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Choked Up On You

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The first time Izuku Midoriya began to cough up flower petals was the gentle age of six. He'd been playing around with the other kids alongside Katsuki when things began to turn sour. They all had been using their quirks now and began to grow more rough as they played games like tag or manhunt. Izuku had been pushed around a couple more times than he'd initially liked until he landed somewhere among the bushes. He could hear the other kids laughter and footsteps as they ran around the parks walking path.

He'd coughed among the tousled leaves and dirt in his face only to find himself scraped up and surrounded by flower petals but not enough to warrant his concern. They were tiny buds- only the beginning of what was to come as time went on. He'd imagined they had just gotten crushed while he had fallen, Izuku was young and innocent. Ignorant to what would plague him. Daisies along with both yellow and orange rose petals had decorated the grass as Izuku shook the leaves out of his mess of green curls and dusted his short knees off of the dirt. Although he was a bit sad that the kids decided to resort to being rough as usual he still made his way back to join them in their continued game of tag blissfully innocent and smiling.

It wasn't until middle school when Izuku had begun to really start to question his condition. Over the years the flower petals that resided in his throat only grew worse as time went on. Though the disease wasn't an anomaly, he'd never seen hanahaki happen to anyone before. Just that it was an illness that only passed to those unfortunate enough to fall hard and be willing to chase after someone for a long time.

He didn't tell his mom when he started to notice the recurring pattern. He couldn't tell this to his mom, she'd be worried sick about him. Izuku decided it best for him and her that he’d just handle this carefully and quietly despite wanting to be honest with his own mom. He could toughen this out, no sweat.

Late one afternoon after school he'd decided to do research about the hanahaki disease and see if there could be potentially anything else that might be causing his coughing fits. Unfortunately for him, there wasn’t. Izuku headed to the library to check out some books that may know more than just what the internet's stories could give him. When he'd asked if they'd had any books among the topic of flower language and the disease, the lady at the desk gave him this pitied look from over her glasses frames. As if she could already guess why he'd be looking for books about such a thing. Izuku just averted his gaze away while she went back to the computer's log with their collection of books.

He'd written all the meanings and kinds of flowers for future reference in a separate empty notebook, different from his hero analysis journals. At least he’d know now why the petals he coughed up were different over the past few years. Hell, Izuku could have made a full bouquet with the flowers he'd coughed up over time already. Much to his digression, he didn't know exactly why he was dealing with hanahaki. He hadn't really had any friends other than Kacchan since he was smaller and didn't even know if he could be considered one of Katsuki's friends now. Well at least in his terms, Izuku still wanted to be close like back then. With that thought passing over his mind, he could feel his heart clench and breathing hitch. He coughed loudly, trying to muffle it with his sleeve so as not to disturb the others around him. His eyes scanning around the area hoping no one was glaring at him among the desks or bookshelves.

And then it all made sense. 

Izuku couldn’t stop coughing, tasting the iron in his throat and anxiously looked around for an exit. He’d closed his notes, shoving them into his bag quickly and leaving the books on the table he'd been sitting at. He felt bad for having to abruptly leave them without putting them away but he had no time! Izuku's legs carried him fast out of the library until he was outside and could vomit out the fluttering petals in his throat into the nearest trash can. The bin now littered with red carnations and pink camellia petals dripping in his blood. It stared him right in his freckled face. Longing, admiration and aching. Izuku was sick because he cared deeply for Katsuki, and his heart only sank knowing full well what his response would be like if he confessed to him now.

Fear welled up in his stomach, feeling like more petals could spill any moment until- he released once more. The same color petals appearing again alongside irises, white chrysanthemums and gardenias. At least from what he could tell after staring at the pages with little pictures for the past hour. Izuku wiped the blood away with his dark uniform sleeve and decided to start walking home biting his lip as his throat burned.

Poor Izuku's mind was swimming with the thought of whether or not to admit his crush to his childhood friend. But deep down he knew there was going to be rejection from Kacchan. He didn't need any more mocking from that jerk even if it was for the sake of his own health. 

"Damn it."

He spoke to himself in frustration, gripping the straps of his backpack and staring at the concrete. Izuku coughed more as he walked on through the familiar neighborhood. Passing by the fences lining the houses. By chance he'd looked up only to find himself now passing Katsuki's place. For a split moment Izuku could have sworn he saw Kacchan in one of the windows.

More coughing. He sighed wistfully as he sped up his pace to get home.

Things turned sour for Midoriya once he began pushing his bodies limits when training with All Might for the entrance exams to U.A. He'd have coughing fits here and there but swallowed the petals so no one was more the wiser. He'd told All Might that it was just due to him being short winded or having a small sick spell. Until the hanahaki actually did make him sick and sputtering a rainbow of flower petals co siding with blood and gross bile. 

Izuku felt embarrassed once All Might had found out. How was he going to be able to handle his quirk if he couldn't even stand alone against a disease? All Might placed a hand on his shoulder in support of the boy however. He was sympathetic at least and suggested if things grew worse and he didn't do anything, to get the specified removal treatment. Izuku knew what the costs were of having the hanahaki removed without going through with admitting his crush. Tightening his hands into fists, he only kept pushing himself forward and simply asking All Might to keep it a secret. No- he begged him. All Might hesitated and expressed his mild concern for Midoriya but in the end agreed to Izuku's plight.

Izuku wasn't ready to come to terms with all the feelings he harbored inside of him. Sure it was all apart of growing up and figuring yourself out, but he wished it hadn't been in such a detrimental way. But he held his secret just fine. Barreling his way through U.A. and training alongside his friends without slip ups. While everything else reared its ugly head at night. Keeping the secret made Midoriya exhausted after letting all his feelings in the form of piles of flower petals out. He kept a record of which kinds showed up every now and then and writing down the corresponding meaning. Every now and then the roots tangled up into his lungs and it made things more challenging but he fought through it. It was frustrating but Izuku fought it as best to his ability just like everything else.

Of course, life had it's funny way of causing trouble for him however. While scanning him over after a rough training match with Katsuki and All Might, Recovery Girl soon noticed among an X-ray regarding Izuku's body that there had been something more abnormal looking among his lungs and chest. That's when he began to panic about his situation- and things began to overflow as he'd tripped his way over to the nearby trash bin to let out the next wave of petals. Izuku held his head low in shame of himself.

She was a lot harder than All Might had been about his Hanahaki, explaining how dangerous it was to let something fester in him for so long. Even stating that she couldn't cure it or the damage the disease brought to his health over the years. Recovery Girl didn't bother to ask who exactly it was that brought on such a long attachment. As if she couldn't put the pieces together already. But her expression grew serious as she put a hand to the greenette's shoulder. She stated he needed to do something soon or his life would be cut a lot shorter than his bones had already cut it. She even asked why he hadn't gotten the removal surgery.

He didn't want it- didn't want to lose his feelings towards Kacchan or never be able to fall in love ever again. He couldn't imagine feeling something like that- forgetting about their history. 

But, Izuku and Katsuki's relationship was already complicated enough. Only recently it began being slowly put back together as friends- mutuals Kacchan had claimed it to be. How was he gonna just tell him "hey Kacchan, I've been suffering with this disease for years because I care and admire you so much that it's killing me! I love you!" out of nowhere.

Izuku had left Recovery Girls office, a small candy in his pocket. He could feel the guilt rising inside of him as he made his way to the dorms. All he could think about was the fact he was hiding this from his friends. But he didn't want to bother them with something like this!

He was exhausted after having coughed up more flowers while in Recovery Girl's office before he was dismissed. She told him that if it grows worse, he has no other option but to get the surgery to remove it, causing him to grow further anxious about trying to tell Katsuki the truth. He didn't bother to talk to many of his friends that night. Uraraka had already expressed her concern once she saw how deflated Izuku appeared once he entered the lounge. He passed it off as nothing other than he needed some good rest was all.

The next morning everything felt the same, Izuku going through his usual routine and heading to Aizawa's class. No issues causing him to fall behind at all.

But then his eyes fell onto Kacchan as he made his way to his seat behind him. The thoughts all flooding back about the past evenings. Thoughts of how they'd trained together, their arms and knuckles brushing against each other. How amazing he felt to witness Katsuki's improvement overall. Their heavy breathing from all the adrenaline over exerting themselves. Izuku put his head in his palms as he sighed. The feel of petals forming in his throat again began to cause him to cough. He hoped no one paid attention to him much as Izuku tried to pull out a few of the petals that slipped up and hiding them in his desk. He'd make sure to clean it up once class was over. Aizawa soon after slipped into the room, sleeping bag rolled up and tucked under his arm as he announced that everyone get ready for their next lecture before they head out onto the training field later in the day.

As things went on the rest of the day had gone smoothly. The last few classes passing by as Izuku continued to distract himself with work and his usual hero notes. Everything was fine and then Izuku could let all the flowers overflowing into his chest out into his rooms trash bin where no one could witness it. Taking a deep breath the hero to be slowly slipped into his suit along with the rest of the guys in the locker room. But with the tightening of roots in Midoriya, soon a coughing fit found it's way slipping out amongst the minor chatter.

"Midoriya! Are you alright, are you sure you're fit to be participating in training today?"

Izuku was trying to hide behind his locker door as blood dripped down the side of his lips. He quickly did his best to wipe it away from sight to not generate anymore concern.

"Ah- don't worry Iida-kun! I just brushed up a bit of dust with my bag in my locker was all"

A weak excuse but it was the best he could come up with for the time being. Izuku could tell some of the guys looked at him skeptically- including Kacchan. But they quickly shrugged it off and began to leave the locker room. He swallowed down the taste of iron that had made its way into his throat.

Everything came crashing down with the crack of One for all. Right in the final stretch of a team battle style training session. Izuku had been partnered up with Sero against Tsuyu and Bakugou. The match ups meant to be more unusual this time around to ultimately improve their idea with the more uncommon partnerings when out in real hero work. Izuku was about to utilize a new move with his legs to catch and take down Asui when Kacchan had caught him off guard. Did he miss calculate? His hanahaki reacted upon the contact and inevitable heat of the situation, the intensity in the air that always carried among both Bakugou and Midoriya. The air inevitably being knocked out of his lungs from the disastrous knots forming from the roots, his face stinging from being hit during the fight. He was going to try and counter as quick as his shoot style would have let him but his stomach lurched and he missed. The contents of flower petals and blood slipping out as Izuku had fallen to the ground weakly. His mind whirred with every single option he could try to think of as blood dripped from the corners of his mouth and petals cascaded.

Everyone had been in utter shock after what they had just witnessed. Aizawa instantly furious as to what the hell just happened in the battle. Of course it was mostly out of concern, Midoriya of all people understood it as one of Aizawa's self titled 'problem children'. He could hear ringing echoing in his ears. Was it due to one of the explosions from Katsuki's quirk?

Uraraka and Iida had run over to him with overwhelming concern as Izuku tried to at least sit himself up to answer the question of if he was alright. His head felt dizzy- did they ask him another question?

More coughing, Izuku watched as Kacchan made his way over. He could hear his vicious yelling, trying to put the words flowing from his mouth together as everything went dark. 

"Iida, run to recovery girl's office. Tell her we have a student coming."

"Yes Aizawa Sensei!"

"What the hell is this bullshit- Deku!!"


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"Bakugou calm down"

"Don't tell me to calm down Half n' Half!"

"Bakugou settle down. Todoroki can you help bring Midoriya to the nurse's office."

He nodded and instantly went to lift up Midoriya. Katsuki only stood back and watched, his eyes not leaving what was mixed in with what Deku had let out. Kirishima had made his way over and put a hand on Katsuki's shoulder, resulting in him averting his gaze and looking in the opposite direction. Nobody said anything as Aizawa began to get everyone's attention again to continue with the next set of match ups. Ochako and Tsuyu glanced at each other as if their minds synchronized, knowing to check up on Midoriya later on.

Iida and Todoroki both had stayed back a little bit with Midoriya just until Recovery girl stated they were free to return to class. She said that Midoriya should be returned to the dorms by the time they were all finished their course. Once the two had left she could only spare a worried glance and a shake of her head at Midoriya.

It'd been only a few hours later when the rest of the class had returned to the dorms, finding Midoriya working on an assignment casually in the lounge area. Uraraka sat down next to Izuku on the couch calmly, the tense silence growing before she blurted what seemed to be on everyone else's mind that'd stayed upon entry.

"Why were you keeping this from us Deku? We could've been helping you! How long since-"

"Uraraka! We shouldn't interfere in Midoriya's personal business!"

"Iida-kun you were just as concerned as me and Tsu earlier!"

"It's not that big of a thing guys...I'm fine."

Midoriya finally spoke out, interrupting the twos argument.

"Not that big of a- Midoriya this is detrimental to your health and as both your friend and classmate this is a big problem!"

"This isn't just like how you were with breaking your bones before."

Midoriya winced from Todoroki's sudden intervention. He felt guilty, but he knew this would happen. He knew they would all worry and try to help.

"I didn't want to trouble anyone with something like this...i'm sorry."

The tension drifted but the feeling of concern didn't dare fade.

"Midoriya-chan. Have you thought about getting the surgery? Or telling anyone at all?"

"It's been mentioned before but. I can't."


"I can't."

Izuku shut his notebook swiftly out of frustration, the sound cutting everything to silence. He sighed, eyes making their way to the floor in shame.

"I just...can't. And I really don't want to talk about it right now. Please understand."

It took a minute until Uraraka hugged him tightly, surprising Deku by her sudden direct in action. Izuku could feel the others hands on his shoulders in showing their joint support.

"We're here for you okay? You can text me if you want to talk about it later. But please, don't handle this by yourself."

Uraraka whispered. Izuku smiled faintly as their shared hug was soon parted away.

Around the corner Bakugou grunted to himself. Having eavesdropped on their conversation while Kaminari and Kirishima had gone on ahead to their dorms as he'd said he'd catch up in a bit. They'd already held their conversation regarding *Deku's* situation. Kaminari  trying to figure out who exactly it was while Kirishima expressed his concerns. Katsuki had half a mind- okay nearly a full mind to blow 'Dunce-face' up for being a nosey idiot.

But even Katsuki wanted to press the question. He was angry that Deku would even consider not handling the situation the smart way and getting the surgery for something as draining as the hanahaki disease. Who the hell let's themselves fall that hard to just drag their life line to a person like a hospital patient to life support. For the life of him, Katsuki couldn't understand doing that even though he's got himself twisted up in emotional bullshit before. But he's convinced himself that shit was long gone.

This, this made him angry. Something about the thought of Deku killing himself by a shitty plant disease regarding love made him want to tell him to snap the fuck out of it and use that damn nerd brain of his. Katsuki huffed off and decided he'd much prefer to just go to his room and head in early. If the idiots needed him later they can come find him.

As the night grew into the next day, Izuku woke up from a nightmare and to himself in another coughing fit as the roots in his chest tugged at his heart and lungs. The nightmare consisted of multiple scenarios playing out that horrified and broke Izuku into tears. Not being able to save Kacchan, unable to rescue him from the league, being forever rejected by him, and in some cases the boy he saw as his symbol of victory lifeless in utter failure. There were even themes of Kacchan being disgusted with him after confessing and keeping distance even worse than he'd once done before when Izuku was quirkless. They only continued to worsen with each change.

His pillow was stained along with the hot skin of his damp freckle kissed cheeks as he sniffles and wipes away the tears. Izuku felt sick, quickly getting up out of bed to let everything out. More flowers, more blood. Pink camellias, red carnations, gardenias and bright blooming gladiolus' all puddled in blood in the teens trash bin as he rubbed at his burning sore throat. The poor boy was parched and exhausted, wiping the blood away on his arm and getting back up to put on his- admittedly tacky All Might slippers. He slipped out silently into the dark hallway and made his way down the stairs to get some water. He just needed to calm himself down and then he could get back to sleep, the pro hero to be muttered repeatedly,  lightly sniffling once more.

Izuku ended up making himself some warm tea with honey to help soothe his throat and hopefully put him back to sleep. The dreams wanted to leave him restless and that wasn't good for already losing half a hero training class to the Hanahaki earlier. He needed to stay somewhat healthy and he wasn't gonna let it get to him. Sipping away at his tea, Izuku relaxed himself on the couch of the dorm common room. His tired eyes staring off into the light of the moon that showcased itself through the door pane.

"What're you doing up."

Izuku jolted by the sudden appearance of another's shadow and a deep voice, nearly choking on his chamomile. Turning to see the figure standing behind him and the sofa, he'd soon regretted looking. 


He answered apprehensively. Of all his classmates to appear, of course it was Kacchan. The blonde clicked his tongue seemingly aggravated as he walked his way around the couch and to the seat across from Izuku. The tension thick between the two of them as Katsuki just stared with his fiery gaze. Izuku sipped his tea again, awkwardly waiting for something to happen as he avoided eye contact.

"S-so, can't sleep huh-"

"Why did you hide it."

Green orbs going wide, he set his cup down on the coffee table between them gently.

"Sorry? Wh-"

"You heard me."

"Kacchan I-"

He bit his lip, trying to find the right words. Biting back the snag in his throat he knew was going to end badly. Why did Kacchan want to know? Did he care about Izuku's health due to the illness? Questions kept riddling the poor boys head as he went to take more sips from his tea, only to choke on it the next moment. A coughing fit riling as Katsuki soon got up and grabbed the others arm abruptly. Izuku sputtered and tried to get up and move to take care of himself. Kacchans grip tightened.


More coughing and sputtering. Blood dripped down Izuku's chin and shirt.


Another cough. Petals. Dark red rose petals.

"I'm fine"

"No you're not!"

Their whispers were loud but not enough to wake the others up above. Izuku could feel his throat clenching with every feel of Katsuki holding onto him as he tried to pull away. He couldn't answer his question from before. Izuku wanted too, but the fear kept holding him back. Years of history and he just couldn't, even after their recent growth together.

"Who is it Deku?! You can't keep fucking hiding it! You know damn well what'll happen if you keep this dumb shit in!"

"Just- Kacchan let go!"

More coughing, Izuku wheezed out as more petals and blood began to fall and stick down his shirt. Katsuki grabbed the front of it to keep the smaller boy from running back upstairs.

"What's their name?!"

Izuku turned his face away, a weak hand attempting to hide himself.

"Stop. Please.."

"What's the fuckers name, Deku?!"

Nothing but coughing filled Izuku's response. 

"Is it Uraraka? Half n' half?! Fucking tell me damn it!"

"What? No-"

More blood, Izuku felt dizzy. Why did Kacchan think that it was either of them? His tired green eyes noticed the small bit of blood he'd accidentally gotten on Katsuki's cheek from attempting to get away.

"You need the surgery."

Izuku's eyes widened, fear running cold through his body at those words he'd heard from everyone else. Now him, now why him? He weakly clutched onto Katsuki's wrist that held his shirt.


Katsuki gripped him like a ragdoll, Izuku's strength gone from his body. It wasn't like the feeling of when his bones were all broken early on. No, it felt like he was giving in.

"Fuck that!"


"NO! You're getting the surgery!"

Katsuki was so upset, frustrated. His eyes read exhausted and his tone filled with anger.

"I can't."


Izuku felt so guilty, hurting him like this. But he couldn't, he couldn't even look at the other boy before him. Katsuki's grip kept tightening with each movement of his hands. They now were at the neckline of Izuku's shirt.

"Kacchan I- I can't"




Tears. Tears brimmed the greenettes eyes as his already weak expression fell to pure sadness. Guilt.

Izuku tried to move to hold onto Kacchan as he coughed again. He gave in.

"I don't want to forget you."

Katsuki's grip fell altogether, letting go and moving up slightly. His red eyes widened as the words reached his ears and everything clicked.

Izuku fell to the floor on his knees sputtering more. Weak apologies flooding in between the rose petals. 

"I'm sorry-"

"Kacchan, I'm sorry.."

He soon fell right after that as Deku continued on.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Kacchan...I'm sorry."

It took awhile, but Katsuki soon moved to hold Izuku close to him. Strong arms bringing the weeping boy in a messy hug. Izuku's jaw clenched as more hot tears fell from the feeling. They stayed like that for awhile, both now holding each other.

"How- how long. How damn long?"

Izuku jolted, biting his messy lip. He didn't anticipate hearing Kacchan's voice crack like that again. Squeaking out his answer hesitantly.

"Years...s-since we were kids.."

"Fucking hell Deku-"

"I'm sorry"

Katsuki moved Izuku to look at him, tired eyes meeting. His calloused thumb wiped away some of the nerd before hims tears from his angel kissed cheeks. Deku looked like a dying mess, and he knew very well that's exactly what he was.

"Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I was scared! I- after everything and then coming here. Damn it I couldn't just tell you!"

Katsuki removed his hands quickly. Shit, he really hadn't made it easy. 

"Fuck I..."

It hit him hard. The blame practically radiated off of poor Katsuki as he reflected over all the years. Of course he couldn't tell him. Why would Deku confess after all the signs led to nothing but potential rejection and mockery. Katsuki was an asshole and he realized it yet again.

He gripped his head in his own guilty realization.

"Deku i'm... I'm so fucking sorry."


"I could've killed you-"

"Kacchan n-"

Another coughing fit, Izuku pulling out petals that stuck to his cheeks and tossing them aside.


 "Kacchan no- stop. It' know now. I already prepared for this-"

"What do you mean?"

"I...well it's all signs to rejection...the illness I mean. Especially now you couldn't. A-and there's kirishima..."

"What? Do you fucking think that- god Deku you're an idiot."

"How am I supposed to know!"


"I mean it makes sense! We've only just gotten back to being close and-"

Izuku's frantic movements and conversation awakened another hanahaki fit. Admittedly it was a lot smaller than those before. His chest feeling lighter as they went on.

"Deku. Shut up and let me- God damn it I can't believe I’m-"

"You're what!?-"

Then the world felt like it slowed down. Izuku's ears rang as his body jolted, eyes wide as he choked out more blood and the closing as he fell to unconsciousness. Katsuki almost didn't catch him, but his reflexes made him lucky. His stomach dropping as he'd acted on instinct.

Nothing but silence, that’s all that was between the two of them now.

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Bakugou held Deku and frantically scanned him over. 

"No, no, no! Fuck- Deku you shit! Don't you dare die on me like this!" 

He picked up Izuku's body and carried him to the Nurse's wing. Recovery girl had to be still here right? Or someone else on active standby in case something were to happen at U.A. overnight.

Katsuki held Deku's body close to his chest as he carried him all the way to the U.A. main building from the dorms. Running down the dark hallways of the early morning for any sort of sign someone was around. Luckily his eyes had caught the faint light coming from one of the teachers offices and Katsuki forced himself to run faster. He’d instantly spotted Aizawa-sensei hunched over his desk nursing a cup of coffee as he looked through some paperwork. Joining him in the desk across was All Might, presumably doing the very same.


He'd yelled garnering both mens attention instantly as Katsuki breathed heavily in the doorway. Dark, tired eyes falling upon Midoriya in their other students arms. Instantly both pro heroes got the message loud and clear.

"We can discuss what happened later, and I'm hoping it doesn't involve the both of you doing something reckless. Let's get him to the infirmary."

Grabbing a ring of keys and flash light off his desk, Aizawa ushered himself in front of Katsuki leading the way.

“Everything is going to be okay, Young Bakugou.”

The blonde soon speeding beside Katsuki as he carried Izuku, body pale and looking more fragile. Aizawa couldn't help but look at the student behind him and see his mirroring exhaustion.

They rounded a corner and down a flight of stairs, dim light guiding their way to where Recovery Girl was usually stationed. Aizawa unlocking the door and letting Bakugou inside first as he flicked on the lights. He set him down on the closest bed and waited for an instruction. Katsuki was an ass, but he wasn't stupid enough to not listen especially in these situations.

"Just- what the hell happened exactly? Why are you the one to be bringing me Midoriya who looks on the verge of death after seeming fine after seeing Recovery Girl earlier just today?"

All Might turned on the computer to log into the students files and history to administer things. Being a hero along with a teacher meant he had prepared himself for anything, even when healers weren't around.

Katsuki bit his lip, his gaze flickering from his teacher to Deku trying to think without mentioning the previous tension.

"We both couldn't sleep. I found him up late in the dorm common room and he started coughing and vomiting up like earlier today. Only it's clearly worse."

Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and then going back to look through Midoriya's medical history with Recovery Girl. 

"Toshinori, Grab that empty IV and I'll hook him up, he's going to have to stay overnight in my care until Recovery Girl comes back in the morning."

All Might did as ordered, pulling the IV over and listening to Aizawa's directions. He didn't speak a word through the entire process, focused on aiding his pupil. Sensei moving quickly to find everything needed to stabilize Deku and constantly checking the notes recorded on the computer screen. Toshinori quickly called Shuzenji and left a message for her to be aware of the patient for the morning.

After awhile it was Katsuki and All Might sitting at Izuku's unconscious bedside and Aizawa recording all that was necessary for Recovery Girl. Asking questions about Midoriya's conditions and vitals every now and then while Toshinori kept watch. He'd dealt with students who'd experienced Hanahaki before, some more fortunate than others. But he cursed to himself that now it be Midoriya who's been dealt the misfortune. Exhausted, he just shook his head. 

"Bakugou, perhaps it would be best if you go back to the dorms and catch the rest of whatever sleep you can get. There's no use in-"

As Aizawa had turned around in the stool, his gaze was instantly met with a sleeping Katsuki. Completely out like a light at Midoriya's bedside, hunched over. Shouta sighed, knowing full well that these two were always going to be a handful. 

“Wonder what’s going through his head. He hasn’t spoken a word since you’d asked what happened.”

Toshinori stated, eyes meeting Aizawa’s. 

“It can’t be good if it’s regarding the problem child, for now I guess we’ll just have to leave em be until Shuzenji gets back in the morning.”

Getting up, the lanky man cracked his back and went over to a cabinet and retrieved a blanket. Carrying it over to his student and draping it over his shoulders. He shook his head quietly and gave an exhausted half hearted smile as he closed the curtains to the section and turned off the lights.

Aizawa hunched himself back over at the desk and went over Midoriya's patient information one last time before collapsing himself onto his own nurses bed. All Might, pulling up his own chair sat on the opposite side of Midoriya’s bed. Sunken, tired eyes filled with worry as he stared at the monitor beside him.

“You’ve got a big heart, young Midoriya. I just hope it doesn’t mislead you in the end.”


It didn't take long for morning to arrive, much to Aizawa's disappointment when he'd been awoken by the sound of Recovery Girl checking in. Once she'd taken in the scene her worry was written clear on her face. She soon ushered the other pro hero out to get his extra nap in before having to teach and thanked him. Her work is surely cut out for her as she made her way to waking up Toshinori.

“Your inheritor certainly is one to keep an eye on Toshinori. Though things aren’t looking too good right now. You know very well I can’t cure something like this.”

She’d warned. All might sighed, scratching the back of his neck anxiously.

“I know. Midoriya has a lot of fight in him, as a hero in training does. I’d hadn’t thought something like this would have occured, even for an ambitiously smart kid like him.”

Toshinori stood, taking one last look at Midoriya and Bakugou before heading to the door.

“Come by later Toshinori. Perhaps talk with him since he tends to listen to you.”

The pro hero nodded and made his silent exit.

Finally alone, the old pro watched the students stir in their sleep. Diagnosing that Midoriya would surely be unconscious for a while compared to his class mate and potentially having to usher Bakugou out for his classes. She clicked her tongue and busied herself with readying the office and looking into her current patients updated information.

Come time that Katsuki usually got up he could feel the drowsiness catch right up to him. The LED lights in the nurse’s office seeming harsher and causing him to squint. Taking in his surroundings, Katsuki quickly remembered everything that escalated throughout the night- he was here because of Deku. Green curls caught his peripheral and Katsuki was met with the person of thought unconscious on the nurse’s cot. Had he fallen asleep right at his side?

“Oh good! You’re awake!”

Katsuki's attention now making it's way over to the school's nurse. She looked uncharacteristically chipper for a situation of this caliber but that came with the grandma charm.

"You looked so peaceful I figured I'd leave you be. Especially after the night you must have surely had."

Katsuki turned back to look at Izuku, looking as pale as he did last night when he was helping Aizawa keep him in check. His jaw clenched and hands balled up to tightly gripped fists after assessing everything over in his mind. Deku, looked practically on his deathbed. Stubborn till his last dying breath- all because of Katsuki. He wanted to be angry, yell- shake him awake and blow his face up till he came to his senses and stop being an idiot. But he couldn't, deep down Katsuki knew that would just make him keep pushing himself. He was about to say something when Recovery Girl interjected.

"Just to let you know, you can go back to the dorms to get ready for class. I'll be keeping a close eye on Midoriya here and unfortunately I can't have anyone staying here until the end of the day just in case. Best not to rise anything up."

Recovery girl gave Bakugou he usual granny like smile before retiring back to her work. His gaze not wavering from Izuku. He needed to think, and he personally felt staying would just frustrate him even more. He still needed to go to class to be number one and no damn disease would stop him from doing so.

He'd save Deku, he can play stubborn just as well as the damn nerd.


Throughout the day Bakugou went through his classes and basic hero training. He wasn't going to get distracted, but his classmates were making it very difficult for him to focus clearly. The constant state of worry burdening the atmosphere of practically everyone. As the last time they saw Izuku Midoriya, he looked fine. A little worse for wear but he was at the dorms moving and talking casually! But somehow overnight he disappeared from being in his assigned seat of Class 1-A's homeroom. Aizawa-sensei made it clear he was safe and that another problem escalated so he'd been returned to Recovery Girl's care. When the sigh of relief had commenced Bakugou had just rolled his eyes. Of course the damn nerd was fine, but he wouldn't be the one confirming that. Especially since he was the one who had brought him to the nurse's office in the first place. It was almost out of place for Katsuki to not have boasted in some way regarding it. 

It was due to the nagging feeling in the back of his mind. He reminisced on how frantic and quick he acted in aiding Aizawa with Deku's stabilization. Never missing a single beat once his heart rate monitor had been set in place. 

Bakugou waved it out of his head. Training, he was currently training and needed to focus on avoiding being found even a single second of himself distracted. He didn't have the moment to be worrying about Deku and his stupid love issue, or his crush on him. Or the fact that he was dying because he was just too in love with 'Kacchan'.

In that moment, Bakugou's body was pinned right into a boulder by piercing hard flesh. Kirishima had charged head on and taken his chance.


Out of his own rage he retaliated with a volley of explosions to distance them both once more.

"Dude. What's up? You practically never let me get a move like that through without a fight."


The redhead powered his quirk down and raised his arms up to let Bakugou know he was calling for a break while walking over. Of course, Bakugou clicked scoffed but allowed it. 

"Somethings definitely up. Talk to me man. Is it Midoriya?"

"It's nothing that concerns you. Or anyone else for that matter."

Kirishima raised an eyebrow.

"Everyone else is worried about him too. That thing he's got isn't the usual bug that goes around."

"I know. He's an idiot for letting something as stupid as an emotion get the best of him like that."

"You do realize that's coming from you, right?"

"Don't make me blast you right into the fucking wall."

He steps back and raises his hands up in defense with a smile. Activating his quirk once more only to power right back to normal after.

"Do you know something we don't? Todoroki mentioned something about seeing you this morning walking back from the school to the dorms."

"Damn that half n half bastard. He needs to keep his shitty nose out of others business. I was the one who found him a mess in the communal bathrooms. So I took him to Aizawa that's all."

As if on cue, Uraraka had joined into the conversation. She had been tasked to train with Todoroki.

"Was he conscious at all when you found him? Did he say anything to you?"

"Where the fuck did you come from? This isn't-"

"Bakugou if he won't tell any of us anything, I know Deku would have told you. Would you please just tell us? We have a right to know!"

"Fine! Just next time remember to stay out of other people's conversations! All he said was-"

But Bakugou couldn't finish his answer. He was practically set up for one giant panicked reaction if he told them Deku had admitted who was causing his treacherous pining. He quickly regained his composure while coming up with a cover. They all would hound him to do something and blame him for Deku's death. Bakugou didn't need that. 

He didn't need that.

By now Todoroki had followed way over after Uraraka had. 


"...Was that, he couldn't have the surgery. Being too damn stubborn as he was coughing up shit. Refusing to listen when I said just admit to whoever it is. By then he passed out and that's when I got him to Aizawa and All Might."

"And you stayed the night in Recovery Girl's office with him? Willingly?"

"I don't need you cutting in. I helped Aizawa out and at some point fell asleep was all. It was late. Keep your assumptions to yourself.

Todoroki just shrugged his attitude off. Not feeling the need to waste his time at the moment. Kirishima quickly took this as a sign to try to downplay the tension for Uraraka's sake.

"I'm sure we can go visit Midoriya after classes end. Maybe we'll be able to talk to him and get him to give us some more insight alright?"

With that, training proceeded.

Chapter Text

Once everyone was back in the commons. The gloomy vibe of worry had gone down. Midoriya had regained consciousness once more but was still under emergency watch. The whole class had visited him throughout the day and gave him their best wishes upon checking in. Uraraka, Todoroki, and Kirishima hung back longer however.

Bakugou just planted himself into his locked room, not wanting to be bothered. Staring up at his ceiling from his bed and just thinking. His sweaty palms clenching and unclenching, sparking with tired anxiety.

What was he even waiting for, Deku was the only one on his mind. Why didn't he stay back too?

"I wanted it to just be us."

He spoke to himself. Katsuki knew full well why this was messing with him. And while he hated to admit it, Kirishima was on the ball when he'd regarded Katsuki as someone who did let their emotions take over every now and then. He wanted to punch Todoroki for his comment on willingly staying with Deku through the night. Of course he had, what kind of hero would he be if he just left him? Even if the other pros had been around.

But even Katsuki knew that too was just another way of him avoiding full admittance. He wasn't going to give Todoroki of all people that satisfaction of knowing. Then again he could probably rub it in the pretty boy's face. Katsuki huffed, letting a breath free that he hadn't picked up on holding in. 

It was time to go back.

While exiting the stairs, it was clear the former absent students had returned. Kirishima chatting up with Sero and Mina on the couch while Uraraka and Todoroki had placed themselves with Tsu, Momo, and Iida. Bakugou didn't say anything when he noticed Kirishima wave at him, wanting no attention drawn to him that would cause him to waste anymore time. He needed to curse out fate and it's ways.

"Bakugou hold on for a second! I want to talk with you."

Damn it Half n Half. Fuck you and your burn scar. Todoroki excused himself from their minor group conversation and halted Bakugou while halfway out the building.

"I'd like to speak to you outside."

"Make it quick. I've got shit to do."

"I'm sure you do."

Bakugou didn't look back to see if anyone else paid attention to the both of them leaving the building. He didn't exactly care either. Turning himself around Bakugou glowered at Todoroki as he approached closer. The other remained unfazed and stoic as usual.

"You better be going to fix this."

"Where the fuck do you get off telling me what I should be doing. As if it's any of your business."

"It became my business once I found out who exactly he was dying over."

Bakugou stood, frozen in place. He could feel the sparks tingling at the tips of his fingers as he grew increasingly agitated, biting back his tongue ready with vicious words.

"So you do know."

"I only found out a few hours ago, however Uraraka had her hunch. If he dies over you-"

"You'll what? Blame me? Even if I can't help it? Fuck you, bastard."

"What have you left us to expect? You don't really share your personal life."

"So you really think I'd just let him die like that?! What kind of hero would let someone die of a shit disease like this. That I'd still just tell him to fuck off and get over it?"

Silence, Todoroki just staring right in line with Bakugou's own gaze. He sighs and shakes his head as if annoyed.

"Then what is your answer to this? Just because the two of you have been slowly fixing things doesn't instantly mean some sudden words will instantly fix years worth of emotions Midoriya said to be harboring."

Bakugou's attention wavered slightly, eyebrows knitted into his standard pissed off glare. He wouldn't give Shouto the answer he was fishing to receive by the end of this, he'd find out eventually. 

"You'll see."

With that, Bakugou flipped him off and turned towards the U.A. building not saying another word. His balled up palms in his pockets and his classmate behind him. Todoroki didn't chase after him either, but only squinted at the other student hero as he dodged an actual answer. Rolling his eyes and heading back inside the dorms building.

Katsuki tried putting together what he wanted to say in his head but he couldn't vocalize it. He grew to be a mess of words and curses by the time he'd arrived at the door of the nurse's office. Eyes scanning the plaque and door knob over and over until finally huffing and taking a breath before facing the music.

Katsuki Bakugou didn't confess his deepest emotions often. Let alone something like admiration, fondness, affection, and even love. He'd rant to his circle but never tell them what was bothering him completely. 

The only person he'd ever shared that with had been Deku. The nerd who he never pictured himself as his type or someone he'd get caught up over on.

The truth was he did care about Deku. He cared about his health and improvement. He didn't want to watch him surpass him or see him push to get hurt. But he dealt with it and fought every step of the way.

Recovery girl wasn't around at the moment which assisted his chances on saying things successfully. 

Katsuki walked in and made his way over to the medical beds where Izuku had resided in for the past day. He appeared to be awake now and had a couple more IVs attached to him while the monitor beeped with every beat.


The sickly boy spoke, turning his head from the nearby window to see who had come in.

"Hey Nerd."

Katsuki pulled up a nearby chair to Izuku's beside. He hunched over a bit as he fiddled with his hands and avoided eye contact. 

"W-why are you ...shouldn't you be at the dorms with the others?"

Even though mumbled, his voice sounded so tired and scratchy to Katsuki, his throat probably aching from all the shit that's been coughed up. But he didn't answer Izuku's question, eyes scanning all over the bed but avoiding contact with its occupant. Katsuki slowly took his hand, thumb rubbing over his knuckles while he bit his lip. Izuku's eyes fell to their hands and gaped in awe. He swallowed before speaking up more.

"Kacchan? Are you okay-"

"I'm not just gonna sit around and let you die like this."


"You heard me. And don't give me any of that 'you know' bullshit either. You're not okay and you don't know anything. You can't just let this stupid sickness take you down after all the promises of surpassing me you made. You're not that kind of person, Deku!"

"Kacchan I can't just make you-"

"I like you back you idiot you can't die on me like this!"

Izuku’s eyes went wide while staring in absolute shock at the words he’d thought we’re only capable in his daydreams. It wasn’t exactly how he’d pictured it but, it was definitely Kacchan’s way of putting it out there clearly.

"S… say that again…?"

"Not clear enough for that big nerd brain of yours? I said I fucking like you"

“You…wait. You really mean it?”

“Yes! Of course I fucking mean it why else would I say it? Hell I even said it twice!"

“How long have you- I mean you never even-”

Katsuki sighed. It's true, he wasn't one to clearly justify his feelings. Sure he'd vocalize his rage and strength all he wanted, but something like this was very rare to others.

“It’s complicated."


"If you want me to be blunt, it was off and on through the years.. I didn’t know what to call it when we were kids then all the other bullshit when I hated you. But I still kept fucking thinking about you. Now we’re here in this mess.”

Izuku’s eyes were dripping with tears by the time Katsuki looked back up at him. His own cheeks felt too hot to keep looking at the sniffling boy. Katsuki began regretting blurting everything out in the open like this but if it kept the idiot alive then, somewhere in himself was fine spilling it out. As long as no one else was around too of course.

Izuku wiped away the tears streaming down his cheeks as he smiled.

"Kacchan. I'm so glad.."

"Damn it, don't get so emotional. It's whatever Deku, at least you won't be sulking anymore and you'll be getting better- however the hell that works."

"Ah- y-yeah of course!" 

The air was awkward, Izuku wiped his tears away and softly smiled at his childhood best friend. He couldn't help himself from squeezing his hand that was still being held by Katsuki as he sat up and hugged the other boy.

"I-I know it might be a bit much to ask but, would you mind staying with me through the night?" 

Izuku asked anxiously as he fiddled with the covers of the hospital bed. Katsuki just smirked at him.

"Sure, nerd."

Izuku's heart was racing so fast from being accepted he ended up in another coughing fit of roses.


Within the next few days, Izuku had been released from the infirmary by Recovery Girl as all the flowers and vines that had been previously crushing his lungs and the connections to his heart had gone away over a mass stream of vomiting. For a pretty illness it sure left the body in an ugly manner, but to Izuku he was just glad the literal bush was gone from his body.

He wanted to practically run all the way to the dorms once he was signed out. Izuku was able to breath in everything without a single hitch in his chest. He could almost cry- almost that is. All might helped escort him to the U.A. dorms building since he'd been the last to see Izuku out and they talked about how things had gone over the course. 

Outside the very dorms had been class 1-A thrilled to see their fanboy classmate back in health as they cheered. Midoriya couldn't help but smile wide at all if his friends throwing cheap confetti they'd apparently had at the ready. He waved wildly to them all as he thanked All Might for joining him and quickly jogged his way over to everyone.

Except when he saw the sunset tones casting into light blonde that jog turned right into a sprint as Midoriya ran to tackle Bakugou full force.


"Deku what're you- FUCK!"

With that they both collided and fell to the ground. Izuku hugging Katsuki tightly as tears brimmed the corners of his forest eyes.

"I-I'd kiss you but I know the others are around and I don't know if you'd want to-"

"Seriously? Fuck that, c'mere."

They were a little messy with each other at first, Izuku more so unable to help himself with wanting to pepper Katsuki with kisses all over. Katsuki's own mind blurring with the thought of just cuddling the nerd in his arms at the moment to death even though he just got him back. The sounds of hollering and whistling came from their friends as their attention was onto the two boys still on the ground. They could hear Mina say something about seeing it coming and cheers from Hagakure and Ochako. Kirishima first bumped Kaminari as the rest of the scene unfolded and they helped the boys up from the ground who were now both madly pink in the face.

It was worth it in the end. 

“So, does this mean were…?”

Katsuki motioned his head to their hands still holding onto one another, nodding his head a bit in the direction of Deku and himself. Deku returned the gesture with a puzzled look as he followed along until he finally understood what Kacchan had been meaning. His eyes widened and face flushed even more.

“Oh! D-dating?”

Katsuki nodded.

“I-I mean I kinda um figured we were?”



“Yeah, now I can return the favor.”

“What do you mean- AGH KACCHAN!”

Eyes rolled as Bakugou dramatically dip kissed Midoriya in front of everyone leaving him an utter mess while Katsuki just smirked proudly.