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can u take out the trash

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Ichimatsu noticed that the trash was full. He had already taken out the trash last two weeks ago and Karamatsu did it last week, so it was Osomatsu's turn to do so. He noticed Osomatsu was sitting on the sofa in the living room with the door open, so Ichimatsu opted to just call him.

"Hey, Osomatsu." He called. Osomatsu looked up at him. "Hm?"
"It's your day to take out the trash. Can you do it?"
"Oh yeah, sure," Osomatsu said, getting up and closing his magazine.

"Nay!" Karamatsu's voice echoed through the halls, showing that he had appeared in the doorway. He outstretched his arm towards Osomatsu, twisting his hand.

"Hey, Karamatsu."

Karamatsu looked down at Osomatsu over his sunglasses. "Don't... touch... a thing."
"Oh, K-Karamatsu- what are you doing?" Ichimatsu complained. "He's about to take out the trash." Karamatsu strode over to Osomatsu who was still on the couch. "Do not touch the rubbish," he said.

"Ok?" Osomatsu said, very confused.

Ichimatsu scratched his head. "Ah, Kara-"

"Where have I seen you?" Karamatsu asked, looking up trying to remember his brother's existence. Osomatsu looked at him now confused and angry.

"He's your brother, Karamatsu!"
"I-I'm your brother."

"A-Are you-" Osomatsu tried to say, but Karamatsu interrupted him.

"Down," he whispered, pointing down. "On your knees."

"Okay! Jesus.." Osomatsu said, putting his hands up and knelt on the ground.

"This is absurd! What are you doing? He's trying to fuckin-"
"Do not speak unless spoken to!"
"I don't even know- what- it's- it's his day."

"Ĥöe LÂÒ Çıa LÏÔH♢ LÂShÆLÒ 2!" Karamatsu shouted towards Ichimatsu. Ichimatsu looked at him, utterly confused. "Did you just cast a spell on me?"

Karamatsu chuckled. "You tell me, how your lips feel?"

Ichimatsu touched his lips. "They feel a little bit-"
"-Chapped!" Karamatsu finished.





"Oh shit."

"My lips feel chapped, too," Osomatsu said, also touching his lips. Karamatsu shushed him, stretching a finger towards him. "Ok," Osomatsu muttered.
"Funny little boy," Karamatsu whispered, walking over to his brother.
"So pretty."
"Oh thank you."
"Would be such a shame to ruin with words."
"Oh, thanks-" Karamatsu slapped him. "What the heck!? Ow.."
He grabbed Osomatsu's head and pursed his lips. "Ichi Ichi Ichi Ichi- Help!" Osomatsu cried.
"I can't nii-san, he chapped my lips!" Ichimatsu panicked.

"You love your king, yes? Huh? You'd do anything for me?"

Ichimatsu watched from the kitchen, applying chapstick.

"Y-yes of course," Osomatsu stuttered, "Yeah, sure."

Karamatsu crossed his arms. "This rubbish... No one likes being dirty?"
"No, no."
"I don't," Ichimatsu added.
"When the castle's dirty, no one is happy?"
"Nuh-uh. No way."
"This is crazy."
"If there was only some way we could... all pitch in, you know?"
"Yeah, totally. Would love to help."

Karamatsu hummed, looking at Osomatsu as he waits for him to say the right thing.
"Would love to help, Uh-huh," Osomatsu said, waiting for Karamatsu to get to the point.

"But nothing's coming to mind?"
"I-I don't know."

Karamatsu furrowed his eyebrows. "You know damn well what I mean!" He shouted.

"O-oh ok," Ichimatsu said, watching this unfold.

"N-no, I don't. What do you want me to do- I'll do whatever-" Karamatsu lifted his hand up to slap him, but Osomatsu ducked fast enough to avoid. "D-don't hurt me!"

"Don't look!" Karamatsu began dancing.

"Oh wow..." Ichimatsu watched, amazed.
"Ichi, w-what is he doing?"
"It's like... a modified two-step."
"... I'm kinda bored... Can I look up now?"
"Don't look!"

Karamatsu kept dancing, still not allowing Osomatsu to look.


Karamatsu started break-dancing, trying to make Osomatsu look even though he still wasn't allowed to.

"It's like he has an agreement with gravity... Oh, wow..." Ichimatsu continued watching with wide eyes.

Finally, Karamatsu stopped. "You may look," He commanded, breathing heavily from the dancing. Osomatsu slowly lifted his head up, only to see Karamatsu raise his hand again to slap him. "Ok, ok!" He sobbed, not wanting to get hit. Karamatsu spun to the kitchen. "I took the trash out seven moons ago!" Osomatsu watched him, terrified. "He took the trash out a Fortnight ago!"
"That's two weeks."
"That's two weeks! It's your goddamn turn to take the motherfucking trash out!"
"I-I-I'll do it! I'll do it!"