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Grown from Concrete

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Izuku has never really been liked.His classmates always thought he was annoying. From the way he tended to mumble his thoughts, to how he always knew the answer to the teachers questions. Always following other people around like some kind of lost green puppy. Writing in those hero notebooks of his. His weird untamable green hair. The fact he cries at EVERYTHING. Anything and everything about him was just so unlikable.

"He's so weird"
"Look at him mumbling,I bet he's talking about us."
"Know it all!"
"What are you a stalker?
"Stupid crybaby!"

Back then he could tolerate it,it hurt be he could handle it,after all he was going to be a hero! So he can't let a small thing like bullying hurt him. Then he had been an easily excited child,who just wanted to play hero's with Kacchan. Kacchan was his best friend! They were going to be a hero team together! They were inseparable since they've known each other since they were babies. Inko and Mitsuki being close friends and all. Izuku loved Kacchan, he was so strong and cool!

Just like All Might!

Kacchan was really nice, he never made fun of him and he always hung out with him! Even when the other kids started talking about him behind their back. He never left, he'd just say "Those stupid,shitty extras don't fucking matter Deku! No matter what they say we'll be the best fucking hero's ever!" Even when he got his quirk he'd shrug and say"Don't worry Deku you'll get you're quirk and then we'll beat up those shitty extras for making fun of you!"

"But Kacchan I don't want to hurt people."
"Ok then I'll beat them up and you just watch, k Deku?"
At first he didn't like the nickname,didn't it mean useless? But Kacchan had said "Silly Deku, you're Deku is going to mean 'you can fucking do it!" Since then he grew to love it.

Izuku loved Kacchan almost as much as his mom. She was even cooler than Kacchan. She worked part time as a nurse and accountant, and still managed to get home before him to make dinner! She was the best even better than All might! She worked really hard all day and took care of him. Always waking up before him. Helping him out with school work. She was the best mom ever! Absolutely no one could ask for a better mom.

He didn't know anyone who worked harder.
"Sorry kid,it's not going to happen." Just like that. One single moment would set a Domino effect into motion. Bringing about a series of bad events set up by fate, to show Izuku exactly how the real world works."Sorry,but see this joint in you're son's pinky toe? It's been proven that this second joint here doesn't show up in children with quirks." His doctor, Dr. Tsubasa, didn't look sorry not at all, in fact he looked to be quite bored. One moment, and one word and it all comes crashing down.


Izuku sat frozen in place, shell shocked, as his four year old mind to tried to process this information. But he needed a quirk if he wanted to be a hero! How were he and Kacchan going to be hero's together if he didn't have a quirk? What if Kacchan hates him now? What can he do if he can't be a hero? He barley registered his mom leading him out of the doctor's office,too preoccupied with his thoughts to care. Completely unaware he was mumbling negatively all the way home.
Inko was worried about her son, when they got back home Izuku had ran straight to his room. She decided it would be best if she made dinner for him. Katsudon would suffice. Inko knew her son, for big news good and bad they had Katsudon. It was his is favourite after all. Nodding to herself she started on dinner thinking 'Katsudon never fails to cheer him up, usually.' hopefully it could work this time as well. Inko was a determined woman. Izuku had to get it from somewhere after all. It didn't matter what any doctor said, she knew in her heart that her son was going to be someone great. She was a mother first and she would support him no matter what. She would make sure to make him the best possible person he could be.

A mother knows best after all.

When she had finished making dinner, she set the table then headed toward Izuku's room. From the other side of the door she could hear Izuku playing his favourite video, on repeat. The video was an old one,but it was his favourite. A video of All Might's debut. Knocking softly on the door she spoke softly "Izuku? Dinner's ready. I made Katsudon, honey." When she one only received a barley audible whimper in response, Inko tentatively opened the door all the way. A heart breaking scene awaited her.

Izuku was sitting at the computer, facing away from her, repeating the same part of the video over and over again. It was of All Might saving all the civilians from a burning building. She hesitated in the doorway for a minute, trying to gather her emotions,and thoughts. Then Izuku turned around in his chair that was too big for him, his wide tearful eyes boring into her heartstrings. Dull, emerald irises starred at her, mouth turned up in a smile that looked to broken for a child his age. No real emotion behind it. Smile stretched across his face so wide that looked like it hurt. His hand was pointing at the screen, tears falling down his face "All might always saves people with a smile, that's why he's so cool."his voice was shaky and cracking, like he was choking back a sob."Mom? Can I help people like All Might? Even without a quirk?"

" Can I still be a hero?"

Inko couldn't take it,she ran over to Izuku, enveloping him into a hug as they cried. They sat there crying in a typical Midoriya fashion as she sobbed,that yes he can be a hero. That he shouldn't listen to what people might tell him. Swore on her grave that no matter what anyone says, whatever people might think, he would always be her hero. From now until forever. She would do what ever she could to help him. Inko didn't realize at the time that those words would have significant meaning to him, neither of them did. How would they know, that those words would be the most important word he would ever hear.

By the the time they had calmed down enough to eat dinner, it had gotten cold. If either of them noticed they didn't show, or voice it.
That night it had been easy for Izuku to sleep, the days events tiring him to the point of exhaustion.He was so tired, he didn't have a single dream.
The next day was a new day, filled with the anxiety only a frightened child could feel. Where the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, and his skin feels tight and uncomfortable. When his chest feels compressed and it gets hard to breathe. His teacher made him stand up in front of an entire class,one that already hates him,and give them another thing to hate him for. He wants to cry but that would just make him more embarrassed than he already is.

In the end he couldn't look a single one of his classmates in the eye, not even Kacchan. Afraid of he would see in his eyes.When recess came around he went to the far edge of the playground, where the start of the woods opened up, and sat in front of a tree. He far enough that no one would bother him but close enough that his teacher could see him. He say there head buried in his knees, crying softly. He was scared. Scared of getting hurt by bullies. Scared of the thought of losing Kacchan,his the only person he could call his friend, that he would leave him. Frightened that the teachers would be cruel and unfair.

He sat there for a minute or two,before here heard familiar heavy footsteps approaching. Kacchan. He tensed up,mentally preparing for cruel jokes or a punch. He didn't look up in fear for what might happen or what he would see. He expected to be punched or taunted, after all he doesn't have a quirk,how could they be a hero duo now? Instead he got the last thing he would've expected. A hug.
Katsuki couldn't believe it. These stupid fucking extras were whispering loudly about how 'Midoriya is even more useless now isn't he?' right in front of him. They were lucky he was in a rush, or else he'd bash their face in. So when he got the chance at recess he practically sprinted over to Deku, in hopes that he wouldn't be in the woods. Lucky the universe seemed to be on his side today since he spotted him by a tree, crying softly. He was shaking slightly,and tensed up when he heard him coming. He could hear him mumbling, about how he thought that he was going to bully him too, or that he would leave him friendless. Katsuki didn't hesitate. Running up to him with the speed of an Olympian,he wrapped his arms around Deku's shaking form and hugged him close. Speaking words that only Deku was allowed to hear.

"Silly Deku I already fucking told you, didn't I? That we would be the best fucking heros,ever! No matter what you're stupid quirk is!It just so happens that yours is none."Katsuki spoke to Deku with the most confidence a four year old can have. Wich is quite a lot, actually." Don't worry even if you're not strong now, I'll just protect you're ass until you can do it yourself, and even then we'll fucking destroy those shitty extras! So don't cry over something this small. Ok?"Deku started crying harder, and for a second he thought he said something wrong, when Deku wrapped his arms around Katsuki and whispered softly.

"Thank you."

"Tch, whatever Deku just hurt up and fucking get stronger." The words were rough, but to Izuku they were comforting.

Maybe just maybe he could stand being quirkless.

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It was nearing the end of the week, and Izuku couldn't sit still. He was just really excited okay!? His mom said that since it was his birthday week, they could go and buy him hero merch at the mall! He wanted Kacchan to come, but his mom said he had to go to a doctor's appointment. He was a little dejected because of that, but that just means he'll to buy Kacchan some too! Maybe he'll get Present Mic who's quirk makes him really loud, or Best Jeanist, he was also really cool. Or Back draft. Or-

"You sure are excited Izuku." Oops he started mumbling again. A habit that just refused to break.

"Mmm hmm! There just all so cool especially All Might! Their quirks are just so-" he went off into excited rambles of the super cool quirks they all had. From the Water Hose duo to the Wild Wild Pussycats. He told her, with startling intellect for a for year old, just how their quirks could defeat villains.
Inko listened on her son's rambles,'what a smart boy I have.' she thought to herself. She knew that her pride and joy was going to be someone important, not just to her but to everyone else too. Even if he was quirkless, something in her soul just knew it to be true. And she couldn't wait to see it happen someday.
When they arrived at their destination, Izuku wasted no time in dragging his mother to all the hero merch. Jumping around like an excited puppy, Izuku collected all the merch he could find, and brought it back to his mother. She quickly bought it and they arrived at the food court for a late lunch. That's when it happened.

A large, built man was in the middle of the food court, his hand had turned into a gun. His hand, (gun?)started shooting upwards, gaining the attention of everyone in the mall, forming a series of loud bangs.


His voice was loud, and his quirk hurt Izuku's ears. He was really scared, being in a villain attack was very different from seeing one on the TV. It didn't help that they were the closest too him. People around them screamed, and some even tried to run. That didn't work very well though, as the villain had startling good aim and shot them.

Izuku hugged his mom tightly to himself, his mom returning it, hoping the scary man would just go away. Why was the villain even here? He just wanted to go home! He was only four! He wasn't a hero, he didn't even have a quirk! He was useless in this situation! The thought derved to only make him sob harder.

The hero's had finally arrived after around ten agonisingly, long minutes. It was Present Mic, a hero who debuted a few months ago, and a few other hero's. They quickly made their way towards the villain. Finally! They were going to be alright! But the villain was faster. Turning one of his guns back into a hand, he tore Izuku away from his mother, the latter screaming protest. The villain's rough hands grabbing Izuku by his arm, Izuku's small frame struggling against him.


"SHUT UP, BRAT!" The villain yelled, gun connecting with Izuku's face.
Small, whimpers escaped his mouth. This is by far one of the scariest situations he's ever been in. His head hurt really really bad, and he couldn't get to his mom. He only hoped the hero's would act soon.
Hizashi had arrived at the mall shortly after they called it in. Reports of robberies throughout the day had caught his attention, but it was out of his jurisdiction. The mall however was only a few minutes from where he was so he arrived relatively quickly to the scene. The sight certainly wasn't a pretty one, what the hell happened here? But then the villain grabbed a, oh God was that a child?! Damnit!! What sounded like a woman screamed, horrified at the fact her child was taken hostage.

The child's terrified voice rang out in the room.

"SHUT UP, BRAT! The villain had the audacity, the actual audacity to the young boy. Blood coming down his freckled face, eyes wide with fear. They had to act, they had to act now! Hizashi couldn't bear the thought of failing to save the kid. He couldn't use his quirk either, too many people. So he ran, he ran as fast as he could towards the villain, and hopefully gain the upper hand. But before he could reach them, a woman beat him to it.
Inko regretted many things. She regret the fact that she couldn't receive steady paychecks. Or the fact that their rent was always a little late. But she did not regret what she was about to do. When her baby was taken from her and hurt, she did the only logical thing a mother would do, she fought.

"YOU BASTARD!!" With fury only a mother could have, she used her quirk to send a chair at the assailant. Distracting him just enough for him to drop Izuku, and for her to push him out of the way.
"Go to the heroes Izuku! Run!"

"You bitch!" Pointing the gun at her, he aimed...

'I guess, I won't be able to see Izuku grow into a hero.'


'Im sorry, Izuku.'

Midoriya Inko regretted many things.

And he fired.

But she did not regret this.
Suddenly everything was happening in slow motion for Izuku. He was dropped, and pushed by a gentle hand, as his mother stood in front of him. She told him to run. The scary man had shouted something Izuku didn't listen to, and he pointed the gun at her.


He heard a loud bang that made his ears ring and suddenly his mother was on the ground. Blood was coming from her stomic.He barley even noticed the heros apprehending the villain. He could only focus on HER.

"M-mama? C'm-c'mon get up please. The he-hero's are here you-you're going to be okay!" Izuku was kneeling beside his mom, tiny hands covered in her blood. He spoke reasurencese to her still warm body, but it was more to himself than anything." Please get up,please?Mama?" His voice sounds like a shedder tore through it. He kept trying to wake her up. But to no avail. With an agonising cry, he collapsed into his mothers body. Sobs racking his own.

Midoriya Inko was dead before she even hit the ground.