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More To Being A Father Than Having A Kid ficlets

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Joey went back to Jason and dug his wallet out as soon as he came in, the heavy hotel door falling shut behind him. "He admitted it?" Jason asks, gleefully, sitting up from where he was lounging on the bed with a book.

No, Joey signed one handed, but he's, like, one or two weeks away from it, max. He pulled out a twenty and tossed his wallet towards the dresser, feeling every so slightly disgruntled. They'd had the bet since Will left for Star City and even not knowing who most of the team would be, Joey hadn't been able to picture his pop picking up another kid after what had come before. Jason had just laughed at him and pointed out that after all, Bruce had only been the first of his two dads to adopt him.

"I'll take that," Jason said, pulling Joey down next to him and snuggling close while one hand deftly plucked the twenty away from Joey. Joey huffed a mock grumble and Jason smirked and kissed his nose as he tucked it into his jeans pocket. Joey rolled his eyes at Jason's antics and refused to laugh, although it was tough. Jason was cute when he was gloating. "Thad Wilson, though. Has a nice ring to it."

I just can't believe I'm getting a new little brother, Joey said, and leaned into Jason's shoulder, staring at the bland, inoffensive, profoundly boring excuse for modern art the hotel had chosen. The hotel was nice, for what it was, but it wasn't home. It was a constant reminder of what was going to happen soon, and that had him on edge at the same time that the boredom of waiting was starting to chafe. It was an uncomfortable feeling. He thought back to Thad, huddled close to his pop, and sighed a little. The kid seemed nice, but, well. Even with their bet, he hadn't ever seriously thought it would happen. It would take a little getting used to.

"I can," Jason said, shifting so that Joey was between his legs and leaning back into his chest, and Joey tipped his head back so that Jason's warm breath was against his ear. "I think it's nice," Jason murmured, and let his hands wander, sliding down Joey's sides to his hips and then back up to his chest, resting across his pecs, one thumb stroking his collarbone. "He's learning how to be a real dad."

Joey nodded against Jason's shoulder, and let his hands fold over Jason's before he lifted them away again. I think I don't want to talk about my pop anymore, he said, before twisting on one hip and kissing Jason's smile away.