lead. No hunter could have him. Hell, nobody could dominate him even if they tried and that's a fact.

But as if reading his mind, Jack smirked back at Naib cruelly. Slowly sitting up, he tucked a few strands of hair behind Naib's ear and leaned in. "Oh, really?" He said, voice dropping down in octaves. Breath tickling Naib's neck and making him shiver a bit at their sudden closeness.

Naib was about to say a scathing retort, but his words died in his lips when Jack slammed him hard and firm against his throbbing cock. The action ellicited a loud scream from Naib as his sweet spot has been penetrated so suddenly.

Naib's smirk vanished just as quickly as it came when Jack thrusted into him ruthlessly. Tears fell from his baby blue eyes as he moaned loudly from the pain and pleasure.

He's moaning as if he's in heat. He shouldn't have provoked Jack.

"Jack, d-don't! S-soㅡ ah aH! Bigㅡ AH! I'M SORRY! I-I'M AH!"

"Why are you apologizing?" Jack played coy, smiling at the crying Naib so innocently all the while pounding against him at such a sinful speed. It was clear now that he didn't like the stunt Naib pulled earlier.

The sound of wet skin and moans of pleasure bounced against the walls, filling the big room. Naib isn't going to last long this way.

"I'mㅡ AH! G-going to come!"

"Not so fast." Jack tutted, pushing his thumb at the tip of Naib's member, making him cry out because of the unreleased pleasure.

"P-please! I feel so full, Jack. Ohㅡ ah! I need to cum!" He sobbed.

Jack groaned playfully, "God, I love it when you say please."

"This isn't the tine to joke aroUNㅡ AH AH~ AH!!"

"Cum before I do and we're doing it till morning. Deal?" Jack taunted mischievously all the while thrusting his cock inside Naib at such a fast, gruelling pace. Oh, how he wishes the shape and size of his member will bore itself within Naib so deep, he would never forget who owns him.

Jack may be pounding him at such a merciless pace, but Naib still screamed in ecstasy. He is feeling too good, it terrified him.

The ripper then gripped Naib's waist. He could already feel bruises decorating that area in the morning. 'It would be so hard to run from Geisha for tomorrow's round.' He rationalized before all of his thoughts vanished into nothingness as Jack kept successfully hitting that sweet sweet spot inside him with no fail - and at such a fast speed at that. Naib could only cry in pleasure as it took him all of his power to will himself not to cum.

"Y-you're a fucking asshole." He muttered in between moans before his lips were once again claimed by the tall reaper in a passionate kiss.

But unlike earlier, this one was really slow and gentle. Sultry, but mellow and deep. It made Naib moan harder against Jack's lips. His thighs unintentionally widened more because of the intense pleasure raking his body, making his back arch and toes curl.

Naib's body is trembling too much from the overflowing pleasure that he doesn't notice that he's already bouncing himself on Jack's lap without needing the help of the other man's hands guiding his hips. Jack groaned into the kiss as Naib dropped himself a bit too deep on his member. Whimpering adorably as he does so.

God, Naib is driving Jack crazy and he isn't even aware of it.

Jack tightened his hold against Naib's already bruising waist, making the younger soldier grind deeply and intently against his cock. Member spearing in even deeper against Naib's insides.

Letting out a long, erotic-sounding moan, Naib broke the kiss, begging the man before him one last time. "J-Jack..?"

Lapping up the saliva that dripped on the corner of Naib's lips, Jack paused his ministations. "Yes, my love?"

He asked, panting between each word. His voice sounded calm, but his heaving chest said otherwise. It looks like he could cry soon.

"Please let me cum." Naib said, trying not to hiccup. His eyes are wet with moisture, resolve ready to break at any given moment as he stared deeply at the reaper's eyes.

And with that, the reaper growled.

Who gave this lad the right to look this beautiful in front of him? How DARE he look at him with those tearful eyes and make him feel guilty for what he's doing? It's just truly unfair. Can't he see that he's trying to teach him a lessonㅡ

Gritting his teeth, Jack picked up his pace, making sure to hit all of Naib's sweet places and making him scream in immense pleasure.

With one final thrust, Naib came undone. His cum splattered against both their stomachs, while Jack came inside the mercenary. His fluids dripping from Naib's entrance.

Naib silently moaned before pulling out of Jack's cock with an audible pop, the hunter's cum gushing out of his entrance and dribbling on his thighs.


Both panted hard, exhausted from their intense love making and relishing in their post coital glow. Naib lifted a shaky, trembling hand to grab unto Jack's shoulder for support, their warm breaths dancing against each other.

Naib looked up at the man before him, still panting. His kiss-swollen lips are slightly parted, but still begging to be devoured.

"Did I make you feel good, dear Naib?" Naib could only nod before resting his head against Jack's neck. The ripper felt so much heat against his collarbone that he guessed that Naib must be blushing from what just happened between the both of them.

Jack chuckled fondly before lifting Naib's head up and cupping his cheeks lovingly. Staring right at his baby blue eyes, he relished in the way Naib averted his gaze before looking back at his amber-coloured ones. Giving him a smile, he dipped forward giving him a kiss.

After another one.

And another one.

But this time, more languid and passionate. Scraping his tongue against Naib's lips gently, Naib opened his mouth slightly for entrance, giving Jack the silent permission to dominate his mouth and kiss him deep.

And honestly... if the kiss didn't feel so amazing, he would have noticed the feminine figure lurking behind his bedroom door.

Behind his door was non other than the priestess, Fiona, blushing hard and nursing a nosebleed.

Fanning herself, she whispered, "I knew it."

She giggled under her breath before running off to Martha's room. She has some tea to spill.