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Whats your sign

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Momiji-> to -> what’s ur sign 


Momiji: yo you guys remember how me and yuki’s girlfriend got assigned as partners in chem 

Hatsuharu: yeah and I got stuck with some random person i don’t know 

Momiji: yeah and how you won’t stop complaining about it 

Rin: rip 

Tohru: I’ve only met her once!! U get to see her everyday not fair

Yuki: not fair indeed

Rin: we love you miji but i dont know how you havent  scared her off yet

Momiji: YET? 

Yuki: I’m surprised too 

Momiji: I’ll tell her u say hi 

Machi: I’m in this group chat 

Momiji: oh yeah 

Rin: lol 

Kagura: you guys are on your phones during class again?? 

Hatsuharu:it’s for research. 

Kyo: bull shit 

Momiji: kyos here!!! 

Momiji: I gotta go rip me 

Hatsuharu: they’re actually working huh would you look at that 

Rin: pics or it didn’t happen 

Yuki: I- 

Hatsuharu: \image\ there

Hatsuharu: I’m so bored 

Kyo: aren’t you supposed to be doing shit for class 

Hatsuharu: uh yeah 

Hatsuharu: I’ll do it the last day 

Tohru: omg haru u shouldn’t procrastinate so much! 

Rin: do your work 

Hatsuharu: ughhhhhg 

Yuki: yeah 

Hatsuharu: fine 

Rin: why does he listen to yuki over me 

Tohru: and me?? 

Rin: rip us huh Tohru 

Kyo: hey I have a question 

Kagura: what is it? 

Kyo: how do I mute this 

Rin: you’re so fucking stupid 


Yuki: why do you wnat to mute us so badly huh 

Kagura: YEAH 

Tohru: yeah! 

Rin: i get why i mean i have y’all on mute 

Kagura: but you still text us all the time 

Rin: it’s not like I have anything better to do 

Kyo: see, I do have shit to do 

Rin: like what 

Kyo: nunya business 

Tohru: hes helping me put frames up also we r doing the flooring rn it’s wood babeyyyy 

Yuki: okay he’s helping Tohru I will give him a pass 

Rin: okay fine 

Kagura: kyos a good boyfriend 


Tohru: it’s loving Kyo hours 

Yuki: no thanks 

Rin: lol 

Hatsuharu: I’ll participate Tohru 

Tohru: yay! 

Yuki: go back to work haru 

Hatsuharu: we had to evacuate because someone …. set a fire 

Momiji: yeah me and machi accidentally set a table on fire 

Momiji: no regrets

Rin: wtf how 

Momiji: well they gave US benson burners 

Hatsuharu: that’s fair they’re my hero’s I didn’t want to do work 

Yuki: oh my god 

Tohru: r u okay?? 

Machi: yea  it was “lit” -momiji 

Momiji: literally 

Hatsuharu: I still don’t understand how it happened 

Machi: me neither 

Momiji: ahejjdjdjdkd yes you do omg 

Machi: I don’t know what you’re talking about 

Hatsuharu: I- hold on where are you guys I’m by the track still 

Hatsuharu: nvm I found u 

Yuki: I honestly don’t know who’s the bad influence between those three 

Tohru: omg I wonder what happened D: 

Kyo: they set something on fire? that’s so fucking metal 

Rin: lowkey i agree with Kyo 

Hatsuharu-> to -> rin 

Hatsuharu: the pic of the burnt desks reminds me of u 

Rin: wtf why 

Hatsuharu: \image\ 

Rin: oh okay nvm i see it 

Hatsuharu: see 

Rin: True Love is sending pics of burnt desks 

Hatsuharu: yep it smells good too 

Rin: that’s weird haru 

Hatsuharu: not in that way it smells like a campfire 

Rin: we should go camping 

Hatsuharu: yea! 

Rin: woah I haven’t seen you use an exclamation mark in so long


Rin: stop please 

Momiji -> to -> yuki 


Momiji: it has been five weeks and machi has finally warmed up to me :D 

Yuki: what that was fast 

Momiji: the fire reallly bonded us 

Yuki: oh my god 

Momiji: anywya i will keep you updated 

Yuki: it’s okay you do not 

Momiji: here’s a pic you would have gotten if you follow me on snap 

Momiji: /image/ 

Yuki: hhhhhh 

Yuki: cute 

Momiji: :D you can see some of the fire getting on her hair 

Yuki: oh.