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What We Used To Be and Will Be

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Jungkook used to be the only Little, until Jimin revealed himself as a Little too.

Jungkook should be happy because that would mean that he had a playmate. But he was not.

What Jungkook used to have, he got to share it with Jimin and that includes the undivided attention he had from his hyungs.

As they got intrigued by the new Little, the members were slowly shifting their focus onto Jimin.

Jungkook knew he should not blame his hyungs, because hell, even he gets overly excited when his caregivers got him things.

However, it was easier said than done.

It wasn’t easy for Jungkook to curb the jealousy that he felt. He used to be the centre of attraction from his hyungs. They would pamper him, litter kisses on his face, coo over his cute antics and dote on him so much.

He didn’t like the distraction. It made him insecure, as though telling him that his hyungs were disinterested in him now that they had a new Little. Jimin was petite, fluffy-looking and cuter than him, whereas Jungkook was buffy, muscular and taller. It made Jungkook self-conscious, constantly worrying that he was losing his spot as the adorable one in the group.

Unintentionally and subconsciously, Little Jungkook had always been mindful whenever Little Jimin makes his appearance. He would get clingier and whined more, hoping to keep the attention of his hyungs to himself. Jungkook did not like losing, Big or Little.

So whenever Little Jungkook saw that Little Jimin was getting overly annoying (even though he thought it was cute), he got cranky and behaved unfriendly towards the older one.

The members weren’t oblivious to the situation, but they did nothing to stop Jungkook as they found him cute. However, when things got slightly out of hand, punishments would come in (rarely though). And right now, Jungkook was getting it.

“Kookie, why did you snatch the stuffie from Chimmy?” Jin had asked in a stern tone.

“Kookie did not snatch. Kookie only take it back. Stuffie belongs to Kookie, not Chimmy”, Little Jungkook said with a pout.

“You know you are supposed to ask for things nicely, even if it is yours. We do not accept rude behaviours in this house, remember?” Namjoon said with a shake of his head.

“B-but, it is Kookie’s stuffie. Chimmy has his own stuffie. Chimmy cannot be greedy!” Little Jungkook defended himself.

Hearing the argument, Yoongi chided “Sharing is caring, bunny.”


“Now, no more buts. You know what you did was wrong. C’mere and say sorry to Chimmy” Hoseok motioned to Jungkook, while holding on to the other sobbing Little.

Reluctantly, Little Jungkook dragged his feet and stood in front of Hoseok and Little Jimin. “Sowwy Chimmy. Kookie not mean to be meanie. Kookie give you stuffie back”.

“What a good bunny. Now hold hands and make up with each other. No more snatching of toys.” Taehyung said while pointing fingers at Little Jungkook before moving on to Little Jimin.

“It’s okay Kookie. Chimmy sowwy too. Chimmy love you”. Little Jimin smiled brightly.

As Little Jungkook hugged Little Jimin back, he could not help but feel sad about it because he knew what was going to come next.

“Alright bunny, you know you are going to get a time-out right but because you were such a good boy and apologised to Chimmy, you will get five-minute instead of ten. Come on, let’s go now”. Yoongi held out his hand, waiting for Little Jungkook to follow him.

Sitting on the “thinking chair” while facing the wall in the corner of the living room, Little Jungkook let his thoughts roam.

Is Kookie bad and that is why hyungies no like him anymore? But Kookie never do anything wrong. Kookie only taking back what was his. Kookie never bully Chimmy. Maybe Chimmy is cuter than Kookie so hyungies like Chimmy more. Hyungies no like Kookie anymore…

As his eyes started to get watery, Little Jungkook tried to shake those negative thoughts away.

However, he could feel the cracks blossoming in his fragile little heart.

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It was silence that greeted Little Jungkook as he started rustling in his bed. He had woke up in Little space (which was very seldom), probably out of stress from the event that happened the previous night.

As he tried to strain his ears to listen for any movements outside his room, he rubbed his eyes tiredly and struggled to get out of his bed.



“Hyungies, Kookie wake up. Hyungies!”


“Hyungies... Hyungies!”

When Little Jungkook did not get any response again, he started panicking. He was never a fan of being left alone, especially when he was the most vulnerable after waking up.

He rushed to the living room, no one was there. He went to the kitchen, no one was there.

Negative thoughts flooded his mind again.

Where are hyungies? They left Kookie? Hyungies don’t want Kookie anymore? Was it because Kookie naughty?

Jungkook knew he was over-reacting but he has never been good at handling his emotions. Hell, he was so scared when his members found out that he was a Little. He was afraid that his members would find him disgusting, having to regress into a younger mindset to distress.

He has never been completely at ease with his antics, constantly self-conscious of his hyungs being secretly dreaded taking care of him as his caregivers. The members had always assured him otherwise and even encouraged him to slip into Little space whenever he felt too much to handle the stress. Despite this, Jungkook still felt insecure.

As memories of last night’s event unfolded in his mind, he thought this was it. His hyungs finally had enough of him.

He started sniffing until a giggle caught his attention. He snapped out of his mind and walked towards the direction of the giggle.

As the giggle starts getting louder, he realised that it was coming from his room. Thinking that it was one of his hyungs, he bolted into his room, only to stop at the door when he saw what he saw.

On the floor, his Jimin-hyung was giggling away. No, it was Little Jimin and in his hands were his precious gifts. And they ain’t ordinary gifts. Those were the special gifts that his hyungs had first bought for him after founding out that Jungkook was a Little. Big Jungkook even bought a glass cabinet to display them, to the extent of worshipping it.

Those gifts held sentimental values to him.

“Kookie, look what I’ve got you”, Jin shook the rattle excitedly in the face of Little Jungkook, whom quickly reach out with his grabby hands.

“Look, look, look! Jiminie and I got you so many pacifiers! Oh wait, do you even use it?” Taehyung looked over to Jimin as he started pondering.

Jimin just shrugged his shoulders, “Well, we can always get him to use it then. Can you imagine how cute he’s going to be, with these pacifiers in his little pouty lips!”

Namjoon chimed in and said “He’ll probably need it. It seems that he has regressed to about two years old or three.”

“He is so cute! My cute little dongsaeng! Look at these bunny plates and bottles! Don’t they suit you so much?” Hoseok squeaked.

Yoongi scoffed, “Aren’t you guys getting a bit too excited? It’s just normal accessories that babies or toddlers would use.”

“Hah! Says the guy that wanted to buy the entire store if I had not stopped,” Hoseok rolled his eyes.

“I—“ Yoongi’s words were cut off when he heard giggling sounds.

“Hyungies no fight. Kookie happy” Little Jungkook was beaming with a wide smile on his face.

Oh, Jungkook felt so loved.

Shifting his thoughts to the present, Little Jungkook could not contain his anger and stomped over to where Little Jimin was seated on the floor.

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“Chimmy, NO!” Little Jungkook snatched over his precious rattle as he slumped down beside Little Jimin.

Huffing out loud, Little Jungkook’s words echoed in his room while he pointed to all the items lying on the floor, “This, this, this, this and this. All Kookie! Chimmy no touch!”

Not realising the meaning behind Little Jungkook’s actions, Little Jimin snatched the items from Little Jungkook and retorted, “No! Chimmy play too! Chimmy is hyungie, so Kookie have to give Chimmy!”

“No! Hyungies buy special gifts for Kookie, so belongs to Kookie! Chimmy cannot take! Give it back!” Little Jungkook snatched his things again and stood up to place them back into the glass cabinet.

As Little Jimin started struggling and tried to reach his small hands into the glass cabinet to get the items back, Little Jungkook finally blew up. He started shoving and throwing (light) little punches at Little Jimin.

Too shocked from the sudden outburst from his fellow Little, Little Jimin started wailing and screaming for help. Getting irritated with the wails and screams, Little Jungkook wrestled Little Jimin onto the floor and tried to over-power the smaller hyung by covering the smaller hyung's mouth with his hands. Tears began to gather at the rims of Little Jimin’s eyes and as he gathered all his strength, he kicked Little Jungkook at his lower abdomen.

Holding on to the ache that was quick to spread around the area where the kick had landed, Little Jungkook raged with fire. If only looks could kill, Little Jimin would probably be dead, resuscitated and died again. With a deadly glare shot towards his smaller hyung, Little Jungkook lurched towards Little Jimin and started really hitting the latter.

Little Jimin screamed for help but Little Jungkook was relentless.

“Bad Chimmy! Kookie don’t like Chimmy! Chimmy always take Kookie things! Hyungies too! Chimmy cannot take them! Kookie hate yo—”

A grab at the back of his shirt collar caused Little Jungkook to stumble off Little Jimin. Apparently his caregivers were back from wherever they had gone to and heard the commotion in the room.

“Jeon Jungkook, what do you think you are doing?!”

Little Jungkook froze. None of his caregivers had ever called him by his full name while he was Little, especially Namjoon whom always held a fatherly figure in his headspace.

Yoongi dashed past the two, immediately picking up Little Jimin off the floor and placed him on his hips.

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook! What did we tell you yesterday? Why do you keep bullying Jiminie? He is a Little, just like you!”

“Kookie never bully Chimmy. Chimmy was the one that—”

“Oh yeah? Then why is it that we saw you pinning Jiminie onto the floor while you were hitting him?” Taehyung challenged the Little.

“K-Kookie… Kookie”

Seeing the Little stuttering, Taehyung added, “Something caught your tongue? Jeon Jungkook, I am so disappointed in you”.

“No, hyungie, no. Kookie really never bully Chimmy. Chimmy took Kookie’s things and—”

Jin tsked, “Jeon Jungkook, didn’t we just told you yesterday that sharing is caring? Jiminie is your hyung afterall”.

“B-But, those are special gif—”

“No more excuses. You have been so naughty recently, Jeon Jungkook”, Hoseok spoke sternly.



“Stop calling Kookie that. Kookie don’t like hyungies to call him full name. Hyungies never call Kookie that before. Kookie don’t like.” Little Jungkook spoke up in his small voice, sounding fragile and hurt.

Having calmed down from his cries a while ago, Little Jimin tried to explain but the members were quick to reassure him that he was alright and that Little Jungkook was the one at fault.

“No! Kookie no wrong! Chimmy is wrong! Kookie is not bad boy!” Little Jungkook shouted out of frustration.

“Yah! Jeon Jungkook!”

Again. His caregiver was calling him by his full name. Recoiling slightly at his leader’s words, Little Jungkook finally let his tears flow and sobbed loudly.

Witnessing his fellow Little’s distress and the other caregiver’s harsh tone, Little Jimin got scared and fell deeper into his headspace but still, Little Jimin subconsciously knew that he should defend his fellow Little.

Struggling out from the grasp of Yoongi, Little Jimin toddled towards Little Jungkook and tried to reach out to the latter. However, Little Jungkook shrugged his hands away violently, causing Little Jimin to stumble and fall onto the ground. Unable to break his fall, Little Jimin landed on his bum and cried out loud from the pain.

“Go away! No touch Kookie!”

“Jiminie!” Yoongi rushed to Little Jimin and picked him up. He turned around and glared at the other Little, “Jeon Jungkook! How could you push him? You bullied him first and he just wanted to make peace with you. Jiminie has always been nothing but nice to you, sharing things with you and looking out for you. How could you do this?!”

“Chimmy, Chimmy, Chimmy! Why always Chimmy?! Hyungies belong to Kookie, only Kookie! W-Why… Kookie don’t like this. Kookie want to go back to last time. Only hyungies and Kookie. Don’t want Chimmy. Kookie don’t like Chimmy. Kookie hate Chimmy!”

“Enough of your nonsense, Jeon Jungkook! You hurt Jiminie and refused to admit to your mistakes. Is this how we teach you? Why have you gotten so naughty?” Hoseok said disapprovingly.

Not wanting to let the situation get out of hand, Taehyung tried using the soft approach. “Jungkook-ah, you should not have hit Jiminie. Just say sorry and we will forgive you okay?”

Apparently, this did not work on Little Jungkook.

“Kookie said not to call him Jeon Jungkook! Stop calling Kookie that!” Little Jungkook shouted at his caregivers.

Little Jungkook then turned his head towards Jin whom had been quiet all this while. However, Jin just shook his head, looked at the Little with a disappointed look and said “You should have known better and not treat Jimin this way, Jungkook-ah. Not only Jimin was in Little space, he is also your hyung. I am really very disappointed in you.”

Hearing that, Namjoon added “If you cannot stand the sight of Jimin being a Little then perhaps you should not be here because we are not going to let Jimin get hurt anymore”.

With that, all the members left his room, leaving Little Jungkook alone.

As silence engulfed his room, Little Jungkook wept quietly. He could not understand why his hyungies were blaming him, why they were not listening to his explanations. He was just defending the items that Little Jimin had played without his permission, the items that the members had bought him and held sentimental values to him. It was his most prized possession. He was just trying to protect the things that he treasured and held dearly to his heart.

Later that night, no one called Little Jungkook to have his dinner.

Faintly, Little Jungkook could hear laughter and cooing sounds from outside of his room. He knew immediately that they were for Little Jimin and not for him.

Although his stomach was growling from hunger, he did not want to step out of his room, for he knew that he would not be welcomed at all.

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On the next morning, Jungkook woke up to the alluring sweet aroma of pancakes, his favourite. As he got up from his bed groggily, he realised that he was Big and that surprised him. He had expected to wake up Little given his stressful demeanour the night before.

Shrugging his shoulder, Jungkook washed up in his en-suite bathroom. By the time Jungkook made his way to the kitchen, he spotted all his hyungs having their breakfast.

However, what greeted him left distaste in his tongue. Yoongi was looking at Jimin affectionately, motioning him to open his mouth with a “ahhh” so that he could feed the younger. Apparently, Jimin was still in his Little headspace. Right on the other side was Hoseok trying to clean Little Jimin’s hand whom probably had used his hands to grab his food. Taehyung and Namjoon were seated across of them, looking on fondly, while Jin was busy making more pancakes at the stove area.

Sensing Jungkook’s presence, everyone, except Jin and Little Jimin, halted their actions.

“Good morning, hyungs”.

If the members were surprised that Jungkook was Big, they did not mention a thing and just hummed at Jungkook’s greeting before resuming their antics, completely ignoring the youngest.

Looking at the scene unfold in front of his eyes, Jungkook could only heave out a sigh of dejection and walked towards Jin. Before he could voice out to ask for some pancakes for himself, Jin interrupted “We’re out of batter for the pancakes. Eat some cereals for yourself instead”.

His eldest hyung, the one whom always took care of him be it Big or Little, always ready to offer him delicious food and make sure the others always leave a good amount of his favourite for him, had announced that there were no pancakes left. His comment left Jungkook in disbelief and speechless.

Feeling rejected and with the memories of previous night flooding back, Jungkook turned around and stalked off. Nobody made a move to stop him.

Later in the afternoon, all the members went to the studio for their dance practice in preparation for their final concert in Seoul which was two months away.

With emotions running low and the growing hunger from missing his dinner and breakfast, Jungkook could not concentrate at all. He stumbled and made multiple mistakes in his dance routines, causing the choreographer chiding the group for being complacent.

Hoseok, being the dance leader, got the worst from the choreographer. The dance leader could do nothing but hung his head low and accepted the scolding. Needless to say, Jungkook felt guilty and fidgeted in his stand.

When their choreographer announced to the group that he expected them to stay back for another two hours to perfect their moves, everyone started groaning. Jungkook did not miss the glares which the members were shooting at him.

When the choreographer finally left the dance studio, Hoseok snapped.

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook. Why did you keep messing up? Those are not new dance moves at all. We have been doing it for the past one year for our concert. How could you still make such stupid mistakes? Do you know how fucking tiring it is? Even Jin-hyung and Namjoon could handle it, why not you?!”

“Hobi-ah, mind your language. We have a kid here.” Namjoon pointed his head towards Jimin whom had slipped into Little space the moment Hoseok blew his top.

Not being able to meet Hoseok in his eyes, Jungkook looked down and mumbled, “I’m sorry, hyung. I will concentrate and do my best.”

“You better. Now, let’s carry on!”

“What? Already? Can’t we rest for a while? You do know the routines aren’t easy right and we have been going at it for the past three hours. I am really very tired now.” Jin complained. The other members agreed and started complaining too.

“Well, we have got no choice, haven’t we?” Hoseok spoke as he eyed Jungkook.

Namjoon then shushed everyone and motioned to them to continue, “Come on, the sooner we finish this, the sooner we can go home.”

Jungkook knew that his hyungs were frustrated and it was his fault. If he had not messed up, they could have been on their way home now. He felt hopeless and wanted to cry.

Taehyung, who was always quick to come to his defence whenever Jungkook got scolded, kept quiet this time round.

For the next two hours, Jungkook tried his hardest to ignore the growing ache in his stomach and gave his full concentration on the dance moves. Little Jimin was excused since his headspace does not allow him to do the intensive moves and as Jin said, “He did not mess up his steps anyway, just let him play”.

By the time they reached home, it was in the evening.

Instead of being given the privilege of using the washroom first like always or being pampered by either one of his caregivers to take bubbles bath together, none of the members took notice of Jungkook. Instead, his hyungs were pushing and fighting to bathe with Little Jimin.

Jungkook felt out of it, as though he was no longer part of this family anymore. What was used to be his, was no longer his.

Eventually when Jungkook emerged from his bath, everyone was already settled down in the living room, watching a Disney movie which was obviously picked out by Little Jimin.

As he felt his stomach aching out of hunger and also in an attempt to initiate a conversation with his hyung, Jungkook silently walked towards Jin, “Hyung, do you intend to cook? Or we can order take-outs for our dinner.”

Still feeling frustrated from the previous intensive dance training, Jin snapped “What am I? A chef to you? All thanks to someone, my muscles are sore now. If you want to eat, go cook yourself. You are not Little”.

Jungkook tried to defend himself, “I was just asking, I could order take-outs if you guys wan—”

Taehyung interrupted “Jin-hyung is right. You are not Little. Just do whatever you want”.

Jungkook tried. He really tried to convince himself that his hyungs were just too tired from the dance practice earlier. He reasoned to himself that his hyungs tend to get edgy whenever they were frustrated. Hell, even his own brain-to-mouth filter malfunctioned when he was tired.

Deciding not to bother the rest, Jungkook mumbled a soft “sorry” and excused himself to the kitchen.

When he opened the fridge, Jungkook realised that there were no food supplies for him to cook up a simple meal for himself. Recalling that there was a box of cereals that was stored in the top cabinet, Jungkook tipped his toes to reach for it.

As he tried reaching out, black spots appeared in his sight. Feeling weak from not having his dinner last night, along with breakfast and lunch for today and the amount of strength spent during the dance practice, Jungkook lost his grip. He knocked over some plates while trying to catch hold of the marble top on their kitchen top.

Loud shatters were heard, and the members rushed over.

Taking in the sight of Jungkook standing next to the broken plates, Jin huffed out “What have you done? You broke my favourite plates!”

Namjoon then said, “Just because we asked you to do whatever that you want, you don’t have to start breaking things in the house. You are not Little. Can’t you handle such simple things by yourself?”

At this point, Jungkook was shaking. Not out of anger, but out of desperation to stop his sobbing and suppressing the increasing aching in his stomach.

Misreading Jungkook’s body language, Yoongi started, “Don’t you dare try to throw a tantrum right now. You are not Little. Stop acting like one!”

Not being able to take it anymore, Jungkook pushed past them and ran to his room, slamming the door shut.

Meanwhile, Little Jimin just looked on quietly, not being able to comprehend the situation since he fell into a deeper headspace when he heard the loud shatter of the plates.

Back in his room, Jungkook flopped onto his bed and pressed his face into his pillow. He felt angry, rejected, pained, hungry, tired and more notably, heartbroken.

The hyungs, whom he had always cherished and took great care of him, Big or Little, were now shunning him away.

Words that he had heard throughout the day rang in his head, specifically one sentence,

“You are not Little.”

Yes, I am not Little. Nobody likes me to be Little. Nobody wants me to be Little. Nobody wants me anymore.

Jungkook did not realise that he was crying until he felt his pillow getting wet from his tears. Not even bothering to wipe away his tears and ignoring the piercing pain in his stomach now, he fell asleep with nothing in his mind and heart.

For the first time ever, Jungkook doubted his worth. He felt unloved and unwanted.

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Jungkook stirred in his sleep as he heard muffled shouts outside his room. He tried to open his eyes but the throbbing pain in his head was drowning him in. He faded away into his dreamland again as he heard a slam that sounded like the front door being shut.

“Aigoo~ Isn’t this our dearest Kookie waking up?” Jin climbed into Little Jungkook’s bed and snuggled with the youngest.

“Yeah, our cutie bunny is up and ready to start the day.” Yoongi stood by the door frame and beamed with his famous gummy smile.

“Taetae, up up!” Little Jungkook stretched out his grabby hands towards his best friend and favourite hyung.

“Yah! I am just beside you and you want others to hold you?” Jin pouted.

In his deep soft voice, Taehyung chuckled, “Haha, too bad Jin-hyung, I will always be his favourite!”

“Says who? I am Jungkookie’s favourite hyung. Isn’t that right bunny? Come here to Seokie hyungie.”

Rolling his eyes at Hoseok, Namjoon scoffed, “Oh please. Our Kookie adores me so that makes me his favourite of you all!”

“You guys are seriously so delusional. I am the one that is Jungkookie's favourite. Not only do I take care of him, I also doubled as his playmate in Little space. You guys can’t fight me.” Jimin walked across to the room and planted a chaste kiss onto Little Jungkook’s nose.

Jungkook slowly regained consciousness and thought, it was a dream after all. As much as he would like to bury himself in his comfortable blanket and reminisce over the fond memories, Jungkook knew he had to get up.

Forgetting that he had missed all his meals yesterday and dinner on the night before, Jungkook stood up abruptly. Darkness swallowed him momentarily, causing Jungkook to fall back down onto his bed. Jungkook took in a deep breath and tried sitting up slowly. As he stood up and steadied himself, Jungkook felt miserable and his body automatically tried to seek out some form of comfort until he remembered that he was alone.

Determined to make his own way to the living room to find his hyungs, Jungkook exited his room but was greeted with dead silence.

It appeared that the members had all left the house without him. Not even a single note was left for him.

Jungkook found himself missing his hyungs tremendously. Jungkook even started to blame himself for being such a petty maknae. Jimin has always been taking care of him outside of his own headspace and even when his hyung was in Little space, he took good care of him too by being his playmate.

But he could not control his jealousy. Having joined the company and band since the age of 13, Jungkook was used to the fact that what he wants, he gets it. People seldom says no to him, especially his hyungs. What was his hyungs, was his and what was his, was still his. Jungkook hated losing and he definitely hated people taking what was his.

Jungkook knew he was probably overreacting and over-analysed the situation more than he should but seeing that the members had been giving him cold shoulders for the past two days which felt like ages to him, Jungkook can’t help but thought that his hyungs finally had enough of his childish antics. Furthermore, all his hyungs had avoided him while he was in Little space. How could they do that to a kid that was barely two or three in his headspace?

This was it. The last straw that caused the tiny thread snapped in Jungkook’s mind.

Nobody wanted him here.

In a fit of anger, not at the members but himself, Jungkook stomped into the service balcony and grabbed some cardboards.

This is all because of me and my stupid headspace. I hate Little space. I never want to be a Little anymore!

Rummaging through his closet, Jungkook picked out his onesies, rompers, BT21 Cooky pajamas and cute pastel-colored clothes that his hyungs had bought for him. He stuffed them all into the boxes made out of the cardboards roughly.

Next, he pulled out the small chests under his bed which contained all his stuffies and threw them into the boxes as well.

Then, in goes the story books, coloring books and coloring materials. The pacifiers that he had kept in his drawers went in next.

Jungkook contemplated on removing the prized gifts from his glass cabinet that had caused his fight with Little Jimin which eventually led to his hyungs ignoring him, but he decided to keep them.

By the time Jungkook had finished packing everything, three boxes were standing in the middle of his room.

Looking at them, Jungkook felt like a part of him was packed away as well.

With as much strength as he could mustered up, or rather, with as much energy that was left in his weak body, Jungkook carried the boxes and placed it at the foot of their apartment’s doorstep.

When he re-entered his room, it looked so bare. Jungkook then started to pick out a few pieces of his sweaters, slacks and boxers, and stuffed it into his duffel bag.

With one last look, Jungkook stepped out of his room.

When he walked past the kitchen, Jungkook paused and decided to write a short note.

“You guys are right. I am not Little. I will not be a bother to you guys anymore.”

As Jungkook took the elevator, he dialed a number.

“Hobeom hyung, I’m going home”.

“Home? What do you mean? Aren’t you at home?”

“No, I’m going back to my real home.”


It was already late evening by the time the members reached home. They were cooing over Little Jimin while making their ways to their apartment.

As they walked towards their apartment unit, they spotted three boxes stacked at their doorstep.

Unsuspecting of it, Taehyung commented “ARMYs are so sweet, always sending gifts to us.”

“But aren’t they supposed to send it to our company instead?” Jin questioned.

The moment they got closer, the members realised that those were not ordinary courier service boxes but from the ramen brand which their managers would always buy in bulk and leave the cardboards in their service balcony.

Feeling something amiss, Taehyung rushed into the house while the other members crowded around the boxes.

Not being able to contain his curiosity, Little Jimin started tearing the tapes that were concealing the boxes.

What appeared in the first box had shocked the rest of the members standing close by.

Jungkook’s stuffies were in there.

Pushing through, Yoongi and Namjoon struggled to open the other two boxes.

Jin and Hoseok gasped loudly when they recognised the clothes and Little accessories that they had bought for Jungkook over the years.

While they tried to comprehend the situation, the members heard someone calling out to them from a distance,

“Yah, what are you guys standing at the doorstep for? And what are those boxes?”

Bearing in mind that no one knew about Jungkook’s and Jimin’s headspace, Namjoon and Jin quickly shielded the contents of the boxes with their tall and broad frames. Before anyone could answer, Little Jimin squeaked “Stuffies and paci—”

Hoseok quickly placed a hand over Jimin’s mouth and stuttered “gifts from fans!”

Panicking slightly, Yoongi echoed, “Yeah, just some gifts from our fans”.

Looking sceptical, their manager Hobeom eyed them suspiciously and as he wanted to open his mouth to say something, Taehyung burst out from the apartment.

“Guys, Jungkook is gone!”

“What do you mean by Jungkook is gone?” Namjoon asked in confusion and felt slightly uneasy when he saw the look of terror in Taehyung’s eyes.

“Oh right. That’s what I was here for.”

All the six members turned their heads towards their manager.

“Jungkook called in earlier to ask for a break to visit his family in Busan. Bang PD-nim has already approved his request since you guys are going on a short break until your next concert in October.”

As they took in this shocking news, the members knew that something was terribly wrong.

And Jimin, he was no longer Little.

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Someone has pointed out that my story is familiar with “Replaced” (

Allow me to clarify. I have read extensively throughout AO3 on “Little” stories and pieces of my work are inspired by various writers. So probably the reason why some of you may find the familiarity.

I agree that the concept seems similar, such that it is going towards the same direction as “Jungkook losing the trust in others and they have to earn it back” but I also assure that it’s different as well. Hence the reason I’ve indicated in my first chapter that mine follows a cliche story plot.

Just to reassure, my story will eventually touch on the concept baby space, in case you have yet to notice the tags. :)

What got me interested in Little space AU was after reading the stories stated below. If you have not read it, please do so! They are super awesome!

lover not a fighter, but i’ll fight for what i love (completed)

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Ankle-biter (discontinued)

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“Here, hide it in my room. We don’t want to trigger Jungkookie when he’s back, do we?” Their eldest hyung directed the three rappers to move the three boxes into his room.

“Ugh! These stuffs are so heavy. I don’t recall buying so many stuffs for him.” Yoongi heaved as he struggled to move the box in his hand, and his was the smallest out of the three.

Hoseok rolled his eyes, “Like I have said before, who’s the one that almost bought out the entire store when we got to know that our Jungkookie is a Little?”

“Yah, stop talking and keep moving. You guys are blocking my way and I’m carrying the heaviest box!” Namjoon snapped.

Meanwhile in the living room, the two 95-liners put their heads together and scrutinised the note left by Jungkook.

“Do you think he really doesn’t want to be a Little anymore?” Taehyung asked.

“Beats me. But I hope not. He is too cute, and I would hate it if he decides to give up on his headspace.” Jimin shrugged his shoulders. “I know he has been jealous of how you guys swooned over me when I am Little, so I don’t blame him for that. Maybe I should stop slipping? I mean, I don't mind since I am a switch but Jungkookie is a full-on Little. You and I both know that he's always have issues handling his jealousy.”

Taehyung tilt his head and stroke his chin, “Whatever it takes, we have to assure him that he is still loved by us. And you! Don’t even think that way of yourself. We will figure things out.”

When their hyungs joined them in the living room, the two maknaes were still whispering to each other.

“So, what’s the thing now?” Namjoon said as he slouched onto the couch.

Jin scoffed, “What thing can there be? Our Jungkookie has left and we are the main culprits!”

Lifting the note in his hand, Taehyung explained, “Well, Jiminie and I have analysed the situation and concluded that our Jungkookie has left us and we are the main culprits.”

“Isn’t that what I have just said?” Jin rolled his eyes.

“All this time while we were slogging to move the boxes, and this is the helpful information that both of you have gathered?” Yoongi snorted.

The 95-liners stuck their tongues out at their hyungs.

"Knock it off, guys!" As a frown appeared on his forehead, Namjoon tried to be optimistic, “Let’s not jump to conclusion so quickly. It is very normal to go back to hometown for a house visit during our breaks. That’s what all of us do all the time too.”

Hoseok scoffed as he heard Namjoon’s words and threw his words out after reading the note, “Are you even listening to yourself? This note wrote specifically, loud and clear, that he doesn’t want to be a Little anymore. We pushed him away!”

“This is all my fault. I should not have said that he is not a Little.” Jin said with his head hung low.

“No, hyung. All of us are at fault. We were being too harsh on him.” Namjoon tried to console his eldest hyung.

“What are we going to do now? He left. Not only has he left his Little stuff, he left us too.” Taehyung spoke with a hint of desperation and regret in his tone.

“Guys, I am so sorry”, everyone turned their heads when they heard what Jimin had whispered.

Not grasping what he had just heard, Yoongi ask “What are you apologising for? You did nothing wrong.”

“No, hyung. I am the cause of everything. The day when you guys came back and saw Jungkook shouting and hitting me, it was because I had taken those gifts that we bought for him and played with it without his permission.”

“I don’t understand. You always play with his things and he has never kicked such a big fuss over it”, Taehyung asked.

“Those aren’t just ordinary things, Taehyung-ah. Those are the ones that we bought for him when we first found out that he was a Little. Don’t you guys remember? Jungkookie wouldn’t let go of those things, not even in his sleep. It took us so much effort to convince him. He even ended up buying a glass cabinet just to store and display them. Little me just had to open and play around with it. Jungkookie caught me in the act and that was why he blew up. A-And I even kicked him.”

All the members looked at Jimin in shock.

With his eyes watering, Jimin muttered “I am so sorry, hyungs. This is all my fault. If I had not taken those things, if I had not fallen into deeper headspace, if only I could speak up and explained the situation, none of this wou—”

“That’s enough of self-blaming. What’s done cannot be undone. What we really need to do now is to get Jungkook back.” Jin spoke in a stern tone.

“But how do we get him back? He’s in Busan right now!” Taehyung exasperated. He felt the worst among the members because he had always been best friend with the youngest and yet, he did not protect him at all.

Hoseok agreed, “Yeah, how are we supposed to get him back? We can’t possible barge into his hometown. It’ll draw a lot of attention to us and I am sure that will not be what Jungkook want at this point of time.”

After a pause, Namjoon spoke up, “Let’s just wait. He will come back eventually and meanwhile, let’s just think of how we can salvage the situation.”

“Yeah, I just double checked with Sejin-hyung. Jungkook will be back three days later. Let’s make use of this time to think of what we can do.” Yoongi looked up from his mobile phone.

Upon hearing what Namjoon and Yoongi had said, Jimin asked timidly, “Will everything really be okay? Can we really salvage the situation?”

No one had an answer to that question.


As the days passed, the members got more worried and fidgety. Jungkook did not contact them at all. He did not respond to their chats, individual or group. He did not answer their calls. He did not login to his social media accounts nor updated anything. It was as if Jungkook had disappeared from their lives.

Finally comes the day where Jungkook was supposed to come back.

The members gathered in the living room nervously, pretending to watch the television program but in reality, they were all straining their ears to hear the chime of the passcode to enter their apartment.

When they eventually heard the familiar tune of successful entry, everyone tensed.

Turning their heads around, they were shooting hopeful looks, waiting to see their maknae after so many days of being apart.

“Hey Kook, you are back. How was your trip?” Namjoon grimaced at his own tone, clearly strained out of awkwardness.

“Yeah, why didn’t you tell us that you were going away? We could have—”

Jin cut his words short as he faced the maknae, heartbroken at the sight that greeted him.

The rest of the members dared not make a noise, for they were too shocked and heartbroken beyond words as well.

Jungkook was back. Standing right in front of them. But something was off. They knew that things were not okay. Not when Jungkook was looking back at them, eyes void of all emotions.



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To say the next few days was awkward is an understatement of the year.

Jungkook was listless, never initiating any conversations with his hyungs. He kept to himself in his room all the time, only leaving when he had to eat, go for his gym session and boxing classes or to the company for dance practice. Even so, Jungkook was non-responsive to his hyungs. The hyungs tried their hardest to engage him in their conversations but each time, Jungkook would either give a one-word answer or just a simple hum to indicate that he had heard what they said.

Jungkook was also being exceptionally formal with his hyungs. Behind the camera, they had long since dropped honorifics with each other but Jungkook has gone back to his old ways as though he was 13 years old again. He was cooped up in his own world and reluctant to let his hair down (not that it was that long to begin with).

The hyungs were not having any of it. If they could bring down the walls of their maknae nine years ago, so can they again. They ain’t going down without a fight.

They decided that the first step to breaking down any walls was to initiate skinship but who knows, their maknae wasn’t appreciative of it at all. Each time when he felt his hyungs approaching him, Jungkook would either surround himself with the people near him or place himself in a stance such that no one could touch him.

Even when the members surprised him from the back and sling their hands on his shoulders, Jungkook would shrug them off and mumbled something to excuse himself. The only exception comes when there were other staff round, especially their managers. As much as Jungkook was upset with his hyungs, he knew that he should not draw unnecessary attention or suspicions to themselves. Often than not, Jungkook ended up having no choice but to allow his hyungs to touch him in whichever ways that they desired. But under their touches, the members could feel Jungkook flinched and tensed up. However, that spurred them on even more and they were determined to turn the tables around.

When the hyungs realised that skinship was not working, they decided that it was time to take things up a notch.

The dance line tried getting Jungkook to try out new dance routines with them, but the maknae was always quick to be the first one to leave the studio after their usual practice.

Yoongi tried inviting Jungkook to his studio so that they could discuss and work on music together but Jungkook would always excuse himself, “Not today, hyung. I have to work on my G.C.F. videos.” Yoongi resisted on rolling his eyes for he knew that it was not true.

Namjoon tried engaging Jungkook into small talks but the latter would brush him off, “Hyung, is this about work? If not, I would like to rest now. I am tired.”

Jin tried to start mindless bickering with Jungkook but the youngest was either oblivious to it or unwilling to accept his antics. Even those Dad jokes that Jungkook used to laugh at were a failed attempt.

Honestly, the hyungs knew that they had it coming. They were the ones at fault after all. They broke off the trust that the maknae had in them, as hyungs and as caregivers too. They knew that they had to work doubly hard if they want to regain the trust from their maknae.

On another hand, Jungkook wasn’t oblivious to his hyungs’ behaviours. Many times, Jungkook found himself almost giving in and had to fight the strong urge of running into their arms.

But Jungkook knew that he should not allow himself to fall into their traps anymore.

They only care about Jimin-hyung. They are only acting nice now because they want to lighten the guilt that Jimin-hyung is probably feeling now. Hell, they did not even ask how I had been during those days when I was away. And my boxes are nowhere to be found. The rubbish collectors can only dispose of items after seeking confirmation from the apartment owners. So that means hyungs really allowed it to be thrown away. They are not sincere in wanting me back, Big or Little, at all. It’s okay. I don’t want hyungs either. I will not let them hurt me anymore.

As careful and subtle as they tried to be, nothing could escape the eyes of their managers.

One day, after their usual dance practice, Sejin dragged Namjoon to a corner to interrogate him.

“What’s wrong with you guys?”

Namjoon feigned ignorance, “Huh? What do you mean, hyung? We are perfectly fine.”

“Cut the crap with me. I have known you guys for the past 10 years. I know you guys in and out, even the size and color of all your boxers. There is definitely something wrong between Jungkookie and you lot. Spill it.”

Namjoon heaved out a loud and long sigh, “Looks like we can never hide anything from you. Well, there is some sort of argument between us.” When Namjoon saw that Sejin was about to speak, he quickly interrupted, “But! But we are working on it. Please trust us. Give us some time.”

“Alright. But don’t take too long. The final concert in Seoul is just 6-weeks away and we have a pre-concert press conference next week. Get it fixed by then.”

“Yes hyung, we will.”


The room was quiet, to an extent that even a drop of the pin could be heard. All the members, except Jungkook, had gathered in their leader’s room.

“Sejin-hyung just spoke to me earlier. He has already sensed something wrong with all of us. We can’t let this situation drag on for too long. We have to do something about it.”

“But what more can we do? We’ve tried skinship, which failed miserably. We’ve tried getting him to do things with us, which I believe all of us know what the outcome was. It takes two hands to clap and without Jungkookie’s reciprocation, things will never work out at all.” Taehyung said helplessly.

Jimin added, “What Taehyungie said is right. You can’t expect us to deliver any result when the party involved is not putting in any effort to respond to our advances.”

“I’m not sure if you guys know but the other day, I saw Jungkookie sulking in the service balcony. He was staring the cardboards. Do you think he is thinking about his stuffies, clothing and toys? Should we tell him that we did not dispose them of? Maybe this can be a starting point for him to talk to us?”

“No, Hobi-ah. The fact that Jungkook threw them away proves that he is being put off by it, even if we were the cause of it. By telling him that, it might trigger him off. Let’s just keep it from him for now.” Damn, if only Yoongi knew how wrong he was.

“I’m not trying to be a brat or what, but why is Jungkookie so upset? Put aside the fact that I played with his things without his permission, what have we done to make him react in such an extreme manner?” Jimin mumbled timidly.

“That’s probably because you don’t know anything about kids at all. If you guys recall, we usually only discipline Jungkookie when he is in his headspace which usually ranges from three to six years old.”

Taehyung paused when he saw that his hyungs were throwing him questioning looks.

“Well, you see. Kids from birth to six years old are cognitively vulnerable, resulting in them being highly dependent on adults to find out who they can trust and seek protection from. They tend to be emotionally attached to their caregivers as well. They cannot protect themselves, physically or psychologically. So, I am guessing that when we scolded Jungkookie on the day we found him shouting and hitting Jiminie without finding out the truth from him, and thereafter ignored him and even vented our frustrations on him, it probably dawned on him that he could no longer trust us and that we were probably not going to protect him anymore.”

“How are you so sure about this? He was already Big on the next day.”

“I am not hundred percent sure, but this is the only logical reasoning that I can think of. Otherwise, what do you suggest then, Hobi-hyung?”

Nobody said a thing until Namjoon spoke up. “So, are you suggesting that Jungkook feels and thinks that we do not care about him? As in we do not want him anymore?”

Taehyung shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe.”

“And may I add that Jungkookie seems to be struggling to not slip into his headspace? I have been observing him and there were many times when I caught him on the verge of slipping. His eyes would glint as though the entire galaxy reside in his eyes and that bunny smile too. I can tell even though it was gone as quick as it appeared because that’s exactly how I felt each time before I slip too.” Jimin said sadly.

“Alright, this is it. Looks like we have to really take things into our own hands and get him out of his shell. Him resisting his Little self is obviously not going to have a positive effect. We cannot allow this to go on unless we want to risk him breaking down sooner or later.” No way was Jin going to let anything happen to their maknae.

“And what are we supposed to do? Are we going to help him ease back into his headspace? If so, how are we going to do it? Jungkook has always been the one that slipped by himself.”

Yoongi looked towards Namjoon and stood up, “Haha, count on me bro. I’ve already done an extensive research on how we can ease him into his headspace.”

As Yoongi spoke, he took out a few pieces of folded paper that were left unnoticed by the members and motioned to them to choose. “Pick your choice. Just follow them and see if it works.”

“Is this what you have been doing in your studio for the past few days? And here I am, thinking that you were working on some songs for our next comeback.” Namjoon snorted.

“Yah, you punk! At least I’m doing something constructive. Unlike someone who’s always on Twitter for God knows what reasons.” Yoongi snapped.

Namjoon was dumbfounded.

“Yoongi-hyung, are you sure this is going to work? You’re not joking right?” Hoseok raised his head after seeing what was written on the piece of paper in his hand.

“We just have to do our best and work this out. Start trying it as soon as possible. We do not have all the time in the world.” Jin instructed.

With that, all the members retreated into their own room with a heavy heart.

They were relieved to know that there was some sort of direction that they are heading towards to but also skeptical about what results it was going to bring.

As each member pondered over the paper that they have picked from Yoongi, they began to do their own individual research.

This time round, we really have to make sure that we succeed.

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It was difficult for Jungkook to ignore the constant glances that his hyungs had been throwing at him. He had no doubts that his hyungs were talking about him, or even worse, plotting against him.

This wasn’t something new. What’s different was that his hyungs had stopped making advances on him. A selfish part of him had been basking in the attention that all his hyungs was giving him and now that they have stopped approaching him, Jungkook started panicking internally. Was he playing too hard to get? Should he relent and respond to their antics?

Apparently, Jungkook’s worries were unwarranted.

The hyungs had been deliberating on executing their plans. No one dared to make a move. They were too conscious of how Jungkook might react and none of them wanted to get on the bad side of their maknae.

Things had been unmoving in the house until Hoseok decided that he had enough. Heck, he was prepared to be the human sacrifice.


Jungkook is trying. He is really trying. He is really trying very hard but his hyungs aren’t helping at all. Jungkook knew that he was fighting a lost battle, for his hyungs held the strongest ammunitions against him.

As a result of Yoongi’s extensive research, the hyungs crafted out their fool-proof plans, or so they believe.

While Jungkook did not resist, he also did not (actively) participate with what his hyungs had planned for him, emphasise actively. He just allowed his hyungs to manhandle him.

Plan A - Baby talk

“Aigoo~ Isn’t that our baby Kookie still lazing in bed?” Hoseok flopped himself down onto Jungkook’s bed and snuggled up to the maknae.
“Rise and shine baby~ The sun is glowering over you now. You need to start your day, bunny.”

Jungkook whined and kicked his hyung off the bed.

“Oh my god. Our Jungkookie is gonna take his shower? Do you want to take bubble bath with hyungie? Our baby needs someone to scrub his back, don’t he?”

Hoseok would be dumb if the slam of the bathroom’s door did not indicate to him that his maknae had outright rejected him.

“Baby~ It’s such a nice weather today. Do you want to go to the departmental store with hyungie? You love shopping, don’t you? Hyungie can put you in the trolley and push you around, would you like that?”


“Wow. Our Jungkookie has prepared breakfast for himself? What a clever boy.” Hoseok said while ruffling Jungkook’s hair.

“Hyung! Can’t you speak properly? I am not a baby!” Jungkook spat before making his way into his room, with a bowl of cereal in his hand.

Mission failed.

Plan B - Watch a movie or show of the Little’s choice

“Jungkookie~ Come watch a movie with me. Shall we watch... How to Train Your Dragon? The Secret Life of Pets 2? Toy Story 4? Dumbo? All these are new releases for this year.” Jimin offered.


“How about TV shows then? Paw Patrol? SpongBob SquarePants? We Bare Bears? Tom and Jerry?”

“Hyung. Whatever you have offered are all for kids. You can go ahead and watch it if you want. I’m not watching it.” Jungkook snorted and walked off.

Mission failed.

Plan C - Play lullabies or nursery rhymes

Yoongi dragged Jungkook into his room and forced (kinda) the maknae to snuggle with him in his bed during one of the nights.

Jungkook tried resisting, he did but who was he to deny himself from cuddling with one of his favourite hyungs. For goodness sake, he had always been crashing Yoongi’s hotel room whenever they went on tours.

But what happens next put Jungkook off.

Yoongi was trying to sing to him and Jungkook looked almost ready to face palm himself.

“Hyung, have you even listened to a complete nursery rhyme before? Why are you mixing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Rock-a-bye Baby?”

Right. Wrong song. Wrong lyrics.

On the next day, Yoongi went to Toys”R”Us to buy something and snuck into Jungkook’s room to install the present before his bunny came home from his boxing lesson.

That night, Jungkook barged into Yoongi’s room.

“Hyung! What is this? What do you mean by enjoy the lullaby and imagine it was you humming the tune to me?” Jungkook was looking at Yoongi with an unimpressed look while holding on to the bunny-studded baby crib mobile and a bunny-shaped post-it note in his hands.

Mission failed.

Plan D - Build a pillow or blanket fort

“Hyung! Have you seen my pillows and blanke—“

“Oh! Jungkookie~ My baby bun~ I was about to go over to your room to call for you. Isn’t this beautiful and looking so fun?!”

Taehyung beamed and stood aside to reveal what was behind his back that shocked Jungkook to paralysis.

In the centre of their recreational lounge, the sofas were shifted to one side, leaving only two chairs set opposite of each other. Jungkook’s blanket was draped over them with clothespins securing the edges to the chairs, forming the appearance of a tent. A few openings were filled up with the couch cushions. Spreaded out on the floor within the fort was Jungkook’s pillows.

“Come join me in! Let’s have a sleepover inside here tonight!” Taehyung motioned to Jungkook.

However, Jungkook just spinned around to leave the lounge and faintly, Taehyung could hear rummaging sounds from the storage room. The youngest had probably went to grab the extra pillows and blanket.

Mission failed.

Plan E - Prepare little-sized snacks or cartoon-themed meals, and feed the Little

On a very rare occasion where Jungkook had agreed to watch movie with the members, only because it was his favourite Marvel character Iron Man and is a movie for adult, Jin decided to prepare some snacks.

Thinking that his eldest hyung had prepared popcorns, Jungkook reached out to grab some of it, but realise that his hand had came into contact with a crispy feel in his fingers instead. It was actually his favourite chicken nuggets! And what laid on the same plate was some smiley-shaped hashbrown in bite-sizes and sweet potato chips. To top it off, Jin also prepared banana milk for the maknae.

Jungkook almost squealed at the sight of it, almost.

The members saw the glint in the youngest’s eyes and knew that their plan was finally finally working, for this is the look that Jungkook always show before he slip.

However, their happiness was cut short when Jin tried to feed Jungkook, only to be rejected with a frown on the youngest’s face.

“I can eat it myself, hyung. I am not a kid.”

Mission failed.

Plan F - Sit the Little on your lap and cuddle him/her

Jungkook had been so stressed out over the past few days that he started having problems falling asleep. Dark rings were appearing under his eyes and he looked bad, worse than how a zombie looked like.

So when Namjoon pulled Jungkook onto the couch to cuddle with him, the youngest followed suit willingly.

It was a well-known fact among the members that Jungkook loves to be pampered whenever he was stressed or tired, and hugs and kisses always did the trick. Unknowing to the hyungs, Jungkook was already slowly losing himself to the temptations of giving in to his hyungs and accepting their advances on him. Oh, if only the hyungs knew how much Jungkook missed them.

When Namjoon felt Jungkook snuggling closer to seek comfort and warmth radiating from his body, he made a bold move of shifting the maknae to straddle his laps, just like how he always did it whenever he wanted to coax Little Jungkook to sleep.

To say the hyungs were shocked beyond their lives to see that their maknae did not put up a fight to push Namjoon away was an understatement of the century.

Carefully and slowly, Namjoon wrapped his arms around Jungkook, a hand at the lower back to pull the maknae closer to him and another to guide Jungkook’s head to rest on his shoulder. Subconsciously, Jungkook tugged his head further into the crook of Namjoon’s neck and hugged him back. The leader then placed a soft chaste kiss on the crown of the youngest’s head.

Everyone in the living room breathed slowly and softly, as though afraid that any sound would shatter the newfound peace.

While Namjoon’s right hand drew little carrassing circles on Jungkook’s back, he slipped his left hand in Jungkook’s hair, brushed his fingers over the shell of the ear before shifting to squeeze the back of the maknae’s neck.

Jungkook missed this so much. The soothing and comforting touches from his hyung. His eyes started fluttering, eyelids threatening to close and Jungkook fought his hardest to not fall asleep.

Approaching with utmost caution and calculated move, Yoongi called out softly. “Kookie? Bunny?”

Jungkook hummed in response.

The hyungs were thrilled as their precious baby was finally reciprocating. Jungkook had responded to the endearing petnames that his hyungs had for him.

Good job. Well done. Almost there. Mission accompli—.

The abrupt continuous loud beep from the laundry room disrupted the heartwarming serene atmosphere. Jungkook jerked and startled awake. Realising that he had almost slipped, Jungkook quickly jumped off Namjoon’s laps and dashed into his room.

Everyone glared at Jin with an annoyed look.

“What?! It’s not my fault that the washing machine decides to complete washing the laundry now!”

Sigh~ Mission failed. Again.

Chapter Text

The atmosphere in the living room was tensed. All the members were on edge and nobody dared make a single noise or move. They just came back from their pre-concert press conference and to be honest, it didn’t go well at all.

Ever since the night where Jungkook had almost slipped, the youngest closed up on himself again. He avoided his hyungs at all cost, even to the extent of sleeping over in his Golden Closet studio. The members rarely saw him.

Not only that, the maknae had been snapping at everyone each time when someone asked about his well-being or attempted to strike a conversation with him. Jungkook was unnecessarily rude to his hyungs as well, even the managers and make-up stylists weren’t spared from it.

The members knew that Jungkook was struggling. Many times, they had caught glimpse of Little Jungkook but Big Jungkook was denying his existence. They were worried sick for the maknae because they knew that Jungkook is prone to breaking down whenever he could not handle the stress himself. Back then, he could always slip into Little space to distress but right now, he was denying himself that very thing that could break him away from the emotional pain.

Recalling to what happened earlier at the pre-concert press conference, Namjoon was pissed.

Since the theme of their final concert was Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, the media had asked Jungkook how he felt about loving himself and if he could share his thoughts. Another reporter also asked the maknae if his hyungs had played a part in his self-discovery to loving and speaking for himself but Jungkook had dodged all of them. He gave patronising answers and was hesitant to cite specific examples. He put on his famous bunny smile, but it never reached his eyes. These reactions drew a few curious looks from the media and Namjoon wasn’t pleased at all.

As the leader, Namjoon held himself responsible to ensure that the group does not have negative media coverage but with such responses from Jungkook, it was not difficult for people to make imaginative guesses.

So, when they reached home that evening, all hell broke loose.

“Jungkook-ah, it has been so long since you have last slipped. You know, I know and every one of us know that this is affecting you in a negative way. This is not doing any of us good at all. The concert is barely five weeks away and we cannot afford to have you in such a bad shape. Do you want ARMYs to see this side of you? What kind of message are you sending across to the fans and the public? This is not going to reflect good on us at al—“

“Hyung!” Jimin and Taehyung shushed their leader immediately.

By the time Namjoon realised that what he had said was worded entirely different from what he had intended to say, it was too late. “Oh my god. I’m sorry Kook. That came out wrong. I didn’t mean—.”

“So, this is what you really think? You are just concerned of what the fans and public will think? You are just concerned that I will be portraying a negative image for our group?”

“No. Kook-ah, that’s not what I meant. Liste—“

“All this while, I thought you guys were genuinely concerned about me. I thought you guys wanted me back for who I am. But, this—" Jungkook can’t help but started sobbing badly.

“Jungkook ah, please. Let me explain. What I said had totally come out the wrong way. Of course, I am worried about you. We all are.” Namjoon pleaded.

But Jungkook wasn’t buying it. “No, you are only worried because you are scared that the public will get to know about our internal conflicts and not because you are concerned about me!”

“Kookie... Calm down. You are breathing too fast.” Taehyung raised both his arms up as a display of friendliness. He was approaching with caution as though Jungkook was a little bunny, scared and lost.

“None of you cared about me at all. You guys don’t want me at all. I am just a nothing to all of you!” Jungkook started to whimper as he tried to slow his breathing.

“Bunny, look at me.” Yoongi was slowly inching himself closer to Jungkook so that he could look him into his eyes. “We care about you. You are our precious maknae. Nothing will stop us from caring about you. We love you and we want you. Whether you like it or not, we are not going to let go of you. If you don’t trust others, then you should trust me at the very least.” Yoongi spoke softly.

Jungkook doesn’t believe though. “No! No! No! No! No! Stop lying to me! You guys don’t want me at all! You guys ignored me! You guys abandoned me!”

By now, Jungkook had stood up and away from the couch, and pushed himself against the wall.

Heartbroken at the sight of his baby maknae crying his heart out, Jin leaned forward. “Kookie-ah. Please trust us. We really do care about you. We are never going to abandon you, not in the past, not now and definitely not in the future.”

Everyone could see the hesitance in Jungkook’s eyes, and they wait for their maknae to process what was just said.

The angel and devil in Jungkook’s mind were having an endless war. He wanted to believe what his hyungs were saying but he also had his fears that such thing might happen again. He knew that he will never be able to handle his jealousy issues and situation like this are definitely bound to happen again. And if it did, are his hyungs going to ignore him again? It has been hell to him to experience once, he can’t imagine experiencing it again.

Jungkook did not know that he had started hyperventilating until he felt his bottom hit the ground and heard what seemed like Yoongi’s and Jin’s muffled shouts around him.

“Bunny, can you hear me? I need you to breathe slowly. Follow what I say and breathe together with me.”

“Kookie-ah, calm down. Hyung is here. We will take care of you. Stay focused and breathe slowly. Listen to Yoongi, follow his voice.”

Jungkook could not comprehend what was happening around him. He was drowning in his own internal battle. Multiple flashes of memories flood through his mind. He was overwhelmed. He felt suffocated. Darkness is starting to close in on him. He wants to stop everything.

Too many things happened at the same time. And Jungkook, he just wanted to escape from all these.

“He’s not breathing properly now! Somebody call—”

“I’ve already called Sejin-hyung. He’s on his way now with Hobeom-hyung. They are just 5-minutes’ drive away from here.” Hoseok said calmly.

“Bunny. Jungkook. Kookie. Can you hear me? Baby, answer me.”

Yoongi tried to grab hold of Jungkook in attempt to calm him down but was met with a violent reaction from the maknae.

“Don’t touch me! Get your hands off me! Don’t come near me! Go away!”

“Not good. His breathing is getting more erratic. Yoongi-ah, help me. We need to get him to stand up and sit on the couch.” Jin said as he tried to hold on to Jungkook as well.

“No! Don’t fucking touch me! Get your hands off me! You guys said it. I am not Little! I am nothing but just a bother to you guys! Let go! Fucking let me go!”

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook! You know we don’t tolerate such foul languages in the house. So, mind your words.”

“Hyung! Seriously?! Is this what you can think of right now? For a person with a genius IQ, I really doubt your intellectual level.” Jimin whom has been standing in a corner of the room and keeping quiet since just now, finally spoke up.

Namjoon pursed his lips and decided to shut his mouth, for he knew that an angry Jimin is a scary Jimin.

“Kookie-ah. Listen. We are not going to harm you. Just relax and we will take care of you, okay?”

“Yes, Hobi-hyung is right. Calm down, bunny. We are all here for you.” Taehyung pleaded desperately.

“Fuck no! From the moment you guys started ignoring me, you all have lost your rights as my caregivers! You guys don’t want me anymore and so do I! I don’t want and don’t need you guys too! Fucking let me go!”

As Jungkook’s words sank in, his hyungs felt as though someone had punched them in their stomach. They had never thought of not wanting their precious bunny anymore. How in the world did Jungkook get such an impression on them?

By this time, Jungkook was in the tight grasp of Jin, along with Yoongi whom is struggling to support the maknae. It was apparent that the two hyungs had inevitably suffered kicks and nail scratches from Jungkook and if it hurt them, they didn’t show it.

After what seemed like five to ten minutes later, they managed to seat Jungkook down on the couch. He had already stopped shouting and struggling. He was just sniffling and mumbling repeatedly, “Let me go, you guys don’t care about me at all.”

Jin sat himself down as well and he was still hugging the poor bunny, rubbing his back and murmuring assurances to him.

It is at this time that the front door burst open.

“Where is he?! Is he okay now?! Is he still conscious?! What exactly happened?!” Sejin’s and Hobeom’s voices boomed across the entire apartment.

The two managers paused in their tracks as they took in the scene in front of them.

Jungkook was staring blankly ahead of him, dried tear tracks on his cheeks, and hair disheveled. Jin and Yoongi were crowding beside him, caressing Jungkook’s hands with the softest touch. The 94-liners and 95-liners were standing at different sides of the couch.

Sejin and Hobeom stole a glance at each other before turning their heads to the boys and said,

“We need to talk. Now.”

Chapter Text

“So, who’s going to start the ball rolling?” Hobeom eyed the two pairs of same-age friends, obviously waiting for either of them to spill the beans.
Sensing that the boys were feeling uneasy, Sejin knew that they were definitely hiding something. He turned towards Namjoon, “The last time when we spoke, you told me that you guys are working on what you said was some sort of argument. It seems that it didn’t work out well.”
The leader could not bring himself to look at his manager for he knew that there was no way he could give an answer.
Sejin and Hobeom remained quiet and continued to scrutinise the boys.
Unable to bear the suffocating silence, Hoseok spoke up, “Trust us, hyung. We’ve got it sorted out.”
“Sorted out? What has been sorted out? What we saw just now was obviously not an indication that things had been sorted out! What the hell is going on?!” Sejin’s patience was running short.
“I know you guys probably don’t want us to worry, but some things cannot be left ignored, not especially with what we saw earlier.” Hobeom tried to talk sense into the boys.
“Fine. I shall go talk to Kook and find it out myself.” Sejin had enough and made a move to walk towards Jungkook’s room where the maknae is currently in with two of his eldest hyungs.
“No!” Jimin and Taehyung blurted out loud.
Sejin raised his eyebrow and eyed at the two suspiciously. “And why not?”
“Hyung, three days.” Namjoon finally spoke up and was looking at the two managers earnestly. “Give us three days and I will definitely give both of you a satisfactory answer. Both of you know us in and out. There is nothing that we cannot resolve.”
Hobeom looked over at Sejin and after what seem like a telepathic conversation between the two of them, he said, “Fine. Three days it is then. We expect a full explanation on every single detail though.”

“Yes, hyung.”
The boys finally let go of their breath and slumped down onto the couch after their managers had left.
“What are we going to do now?” Taehyung felt so helpless about the entire situation.
No one answered but they had collectively looked towards the direction of their maknae’s room.


Jungkook had not spoken a single word since his hyungs brought him into his room.
He lied down on his bed with his blanket tugged under his chin. He was just staring blankly at the ceiling, only occasionally blinking to chase away the impending tears threatening to fall again.
Jin and Yoongi did not speak but also did not force Jungkook to talk too. They just slot themselves under Jungkook’s blanket and cuddled with the maknae, each on his side.
When they eventually felt Jungkook’s breathing even out and was deep asleep, Jin and Yoongi allowed themselves to fully relax. That night, they did not leave their maknae’s side.


Yoongi woke up, feeling hot and sticky, as though he had been stuffed into the sauna for hours. He had almost wanted to kick the blanket until he remembered that he was not on his own bed, but in Jungkook’s room with the maknae and his hyung.

Yoongi turned his head to the side and saw Jungkook’s face almost pressed up against his. With his mouth slightly open, Jungkook looked so peaceful in his sleep. He looked carefree too, not quite like the distraught boy that Yoongi was desperate to console last night. The elder wondered when did his and his members’ presence caused so much misery to his bunny.
As his thoughts drifted away, Yoongi heard the turn of the doorknob.
“You are up. How is Jungkookie?”
“Good morning, hyung. Well, he is still asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up. He looked so comfortable and at peace.”
Jin smiled softly, “Well, can’t be helped now. I’ve made breakfast. Wake him up and bring him out to eat. Drag him if you have to.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes. Why do I always have to be the bad guy?
Reluctantly, Yoongi untangled Jungkook’s arm from around his waist and sat up. He lifted his hand to brush the fringe off the maknae’s forehead before letting out a soft sigh.
“Jungkook-ah.” No reaction. “Jungkookie.” Still no reaction.
Chuckling softly, Yoongi found it endearing to see his bunny being such a deep sleeper.
Raising his voice just a little louder and with a new gesture of shaking the youngest’s shoulder, Yoongi called out, “Bunny, time to wake up. It’s nine in the morning now and we have to eat our breakfast.”
Jungkook started stirring in his sleep and let out a cute whine before burying himself deeper into his blanket. Trying not to laugh at his maknae’s adorable little ministration, Yoongi pulled the blanket down and tried to coerce him, “Come on, bunny. I can smell that Jin-hyung has prepared your favourite pancakes.”
Clenching his hands into little fists, Jungkook rubbed his eyes lazily. Yoongi resisted the urge to tap his finger on the maknae’s pouty lips.
“Hyungie~ Kookie want to sleep. Kookie tired.”
Yoongi’s cat-like eyes grew wide as he tried to comprehend what he had just heard.


Yoongi got nothing in response except a soft hum and a pair of big doe eyes staring back at him.

“You are Little now?”

Yoongi wanted to slap himself when he saw the maknae’s face fell.

“K-Kookie... Kookie no mean to. Kookie wake up and he is Little. Hyungie no like Kookie to be Little? He can try to be Big. He will try now—“

“No, no, no! Hyungie like it. Hyungie love it. Hyungie miss you so much.” The elder had never been so quick to grab his precious maknae into a tight hug.

“Hyungie not angry with Kookie? K-Kookie no mean to be meanie to Chimmy. Kookie just... Kookie just want hyungie to—“

“It’s okay, bunny. Chimmy had already told us what happened. Hyungie is so sorry for not hearing you out. Will you forgive hyungie?” Yoongi leaned back, pressed his forehead against Jungkook’s and looked straight into his eyes, wishing that his sincere apology could be conveyed to the maknae.

“Will hyungie promise Kookie never to shout at him again? Kookie don’t like when hyungie shout. He gets scared.”

“Aww, bunny. Hyungie promise to never shout at you ever again. Hyungie is so sorry.” Yoongi was now holding Jungkook’s head in his hands, thumbs brushing his bunny’s cheeks lightly.

“Okay! Kookie forgive hyungie!” If people said that looks could kill then right now, at this moment, Yoongi felt himself attacked by the blinding bunny smile that greeted him.

“Thank you, bunny.” Yoongi booped his nose against the youngest’s before adding, “And you know what? Your other hyungies are sorry about it too. They are waiting for you outside now and I know they will be so happy to see you again. Will you forgive them too?”

Little Jungkook looked down as he fiddled with his fingers and mumbled something under his breath.


“Kookie don’t know. Kookie sad. Other hyungies don’t like Kookie...” Sadness tinted Little Jungkook’s voice.

“Oh my dear bunny. This is not true. All the hyungies love you so much. They care about you a lot.”

Little Jungkook just shrugged his shoulders and continued to look down at his fingers.

Yoongi did not push further. He knew that things did not end on a good note the last time Jungkook had been Little. It was already a miracle that his bunny was willing to forgive him, no doubt because Yoongi had always been the one that the maknae would look for, Big or Little.

“It’s okay. Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s get out of bed first.”

Little Jungkook’s head shot up at record speed and his eyes sparkled excitedly, “Pancakes?”

Yoongi laughed, “Yes, pancakes. But first, we have to brush our teeth. Now, I know you don’t like it but we don’t want bad bugs to come to you and you won’t be able to eat your candies and chocolates right?”

Little Jungkook slapped his hands over his mouth and muffled, “Kookie want candies and chocolates. Kookie brush teeth now.”

“Haha. Alright. Let’s go now then”.


“What’s taking them so long? I’m gonna go check on them again. Remember, guys. Do not say or do anything that will trigger Jungkookie. Let him set his own pace.” Jin reminded his dongsaengs.

Before he could step away from the dining table, the members heard a pair of footstep sounds, instead of what they expected to be two.

Thinking that their maknae had refused to interact with them again, the members took to bombarding Yoongi with their concerned questions about Jungkook. However, before they could say anything, what they saw was more than enough to shut their mouths effectively.

In Yoongi’s hold, Jungkook was placed on his hips, head tucked into the crook of his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders and legs around his waist.

The members immediately knew what that meant.

Their bunny was finally out to play again.

Chapter Text

Nobody said anything as Yoongi and Little Jungkook made their ways into the dining room. The members kept looking at the duo with hawk eyes, which sent shivers down the spine of the Little. Yoongi felt the Little squirming and tried to soothe him with a stroke on his back.

Yoongi tried to place Little Jungkook down on the chair but the maknae was quick to cling onto the eldest rapper like a leech, refusing to let go. Seeing this, Taehyung tried to coax the Little, “Kookie. Can you sit on the chair so that your Yoonie hyungie can have his breakfast too?”

The Little refused to acknowledge Taehyung and opted to tuck his head further into the crook of Yoongi’s neck, tightening his grip around his shorter hyung.

“Bunny, don’t be rude. Your TaeTae hyungie is talking to you.” Yoongi said as he tried to pry the Little away from his neck so that the Little could answer properly.

However, the Little was not having any of it.

“No! Kookie want hyungie! No want chairs!” The Little reattached himself to the neck of the eldest rapper, completely ignoring his other hyung.

Yoongi felt bad when he saw Taehyung’s dejected face, but he did not want to risk upsetting his bunny so, the rapper could only submit to his request. As he sat the Little down on his lap, Jin quickly came over with two places. One was a normal plate containing two slices of pancakes and the other was a pile of bite-size pancakes. It was obvious which plate was whose.

Seeing that the members were rushing to snatch the only seat next to Yoongi and Little Jungkook, Jin quickly grabbed the chair and slumped himself down, effectively earning displeased looks from the others.

Jin stuck his tongue out in victory.

“Kookie-ah, hyungie prepared your most favourite pancakes. Would you like to have a taste of it? Hyungie even cut them into smaller pieces so that it is easier for you to eat.” Jin raised his hand and tried to get the attention of the Little by tapping on his shoulder lightly.

Little Jungkook whined as he shrugged Jin’s hand off his shoulder.

“Bunny. Your Jinnie hyungie woke up early to prepare your favourite food and is this how you should behave?”

Yoongi wasn’t lying. Jin had been taken aback by the Little’s action and the look of hurt was evident in his eyes. However, Jin wasn’t going to let such little setback to crush his determination in rebuilding his relationship with his bunny.

“It’s okay. Kookie must be still feeling grumpy from waking up. Hyungie will just leave it on the table. Eat it while it is hot yeah.” Jin smiled sadly and patted the Little’s head before turning to the front and picked his own cutleries to start eating his breakfast.

“Look at your hyungie now, you made him so sad.” Yoongi nudged at Little Jungkook, once again tried to pry the younger away from his neck.

Little Jungkook reluctantly turned his head towards the direction of Jin but never looking at him and whispered, “Sowwy, Kookie likes pancakes. Kookie will eat.” However, the Little made no move to reach out to the plate.

The members did not miss out the detail of the Little refusing to acknowledge their eldest hyung as well.

Namjoon then decided to try his luck. He dragged a chair from the other side of the dining table and placed himself on the other side of Yoongi and Little Jungkook.

When the leader raised his fork to Little Jungkook’s mouth in a bid to feed him his favourite pancakes, the Little pushed his hand away and hid his face in Yoongi’s neck again.

“No! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie feed.”

Yoongi could only looked at Namjoon apologetically before taking over the fork to feed the Little.

“Okay, bunny. But you will have to face the front to eat. Come on, turn around.” Yoongi pushed his chair out slightly so as to reposition the Little.

The next 20 minutes went by in awkward silence. The hyungs kept stealing glances at the Little while the youngest conveniently ignored all of them, only focusing on devouring the pancakes that Yoongi had been feeding him.

Yoongi tried to initiate conversation that involved the Little to interact with his hyungies but the Little just keep quiet, choosing to only acknowledge the eldest rapper.

The members were disappointed to say the least, but they knew they deserved it. They could only accept it. Taehyung was not handling it well though. He was supposed to be the Little’s best friend.

I am going to win him back. Yoongi-hyung shouted at Jungkookie too so why should he be the only one that got to hold my baby? Taehyung thought resolutely to himself.

When they finally finished their breakfast, Little Jungkook demanded to get out as he did not like being in the presence of his other hyungies. He knew that he was being petty but hey, he was a Little after all and Little gets to be petty. He wasn’t going to forgive them so easily. They had hurt him ultimately. His Yoonie hyungie did too but he was different. His Yoonie hyungie had accompanied him in his most difficult times and cuddled him after that stressful night.

Furthermore, Little Jungkook did not like the fact that his hyungies were acting as if nothing had happened and tried to be cosy with him again.

Hmph! Hyungies are all bad boys! They bullied Kookie but did not say sowwy to him. Kookie always get punished when he was naughty so hyungies must be punished too!

The Little’s thoughts were interrupted when someone spoke loudly next to him.

“Our baby Jungkookie! We have the entire day free. What would you like to do? Hyungies will do whatever you want!” Hoseok was beaming with hope glinting in his eyes.

“Yeah! Do you want to watch cartoons? Hyungie bought new ones so that we can watch together!” Jimin chirped as he took the stack of DVDs and waved at him just as Yoongi sat the Little on the couch.

Oh. His eternal enemy. No way was Little Jungkook going to answer him for he was the reason why his hyungies had ignored him in the first place.

Little Jungkook just kept quiet again. Yoongi could only sigh internally as he looked at the bunny in his arms. He had demanded the elder earlier to pick him as they made their way to the living room.

Little Jungkook turned his head around and cuddled close to his Yoonie hyungie, but not before he took a second look at the DVDs. Well, you see. The Little had always been drawn to watching cartoons, that was his favourite pastime.

Jimin knew. So, although disappointed that the Little ignored him too, Jimin put a disc into the player without any hesitance. It was Toy Story 4.

After that, they carried on watching How to Train Your Dragon and The Secret Life of Pets 2.

It was almost like how they would usually spend their day with the Little, only it was different this time round. It was quiet except the sound coming from the television. There was no excited squeal and bubbly laughter. The members were watching but also not watching too. Their minds were preoccupied with ideas on how they were going to salvage the situation. The atmosphere was suffocating.

As they pondered on, Little Jungkook could not stop squirming around. In fact, he had been doing so since midway through the first movie. He was getting fidgety and seemingly irritated with something. The Little’s actions were not left unnoticed by the members. Finally, when Little Jungkook huffed out in frustration for the umpteenth time, Yoongi questioned. “What’s the problem, bunny?”

“Nothing.” Little Jungkook mumbled but he was subconsciously tugging at his T-shirt and sweatpants. Apparently, that was what Yoongi had dressed him in before they joined the others for breakfast earlier that day.

Realisation dawned on everyone. Their Little was uncomfortable in the clothes that he usually wore when he was Big.

Yoongi looked towards his hyung, then the leader and all his other dongsaengs. He pointed his head at Little Jungkook before looking down at his own outfit and back to look at his members. He then attempted to communicate with them telepathically. Should we return his Little stuff to him?

Before anyone could respond, they heard a little voice. “Hyungie, Kookie tired.”

Noticing that it was already late afternoon and that was the Little’s usual naptime, Yoongi stood up from his seat. “Does our bunny want to take a nap now?”

Little Jungkook nodded his head sleepily and stretched his hands out, curling his fingers in and out repeatedly. It was a silent plea for Yoongi to pick him up. The elder could only chuckle.

Little Jungkook was out like a light when his head hit the pillow. As Yoongi emerged from the maknae’s room, his phone rang.

By the time Yoongi got to the living room, he was looking at his members with a look that they identified as regret and they did not like it at all.

“Sorry guys, I have to leave for a short while. Pdogg-hyung wants to see me.”

No way. Little Jungkook is gonna be so mad if he finds out that Yoongi isn’t around.

Chapter Text

Yoongi could not imagine himself leaving his bunny behind if not for the fact that Pdogg-hyung wanted to discuss with him on the details of his mixtape that he intended to release after their final concert in Seoul.

The members did not know how to deal with the situation, and they were all skeptical about Yoongi’s suggestion, especially since Little Jungkook had been clinging onto Yoongi the entire day and refused to let the other members get near him.

“Don’t worry. He usually naps for about three to four hours. I should be back by then.”

“Hyung, ‘should’ is not a very convincing word to use.” Taehyung was looking at Yoongi intently.

Hoseok agreed, “Hyung, I am not too sure about this. We all know how Jungkookie is like when he throws a tantrum and with what we have just experienced this morning, there is no way we will be able to stop him if he decides to kick a big fuss.”

“Oh come on. Don’t be so dramatic. I will try to be back before he wakes up. You guys will be fine.”

“Hyung, ‘try’ is also not a very convincing word to use.” Jimin mimicked his same-age friend.

The eldest rapper rolled his eyes, “You guys will be alright. Don’t act like as if you guys have never handled him before. Just feed him with his favourite chocolate, play his favourite cartoon or let him do whatever that he wants. I won’t be long.”

“But, hyung. This is easier said than done. What if—"

“Look! The sooner I leave now, the sooner I will reach back home later. I will be quick.” Yoongi did not let his leader finish his sentence before he is out of the front door.

The members could only look at each other helplessly before diverting their glance to their eldest hyung.

“Well, let’s just pray that Jungkookie will not wake up anytime soon.”

The members did not pray hard enough though, for they are going to be met with the biggest catastrophe of their lives soon.


“It’s almost three hours now and Yoongi-hyung is not back yet. I should have known better than to trust him!” Jimin pursed his lips as he spoke softly.

The members had been tipping their toes around the house for the past three hours, walking as though they were standing on vast land of mine fields. They rarely spoke out loud, only using body gesture or their group chat to communicate with each other. Honestly, they could not afford making any sound that could wake the little devil that is currently sleeping soundly, lest they want to risk being put through hell.

However, the universe decided that they should be punished for hurting their Little so badly.

A loud bang resounded throughout the house, which effectively elicited shouts of surprise from the two most timid members. The 95-liners could only shush at them before shifting their glares to the God of destruction.

Namjoon held his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Oh yeah? Care to explain why the remote controllers are spread out beside the foot of your legs?” Taehyung eyed him suspiciously.

“Well, because they dropped onto the floor?” Namjoon still had the cheek to answer the obvious.

“I seriously cannot understand how can a person with such high IQ be so physically uncoordinated.” Hoseok hissed as he helped to pick up the controllers.

Jin wasn’t happy too. “You do know we have a live bomb in the house, right? And you just have to set something off. Do you really have a death wish?”

It is at this moment that they heard the door of their maknae’s room open. That’s it. Their greatest fear has come for them. Oh dear.


Jungkook woke up, startled. He looked around and realised that the other side of his bed, where his Yoonie hyungie was supposed to be lying on, was cold. That could only mean that his Yoonie hyungie had left the bed for quite some time, or unbeknownst to the Little, his Yoonie hyungie had never laid on at all.

Upset that his hyungie had left him alone, Little Jungkook struggled to get out of his bed. With sleepiness still heavy in his body system, the Little almost tripped on his blanket where his legs had gotten tangled with.

As he emerged from his room, he called out. “Yoonie hyungie? Kookie wake up.”

Little Jungkook paused in his step as he saw all his hyungies froze in their positions. He glanced around but did not catch any glimpse of his Yoongi hyungie. The Little had a bad feeling about this and he did not like it at all.

Again, not acknowledging his other hyungies, the Little called out, slightly louder this time.

“Yoonie hyungie. Kookie wake up. Where are you? No leave Kookie alone.” Little Jungkook walked towards the direction of the kitchen as a tiny pout appeared on his lips.

“Kookie-ah, your Yoonie hyungie had to go to work for a while.” When Hoseok saw the Little snapped his head and turned to look at them with his big doe eyes, the dance leader quickly added, “But you will be with us. You won’t be alone. You will have five hyungies to play with you!”

“Yeah, don’t you want to play with TaeTae? We can do anything and everything that you want to do!” Taehyung smile broadly with a hopeful look on his face as he stretched his hands out to motion for the Little to go over to him.

“No! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie! No want other hyungies!” Little Jungkook decided that his hyungies could be lying to him and continued on his tracks to the kitchen.

“Yoonie hyungie! Come out! Kookie wake up. Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

“Kookie-ah, your Yoonie hyungie is really not at home now. He went to the studio to meet Pdogg hyungie. You know who Pdongg hyungie is right? Your Yoonie hyungie had to be there or he will be scolded.” Jin tried to explain.

Of course, Little Jungkook knew the producer. The producer does not take things lightly, and the members often got scolded for being too laid back. He recalled some of the times where he had such a hard time in the recording studio that he immediately fell into his headspace the moment he reached the dormitory. Pdogg hyungie is a meanie, in the Little’s honest opinion.

Nonetheless, Little Jungkook felt betrayed. How could his Yoonie hyungie leave him alone with the other hyungies that he so obviously is still very upset with. The Little was not alone but he suddenly felt lonely. He only had his Yoonie hyungie as his pillar of strength now and yet, he was not with him.

What happened next was not unexpected as the hyungs had prepared themselves for it. Little Jungkook went on a full-on tantrum mode. He slumped down, kicked his legs aimlessly and punched his fists on the floor. He was screaming and big fat tears were rolling down his flushed cheeks. Grainy veins were appearing on the Little’s neck and it was so painful for the hyungs to watch.

“Yoonie hyungie! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

“Jungkook-ah! Stop it! You are hurting yourself!” Jimin tried to grab hold of the Little’s flailing hands.

“No! No touch Kookie! Go away! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

Jimin lost his balance as he did not expect the Little to shove him away so roughly, but he quickly caught himself before resuming his stance to restrain the distraught boy.

“You can hate me for all you want but do it later. Right now, you need to stop hurting yourself!” Jimin puffed a breath out before asking for his friend to help him.

Taehyung lowered himself to the side of Little Jungkook and tried to grab him as well. The Little began to thrash around and soon, Namjoon and Hoseok joined in to subdue the hysterical boy.

Right at a corner... The number you have dialled is currently not available. Please leave your message after the tone. *beep*

“Yah, Min Yoongi. You better get your ass back home right now!”

Jin turned his back to look at what was happening in front of him after ending his call. If it were not for the fact that the situation was chaotic, Jin would have laughed off at the ridiculous scene of his four dongsaengs being unable to subdue their maknae.

Jin sighed, before bracing himself to join the tug-of-war with the Little.

Chapter Text

When Taehyung managed to get Little Jungkook tightly grasped in his hold, he struggled to stand up with the wailing Little in his arms. Jin offered to carry the boy but Taehyung dismissed it.

On wobbly legs, Taehyung made his way to the couch but before he could reach, he lost grip of the squirmy Little. Everything happened too fast after that.

Taehyung’s hands had slipped from the Little’s bottom, causing Little Jungkook to lose his balance. Unable to prevent the fall, Taehyung and his hyungs could only watch before their own eyes of Little Jungkook hitting his chin onto the floor.

The Little could only cry louder as Jin rushed to hug him. He kept stroking his back softly and murmuring “You are alright baby. The floor is being a meanie for giving our bunny a ouchie huh. Everything is fine now.” Little Jungkook felt slightly better when he saw Jin hit the floor for hurting him but his cries did not subside at all.

The Little still felt shitty about the situation. He hated crying and he wanted his Yoonie hyungie even though his eldest hyungie was cooing him in such a soothing manner right now.

Frankly speaking, Little Jungkook doesn’t know why he yearned for his Yoonie hyungie so much. Although he was still upset with his other hyungies, they had never taken any lesser care of him. It was probably the sense of security that he felt when he woke up to the eldest rapper beside him in the morning after the stressful ordeal on the previous night that caused him to slip.

Hoseok was hovering over him and inspecting his chin that was flushed red now. “I think there’s definitely gonna be a bruise.” The rapper looked worriedly at Jin before adding, “Kookie-ah, hyungie is going to take an ice pack to ease the pain yea? You will feel better and the ouchie can disappear faster. Okay?”

Little Jungkook just shook his head and buried his face into Jin’s chest, all the while still sobbing. The elder tried not to grimace as he imagine the Little’s snot and tears smudged over his expensive shirt. He needs to set his priorities right.

Namjoon took over Hoseok’s position as the latter left for the kitchen. He patted the Little’s head softly, “Jungkookie, don’t cry. I know the ouchie is painful but it will get better soon. You are a big boy so you have to be brave.”

The leader’s words made Little Jungkook whined loudly and he pushed him away blindly.

“Hyung, do you even know how to console a person? He’s just a kid now, suffering pain.” Jimin said passive aggressively. He then turned to the Little, “Kookie. Bunny. Cry if you must but we have to treat your ouchie yea. Your Seokie hyungie will make the pain go away, wouldn’t you want that?”

The Little just ignored the vocalist and continued sobbing into Jin’s chest. Jin could only continue to stroke comforting touches on his back, while shaking his head at his dongsaeng. Meanwhile, Taehyung kept his distance. He felt guilty for he was the one that caused so much pain to the Little.

“Alright alright! The ice pack is here! Kookie-ah. Hyungie is going to make the ouchie go away okay? Come on, show me your little chin.” Hoseok tried to pry the Little away from Jin’s chest along with the help of the elder but was met with violent protest from the maknae.

“No! No touch Kookie! Hyungies only make Kookie hurt! Kookie don’t like hyungies, Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

If only Little Jungkook knew how much pain his words had caused to his hyungs but his hyungs did not hold it against him. The Little was right after all. They had indeed hurt their bunny.

“Okay, okay. No ice pack. But Kookie must let us know if the ouchie doesn’t go away okay? Jin tried to calm the Little down.

Little Jungkook did not answer but Jin felt the Little nodded his head in his chest briefly. He then stood up with the Little in his arms and sat down at the couch. The Little had stopped crying, reducing to soft sniffles. The members thought Little Jungkook had fallen asleep until they heard a growling sound. All attention was shifted to the Little as they observed the Little squirming and his ears had turned red like a tomato.

Jin chuckled softly, “Looks like someone is hungry. Sit up, baby. Hyungie will go prepare some food for you to eat yea? It’s late now and we can’t have our bunny starving, can we?”

However, Little Jungkook refused to budge. He whined and clutched onto Jin’s shirt tightly. Jin sighed and looked at his other dongsaengs helplessly. The Little had finally calmed down and they cannot afford to trigger him again, so Jin could only shot a look of silent plea to Hoseok and Jimin. They are the next available barely qualified chef in the household now. Don’t even bother about Namjoon and Taehyung.

Hoseok and Jimin silently excused themselves and got themselves busied in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Namjoon and Taehyung just sat down on the floor next to the couch, observing the Little quietly.

Just when they thought the storm has passed, another wave of tantrum erupted.

“Kookie~ We made your favourite pasta and even added lots of meatballs for you!” Jimin chirped enthusiastically.

“Yeah! Come on, bunny. Let’s eat now.” Hoseok motioned to Jin to bring the Little over to the dining table.

“No! Kookie no eat! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!” Little Jungkook started to struggle aggressively.

Namjoon’s patience for the Little was running low but he tried to compose himself. “Jungkook-ah. You have to eat. You only had your breakfast for today. Now, be good and listen to us.”

It is a wonder how Namjoon, a fatherly figure in Jungkook’s headspace, could always trigger him.

“Kookie is no Jungkook. Kookie is Kookie. Kookie no want eat. Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

“Aye, hyung. You should probably stop talking and let us do the job.” With that, Jimin shoved the leader to the back and shifted his attention to the Little. “Kookie-ah. If you don’t eat, your stomach will have ouchie. Do you want to have ouchie? No, right? Even if you are not hungry, you still have to eat a little yea?”

“Yeah, and who knows. Once you finished eating, your Yoonie hyungie will be back!” Taehyung added mindlessly and that earned himself a glare from his eldest hyung.

Why the hell did you mention Yoongi at this point of time?

Jin tried his hardest not to flick the younger’s forehead physically.

Luckily enough, Little Jungkook did not seem to process what Taehyung had said.

“No! Kookie no want eat! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

Unbeknownst to all his hyungies, the Little had actually bit his tongue when he hit his chin onto the floor earlier on. How was he supposed to eat when he was in so much pain?

Just then, Little Jungkook’s flailing fists accidentally hit Jin’s chin and knocked onto Hoseok’s outstretched hand with the plate of pasta, consequentially toppled the content onto himself and the floor.

There was a momentary silence until Little Jungkook wailed loudly again. The pasta was scotching hot and majority of it spilled onto his arm. Never has Little Jungkook suffered so much pain within a single day and this was setting him off in a negative way.

“Yoonie hyungie! Save Kookie! Hyungies hurt Kookie again!”

The Little was hysterical now. Screaming and crying and thrashing around aimlessly.

The hyungs were so goddamn helpless. The food stain was slowly drying up and it would be a pain to try to scrub off the Little’s skin, which the hyungs knew that it would be another ride to Hell.

Jin tried to pacify the Little and at the same time, convince him to go for a bath. “Kookie-ah. Hyungies are not going to hurt you. We are just going to bathe you now okay. The pasta is making our bunny dirty now and we want to make sure you are clean yea?”

“No! No! No! No touch Kookie! Kookie want Yoonie hyungie!”

At this point of time, Little Jungkook had managed to struggle out of Jin’s hold and was prepared to run away but Namjoon got to him first. He managed to hug the Little from his back, arms wrapped strongly around the waist and hoisted the boy off the ground. He made big steps towards the bathroom, all while the Little was screaming and kicking his legs around.

It was such a difficult time to restrain the younger and seriously, Little Jungkook is walking on thin ice as the leader was close to blowing up.

Jimin and Taehyung made quick actions to assist their leader in placing the Little onto the bath stool. Hoseok then tried to strip the maknae while Jin runs the water to prepare the bath.

No way was Little Jungkook going to let anyone touch him. Even when his Yoonie hyungie had changed him that morning, he had respected his privacy and turned around to let the Little dress himself.

The Little screamed at the top of his lungs and beat away any hands that were on him. When the Little noticed that he was losing the battle, he resorted to biting and scratching whatever that he could grab hold of.

“Ow ow ow!” Shouts of pain could be heard from his hyungies and Namjoon had enough of it.

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook! Enough of your nonsense! You are full of dirt now and we are just trying to clean you. Stop being such a brat!”

Dead silence.

The Little was taken aback. He had not expected any of his hyungies to shout at him and worse, used his full name again. He didn’t ask for all these. He just wanted his Yoonie hyungie.

“K-Kookie… Kookie not a brat. Kookie is good boy. Kookie not bad boy…”

The Little’s chin started to tremble, tears gathering at the brim of his eyes, threatening to fall anytime.

Jin hit the leader on his arm and scolded, “Yah, Kim Namjoon! Why do you have to shout at him? He’s just a child!”

“I…” Namjoon brushed his hand through his hair out of frustration. He didn’t mean to lose it at his maknae.

Just as his hyungies were having heated conversations, Little Jungkook decided that he has had enough. His head was starting to hurt due to all the screaming and crying that he had been doing since he woke up. The pain in his tongue wasn’t helping too. Even in his headspace, the Little could feel that his stress level was exceeding his tolerance level. He needed to get out and go back to his comfort zone, which was his bedroom.

Little Jungkook took advantage of the distractions that his hyungies had from their conversations and tried to squirm his way out. But no way, his hyungies were faster. Little Jungkook shouted again and again for them to let him go. His headache was seriously starting to kill him and he felt miserable.

Somehow, not sure how, Little Jungkook managed to stand up but lost his balance. It was too late for anyone to react.

The Little slipped and fell backwards, causing Little Jungkook to hit the back of his head against the edge of the bathtub, before suffering the second blow on the floor.

Everyone froze. And something strange happened.

The hyungs were expecting some loud cries but nothing. It was silent. They thought that the Little must have had it so bad to probably go into shock. They gathered and hovered over Little Jungkook, bombarding him with concerned words.

Little Jungkook was shocked obviously but more importantly, he was overwhelmed. All his hyungies were crowding around him but he did not feel safe or relieved at all. His only trusted hyung, his Yoonie hyungie, was not with him. His source of comfort was nowhere to be found and the Little hated it.

The Little also hated the fact that his other hyungies were touching him everywhere and speaking loudly in his ears. Everything was worsening his headache. As he raised his hands to hold his aching head, he felt a sharp pain and yelped loudly but that brought on more pain for him as he had strained his injured tongue as well.

As if on cue, Little Jungkook felt all the pain in his head, chin and tongue heightened. He could not tolerate. It was all too much for him.

Slowly, the members could see the transition of emotions on the Little’s face. Little Jungkook’s face scrunched up, seemingly taken a deep breath and then he let out the loudest shrieks ever. He was screaming the whole house down and the members suspected that even the security guard located at the basement could probably hear it too.

This was definitely more than the loud cries that they had expected.

While the hyungs are caught off-guard by the turn of event and clueless on what to do, Jimin heard the front door opened and his eyes lit up almost instantly.

“Yoongi-hyung! Come to the bathroom now!”

Jimin then turned towards the Little and spoke excitedly, “Kookie-ah, your Yoonie hyungie is back, so don’t cry okay?”

Surprisingly, the news did not seem to pacify the Little at all.

Yoongi came into the bathroom and was dumbfounded by what he saw but his attention was immediately drawn to the wailing Little.

Never have the members saw Yoongi moved that fast before.

“Bunny, what’s wrong? Hyungie is here now. Don’t cry. Tell hyungie what’s wrong.” The eldest rapper was hugging his little bunny protectively.

Little Jungkook responded by babbling incoherent words and he was also crying non-stop. Yoongi couldn’t help it but felt something amiss.

No amount of words could soothe the boy and he wasn’t speaking properly at all. It was as though the Little could not comprehend what was going on at all.

Then, something struck Yoongi.

Little Jungkook may or may not have fallen into a younger headspace. He had read it during his extensive research previously. He knew that it wasn’t an easy feat for someone to fall further than their usual headspace, unless…

“What the hell did you guys do to him all this time while I was away?”

The members gulped visibly.

Fuck, they are so gonna be dead.

Chapter Text

Nobody dared to look Yoongi in the eyes and answer his question. The eldest rapper decided to let it go first as he had a much urgent matter to settle and that is his precious bunny.

“Never mind. Let’s just get him out of this mess first.”

“And how are we supposed to do that? You don’t mean…” Hoseok was looking at his hyung hesitantly.

“Yes, we have to bathe him. Does he look like he is in any clear state of mind to take care of himself right now?” Jin gave his dongsaeng a displeased look for asking the obvious.

“S-So, you guys are going to strip him naked and actually bathe him?” Jimin stuttered in disbelief. Next to him, Taehyung appeared to be alarmed too.

“You guys can leave first if this is going to make you feel uncomfortable. We will handle it from here.” Namjoon dismissed them with a wave of his hands.

When they heard the door of the bathroom was shut, Namjoon and his hyungs looked over to Little Jungkook. His sobs had reduced to sniffles and as compared to earlier, he was no longer struggling. The Little was just… hugging Yoongi and nothing else.


No response.

“Bunny, we are going to clean you up for a bit. Is that alright with you? I promise we will make it quick for you.” Yoongi spoke softly while he stroked the Little’s head lightly.

Still, no response.

“Guys, let’s just bathe him first. He doesn’t seem to mind in a least bit. Hurry and undress him, I don’t want him to catch a cold.” Jin beckoned the two rappers in the room.

Cautiously, Yoongi tried to untangle himself from the grip of the Little. The Little let out a whimper at the loss of the elder’s warmth and Yoongi was quick to coo at him. “It’s okay, bunny. Hyungie is here. Hyungie just need to get you out of your clothes. Can you be a good boy for hyungie?”

With a subtle nod, Little Jungkook lifted his arms and Yoongi quickly took the opportunity to lift the hem of the soiled T-shirt and took it off his bunny. At the same time, Namjoon made a hasten gesture to unzip the jeans that the Little was wearing. Yoongi assisted in getting the Little to lift his bottom off the bath stool and with a combined effort, the rappers slipped off Little Jungkook’s jeans along with his boxer.

Unsure if it was the steam emitting from the hot bath that Jin was preparing or out of embarrassment at being exposed to the naked form of their maknae, Yoongi and Namjoon felt their faces heated up and tried not to look downwards. The Little did not seem to mind though, for he was distracted with the bubbles that were starting to appear on the surface of the hot bath.

“Yah! What are you guys embarrassed about? Quick, bring Kookie over.” Jin chided his dongsaengs.

When the Little settled down in the bath, he let out an excited squeal as his big doe eyes stared fascinatingly at the bubbles. Without much hesitation, Little Jungkook splashed the water around to create more bubbles and started giggling while he babbled incoherent words.

As much as they were intrigued by the sight of the Little, the three members looked on with a tinge of worry in their eyes. Their maknae was definitely not his usual self. Collectively, they decided not to say anything and proceeded to bathe the maknae.

Yoongi took on the responsibility of shampooing the Little’s head while Jin and Namjoon took charge of scrubbing the pasta stain off the Little’s body and bathing him thoroughly. Meanwhile, Little Jungkook had a wonderful time entertaining himself. He was giggling away, trying to grab hold of the bubbles in his hands before attempting to blow them off at his hyungies.

His hyungies could only coo at their bunny while they tried to make a quick one, seeing that Little Jungkook had already let out little sneezes a couple of times.

Finally, when their bunny smelled like the Johnson’s baby shampoo and bodywash that they had used, Namjoon slot his hands underneath the Little’s underarms and hoist him out of the bathtub. Little Jungkook whined in protest but the leader just quickly brought him over to the bath stool where Jin had a towel in his hand, ready to wrap the Little up like a burrito.

Yoongi then took over and cradled the Little before making their way out of the bathroom to Jin’s room.

While their hyungs busied themselves with their maknae in the bathroom, the dance leader and his two dongsaengs took the liberty to unbox the Little stuff that Jungkook had previously thrown away. After some heated arguments on what they should prepare for the Little to wear, they decided on a custom-tailored sky-blue comfy looking onesie with ‘I am hyungie’s cutie bunny’ stitched on the front of it. Next to it was a shimmering yellow pacifier and a bunny stuffie which they knew Little Jungkook loved having them to sleep with after a long day.

When their hyungs entered the room, the dongsaengs scurried to make way for them.

Seeing the items laid out on his bed, Jin was, for once, proud of his dongsaengs for taking the initiative to be useful.

“Where’s the baby powder?” Yoongi asked while he put his bunny down on the bed.

“Here!” Jimin handed over, squeezing his way through to get to the bed. Apparently, everyone had crowded around the bed.

As Yoongi applied the baby powder on the delicate skin of the maknae, Little Jungkook could not stop fidgeting. On top of that, he was making cooing sounds and babbling words that were indecipherable.

“Kookie-ah, what are you saying? I cannot understand.” Hoseok said fondly while he tried to hold the Little’s fingers.

Unexpectedly, Little Jungkook just stared at the dance leader in amazement before he popped Hoseok’s index finger into his mouth. Needless to say, Hoseok retrieved his hands with a yelp of surprise. Startled by the abrupt action, Little Jungkook let out a cry.

The members were dumbfounded too, for they did not know how to interpret what had just happened. Furthermore, the Little’s next action shocked them beyond words.

Little Jungkook grabbed his left foot and tried to suck his big toe but he was stopped by Yoongi in a heartbeat.

“Oh no. Oh my god. This cannot be happening.” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, but everyone heard what he said.

“What do you mean? What’s going on? What do you know?” Namjoon did not like the suspense at all.

“Talk later. Yoongi-ah, dress him up.” Jin signaled everyone.

By the time Little Jungkook was nicely clad in his onesie, he was yawning and rubbing his eyes continuously.

Jimin was quick to slip the pacifier into the Little’s mouth and place the bunny stuffie in his hands. Yoongi then covered Little Jungkook with the comforter and the bunny was out like a light.

Not wanting to make a single noise, all the members tip-toed out of the room. Just as they reached the door, all of them turned around and looked at the figure sleeping soundly on the bed.

They were not sure if Little Jungkook was still theirs to call as such, or perhaps, he has become their Baby now.

Chapter Text


Namjoon held his head in his hands while he rested his elbows on his knees. Jin and Yoongi were in the kitchen, preparing some tea for their dongsaengs. Hoseok sat on the couch bouncing his legs nervously while the 95-liner friends just stared blankly.

It was as though things had gone back to square one back when Jungkook had left them. The members were left stranded, unsure of how to handle the situation.

“Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks that whatever had happened to Jungkookie now is what I think it is.” Hoseok spoke up first.

“I’m afraid so. How else are we supposed to explain his behaviours?”

“What are you guys talking about? Why am I not understanding any of this?” Namjoon looked from Hoseok, then to Jimin before he settled on Taehyung. “What did you mean about what you said in Jin-hyung’s room earlier on?”

“Well, isn’t it obvious? Jungkookie is basically behaving like a baby now. He does not speak clearly. He only babbles incoherent words. He does not respond to us, not verbally at least, and only cries. All of these are traits of babies, if not toddlers.”

“Hold up. Let’s not make any wild guesses. How do you even derive to such deductions?”

Jin and Yoongi shared a knowing look after hearing what their leader had said just when they walked out of the kitchen. Jin couldn’t help it but rolled his eyes. He seriously had no idea how in the world did his dongsaeng has an IQ level of a genius yet so oblivious to what was going on.

Yoongi shared the same sentiment and unlike his hyung, he was not shy to voice his opinion though. “Yah, Namjoon-ah. How are you such a genius but cannot figure this out at all?”

The leader could only tilt his head and looked on curiously as he observed his hyungs passed around the cups of tea. He really had no idea at all.

Taehyung clicked his tongue and elaborated further. “Well, think about it. You saw what you saw earlier. Jungkookie did not speak words, he only babbled in whatever incoherent language that he had coined. He tried to bring up his toe to suck and bite. He was quick to latch onto his pacifier. He laid compliantly on the bed for Yoongi-hyung to apply baby powder on him and dress him up in the onesie. I bet a months’ worth of Jin-hyung’s cooking that Jungkookie did not struggle when you guys bathed him earlier too, right? All these were definitely something that Jungkookie would not have allowed us to do, if what we had experienced for the past two weeks was not any clear indication of it. He doesn’t look like he understands what is going on. He is not Little now; he is literally a Baby.”

As Namjoon formed an ‘O’ on his mouth, the members could see the gears in his head moving, seemingly trying to comprehend what he had just heard, and just like how a leader he is, he rationalised the situation. “So, are we talking about a Baby right now? Like, literally a baby ?”

Everyone nodded their heads in affirmative.

“Well then, I guess we will have to figure out on how we have to handle the situation moving forward from here now. If Jungkookie is going to be like a baby, then I would say he will start to behave like one. Apart from the Little stuff that we can use on the baby now, do normal babies need diapers, milk and bottles too?” How are we supposed to get them? We can’t possibly walk into a supermarket and buy those stuff? I mean, what will people think if they saw us—”

Hoseok interrupted Namjoon’s babbling, “Diapers? Why would we need to worry about diapers? It’s not as if Jungkookie is gonna need it”. The rapper looked around at his members hesitantly. “Or, does he?”

“Well, if he has no control over his speech, then I seriously doubt he will have any control over his bowel.” Yoongi shrugged his shoulders as a matter-of-factly.

“B-But, are you guys sure about this? Like, how do you guys even know if Jungkookie is going to be fine with the use of diapers?”

“Well, it’s not like we can ask him about this now, right?”

“Hold on, hyung”. Taehyung paused and looked over at the eldest rapper. “You said that Jungkookie has no control over his speech, then how are we supposed to communicate with him? Do any of you guys know baby language?”

Jimin was dumbfounded by what his friend said. “Taehyung-ah, you don’t seriously think there is such thing as baby language, do you?”

Jin ignored the two youngest in the living room and turned towards the leader. “I agree that we have to start thinking on what to do next. If Jungkookie really slipped into a smaller headspace, the likelihood of him not being comprehensive is very high. He will not be able to take care of himself at all. Not to irk you guys, but Jungkookie had already let go of himself once when we were bathing him earlier and he did not seem to notice it at all. So, diaper is a definite need for him. We already have the baby powder, so an additional supply of baby wipes is enough.”

By this time, Namjoon has crouched down on the coffee table and was typing diligently into his laptop but no one paid attention to him though.

“Okay, then I guess half of our theories are proven. With no control over his bowel, does this mean that his digestive system is affected too? Do you guys think if he will be able to take solid food? I don’t want him getting any tummy ache. Should we keep some formula milk on standby? We only bought sippy cup for him before, do you think it will be enough? Or to be on a safer side, should we buy some bottles for him too?”

Looking at how his hyungs were so serious about the situation, Taehyung backed up on his weird antics and started to contribute some of his ideas too. “What about bibs? While we can feed Jungkookie, I have never seen any babies that are not messy at all. We will need baby cutleries too. The usual ones that we used will be too hard for him.”

“Oh, and I presume his movements will be affected too? Do we need to start baby-proofing the house now?” Jimin looked around enthusiastically.

Hoseok then looked up from his mobile phone, “Yeah, the website here says that we need to fulfil some tasks to keep our baby safe.”

The members proceeded to crowd over the rapper to take a better look at what the iPhone screen was showing and all while they had read out the content subconsciously, Namjoon began typing and clicking away furiously with his mouse linked to his laptop as he took in what his members had said.

“Stock up the first-aid kit.” Jin made a mental note to go through all the medication in the house later.

“Put non-slip pads under all rugs and floor mats and cover all sharp furniture edges and corners with bumpers or safety padding.” Yoongi scanned through his surrounding and paid attention to the areas that needed cushioning.

“Block all open outlets with furniture or use safety plugs and use cord holders to keep longer cords fastened against walls.” Hoseok told himself to remind his dongsaengs later to pick up all the game controllers on the floor and store them away onto the TV console instead, as well as rolling up all the loose cords lying around in the dormitory.

“Latch closed any drawers, doors or cupboards within baby’s reach.” Jimin is adamant on making sure to enter every single room in the dormitory later to help every member pack their overflowing drawers.

“Always unplug and store electric appliances that aren’t use.” Taehyung was quick to remember all the gadget chargers that were scattered throughout the house and remind himself to get rid of them later.

“Set up baby safety guards at stairwells or entrances.”

“Wow! This sure sounds like a big project and there are so many things to buy." Namjoon teared his eyes away from the E-Bay page and stretched his limps after having sat on the floor for so long. "At this rate, we will have to give our apartment a makeover.”

Everyone laughed at their leader’s words and although put off by the thought of having to make over the house, they could not help it but smiled fondly as they imagined how things are going to get more interesting with their youngest member. Yep, their precious maknae, their cutie bunny, their golden baby.

Chapter Text

As the members got themselves thrilled over the idea of their maknae possibly slipping into Baby space, they crowded around Namjoon’s laptop to go through the list of things that they needed to purchase. Meanwhile, Taehyung had been sitting quietly at the corner of the couch, seemingly deep in his thoughts.

“Taehyung-ah, what is on your mind? You have been so quiet.” Worry tinged heavily in Jimin’s question to his friend.

The members looked over to the second youngest in the group when they heard no response but when Taehyung finally spoke his mind, his words left the members thinking hard.

“Well, I was just thinking of one thing. Supposedly our theory of Jungkookie being a baby now is true, have it not crossed you guys’ minds why Jungkookie had slipped further than his usual headspace? I cannot help it but feel that it is all our fault. Firstly, we shunned him away from us, then forced him to run away and seek comfort from his real family when he should have been the most comfortable with us. We acted as if nothing had happened when he came back from Busan and forcefully fed him with our own desires to mend things with him yet did not speak to him properly to address the real issue. Earlier on when Yoongi-hyung was not around, didn’t the rest of us tried to pacify him but what we actually did only caused Jungkookie so much misery that he went hysterical. Don’t you guys remember why Jungkookie had even slipped into Little space in the first place? He did it to distress himself but look now, we are the source of his stress! And here we are, getting all so excited over the prospective of having a baby in the house, which at this point of time, we are still uncertain of. What if all these were not what Jungkookie had wanted? Aren’t we driving him up the wall again? Don't you guys think we are too selfish?”

As though he had not just given the speech of the year, Taehyung sipped his tea elegantly. When he looked up from his cup, all his members were staring straight at him with hints of shame in their eyes.

“For once, I feel that you have gotten more philosophical and analytical than me. I guess what you said is right. We were too caught up with our own thoughts over how Jungkookie could be a baby and failed to recognise the real issue here.” Namjoon said quietly.

Jin and Yoongi shared a look with each other before the eldest hyung eventually spoke, “I think all of us played a fair share in this entire episode. We denied his existence, not only as Jungkook but also as Kookie.”

“I think there is no point in us blaming ourselves now. I am not saying that we should forgive ourselves easily before Jungkookie does so but what we can do now is to pull ourselves together and think of how we can rebuild our relationship with Jungkookie. For example, right now is a good opportunity for us to do so.”

“Right now?” Hoseok challenged the oldest rapper. “Are you suggesting that we take advantage of his headspace now and manipulate him into accepting us back just because he does not have a choice since he is currently not capable of managing himself and had to depend on us entirely? Wouldn’t that make us despicable?”

“Hyung! What you said is too extreme. I am sure that is not what Yoongi-hyung meant.” Jimin chided his roommate.

Yoongi glared at the younger rapper, “I am merely saying we could show our care and concern to Jungkookie during this period. Let him know that we will always be there for him and he should not feel too burdened in front of us. We could regain his trust in us this way.”

“Sorry, hyung. I jumped too quick into conclusion.” Hoseok bowed his head in embarrassment. Yoongi just waved his hand dismissively.

“Well, I for one, agree with what Yoongi-hyung says. Let’s use this chance to prove our worth to Jungkookie!” Jimin tried to cheer everyone up.

“Yeah! Let’s continue what you guys were doing earlier and finis—” Taehyung’s words were interrupted when they heard loud cries coming from their eldest hyung’s room.

All the members looked at each other before all of them flooded into Jin’s room.

There, lying on Jin’s bed, was Jungkook crying pathetically.

Just as Yoongi dashed past the members, Taehyung almost lost his balance and shouted, “Hyung! You almost knocked me over! I still have my cup of tea in my hands!”

However, Yoongi only had his eyes on his precious maknae. He quickly sat at the edge of the bed and cradled Jungkook, all the while trying to coo and calm him down. It did not work at all as Jungkook only cried and said nothing. Just then, Yoongi felt a strange sensation on his lap where Jungkook was lying across. He had a faint idea on what was wrong with the maknae but before he could say anything, he heard a slight argument.

Jin had shifted his way around and sat at the area where Jungkook had initially been sleeping on and felt something wet on his butt. Recalling that Taehyung had previously shouted his frustration of being almost knocked over by Yoongi earlier, he turned towards the second youngest and scolded. “Yah, Kim Taehyung, you spilled your tea onto my bed!”

“B-But, my cup was empty. I was just holding on to it when all of us rushed in.” Taehyung looked on with innocence in his eyes.

“Then why is it wet? Look!” Jin stood up and pointed towards the damp spot on his bed.

“But, I really did not spill anything at all.”

“Shush!” Namjoon shut the two of them up and turned around to look at Yoongi. “Hyung, did he…?” The leader pointed at the crying Jungkook.

Yoongi nodded his head solemnly, “Yeah, he wet himself. I guess this is probably the reason why he kept crying. It’s making him uncomfortable.”

The rest was shocked and did not know how to react. Namjoon stepped forward and started giving instructions to the members.

“Hyungs, you two try to calm Jungkookie down and undress him first. Hoseok-ah, you go over to Jungkookie’s room and get a fresh set of clothes, preferably a onesie so that it will be easier for us to change him if he wets himself again. Jiminie, go get two pieces of cloth, dry and wet, as well as the baby powder. Taehyungie, go find something that is absorbent. We are going to improvise and make a makeshift diaper for Jungkookie.”

No one make a move after they heard their leader’s words. Getting slightly frustrated, Namjoon snapped. “Well, what are you guys waiting for? Christmas? Quick, run along. Can’t you all see how Jungkookie is crying so badly?”

The members scrambled to do as what they were being told while Namjoon motioned for Jin and Yoongi to step away first while he stripped Jin’s mattress sheet and replaced it quickly with a fresh one. Jin also got a big towel to place it over the mattress sheet before Yoongi placed Jungkook down.

“Jungkook-ah, lift your arms. We are going to get you out of these dirty clothes, okay?” Jin spoke softly to coax his maknae.

However, Jungkook being so deep into his headspace could not comprehend the situation at all. He only felt irritation at his bottom. He kept fidgeting and could only cried out loud to express his frustration. Seeing that Jungkook was not going to cooperate, Yoongi took over and started stripping the youngest member.

Yoongi interrupted when he saw his hyung was about to comment something. “Hyung, Jungkookie is just a baby now. He will not be able to understand what we are saying. Just get on with it and strip him.”

During this time, Hoseok had already returned with a pale-blue duck-studded onesie and just in case, he also brought along a pair of socks so that the youngest would not have cold feet. Jimin also came back with two cloths in his hands and the baby powder. Finally, Taehyung returned and shoved a suspicious-looking object into the hands of Namjoon.

Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at the second youngest incredulously when they realised that it was the absorbent pad that was usually placed on the floor of Taehyung’s bedroom floor whenever Yeontan stayed over.

“What? This is the best that I can find in our house now.” Taehyung defended himself.

“Oh, never mind, this is so much better than nothing.” Jin grabbed the item from the leader and proceeded to carry on his antics with Yoongi.

When the members saw that Jungkook was fully naked in front of them, they shied away and turned their heads around, except Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon whom had already saw the maknae’s bare body.

“What? Are you guys ashamed of Jungkookie now? For goodness sake, he is our maknae whom we have known for the past 9 years or so.” Jin chided.

Namjoon agreed with his hyung, “Exactly. It’s not as if any of you guys have not seen him nude nor taken bubble baths with him.”

“Yeah, but this is different! Are you guys serious about cleaning him up and putting him into a diaper or whatever that you guys are going to improvise with Yeontan’s disposable pad? I mean, none of us have ever touched him before. This, this is so... You guys got to really touch him to change him.” Hoseok grimaced.

The 95-liners nodded vigorously, while Yoongi looked at them quietly before speaking up. “The three of you do realise that Jin-hyung, Namjoon and me were the ones that bathed Jungkookie earlier, right? Right now, Jungkook is not his usual self at all, he is just a baby. If any of you are not comfortable with this, you can always leave the room.”

No one left the room though.

After Jin and Namjoon had cleaned the baby and covered his bottom with the baby powder, Yoongi joined in to wrap the absorbent pad around the baby’s bottom and secured it with another layer of small towel before fixing it with a needle pin. Hoseok then took the liberty to dress the baby into his onesie while the 95-liners socked the baby’s feet up concurrently. Once they were sure that the baby was fully clad in his clothes and makeshift diaper snugly, they had expected the crying to die down. But, no. The baby was still crying non-stop and if it was not their imagination, the crying had grown louder which eventually led to Jungkook hiccupping.

Jimin quickly picked the baby up from his lying position and placed him on his hips. He tried rocking and cooing but none of it worked. The members were clueless on what could be the cause of the baby’s constant crying until a light bulb lit up in Hoseok’s mind.

“Could Jungkookie be hungry now? I remembered he only had pancakes for his breakfast this morning. The spaghetti that we cooked for him in the afternoon was knocked over and he did not eat anything thereafter.”

“I will go cook something for him now.” Jin made his way out of the room and proceeded to the kitchen.

“Hyung, let me help you.” Taehyung tagged along.

About 15-minutes later, Jin and Taehyung returned to the room with a bowl of porridge and mashed potatoes in their hands respectively. The baby was sniffling by now, not because he was satiated but because he was too tired to keep up with his crying.

Namjoon took over the bowl of porridge, fetched a spoonful and blew the surface before trying to nudge the baby in opening his mouth so that Namjoon could feed him. However, Jungkook was having none of it. He refused to open his mouth and responded with a loud wail. Yoongi grimaced as the baby was now seated on his lap after Jimin’s hands had grown tired of carrying the maknae.

Taehyung then stepped forward and tried to feed the baby with mashed potato but to no avail.

Just when everyone was left stranded again, Jimin chirped, “I know! Since he is a baby now, could he be craving for milk now?”

As if by magic, Jungkook stopped crying at the word of “milk” and whimpered instead. It is clear then. But, what could the members do? Back when Jungkook was just a Little, they could easily get banana milk from the convenience store but right now, they had to prepare formula milk for the baby and none of them knew how. Furthermore, there was no way they could take the risk of going to the supermarket to buy the milk without letting the public know. On another hands, they also could not afford to starve the poor baby while depending on E-Bay to deliver their “goods” which they had earlier ordered online. It would take days and there is definitely no way they could survive with the knowledge that their baby was going to be starved.

The members were at their wit’s end.

Being the group's leader, Namjoon had to make a tough decision and with a single look, Jin and Yoongi immediately knew what was on his mind. None of them are going to be happy about it, especially since they had been hiding it all these while. It would probably kill Jungkook too if the maknae got to know about it.

Without any much of a choice, the members came to a consensus to let their most trusted managers, Sejin and Hobeom, in on the secret. They just hoped that things would not change drastically from now on.

Chapter Text

There they are, Sejin and Hobeom standing in the living room with their mouths agape as they tried to digest the information and take in the view of the baby that is currently nestled in the arms of Jin and babbling non-stop in front of them right now.

The members could only stand aside and stared ahead cautiously, not knowing what type of reactions they should be expecting from their two managers.

After a measured moment of silence, Hobeom raised the first question, “When did this started?”

“Uhm, a while…” Namjoon replied, voice volume barely above that of a whisper.

“Why haven’t any of you tell us? This is something serious and none of you thought it was important enough to let the company know, or at least either of us?!” Clearly, Sejin was not taking things well.

“Hyung, with all due respect, this is not something for us to share. As much as how you and the company always strive to protect our interests, we also wanted what is best for Jungkookie. Coming out with such a big secret is clearly not one of our preferred options and especially since Jungkookie only did it to distress himself. Can you imagine if anyone reacted negatively and ‘poof!’, there goes the only channel for Jungkookie to relief himself?”

“Yoongi-ah, I know where you are coming from, but this is not something that you guys should hide from us. The company reserves the rights to know, especially if it concerns you guys’ well-being. Fine, if you said this is how Jungkook cope with his stress, but don’t you guys think it would have been better for the company to know? The least we could do was to work out something to lighten Jungkookie’s stress, or worse, for when this secret is let out into the public.” Hobeom tried to be the peacemaker.

“Hyung, we know. Like what Yoongi-hyung said, this was not something for us to decide. Jungkookie, he…” Taehyung turned his head towards the maknae whom is currently playing with the strings attached to Jin’s hoodie and paused his words, for he knew nothing to explain further.

Jimin, though, decided to take over the responsibility. “Hyung, it is not easy to come out as a Little. While headspace is not a taboo subject as compared to other controversial topics in Korea, not many people understood the concepts of it and often associated it with sexual activities.”

“And you guys know what it is?”

“Well, I do know about it…” Jimin spoke timidly.

“Well then, why not share with Hobeom and me?”

Hoseok gulped nervously and decided to break his silence. “Actually, we did not have any idea about this headspace until we discovered it ourselves.”

Sejin and Hobeom did not speak a word and just looked attentively at the boys. Clearly, they were waiting for them to spill the beans. Just as they tried to conjure up what to say, memories of the past flooded the boys’ minds.


Thud! Thud! Thud!

“Urgh! Jeon Jungkook, you are so gonna get it from me this time round!” thought Jimin as he got up from his bed infuriatingly.

He stopped his track outside the maknae’s room and banged on the door loudly, not giving a damn care for the others in the dorm. “Yah, Jeon Jungkook! Stop thrashing about in your room! It’s two in the morning for goodness sake! I need to sleep!”

“Sowwy, Kook-- *ahem* I’m sorry, Jiminie-hyung. I dropped something earlier. You can go back to sleep now.”

“Yeah right, what a coincidence of you dropping stuff in the middle of the night every single time. Quieten down or I’ll personally kick you out of this dorm!”

“Will do, hyung. Good night!”

“Good morning, hyung.”

“Morning, Jimin-ah. What’s up with last night? I could hear you shouting even from my room and that is loud, considering we are far across the living room.” Yoongi asked casually as he sipped his cup of coffee.

Jin nodded, “Yeah, I thought I had heard it wrongly.”

“Well, what else could there be? Jungkookie has been making all sorts of noise in his room recently. I was trying so hard to sleep and always got interrupted by it.” Anyone listening on the conversation could sense the frustration in the vocalist’s words.

“What noise?”

Jungkook had just walked into the dining area when he observed all his hyungs were looking at him with a quirky look.

“Well, maybe you can enlighten us. What have you been up to recently, always making all sorts of noise in your room?” Jimin raised his eyebrow as he questioned the maknae.

Almost instantly, the hyungs noticed the tip of the maknae’s ears had turned red, along with his puffy face and veiny neck. “N-Nothing. I wasn’t doing anything.”

Taehyung wasn’t having any of it though. “Oh really? Then why are you flushing now?”


“Oh my god! Jungkook-ah. Were you masturbating?” Hoseok teased and gave him a sneaky look.

“W-What? No! Of course not! Hyung, how can you say such a thing?” Jungkook exclaimed in disbelief.

“Well then, what were you doing? Not to mention about nights, I noticed that you have been locking yourself in your room recently. We seldom see you out of your room at all, especially after we came back from our schedules or practices.” Namjoon was genuinely concerned.

Jungkook started distracting himself with the bread on the table, grabbing the Nutella spread and started to make breakfast for himself. “Really nothing, hyung. I was just tired, that’s all. Nothing to be worried about.”

“Jungkook-ah, you know you can always come to any of us if you have anything that is troubling you, right?” Taehyung spoke as he cut some banana slices for his dongsaeng.

“Yeah, hyung. I know.”

Seeing that the maknae had no intention to reveal anything much, the hyungs decided not to push further. However, that did not mean that they would let this go.

“Hyungs, you guys go ahead. I am too tired. I want to go back to the dorm instead and rest for the day. Enjoy yourself!” Jungkook shouted over his shoulders as he quickened his pace to board the company van, whilst his hyungs were left behind to join their dance crew for dinner.


“Hyung, it’s okay. He is probably just really tired to join us.” Namjoon places a hand on Jin’s shoulder as he motioned to the elder to let it go and join them in another van.

Back at home, Jungkook quickly stripped himself of the soiled t-shirt and sweatpants before stepping into the shower. At the speed of light, he was freshly bathed and smelled of the organic floral shampoo and body gel that his hyungs had so thoughtfully bought him for his birthday, knowing that he was sensitive to fragrance.

Although knowing that his hyungs would be at the dining place, Jungkook cannot help it but looked around before he made a dash to his room and shut the door hastily. With uncontained excitement, Jungkook went to his closet and pulled out a pair of matching oversized pastel blue-coloured hoodie and sweatpants. Oh, how lovely he looked in those when Jungkook saw his reflection in the mirror.

Satisfied with his outfit, Jungkook walked over to his bed and instead of getting on top of it, he crouched his body down and dragged a small treasure box from underneath his bed.

A giggle escaped the maknae’s mouth as he stared at the content of the box. Unable to restrain the Little in him, Jungkook grabbed the bunny stuffie and hugged it close to his chest while he buried his nose into the soft fur. “Bunny! Kookie missed you!”

Next, Jungkook slipped one pacifier between his lips, while he clipped the chain onto his hoodie so that it would not fall far even if the Little dropped it from his mouth.

Finally feeling contented, Jungkook settled down on his bedroom floor, sprawled out on his tummy that was lightly cushioned with the soft mat that he had rolled out too. He then started filling in colours in his colouring book with a set of crayons.

Jungkook was so lost in his headspace that he got so oblivious to his surroundings and did not hear the front door open until it was all too late.

“Jungkookie, are you aslee—” Taehyung did not complete his sentence for he was too shocked beyond his life.

Jungkook looked up from the floor and he felt the pacifier fell from his mouth as he stared back at his best friend, stood frozen at the door with mouth wide open and eyes as big as saucer. Oh, how could forget to lock his room?

“Taehyung-ah, why are you standing at the door? Is Jungkookie asleep?”

Jimin was puzzled when his vision was blocked by his same-age friend and he decided to push his way through to get a look at the maknae himself, but he halted his steps as he saw what was in front of his eyes.

“Jungkook-ah. Y-You… W-What are y-you…” Jimin could not form coherent words as he struggled to compose himself. He knew what was going on, but he had never imagined seeing it happening to one of his members.

Within a beat, loud cries could be heard from the maknae’s room. Jimin and Taehyung were instantly pulled out from their trance and rushed to their dongsaeng. Taehyung brushed the colouring items away while Jimin was quick to pick the crying boy up from the floor and embraced him into a warm hug.

“What happened?!” “What’s wrong?!” “Who’s crying?!” “Who’s hurt?!” The hyungs flooded into the room but paused when they saw the two hyungs of the maknae line trying to comfort their wailing youngest member.

“What’s all these? What is it doing here?” Yoongi asked as his eyes took in the scattered colouring book and crayons across the floor.

“Wait, is that a pacifier?” Hoseok asked quietly as he pointed at the rubber soother hanging off Jungkook’s hoodie.

Jin stepped forward and squat down in front of Jimin before reaching his hand out to pat the crying boy’s head. Although the eldest did not know what was going on but he knew that right now, he had to treat his maknae delicately. “Jungkookie. Hey, look at hyung. Can you tell hyung why you are crying?”

Jungkook slowly turned his head around and stared at the eldest hyung, lips still trembling and tears still streaming down his cheek. “K-Kookie…”

“Oh, don’t cry, baby. Hyung is here.” Jin took over the boy from Jimin and sat down on the bed.

Nobody said anything as they looked at how Jin was holding Jungkook in a tight hug, rocking their bodies back and forth, whispering comforting words into the ears of the youngest and stroking his back gently.

“Uhm, can someone explain what is going on?” The leader glanced at his two dongsaengs.

Taehyung just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. Jimin just stared intently at Jin and Jungkook until he faced the members and announced the shocking news.

“Jungkookie is a Little.”


“So, a Little, huh?” Sejin stroke his chin thoughtfully while he kept observing the baby whom is currently dozing off after he was handed over to Yoongi.

“If going by you guys’ theory that Jungkookie is a Little, then why is he behaving like a baby now?” Hobeom asked confusedly.

Yoongi took a brief disapproving look at his members before answering, “Something happened earlier, and he slipped further into his headspace. From our interaction with him so far, I can safely say that he’s in baby space now.”

Sejin held his head in his hands before rubbing his palms into his face roughly. “So, are you saying that Jungkookie is a baby now? I mean, does he even understand what is going on now? Can he talk?”

Namjoon shook his head solemnly.

“Well, you said you were gonna give us an explanation in three days’ time. This is definitely not what I have expected.” Sejin snorted.

Frankly speaking, neither were the members expecting this to happen, not when their schedules are resuming soon.

Chapter Text

“So…” Hobeom looked around as he surveyed the boys. “Supposedly Jungkookie is a baby now, do any of you know how to handle him?”

The boys looked at each other before bringing their attention to their managers and shook their heads.

Examining the makeshift diaper on the baby, Hobeom could not deny the fact that he was impressed with the boys’ creativity. “Nice job there on the diaper. But, moving forward, how are you boys going to cope? It ain’t easy trying to handle a baby, you know?”

“Hobeom is right. You guys are barely adults yourself. How do we trust you guys to take care of Jungkookie? I think it is best if we let the bosses know and let them decide how to manage this situation.”

“Sejin-hyung! Please, don’t tell Bang PD-nim! He will take Jungkookie away from us. We are the only trusted hyungs that he has!” Taehyung pleaded out of desperation after hearing what his manager had said.

However, Sejin shook his head. “There is no way I am not going to tell the bosses about this. Furthermore, how are you guys expecting us to trust you bunch of kids to take care of Jungkookie when we still have to drag you guys out of bed every single time, monitor your diet to make sure that you guys don’t eat junk food, if not force you guys to sleep early? You guys can barely take care of yourself!”

The members were slightly panicking now and as Namjoon tried to compose himself to organise his thoughts before speaking up, Jin was a step ahead of him.

“Hyung. Yes, you may have doubts on us in taking care of ourselves, but I think there is one thing that you can be rest assured of. We love Jungkookie as our own little brother and we will never let any mishap falls upon him. We will take real good care of him. Please, you have to trust us on this.”

The members chorused what Jin had said, while nodding their heads earnestly with tints of determination etched in their eyes.

Looking at how the boys give their own promise of assurances and emphasised their capability in taking care of their maknae, Sejin relented. “Alright, fine. We will not tell the bosses. But, you guys will be under close monitoring by us. We will be checking on you guys regularly, just to make sure you guys have not killed Jungkookie yet.”

The members’ thunderous cheers were suddenly interrupted by a shush from Yoongi. “Yah! Lower down your voice volume!”

The boys did not understand until they shifted their attention to the whimpering baby in the eldest rapper’s arms. Baby Jungkook had his eyes shut tightly, nose scrunched up, grabby hands hovering over his ears and his pacifier was evidently bobbing up and down rapidly. The poor baby must have been terrified by the sudden loud cheers from his hyungs.

“It’s okay, baby. Hyungs are just excited and relieved to be able to keep you with us. We will take good care of you, okay? I promise.” Yoongi spoke softly as he coaxed the baby to remove his hands from his ears. There was a fond look on his face, a rare sight that the members had never seen before.

That’s right. The hyungs are going to take good care of their maknae.


On the next morning, all the boys were awakened by the early visit from their manager. Slowly, they emerged from their rooms with their heads sporting a bird-nest hairstyle, eyes barely opened and walking like zombies. Hobeom shook his head at the sight of the boys but proceeded to usher them into the recreational lounge.

The manager had turned up excitedly with bags full of supplies for the baby as requested by the boys. They were essentially milk powder, milk bottle, adult diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes and changing pad, since the other things that Jungkook used when he was Little could still be used. Hobeom also brought along piles of parenting books, insisting that it was critical for the boys to gain some basic knowledge about raising a baby.

Hobeom stroke his chin thoughtfully, “Now, where is the baby? We have classes to attend.”

“Huh, classes?”

“Yeap, Parenting Class 101.”

Lesson One – Changing of diapers

“I trust that you guys know how to bathe him already so let’s focus on changing the baby’s diaper. You guys said that Jungkookie was a Little before, has he not used diapers before?”

Right now, all of them were gathered in Jin’s room, crowding around baby Jungkook. His eyelids were still drooped with sleepiness but had been fidgeting in Yoongi’s arms incessantly. The makeshift diaper appeared to be heavily loaded since the baby did not have any change from the previous night.

“Uh… He was usually between 3 and 6, so there was no need for it.” Jin answered matter-of-factly.

“Okay, looks like he definitely need it now.” Hobeom eyed towards the baby.

Just as baby Jungkook started squirming around in Yoongi’s arms and getting increasingly restless, Jin and Taehyung worked together quickly to spread out the changing pad on the eldest hyung’s bed. Once the baby was placed down, Jungkook tried turning onto his tummy and attempted to crawl away.

“Yah, yah, yah. Where do you think you are going?” Jin made a beeline for baby Jungkook to grab him by the hips to pull him back closer. The maknae’s jingling giggles filled the room as Yoongi assisted in turning the baby onto his back to face them again.

“Aish, this baby. Yoongi-ah, distract him.” Hobeom urged.

“Oh, okay.” When Yoongi was inching towards the baby, an unexpected strange force pulled him forward. “Ow, ow, ow!” The eldest rapper hissed in pain, while baby Jungkook grabbed hold of the dangling earrings on Yoongi’s ear and stared at it enchantedly.

Wanting to free his hyung from his agony, Taehyung quickly diverted Jungkook’s attention to his favourite bunny stuffie. The youngest hyung began swaying the stuffie around in the air with his hand as he made funny noises, seemingly trying to make the baby believe that his stuffie had come to life and was playing with him. Baby Jungkook was obviously convinced and kept making gargling sounds behind his pacifier, all while trying to grab hold of his stuffie.

Taking this as an opportunity, Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon started to learn the ropes of changing the diapers from their manager. Hoseok and Jimin only stood one side as they were still not accustomed to the sight of their hyungs touching the naked body of their maknae.

Lesson Two – Preparing milk for the baby

“What kind of food do you guys usually feed Jungkookie when he is Little?”

“Well, I usually make his favourite pancakes for his breakfast, meatball spaghetti for his lunch, chicken nuggets for his snacks and salmon baked rice for his dinner. He doesn’t eat much though. His appetite was really just like a toddler.”

Taking in the information that the eldest member had said, Hobeom clarified, “Well, these foods are a no-no for him now. It is clear that his digestive system has regressed to the same level as his mental age now, so there is no way he will be able to consume solid food. Formula milk is the answer for him.”


“Yah, Namjoon-ah! What are you doing?” Hobeom exclaimed in disbelief when he saw what the leader had done to the bottle of milk, or whatever creation he had in his hand. “I know you have been obsessed with Milo Dinosaur (A/N: Refer to end notes) ever since we went to Singapore, but you shouldn’t replicate it in this situation. I asked you to prepare a bottle of milk for Jungkookie, not Milk Dinosaur! The milk powder is almost the same ratio as the water!” Hobeom could not help but face palmed himself.

Hoseok, whom had been observing from one side, shoved the leader out of the way and poured away the content in the milk bottle into the waste bin, while he beckoned his manager towards him. “Hyung, teach me instead. I believe you should be able to trust me more.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Namjoon protested with a slight hint of annoyance on his face.

“It means, for the benefit of everyone, you should not be handling any food or beverage meant for Jungkookie, lest you want to poison him.” Jimin commented with a cocky smirk on his face.

And so, the two roommates were entrusted with the responsibility to oversee the food preparation for the baby, leaving their leader pouting and leaving the kitchen in a huff.

Lesson Three – Feeding and burping the baby

“I assume that you guys allow Jungkookie to feed himself when he was Little?”

“Haha, he rarely has to use his hands. With those puppy eyes of his, everyone was always fighting to feed him!” Taehyung smiled brightly as he strokes the baby’s chin. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

“Obviously he can’t do that now. Now, bear in mind that babies need multiple feedings a day, typically about one feeding every two to three hours. So, you guys have to keep watch of the timing.”

“But, how would we know if he was hungry and ready for the next feeding?”

“Look for early signs of readiness to feed or hunger, such as moving the hands to the mouth, sucking on fists and fingers, and lip smacking. Fussing and crying are later cues.”

After a while…

“Now, when babies drink from a bottle, they inevitably swallow some air, which goes down into their stomach along with the milk. This result in the gas being trapped in the gastrointestinal system and needs to be released. Since babies do not have the ability to dissolve this, burping can help them to get rid of that gas.”

Hobeom walked over and guided Yoongi to shift the baby to straddle on his lap, chest-to-chest with the chin resting on his shoulder. Next, Yoongi’s right hand was placed at the baby’s lower back while his other hand was positioned at the baby’s nape to support the head and neck. “Now, pat Jungkookie on the back gently. Oh yeah, keep a burp cloth over your shoulder in case he spits up.”

Unbeknownst to the rapper, Jin had been secretly recording the scene with a snicker. Oh, what a great blackmail material indeed.


With tips from Hobeom, the boys picked up the skills easily and was getting used to taking care of the baby.

“Can’t believe we are becoming experts in taking care of babies now. Imagine if we appeared on Return of Superman. That’s gonna be so hilarious. Hahahaha!”

Jimin scoffed at his same-age friend, “Hah, trust you to laugh at this kind of situation. This is just the first day so don't be too full of yourself. Furthermore, have you not thought of the repercussion of the world getting to know that we have a Baby and a Little in our group?” Jimin pointed to himself as he concluded his sentence.

Oh right. Their hands would definitely be full.

Chapter Text



Oh damn, why do I feel déjà vu about this whole situation? Jin could not help it but thought this way as he scanned across the living room. After a tiring day of learning the ropes from their enthusiastic manager on how to take care of a baby, the members gathered in the living room and slumped in their seats respectively. Damn, they were dead beat, but they had to address the elephant in the room – Baby Jungkook. Taehyung, on the other hand, was playing mindlessly with the baby, oblivious to the immense tension in the air.

“Well, things have been going well with Jungkookie. We are getting the hang of things, which is great!” The leader was laughing nervously though, which was in contradiction to his words.

“Okay, so then why are we gathered here?” Jimin raised his question unconfidently. “Oh wait! Did someone find out about it?!”

Almost immediately, everyone’s eyes shot up and stared at their leader worriedly.

Namjoon shook his head profusely. “No, no, no. Nobody found out anything. It’s just that… Uh…”

“Oh, come on. Just spill it already and spare us the suspense.” Yoongi snapped irritatingly.

Namjoon took a deep breath and heave out a sigh of desperation. “Our final concert is just about three weeks away and we haven’t been practicing enough.” The leader diverted his glance to the gargling baby squirming and responding to the weird antics that Taehyung was doing.

Realisation struck the members and they came to realize the severity of the situation.

“If Jungkookie remained in his headspace indefinitely, there is no way that we avoid informing the bosses. This is going to jeopardise all the concert plans.” Hoseok said solemnly.

Jimin sat up straight and looked at his leader, “We are not going to force him out of his headspace, are we?” Jimin knew how mentally exhausting it was, given that he had done it himself a few times and he definitely do not want his maknae to experience it at all.

Namjoon shrugged his shoulders. “Sooner or later, we will have no choice but to do it.”

Sounds of protests were raised from all directions and the leader shushed them.

“We don’t have to do it now but, perhaps we could try to slowly ease him out of baby space at the very least?” Namjoon looked at his eldest hyung for support, knowing that Jin is the most rational member of them all.

Jin was deep in his thoughts and did not say anything until Namjoon nudged him at his knee cap.

“What? Oh, oh. Well, I guess that is a good start. Furthermore, it would have been easier for us to communicate with Jungkookie. There is no rush to pull him out of his headspace entirely but maybe, just try to get him to talk?”

Right then, the baby seems to notice that all attention was on him and he turned his head around that was previously buried in Taehyung’s chest. He gave his bunny grin, which immediately melted the members’ hearts. Then, the baby made an unexpected move.

He tried to squirm out of Taehyung’s arms and reluctantly, the baby was placed on the floor.

The members watched on nervously as the baby started crawling. Currently, Jungkook has the balance of a baby and hence, when he lifted his left hand to stretch forward, his entire body landed on the carpeted floor. Everyone was anticipating a cry but no, the baby pulled himself up and tried to move forward again.

Holding their breath, they continued watching the baby struggling to balance himself on all fours. Namjoon and Yoongi had, by now, extended their arms and hovered around on each side of the baby, ready to catch him if he lost his balance again.

Slowly but surely, baby Jungkook crawled forward.

Crawl, crawl, crawl……

“Oh my god,” Jimin whispered out in disbelief, hands over his mouth.

Baby Jungkook was now looking at him with his big doe eyes, grinning happily as if he had found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Everyone knew the reason Jungkook had landed in this state was due to the fallout he had with Jimin before he clashed with his members. So, frankly speaking, nobody was expecting the baby to approach Jimin out of everyone.

“Chi… Chi…” The baby sat back on his diapered bottom, held out his grabby hands, curling in and out, waiting for his fellow Little to hold him.

“Oh god!” Words could not explain how happy Jimin was. He had unshed tears in his eyes as he picked the baby up, hugged him tightly and buried his face into the baby’s hair. How much had he missed this physical contact with his maknae? Relief washed over his body as the baby hugged him back tightly.

Although jealous, the members were happy to witness such a heart-warming moment. Later that day, nobody could separate the two. They were practically glued to each other’s hips and the baby only responded to Jimin and no one else.

When the time came for baby Jungkook to sleep, without a doubt, he would not let anyone put him down except Jimin. So here they are, snuggling with each other under the duvet of Jimin’s bed.

The hyung positioned himself to lie on his side, head on his arm while observing the baby play with his other hand. It was a wonder how the fiddling of fingers could amuse the baby such that he was giggling away.

Jimin felt his heart swelling with an emotion that he could not point out what exactly it was, but he knew that there were many things bottled up in his heart that he could never spoke about with his hyungs or Taehyung. He needed an outlet to express himself.

Figuring that Jungkook would not comprehend his words given his current headspace, Jimin decided to pour out all his thoughts to his heart’s content.


The baby did not respond but continued his ministrations on his hyung’s fingers.

“Are you hearing me out?”

For a moment, baby Jungkook looked up to Jimin, eyes sparkling as though the entire galaxy was gleaming in his gaze and then, giggles escaped his mouth.

“Well, I guess this is gonna be a monologue with you then.”

Jimin took a momentary pause to reposition himself to lie on his back, shifted Jungkook around so that the baby’s head was lying on his chest. It was a difficult feat given that the baby was of a bigger build than Jimin. When Jimin confirmed that the baby was comfortable and started playing with his fingers again, he resumed talking.

“Honestly speaking, there was at one point of time where I hated you to the bones. Not because you are so talented and well-liked by all the fans, but because you had snatched away what was originally supposed to be mine.”

Jimin took in a deep breath and continued, oblivious to the lingering shadow that was peeking through the ajar door to his room by now.

“You know? Back then since Blood, Sweat and Tears comeback, times had been tough for me. I found myself struggling to keep up with you guys. I was not knowledgeable like Namjoon-hyung, or handsome like Seokjin-hyung, or a great dancer like Hoseok-hyung, or expressive like Taehyungie, and definitely not an all-rounded talented performer like you. I was just… Jimin. A normal, average, Jimin.

There were many things that I often asked myself. Why am I, such a normal person, part of BTS? Am I worth it to remain as part of BTS? How did I even get into BTS?”

Jimin paused again and looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop the emerging tears from falling. Sounds of shuffling outside his room was suppressed by Jimin’s own sniffles and the occasional gargling from the baby.

“I have seen those comments. I know how incompetent I am, always the one dragging the team down. Every move of mine was scrutinised. Every crack of my voice was mocked. Every dance move I made were criticised as over-doing it. You know what has left me speechless before? The fact that a shirt I had worn could actually draw a backlash against me two years later! Can you believe it? Sometimes I really wonder, why me? Why was it always me? Am I so worthless to the extent that everyone hated me?

I had so many insecurities but there was no way that I could talk to any of you guys. I will only be a burden to you guys. You guys seem to achieve everything so effortlessly. I know that’s not the case, but you guys made it seem so easy. I was under a lot of stress. I had no one to turn to.

I had thought of ending everything, you know?”

Perhaps it was the deafening silence after that that caused the baby to look up at Jimin, but the elder just brushed Jungkook’s fringe off his forehead and smiled sadly.

“Of course, I wouldn’t do that. I love you guys too much to let go of everything. My family too, friends and ARMYs. You guys are too precious to me but still, I needed a way out and that was how I found out about Little space.

I’ve got to say that ARMYs never fail to amaze me. I chanced upon this concept when I was browsing through Twitter and the idea intrigued me a lot. I started researching about it and the more I read, the more I was sure that this was meant for me.

It was such a challenge to keep it from you guys because I was convinced that you guys were gonna think of me as a freak. But what I didn’t expect was that the hyungs accepted you as a Little so easily. I still remember the day we found out that you were a Little. I had recognised you immediately and even felt fear for you. But, hyungs embraced you with no judgement.

I couldn’t sleep that night. The days that followed after that, you had no idea how much I have regretted. If I had known that hyungs would be so receptive, I would have come clean to all of you. And Taehyungie, do you know how much it pained me to hide from my best friend whilst he confided in me every single thing?

I was supposed to be the one babied by hyungs. I was supposed to be the one cuddled by hyungs. I was supposed to be the one fed and cradled by hyungs. I was supposed to be the one to choose what type of Disney or Cartoon Network shows to watch. I was supposed to be the one that hyungs fight over for to play with and bathe with. I was supposed to be the one showered with all the toys and little gifts. I should have been the one, but you took it away from me!”

Jimin breathed heavily as he recalled the agony he had gone through back then. He caught himself just in time before he let his emotion got the best of him. Anger was slowly surfacing, but he could not allow it to cloud his judgement and lashed out on the baby in his embrace now. However, the baby was staring straight in his eyes, gaze locked on him. For a moment, Jimin thought that his outburst had snapped the younger from his headspace, but the soft cooing sound dismissed his assumption. Jimin softened his gaze as he slowly carded his fingers through the baby’s hair.

“Although I had come clean with you guys eventually that I am also a Little, I felt that you had preferential treatment from the hyungs. You are still the maknae after all. But, seeing you so little and fragile makes me realise that some things are just not meant to be mine. Everything happened for a reason and I guess, you are the reason. Jungkook-ah… I am sorry. I know that all these recent incidents happened because of me. I just… I was really jealous. I didn’t mean to take out from the glass cabinet and play with the gifts that we had given you. To be completely honest, I doubt the Little in me is remorseful though.”

Jimin laughed dryly, “I guess this is also the reason why I tend to get bratty whenever two of us are Little. I would get away with bullying you. But you know I love you right? I really do love you a lot. You are my precious maknae, adorable bunny, cutie Kookie.”

Having offloaded all his pent-up thoughts, it was as though an invisible weight off his shoulders were lifted and Jimin drifted off to sleep.

There was a momentary silence and anyone who walked past would have guessed that the occupants had fallen asleep. However, Jungkook was staring straight at the sleeping face. He raised his hand to caress his hyung’s cheek, eyes dazed with a solemn look.



Yoongi had originally wanted to check on his two dongsaengs but did not expect to hear Jimin’s heartfelt thoughts. Halfway through listening, Namjoon and Seokjin joined him. They wanted to question him for standing at the doorstep but was shushed by the elder rapper. Slowly, Hoseok and Taehyung came crowding around too.

When Jimin had finished saying his piece of mind, the hyung lines and Taehyung stepped away from Jimin’s room and sat in the living room. Nobody said anything until the youngest of them all broke the silence.

“I never knew Jiminie felt that way.”

“I am his roommate and yet, I did not know anything at all. So stupid of me!” Hoseok chided himself as he thought back to how he could have possibly missed out any form of distress emitted from his dongsaeng.

“We are such a failure. How could we let Jiminie feel so little of himself?”

“Hyung, don’t be too hard on yourself. Jiminie had the intention to hide from us, how would we have known. If any, all of us are to be blamed equally.” Yoongi pat his hyung on the shoulder while he consoled everyone.

After some time, Namjoon spoke up. “Let’s not dwell on the past too much. What’s more important is now that we know about it, we should work towards reassuring Jiminie and making him see how much he worth to us.”

Everyone agreed and moments later, retreated to their rooms with a heavy heart.

Everything will be alright, hopefully.