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Whats your sign

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Rin-> to -> what’s ur sign 


Rin: that was so much more work than I thought wtf 

Kisa: it looks great though!!! 

Momiji: facts kisa 

Yuki: even tho Kyo was there it was kinda fun 

Hatsuharu: savage 

Momiji: shhdjdjfjfj just dudes being guys :,) 

Kagura: that was super fun! I love ikea and their cabinets 

Tohru: THNKS SM GUYS!!! <3 

Tohru: ahhsjjd yeah even though it took us an hour to figure out the instructions 

Momiji: it’s cuz we share three brain cells 

Rin: yeah and kisa borrows two of them and hiro has one and refuses to share 

Momiji: wtf why does hiro have one 

Rin: because he uses punctuation unlike us heathens who have given up 

Momiji: oh facts 

Kagura: facts? 

Momiji: rip I forgot how old you are 

Rin: i- 

Kyo-> to -> what’s ur sign 



Kyo: hey they’re gone now?? 

Momiji: kyo- 

Momiji: do you….. know how to use a phone??? 

Kyo: not really no

Yuki: Kyo lived in the woods for a year of his youth it made him physically incapable of using technology 

Kyo: I hat you 

Rin: lmao 

Kyo: I mean hat

Kyo: HATE 

Kyo: there 

Yuki: I’m sorry you hat me? 

Momiji: ajndjdjdn 

Kyo: I’m just not gonna answer that 

Yuki: coward 

Kyo: maybe so 

Momiji: kyo uses a meme!! Everyone come look!!! 

Rin: Im back and wtf 

Kyo: what meme 

Momiji: of course he didn’t even know it 

Hatsuharu: life imitates art 

Yuki: you know what Kyo I respect that you owned up to it let’s settle our dispute once and for all and become best friends forever 

Kyo: yuki why must you patronize me 

Yuki: it’s fun idk 

Hiro: you guys need to grow up. 

Hiro: And just send eachother dms instead of flooding the chat. 

Kyo: well Hiro you need to grow 

Yuki: hahha good one Kyo 

Kyo: thanks 

Momiji: a common enemy never fails to settle disputes between two 

Rin: momiji wtf 

Hatsuharu: we are reading fucking Shakespeare in class right now 

Momiji: watch your language 

Hatsuharu: watchist thou language good sir *

Momiji: you rouge! You rascal! Thou bite thy thumb AT ME?????? 

Rin: that was basically gibberish 

Momiji: don’t call me out like that,,,, rin

Kyo: why are you guys texting when you’re in class send 

Rin: why does it say send 

Kyo: I’m trying the voice command send message 

Kyo: it’s not very good 

Momiji: ahdjdjkfnfkfkff 

Momiji: that might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen 

Yuki: hahahhahaha 

Kyo: what? 

Hatsuharu: I love this 

Rin: i just- why is Kyo a grumpy old man who doesn’t know how to use a phone 

Yuki: someone get him a jitterbug 

Kisa: what is a jitterbug?? 

Tohru: u kno I was thinking of getting him a flip phone too 

Yuki: it’s a phone with three buttons for old people kisa 

Kisa: oh omg perfect for Kyo 

Momiji: skskkskwjdjjd

Hatsuharu: kisa omg 

Tohru: ahhshdj that is funny ngl 

Yuki: tohru admitted a joke about Kyo was funny? Good heavens 

Kyo: you guys seriously need to get a life 

Hiro: you seriously need to get. 

Kisa: Hiro that made no sense…

Hiro: I was trying to - never mind. 

Yuki: Hiro you cant roast Kyo 

Yuki: Hes been roasted so much hes unroastable basically ash 

Kyo: did you just say I WAS CREMATED 

momiji: sjjdjd jdjdjdnf KYO NO 

Yuki: bitch do you understand how burning things work 

Kisa: to be fair you did say ash

Hatsuharu: ash as in he has been burnt so much (by the respected roasts) that he has turned into a crisp and cannot be lit on fire again 

Rin: that was actually beautiful haru 

Hatsuharu: thank you 

Kyo: well I’ll rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix 

Momiji: good comeback Kyo ten points to Kyo minus five from yuki because it was confusing 

Yuki: it’s not confusing if your smart :) 

Rin: i cant get over yukis passive aggression nothing makes me laugh more 

Hatsuharu: lowkey same 

Kagura-> to -> what’s ur sign


Kagura: are you kidding me??

Rin: what 

Kagura: the one time I’m not here Kyo makes an appearance 

Kagura: he has left me on read for two months 

Momiji: omg 

Momiji: how did Kyo figure out to turn on read receipts wtf 

Hatsuharu: that’s the only issue with that 

Momiji: ,,,,, yes 

Hiro: you didn’t miss anything special kagura don’t worry.