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Becoming Daddy's Boy

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Tony walks briskly across the street away from the tower. It’s the first time this month he hasn’t been so busy that he has to eat at his desk and he isn't going to give up his chance for a rare break by letting an intern get his lunch for him.


Once across the street, he enters his favorite coffee shop. A little independent “hipster” coffee place he's heard they are being called now. They serve the best organic coffee this side of town and so close to his building too! He couldn’t be luckier. He's considered buying the shop out, but he hasn't had a reason to.


Tony walks inside and a young man catches his eye as he makes his way towards the counter. He is sat on one of the high wooden stools against the wall, all alone. The young man is busy coloring, not in one of those adult coloring books, Tony can’t  help but notice; it is a children's one filled with cartoon animals. Tony shrugs, he's cute…. so what if he likes kids coloring books. The young man has chocolate brown locks slightly curled in the front and his mouth gaped open just a bit due to his deep focus. Tony chuckles quietly to himself. The young man is definitely cute, exactly Tony's type.


Once at the counter, Tony orders his coffee and salad. He takes both items with him over to the area where the young man’s sitting and plants himself down on the stool beside him. The young man looks up all doe-eyed and confused. On a closer inspection, Tony realizes this kid probably isn't even legal, so he shouldn't get his hopes up. The kid's clothes are a hole-filled mess,  even with the fashionable way kids wear their clothes now. Tony feels concern replace all of the sexual interest he's had and he breaks the ice with a “hi there.”


“Hello,” the kid replies hesitantly with a small but friendly smile.


Tony sips from his mug of coffee. “My name’s Tony. Tony Stark, ” he introduces himself.


The boy stops colouring and turns to face Tony. He offers out his hand. Tony shakes it, noticing with alpha pride that his side of the handshake is much stronger than the kid’s. “Nice to meet you, Mr.Stark. My name is Peter Parker, your name is on the building across the street,"  Peter points out, keeping it polite and cheerful.


Tony finds himself smiling, “Peter, you can call me Tony if you like, no need to be all formal. And you're right it is, that's my company, ” He lets go of the boy's hand and gently squeezes his shoulder. They continue to look at each other, sharing a short smile.


The cute moment is broken by an annoyed barista coming over to them, “Kid I already told you, you can't sit here unless you buy something, ” The man snaps, looking pointedly at Peter.


The boy furrows his brow, looking confused and worried. “But I don't have any money today.”


Tony pulls out a 20 dollar bill from his wallet and holds it out towards the barista, “He'll have a caramel latte and one of those spinach feta quiches on me, ” He says, smiling at Peter as he orders for him. The annoyed barista takes the money with a barely concealed thanks and walks away to get Tony’s order ready.


A soft pink blush covers Peter's face and he looks down, his lashes covering his adorable sparkling brown eyes, “You didn't need to do that, ” Peter says, his voice all soft and shy.


“Sure I did, you need a place to sit so you can finish coloring your picture. Unless you have somewhere else to be?” Tony turns towards his salad, picking up his fork to begin eating.


Peter shakes his head, “No I got nowhere to be, ” he confirms with a hint of what Tony reads as sadness in the teen's voice.


“Where you are staying right now?” Tony asks, he's starting to guess the kid is homeless. The dirty, damaged clothes, not having money for food or anywhere to be in the middle of a Wednesday. It all points that way anyway, maybe he’s wrong, but his heart aches to reach out to the kid. There is just something about him.


Peter begins coloring again with his crayons, “The park on 4th street. It's okay there, quiet at night, not too many other people sleeping there," he says,  seemingly cheerful despite his situation.


Tony feels his heart break a little for the boy. “No family? Or friends you can stay with?"


Peter stays quiet, but the silence is enough of an answer for Tony. He finds himself having the urge to do something stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. “Do you want a place to stay? Indoors that is, ” Tony offers. Letting some homeless teen stay in his penthouse, yeah sure….. totally not a shitty destination at all. This kid totally couldn't be involved in drugs or crime or be a run away. He totally couldn't just be some stalker fanboy playing him.


Peter looks up at him, “I don't like shelters,” he says.


Tony shrugs, “well my penthouse isn't exactly a youth shelter, ” he says. He stops to think for a minute. What if Peter is underage and someone did eventually start looking for him? "If you're sure you don't have any family willing to give you a couch to crash on.." he tacks on.


Peter looks at him, a blushing mess again. “Okay. I guess you look too nice to be murderer, so sure, oh and don't worry, ” Peter says convincing enough,  I’m 18... so it wouldn't matter if they my parents are kind of dead...”. The last part of the sentence is barely heard by Tony, it was said so quietly.


Tony grins, it was really that easy, huh?  He feels bad about the dead parents, but the kid doesn't look too torn up about it so it can't be that big of a deal, “Okay, you be a good boy and wait here until I finish my work for the day, okay? I'll take you back to my place then,” he smiles.


Peter vigorously nods a few times, ”I’ll be a good boy for you, ” he replies with a warm smile and bright red cheeks.


Those words go straight to Tony's dick. He smiles to himself again. Today really is the best day possible not to eat in his office.


Shortly after this exchange of words,  Peter's food and drink is brought over by the moody barista. The boy lifts his mug and takes a long sip of his latte, humming happily, “It's so sweet, I love it, ” he announces.


“You like sweets, huh?” Tony says with a smile. Peter nods rapidly. “You have whipped cream all over your mouth, ”  leaning in, he wipes his thumb over the boy's soft plump lips, collecting the cream. Then he slips his thumb into his own mouth to lick it clean. The kid’s lips are so soft, Tony can't wait to feel them on his own lips or on his cock. Peter is blushing even more now. “Eat your food, ” Tony orders softly.


Peter and Tony eat in companionable silence. “This doesn't taste very good, ” Peter says, looking a bit disappointed.


“This is the best organic quiche you can get, ” Tony says in a dismissive manner.


“I don't even know what that word means,” the kid replies.


“Which word?” Tony asks, pausing over his meal. He loosens his tie and throws it over his shoulder, tired of it getting in the way.


“Quiche ” Peter replies, drinking more of his latte.


Tony chuckles softly, “It's just a fancy way of saying it's… well, like an egg pie, ” he says, reaching over and putting his hand on the kid's thigh, rubbing it.


“Okay, if you say so I'll eat it,” Peter says, eating more of his meal. "Hmmm, it’s alright actually, " he adds with a smile.


“There’s a good boy, ” Tony says with a smile.


When they've both finished their food, Tony goes to the counter again. He slips the barista a hundred dollar bill. “You let that kid stay here until I come back for him, okay, ” Tony insists. The barista nods and takes the money with a smile, thanking Tony profusely.


Tony walks back over to Peter, “you be good until I get back, I'll be back at 5, okay?” Tony orders, fixing his tie in place once again. He needs to prepare himself for the rest of the afternoon at the office.


“Okay, Tony,” Peter says softly. Tony kisses the top of the boys head before he walks away. He couldn’t stop himself. Once he leaves the coffee shop, Tony is grinning ear to ear, beaming. He's the luckiest man on earth.

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Peter is sitting quietly waiting for Mr. Stark to come back. He’s switched coloring books a few times already. Eventually, his stomach begins making noises again. Mr. Stark said he'd be back at five….. Peter doesn't have a watch, so he doesn't know when five is. He just sits and waits.

He glances at the barista behind the counter a few times. Peter wants to ask him what time it is, but he's too nervous. The barista makes him feel uneasy. It’s getting late. The sky soon begins to look more orange than blue.

Eventually, the barista comes up to Peter, "That rich dude paid to keep you here til 5. It's 6:15 now and we’re closing, so you need to go”.

Peter quickly nods, putting his things in his backpack with shaking hands, his heart sinking. Of course, a man like Mr.Stark wouldn't want someone like him in his house. Peter doesn’t even know what a quiche is, so it is obvious he can’t be around rich people.

The last crayons drop into the backpack and he sadly waves goodbye to the barista and steps outside into the cold evening air. His fingers pick at the torn sleeves of his favorite red hoodie as he walks away from the coffee shop, head down, sighing heavily. What is he going to do now? Looks like it’s another night in the park.

Peter has just made it to the corner when he hears footsteps running up close behind him. He turns, letting out a startled cry, only to come face to face again with Tony Stark. Peter huffs, crossing his arms and frowning at Tony, "You're late and the barista made me leave!!” Peter just refrains from stomping his foot in annoyance like a child, and continues to glare at Tony instead.

"I know, baby, I know. I’m so sorry, I was in a very important meeting and it ran late! I promise I’ll make it up to you. Come here, baby”, Tony opens his arms in invitation.

Peter eyes the man, he was honest about why he was late, but can he still trust him? Peter thinks quickly, Tony completely unaware of the inner turmoil going around in the boys head. It really helps that he looks nice in that suit and smells clean. His face is nice too, tidy facial hair and kind chocolate brown eyes that are looking sincere and right at him. Peter melts under those brown orbs and still feels he must be trustworthy even if he is late. Peter lets out the breath he’s been holding in and sighs... "Okay”.

Tony looks relieved and smiles at Peter as the boy all but throws himself into his arms, so happy he won’t have to spend the night outside under the stars again, the nights are getting colder. Tony cups the back of Peters head with one hand and uses the other to rub the boy’s back soothingly to calm him. “Come on, kid, my car’s just across the street”.
Peter finds himself tucked into Tony’s side and walks beside him across the street into the parking garage. Waiting there is a nice car, sleek and jet black. It looks like a movie car, not something that should really be out on the street. Mr. Stark opens the passenger door for him, gesturing for him to get in. When Tony smiles, his teeth are straight and a brilliant white, which makes Peter blush and lower his eyes, biting his bottom lip adoringly. He climbs in and keeps his backpack at his feet. "So how are ya gonna make it up to me now?" Peter questions curiously as Tony starts to drive.

Tony looks thoughtful. "Sushi?" He asks. Peter scrunches his nose, which makes Tony laugh….”ok, ok, pizza?"

Peter smiles, nodding and looking away from Mr.Stark, "And ice cream?..... Please"

He feels Tony’s hand on his thigh rubbing it and relaxes. Tony smiles..."Pizza and ice cream, great choices, " he says cheerfully. The praise and the physical contact make Peter blush again. "We can curl up on one of the sofas, watch some Netflix, have some pizza and ice cream and snuggle”, lists Tony, voice low and calm which soothes Peter.

"You have more than one couch?" Peter asks amazed, eyes wide.

Tony chuckles, Peter is so adorable, so childlike in his demeanor. "Yes, baby boy, I own multiple couches, " He admits.

Peter can't help but feel shocked and confused. How many people does Mr.Stark have over at one time? Who needs more than one couch? Wow…..just wow!

The drive is short, just a few blocks away. Again, Tony opens the door to let Peter out, making him feel cherished. The older man offers his hand and Peter shyly takes it. Blushing more now, he keeps his eyes down, feeling shy again. He's holding hands with a good looking wealthy man, walking into an elevator to see the man's penthouse. Peter can’t believe it.

Once up in the elevator and properly inside the apartment, Peter stands in awe of the space and the view as he begins walking over to one of the windows, dropping his bag by the door. He stops when he hears Tony clear his throat. Mr. Stark is removing his shoes. Peter gets the hint and sits on the floor across from the bench Tony is on to remove his worn black sneakers. "Sorry…" Peter says softly, inner voice cursing himself, how could he have forgotten to take his shoes off, especially in a Penthouse! Now Tony will regret bringing him here.

"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay, baby," Tony says, crouching down next to Peter. He can see the kid’s becoming flustered and wants him to feel relaxed in his home. He fondly ruffles Peter’s hair to calm him down and make light of the situation. Peter giggles looking up at Tony through his long lashes, brushing away his messed up hair, now in his eyes. He reaches across and places his shoes neatly on the mat by the door next to Tony’s.

Tony smiles and stands up, holding his hand out for Peter, helping him up off the floor. "Okay, kid. I'm gonna get you out of these dirty clothes. You can have a bath or shower and I'll have Pajama's out waiting for you and by the time you're done, the pizza will be here, is that okay with you?”

Peter nods enthusiastically…. "Do you have any bubbles?" He asks, looking hopeful, making Tony smile.

"I’m sorry, baby, but no. Now I know you like bubbles, I'll have my housekeeper get some, just for you”, Tony says, leaving the room. Peter goes to follow him, but before he can follow him the whole way, Tony’s back and passes Peter a bundle of fabric. Peter takes hold of the clothes and looks up to see Tony pointing to a door. "That's the bathroom, " He says quickly kissing Peter's forehead as he makes his way to the bathroom. Peter leaves the bundle of fabric on the counter. Then he begins to undress. His eyes catch a view of his naked body in the mirror… the old scars, he swallows and looks away. His attention is quickly averted by how nice the bathroom is. There's a triangle tub in the far corner and next to that is a large shower. The shower could probably fit 5 people in it. There's no bubbles, so Peter chooses the shower. He needs to scrub himself and wash his hair anyway. There’ll be time for a bath tomorrow maybe? He hopes so. That’s if Tony wants him to stay.

Getting to clean himself properly in a big shower for the first time in a very long time is heaven. Peter sighs happily as the warm jet of water hits him. He washes his body three times, sings, sniffs the shampoo and just enjoys the warm water. There's a knock on the door, "The pizza is here!" He hears Tony yell. “Come on out now, Peter, you’ll be all wrinkled, you’ve been in there long enough."

“I’ll be out in a second”, he yells back.

Peter quickly turns the water off and grabs a large fluffy white towel, drying himself in record time. He takes a good look at the bundle of clothes. It's white pajamas. He pulls the shirt on, it falls off his shoulder. He goes to pull on the pants but they don't stay up. He gives up, shrugging. The shirt comes down to just above his knees anyway, he’ll go without. He didn’t want to put his dirty boxers back on, he grimaces at the thought, now he’s nice and clean. He unlocks the bathroom door and walks out, immediately greeted by the smell of pizza. He follows the smell to the huge kitchen area where he sees Tony already changed into his pajamas and freshly showered. The man must have more than one bathroom, makes sense, this apartment is huge. Peter smiles when he catches Tony’s eye, he beckons to Peter, raising the pizza box in his hand. Peter follows him to the lounge, where Tony sits down, pulling Peter with him. Tony opens the box and offers Peter a slice of pizza. He eyes Peter, looking pointedly at his legs and smiles. "No pants?"

Peter looks down shyly, "They didn't stay on, " He explains. “I didn’t want to put my dirty boxers on”.

Tony shrugs, "That's okay, we can get you new clothes. I should’ve known you’d be a smaller size than me. I might take my pants off too then, " He says picking up a slice of pizza, eyes twinkling, giving Peter a cheeky lopsided grin and then bites into it.

"Go ahead, " Peter dares him excitedly. Tony raises an eyebrow, then looks thoughtful before putting his pizza down and standing up. He reaches down, dropping his pajama pants leaving them on the floor, he sits down in just his boxers. Peter blushes and giggles, hiding his eyes behind his hand. Mr. Stark pulls him into his side. Peter is tucked in so close he can feel Tony’s bulge under his underwear and blushes more, he knows what that means. He reaches for another slice of pizza and pretends not to notice the older man’s arousal, looking at Netflix Kids Tony’s opened on TV… he must have picked up on him liking cartoons.

They settle on a movie with a magic theme park. Peter happily chomps down on his pizza while watching. He zones into the movie. It's not until he reaches for the third slice that he notices Tony has his hand under his shirt. Peter doesn't pay it much thought until Mr.Starks hand is moving towards his privates. When he goes for his fourth slice, the hand slides around towards his butt. Peter still doesn't really mind, Mr.Stark is nice. It's only when he finishes off his fourth slice that he feels the hand working its way in-between his cheeks. He blushes bright red and worms away from the hand, feeling unsure of this new development. Tony takes the hint and moves his hand back up to Peters shirt. Peter calms down again. He’s not ready for that stuff just yet, even if Mr Stark is gorgeous.

Once the movies over and the pizza’s gone, Tony gets up and Peter lets out a soft whine at the loss of warmth and his pillow, but soon perks up when Mr Stark returns with a container of chocolate ice cream and two spoons. They watch another movie, this one’s about birds and human babies. Mr.Stark’s hands stay above Peters waist thankfully.

When the second movie’s over, Tony has to wipe the ice cream off Peter's face. "How did you get it on your ear?" He chuckles softly, rubbing gently with a wipe.

Peter giggles, "I don't know”.

"We need to calm you down for bed, baby boy,” sighs Tony. Peter whimpers, he doesn't want to go to bed yet!

"Hey at least you get to sleep in a big memory foam bed with me…...and not under a tree" Mr. Stark reminds him, kissing him on the nose.

"I can share with you?" Peter asks happily.

Tony smiles, "Of course”.

Peter relaxes. Somehow the knowledge he’s sharing with Tony makes the thought of bedtime a lot nicer. Tony makes a tea that he says would make him calm down. It does. He’s soon yawning. "Camel tea is great," Peter sighs joyfully and stretches, groaning as his muscles relax.

Tony laughs and helps Peter up from the sofa. "Chamomile tea, " He corrects. “Come on, I’ll carry you, you’re tired now, aren’t you”. Peter squeaks as he’s swept off his feet bridal style and carried like a princess in Tony’s strong arms. He clings onto Tony as he’s carried out of the lounge, and up the massive staircase.

"That’s what I said, and I can walk, Mr Stark”, Peter squeals, wriggling slightly in Tony’s arms. It's the same word, Mr.Stark is just messing with him. Tony just chuckles and kisses Peter’s nose again, then his forehead. He reaches the top of the stairs and turns towards the huge master bedroom. Once in, Tony carries on to the ensuite bathroom where he and Peter can clean their teeth. Luckily, Mr Stark keeps spare toothbrushes, Peter thinks. Tony puts Peter down onto the counter so he can lean over one of the twin basins to clean his teeth, while Tony goes to the other one. When they’ve finished, Tony picks Peter up again and takes him back into the bedroom. This time, Peter wraps his arms and legs around the older man. As they enter the bedroom once more, Peter gapes at the huge bed in the middle of the room. It must be at least a Kingsize, even a Superking….just for one person. Peter’s impressed as Tony lowers him gently into the bed and climbs in after him.

Once in bed and under the plush duvet, Tony kisses him, this time not on the forehead but on the mouth. Peter buries his face into his pillow afterwards feeling his tummy fluttering. He peaks out at Tony shyly with one eye finding Tony smiling gently at him, stroking his face.

"Hey, baby boy, there you are. Where did you go? Was that your first kiss, sweetheart?" Tony asks softly.

Peter shyly nods his head, messy curls getting in his face again. He raises his head from the pillow and looks sheepishly at Tony. “At least with someone...I like”.

Tony smiles wide. "Well it's an honor then”, he whispers as he pulls Peter into a tight cuddle and kisses the crown of his head.

Peter falls asleep snuggled up under the duvet secure in Tony’s arms feeling warm, safe and loved for the first time in years

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Tony lay propped on his side watching his gorgeous boy sleeping soundly next to him. Peter was so cute with his lips slightly parted, breath coming out in soft little puffs as slept. Peter was completely unaware of his companions sleepless night. Tony reaches out to cup his boy's face, stroking his cheek gently with a broad thumb. Peter subconsciously leans towards him nuzzling his hand, making Tony smile. His boy must already know his Daddy's gentle touch. Realizing the teen isn't waking up, he runs his fingers through the boy's hair, stroking the deep chocolate locks.

This causes Peter to let out a huffing whine as he rolls over. Tony smiles and fights back the urge to coo at the boy's actions. Peter couldn't possibly get any cuter. The boy's side of the duvet doesn't come all the way with him. The duvet falls off Peter's lower half leaving his soft round and plump bare ass in full view. Tony bit his lip, aroused at the sight of his gorgeous boy. He wanted him so bad and his painfully throbbing dick was making that obvious. Peter simply existing in the same room as him was enough. Now the boy's barely covered body was sleeping next to him he was having a hard time trying to resist the urge to grab Peter or touch him. The young man had made himself very clear on the sofa earlier that he wasn’t going to stand for that. However, it still leaves Tony with his insomnia acting up and a boner that wasn’t leaving him anytime soon. He groaned and rolled over, reaching into his night stand as quietly as possible, fishing around for his lube. He grinned when his hand closed around it.

He turned back over, eyes settling on Peter's bubble ass once again. The billionaire uncapped the lube and smeared it onto his fingers. He frees his hard, weeping cock from his boxers and begins stroking himself, struggling to keep quiet as he worked himself towards a climax. His thoughts are of Peter and all the things he could do to him, lewd fantasies filling his mind. His innocent baby boy had so much to learn, so many dirty things for Tony to teach him. He imagines pulling down the boy's tight, bright underwear and fucking him awake! How he longed to feel Peter under him, legs spread obscenely, wrapped around his waist, moaning ever so cutely, or bringing his baby boy into work and having him give his Daddy blowjobs under the desk. His lust for Peter knows no bounds…..his strokes become harder and faster, cock shiny with lube, his hand works more on the dark pink head of his dick, picturing Peters small, dainty hand in place of his own large strong one. His strokes become longer, moving from the thatch of dark curly pubes at the base, then back up to the shiny head of his shaft where he thumbs the slit. Dirty thoughts about Peter finally bring Tony over the edge and he cums with a muffled grunt that he smothers with his free hand, watching as the copious amounts of cum shoot out, covering his stomach. He hadn’t come that much in a long time. He’d only known Peter for a few hours…..what was the boy doing to him!

Tony takes 5 minutes to rest as his breathing slows. He plucks a few tissues from the box on his nightstand, cleaning up the mess he's made on his toned abs.
He quietly gets up and drops the soiled tissues down the toilet and makes his way out of the bedroom. He pauses briefly to look back at Peter to make sure the boy is still sound asleep.

Satisfied that Peter isn’t waking up, Tony walks out of the bedroom. Tony finds himself downstairs sitting at his in-home bar pouring a glass of whiskey. The only good thing about being unable to sleep is no nightmares. He shakes his head trying to rid himself of the unwanted memories of his father. Stupid fucking PTSD! Howard Stark was a man only the world loved, they never saw the fucking arsehole behind closed doors. Tony sips from his glass, the whiskey mixed with the soothing afterglow of his orgasm beginning to calm him.

Once finished with his glass he finds his work laptop and starts replying to emails. What else is he supposed to do? He nurses his second glass with one hand and types away with the other.

A sudden scream pulls him from his mundane activities. He stands and runs up the stairs and into the master bedroom. He finds Peter sobbing and tossing in his sleep, pleading yells coming from him. The only word Tony can make out is "No”, Peter was repeating it over and over.

Tony's woken up from horrific to dreams like these often enough to know exactly what’s going on. Peter suffers from PTSD too and he's dreaming about something traumatic. He climbs onto the bed staying on top of the duvet and gently holds onto his boy, whispering softly, desperate to calm him.
“It's okay….. Shhhh….hey, hey little man it's okay. You're safe, you’re not there anymore baby boy, you're safe here with me, Da...Tony." He comforts the boy but Peter still thrashes. It takes all of Tony's strength to keep them in place, stopping Peter from kicking him and almost pulling them both out of bed. Tony doesn't give up and keeps whispering, "You're safe. I promise I won't ever hurt you. I won't let anybody hurt you, baby….come on now, calm down for me."

This goes for a very long time before Peter finally settles again. “That’s it….. their ya go….good boy”, Tony strokes the hair back from Peter’s forehead and kisses him as Peter stills and goes quiet. Tony inwardly sighs in relief and finally feels tired as well as overheated. Tony unbuttons his pajama shirt, tossing it in the general direction of his hamper where his work suit was discarded earlier, then he looks over at the now still boy next him. He climbs under the duvet with him and wipes the nightmare sweat from Peter's forehead gently with his thumb. He wants to kiss him again but doesn't, too fearful of the boy stirring. Tony lies next to Peter and let's exhaustion and sleep finally take him.

In the morning light, Tony wakes up to Peter wrapped around him. His eyes widen quickly as he feels the boy's morning wood pressed into his side. He smiles, nature is nature, after all, he shouldn't be so shocked. He kisses the top of Peter's head and runs his hand lovingly through the boy's hair. His boy doesn't stir and Tony sighs remembering last night. He can't decide if he should ask Peter what the nightmare was about. On one hand, he doesn't want to upset Peter by bringing up traumatic shit. On the other hand, he should know Peter's triggers in case something like this happens again, especially if Peter is awake or in public.

When he took Peter home he expected the boy to have some sort of baggage. He was 18, homeless and had no friends or family to turn to. He didn’t know why he was feeling so shocked that Peters baggage turned out to be a twisted and dark past.

Tony tries kissing Peter one more time before he resorts to tickling. He runs his hands under Peter's borrowed shirt. His fingers were against ribs that were far too easy for him to find. This does the job and Peter wakes up in a fit of laughter but pouts up at Tony when he stops.
“Morning sweetheart. You pouting because I stopped or because I tickled you in the first place?" Tony asks with a half-smirk.

Peter glares at him which makes Tony bite back his own laughter seeing this. His boy is like an angry rabbit. Too small and cute to ever be a threat. "Both" Peter answers.

Tony cocks his head in confusion, "That doesn't make sense, " He states.

Peter sighs, "I don't like that you did it….. but I don't like that you stopped because....…" Peter glances down, long eyelashes covering chocolate button eyes, his face now the deepest shade of red. "It makes me…" the boy struggles.

The billionaire quickly catches on. "You have a tickling kink? Tickling turns you on?" Tony asks unable to hold back his grin. Who knew that finding out Peter's kinks would be this easy?

Peter blushes more burying his face up into Tony's bare chest as the older man chuckles.
"You don't have to say it like that! All dirty!" The teen yells, voice muffled by Tony's hard chest muscles.

Tony struggles to hold back his laughter. "There is no judgment for kinks in this house. Safe, sane, and consensual are the only limitations for that. And I think tickling is all three of those things, " Tony explains running his hands along Peter's back as he flips them over, Tony now holding Peter on top of him, he steals a quick kiss.

His boy seems to relax, looking down to meet Tony’s eyes shyly. "What….what’s consensual mean?” Peter asks, hesitantly reaching out with his finger to trace Tony’s lips.

"Jarvis please define consent for Peter, " Tony says, pretending to eat Peters finger, making the boy giggle adoringly.

Peter stops and looks down at him confused at first, then the boy turns to the side and catches a blue light on Tony's nightstand that he hadn’t noticed before.

The box the blue light was coming from suddenly spoke, "The Oxford dictionary defines consent as a noun... permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. Or as a verb, the word means to give permission for something to happen. synonyms: agreement, assent, concurrence, agree to, assent to, allow, give permission for, sanction, accept, approve, acquiesce in, go along with, accede to, concede to, yield to, give in to, submit to, comply with, abide by, concur with, conform to. Will that be all?" The male voice asks.

"Yes, Jarvis thank you, " Tony says and the light shuts off.

Peter looks thoughtful, "Then you tickling me wasn't consensual”, he boldly states.

Tony blinks up in surprise at Peter feeling falsely accused, "What”?.

Peter looks at him as Tony strokes his back once more. Peters wide eyes go big like the moon as he repeats sternly. “it wasn’t consensual, I didn't agree for tickles Tony", his angry little bunny face looking too adorable.

Tony pauses as he thinks. The kid was right, he didn't consent to be tickled, though Tony didn't know tickling would bother Peter that much. "How about this….. you can have a safe word. It's like a magic password. If I do something you don't like then you say your safe word and I stop. No questions asked, I just stop okay?" He suggests.

Peter looks confused, then his face relaxes again. He softly asks "well what do I make my magic word?"

Tony thinks for a few seconds, " What's your favorite animal?"

"Spiders!" Peter answers cheerfully.

Just when Tony thinks he has a grip on this kid something else throws him for a loop. Spiders? Really? From the boy with coloring books filled with bright kittens and puppies and cute little bear's? His favorite animal is a damn spider?
"Ok kid, so you're safe word is spider."

Peter's face lights up. Tony decides to test him and he begins tickling Peter again. Within seconds his boy shouts, "Spider! Spider!" And he stops tickling.

"Good job baby, such a good boy! " Tony says, running his hands through Peter's hair and gently kissing the boy's head.

Peter looks stunned, " actually stopped".

That response combined with Peter's nightmare leaves Tony with a knot in the pit of his stomach! It disturbed him that the boy didn’t know what consent meant, now he’s surprised Tony stopped when he said his safe word? What horrors on earth has this sweet boy endured in his short life!

Chapter Text

Peter watches Tony wipe his hand over his face like he's bracing himself for something. The older man lowers his hand and relaxes. He reaches out for Peter, taking hold of his hand as he looks into his eyes, "Do you remember the nightmare you had last night?"
He asks him softly.

The teen frowns as he thinks for a moment. "No, I don't, " He replies honestly, he thought he’d slept fine...but bad dreams aren't new for him.

Tony wraps his arm around the teen's waist, pulling him closer. Peter looks into Mr Stark's kind, brown eyes. "You kept saying no in your sleep, baby…. over and over, " Tony explains, gently rubbing Peter's back.

Peter feels his heart race and he starts shaking… he knows exactly what the dream was about. He can’t stay focused. He can’t breathe, it actually hurts to try!! He feels hands around his body pull him in tighter and he panics, shoving the hands away. "No!" He cries, trying to get away.

The hands around his waist let go and move to his face gently stroking his cheeks, using their thumbs to wipe at his tears. "Peter, you're safe's okay. You aren't there anymore, you’re right here. Look at me, baby boy. Breathe...take it slow ...that's it, it with me.” The voice is so calm, he can’t help but listen to it. He’s fixated on Tony as he breathes with him. Eventually, he calms down and feels he can breathe properly.

He looks up and meets eyes with… not who he was expecting. It's Tony Stark… That's right, he's safe with Mr Stark. He's safe, but Mr Stark looks so worried.

"I lost you there for a minute. You had a panic attack.” Tony gently explains. Peter just blinks at him. "This conversation is tabled until further notice, I can't have you panicking like that. It's okay, baby, look at me, " Peter looks up at him, "You’re safe here,” Peter nods and sighs, trying to gather himself. He doesn't want to think about the bad stuff. The hands that are once again on his back are so kind, how could he have thought they belonged to anyone else but Tony...not HIM! It was just Tony. Peter finally breathes a sigh of relief and slumps against Tony, resting his sleep tousled head against his chest. He closes his eyes and takes more deep breaths.

They stay cuddled for a few minutes, Tony's heartbeat keeping Peter calm. "You've got a scar over your heart, " He whispers to Tony, feeling safe and peaceful.

"It's from my pacemaker...and no it's not because I'm old, it's because I was in an accident, " Tony explains, sassily.

"Your what?" Peter asks, looking up at Tony.

Tony lets out a laugh, "It's a robot for my heart".

Peter blinks in surprise. Mr Stark couldn't get any cooler. A robot heart. Wow, so cool!

"As much as I'd love to spend all morning in bed with your morning wood pressed into my thigh, I need coffee and you need breakfast, " Tony states nonchalantly.

Peter feels heat rise across his face to the tips of his ears. Mr.Stark stands up and carries him to the nearest bathroom, setting him down on the counter.

They get their morning hygiene over with, feeling better after cleaning their teeth and washing. "Baby, if you want privacy to take care of yourself I'll head down to start on breakfast, " Tony explains fondly as he trims his well kept facial hair, still slightly damp from his shower.

Peter finds himself blushing all over again. He gapes, struggling to find the words he wants.

"That is unless you want me to help you?" Mr Stark says with a wink gesturing to himself.

Peter blushes even more. "...I think… I think I'll take a shower, " He suggests flustered as he hops off the counter.

"Okay, well, while you have fun I'll go cook, " Mr Stark says with a wink, smacking Peter's butt playfully before heading out of the bathroom.

The moment the door shuts Peter uses the toilet, then turns to face the large shower, he hasn’t had one this morning yet. Deciding he wants to feel the heavenly shower on his skin again like last night, he walks towards it. He throws his pajama shirt off behind him. He chooses to calm himself with chilled water. It's just easier after the morning he's had.

Once calm, Peter allows himself warm water, getting rid of his shivers. He washes himself and his hair, singing random stuff that pops into his head.

The bathroom door opening pulls Peter from his thoughts. He looks over startled but relaxes when he sees it's just Tony. The older male’s leaning against the counter, wearing boxers, a faded vintage tee shirt, and a red bathrobe. "Hey there, my pretty boy, " Mr Stark says with a smirk and a cheeky wink. “Foods done and so's the coffee”.

Peter turns off the water and steps out. Mr Stark passes him a fluffy towel. The teen utters a soft "thank you" and pats himself dry. Tony reaches out help with his hair, Peter giggles as Mr Stark ruffles his hair dry with the towel.

He puts his pajama shirt back on. Tony scoops him up and Peter chuckles as he clings to him, wrapping his arms and legs around Tony. He’s getting used to this treatment. "I hope you like crepes because that's what I made, " Tony sing-songs, rubbing the back of the teen in his arms.

"Crepes?" Peter asks, yet another food thing he doesn't know.

"Thin pancakes filled with lots of nice stuff, " Tony explains with a smile. He kisses the top of Peter's head as they walk downstairs.

"I like pancakes, " He says cheerfully; this morning is getting so great.

Once downstairs, Peter is sat at a small, round table. He looks around. This kitchen is huge! It has matching marble counters and floor. A plate of food and a mug of coffee are set in front of him. The teen's eyes sparkle seeing chocolate sauce and whipped cream in his mug and on his crepe. He digs into his food, so happy that Tony has already cut his food into pieces for him. Tony’s so thoughtful. "This is so's amazing, " he tells the older man, his mouth full of some crepes.

"Yeah? Glad you like them, baby, " Tony tells him with a smile before sipping from his own coffee. He puts his mug down and turns to Peter, "So, I took the day off. I thought we could go out and get you clothes that aren't falling apart. We could get other stuff too. New coloring books, a teddy bear..a plushie spider even...that’s if we can find one” suggests Tony.

"I like that plan, " Peter’s grinning with excitement as he reaches for his coffee.

The teen is bouncing in his seat by the end of the meal, the sugar rushing through him combined with his excitement adds to the warm fuzzy feeling inside. He can’t remember the last time he felt this excited.

"You have chocolate all over your face, " Tony points out as he stands up. Peter watches curiously as Tony comes over with a wet napkin to clean his face, ending the wiping with a kiss on his cheek, making Peter blush. He shyly returns the kiss. "Let's go get ready. I washed your clothes. I’m surprised any of them survived the wash. Whatever you don't put on is getting tossed and the rest is going when we get back!"

"Don't throw out my hoodie, " Peter insists.

"I can get you 100 hoodies, better ones. You don't need that one. You can wear it out today and that's it, " Tony says more sternly.

Peter frowns, "Mine is special, " he replies with a pout, making puppy eyes at Tony.

Tony sighs, "Okay, fine, you can keep it”. Damn, the kid has him wrapped around his finger already.

Peter still feels a bit nervous about this exchange as he's carried to the laundry room. The room is big enough to be a bedroom. Tony sets him down on the washing machine and starts pulling clothes out of the dryer.

Peter jumps down and digs through the pile while Mr Stark puts on a pair of nice looking jeans. Peter finds his own pair, along with some clean boxers finally! It's when he gets around to finding a top that he decides to wear one of Tony's instead of his own.

Peter gets dressed right there in the laundry room, not worried about Tony watching. He sees him frowning and realizes the man's noticed his scars...because he really needed to give the man another reason to regret bringing him home…he shouldn’t have stripped off in the full light like this, but he didn’t think. He turns away from Tony and quickly finishes dressing.
He's happy when he's fully dressed again, red hoodie and all.

"I think I'm starting to really like seeing you in my clothes," Mr Stark comments.

That's enough to make Peter blush, "Thanks," he says, fidgeting with his sleeves.

Tony holds his hand the whole way to the elevator and to the car park. Only letting go when he opens the car door for Peter.

Chapter Text

--------Ten years ago--------

Peter colors away on his paper. He can't wait to show Aunt May and Uncle Ben his art when they get here. He’s going to tell them about his great day and that he learned about shapes. He likes triangles the best, but circles are nice too.

He doesn't know why his aunt and uncle are so late coming to get him. All his friends went home already. It's just him and his teacher now. Ms. Smith is a nice teacher. He doesn't have anyone to compare her to, but she's the best teacher ever.

"Peter get your things, there's someone here for you, " Ms. Smith says and she sounds sad. He does what he's told, packing everything away in his backpack. He puts his drawing away too.

He runs to his peg and pulls on his jacket. Well, it's not his, it's Uncle Ben's. He spilled juice on him in the car. Uncle Ben had to give him his hoodie. It's bright red and comes down all the way to his feet.

Peter follows Ms. Smith out of the classroom. There's a policeman in the hallway. Policemen are good guys. He waves at the policeman. They’re people who help us, they learned that at pre-school.

The policeman kneels down and takes off his hat. "Hi, Peter my name is officer Coulson. I have some bad news kiddo…" The policeman says, then glances down and tenses before he looks back up at Peter. "A very bad man hurt your auntie and uncle...and they...they didn't make it. I'm sorry Peter ...the doctors in the hospital did all they could... but they died".

Peter screams and cries, he doesn't stop screaming and crying, even when Ms. Smith cuddles him.

--------nine years ago--------

He’s sitting in the social worker's office again. Mr. Anderson is a good man, he likes him. “Peter I have some good news. Someone wants to adopt you. He's a good man, I want you to meet him, " He explains with a smile.

Peter is led down the hall to a room full of toys. There's a man waiting there in a chair. The man comes over and shakes Peter’s hand. "Hi Peter I'm Mr. Beck, but I’d really like to be your daddy," Peter's never had a daddy. He likes the sound of having one. Mr. Beck looks like he’s a good man like Mr. Anderson.

"Okay!" He replies cheerfully. "Can we play blocks now?" He asks happily.

"Sure buddy, " Mr. Beck tells him and they do play blocks. And racecars and draw and color. Then Mr. Beck has to go home.

Mr. Beck comes back to see him though. After a bunch of times coming to see Peter, he gets to go see Mr. Beck, he gets to live with him. He’s so very excited! The adoption paperwork went through…whatever that means. Peter is just happy he has a Daddy now. No more smelly group home!

"Where's my room?" Peter asks struggling with his trash bag of belongings.

Mr. Beck takes the trash bag. "Well, I use the second bedroom as my office, so you're gonna share a bedroom with me. It’ll be like having a fun sleepover every night," The man explains.

"Do I still have all my toys in our room?" Peter asks a bit worried about his teddy bears being alone at night. They might get scared.

"Of course you can!" Mr. Beck tells him. Peter is happy with the answer.

Peter has a good day playing and watching TV.

When it's bath time Mr. Beck helps him take off his clothes and get in the tub. There are lots of bubbles, he loves bubbles.

It's a nice bath at first…Mr. Beck really likes cleaning his little boy parts. Then cleans his bum...Mr. Beck puts his finger inside him. It hurts and Peter pulls away. "Stop!" He yells and tries to push Mr. Beck away.

"Peter relax! Stop being a brat!" Mr. Beck yells at him holding him by the wrists with one hand.

"No! It hurts!" Peter yells and cries. He wants him to stop!

Mr. Beck adds another finger and Peter screams. He doesn't stop fighting back but he doesn't win.


--------seven years ago-------


Peter cowers in the corner of Mr. Beck's study. The man is drunk again, pacing up and down. He's so scary when he's like this. He has a letter in his hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. "Dear, Mister Quinten Beck. We are sorry to inform you that we cannot offer you an investment grant at this time. Without a patent, we have no way to ensure that you'd be able to pay our firm back," he reads out loud. "Stupid fucks! They don't know what they're missing out on! I'm a genius and no one sees it!" He rants, screwing up the letter and throwing it across the room. He looks at Peter and glares, "You're just like them too Peter! Fuck you! You think you're too good for me huh? Is that it? Fucking little bitch!"

Mr. Beck undoes his belt, folding it over in his hand. He tosses the now empty bottle of whiskey to floor and storms towards Peter.

"Nooooo!" Peter shouts, raising his arms up to block the strike. This does nothing to stop the beating. Peter can do nothing but cover his head and face with his arms. He hears the hard snap of the leather belt striking him before the pain takes his breath away. The belt cuts into him adding to his many scars and bruises. Peter blacks out.


--------five years ago-------

Peter sits on the couch, his knees lifted high against his chest. Cartoons are playing on the small TV on the coffee table. He's in one of Mr. Beck's soft sweaters and nothing else. He doesn't have any toys anymore. Mr. Beck threw them all away one day when he got really drunk and really angry… Peter cries thinking about it. He doesn't have any friends. He's not allowed any...Mr. Beck gets too jealous. He doesn't have homework either, not that he really minds. He has to go to a special class now. Mr. Beck says it's because he's stupid. His teacher says he just learns differently.

He doesn't know who's right but he doesn't care, he likes his special classes. Nobody picks on him and calls him names. He gets to sing songs and color and play while all the other kids his age have boring classes.

Mr. Beck sits down next to him. Peter tenses up. "What’re you watching?" He asks.

"Spongebob," Peter says softly, not looking at him.

"You're such a fucking baby, " Mr. Beck sounds annoyed. He takes the remote away from Peter and changes the channel. "I would’ve never taken you in if I knew you were gonna turn out to be a retard," The man says coldly. "Come over here and do your job, " He demands as he spreads his legs.

"I don't want to! I just want to watch TV!" He yells.

Mr. Beck smacks him across the face with the remote. Peter sobs, he runs away and hides.

--------one year ago-------

Peter dumps the contents of his school bag out on the floor. He won't need any of it's anymore. He packs as many clothes as he can fit in his backpack, adding a water bottle and his crayons. Then he pulls on his late Uncle Ben's hoodie. It finally fits him enough that he can wear it in public. He has $35 saved up. It's not going to get him far but it's all he has.

He has four hours head start before Mr. Beck gets home and realizes Peter’s gone. He keeps his hood up, he doesn't want to be noticed.

Peter gets on the bus and rides it until the last stop. Then gets on another bus. Then another, until he's told by a driver that his transfer isn't good because he has a zone 3 transfer and he's in zone 4 now.

He lays low for the first few days. His heart races any time he sees a cop car or a man that reminds him of Mr. Beck.

But Mr. Beck never comes and the cops never come. He relaxes. Peter starts trying to stay in shelters. The other kids there are mean, they’re bullies like the kids at school and at the group home. He stops staying at shelters.

The only nice shelter is the one for people who have been to war. Mr. Rogers lets Peter stay there for a few nights after he catches Peter digging through a dumpster. But after a few nights, the nice Mr. Rogers tells Peter he’s been told Peter can't stay there anymore because he hasn't been to war. Peter wants to argue that what Mr. Beck did to him is just as bad as some of the stories the men and women living there tell about their times at war, but he decides not to fuss.

From then on Peter sleeps in the park. He begs for money by the fountain and gets food whenever and wherever he can. He gets his coloring books at the dollar store. It's the best he can ask for.

His favorite place to go and color is the coffee shop across from The Stark Tower. The impressive building is what drew Peter to this part of the city in the first place. If he hadn’t seen the tower he’d never have found the cute coffee shop. He sort of feels safe here.