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Whats your sign

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Momiji-> to -> arsonists 


Momiji: I made us a group chat 

Hatsuharu: sweet 

Machi: this is a mistake 

Momiji: lolllll 

Momiji: I still can’t get over how we got out of being suspended 

Machi: it wasn’t really our faults … maybe a little

Momiji: lol it totally was I asked if you wanted to set our work on fire to get out of it and you said yes and threw it 

Machi: you asked me


Machi: your handwriting is too neat but yea I did do that 

Hatsuharu: machi you’re an enabler you know that 

Momiji: lollll 

Machi: I’m certified in enabling  yes

Hatsuharu: I- 

Momiji: hatsuharu you should just ditch your chem partner and join us 

Machi: yea we need supervision

Momijj: whjdjdjd yea 

Hatsuharu: I will ask our teacher actually sounds lit 

Hatsuharu: I’ll add the supervision part 


Hatsuharu: she said yes omg we are great at manipulating the system 

Machi: fuck authority

Hatsuharu: fuck yeahh 



momiji: just kidding that is illegal 

Hatsuharu: May I repeat: fuck authority

Machi: may I repeat: illegal 

Momiji: skjdjdjjdd yea I don’t wanna got to jail 

Hatsuharu: true you know what they’ll do to guys like you in prison?

Momiji: HARU WTF 

Machi: lol 

Momiji: I would have thought you do the hahahas like yuki 

Machi: only old people do that 

Momiji: I- 

Hatsuharu: lol

Hatsuharu -> to -> yuki 


Hatsuharu: your girlfriend is approved by me 

Yuki: haha okay? 

Yuki what is with you and momiji 

Yuki: what makes you say that 

Hatsuharu: she’s cool 

Yuki: because she set a fire? 

Hatsuharu: she technically did do that but to be fair it was momijis idea 

Yuki: elaborate 

Hatsuharu: it’s a long story anyway the three of us are buddies now :) 

Yuki: that smile is very unnerving 

Yuki-> to -> machi


Yuki: why does hatsuharu admire you all the sudden 

Yuki: what happened??

Machi: what 

Machi: I don’t think I would say admire but I think we’re friends now? 

Machi: I can’t really tell tho you know me 

Yuki: yeah I understand what you mean 

Yuki: also I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way I’m happy you get along 

Machi: I didn’t I knew what you meant you’re just confused because all the sudden your whole family is in on this other thing they didn’t know about or were part of 

Yuki: that’s exactly it 

Yuki: hold on I’m gonna call you 

Machi: kk 

Tohru-> to -> Kyo 


Tohru: i have two things 

Tohru: one: I miss u 

Tohru: two plzzzz bring me back chicken nuggets 

Kyo: okay I’ve been gone for three hours 

Kyo: also what sauces 

Tohru: omg yayyy uh honey mustard and ketchup 

Kyo: frys? 

Tohru: yes plz 

Kyo: I’m gonna get us a McFlurry too 

Tohru: omg yes  the m&m one 

Kyo: duh 

Tohru: u kno me so well :,) 

Kyo: yea ig 

Kyo: k I’ll be back soon I don’t wanna text n drive 

Tohru: k good I’m in our bed but I’ll get plates n water tho 

Kyo: dinner in bed hell yes 

Kyo: can you turn Htv on too please 


Kyo: I fucking love you 

Tohru: <3