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The One Who Knows

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There were a few things in life in which Miranda Priestley had absolute certainty. First was, quite obviously, her impeccable taste (particularly in wives). Second was her ability to obtain the things she truly desired. Yet even her commanding creativity could not have dreamed up the bliss of this simple life. She had woken up with the sun streaming in the light curtains of their Cape Cod home. The house was a wedding present for her wife and family. The area was her idea of heaven since their first vacation together. The simple wooden structure stood on stilts just on the beach. There were only three bedrooms, but a divine kitchen and sunroom more than made up for the size. She intended to get out of bed without waking her spouse or their 9 month old daughter, but Andrea wrapped her arms around the editor as soon as she felt her stir from sleep. They laid contentedly in one another's embrace until Elizabeth began fussing.

Without a word between them, the young woman scooped up their daughter and Miranda went to the kitchen to make coffee. While on vacation, Miranda prefered to craft her own coffee by hand. The smell that emanated from the french press was divine. She made a light breakfast of fruit and oatmeal knowing that the twins would be surfacing from their room at any moment. They would need the energy if they were going to spend all day on the beach again. Caroline and Cassidy arrived a few minutes later as if on cue. They were dressed in their swimming suits even though they were still wiping sleep from their eyes. The girls ate ravenously and darted from the table before their stepmother and baby sister emerged from the master bedroom.

Coffee in hand, Miranda followed the girls outside and settled in on the comfortable couch. From where she sat, she could see the twins splashing playfully in the water and hear their shouts of joy. Andrea soon joined her with a very sleepy Elizabeth in her arms. The blue eyed infant in her half dozing state reached both arms towards her other mother. Miranda took the baby, laying her against her chest. She inhaled the sweet scent of her daughter and wife commingled on the soft skin. Andrea picked up Miranda’s discarded half drunk coffee and brought it gratefully to her lips. She snuggled into her wife’s side, resting her head on her shoulder. Elizabeth cooed for a few minutes before drifting off again.

“Good morning, my love,” Andrea finally said kissing Miranda gently.

“It certainly is. This house is even more amazing than I’d hoped. Part of me never wants to leave,” the editor admitted quietly.

“It's quite special isn’t it? There is something incredible about it just being the five of us. And this place has such a soothing calmness about it. It is so different from New York.”

“Perhaps we can move here when the twins graduate from high school,” Miranda offered.

“You know I will follow you anywhere. Do you think you are going to be ready to give up Runway?” Andrea phrased the question gently. She had no personal preference about how long Miranda continued to work. So long as the woman was happy, she would support any decision she made.

“I think in a few years it might be time to move on. Perhaps I will write a book or teach.” She ran her hand gently down her youngest daughter’s spine. “I missed so much of Caroline and Cassidy’s childhood, I think I would like to enjoy Elizabeth’s.”

Andrea simply smiled at her love and nodded. No words were necessary. Miranda would make the decision herself in time. The young woman could see a simple life here with her. But any life with the older woman was the one Andrea wanted to live.

“There isn’t language that can explain how happy I am to have you in my life,” the editor continued quietly. “This is the life I’ve always wanted, but never thought I could have. Until you, Andrea. You’ve brought such balance and peace to our lives. I love you so very much.”

The brunette captured pink lips in a light kiss again. Before she moved away she whispered, “And I love you. This is everything I’ve ever wanted.”