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What sorcery.

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It was 10 AM in the morning and Musutafu intracity train was more or less empty. Most commuters were either glueing eyes to their phone or dozing off their lazy day.

Only a few took notice of a fluffy green teenager who looked like the embodiment of an over-excited puppy on its first walk outside. The kid was practically vibrating with excitement on his seat, eyes wide as he peered out of the window, admiring the city landscape flying pass. He was likely a young traveller, first time visiting Japan. Nothing strange.

Couple of folks who sat near the little 'tourist' caught him muttering to himself, repeating the same English word that sounded suspiciously like mugger, or smuggle, or some variations of those… which was rather worrying. However, the boy seemed so sweet that one would simply dismiss their own hearing, assuming they misheard him over his fast mumbling.

Their guesses weren't too far off.

Midoriya Izuku was very much an alien in this land of Muggles, typical wizard. It was his first time returning to his birthplace in a long while. He was now on his way to visit U.A.,the one and only high school with the best heroic programme in Japan.

Nezu had recommended him to use the Floo network. The mouse face principal even sent Izuku the Hiragana pronunciation of his office fireplace location to ensure he wouldn't get lost. Hitoshi had suggested him to use a broomstick, though that was probably a dare because he knew how bad Izuku was at flying. Anyway, the greenette was too thrilled with the idea of using subway, a Muggle transportation, to consider any other option.

No doubt, Izuku was having an absolute blast, though he was also definitely late for his appointment.




“All Might. Just on time. Please have some tea.”

Toshinori sweat dropped as he dragged his skeleton form into the U.A. principal office and obediently sat down on the sofa. Nezu always seemed cheerful but drinking tea with him basically meant a lecture from the rodent. All Might wasn’t sure he needed another one after Recovery Girl pulled him into her office first chance she got. All Might’s ears were still buzzing from that one-hour long nag.

Caring little for how he felt, Nezu started.

“So… Are you prepared to teach?”

Toshinori cleared his throat, internally screaming, “Er… Not really. I have searched up some materials… but I haven’t gotten any concrete idea how to run the lessons...”

It’s another way of admitting he had screwed up big time. Toshinori hadn't been spending his days productively. For the most part, the number one hero tried to squeeze as much hero work as possible within his depleting time limit. Other than that, he was just brooding over the gloomy prospect of his future.

At least, Nezu didn’t press him and just went on to talk about the general expectation of his job - how many classes he would be taking care of, how he should minimize the media attention, and that he MUST, at any cost, save at least an hour of his time a day to teach a full lesson.

Toshinori was somewhere between promising his utmost best ability to guide the students and slurping tea to avoid looking directly at Nezu’s piercing gaze when he heard a soft whoosh sound close by. The blonde man promptly choked on his tea as a whole human materialized out of thin air next to him.

“Oh. Midoriya-kun!”

Without missing a beat, Nezu greeted the intruder. Toshinori wondered if the small boy was actually an U.A. student and had done this sudden appearance act a lot, or if Nezu simply knew what was going to happen around him. The former was most definitely wrong since he was not in uniform.

“Principal Nezu! I’m sorry for being late”, the Midoriya boy stood up and bowed quickly in apology.

“Late?”, Nezu repeated the word like a question, his tone amused, “Actually, you are m early Midoriya-kun. Our scheduled meeting is tomorrow.”

“Huh?”, the boy seemed lost now.

“You need to adjust your clock”, suggested the principal, "and the date as well."

The green haired teenager stood dumbstruck for a moment before realization hit him and he immediately went for another 90-degree bow.

“Blimey! The timezone really messes me up. I’m so sorry!”

“Right. I mean, you didn’t know I would be busy with another meeting.”

“I’m soooorry!”

“And I would appreciate if you knock next time.”

All Might felt sorry for the poor kid as Nezu was ruthlessly guilt-tripping him.

“Ahhh I’m so sorry”, spluttered the boy again, “I just arrived at the train station a minute ago and thought I was an hour late, so I just rushed here to see you… I will memorize your door for next time.”

“Why didn’t you take the Floo network? I told you in the owl.”

“Oh yes. But I really want to try Muggle transport…”

“The train?”

“Yes! It was awesome!”

All Might was feeling increasingly like he was actually the one being there at the wrong time and only half understanding the exchange between the two other occupants in the room.

As the kid finally noticed him, Toshinori put on his best smile, though it must not be as reassuring as he had hoped. The boy visibly branched and dropped into a respectful bow again.

“My apology for the interruption sir!”

“It’s no problem, young Midoriya”, said All Might, hoping his voice was gentle enough to convince the kid to drop the formality.

Thinking back how he’d managed to pop up out of nowhere, Toshinori added, “I like your quirk. Is it speed or teleportation?”

“Oh no,” the boy answered as he sat up straight again, grave disappointment clear in his voice.

“I would be so blessed to have them... but I’m actually quirkless.”

All Might shouldn't have chosen that moment to drink anything. The response was far from what he had expected. The thin man went into a coughing fit again, this time smearing his white shirt with not only tea but also red blood.

He tried to wave off the panicked kid, telling him it was absolutely normal. In the blur of moment, the tall hero accidentally knocked over the cup he had just placed on the table in front of him. His mind barely had the time to start freaking out over the consequence of breaking one of Nezu’s precious teacups before time seemed to hold still. The cup and saucer froze mid-air, while the liquid still splashed onto the carpet.

Toshironi watched in slight awe as the porcelains slowly flew back onto the table again.

“Whoops. Sorry, couldn't save the tea...”

Midoriya let out a nervous chuckled and innocently rubbed the back of his neck.

Okay. Maybe the kid's quirk was telekinesis instead? But then again, why did he say that he was quirkless?

The number one hero was lost in thought for a moment before he glanced down at his attire.

Lo and behold... His shirt was spotless, all traces of blood gone.



Nezu said calmly, breaking the brief silence, “Maybe you should have a viewing around the campus? We can talk after my meeting with Yagi-san, in an hour?”

Toshinori reckoned it was Nezu’s way to politely chase away the teenager. Hopefully once the boy was out of the room, he could get some kind of explanation on what the hell was happening.

“Oh... Of course. I’m sorry to bother!”, Midoriya managed to catch on the principal’s intention and quickly excused himself.

… by heading straight for the window.

“I will come back in an hour then. Please don’t mind me!”

Having said that, the boy open the blink and then within seconds, transformed into a black kitten and jumped out.

At this point, Toshinori was openly gaping.




That was All Might, puffed up in his true hero form, trying to contain his nervous breakdown.

Nezu just made some vague gestures with his left paw and mumbled, “Foreigner”.

…As if that explained anything.




Of course, there was an explanation.

It went back two years ago, when Nezu had a fateful meeting with a surprise visitor, right in this office.


“Wait. You seem different from the picture...”, the stranger looked confused for a second, then clapped his hands together cheerfully in some kind of screwed realization, “New Muggle prime minister!?”

Nezu stared skeptically at the giant man who just walked out from a random green flame in his office’s fire place - the fire place that had never been used for heating and was only there for decoration. The ‘human’ was in typical business attire, save for his long black cape and big ass conical hat that was almost touching the ceiling. He was gigantic, even in this era of quirks and mutation, and could make All Might look like a secondary school kid.

“Longbottom wasn’t kidding when he said this prime ministering thing changes quickly… I hope you don’t mind the soot. It has been stressful past few days with the settlement in Mahoutokoro and I would rather not apparate. Floo network is not popular anymore but you know, old is gold…”

The man continued spilling out sentences in perfect Japanese accent that made little to no sense. It took him just three steps to reach Nezu’s table, the ground shook each time under his must-be-above-thousand-pound weight. In normal circumstances, the principal would have rung the intruder alarm, but decided against it, at least until he could fully assess the situation.

The guy was either lost, or mental. Most definitely both.

“Who are you?”, asked Nezu, shaking the hand offered to him, his paw only managed to hold a digit.

“Minister of Magic, of course! Newly elected and the first one with half-giant heritage to lead the office.”, boasted the man merrily, “I sent an owl to inform you yesterday, did you not receive it?”

Nezu continued to stare at the weirdo.

The man noticed the awkward silence, and let out a suffering sigh, “… Merlin’s beard. Guess I have to explain from the beginning …”


In his defense, the new Minister of Magic clearly arrived at the wrong fire place by mistake, and thought that UA principal room looked convincingly like a Prime Minister office. Nezu could have told him the truth but it was not any day that he got addressed as a Prime Minister and got treated to a whole elaborated explanation of witches and wizards and how they still existed all around the world. Nezu did not even have to tell any lie to get the man to spill, he just talked up a storm all by himself.

To be honest, Nezu was still half skeptical until the giant gleefully pointed a chopstick-look-alike at his teacup and turned it into a gerbil, for the sake of demonstration.

After almost half an hour of monologue, the minister of Magic concluded it was ‘such a fruitful meeting’ and bid Nezu farewell with the reassurance that they shall never meet again, unless there was any grave situation in the wizard community that would likely affect the non-magical population.

He disappeared with a whoosh behind the bright emerald flame again and left Nezu there with desperate need for more tea to savour the exquisite taste of this new knowledge.

Scratch that, it was not just any new knowledge.

It was an entirely new information horizon.

Nezu definitely got a lot more than what he bargained for with this job.




The principal soon found out that he was a very rare case of Muggles who had knowledge of wizards. The rest never believed in magic and tended to dismiss any obvious evidence of it as something else. It might had been the result of millennia-old spells that wizards casted on Muggle land. In any case, Nezu was not a human so he wasn’t affected like others.

It was their loss and Nezu didn’t find himself minding it too much. That just made it stupidly easy to hide Midoriya’ secret identity.

“Are you sure he isn’t a son or grandson of All for One?” All Might asked, because even though Midoriya had specifically denied that he had any quirk at all, that shit could not be anything but a quirk?!

“Not that I’d think badly of the boy even if he is. Young Midoriya seems like a kind boy”, added the number one hero, hoping to sound less prejudice.

The animal hybrid shook his head, sipping his tea calmly, “I assure you he is farthest possible from being related to that guy.”

“But he has multiple quirks?”

“It sure appears that way.” Nezu kept it vague, “But I can 100% confirm he can’t steal or give quirks. Is that good enough for you?”

“Okay. Then what is his quirk exactly?”

“It’s not something easy to explain... And I was actually going to discuss with the boy to find out more from him. I didn’t mean for you to meet him so soon since you might jump to conclusion.”

Toshinori sighed, “Well, that was definitely a shock. But I trust you, principal Nezu.”

“You have my word, All Might. Midoriya Izuku has no relation with All for One nor any knowledge on that matter.” Nezu cheered the gloomy hero up, “He is the student I’m recommending for hero course next year.”

“Oh? Your own recommendation!?”

Toshinori was curious again; Nezu had never endorsed anyone since he started working in U.A., “Where did you find him?”


“Anyway, let’s discuss again about your teaching duty…”

Nezu changed the topic entirely, and the blonde hero deflated back to his real form instantly at the mention of ‘teaching’.




Looking back in history, Muggles’ distrust in magic was no better than how wizards feel about quirks.

Ever since a baby was born in Qingqing with illuminating light around their body back in 2207, more and more Muggles around the world started manifesting quirks. It started a whole new era of supernatural and heroes. There was no clear explanation for why this phenomenon happened, but it was rumoured to be caused by a virus from mice escaped from some research lab.

For the first two decades, the wizarding world was as nonchalant about quirks as they were ignorant to anything happening in Muggle community.

Of course, they weren’t unaffected for long. The first reported quirked wizard was, to no body’s surprise, a Muggle-born and she was from Castelobruxo (wizarding school in Central Brazil). Prior to her enrolment, the headmaster did his best to warn her parents about hiding her quirk from other students. Sadly, the Muggle parents were also doing their best to extract him from their premise and didn’t heed his advice. Furthermore, the girl had a mutation type quirk so there was no way they could disguise a huge Toco Toucan beak into anything remotely ‘normal’ looking.

Within the first day, her face made headline in every single wizard news site. The incident actually gave courage to other less noticeable quirked wizards in hiding to reveal they actually had quirks all the while and caused an even bigger uproar.

Obviously, wizards weren’t as open to strange phenomena as you would assume.

The noises only calmed down after an article came out explaining the probable origin of quirks. Everyone then realized quirks were not some voodoo epidemic spread by the Muggles, or still voodoo but at least not as deadly. Since ‘science’ was technically Muggles’ version of dark art, people with quirks were viewed as ‘victims’ who deserved sympathy rather than discrimination. Quirks were still considered an “unfortunate” trait till this day and most wizards chose to not mention theirs if possible.

While everyone in the wizarding world tried their best to ignore the spread of quirks, it actually helped significantly ease up the heavy law restrictions surrounding the infamous International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. The reason was that Muggles had started assuming anything odd happening around them to be caused by quirks rather than magic, so there was less need to cover up any accident.

The law remained, but as long as there was no resulting accusation of witchcraft, the Ministry tended to turn a blind eye.


As a child with both parents being wizards from traditional families, Midoriya Izuku, naturally, didn’t have a quirk.

In fact, he didn’t know what quirks were up until he was eight.

Since young, Izuku was praised by many for his well-developed magical ability. Even before he officially attended Hogwarts, the greenette was able to perform many complex charms and successfully transformed into animagus form. Now a fourth year student, he earned the title Hogwarts Champion and represented his school at the inter-school magic tournament this year.

He hadn’t shared his secret with many, but the real reason for his early advanced learning was because he was taught spells by many not-so-qualified trainers...

When the wizard population in Japan almost died out, Mahoutokoro was shut down and his mother’s entire extended family migrated to Britain. With their saving, they managed to buy over the franchise of the old wizard sweet shop Honey Duke and Izuku and his mother went to live in the original shop located at Hogsmeade village. While everyone was busy managing the shop and his mom being away from home frequently, Izuku met quite a few Hogwarts troublemakers who knew the secret route from the castle to his home’s cellar.

In exchange of Izuku keeping quiet about the undisclosed passage, they taught him spells. At first, it started with simple ones, then the seniors began to compete with one another for who could teach him more advanced charms. Izuku absorbed everything like a sponge. They even dragged along an exchange student from Uagadou to explain to him about non-verbal spells and from then on, Izuku didn’t need a wand to practice.

Shinsou Hitomi was one of the rare female student who used the secret path. At the beginning, she didn’t do much other than restraining other boys from teaching Izuku stuff that could potentially disintegrate his limbs. One day, by pure coincidence, she revealed her quirk to him while they were hiding from his family house elf in the cellar.


“How did you do that voice in the head thing?”, Izuku asked in awe, “Can you teach me, pretty please?”

He begged with his best puppy eyes, which had rarely failed.

The senior looked at the greenette like he was some devil spawn, then groaned, “Look, Izu-chan. This is actually my quirk.”

Izuku tilted his fluffy head, “What’s a quirk?”

“Uh.. It’s not magic. It’s an extra ability you are born with.”

“Really!? Does that mean I will also get one?”, Izuku asked with renewed interest.

“… I don’t think so.”, the girl sighed.


Izuku had never known about quirks or the negative connotation surrounding it. The boy was simply fascinated by the existence of another parallel world to his own. Hitomi was delighted and more than happy to teach him about Muggles, quirks and of course, heroes. Since none of her friend knew of her secret quirk, Hitomi became close to Izuku, like a big sister. She even gifted him an enchanted tablet to keep in contact with her when she was not in Hogsmeade. In addition, he could surf Herotube without internet.

Hitomi’s collection of videos was 99.9% All Might’s and she said he was #1 and the most favorite for everyone.

Unsurprisingly, he became Izuku’s #1 too.




Seven years passed by in a flash. Izuku had learned and seen a lot more. One thing that never changed was his deep fascination with heroes.

He had heard of U.A. and their reputation, though it was like a dream for the wizard boy to actually be there right now.

Izuku purred in contentment as he sat on a window sill, watching the swarm of people in the UA cafeteria. They were all Muggles, obviously, all with different quirks and they were totally unreserved about showing their abilities. In his normal body, Izuku would have ran up to these people and asked them hundreds of questions about their quirks, possibly crying as he did so. Kitty Izuku, however, just happily watched the magical scene in front of him, committing it into memory.

“Ohoho, it’s a kitten.”

Izuku was snapped out of his thoughts when his body was lifted, his nose assaulted by a strong perfume smell that no doubt belonged to a female.

“Don’t suddenly touch him like that, Nemuri”, a deeper voice said.

“Aw. But he’s so small and cute. Look at these folded ears.”

Izuki’s heart did a summersault as the face of Midnight filled his vision. If Izuku wasn’t busy dying over seeing a pro hero for the first time, he would have been mortified as the R-rated hero practically squeezed him into her (exceptionally large) bosoms. Either way, he let out a few high-pitched noises.

“Eh. He is meowing a lot!? Is the little guy hungry?” asked Midnight as she placed the kitten down on the grass and pet his head.

“Most likely, he is annoyed with you”, deadpanned the man standing next to her. With his age, he must be a staff and U.A. staff were all pro heroes. However, Izuku had no recollection of who this hero was. He had long black hair and a face that said he hadn't slept for several months.

The man pulled out a small fish shaped biscuit from his pocket.

“Here.” He said and placed the treat in front of Izuku.

His mom had taught him to never take food from stranger but there was no way Izuku would pass up the chance to try out a legendary Muggle cat biscuit.




Once Toshinori left, Nezu smiled as he spotted the little black feline returned outside the window, left paw tapping on the glass.

“Come in, Midoriya-kun.”

The kitten stepped in and within two seconds, turned back into human.

“How is the move going for you and your mom?”, asked Nezu kindly.

“It’s going really well. Thank you.” Izuku adjusted his uniform and sat down on the sofa, accepting the tea from the U.A. headmaster, “My mom picked out a piece of land yesterday. Honoka, our house elf, went back with us and she had been doing most of the moving work.”

“I see. When did you migrate away from Japan?”

“When I was two, or three… I think? I don’t remember anything then. We were at Mahoutokoro anyway so it wouldn’t be anything like here.” Izuku smiled broadly, arming swinging up and down trying to express his enthusiasm, “I mean - with quirks everywhere. And all the Muggles stuff. Wow!”

Nezu smiled kindly. He could totally relate to the boy. The rodent was reminded of the time when he walked into a wizard street for the first time, the awe he felt going into an entirely different world than what he had known all his life.

The wizarding world was so secretive that even with his 'High Spec' quirk, Nezu could hardly find any clue of them for months. He never would dream of admitting a wizard child into U.A., much less one as gifted as Midoriya.

It was an incredible stroke of luck.


The U.A. staff all thought that the only reason Nezu could have taken a two-week vacation was because he had finally found some way to trigger the apocalypse. The animal hybrid didn’t have any relatives or anything besides work that interested him, so it was the first time he took any leave from UA.

Nezu himself regretted the mountain of papers waiting for his return, but the chance to watch an inter-school wizard tournament only come once every seven years.

What Nezu didn’t expect was running into Argus Hunt, the Minister of Magic, again on the final day of the competition. To make it worse, the man struck a conversation with him right away, though it seemed to be more about him showing off his public relation skill than recognizing Nezu from their meeting a year prior.

“You are principal of a school? That’s excellent!”

Hunt said, unintentionally admitting he had no idea how famous U.A. was.

Nezu couldn’t blame him. From what he had heard, Ministry of Magic in Japan was dying off after their last worker retired two years ago. Hunt had picked them up as additional responsibility, but Britain still took precedence. At any rate, after one year in office, the guy had learnt to ask questions and listen to someone else rather than doing his own monologue.

In retrospect, maybe it also got to do with the fact that given the setting, Hunt thought Nezu was a Muggle-born wizard, rather than just Muggle, and hence was more willing to have an actual conversation.

“I met your Muggle prime minister last year but ever since then there had been nothing major, so I didn’t ask for his time again. Is he well?”, the giant asked, completely oblivious the said person was standing right in front of him.

“He resigned”, Nezu told him with a straight face, “So did the next guy. Another election is going on right now.”

“Wow… I completely sympathize, leading a huge population of Muggles must be a tough nut.”

The response was diplomatic, but his expression was only as compassionate as that from a winning football team to the losing one.

Nezu would have preferred another person to talk to but he didn’t have a say in the matter. Also, if he was lucky again, he might be able to extract some good info from the minister.

An idea flashed in Nezu’s mind as he steered the conversation.

“Not much going on actually… However, there is this very powerful villain we defeated…”

It was a highly confidential information, but Nezu felt it was beneficial to talk and see the response from the minister. All for One and One for All were both very special quirks and the wizards might know something?

“…Evidences have shown he might have survived. This villain can steal quirks and he had accumulated many over the years.”

To Nezu’s disappointment, the minister couldn’t be less nonchalant about the topic, only half listening to him while clapping along with the crowd.

“Okay, but if you defeat him once I’m sure you can try again”, Hunt said in a very lame attempt to contribute.

“Not just him. The clean-up is difficult too.” Nezu explained, “He can also give quirks and he did that to many of his underlin-”


That was when Hunt's attitude did a one eighty.

His voice went three octaves higher, stuttering, “H-he can g-give quirks? How!?”

It was good there was a noise filtering charm in that place so no one could listen in to their conversation. The giant minister seemed to get paler the more Nezu enlightened him about All for One’s quirk 'donation'.

“No idea. We just know he has the ability to transfer quirks.”

“W-What if the person doesn’t want to take it…?”

“He could forcefully give it”, said Nezu. “His favourite way to torture someone was actually to insert into them a self-harming quirk that brings them lots of pain… or to pile too many abilities into a body until the brain couldn’t take it anymore.”

At this point, Hunt’s face had gotten white, almost like one of those the referee ghosts floating around the arena.

“We are still not sure if he is alive-“ Nezu said at last, wondering if it would help lighten the mood at all. Too late, Hunt just cut him off.

“I believe this is indeed a very critical situation, Mr. Principal,” the minister managed to look gravely serious, yet also borderline hysterical, “He is an old villain you said? And how long has he been ‘giving’ quirks around?”

“Hm.. I’m not sure but he is probably around 130 to 150 year-old. He is part of the first generation quirk user.”

“Holy Merlin… That explains everything...”


In hindsight, Nezu should have asked what encompassed ‘everything’.

Anyway, that was how the Minister had dragged him along to meet ‘the only person capable of saving this disaster’, who happened to be a short plumb woman named Midoriya Inko. Nezu still had no idea what exactly she could do. For sure though, their first meeting was quite a sight, because she was basically drowning in mountains of tissue papers as she watched her son competing in the tournament. Hunt would try to talk to her, but she was too distracted to entertain him. The conversation was hence, delayed for another hour. Nezu was quite alright with watching the last part of the final challenge while Hunt had stopped making small talk, his mind probably too occupied with the horror of getting a quirk forcefully injected into him.

Among the school representatives, Midoriya Izuku was the youngest chosen and had been staying among top two scorers every round.

The Hogwarts champion was intelligent, always seemed to have a plan, excelled in collaboration, and while he was competitive, the greenette was considerate to others. On the second challenge, he rescued all “victims” under the Mermaids’ spells and put them onto a huge float before swimming to the shore with his mother to complete the task. Some judges reduced his points, saying it wasn’t a smart move since he cleared the way for other participants, but there was no deny the heroic tendency in the young boy. Throughout the competition, he also kept a smile (albeit an anxious one) that eerily resembled All Might.

A thought did cross Nezu that with Midoriya’s age and quality, he would be a wonderful candidate for U.A.’s heroic department the following year. However, he knew it was a highly implausible future and just cheered along with the crowd as the boy took down one obstacle after another, the prestigious trophy within his reach.

An hour later, the competition concluded and Midoriya emerged victorious, yet in the end Nezu was the one winning it all.


“U.A.??” Midoriya picked up the name right away after Hunt’s rushed introduction of the principal, “Isn’t that All Might’s alma mater?”

Surprised, but rather pleased by the recognition, Nezu smiled, “Yes. That’s right. All Might is helping us in capturing this villain as well.”

If anything, Midoriya’s eyes looked brighter than when he narrowly escaped the fire from a Hungarian Horntail.

“Mom, this is great!”, Midoriya said to his mother, like he didn’t just hear about a dangerous villain running rampant, “You should accept the job. I can move to Musutafu too?”

“W-what!?”, Inko shrieked, “Where is that? And you can’t just go. What about your study?”

“But mom~”

“No. Izuku, you have your school, and I have promised to not leave you home anymore.” Inko said tearily, “Who know what you may get yourself into when I’m not watching? Minister Hunt, I'm sorry but you might need to find another person for this job?”

Hunt was absolutely against the idea.

“No No Mrs. Midoriya. This is something I can only trust you to do." He thought for a second, "… You know what, I say your son can move together with you.”

“Wait. But then, his education!?", the mother wailed.

“I can go to U.A.!”

The three adults turned to look at the young boy.

“I want to go to U.A., can I?”, the greenette echoed what he said again. This time, it sounded more like a request, even Nezu didn’t expect that.

Hunt would normally have a lot of questions for any wizard kid wishing to go to a Muggle school so badly, but right then, the minister was simply desperate, so he just gave Nezu a pleading look as well.

On impulse, the animal hybrid principal agreed.

“Sure, I can help.”

Hunt was only waiting for that to concluded joyfully, “Well then I see no more issue. We also allow independent candidates from Japan to take O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. like any Hogwarts student. And I believe our little champion could definitely pass these tests with flying colors, am I right?”

“Absolutely sir!” Young Midoriya responded with more conviction than he'd displayed in any tournament task, “Oh mom, please. We should go!”

Mrs. Midoriya still looked very torn. It was a big decision, after all. Nevertheless, the Midoriya boy held the most power over persuading her to take this up and his willingness had basically sealed the deal for them.

 "...Okay then. Please tell me more details.”


That was how Nezu scored a wizard seer to help with All for One’s investigation, and got her kid to attend U.A. at almost zero effort.

Hunt had stressed that they MUST never let the news of All for One get out to the wizard public or ‘hell would break lose’. By ‘hell would break lose’, he probably meant he’d lose his job. It suited Nezu just fine as long as the secret stayed with as few people as possible.

It was great that wizards had a way to travel and do everything quickly. The inter-school tournament ended early December. The next day, Hunt had pull Midoriya out of Hogwart in the middle of his fourth year without too much trouble, and a week later, they were finally in Musutafu.




Now, with all those processes settled...

“About the entrance exam, Midoriya-kun,” Nezu went right into issue, “It will happen in February. You already missed the application deadline.”


“Not to worry, if I want to, I can put you in anyway.” Nezu drank his tea in one gulp, “The thing I’m worried about is the written component. Even without the language difference, your education does not follow the knowledge being taught here. Besides, U.A. is highly competitive, it's impossible for you to pass with only one month preparation.”

Izuku was about to interrupt, but Nezu put his paw up to silently tell him he hadn't finished yet.

“That’s why I have decided to enroll you through my recommendation”, explained the principal, “Under this route, you only have a practical test, so it's much higher chance of passing. And then we will have 2 more months to prepare you before the first school term in April.”

“I see...” Izuku smiled nervously, “Actually I want to go through the exam like a normal student... It feels unfair this way.”

“Not at all.” Nezu assured him, “I know your potential. You just need additional time to adapt due to your special circumstance.”

Izuku still looked regretful, but he nodded in agreement, “Alright. If you say so. Thank you.”

“In the meantime, I will personally help you catch up with your study.” Nezu said, “Just remember that this is strictly confidential. Make sure you always use either the Floo Network or apparate here until you are officially accepted into U.A. I will ensure no other people is in the room during the time we agree to meet. If you sense anyone coming by, try to escape before they see you.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Okay then, Midoriya-kun”, Nezu smiled, “Let me get you a few science books to start off.”

Chapter Text

On top of owning the old wizard sweet shop Honey Duke, Midoriya Inko was named the most prominent seer alive by the ‘Wizards’ magazine.

Izuku didn’t know how his mother even managed to do her job. It required her to meet a lot of people though she fidgeted a lot and was terribly awkward with strangers. However, he had been told that staying constantly nervous was the marking of a true seer. No wonder his relatives had thought he would become the greatest seer of this century.

True to her popularity, leaders from different countries often sought Inko’s audience to assist in many national issues. She was away from home most of the time and Izuku was left with no parent, since his father was never around. There wasn’t even a photo of him, and all his mother mentioned was that he was also a British Japanese like her and worked for the Department of Mysteries, which was the wizards’ way of saying she had no idea where he went.

For a good part of his childhood, Izuku was watched over by Professor Binns, a thousand-year-old ghost teaching History of Magic in Hogwarts. He was the only adult available to come over. The ghost professor was especially great at sending Izuku to bed with his variety of boring lectures. The shop was well-managed by Honoka (his mother family’s house elf) so he didn’t need to help out with the business. The more exciting part of growing up was, of course, meeting the different ‘generations’ of troublemakers from Hogwarts and learning all kind of stuff from them.

It was all good fun until his second year. His mother came home one day to see Izuku’s left arm in front of the door, a consequence from his first Apparition attempt. Honoka put him back together in half a second, but Inko was traumatized and decided to not accept any more oversea assignment so that she could stay home and keep close eyes on him. People would have to visit her instead, and since then, the number of owls coming to Inko had reduced significantly. Of course, there were other reasons too, like the fact that her previous two predictions had resulted in the removal of two magic ministry members, one of them was the minister himself.

This time, Izuku had forced his mother to accept a new job and relocate just because he wanted to attend U.A. He felt bad, but it was his dream and the boy couldn’t help grabbing onto the first real chance to make it come true.





“Okay then”, Hitoshi told him after his long-winded explanation, “...guess the application I filled out for you under the fake name is redundant.”

“I’m really sorry, Hitoshi”, funny how Izuku addressed him more formal than his elder sister, Hitomi, but there was only one of the two he could refer to as 'Hito-chan'.

Hitoshi Shinsou, in contrast to his sister, had a very reserved character. He was the same age as Izuku but did not attend Hogwarts since he didn’t inherit any magical ability from his mother. He had a quirk similar to his Muggle father, just like Hitomi.

Despite their difference, Izuku and Hitoshi became close. At first it was simply because Hitomi had insisted them to meet – “because you both are my brothers, and both don’t have friends”, she said.

And then, they found their common ground; both dreamed to be a hero and attend U.A. heroic department, so the shared passion made them best friends.

“Don’t worry. I would have done the same if there is an opportunity like that”, Shinsou told him, “I’m happy for you, Izu. And now it looks like we will really be able to attend the same school.”

Izuku beamed, “Thanks, Hitoshi. How is your preparation for the exam?”

“As bad as it should, I guess”, chuckled the purple haired boy, “…feels like I have not slept for months.”

Izuku laughed, “You always look like you do.”


They talked for almost an hour, before Hitoshi had to stop and continued his exam revision.

Initially, Izuku had planned to rent a shared apartment with Hitoshi if they both got accepted. He felt really guilty now that he had already earned a foot into U.A. through his mother, while his friend had to fight for their chance. Anyway, once Hitoshi got accepted too, he could come and live together with them.

His mom had personally picked out this plot of land, after a whole week of consulting the ‘Inner Eye’, so the place must have some real good fortune! Maybe he should ask the purple head to move here before the exam instead… It might help increase his luck!




Bakugou Katsuki had a neighbour.

Yes. That social shit still existed in 2377.

No. That was NOT the point. The thing was he shouldn’t have a neighbour, at all.

For unknown reason, Bakugou felt like he was only aware of this neighbour ‘thing’ since… three days ago, even though they were supposed to be around ever since he was born.

Every time Bakugou dug his brain, yes - the neighbour had always been the same mother and her home-schooled kid with hair a unique shade of dark green. Then why was there a nagging itch at the back of his neck, telling him something was not right?


Bakugou took in a deep breath to chill his temper. It must be the intensive cram schools and preparation for UA entrance exam that overworked his mind. Or it was just him being himself because he was always angry and always found reasons to be, if not his school, then his teachers, or his lackeys, or his parents...

Today, it was that fucking neighbour.

The whole afternoon, Bakugou was at the city central library, trying to finish his mountain of homework that kept piling up the closer it got to the exam, when he spotted him, the neighbour son.

Midoriya Izuku was his name, and what the actual fuck!? Since when had Bakugou’s brain ever automatically recalled someone’s full name like that?

The world was definitely screwing with him.

The nerd was sitting between five stacks of books, mumbling up a fucking storm so everyone with a sane mind quickly avoided his table. People would have thought the messy green head was doing some university/PhD level shit but Bakugou passed by that table one time (by coincidence) and peeked at one of the books. The title read, “Japanese Literature, Grade 4”.

Holy fuck… The nerd was supposed to be same age as Katsuki. Why was he reading elementary school books?

Bakugou had half a mind to go and explode the dumpster, but he had homework and the library was highly flammable, so he took restraint. Whatever people said, Katsuki was smarter than they gave him credit for.




The angry dandelion finally had enough when he was walking home from the library, and he saw Midoriya Izuku again.

What the heck. When Bakugou left, the nerd was still picking up more books (“Japanese History, Grade 5”). And yet here he was, looking very intensely at something on the notice board at the bus stop, only God know what. Bakugou walked straight towards the loser.

“You!”, said Bakugou, because there was no way he would call him by his actual long ass stupid name, “What the fuck!?”

Bakugou summed up intelligently what he had been thinking through the past three days.

The shorter boy turned to look at him, beaming brightly like Bakugou’s rage was just some insignificant fly on the wall that better be ignored.

“I know right??! I mean- WAH!?”

The greenette threw both his short arms up to emphasize something either explosive or exceedingly dumb. Katsuki had no idea and honestly, should not have asked.


Unfortunately, he asked, and the nerd proceeded to explain.

“I have seen others, of course, but this is All Might... I stand here for a whole 10 minutes and he NEVER move at all!”

Midoriya's ridiculously big emerald eyes were shining in wonder as he pointed at the movie poster of the number one hero in front of him.

“I mean, shouldn’t he get tired at some point? Or he may have to rush off to do something else? How can he just stay ALL the time!?”

Bakugou did a double take. And yes, the guy was really talking excitedly about how ‘still’ a picture was.

… Okay.

Maybe this was the reason. This person was a fucking nutjob and that’s why Bakugou had decided to permanently disassociate him from his memory.

Somewhat satisfied with the conclusion, Bakugou walked away.





Wait a minute…

Bakugou turned back and indeed, the green nerd was running towards this direction, and calling for him, using a nickname! What in the fucking world?!

That was when his brain did a shamble.

Yes, Midoriya Izuku had always been calling him using that nickname.

For ten whole years.

Nothing strange here.

Bakugou blinked, tried to consult his brain again and came down to a disastrous realization.

No fucking way.

The moment Midoriya caught up with him, the blonde’s left hand went straight for his shirt’s collar and easily lift the shorter boy up.

“You little shit!”

“EHH?” The neighbour looked at him in confusion.

“Don’t you dare call me that again!”

“Call you wha- Kacchan!?”

That friendly shit should only belonged to losers, and never someone like Bakugou Katsuki. A small explosion burst from his palm at hearing the nickname again.

Midoriya took the hit directly in the face, eyes widened slightly, well, because they could not get much bigger at that size.

Okay, that wasn’t what Bakugou had planned, his sweat tended to act on its own depending on his mood. He didn’t want to pick fight with a mama boy and landed a bad mark on his record so close to U.A. exam. Katsuki loosened his hold, expecting Midoriya to be scared and back off afterwards.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

“So COOL!” The green boy cheered, face pressed so close to Bakugou’s the blonde could count the freckles on his cheeks, his big green eyes were sparkling like there were stars in them.

“It’s like a Bombarda. No, actually more like a Maxima Bombarda if you went at full strength, right?”

Fuck if he knew.

Bakugou attempted to walk away again.

“You seem to be in a bad mood?”, Izuku said, like he assumed there were days where Bakugou was bubbly.

“Get lost!”, barked the taller boy, walking faster.

Midoriya caught up with him anyway. The green head paid no regards to danger and grabbed Bakugou’s right hand. The angry blonde was about to push him away when he looked down at his palm and saw two white jelly beans the greenette had obviously placed there.

“What the fuck is this?!”

Midoriya Izuku had many candy. His brain filled in helpfully.

“It’s ‘Your Favourite Flavor Beans’!”, the weirdo did another non-explanation, “You will love it!”

Since when had Bakugou had a favourite candy, and jelly bean out of everything?!

“Why would I eat stuff from you!? And I hate sweets, you shit!”

“B-but it’s Your Favourite…”, Midoriya said again nervously, huge emerald eyes turning sad and Bakugou felt distinctively like he just kicked a puppy.

“Fine!” Bagukou popped the candy into his mouth, secretly hoping that once he ate the cancer induced shit, Midoriya Izuku would leave him alone.

It took a second before the beans burst into flavours, waves of spiciness assaulted his tongue, a perfect mixture of chili and pepper. Bakugou didn’t want to admit it but he had never eaten anything quite so mind-blowingly good.

Your Favourite

His brain confirmed.




Izuku didn’t know what to expect when he moved to this new home, but he would always trust his mother' more than himself over this type of decisions.

Honoka went a little overboard and charmed the entire neighbourhood, modifying everyone’s memories so that they believed the Midoriyas had always been living there. That was to make sure no one come over to welcome them or suspect anything odd.

Being an old elf, Honoka lived through the 21st century, a terrifying time in the Japanese history when a powerful dark wizard managed to control an army of Lethifolds and took over the Ministry of Magic. He was almost similar to Voldermold of the Britain in his hatred towards Muggles as well as Muggle-born wizards. The evil man slaughtered many innocents during his short reign. Not even pureblood families was given any leniency. Every households was throughout investigated and anyone who was suspected to be supporting or giving shelter to Muggle origin were prosecuted. It was probably due to this experience that Honoka was always paranoid about owning any item that looked too ‘Muggle’ and had a habit of applying charms on everything she owned.

Of course, she wasn’t so happy about relocating to a place surrounded by non-magical folks. Nevertheless, they compromised with each other. Honoka agreed to move but she was also free to shoo off Muggles from entering the house, as long as it caused no harm to them. Izuku hoped the old helper would soon warm up to their Muggle neighbour though.

They all seemed lovely.

He met the Bakugou parents right on the first day and they even called him “Izu-chan”, just like Hitomi did. Izuku, hence, assumed he should refer to their son as Kacchan. It’s probably a Japanese thing?!


When Izuku saw Kacchan from his window, the blonde boy was playing video game in his living room and cursing like a sailor even though he was winning by a mile.

Naturally, Izuku’s thought was, “Definitely a Gryffindor”.

Thinking back about his time in Hogwarts, he’d had equal amount of bullies and protectors from the Lion house. As one of the only five students sorted into Slytherin in a large cohort of sixty, Izuku was as outcast as someone could be, as if the Serpent house wasn’t already characterized by social outcast.

His first-year experience with the sorting hat went like this:


“Hm… Interesting. Very interesting… Such high intelligence and bravery. Abundance of kindness. And absolute determination to be the bes-… Eh, to become a Muggle hero?”

“A hero, yes. I want to be a hero.” Izuku thought with all fibre of his being.

“Okay… One weird kid, aren’t you? In this case, your natural hair colour has already depicted it. The place most suitable for you should be-”

“SLYTHERIN!” The hat shouted to the silent awaiting hall.


By that logic, Bakugou hair was definitely fake because Izuku hadn’t met anyone who could be further from a Hufflepuff.

Izuku would very much prefer some Hufflepuff neighbour kids. Hufflepuffs were the best study partners he had in Hogwarts; they were always patient and sociable. His fellow Slytherins preferred to be alone while Ravenclaws liked to engage him in endless battle of wits that more often than not digressed from the study materials. As for Gryffindors, it’s a 50/50 chance; they would either choose to love you or be very hostile towards you.

Izuku loved those bold folks, most of them, but they could be exhausting at time.

Bakugou would likely be the same, either aggressively kick Izuku’s ass, or aggressively protect him like a loyal guard dog; no in-between.

Izuku really hoped the blonde would rear towards the later. Having a Gryffindor against you promised a lot of suffering. The greenette had several experiences back in Hogwarts he would rather not recall.


Two days later, Izuku went to explore the outside of his new home for the first time.

Minister Hunt had let him borrow a Time-turner from the Ministry for a month till his entrance exam. He had turned the clock back twice. In the first timeline, he apparated to U.A. for a lesson with Nezu, and then went back home to do his homework. For the second one, Izuku spent time at the city library, reading up more books on his own. And then in the third, he went out for some ‘practical experience’.

Izuku wasn’t too far from his home when he was mesmerized by an All Might movie pamphlet. He had a lot of posters of the number one hero in his room, but all the picture 'All Mights' had already took off somewhere else saving the world.

His attention was cut off by a loud “YOU!”.

… And that was how he met Bakugou Katsuki in the flesh.

Izuku immediately attempted to befriend the angry blonde, because really, he would rather befriend him than be an enemy. Unfortunately, the Bakugou boy didn’t appreciate the nickname ‘Kacchan’.

Not good. Gryfindors were very fixated on first impression.

Red alarms went off in Izuku’s head as the blonde walked away, aura of dark clouds surrounding him.

Thankfully, Izuku pulled out his secret weapon before it was too late.

Bakugou piped down significantly after eating the Midoriya’s enchanted Flavor Beans and they walked back towards their home in peace.


“What the hell!"

Izuku turned his head at the cursing. Bakugou liked to use vulgarity even more than Hitomi did.

The blonde was pointing at the label on the mail box in front of the Midoriya’s apartment.

“Did you write these? It can’t be your mom.”

It was the paper listing down names of people in the household. Izuku tilted his head, confused, “Yeah, why?”

“Why?”, Bakgou grumbled, “Your hand writing is fucking atrocious. That’s why!”

The blonde pulled the piece of paper out, pressing it to Izuku's face, ”Look at it! Fucking Deku.”

The greenette looked down at the paper, mouth forming a small “o” as he realized the character of his name could really be misunderstood. Izuku was still trying to perfect his written Japanese and Kanji was tough.

Bakugou took out a marker and swiftly scribbled the two Midoriyas' names down on the other side of the paper. He gave it to Izuku once done.

“Now, we are even", smirked Bakugou, as he avoided the stupidly bright emerald eyes of his neighbour, "Useless Deku.”

Having said that, he walked off to his house on the opposite side.


“R-right. Bye, Kacchan!”

Izuku managed, just before Bakugou's back disappeared behind the door.

The green head couldn’t help feeling a little giddy.

It had been a while since someone gave him a nickname.



***** Later in the evening*****


“Wait… Repeat that again?”

“He calls me Deku!”, said Izuku happily as he held the big tablet with both hands, “Oh Hitoshi, I think I made a friend.”

“… Okay”, replied the purple haired male, voice flat, “So this 'Kacchan' has an explosive quirk, and he released one… at your face?”

“Uh. I think it was an accident, but it was still very COOL!”, Izuku laughed again, “probably one of the strongest quirks I have seen… So many applications. I have created an entire new entry for him, even though he is not a hero yet. Maybe he should consider to …”.

“Izuku”, Hitoshi cut him off before the greenette went into one of his mumbling fits, “When did you say I could move in?”.

“Oh…”, Izuku gasped, “I haven’t asked my mom yet… But I’m sure she would agree. You can move in whenever!”

A sigh from the other end, “Okay, please ask your mother.”

“Of course,” Izuku quickly said, “I also think it would be best that you move before the entrance exam. Mom said this place is well blessed with lucks”

“... Sure sounds like it.”

Chapter Text

Nezu didn’t know what to expect of Midoriya Inko.

She was a seer, that much minister Hunt had explained, ‘the most sane and logical one’, he also highlighted.

Nezu was mostly acting on intuition when he revealed the information on All for One to the wizard minister, not hoping for any assistance from him. Everything played out better than Nezu ever expected. He was eager to have a wizard child joining his program and see how the dynamic would play out. However, he hadn’t paid much thought on the mother. He reckoned the magic minister had overlooked the fact that Muggles now had quirk users who could predict the future as well. Anyway, Nezu wouldn't reject a helping hand and to be able to meet a true seer who was extremely rare among wizardkind was an honour.

Ten minutes into their first meeting in his office and Nezu had a bomb thrown at him, figuratively of course, and was having a hard time making sense of what just happened. To make matter worse, the person who delivered the news didn’t seem to be aware either.

“Mrs. Midoriya… Are you there?”

Inko’s body did a jerk, her eyes refocused again to see Nezu, one of his paws on her shoulder.

“S-sorry Mr. Nezu. Did I space out?”, the seer apologized right away, “I tend to do that a lot while visiting new places.”

“Not to worry…” Nezu’s High Spec could already guess the woman had been out of the whole ordeal, but there was no harm to confirm, “You were acting rather strange… Do you remember? You said a few things.”

“Oh... was I?”, Inko fidgeted with the tea cup in her hands, “I remember talking to you about Izuku, and then the next thing, you were trying to get my attention.”

“Hm,” hummed Nezu in thoughts, then he clarified further, “You gave a warning, something quiet upsetting I must say. I was taken aback because you also spoke of some confidential information that was known only among very few people. How could you have known? I never told you…”

Inko gasped, considering what the principal said before she spoke again, “I-If that’s it… Then it might be what they called real predictions.”


Real predictions!?… Meaning others were fake?

Nezu kept a straight faced and asked, “What do you mean by ‘real’. If we don’t do anything to prevent it, is it guaranteed to come true?”

He didn't expect a long sigh from Inko and an even longer explanation.

“A normal prediction always involves a certain degree of probability.” Inko admitted, looking somewhat embarrassed by the statement, “Future is a complicated puzzle. Every single action of any individual has implications and can lead to many consequences.”

“Seers like me would train ourselves to maintain something we called the ‘Inner Eye’. It allows us to see a few main events tied to a setting and likelihoods of them happening. From there, we could give advices, warnings or direct things towards a certain desired outcome by working with the people involved.”

Inko continued, “However, due to the seers’ strong connection with the future, sometimes, the ‘future’ would speak out through us. That’s what we called a ‘real prediction’. It has no variable, only a definite outcome. It’s a true prophecy.”

The room became quiet as they both let that sink in.

“You mean…”, Nezu spoke again, “There is nothing we can do to change whatever was said?”

Inko breathed out as she put down her cup, “‘I afraid so. The best we can do is to minimize the negative consequences.” 




“Welcome home, my lady”, Honoka said, already waiting at the door when Inko returned.

“Thank you Honoka-chan”, Inko smiled at the small elf, “Good work again today.”

“It’s my pleasure”, she smiled back.

Honoka had been working hard for their move from Hogsmeade. She apparated to the premise first, transported all the furniture and also managed the memories of people around so that no one would be questioning them.

“I think the neighbours have settled. You don’t have to worry about them anymore”, Inko said kindly, “Please feel free to take some rest day. You may visit your parents or explore around.”

“I’m good, my lady. I will let you know when I want some time off.”

“Please do.”

Honoka nodded then went to busy herself in the kitchen. Inko went to the living room and sat down in front of her collection of crystals.

The dark clouds were slowly forming. A month ago, there were only a hint in the far corner; the threat had steadily becoming solid. Inko let out a sigh. This was the downside of being a seer. As a mother, she wished she could be completely happy for Izuku coming back to Japan and realizing his dream. Instead, her mind was full of worry.

Certainly, she saw tremendous growth potential awaiting Izuku by moving here. However, it also came with many risks – injuries, betrayal and other misfortunes. Inko would have been too scared to let him go, but Izuku had gone as far as submitting his own application for the school. Nothing would stop him, so it was the better choice that she also came along to help him through his steep journey.

This place where his guardian stars shined the brightest, she hoped living here would be enough to ensure Izuku had the protection he needed.




Izuku came home an hour later, had dinner with his mom and Honoka then went up to his room.

A smile break on the greenette face as he opened the door to be greeted by his new collection of Muggle All Might merchandizes. For once, they were finally staying put for the boy to admire them.

Time passed in a blink and it was already end of January. More or less, Izuku was able to adapt to the new environment. Nezu still warned him about his over enthusiasm on every little Muggle discovery and advised him to act like a normal person so as not to be mistaken for a sociopath. Izuku, of course, had cried, apologized for his mistake and started practicing holding in his emotions.

It had gotten a lot easier as he learned more about Muggle daily life through lessons from Nezu, as well as by observing people and their behaviours. For sure, they didn’t act like heroes in those videos on HeroTube, or like people in anime. It was still difficult for him to hold off his excitement upon seeing a good quirk but Izuku would like to think he had 'levelled up’ significantly.

That morning, he’d gotten one last lesson with Nezu before the entrance exam for candidates on recommendation.

The principal, thankfully, was pleased with his effort.


“You have definitely caught up quickly, Midoriya-kun”, Nezu complimented him, “I’m glad you did take Muggle Studies seriously, or it would have been a lot more trouble for us.”

“T-thank you.” Izuku scratched the back of his neck, which was actually not itching or anything, “It was also thanks to the Time turner, it badly messed up my body clock, but it paid off.”

Minister Hunt was happy to hear about his progress when he came to collect the device. The giant had considered Izuku admission to U.A. a liability to Inko’s mission.

“Did you minimize your magic usage as per my advice in our first meeting?”, reminded Nezu.

“Of course.” Izuku confirmed, “No magic other than apparating here and back home… No one should know my ability, except for that blonde man on the first day. I’m really sorry about that…”

“He is a very close acquaintance, so it’s okay...” Nezu nodded, “And about your ‘quirk’, have you thought up everything that you could use?”

“Yes!”, Izuku answered, smiling broadly as he flipped his note book to a certain page then passed it to Nezu, “Here are all the charms under that categories, and many others that could be mistaken as this ‘quirk’ extended application.”

Nezu read through the extensive list and only wished he had the magical ability to test them out. Well, at least he could witness them in action.

“Excellent, Midoriya-kun”, he commended the youngster, “The is only to get you started. You may keep adding in… And of course, in case of life and death situation, don’t let this stop you from doing whatever to survive. I can always help you with the consequences after.”

“Thank you so much.” Izuku bowed in gratitude at the headmaster, “I will make sure to not waste your help and pass the exam tomorrow!”

Nezu calmly munched on a cookie, “I never have any doubt about that. Just make sure you keep out of trouble, at least until you are officially in U.A.”


Izuku smiled as he recalled the principal’s praises. He never expected Nezu to be so supportive of him going to U.A. and even went ahead to give him a recommendation.

The greenette looked over his profile document one last time.

  • Candidate name: Midoriya Izuku
  • Gender: Male
  • Quirk: Telekinesis (Emitter)

 All perfect. The boy called it a night and went to bed early.

Tomorrow was going to be an exciting day.




"I'm off!"

“Good luck, young master”

Izuku hugged Honoka and thanked the elf. His mother was crying, as expected, so he didn’t quite make out what she was saying. Izuku was glad she wasn’t permitted to watch him doing this exam. He loved his mom very much, though it was downright embarrassing when she kept fussing over him in front of other participants during the wizard tournament.

Nezu had kindly reminded Izuku that he may (finally) entered U.A. through the main entrance like a normal Muggle. Hence, the green boy had decided to take public transports from now on. His mother had been nervous and urged Izuku to start his journey extremely early. Thanks to her, if nothing went wrong, Izuku was going to arrive at U.A. two hours ahead.

Maybe his mom thought he might get lost along the way, which was kind of impossible when Kuro, his owl, was hovering right above to lead the way.




Bakugou was pissed.

His lackeys were so nonchalant about studying and had the audacity to ask him to hang out when U.A. entrance exam was only two weeks away. The losers didn’t aim for something like the best hero school in the country, after all, but they still needed to be taught a lesson. Bakugou made his way outside the library and spent a good ten minutes yelling at his so-called closest friends in middle school, scaring off a bunch of pigeons and two cats with his random explosions. Thankfully, his phone was heat proofed.

Call finished and feeling somewhat less pissed, Bakugou was about to return to his study when he noticed a shadow approached from behind. The blonde jerked back, too late to avoid the filthy mud hand covering his mouth.

“What the f-”

Bakugou struggled to no avail. Every part of his body was rapidly covered in sludge. There was nothing to grab hold on and the more he wanted to yell, to try to breathe, the more disgusting mud forced itself into his body.

“Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body.” An evil laughter rang in his ears. “Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll all be over.”

No, it can’t be over.

… As if I would let this Mudman… take my body for himself…

Katsuki was going to be a hero, the best hero, even better than All Might.

How could he let it end here?




Izuku was walking pass the city center, only a few hundred meters away from the train station when he heard a loud commotion in the direction of the plaza.

Common sense would tell him to ignore it and get on the train. There was an important exam waiting, but the moment his eyes caught sight of the giant figure of Mt. Lady looming over the buildings, Izuku’s heart started thumping loudly as his mind made a conclusion.

A villain attack…

There was no doubt about that, he could see civilians running away, dread filled their expressions. There was also Kamui Woods flying in the air with his trademark Arbor quirk, one of his arms caught on fire. A few other heroes were there, but retreating.

Are they in trouble?

Against his better judgement, Izuku walked towards the chaos. There was fire, and continuous bursts of explosions going off in all direction. The sound was oddly familiar. A minute later, Izuku realized where he had heard it.


His Muggle friend was caught in the middle of the mess, his body taken hostage by the mud villain. The heroes, instead of trying to help him, had started taking a defensive position.

“There is no one here who can stop him.”

“Retreat! Wait for someone with a suitable quirk to show up.”

Seriously. Wait?

How long can he wait?

It was apparent that the sludge villain, combining with Bakugou’s explosive quirk, was powerful. However, there had to be a way through.

Izuku felt sicker every passing second as his brain formulated a plan. At the same time, he remembered Nezu’s words to keep out of trouble.

But someone needs saving, isn’t that more important?

The moment Izuku’s eyes caught the sight of Bakugou’s anguish expression, the answer was obvious. He ran in, the sound of his heart beat loud enough to block out warnings from everyone behind.


Izuku conjured an invisible protective barrier to shield off a few blasting explosions coming his way. The air was still blazing hot, but the green boy gritted his teeth and pushed through.

When his quick feet had carried him close enough, Izuku took off his bag and threw it at the eyes of the villain. As the greenette expected, they were the only exposed part on the sludge. The mud howled in surprise, temporarily loosening his hold on his victim. Bakugou gasped and choked as he took in much needed air.

“…Deku! What are you- Why!?”

Only Bakugou would find the need to throw questions at someone coming to save him.

“You need help, Kacchan.” He stated the obvious, “So I am here.”

Izuku wished he looked cool enough saying that but who was he kidding; his eyes were leaking again, and the slimy mud still refused to release its captive.

One more time.

The wizard boy whistled a tune to call for his little friend. The sludge was gaining back his balance when Kuro appeared in all her black glory and mercilessly aimed her beak at his giant eyes.

The villain screamed in pain, Izuku had half a mind to pity him, but it wasn’t like he got time for that.


The freezing charm took effect at once. However, before Izuku could yank Katsuki out…



… Of course, All Might had to come and saved the day in the most overkill way possible.

Izuku was awestruck. No, it was pretty clear that he’d died and gone to heaven because that was really the number one hero, his long time idol, standing there in all his blondness and muscles and magnificence. He freaking changed the weather with one single punch.

All Might was in a rush though and disappeared quickly even before the media got to him. Izuku pretty much pulled the same thing.

“I- I’m so sorry. I got an exam to attend”, he was reduced to stammers when two microphones and a camera were shoved at his face. The wizard boy quickly ran for his life before they could press any further.

The whole way on the train to U.A., Izuku cried hysterically as he realized he had just lost a chance to ask All Might for his autograph.





When Eraserhead heard that Nezu, of all people, had filed a recommendation for someone, he felt like crawling back into the safety of his sleeping bag to hide from the looming trouble.

And finally, the day had come when he got to meet that devil. Every other candidates were already waiting when he arrived.

The kid definitely didn’t look like much at first glance. Aizawa thought the more interesting thing was the pet owl who was resting on his head at the moment and sending killing glare at everyone looking her owner’s way.

“Midoriya Izuku?”

“Y-yes, that’s me. Yes…”, Izuku answered in a mess of stuttering and fidgeting nervously with the hem of his shirt, which for some reasons, was burnt. The owl continued sending death threats at Aizawa.

Okay, not much confidence either.

Aizawa decided to just get on with his job. Whatever the kid was made of, he would see it soon enough.

“Since everyone is present, I will now explain the exam.”




Kuro reluctantly left Izuku’s side to fly home alone. The cat-biscuit teacher read out the rules of the assessment and led them to their test center.

Izuku’s heartbeat started picking up again.

He should be used to this… an obstacle race, just like the final round of the tournament.

He must win this.

Izuku thought, and proved himself just few minutes later.




It was no surprise that every other teachers who tuned in to watch the exam paid close attention to Nezu’s recommendation. Even then, they were shocked when Izuku successfully overtook both Todoroki and Yoarashi to finish first. The other two processed powerful offensive quirks, but Midoriya had simply outwitted them, using their focus on each other and made a surprise move only in the last few seconds to break ahead and left them no time to react.

Toshinori held his coughs as he stared at the screen.

The heroic spirit he displayed earlier was admirable... And young Midoroys is such well rounded boy... If only his quirk wasn't so troubling...

It took few seconds for Present Mic to double checked the camera, before he announced the final result.

“First place, Midoriya Izuku! Second place, Todoroki Shouto and Yoarashi Inasa…”





Obviously, Izuku was on cloud nine when he walked home. He had passed, and even got Present Mic’s signature. It was nothing compared to All Might’s but a good consolidation price nonetheless.

Inasa, the boy with the wind quirk, had cheerfully congratulated him after the test and asked for his contact number; Izuku was overjoyed to make a new friend! The other second place student, a boy with unfairly pretty face and dual hair color was looking at Izuku as if he could kill him with his eyes then proceeded to walk away like he didn't care though, but that could be worry for another day...

Too happy and not paying much attention, Izuku was reaching the street leading to his home when his shoulders were forcefully slammed into the wall.

“Deku! You bastard!”

It was Bakugou. Luckily, Izuku realized it before he hex the hell out of his attacker.


The greenette suddenly remembered what happened few hours ago and asked, "Are you alright?"

Apparently, it was not what Bakugou wanted to hear.

The blonde screamed in his face, “Don’t you dare!”

Izuku coughed as he was gifted with a mouthful of smoke courtesy of Katsuki's palm. Conversation with Bakugou seemed to never get better than this.

“I didn’t need your help! I never ask you to save me!"

"How dare someone like you... pity me? I could have beaten him myself!"

"Trying to win me over? Don't mock me!!"

Izuku sweat-dropped.

What a tough guy...

Katsuki was still shouting rapid fire when a third voice joined in.

“Sorry, but who are you?”

“What?”, Bakugou did not appreciate being interrupted, “I live right there you f-”

The blonde didn't get to finish before his jaw went slack, eyes turned blank.

“Let him go”, Hitoshi ordered; Bakugou followed his words like a robot.

“Hitoshi!”, Izuku greeted his best friend, smiling as the boy approached, “I almost forget you are moving in today!”

“Seriously Izu”, Shinsou complained, “That was hard to watch... Is this the cool 'friend' you told me about? Could you pick better people as neighbors?”

"Aww don't be mean. Kacchan is just in a bad mood."

Izuku then hurried the purple haired male to his home, using a levitation charm to take care of the luggage. As the duo got inside, Izuku excitedly updated Hitoshi on his exam.



A few minutes later, Bakugou woke up to an empty street, a god damn owl pecking at his head, and became even more enraged, “THAT MINDFUCKER! I WILL KILL HIM!”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi Shinsou had a long list of things he wanted in life.

He wanted to be able to perform magic like his sister or his mom. He wanted to have a better quirk, a physical quirk, or at least something different that wouldn't be judged as evil from the get-go. He wished Izuku was his schoolmate rather than the bunch of cowards who were too afraid to speak to him. He wished to be a hero, to prove them wrong, and to help people, as all heroes do.

Shinsou knew he had only a 5% chance of being accepted into the U.A. heroic department. He had read several forums and all previous exam takers had warned that the practical test would greatly favour flashy quirks.

Still, he couldn’t help but wish that they had taken the feedback and improved it the following year. If not, and most likely, he had a back up plan to join the general course and wait till the sport festival to prove himself…

“Don’t focus so much on plan B when the first one hasn’t failed, Hitoshi.” Izuku told him.

“Easy for you to say.”, grumbled the taller boy, “I can’t help it. It is unfair. I can’t believe I want to attend a school who will mistreat me again.”

Izuku patted his friend’s shoulder, “I know Nezu. I’m pretty sure there are some hidden components to help candidates like you.”

Shinsou doubted it. Izuku morphed into a cat and jumped on his friend’s lap, purring up a storm.

“You spoil little…”, Hitoshi groused, but pulled out his bag of cat treat nonetheless. Izuku inhaled the biscuits, letting Hitoshi played with his belly for a while before he transformed back.

“Oh.. I met this teacher and he gave me a fish biscuit too, but the flavor was stronger…”

“A teacher at U.A.?”, asked Hitoshi, “He must be a pro hero. You don’t know who it was?”

“No, certainly not someone I have seen on any video.” Izuku shrugged, “He wore all black, had some weird wrap scarf around his neck.”

“WHAT- Oh my God was he Eraserhead??”, Hitoshi screeched, Izuku almost fell off his bed.

“Oh snap! Was that him?! Yes, it might be!”

Izuku bolted to get his Pensieve in the store room. A minute later, Shinsou found himself ‘watching’ the memory of his wizard’s friend first visit in U.A. They stood at the side, looking comical in their animal pajamas as the Erasure hero petted Izuku’s kitten form, looking dead tired.

“It’s really him”, Hitoshi whispered, as if he was scared the memory might be disturbed by his voice.

Just like the purple hair boy, Eraserhead didn’t have a flashy quirk and also started working his way up from the general study department. He won the U.A. Sport festival in his first year and was transferred to Heroic class. After graduation, he became an underground hero so there wasn’t much information of him available online. No wonder Izuku didn’t recognize him.

The greenette smiled at his friend, “He is your favorite hero, right?”

“Oh Izu…” Hitoshi told him with renewed motivation, “I really must go to U.A. after all.”

Izuku laughed and patted his back in reassurance, “You will.”




“Oh Katsuki! I’m glad you are alright.”

“Better not make us worry again, brat!”

Bakugou’s face twitched as his father and the old hag smothered him in a tight hug the moment he came home. The blonde really wished he could sleep today off and forget everything. But of course, the media had to broadcast the whole incident at the plaza and revealed his identity to the whole world.

“We are so lucky... All Might just came to town last week.” The hag looked relieved, while his father was tearing up.

“If he didn’t get there in time, I didn’t want to imagine.”

Bakugou had almost forgotten about All Might. The number one hero had been his idol, because obviously he picked no one but the best! In normal circumstance, Bakugou would have tried to approach the man, maybe get an autograph, but today, his head was full of useless Deku running into the mess and almost gotten himself killed.

That suicidal bastard and his fucking huge eyes!

In addition, he acted as if it was absolutely normal, fled the scene and continued with his day as if nothing happened.

Katsuki regretted not scaring him more before that stupid mind control bastard showed up.

“Oh we should thank Izu-chan too”, the old hag suddenly said.

Katsuki rejected the idea immediately. “No!”

If they thanked the nerd, he might come up with even more dangerous ideas in the future.

“If he didn’t run in, you might have run out of air!”, Mitsuki yelled, “I say we invite him over for dinner.”



His father stood in the middle as the mother and son continued to argue, “Now now, you two. The neighbor might hear you…”





Of fucking course, his parents would find a way to ask the vegetable nerd over anyway.


Bakugou angrily shouted as he opened the door, almost knocking Deku over as he was standing in front of it.

“H-hi Kacchan!”, the neighbor said and quickly made his way in.

Seriously, how could they never visit each other’s house after 10 years in same neighborhood? And then for the past month, Bakugou had been seeing the green blob literally everywhere?

The nerd had a stupid look of wonder going inside the Bakugou’s house. Most probably he had no friend, being home schooled and all. When Katsuki turned on the light switch of the living room, Deku fucking looked like Christmas had come early and then started turning all the lights on. He also spotted other switches or buttons and did the same. The nervous shit made sure to ask for permission each time, but it did not make things any less infuriating.

“Can I press this?”


“Can I press this?”

“I said WHATEVER!”

“Can I press this?”

“FUCK NO! That’s the fire alarm.”

Did everything in his house have freaking motion sensors? What the heck was with the button obsession?

Bakugou was regretting every minute.

Thankfully, or not, after about twenty minutes, his mother came home.

“Oh, Izu-chan! Good to see you.”

“Mrs. Bakugou. I’m sorry to trouble”, bowed Deku like the most obedient child who didn’t almost activate the smoke detector.

“Always a pleasure Izu-chan, make yourself at home.” The hag said sweetly to him, completely different than her normal brash nature.

Then, he had to turn to Katsuki two second later and ordered him to sort the table in her usual demanding tone.

Fucking great. It would be a miracle if Katsuki didn’t kill anyone during dinner…




Surprisingly, the meal was relatively peaceful for the Bakugou’s standard.

Masaru kept adding food into Izuku’s bowl. Deku loved katsudon, apparently. He couldn’t talk properly the first five minutes after tasting it. Good, at least he knew Katsuki was the fucking best at cooking. Mitsuki started asking Izuku about himself and the green nerd answered in his usual nervous stutters.

Katsuki found himself keeping quiet most of the time, since he wanted to hear more about his neighbor too.

“How is your parents’ work?”

“My mom stays home while my dad is working oversea.”

“Oh I see. That’s why we never see your dad.”

“Well. I haven’t seen him either… ever since I was born.”

The idiot chuckled as if it was the greatest joke and damn that was awkward.

“How is home schooling?”

“Nothing much I guess. But since I stay home, I don’t have many friends.”

“Oh, don’t worry Izu-chan”, Mitsuki comforted him, “Katsuki doesn’t have any friends either even though he goes to school.”


“It got a lot to do with his personality.” She sent him a death glare.

“I- I think Kacchan is great.”

Katsuki didn’t fucking ask the nerd to help him, but he looked like he sincerely meant it so the blonde pretended to hear nothing and just chucked down the rest of his food.

“Why are you home schooled though?”

“Ah… My health wasn’t great when I was younger, so mom preferred to keep me home till I’m ready.”

What a wimp. And yet he ran into a vicious villain without hesitation.

Katsuki was positive his sickness was just the lack of self-preservation.

“I see… But you are fine now, aren’t you?”, Masaru asked in concern.

“Yes. I’m perfectly healthy now. I will start attending school from this year.”

It was all going great until the hag had to ask.

“Oh. Where are you planning to go for high school? Katsuki is applying to U.A., the heroic department.”

“Really?”, Deku’s eyes lit up, “Me too!”


“No!”, Katsuki said, “How can someone fucking weak like you get into U.A.?”

“Brat!”, Mitsuki whacked her son upside the head, “Izu-chan can do whatever he wants.”

“I’m being fucking realistic.” Bakugou grumbled, throwing his dish into the sink, “He won’t be accepted anyway.”

“Ehh, actually I’ve alr-“, Izuku was about to correct him when Mitsuki slammed both her fists down.

“Katsuki! Go back to your room!”

The blonde boy stood up too and shouted, “FINE!” then stomped away.



Once their son had disappeared behind a loud door slam, the Bakugou parents both sighed.

“As I said, his personality would be his downfall.” Mitsuki laughed it off, but she still looked upset.

“I really don’t mind. Mrs. Bakugou, you don’t have to ask him to go.” Izuku told her honestly, “I know Kacchan isn’t good with words, but he means well.”

“Oh, you do?”, Masaru asked, surprised.

“Yeah. One time, I saw him shouting at his classmate for smoking.” Izuku laughed as he recalled the event, “He said it might affect his school record if the friend was caught, but I think he just didn’t want them to get into bad habits.”

The couple looked at the boy, smiling. They believed in Katsuki, though sometimes it was hard to help him when all he displayed was his rough words and even rougher actions.

“Thank you, Izu-chan” Mitsuki said, honestly, “… for yesterday and for trying to understand my brat. He is hot headed so we worry a lot. “

Masaru recalled, “Katsuki actually used to have a lot of friends, until he developed his quirk. We don’t want him to isolate himself even more when he got into high school.”

“He will be fine, Mr. and Mrs. Bakugou”, Izuku told them, always determined to help whoever was in need, “I will make sure he won’t be alone.”




After that dinner, Bakugou never saw the green nerd for the next two weeks, which was absolutely fucking great.

Maybe the loser had given up on U.A., since he didn’t turn up at the library after camping there everyday since last December. Katsuki didn’t even spot him at the written exam, but candidates were split into many different venues.

Bakugou wondered if he would see him today, at the practical test.

Hopefully not!

Come to think of it, Bakugou didn’t even know what the nerd’s quirk was. When he ran at that sludge, all he did was throwing his bag at its eyes like a quirkless loser. Bakugou shook his head, thinking about Deku actually being quirkless made him wanted to badly beat some sense out of the suicidal idiot again.

Anyway, whatever his quirk was, the broccoli head wouldn’t be able to top Bakugou. Once he failed, he would stop thinking about this whole hero thing.

Bakugou entered the U.A. gate and looked around but didn’t see the nerd (though he was NOT trying to look for him or anything). Instead, he saw his boyfriend, the little brain-fucker, who was doing registration…

Wait, since when was he so tall?

The purple bastard had a black kitten sitting on top of his head, and then a black owl resting on top of the kitten’s head.

What the fuck? Did he think this was a height contest or some Halloween bullshit?

Bakugou had many questions but he avoided the bastard for now. It wouldn’t be smart to argue with someone with a mind control quirk, or to cause a scene right before an exam.




It was almost time and Hitoshi was still a nervous wreck, perhaps the fact that Eraserhead was the one doing his registration and the hero was staring at Hitoshi the whole time didn’t help.

Shinsou blamed his little ‘send off’ party for everything. The teacher was probably too fascinated by his pet collection… Izuku insisted on coming along to give him mental support in the form of a fluffy kitten, and Kuro would follow her owner as long as he never told her to leave him alone.

When the bell rang, calling all candidates to secure their seat, Shinsou put his friend down and mumbled softly only for him to hear.

“I’m going then. See you later.”

Good luck Hitoshi.

Izuku meowed back as his friend stood up and went inside the auditorium with other exam takers.




Bakugou almost released an explosion when Deku’s black owl landed with a thump on his head. Surprisingly, she didn’t peck his head violently this time, but just dropped a note and then took off again.

Eyeing the small envelop like it was some curse, Bakugou open it.

Good luck Kacchan. Be a hero! – The note read.

Katsuki almost burned it due to nervousness because who need that nerd to cheer for him?

He would kill this exam and be fucking number one.




“Everybody says HEYYYY!!!”

Even from outside the auditorium, Aizawa could hear the booming voice of his obnoxious friend. How he survived being close to someone like that was one of the universe’s deepest unresolved mysteries.

At least Aizawa had a purring kitten in his arms right now so he was doing marginally better than most days.

“How did you get inside U.A. premise?”, the hero mumbled, though of course he did not expect a reply, the kitten was peacefully munching on a treat Aizawa had given him, “Make sure to stay out of training ground or you might get killed by mistake.”



Izuku jerked at the voice of the U.A. principal approaching. “Whose cat is that?”

As if Nezu didn’t know who it was...

“Oh, this kit is a stray, I think”, Aizawa said, “He kept coming after me and meowing for cat treats.”

“Hmm~ I see.”

Aizawa didn’t know what the deal was with Nezu but the black kitty seemed scared of him, judging by the way its tail straightened up in caution. Could he sense the dog genes in Nezu or something?

“Don’t you have to mark the rescue component? Leave him with me.” Nezu smiled and okay, Aizawa could pick up some dark intent there, but he would rather not be on the receiving end of it. The animal hybrid would surely treat human worse than any other species.


Aizawa put the kitten down, gave him an extra biscuit then left him to the shark.




“Stay put”, Nezu told cat Izuku and picked him up, “Let’s go to my office, little one.”

The moment the two were in the principal room again, Izuku transformed back, already bowing on the floor as he apologized.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Nezu! You told me to not use my other magic… b-but the teacher had a lot of cat biscuits with him, I couldn’t resist the smell.”

It was an extremely lame-ass excuse and Izuku knew it was.

“Oh? I thought you were hoping he would bring you into the staff room or something… Hmm~ maybe you also have an excuse for the recent surge of vigilante activities around the city the past two weeks?” Nezu asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“W-wait. I-I didn’t-”

“Witness report a different quirk being used in each of the three cases, but the criminals were always dropped in front of police station in some state of paralysis, until the office touched them.”, Nezu recalled, “I guess you used a conditional full body bind curse?”

Izuku’s throat fell to his gut. How did he ever though Nezu wouldn’t notice his extra curriculum activities? The hybrid already told him he had strong connection with the police.

 “Now now Midoriya-kun, I’m not angry.” Nezu told him, “Sit on the sofa. I have made us some tea.”

“R-Right… Okay!?”

Izuku mumbled, legs still wobbly but obediently did as he was told.

“Okay Midoriya kun. You already know that I have been meeting with your mom for her help to capture a villain.”

What’s with the change in topic…

“EH!? Yes, of course.” Izuku nodded, not quite believing he was let off the hook so fast, “She didn’t share any details though.”

“As she should.”, Nezu confirmed, “At the beginning, we wanted to keep you out of this. However, with the recent developments, I have changed my mind.”

“I’m happy to be involved. Just let me know how I can help.” Izuku said immediately, a bit more energetic than necessary.

Nezu looked at the kid, maybe reconsidering everything.

“I don’t want you to be any more involved than strictly required. The only reason I want your help is because this should be perfectly safe for you.” Nezu explained, “With your transformation, you can listen in to conversations without raising any suspicion.”

“Ohh”, Izuku nodded, understanding where this was going, “Who do you need me to spy on? And where will this person be?”

“Not anywhere far. I want you to keep watch here, within U.A.”, Nezu clarified, “Any conversation among students, teachers or staff could be it. Keep your cat ears out for anything unusual and report to me immediately.”

Well that was indeed a surprise. There was a threat in U.A.?

 “Right… So I take it that my mom suggested the villain had an eye among us?”

“Indeed, she did.” Nezu confirmed, “That’s why I give you an exception on your animal transformation. Other than that, stick to what we have defined as your only 'quirk' and don't look for trouble.”

The greenette shrunk in his seat as the topic went back on his recent illegal actions.

“I didn’t go out to find criminals.” Midoriya tried to lessen his wrong-doing, “They ran into me and I had to do something…”

“You don’t understand the full picture”, Nezu told the small boy, “Think about it, Midoriya-kun, we know close to nothing about our enemy, so in this sense, you are our greatest weapon. the benefit of others not knowing the full extent of your ability is tremendous and it might be the only chance we have to turn the table.”

Nezu tone became more serious, “I don’t want you to throw our advantage away by going around flaunting your skills, coincidental or not. Do we have an agreement?”

“Yes. I understand now”, Izuku bowed, feeling deeply ashamed. “I’m sorry again. I will not act recklessly anymore.”


Nezu took a sip of tea. He didn’t speak for a whole minute, like the principal was toying with an idea, before he started speaking again.

“Also, I guess there is no harm telling you now. Starting this April, All Might will become a teacher at U.A.”

Izuku’s eyes turned white.


Nezu held his paw up to calm the hyperventilating kid, “Exactly, and while that’s a great news to most people. It is really a lot more trouble than it’s worth. His enemy would be targeting U.A., the school and the students are all in danger.”

“R-Right!”, Izuku responded in a barely controlled screech.

The number one hero would be working in U.A.

How much of a danger could that cause? Collateral damage maybe?

“It’s a long story to explain but-”

That was when the door swung open. A huge blur of yellow, red and blue zoomed in, accompanied by loud booming voice.



“…*cough*… out of time.”

The last part continued in much weaker tone and as sudden as All Might appeared, a puff of smoke burst out, swallowing the whole 7’2” height of his body.

The smoke cleared up quickly enough and Toshinori yelped the moment he realized there was another person in the room.


“W-What are you doing here? Young Midoriya?”

“A-ALL MIGHT? What happened to you???”

There was no way to hide. The skeleton man was still wearing the silver age costume.

Nezu let out a long-suffering sigh.





God, how Shinsou hate to be right. They didn’t change the exam format.

He ran as quickly as he could, using the martial art moves he had trained a long time in preparation. It wasn’t as good as a quirk, but there wasn’t enough time to brood.

He managed to take down ten one-pointers. The higher point faux villains were all snatched by those with long range, or speed quirks, or explosion, of course.

No time to complain. When had life not been unfair?

Be a hero.

He remembered Hitomi and Izu’s words.

Shinsou stopped to help a candidate who was accidentally hit by falling metal parts, before running to the next available point.




Katsuki was killing it.

Yes. He loved this feeling of power.

The only way to top this was probably if Deku was in the same arena to witness this overflowing power and realized his own hopelessness.

Bakuhou made sure to flex his biceps a little just in case the nerd was really lurking somewhere.

Bakugou’s attention was hijacked when a loud sound of explosion was heard, an explosion that was not caused by him. The blonde turned to see a fucking zero pointer as tall as a fifty-story building appeared out of nowhere and now moving towards the center of the site.




Okay. The image in that guideline was fucking misleading.

Shinsou felt the urge to both curse and thank U.A. for putting this ridiculous machine in only as additional obstacle. Just looking at it made his legs feel weak.

Everyone scrammed. It was a zero pointer. There was no benefit to fight.


Shinsou froze as he heard a soft sound from behind him.

Turning back, he spotted a girl lying on the path of the robot. A large piece of metal had fallen on her and she might have gotten trampled on in the chaos of other candidates running away.

“Can you move?”, shouted Shinsou to the girl.

“N-no I…”, she answered and Hitoshi felt his control on her mind snapped in place.


He ordered, but even with no pain awareness in that state, the girl couldn’t move without help.

There was no other choice, Shinsou had to risk it.

He ran as fast as he could, forcing every bit of energy to push the huge metal part out. It barely moved. The action caused enough shock that the girl woke up from her chant.

They both screamed as the zero pointer lifted its foot, about to tramp them into a pulp.

What the fuck was with this exam?




Bakugou didn’t want to waste his time with the zero pointer. Not until he saw that dumbass purple hair friend of Deku running in to help some girl who had stupidly fell down in front of the gigantic faux villain.

He would expect Deku to have flocks of extras around him but for them to carry the same death wish? The population must be getting too fucking huge so mother earth had decided to strike some natural selection. In the blur of moment, he recalled what the green suicidal shit had said that day.

“You need help, Kacchan… So I am here.”

Fucking Deku.

Katsuki positioned his arms and released two explosions simultaneously; the force pushed him flying forward. All the robots were programmed to target the closest human, so he just needed to buy some time for the extras to run.

Just as Katsuki predicted, the giant faux villain froze as he landed on its shoulder and started to change their focus onto him, abandoning its previous target. The blonde was about to jump around again when the robot stopped moving altogether.

“TIME’S UP!”, announced Present Mic.


Bakugou was not able to gain any more point in the last minute. If he lost his first place, he would make some people pay, those two idiots, and Deku.

He cursed and came down to see the extras still trying to get out from a piece of metal.

Katsuki lifted the junk with one hand and threw it to the side.

“Fucking useless! Can’t even run properly!”

He really wanted to yell at them some more but that round face girl was throwing up a huge pool on the ground and the purple head was looking down at the floor like he was already dead inside.

Great. Bakugou didn’t give a fuck.




“Well, isn’t that an interesting turn of event?”, Snipe remarked, clearly impressed, “I didn’t expect both of them to run in.”

“There are indeed so many promising ones this year”, Mignight cheered.

Aizawa just went back to his sleeping bag. He had enough terrible feeling watching the recommendation exam and now these was a whole group of other children…

“They look like a pain. That’s what they are…”

Cementoss just looked around and asked.

“Did anyone see Nezu, or All Might? I thought they would be here?”




“I see...”

Midoriya was bawling after he listened to All Might’s explanation (and of course, got an autograph from the man).

He would never have guessed the number one hero was in such terrible health in recent years while he still helped people with a smile.

Toshinori looked visibly uncomfortable dealing with the whole situation, and for better or for worse, Izuku was one of his fans.

Nezu had placed such complete trust in the younger boy, yet Toshinori had been skeptical the whole time, only because he had feared the boy’s quirk had some relation with that man. Toshinori was even more suspicious when ‘telekinesis’ was listed as the only quirk the boy had; he should have known it was Nezu’s idea all along. Mutation happened and young Midoriya didn’t deserve to be judged for something he couldn’t control.

“Now while that was really stupid to just burst into a room without knowing who was inside, All Might.” Nezu blamed the man wholeheartedly, “I think it’s also good that as a future student, Midoriya-kun know of your condition, so he could help you hide your identity.”

“Of course.” The greenette boy agreed without a beat, “I can help with anything.”

“Thank you, young Midoriya.”, said All Might.

“P-please don’t say that. It’s nothing!”

The greenette flushed like a tomato at being thanked by his idol.

Nezu, looking rather pleased with how everything had turned out, asked Midoriya to have another look around the campus. The boy complied without any complaint, wanting to catch up with Hitoshi after his exam.

Once Midoriya left in his cat form, Nezu kept Toshinori back a while longer.

He decided not to tell the number one hero about Midoriya’s true source of power. It wasn’t just because Minister Hunt had told him to keep it a secret against anyone else, but also, it was against Nezu’s better judgement to do so. Toshinori had enough worry with All for One alone, a whole magical population with many great powers would simply overwhelm the man, who always tried to shoulder everything on his back.

Nonetheless, Nezu could surely warn him about Midoriya Inko’s prophecy and his time limit to find a successor.

They only had four months left till August.




****Department of Mysteries, Britain****


As an Unspeakable, the Keeper of Hall of Prophecy didn’t appear that often in the hall he himself owned.

There weren’t that many ‘real predictions’ anymore among wizardkind, so he just spent most of his time with other fellow Unspeakables, doing various ‘unspeakable’ researches.

After the Dark Age, there had been no major threat in the magic community. With the birth of quirks, wizardkind became even more contented, yet secluded while the other part of the world had seen quirks to be the main catalyst for chaos.

However, the world as a whole had always been connected. Muggles or wizard, quirks or magic, they were all inter-linked and chaos in one world would inevitably shake the other.

Today, it seemed that a new gear had been turned.

The Keeper placed a new glass orb on the shelf, scribing a neat ‘M.I.’ on its tag.

“Oh, Inko dear”, the name was said in clear fondness, “Never stay far from trouble, don’t you?”.


“… Both severely injured and battered after their fight five years ago, All for One and One for All’s eighth holder each sought out a suitable successor for their cause. Their time comes to an end in the upcoming month of Summer Festivals … The symbol of Peace and Evil are to battle it out one last time, before they both fall and leave their legacy behind to a new generation… The symbol of Peace and Evil… to battle again…”

– M.I.

Chapter Text

The result of the entrance exam for normal candidates only came a week later. That meant Shinsou spent a week brooding and not sleeping no matter how many times Izuku tried to coax him with cheering charms and ‘Your Favourite flavor Beans’!

“Now now Hitoshi. Nezu said you did your best”, Izuku told him, “which is the equivalent of saying you are getting in.”

“Did my best?”, Hitoshi repeated the phrase in a mocking tone, “That just means I suck no matter what, isn’t it?”

“Don’t be so negative”, Izuku pouted, “You will see. I am a son of a seer, the best of this century, they said. I gotta have good intuition!”


Hitoshi grumbled, melting onto the floor again. The only thing Izuku good at was not getting himself killed by the backlash of his ridiculously advanced spells but it was not a skill or luck the greenette could share.

“Boys”, Inko called, “There is a letter for you.”

Shinsou sat up within a second and scrammed for the mailbox. However, when he got downstairs, Kuro was waiting with an envelope secured in her claws.

“I thought they will send it via post?”, Hitoshi huffed.

“Nezu wanted to try owl. It’s much faster anyway.” Izuku laughed, taking the letter from his loyal pet friend and passed it to Shinsou. The purple haired male shooed him off and brought the mail back inside his room, locking the door after himself.


Hitoshi gave himself a moment to compose before he tore open the envelope. The poor boy probably stopped breathing again when his favourite hero, Eraserhead, appeared in front of him as a projection.

“Okay, I’m not sure why I need to do this as well. I would rather sleep…”, drawled the underground hero with a suffering expression. Hitoshi could totally relate. “Whatever... Let’s see here, Shinsou Hitoshi…”

The pro hero double checked a note then cut right into it, “… You’ve got 12 villain points, even though I would have given you 5 at max. That was some absurd inefficient way to hit a robot.”

Eraserhead surely didn’t mind tearing him apart with criticism, “Kid, even if your quirk is not physical, it is very important to train up your stamina and fighting techniques to prepare for this kind of opponents… Anyway, you got 12, which placed you on the 87th in ranking among two hundred candidates qualified for the practical test…”

Despite expecting the result, Shinsou still felt a grudging disappointment in his stomach. He did okay, but it wasn't enough. The pro hero was right, he should have trained more. He already knew he couldn’t match up with someone with a physical quirk, why didn’t he spare more effort in that aspect?

The video didn’t end there.

“Well… However, this is a hero course where your quirk potential and character are placed at equal importance. So, with regards to what happened at the end of that exam, I will let you see this…”

Hitoshi looked up to see Eraserhead’s projection switched to the familiar brown-hair girl he had attempted to help at the end of their practical exam.

“Excuse me”, Present Mic nodded as she came up to him.

“Um. There was this violet haired boy, exhausted looking one. Do you know who I’m talking about?” She looked really nervous and conflicted talking to the teacher, “At the end, he was very upset for not earning enough points. He could have focus on his exam but if he still came in to help me with the other guy. So… Could you please give some of my points to him?”

Hitoshi was baffled, someone wanted to give their hard-earned points to him?

“Don’t worry female listener”, the video continued as Present Mic responded, “We can’t give your points to him, but both of you did fine.”

The projection switched back to Eraserhead after that.

“You action, albeit extremely foolish, was commendable… and for a hero course, we are supposed to embrace such dumbass heroic behavior. We have a judging panel watching the exam and rescue points are awarded based on effort to help other candidates. In short, you have earned an additional 45 points, making you placed among the top 30 in the test, and obviously, enough to pass.”

“So with that, welcome to your Hero Academy, or whatever.” Aizawa’s voice maintained the same tone till the end of the projection, meaning to say it was as enthusiastic as a cat getting bathed.

Nothing could bring Shinsou’s mood down anyway, happy tears had started pouring out from his eyes several minutes ago.

He made it.

From the other side of the door, Izuku heard everything and started jumping up and down, yelling excitedly.





An hour later, on the opposite side of the street, someone was not very pleased with the extra 50 points he didn’t expect to earn but had given him an indisputable top spot in the entire exam, a whole 46 points above the next student.

In his eyes, it was still only as good as being placed second.


What a conflicted individual… Izuku thought as he chilled outside the balcony in his animagus form, listening in to the neighbor’s result.

At the very least, the greenette could safely concluded that Bakugou couldn’t be a spy.





Since they still have a month break until the school term, Shinsou had signed up for some intensive self defense and martial art classes, following the advice he got from Eraserhead. Izuku had tried to join his friend in one, though getting beaten up black and blue wasn’t his cup of tea, so the greenette didn’t carry on pass the free trial.

Wizard kids always stay home until age eleven, and physical education was never a thing among their kind. Their most beloved ‘sports’ actually involved sitting on a broom after all… Not that Midoriya even played Quidditch. Hitomi used to say how for a spell and potion genius, Izuku was horrendous at flying. The guy, however, went to learn the whole mechanics of how to enchant a broom and made his pair of red shoes into a superior device for personal transportation.

Nezu had stressed the importance of keeping his “multiple abilities” a secret, so Izuku obediently stopped running into thieves or muggers. However, the boy still went around the area helping the neighborhood with his disguised ‘quirk’, from rescuing cats stuck on trees to helping small kids get their lost balloons. As long as no one suspected he had more than telekinesis, everything should be okay?

Kuro was the most perfect assistance to spot out any incident and the neighborhood became almost used to her appearance. They often praised the black owl for being so well-trained and some even gave her snails from their garden. One of the bigger project Izuku did was cleaning the Dagobah Minicipal Beach Park which actually looked more like a junkyard rather than a park when he found it.

It was a great opportunity for Izuku to find the “limiting factor” of his magic, which Nezu had asked about during one of their lessons. After cleaning up the entire park, Izuku could almost confidently say that it was … nothing? Well, magic was magic. Other than practice, reflex and luck, there was nothing else. On the other hand, “quirks” relied a lot on the physics of a person. Most of the time, you could guess a person’s quirk simply by looking at their appearance. It was a steep learning curve for Izuku, to have to think ‘logically’, and make sure anything he did was ‘scientifically explainable’.

It would definitely be a very interesting and nerve wrecking year for the wizard child.

Two weeks after the admission result was released, Izuku and Shinsou received another letter to inform them of their class arrangement and both boys couldn’t be happier to know they would be in the same one.

Class 1-A was going to be the best class, ever!




Finally, four long weeks passed and their first term in U.A. officially started.

Izuku was in his absolute sunshine mood, even after getting squashed in an overcrowding train. The wizard boy was asking Shinsou to help take a picture of him with the U.A. entrance gate when a freaking human engine barged into their peaceful morning with a loud “EXCUSE ME!”.

Izuku jumped at the unnecessary sharp tone. A tall blue hair boy towered over him and fired a long string of words in one breath, his arms making some weird gesture like a robot.

“I understand the feeling of wanting to remember your first day of school and take photograph, but bringing your pet along to school just for that? It could very much dirty or damage school property!!”

Shinsou gave the student who was also wearing U.A. uniform his trademark blank stare. Izuku spluttered apologies immediately while Kuro looked like she was seconds from breaking the guy’s glasses with her beak. Shinsou recognized him as the brash person who raised a question on the zero-pointer during their practical test briefing. The boy was also in the same test center as Shinsou and one of the fastest to run off at the appearance of the giant faux villain thanks to his engine quirk.

“Please make sure to watch your behavior as we are representing U.A.” The upright student was still talking, “Now, look at the time… I suggest you two get to class early as well. It is very important for future heroes to practice punctuality!”

Having said that, the guy took off again and left them in smoke. He didn’t seem to be using his quirk, yet his legs were still faster than average.

“I- I didn’t expect to run into a Prefect on the first day… What do we do, Hitoshi?”

Midoriya’s tear duck was working again and Shinsou had to assure him there would be no house point deducted.

“Don’t worry. That guy is also a first-year.”

Shinsou would have scolded the rude teenager if he didn’t want to avoid making enemies on his first day of high school. Izuku never asked his owl to come along, it was her own wish to follow and she would probably go home after sending him off. ‘Blue hair’ boy was too quick to judge, and Hitoshi never got along well with those kinds. His old schoolmates were the same, immediately attributed his quirk to villain without bothering to think of the big picture.

Izuku was nice, so he just whole heartedly accepted the rash advices. Shinsou sighed has his friend quickly told Kuro to fly home and dragged him to find their class.

They managed to locate it without too much trouble. The door of the classroom was unnecessary big and intimidating though.

“T-This is my first homeroom ever, Hitoshi”

Izuku looked like he was trying to not cry again and Shinsou chuckled at his best friend. Izuku had only gone to Hogwarts and over there, the students had to move to the professor’s location rather than vice versa. There was no home class. It would be an entirely different experience for the greenette over here.

“I can’t wait to meet all our classmates! I bet they are all really nice”, said Izuku excitedly. Yep, kids who aimed to be hero should be nice.

Shinsou snorted, because hero or not, classmates were never connected with good memories to him.

“I just hope we won’t be in same class as that judging guy or the explosive d-”




Shinsou definitely had jinxed it for himself.




Bakugou had a rather calm morning, bursting a few explosions while he cooked breakfast, arguing with the old hag as usual and setting up for school awfully early so that he could avoid the fucking crowded train.

He was the first to arrive in the classroom. Good. Bakugou should be first in everything.

Other extras started appearing soon enough. They took one look in his general direction and smartly avoided him. Very good.

Some extra went to sit down in front of Bakugou, he almost didn’t notice. She was invisible anyway, so it didn’t matter.

It was all great until fucking Four Eyes entered the classroom and went straight for a confrontation.

“Remove your foot from that desk! Such an action is insulting to those who came to U.A. before us as well as the craftsmen who made the desk…”

Blah blah blah, he went.

“Like I care”, replied Bakugou curtly, “Where the fuck did you extra come from?”

It didn’t mean to be a question, but the condescending shit used that as a chance to introduce himself.

“I’m Iida Tenya, from Somei Private Academy.”

“Somei’, Katsuki sneared, not even bothering to remember the other’s shitty name, “A stuck up elitist then? I should blow you to bits.”

Four Eyes was continuing his nonsense rants about exemplary behavior befitting of a hero when some other extras sneaked in and sat down right behind Bakugou.

A familiar shade of green entered Katsuki’s vision.

“KACCHAN!” Deku cheered as if they were best friend and what the fuck.

“How the fuck are you here?”

“Eh?”, the nerd managed to look confused, “I told you I’m going to U.A.”

“AND HOW?”, asked Bakugou again.

The little shit didn’t even turn up at any exam.

“Izu was accepted through recommendation.”

Deku purple hair boyfriend explained as he settled down on the seat behind the green head. Wait, how the fuck did the bastard pass as well?

“Ah! It’s you!”

The last student to enter the class was Round face. Fucking great. Again, Bakugou had no idea how she got enough points when all she did was vomiting all over the floor.

The girl thankfully didn’t go for Katsuki but straight towards the purple bastard.

“You made it!”, said Round Face cheerfully, “I know you would. Thanks for helping me!”

“I managed”, Mindfucker said, then he had to point at Katsuki, “I didn’t do much though, you should thank him.”

Oh hell no… As if Bakugou needed to be reminded of that incident.

“Fuck off!”, Katsuki said before Round Face could even attempt to approach him. His full of sunshine and freckles neighbor, was quick to join in.

“Don’t worry, Kacchan is very nice!” the green nerd said brightly, “He probably isn’t comfortable to receive thanks though."

“Ohh…”, Round face had the nerve to fucking giggle.

What the fuck.

Bakugou wanted to see if it was still funny when their asses got busted by his explosions. He didn’t get to test that out because right at that moment, a life size caterpillar entered/rolled into the room.

“If you are here to socialize, then get out.”




A new school term.

An entire class of 20 burden kids.

Naturally, Aizawa was in a bad mood. Let’s see how many he could expel by the end of the day.

“Change into your gym clothes then head out to the grounds.”

There was a lot of excitement going on, but at least most of the brats started following his order immediately.

Once they all gathered back, Aizawa listed out the eight events they need to complete. All of them should be used to do those in middle school for their physical education.

  1. Softball throwing
  2. Standing long jump
  3. 50-meter dash
  4. Endurance running
  5. Grip strength
  6. Side to side stepping
  7. Upper body training
  8. Seated toe touch

“As a baseline, I will record how you do without quirk first. Then we will do a second round when you can use your ability to boost your score. Understand?”, asked Aizawa.

Some nodded, most just looked questionable and stupid. A single person looked confused throughout the briefing.

Aizawa called out names one by one and jolted down notes on each student, sometimes the records were nothing related to the tasks.

Bakugou Katsuki – might get expelled for his violent tendency.

Hagakura Toru – might get expelled because one can’t tell if she was trying or anything...

And then of course… Midoriya Izuku, Nezu’s green head devil.

His gigantic eyes made Aizawa felt a migraine whenever he looked at the brat.

Aizawa had read his file. The boy was homeschooled up until this year due to health reason and somehow piqued Nezu’s interest enough to land himself a recommendation spot. Nonetheless, Eraserhead wasn’t going to treat the kid any different than the rest.

Shinsou, the purple haired male with brainwash quirk, seemed to know Midoriya and tried to guide him through the events, whispering instructions to the greenette whenever he thought Aizawa wasn’t looking.   

The teacher turned a blind eye to it. Well, he didn’t expect anyone to not even know the most basic physical education tests. And it was not like he had to do anything for the green brat to spectacularly failed everything.

Aizawa would never have guessed it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. The boy seemed completely normal during the practical exam for recommended student. It was a race, and he won, so even without his quirk, he should manage to at least run fast enough?


His timing was the worst in 50-meter dash, and it looked like he almost died during endurance running.

Aizawa sighed, looking down at his note again.

Midoriya Izuku – problem child #1, to be expelled.




“Izu… Izu! Hey, you alright there?”

Shinsou helped his friend up on his feet after the boy promptly collapsed on the ground after his 3.5 km run. The greenette tried to smile to assure him, but his face was turning closer to the shade of his hair.

The other students were looking at Izuku in a mixture of confusion and concern, while Bakugou was outright angry.

“SOOOO FUCKING WEAK!”, apparently the explosive putty mouth had also run out of insults to explain the horrendous performance of his neighbor.

“Quiet”, Eraserhead interrupted, “Now that everyone has finished. We will try everything again, and you are free to use your quirks this time.”

Bakugou was the first one to demonstrate with softball throwing.

“DIE!”, yelled the blond, the explosion force he released was strong enough to send dust flying everywhere.

Noone would have known where the ball went until Eraserhead held up his tracker that read 705.2 meters.

Izuku, and pretty much all the classmates were chatting excitedly, and in the mess of things, Eraserhead made an announcement that caused Hitoshi’s heart to fall dead.

Expulsion for the worst performer.

“It’s important for us to know our limits”, Aizawa said, “That’s the first rational step to figuring out what kind of heroes you’ll be…”

Shinsou clenched his fist. That was logical, if only his quirk could be of any help on these tasks.

Sensing his thoughts, Izuku squeezed his hand.

“Um. May I ask… How would you pass it then?”

The greenette spoke out loud, directing the question at the teacher and surprised Shinsou by his sudden braveness. Midoriya looked nervous when the teachers locked his eyes on him, but continued to explain his query anyway.

“You are pro hero Eraserhead. You can cancel others’ quirks but your quirk is not suitable for this kind of physical tests...”, said Izuku, “How would you not fail in this case?”

The mumbles among his classmates died off.

“Annoying but good question”, Aizawa grinned, “The answer is I don’t need a physical quirk to make sure I don’t end up dead last. I could always erase everyone’s quirks and made it another quirkless test. My physical strength had to be good enough, of course.”

The gears in Hitoshi’s head turned at the explanation. By that, it meant he didn’t have to apply his quirk to the task itself. He could use the people around…




If everyone was kind of pitiful towards Deku previously, now they couldn’t pick up their jaws, because the nerd was killing every single event. Well, except seated toe touch, but who the heck care about that. The only ones who seemed not surprised were the two other recommendation exam takers and of course, the nerd’s purple hair boyfriend.

What the fucking fuck…

How did Bakugou never know he had such a strong quirk?

Surely, he must have flaunted it once or twice?

“It’s telekinesis, isn’t it?”, Round face asked out loud after Deku got the same “infinity” score as her for ball throwing.

Mindfucker just shrugged and said, “Something like that.”

“It’s amazing he could control it to that level”, Ponytail said, “I almost thought he had a speed quirk during the exam."

“A bit over-reliant”, Frog girl chimed in, “though for such weak physics, it’s a miracle he managed to do so much.”




Aizawa really wanted to sleep right now.

Maybe he should go and kill Nezu first, or simply resign and save himself from this hell called life of a teacher.

Just to be sure, he focused his vision again and activated his quirk as the problem child was about to jump.

… Beep - 1,218m!


Initially Aizawa just wanted to teach the frail kid a lesson to know his limitation. No matter how strong his quirk was, he would be useless against villains with nullification quirks or when he was burnt out. The underground hero didn’t expect his quirk to not work at all on the brat.

Alright… Fine.

In the end, the class cheered in relief when he said the expulsion was just a rational ruse.

To make things worse, he spotted All Might peeking at his lesson from a nearby building. The guy even had the nerve to come up to rub it in his face about lying.

“Their potential is not zero… That’s all.”, said Eraserhead, though the other hero wasn’t finished.

“Just now… You tried to erase Midoriya’s quirk, didn’t you?”, All Might said, tone much quieter, “It didn’t work…”

Aizawa stopped, “You already know about this?”

“Ah.. Yes, by accident. I found out he may have a power somewhat similar to one of my archenemies”, the blonde hero said, shivering slightly, “I don’t know of all the quirks he have currently. But Midoriya is a good boy…”

“Quirks…”, Aizawa repeated, “so you think just now I failed because…”

“Yeah... you probably erased the wrong one.” All Might nodded with great confidence, “But no worry, Nezu trusts Midoriya and he was the one who persuaded the kid to put down his quirk as telekinesis only. I hate to agree, but others would surely find someone with that many powers worrying…”


Eraserhead said nothing as he regarded the pompous hero, wondering why someone so strong could be so stupid.







The said purple head turned to face a very serious looking Iida. The class just finished changing back to their uniform and about to return to their classroom.

“I know you don’t have much options. But controlling your classmates against their own will was incredibly un-heroic. I recommend you avoid doing that again in the future."

Hitoshi couldn’t say he didn’t see it coming after he forced almost half the class to help him pass the test.

“I will use my quirk how I want to use it”, Shinsou gritted his teeth and responded.

“But we are training to be hero! You shouldn’t-”

The blue hair male didn’t get to finish when Izuku cut him off, “Then what should he do?”

The greenette stepped in front of Shinsou to confront Iida, “Hitoshi’s quirk is brainwash and like the teacher said, he is free to use it to pass the test. He could have made you failed every task on his command, like Eraserhead said he would have erased everyone’s quirk. Hitoshi still let you complete your test at your best ability, he simply borrowed your strength. Why are you still criticizing him?”

Iida quiet at that.

“I’m sorry to say, but you are being mean, Iida-kun.” Izuku said, then turning around to address everyone, “I know some of you might feel uncomfortable at what Hitoshi did too, but he is my best friend and a kind person. Please put yourself in his shoes before you judge him.”

Somehow, the tension in the air dissolved after that.

Uraraka was the first to cheer Shinsou’s up, “Well I don’t mind it at all. Shinsou-kun helped me at the entrance exam so it’s only fair to return the favor.”

“I would appreciate some warning, but no sweat.”

“Right I don’t mind it too.”

Hitoshi didn’t expect to be let off the hook so easily, even Iida immediately took back what he said.

“I- I didn’t think about it that way.” The serious boy blurted out, bowing in an exaggerate apology, “That was short sighted of me. I’m sorry Shinsou-kun, Midoriya-kun!”

“No problem”, Hitoshi felt a little awkward by the positive attention.

Izuku just smiled, happy that everything went well, and no one had to leave.

“We will be classmates for a long time, please take care of me too.”






“Oh, Eraserhead”, Nezu was already ready with the tea when the teacher came into his office, “Are you done with your first homeroom session?”

Aizawa closed the door after him and made sure no one was around to eavesdrop before he got straight to the point, “Where you did you get that kid.”

“That kid?”, Nezu echoed, “I assume you mean Midoriya?”

Eraserhead kept silent as he stood there, making no move to sit down.

After considering his words, Nezu finally responded, “It was a rather interesting circumstance, though I’m under no obligation to explain to you… Unless you already know what it is, you wouldn’t believe anyway.”

Aizawa looked at the principal for a moment, observing his expression…

“I see”

Aizawa sighed, then casually, he walked closer and sat down on the sofa.

“… So you know he is a wizard.”

Chapter Text


Aizawa Shouta was born in a problematic household.

His father was a normal office worker, Muggle, with a nullification quirk activated by touch. His mother was a Squib from a pure blood wizard family. They kicked her out when she was just eleven, not wanting to deal with the shame of having a non-magical child. She met his father while working as a waitress and they fell in love.

They could have lived well in peace for a long time, but then his mother’s parents, after ten whole years, decided they wanted to take her back. She refused to go with the bastards, matter of fact, but after their many attempts to get in touch, which resulted in a few of their furniture ended up turning into livestock, it was obvious that she had to explain to her husband about the wizarding world.

He didn’t take it well, feeling deceived for not having known the person he called his wife for many years. From as early as Shouta could remember, his father had refused to talk to his mom and treated her like a distrustful witch.

His mother never lost her smile and optimism. She still showed affection to her husband every other day. She even told Shouta great stories of wizards as if they were full of wonders, even though her own parents had cruelly dumped her in a foreign place to fend for herself. Well, she purposefully did it at dinner time to terrorize his father, but Shouta considered it a very positive way of coping with how shitty life had treated her.

“Everything happened for a reason, my dear”, she used to tell him lovingly, “If I’m not a Squib, I would never have met your father. And we wouldn’t have you.”

Indeed, seeing a Japanese Muggle-wizard couple was like spotting dark magic performed at the Shibuya Crossing. Most people wouldn’t believe it, simply ignored it and then most likely proceeded to call the Ministry.

Japan had possibly the most secretive community of wizards ever. They strictly followed the Magic Code of Honor and avoided Muggles like plagues. Almost 99% of the entire Japanese magical population lived on a single island, the Minami Iwo Jima, where Mahoutokoro School of Magic situated. The school took in students as early as seven year-olds, especially those with Muggles’ background to help them integrated to wizard community and most if not all of them ended up settling there for the rest of their lives. The island grew much larger over the recent two centuries and housed hundreds of thousands of wizard families.

Once Shouta went to pre-school, his mother started teaching Muggles Studies at Mahoutokoro to better support the family. It was a good arrangement since the Japan Magic Institute was a day school (no point having a boarding system when most of the students and teachers lived nearby) and that allowed his mom to come home every day to her son and husband.

Everything was going fine, even when Shouta didn’t show any sign of magic affinity, even when his classmates bullied the boy for having an ‘evil quirk’, even when his father refused to help, even when he failed to get to the U.A. hero class and even when he was always hanging at the bottom of the class after earning his place there… It was never easy, but fine.

Until one day, a national warning was issued regarding risk of volcanic eruption from the group of southern islands and all flights passing the area had to be re-routed. Shouta told his mother, who didn’t watch Muggle news, but she simply dismissed the information as inconsequential, saying it was the wizards’ charm barrier discouraging Muggles from approaching too close to their habitat.

A week later, she went off in the morning as usual in a flock of storm petrels, and never came back.

Following day, the news confirmed that the whole island had been buried in ashes. Not only his mother had lost her life, the whole Japanese wizard community was almost completely wiped out. Very few managed to escape in time.

His father couldn’t overcome the grief and drown himself in alcohol. It turned out he really did love her, even though he refused to believe in her family origin. Till now, Aizawa couldn’t quite comprehend the mess that was humanity.

In the end, Muggles or wizards, everyone was just too stubborn and stupid.





Aizawa badly need coffee, but for now, he had to satisfy with tea offered by the principal.

“When did his family move away from Japan?”, asked the underground hero.

“Around thirteen or fourteen years ago, right after the incident at Mahoutokoto.” Nezu said, “Pretty lucky for them to avoid it from what I heard.”


Aizawa couldn’t snort loud enough at that, “Who need that when you have generations of famous seers in the household? They probably know all along.”

“If the Midoriyas had known, they would have alerted everyone as they always do.” The U.A. principal dismissed the idea, “Wizard seers don’t have clues on natural disasters from what I see. They could foresee wars, years before it happens, yet be pretty ignorant to events that are easily predictable by science. I would say we Muggles have the upper hand in that aspect.”

 “… Bunch of idiots.” Aizawa still looked rather pissed, though he didn’t deny the argument.

“The reason they moved away most likely had a lot to do with the backlash after that tragedy… Mahoutokoro is a touchy subject and they-”

“Whatever”, Eraserhead waved off the topic, “But this is not a school for wizards, why on earth did you bring that child here?”

Nezu turned cheerful, “He wants to join U.A. and I can’t deny the chance from someone with so much potential.”

“You just want to have fun.”

Aizawa pulled off an impressive eye roll, finished another cup of tea in one gulp, “I’m paid to teach kids how to use their quirks properly. I don’t have magic to entertain a wizard.”

Nezu simply waived off the concern, “You’re paid to train heroes. The concepts of fighting technique, strategy and rescue are all the same. And Midoriya-kun can manage his magic, he won’t need a teacher in that aspect. Just train him how to survive if he ever has to face a villain.”

Thinking of the fragile kid facing a deadly villain made Eraserhead shuddered, “This is a terrible idea.”

“Midoriya-kun is a very big hero fan. Don’t you think it would be better to have more people understanding the views from both worlds? Spells or quirks, magic or science are all valuable knowledge.”

Aizawa grunted, in a tone that suggests Nezu was dumber than a rat, “Fundamentally he’s a wizard, and worse, a pure blood child. I doubt he even know about Muggles until recently. His fascination was probably no different than that of a kid watching a super hero anime and wanted to become one.”

The principal shrugged, “He knows enough to start and his heart is right. His best friend, Hitoshi Shinsou, has a wizard mom but no magic so he had been attending Muggle schools. I say he must have educated Midoriya quite a bit.”

“Yet anyone could smell the overflowing lack of logic if they just paid enough attention”, deadpanned Eraserhead, “He has literally zero physical strength. Anyone in class could easily give his lazy ass a beating. He might have magic to back him up on a fair fight but against a villain he wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“And you would have deemed him hopeless, if not for the fact that you think he could improve on that.” Nezu continued, “Wizards don’t place high regards on physical training for their children, which is a huge mistake. We certainly can help develop him beyond his current limit.”

That certainly sounded like a pain. Aizawa wondered if it wasn’t too late to go back and expel the kid now for all he’s worth.

“I believe in you, Eraserhead. Weren’t you also struggling a lot with your physical during the three years in this school? You are the best to guide him”, Nezu managed to sound both encouraging and insulting.

Aizawa felt like he was being tied to a train track watching the blinding light that was his death approaching.

Was there any way he could escape this?

Probably not.




After Aizawa’s memorable first homeroom session, the class went through some pretty normal lessons.

Or at least it was for most of them. Midoriya remained nervous and completely focus on making sure he didn’t miss anything, hand flying high whenever a question was asked. Iida and Yaoyorozu, a girl with high pony tail, were the only ones participating as often as he did.

“You have to tune that down, Izu”, Shinsou cautioned him after their English lesson, “Or people will think you are that annoying I-know-it-all sort.”

“Eeh! B-but that’s not what I mean!”

Midoriya was appalled by his best friend’s statement, face flushing red.

“It’s absolutely okay, Midoriya”, Iida encouraged, “We aspiring-hero should strive to be our best in all aspects.”  

Shinsou snorted, couldn’t believe he thought such lame person was an ass.


During midday break. Izuku went with Hitoshi to the canteen, then Uraraka and Iida joined in their queue too.

Bakugou had made a mistake and got his lunch first. He sat down at one corner, believed that other extras would leave him be like how things were in middle school.

Once Izuku’s group gotten their food, the green head immediately spotted him and hovered over to his neighbor who was alone.

“Kacchan. Your plate is so full…”, amazed Izuku.

“HAH? It’s your food that’s fucking pathetic, Deku”, barked the angry blonde, popping another big piece of steak and two broccolis into his mouth, “I bet you don’t even eat. Anyone could tell from that weak ass performance.”

“Mean Kacchan”, pouted Midoriya with no hint of bite as he casually set his tray down opposite of his neighbor. “Oh this morning did you go early?”

“No way am I going to share space with so many extras on the train!”

“Good idea.” The green head grinned, turning to Shinsou sitting next to him, “Tomorrow we should wake up early too.”

“Fuck off. Don’t you dare copy-”


Bakugou were few seconds too late to respond as it suddenly daunted to him that Shinsou, Uraraka and Iida had followed Izuku’s lead and sat down on the same table. A guy with shitty red hair and a girl with freaking huge racoon eyes actually settled down on either side of Katsuki without him realizing.

“Leave me the fuck alone!”

He yelled, only to get ignored by the extras. Hell, more and more of them were all joining in. Not even Half-and-half, who was sitting on the other end, could escape from getting dragged in to the huge group.

 “It’s so great to sit together with friends.”

Deku, the dumbass, said cheerfully while Shitty Hair nodded his head enthusiastically in agreement. They went through a round of introduction of themselves and their quirks, in which Bakugou and Todoroki very reluctantly participated, until the bell rang to signal lunch break over.




In the afternoon, they had Hero Basic Foundation class in the third period. Everyone was beyond excited when All Might burst in through the door.


The number one hero was in his healthy form and silver age costume. Most of the classmates still didn’t know that All Might was going to be teaching at U.A and couldn’t stop chattering enthusiastically. Izuku fought the urge to clap like the fanboy he was.

“A normal person doesn’t make that kind of entrance…”, Shinsou whispered next to him, feeling the need to reprimand the green head in case he got the wrong idea and started breaking doors in the same manner.

Bakugou, bored out of his mind the whole day, finally felt the kick when All Might announced it was going to be battle training. It was still the first day and he’s allowed to use his quirk to shut up some losers. Hell Yeah!

“Let’s split you into villains and heroes!”, All Might smiled, “You all may pick your own partner.”

The class went into a mild state of panic. There was not enough time to make any friend. Bakugou was just grunting that he needed no extra baggage when someone grabbed his hand. He turned to see sparking emerald eyes.

Of course, it was Deku.

“Let’s pair up, Kacchan!”

Bakugou couldn’t deny he was feeling quite smug about it, at least the nerd knew who’s best, not that Katsuki wanted to pair with him, at all.

“What about your purple boyfriend?”, he asked instead.

“Eh no, Hitoshi and I aren’t like that.”, Deku corrected him, looking mildly scandalized by the suggestion, “and Uraraka has paired with him.”

Katsuki snorted, pleased for unknown reason, “Whatever.”

After everyone settle with their group, the battle was lamely decided by drawing lots.




“Watch closely and try to learn something, everyone.”

The rest of the class stood with All Might in the observation room while waiting for the first two teams to prepare themselves.

“It’s the top dogs fight”, Shinsou commented. Three recommendation students and the top scorer of the entrance exam for normal candidates. All Might didn’t need to ask for their attention; everyone was excited and absolutely focus on the screens.

First match: Midoriya Izuku & Bakugou Katsuki (Villain) versus Todoroki Shouto & Yaoyorozu Momo (Hero)





“Stop fucking brooding!”, yelled Bakugou.

“I-I’m just conflicted”, Midoriya took in a deep breath, “I’m fine, I’m fine with being a villain. It’s just an exercise…”

“It’s a battle, dumbass. It doesn’t matter as long as we win”, the blonde grinned confidently.


Izuku had quite a few things to say about that but they had more pressing matter to settle before preparation time ran out.

“We need a plan. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki are tough opponents.”

“Fucking fact! Those cheater quirks…”

“She could create just anything; He could conjure ice, in very large range, and apparently fire, even though he said he would never… Todoroki would most likely start with…”

The green head then went into his nerd mode and started mumbling a storm of theories. Katsuki managed to follow for the first one minute until he had enough.

“Fuck strategy!”, roared the blonde, who usually just barged in and relied on his instinct, “I get Icyhot, you get Ponytail and we done.”

“Shh Kacchan. Don’t you know most fights are decided within the first 10 seconds? We have to think wisely.” Izuku calmed him.

“What kind of shitty fights are those!?”




Indoor antipersonnel battle training. Start!


“Wait outside. It’s about to get frosty in here.”, said Todoroki to his teammate, Yaoyorozu looked a bit hesitant but followed the instruction nonetheless. Momo had seen how massive his power range was during the entrance exam for recommended candidates. She would hate to get in the way…

The two-toned hair boy put his hand against the wall and started channeling his ice, “Our opponents think they’re playing a defensive game, but it means nothing to me.”

Once everything seemed to be frozen, including the observation room where All Might and other classmates were stationed, Todoroki started walking further into the building. He thought he wasn’t underestimating them, except he was. The dual color hair boy was just coming out from the staircase to the second floor when Bakugou turned up at the first corner.


The wild blonde attacked without hesitation, swinging his arm and creating an explosion strong enough to damage the concrete wall. Todoroki quickly jumped to the side, right arm raised to return the favor with a string of icicles. Bakugou pulled back to dodge.

Yaoyorozu, captured.

All Might announced through the ear piece, surprised Todoroki. It was barely three minutes into the exercise.

“It seems Deku doesn’t suck too badly!”

Bakugou said, grinning madly while he focused on his own prey. Shouto could practically see the ‘die die die’ floating on the air around the aggressive blonde.

He clenched his fist, “Did both of you decide not to defend at all?”

“Attack is the best defense, fucker!” Katsuki yelled as he charged in again, “Especially when you thought we would stay in one place like some standard losers.”

Unfortunately, Bakugou explosions were close range while Shouto’s quirk was both wider range and incredibly fast, even after the boy froze the entire building. The blonde cursed as he darted to the side to avoid another wave of ice.

He almost missed the ice coming up from the ground to grab his ankle

Bakugou roared in anger as his body was sent flying back. Todoroki suddenly turned stuff and the boy dramatically slipped off the ice he himself created and furiously turned around to try locating the other opponent. The building had many narrow paths and blond spots. It would be difficult for him to deal with two foes are once.

“Get lost Deku!”, yelled Bakugou as he floated at a terribly awkward angle off the ground, “This is my fight! Go guard the fucking weapon!”

“Oops- Sorry Kacchan.”

Izuku stuttered, releasing his hold from the blonde by smashing him into Todoroki’s back.

The dual hair boy quickly identified Midoriya’s location and then put up an ice wall separating Bakugou from him, before charging after the green head.




“Wow, the two of them are intense”, Sero muttered, referring to the wild Bakugou who was smashing explosions to force his way pass the ice wall, and Todoroki, who was chasing after Midoriya and mercilessly sending waves after waves of ice as if there was no limit to his quirk.

“Yeah… meanwhile I can’t decide if Midoriya is taking it seriously, or if he is just a derp.”

Kaminari commented, looking at said classmate who had been running for his life. It looked more like a game of tag between him and Todoroki rather than a match.

"It's not manly, but he doesn't have a choice. Todoroki's attacks are vicious." Kirishima scratched his head, "It's odd... His quirk seems much stronger during the assessment this morning..." 

Shinsou snorted as his best friend tripped on his feet yet again and unintentionally escape one of Todoroki’s ice shot. It might look like the heterochromatic boy was attacking carelessly, but he had been controlling his power to make sure the ice never blocked out the narrow path and preventing him from moving forward.

Yaoyorozu, who had come back to the monitor room after being taken out, sighed as she observed her teammate, “We are totally led on.”




“Fully loaded.”

Bakugou smirked as he checked his gauntlet. Half-and-half bastard was imprudent if he thought Katsuki didn’t have any range. He had thought about his support gears for years until he ended up with this design. It looked cool and also practical as it helped store up his sweat, the ultimate fuel for his power. Now, time to test out this new attack.

The only concern he had was the nerd who might also be within close distance from Icyhot. However, if he was ready to become a hero, then taking a little beating should be no sweat, right?

After Katsuki took down the little ice wall, it was stupidly easy to find Icyhot who left traces of his attack everywhere. It merely took him a minute to catch up to the two. He stopped just before the last door of the highest level, peeking in to determine his target’s location.

“Where is the weapon?”, questioned Half-and-half as he scanned the place, only realizing his mistake then.

“Eh.. You see…”, the sound of Deku’s nervous chuckle echoed in the empty room.

Taking in a deep breath, Katsuki put his finger on the safety pin of his gauntlet and ran in, catching both Icyhot and Deku in the mid of their action.

Stop! Bakugou.

All Might’s warning boomed in his ear piece, but Katsuki ignored it.

 “Dodge, Deku!”, he screamed, pulling the trigger.

Instead of moving away, the green nerd’s eyes widened, and for some foolish reason, instead of taking cover, he launched his body to the front.

“Kacchan. Wait-”

A huge blast was released the second the pin was off. It was much larger than even Bakugou himself had anticipated.


The blonde cursed as the heat and dust blinded his vision. Katsuki had aimed a little off so that it wouldn’t hit them directly. Nonetheless, he didn't take into account Deku who moved closer in the last second.

Bakugou was trying to find his stupid neighbor among the mess of concrete when he heard the familiar cracking sound of ice formation. The room temperature suddenly turned so cold that his palms refused to generate any sweat to help him get out from the situation. Bakugou swore as his entire body was encased in ice.

Fucking Half-and-Half.




The class watched in horror at the massive explosion that took off a huge chunk of the building.

“Wait. I thought this was just practice”, Kirishima stuttered.

“That’s so scary”, Ashido frown, “though at least Todoroki got a hold of Bakugou now…”

All Might was never more relieved to see his stopwatch came back to zero.

“Time’s up, Villain team win! Everyone please come back to monitor room.”

Having made the announcement, he quickly ran out.




Shouto sighed as he heard the exercise conclusion.

He walked to reheat the ice and release his classmates. Bakugou was still cursing a storm and snarling at him, though the blonde shifted his attention to his teammate once he had been freed.

Midoriya was still frozen in the same position with his arms and legs out stretched. The idiot had moved on instinct and covered Todoroki from the explosion, which the dual hair boy didn’t know whether to feel offended or thankful for. To be honest, Shouto would probably have better off being hit by it, since he could conjure ice to shield himself. Instead, he had accidentally shot it at the green boy. They were all lucky this didn’t turn into a serious incident.

“Deku, you okay?”

That was probably the first soft expression Todoroki had seen from the aggressive dandelion.

“Y-yeah… We won, Kacchan.”, Midoriya put on a brave face as he chuckled. Despite his weak physics, the boy seemed to have good pain tolerance. “I thought I was going to die.”

Bakugou snorted at the green head’s drama, relieved that he could still joke around. He held the neighbor’s arm to steady him while Todoroki melt down the rest of the ice, which obviously would take a while given the whole building was covered in it. Midoriya sustained quite a few burns even after the ice had helped mellow down the effect. He looked fine though, a little disoriented but not alarming.

That was what Shouto had thought until the green boy tried to take a step and his knees buckled, eyes grazed over.





Izuku was no stranger to bully.

After all, he was a favourite target at the beginning of his first year in Hogwarts.

For someone who had been staying in the comfort of his home for eleven years, the boy was always nervous and even more so in a crowd of strangers. Seeing his leaky eyes, some first-years started calling him names and laughed at him.

And then he was sorted into Slytherin. Izuku didn’t think much about it, whichever house sounded awesome anyway, until he realized some of the seniors who had knew him, taught him spells and encouraged him to be brave, suddenly turned a cold shoulder. The bullies started and he became aware of his house history.

“Slytherin is the origin of evil. You must be taught to behave.”

“Wimp! We haven’t done anything, you are crying already”

“Coward snake!”

Izuku did not understand why he was being judged by the house he went to. None of his housemate was treated with so much hatred from others. Even Hitomi, who was a seventh-year senior then and a Gryfindor Head Girl, could not guard him off the bullies all the time.

“They pick on you because you are kind.” Hitomi had told him, “Trust me, I have seen bullies every year in Hogwarts and they don’t pick the house, they pick the nicest kids who would endure and not report them.”

Izuku wiped his tears, sniffing, “I don’t like to be in this house. They say Slytherin will make me bad.”

“Bullshit”, Hitomi said without skipping a beat, “Any house has black sheep. Albus Severus Potter and Merlin also came from Slytherin and they were very successful wizards.”

Merlin, a pure blood, fought for Muggles’ right from the beginning of time and believed magic should be used to help everyone, wizards or Muggles. Other houses tended to conveniently forget that he came from Slytherin and was even under the bias founder’s teaching. There was no better example to show that anyone were their own person.

Hitomi was having quite enough of this. Her brother was judged by his quirk and now Izu-chan was bullied because of his sorting. It had to be stopped before she left at the end of the year. She didn’t want to see a good kid like Izuku turn out to be a delinquent under this toxic environment.

“Izu-chan. Have you considered a club?”

“No… not yet”, Izuku wiped his tears, “Noone is really fond of me now so I just want to stay alone, not meeting even more new people…”

Hitomi snorted, “Great. You will join the dueling club meet tomorrow.”

“Ehh! B-but I don’t want to duel… Wouldn’t that make people hate me more?”

“They already hate you.” Hitoshi grinned, “Might as well let them know they are playing with fire.”

The next day, Izuku turned up at the meeting, and immediately many of his bullies thought it was a golden chance to publicly humiliate him. They couldn’t be more wrong. The outcome wasn’t pretty. The school nurse was fuming, but thankfully, Izuku didn’t get into any trouble as he had only used defensive spells. His permanent apologetic face and leaky eyes also helped a lot.

After the incident, Izuku didn’t come back to the dueling club but the bully ceased completely. It didn’t mean he stopped getting involved though.

Soon enough, they switched target. It became another baby-face Gryffindor kid, then another shy Hufflepuff, then again a Slytherin... Izuku would stand up to the bullies every time. It resulted in his clothes being burnt often and loads of House points deducted, but Izuku couldn’t be prouder. If previously, Izuku learnt magic simply out of boredom and curiosity, then now he gained a new purpose. He needed it to protect people who were hurting, people who were just like him. He wanted to be kind, but sometimes kindness wasn't enough to help. Sometimes, justice could only be served when a hero win.

Once he settled himself with that aspiration, no amount of effort was spare. The strongest people were the people who wished to protect, like Merlin, like All Might, and there were many who needed protection in the world, whether wizard or Muggles, pure blood or half blood, people with no magic or people with no quirk, even people who hurt others need help too.

One day, Izuku would be there for all of them. He would be their light, their justice, their peace.





“Beep* To the infirmary.”

“I know. *Beep.”

Izuku was waken up by some rather strange sounds.

Two machines were talking and apparently transporting him somewhere, Izuku sat up slowly with a groan. The robots stopped as he did so. The green boy would have been fascinated by them, if his skull wasn’t aching so badly.

Did he mix up the incantation? Or was Kacchan's attack so strong it brew right pass the shield?

“Young Midoriya”, All Might went to him, patting his back, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy.”

The teacher pulled out a bag of gummy bears, “Have some of these, Recovery Girl gave them to me in case anyone need to restore stamina.”

Midoriya took three, immediately felt much better after eating them.

“Are we coming back to class?”, Izuku asked, then switched the question around when he saw the look of worry on All Might’s face, “I want to come back to hear the comments, please!”

“Okay my boy.” The blonde hero gave in, “But have a few more gummy bears, Recovery Girl would come after me if she heard of this. And you will have to visit her infirmary at the end of the lesson, alright?”

Izuku hugged the muscle man, who was startled by sudden show of affection, “Thank you so much!”




Bakugou was positively pissed when he saw All Might came back to the monitor room with Deku,

“Shouldn’t you go to the nurse office?”

That was Todoroki’s talking, Bakugou would have added a lot more flowery adjectives.

“I want to hear the comment.” Midoriya chirped, still looking rather off, though he wasn’t as pale as when Katsuki last saw him on the long board. “I think because of the explosion and then being frozen, I didn’t get enough oxygen!

The green head explained, looking stupidly delighted by the obvious conclusion for his fainting spell. Bakugou wanted to punch his face but other extras had surrounded the soft looking boy, checking on his condition and congratulating him on the victory.

All Might coughed to gain their attention.

“Okay, that was definitely a memorable first round. Who do you think is the MVP of this match?”

Momo’s hand shot up right away. Seeing no other taker, All Might gestured to the recommended student to speak up.

“It’s Midoriya-san, All Might sensei.”

Not waiting for the teacher’s further prompt, the girl went straight into a detail explanation for her judgement.

“He jumped off from the top of the building, captured me in one go and brought the weapon down to the first floor, then went to assist his teammate and lured Todoroki-san all the way to the highest level until the time ran out.” Momo summarized in one breath, “He probably wanted to capture both of us at first, but since Todoroki-san wasn’t easy to approach, they also have a back-up strategy to buy time. It’s a throughout plan from the Villain team.”

Midoriya pale face suddenly gained the color of beetroot; Momo just casually moved onto the other classmates’ performance.

“Bakugou did his part of the same plan, but his actions were rather reckless. In a building with unstable structure, especially one where there is a deadly weapon in it, he should mellow down his explosion. The last attack was definitely overboard, and injured his sole ally.”

Bakugou’s face turned several shades darker, obviously pissed though the blonde chose to clench his jaw and said nothing to protest against the comments.

“Uh I think you didn’t give Kacchan enough credit.” Midoriya felt the need to add in, “I was very fixated on how to defend the weapon not able to come up with any feasible idea, while he insisted on attacking. We wouldn’t have come out with this plan without him.”

"Good plan, indeed." If Todoroki was upset about his lost, he didn’t let his voice show it. “I should have figured something was wrong. Midoriya could have pushed me back a lot more with his quirk but he always kept me within his vision. It was obvious he wanted me to follow.”

Yaoyorozu comforted her teammate, “It’s difficult to block off two opponents in that building with many narrow pathways. I’d have better gone in with Todoroki-san, or at least watch my surrounding more carefully. We were overconfident that the villain team would be on defense. In an actual situation, they might not be aware how many heroes were coming, so leaving the weapon unprotected wouldn’t be wise, but it’s definitely a workable strategy in this exercise, and we should have factored that into our actions.”

All Might suddenly looked like he was nervous, slightly intimidated by the outstanding analysis from a student. “V-very good! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well done, Yaoyorozu!”

“Thank you, sensei.” Momo blushed at the generous compliment, “We’ve got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don’t earnestly cheer each other on, we’ll never be top heroes.”

Other classmates nodded in agreement and some cheered Momo up with some encouragement.

All Might gave a proud smile at his first class of students.

“Whether you win or lose, you can always come out ahead by learning from the experience”, he said, specifically directing at Todoroki and Bakugou, “Make sure you reflect on your decision and learn from your classmates’ fights. Always ask yourself ‘what could I have done better?’ That’s the spirit. Plus Ultra!”

Midoriya joined a few of his classmate in the last part of the number one hero’s speech, pumping his fist in the air as they shouted the school’s motto together.

Chapter Text

“You get wrecked less than expected.”

Midoriya’s homeroom teacher said when he spotted the green hair student at the infirmary. Izuku wasn’t sure whether to be consoled or offended.

“… I’m sorry.” He resorted to apologize, which was basically the green head’s automatic response to all world problems.

Eraserhead had shown up with Nezu to check in with Recovery Girl on his injury, something Izuku appreciated, albeit confused. In Hogwarts, the professors never visited Izuku no matter how many lessons he missed. They always assumed he would eventually pull through.

“Could have been worse,” said Recovery Girl, frowning as she summarized the damage. “Third degree burns on his chest and arms. Lucky his wounds were immediately iced by his classmate, or there will be some severe scarring.”

She passed some notes to Eraserhead and said, “I’ve fixed him up. Let the boy take it easy for the rest of the day.”

Izuku perked up, “May I return to Ground Beta then? I want to catch the rest of All Might’s lesson.”

“Young man, I just said you take it easy.”

“But my match is over, I just need to watch others… Please!”, Izuku added the last bit with pleading puppy eyes for good measures.

The inquisitive boy was forced to leave shortly after hearing his team’s comments (“You better fucking get your ass to the nurse right now, Deku!”) instead of staying to watch the rest of the battle trials. Izuku had seen his classmates applied their quirks in the morning assessment but observing them in combat situations would be a better way to gauge their skills in competitive situations.

Recovery girl forced a few more gummy bears into his hand.

“This better not become a habit, kid. No student should end up here on their first day.” The nurse made sure to reprimand Midoriya, “If I see you again within this month, expect an earful from me, you hear?... Now, you may go.”

Izuku leapt out of his seat before the old woman could change her mind, bowing in apology for any trouble, then hurried for the door. Much to his surprise, Nezu and Eraserhead also stood up and followed him.

“He will probably see you again soon.” Aizawa told the old nurse as he walked out, obviously intended for Midoriya to hear him.

Too bad, Izuku was pretty much immune to verbal insults.

“Eh… May I take my leave?!”, the green boy asked uncertainly, still hanging onto his last hope to observe his friends’ matches.

Nezu threw that hope out the window in utmost cheery tone.

“Come with us, Midoriya-kun. Let’s talk in my office. You can hear all about your classmates’ battles tomorrow.”




Bakugou wasn’t having a good day.

It was all because of Icyhot. Fuck that guy and his nonchalant stupid smug face.

He looked like he didn’t give a fuck about losing the match… as if it was his win.

It didn’t help when Katsuki already felt defeated despite the outcome of the battle trial. Deku was badly injured. They were so close to being captured before the time ran out. His sweat was rendered useless against the cold. It was the worst feeling ever. Bakugou hated being helpless. He had hoped to never have to feel that again after the Sludge incident.

Even without Half-and-half bastard, just comparing to others in the same match, Ponytail had a much better grasp of the strategy and battle dynamic, while Deku, who was weak as shit, still managed to outdo him.

Such an embarrassment. Katsuki would explode himself if he could.

He came to U.A. to become the best, to surpass All Might, not to be seconded by anyone.

He couldn’t wait for the day to be over.

Today was just a starting point. Katsuki would never let himself feel like this again.




Izuku wished he could return to class as soon as possible. Instead, he found himself in Nezu’s office, wasting time.

“Have some biscuits, Midoriya-kun. You look tired.”

The mouse face principal said kindly, pushing the plate towards the student, acting like they had all the time in the world.

“He looks dead on his feet”, Aizawa corrected the principal. It seemed that he was set on proving Izuku was not cut out for this whole heroic thing every chance he got.

Midoriya sweated nervously, biting back his question on why his homeroom teacher was still there. He was used to have casual tea sections with Nezu, but this didn’t seem like one of those. It looked like a serious disciplinary meeting.

Oh Merlin. What did he do wrong?

Back in Hogwarts, Izuku had only visited the headmaster room once, and it was because he mis-deflected a hex from a bully and consequently turned the school caretaker into a human slug fountain. This time, no one had vomited snails yet. He shouldn’t be sent to the principal office so soon.

Eraserhead had said he was lying about expelling someone this morning. What if he’d reconsidered and thought Izuku was too troublesome to keep around? No. He didn’t want to be expelled on his first day!

“You are a pain, indeed”, Aizawa shut off the nervous babbling kid, “Relax, Midoriya. You aren’t expelled… Not today, at least.”

His words made Izuku relieved for a moment and skeptical in the next.

“You aren’t expelled.” Nezu repeated with a more affirmative tone, easing the student.

The animal principal was casually sitting on Aizawa’s shoulder, sipping his tea as if it was an everyday occurrence. Izuku reckoned it must be since Eraserhead didn’t even bat an eye when the rodent made himself comfortable.

“I just want to inform you… Aizawa-sensei will be the closest person you may run to when you need any help. He is your homeroom teacher, and he also knows about your kind.”

“Oh?”, that caught Izuku’s attention again, the question of “how did he know” barely left his lip before the grumpy man shot him down in his bored tone.

“I don’t know anything about magic, so don’t bother with that. Other things, I will decided if I want to deal.”

No magic… He was either a Squib, or a half like Shinsou?

Izuku’s brain worked out some possibilities but he smartly held himself back from asking since the pro-hero didn’t look like he was open to talk.

Nezu seemed to silently agree and changed the topic without further explanation.

“By the way, I’m surprised you didn’t use any defense against Bakugou-kun’s explosion?”

“I did,” said Izuku.

If there was anything the green hair boy was best at, it was defensive spells. He knew them by the back of his hand, and they rarely ever failed him.

“I don’t know what happened. The last time I used protego… it was before my entrance exam!? I forget about it till now.”

“Hmm…” Nezu hummed as he remembered how Midoriya reported his attendance that day in disheveled attire after he got caught up with a slime villain. The incident was reported on national news. “When did you shield up?”

“Right before I ran in.” The student recalled, “It must have shattered at some point or my clothes shouldn’t get any burn marks.”

Nezu, for some reason, found the Izuku’s repeated failures very interesting, “Great. This is probably one of the magic limitations that we didn’t think about.”

Aizawa asked, “Does your spell only work against magical attack?”

Izuku wondered if the underground hero expected wizards to be throughout morons, “Er – No. Protego can nullify both magical and physical forces.”

“Can someone pierce through a shield once it’s casted?”, asked Nezu.

Izuku nodded, “Of course. It’s useless against It depends on the person’s magic ability and experience. If I face someone much stronger, the shield is bound to fail-”

Before the boy could finish, Nezu suddenly roared with uncontrollable laughter, spilling tea all over Aizawa’s capture gear.  It took a good three minutes till the rodent come out of it. Eraserhead looked so done.

“I got it.” Nezu clapped his hands together, gleefully explained his theory.

“When you said it depends on your magical skills, that was likely because you only consider the magical protection part of the shield. The physical part should still rely on your physics. In this case, Bakugou-kun’s quirk was obviously stronger than your shield’s physical limit and cut right through it.”

Midoriya let out a soft gasp, then nodded his head in agreement. The shield had different thresholds for magic and physics… That made a lot of sense.

The green haired wizard had only ever use shields to block magical spells or weak physical forces such as wind or rain, never anything with the magnitude of an explosion. No wonder the shield was broken down so easily.

“What about rebound spells? Do you think they would still work?”, asked Izuku hesitantly.

“To deflect a physical force instead of another spell? Following the same logic, I believe they won’t be effective.” Nezu replied, very much delighted by his own discovery, “You better avoid this class of charms, Midoriya-kun.”

“I see,” muttered Izuku, visibly deflated, “That’s a shame.”

Aizawa sighed as he gave his opinion, making sure the green kid understood the tough fight he had gotten himself into.

“Ever since quirks came about, human physics had rapidly improved generations after generations. You see people like Todoroki or Bakugou with high resistance to temperature due to the nature of their quirks. There are also cases like Ashido. Her quirk has nothing to do with speed, but she is one of the fastest in your class. You are no match for them, not to mention the fact that wizard education places zero focus on physical. I bet even a quirkless Muggle have higher physical endurance than you.”

It was a harsh reality check. Nezu didn’t stop the form teacher from putting it out. Aizawa himself had a hard time measuring up to his classmates back during his days. It was tough, but not impossible, and Nezu had strong faith in his recommendation. Midoriya simply had to prove himself to the underground hero that he deserved his place in the heroic department.

“…I understand.”




Izuku was still in deep thought when he returned to 1-A for the last period of the day. Cementoss let him in without any question and continued his Modern Literature lesson.

He tried his best to stay focus on the lesson, but his mind constantly drifted off.

The meeting with Aizawa and Nezu had left him with a lot to think about.

Izuku had always been confident in his protection spells. He preferred them over hex or jinx. They were especially wonderful in helping him skirt around Hogwarts rules. For all the fights the boy had involved himself in, he’d never face serious punishment, all thanks to those shield and deflection charms. Even when Izuku was given permission to attack others during the interschool tournament, defense magic was still his go-to move.

The green head had to count himself lucky that the entrance exam had a rule against taking down other candidates or he would be defenseless and fail. Technically, recommended candidates were guaranteed to be accepted but who knew what could happen if the anxious boy humiliated himself enough.

Without being able to utilize his favourite spells, Izuku had to break out of his habits. Unfortunately, that process required time and Izuku would likely become dead meat before it happened. He had to figure another way around...


Shinsou sighed as he glanced at his best friend. Class had ended over five minutes ago but Midoriya was still in his own world, mumbling some incoherent stuff Hitoshi couldn’t make out.

The purple head was about to shake him out of it when he was rudely interrupted.

“GO HOME DEKU!”, Bakugou shouted, unnecessarily loud, “Didn’t know I fried your brain too.”

Finally snapped out of his stupor, Izuku switched back to his friendly self, “Kacchan. Let’s go home together!”

“WHAT!?”, that was Hitoshi yelling, “No. We aren’t going home with him.”

“That’s my line, fucker! Who want to go with you??!”

“Now now, we are all heading out the same direction…” Midoriya chastised, amused at his friends’ antics.

The three of them ended up walking together anyway, despite Katsuki and Hitoshi snarling and taunting one another the whole time. Iida and Uraraka also joined them. The rest of their classmates had family members (or chauffeurs in the case of Todoroki and Yaoyorozu) picking them up. Shinsou was pleased enough to engage in conversation with the two ‘not-Bakugou’ classmates.

They filled Izuku in on the matches after he left. Shinsou and Uraraka lost against Iida and Hakagure. Considering Hakagure’s stealth and Iida’s speed holding defense, it was an expected outcome in Izuku’s opinion.

“Iida-kun had MVP for removing everything on the floor and basically rendered my quirk useless”, Ochako explained, pouting.

Iida patted her shoulder, “You two were really close though, Hakagure was captured by Shinsou. He just didn’t have enough time to find you. It would have been difficult for me to face you both.”

Shinsou waved off the idea, “I got lucky. Hakagure accidentally trip on her own feet right before catching up to me, else I would have been captured before even realizing.”

Bakugou snorted, though he was oddly quiet at the enormous chance to boast about his victory match. Izuku suddenly remembered how he had almost ruined their plan and went in the way of his teammate’s line of fire. If Todokoki had just a minute longer, he would have easily put the capture tapes on both of them.

“Sorry Kacchan. I should have dodged your attack.”, the green head apologized to Bakugou, bubbly mood gone within seconds.

“Shut it there Deku.” The blonde immediately cut him off.

“I think everyone did well.” Uraraka cheered, bright and happy, “We will definitely do better next time.”

“Right, I will!”, boomed Bakugou, “I will beat everyone’s ass!”

That led to Shinsou sneering at him and the two got into another round of spiteful verbal match. Izuku just laughed with Uraraka while Iida scolded the other boys for shouting. 1-A had an odd dynamic, but Izuku was glad to gain so many new friends.

Overall, his first day of high school wasn’t easy. Nonetheless, Izuku wouldn’t have it any other way. The wizard boy didn’t come to U.A. expecting a walk in the park. He always knew he was way behind the rest here. He just had to push himself harder.




It wasn’t just the first day of high school for Midoriya and the gang, it was also the first teaching experience for a certain number one pro hero.

It wasn’t Toshinori’s intention to pit the recommended students in 1-A and the top entrance exam scorer together. Nonetheless, the blonde couldn’t deny it was his best decision to let their match be the first to go. Their competitiveness, determination, focus and strategy had inspired their classmates instantly, resulting in their battles looking a lot more intense than those in 1-B. The number one hero himself was deeply impressed.

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t his best judgement to allow Bakugou to bring in his grenade support item. Why did Nezu approve such dangerous gears?... Suddenly his colleagues’ warning of the headmaster’s sadistic tendency made perfect sense.

Toshinori wasn’t surprised when Recovery Girl gave him a scolding him about young Midoriya’s injury… As if he wasn’t feeing guilty enough toward the green kid.

Luckily, he wasn’t hurt too badly, thanks young Todoroki. The dual hair male was no doubt Endeaver’s child, owning such powerful quirk and being able to control it so well at his age. He would undoubtedly grow up to become a reliable hero, though Toshinori wouldn’t consider the ice boy a suitable candidate for One for All. His lack of emotion aside, the boy simply looked disinterested in everything. On the other end of the spectrum, there was young Bakugou who was a little too passionate that it came out almost violent.

“If you are looking for someone perfect, might as well choose a pro hero instead of a student”, Nezu pointed out.

The rodent had dragged All Might into his office again.

Toshinori brushed off the suggestion, chuckling as he munched on a biscuit, “No. Definitely not.”

A pro had their profile well identified by the authority. Giving them a new quirk would raise too much suspicion. That was why One for All was often given to people with low profile, or a teenager who had yet obtained a hero license.

Nezu regarded him with a knowing gaze, “Then stop scrutinizing the students when you’ve already passed on your power.”

The blonde man was so shocked he bit his own tongue. He didn’t expect anyone to find out so quickly.

“You are easy to read, All Might.”

Toshinori stared at the genius animal, amazed (and terrified), “H-how!?”

Nezu shrugged, “You didn’t go full panic when I told you about the ‘deadline’, so I figured you had someone in mind already then. Today, your depressing aura is gone even though you said there was no potential successor among the first-years. I can easily put two and two together.”

All Might coughed, a little embarrassed, “Then I guess you also know who was chosen.”

Nezu didn’t confirm but it wasn’t a question.

“At least the boy is in U.A… Makes it easier to cover for you two.”, the principal said in a neutral tone, taking the tea pot to refill his cup, “He has good guardians too.”




On another side of U.A. Ken Ishiyama let out a sneeze. It sounded like muffled thunder. The ground shook a little.

“You okay there?”, Thirteen asked. “That better not be Nezu thinking up some crazy jobs for us again.”

“Hm,” muttered Cementoss, wiping at his nose, “…Feels like him.”


The black hair boy standing next to them burst into laughter.

“We are your mentors at school, respect us”, Thirteen scolded the boy, “And stop bringing your game console to class!”

“I always respect you. And this is after school hours,” the boy reasoned, “I have done my part, too.”


“Okay, we are finished here,” Cementoss said before the two started arguing again, “Let’s go.”

He pressed a button on his communication device and called for a vehicle.

“Oh. We still aren’t done?” The lanky boy asked, putting the console back into his jumper’s pocket. He had hoped to meet All Might again to have some training with him.

Thirteen answered, “USJ need to be checked. The first years will have rescue lesson there next week”.

A mini car came to pick them up, The two teachers sat in front while the teenager got into the back seat, pulling out his game device again.

“Put that away, Tenko Ishiyama.” Cementoss said, glaring at his adopted son through the rear-view mirror. He wasn’t the nagging type, but he could be strict when needed.

The boy smiled sheepishly, “Sure, dad.”