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|15. 07. 19.|

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This was stupid. Your feet galloped over the underbrush, going on and on. Every muscle in your body ached, lungs begging for air but you refused to stop. Thundering across the forest floor as tears streamed down the apples of your face, torrential and swimming in a sea of flashing lights and blurry vision. This hurt. This hurt so bad. How long had you been running? God, it felt like hours. Wind whipped your face, skin stinging at the sharp, cool air and your hair flowed roughly behind you. No matter how far you ran, you couldn't get the image of his big, obsidian pupils or the way his eyes were wide and unseeing as they focused on something yet nothing out of your head. You pressed the cat's head closer to your chest, hand cupping his cheek as you tore your eyes from the forest and looked down. His jaw was agape, locked into a never-ending yowl. The sound of his muted meows and last few weak pants echoed in your ears, a sob racking through you as you wrenched your eyes shut. Legs pushing forward until your right leg reached out, hoping to hit the ground but coming up short as you quickly tumbled down. A yelp slipped past your lips as your body toppled down the small incline, rolling slowly to a stop as you curled up on the dusty ground. 

Loose dirt dug into the ducts of your eyes as you tried to push yourself up, your spine popping out in a cry of disagreement at your meek attempt to stand. You flopped back down onto the earth, laying on your side as more tears fell down in salty hot, bulbous droplets. Your throat was parched, dry from screaming and crying so hard. The time didn't feel real, this didn't feel real. You a few hours ago didn't exist anymore, a faraway memory of a fit of fury and running. 

Karl was dead. You couldn't believe he was actually gone. He was the best damn cat that you had ever had. He didn't deserve this, you didn't deserve that. Watching Karl pass over was one of the worst things you had ever laid sights on, watching the slowing of his rising tummy and then suddenly everything stilled as he just finally stopped living. His body was left twitching, nerves beating on but life gone. The lights of his eyes blew out, going out like a lightbulb that flickered out of reality whenever you tried to switch it on but it could no longer light. You never wanted to experience that again. You couldn't ever face that again. 

In your extreme emotional turmoil and grief, you just ran. You ran so far, but you couldn't get away. Your father had yelled after you, your friends had reached out for you, but nobody was able to follow after you once you had sprinted off into the forest. It was three in the morning and everything was pitch black outside. They weren't as agile as you were in the dark, especially not in these woods. You knew them like the back of your hand. Karl's body had been clutched into your hold as the warmth drained from him and he finally stiffened, but you continued on. You hoped this night would never end, you didn't want to face reality right now. Not like anything felt real, anyway.  

You've made a lot of mistakes, things you can't reverse. The forest stretched on and the night sky seemed to twinkle endlessly. What are you supposed to do? This was way too hard to deal with, why did you have to deal with this anyway? It wasn't fair. Fuck, life wasn't fair. His white fur tickled your nose as you sobbed into the body cradled in your arms, trying to make some sort of sense of this.

You weren't really given the chance to make any sense of this situation as you lay on the ground and stared at the ceiling of the earth and settled into nothingness, then there was noise. A rumble, hardly noticeable until the ground trembled beneath you and suddenly you heard it. Tires screech and then there's two suns, blinding you and washing warmth over you. It was nice, this felt nice. Things would be easier if it happened this way.

Karl, here you come.

Screech, shhh, reeow-

The car had flown so closely past you, the tires almost crushing your extended fingers as the vehicle curved around you and narrowly missed you. It jolted, almost flipping over on its side before its stabilizers kicked in and suddenly the vehicle bounced back down onto four wheels. The engine idled before cranking off, the silence was absolutely unbearable now that you were finally back to your own thoughts. The car didn't kill you, you weren't dead. What a fucking shame. This would have been easier to deal with that way because then you wouldn't have to deal with it at all. 

A door was slammed nearly off of its hinges and a screechy, higher-pitched voice began furiously yelling in your direction; but, you didn't care. You could only hold onto Karl's tiny, skeletal body. 

"YOU FOOLISH, STUPID, PITIFUL, DUMB, IDIOTIC, CHAOTIC HUMAN!" they spoke. "YOU COULD HAVE NOT ONLY KILLED YOURSELF, BUT MY BROTHER, OUR LAZY-BONES OF A FRIEND, AND MYSELF. PLUS, YOU WOULD HAVE HORRIBLY DENTED THE FRONT OF MY CAR! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" The person stepped out from behind the slick, black sportscar, scowling down at you. They were a monster, a skeleton more specifically. 

"AND NOW, YOU LAY THERE ON THE GROUND UNMOVING AND UNSUSPECTINGLY," they continued," ALMOST AS IF YOU ARE TRYING TO TRICK US INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE MERELY HARMLESS BUT THEN WHY WOULD HAVE PULLED SUCH A SUICIDAL STUNT? CLEARLY, YOU MEAN BUSINESS. WHY DO YOU WISH TO HARM US? WHATEVER THE REASON MAY BE, WARY THAT I WILL ERADICATE YOU." They had stalked all the way towards you and you had heard two other car doors open and slam closed, their footsteps stumbling for the skeleton now standing above you. Their sockets were slit, glaring straight through your soul and you noticed that there were three cracks down their right eye. They were speaking to you but you weren't hearing them, just staring into the tiny, red dots that you saw glowing within those black abysses set into their skull. 

"AS YOUR SUPERIOR, I DEMAND THAT YOU TELL ME!" they stomped their foot angrily, two other skeletons flanking both of their sides as they grinned down at you drunkenly. "I AM THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE EDGE, HEAD OF THE ROYAL GUARD UNDER THE GREAT KING ASGORE. YOUR RESPONSE IS - BY MONSTER LAW - REQUIRED." His friends just giggled before the one who was almost as tall as he slung an arm around his shoulder, swaying with him unsteadily as the angry one released an offended noise. 

"edge, calm down man," the skeleton who tried placating him wore a baggy, orange hoodie and a cigarette dangled from the corner of his mouth. "maybe they were just pulling a little goof on ya." You blinked up at this skeleton, listening to the voice that was as smooth as honey flow from between his teeth. His eyes were half-lidded as he panted out a 'nyeh, heh, heh' and shuffled his feet, Edge's sockets dilated and his scowl deepened into a frown. A smaller skeleton wrapped an arm around Edge's midriff, pulling him flush and snickering. 

"yeah, bro. stretch is right," a gold tooth glittered on the left side of his maw, twinkling underneath the starlight. his voice was gruff and deep, almost as if he had taken one too many shots of tequila," ya seriously should've come with us tonight ta loosen up. then ya wouldn't be so edgy." This smaller skeleton shimmied his shoulders, giving - who you assumed was his brother - the old razzle-dazzle. Edge inhaled sharply, his frown pulling down the rest of his face and stretching out his cheekbones so far that they appeared sharper as he growled out. 

"BROTHER, THIS IS YOUR SECOND STRIKE TONIGHT," he hissed out loudly. "DON'T THINK I FORGOT ABOUT YOU HIJACKING THE KARAOKE MACHINE AND SINGING 'WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE' AND DEDICATING IT TO ME. REMEMBER, RED - THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT." Red's smile died down and a few red-hued, barely visible beads of sweat trickled down both of his temples. Stretch giggled into his hoodie, lazily offering you two thumbs-up as he swung away haphazardly from Edge.  

"of course, boss. wouldn't dream of it," Red gulped and some part in your brain wondered how a skeleton could swallow, but you kept quiet. "i'll be good, promise." 

"THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT," Edge finally returned his attention back to you. "NOW, HUMAN. YOU HAVE YET TO ANSWER ME AND MY PATIENCE IS WEARING THIN DUE TO THE DRUNKEN COMPANY, SO I SUGGEST YOU TELL ME OR I WILL HAVE TO START AN ENCOUNTER..." He trailed off, eye-lights roaming over your figure before he huffed angrily. 

"AND AS MUCH AS THIS PAINS ME TO DO SO, I MUST ADMIT THAT I FIND YOUR SENSE OF FASHION," he paused and searched for the correct word," PASSABLE. THAT MEANS YOU'VE INSPIRED ME TO SPARE YOU AN ENCOUNTER, BUT ONLY IF YOU RESPOND TO ME RIGHT AFTER I FINISH THIS SENTENCE." His tone was threatening and had the circumstances been different, you would have felt tingles trail up your spine in fear; however, even though your emotions were currently high-strung, you felt too drained to feel in danger. Edge was being kind to you and something told you that he didn't innately act like this, so he must feel pity for you. Disgust made bile rise in the back of your throat at that conclusion and your opened your mouth, your sticky saliva popping as you spoke. 

"Excuse me?" you croaked out, voice strained from the gross bawling. Some part of you understood that Edge was more than likely upset that you had endangered four different lives a few moments ago, but another part of you demanded to know just who the hell he thought he was. 

"I THINK YOUR SCARF LOOKS NICE," Edge haughtily said, shoulders tensing as he looked away with a crimson blush glowing across the bridge of his nasal cavity. "WHITE ISN'T NECESSARILY MY COLOR, BUT IT SUITS YOU." Scarf? What scarf - ! Then it clicked. No way. He just did not. The bile you felt earlier was replaced with nothing but pure, raw rage as you gasped up at him and you felt word after word pile up in your head to scream at this absolute jerk for his inconsideration. Your voice got caught in your throat and you choked on your insults as your resolve suddenly crumbled and weeping tore through you once more. Edge took a slight step back in confusion and his face scrunched up, but it quickly disappeared as he regained his composure and looked at his brother. 

 "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?" he questioned and Red gave you a once-over before wincing. 

"boss, i think that's their cat." 


"i think that's why they're crying." You had once again tuned them out and you tightened your hold on the lifeless charge in your arms. Stretch muttered out an 'oh, shit' and Edge accidentally tensed up and strangled out a 'nyeh!?' A moment of silence was shared between the three skeletons as more tears poured out and your breathing quickened, close to hyperventilating. Could this night literally get any worse? This felt just like listening to your other cat stalk into the room and snatch up Karl's food as he passed over, zoning in on smacking lips and clinking teeth while Karl reached out for nothing and swiped his paws aimlessly in the air before curling his claws into the hand that held his face. Yeah, Karl wasn't going to eat it, but did she have to be as insensitive as this damn skeleton? 

"UH," Edge seemed to realize his insensitivity and his face squinked up like he was contemplating something," GOD, THIS IS SO HUMILATINGLY AWKWARD AND I HATE IT. I, ER, DIDN'T REALIZE THAT YOUR CAT WASN'T A PART OF YOUR WARDROBE AND NOT ONLY DO I FEEL SOULLESS, BUT DENSE." When you didn't respond and your crying only increased, Edge sighed out miserably before he squats down beside you. 

"AS AN APOLOGY, LET ME HELP YOU," he held out his hand and looked anywhere but at you. "I USUALLY AM NOT SO CHARITABLE, SO DON'T BE EXPECTING THIS OFTEN, HUMAN." His chest puffed out indignantly and you rubbed a hand across your eyes to wipe away the tears, a grimace set into your face. Everything inside of you screamed to not accept his help and spit at his feet for that horrible comment earlier, but your heart was so swamped up with emotion and you were so numbingly tired that you caved. Limply taking his hand, Edge pulled you up and you hobbled a little into him as a few more sobs raked through your body. This seemed to embarrass him just a tad bit, but he allowed you to cry into his chest. 

"YES, YES," he said, "CRY ALL YOU NEED, TINY HUMAN. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR CAT SOON THOUGH, SO TRY TO PULL IT TOGETHER THE BEST YOU CAN. WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE OTHERS BEFORE DAYBREAK, PREFERABLY." His words seemed harsh and kind of punitive, but you did at least appreciate that he was trying. You let a few more tears escape and you stepped back, nodding at him. 

"Okay, I-," you paused and sniffled," I think I'm ready." With that, Edge steadied you as he guided you back to your car, gingerly placing his hand on the area of your back between your shoulder blades. His touch was delicate and you assumed that he was afraid you would collapse again any minute, the thought making you whimper as you heard his drunken friends bumble on behind him. 

"whaddya plan on doin', edge?" Stretch yawned out, opening the front passenger door and flopping his body inside. "ya know classic's not gonna like this." Edge set you down in the seat behind Stretch, gently closing the door while Red blindly tumbled in and flashed you a dazzling smirk. 

"didn't think you were the type to help humans in distress," he winked at you and another part of you also wondered how his bone was so opposable. "but here ya are, taking one back to the house with their dead cat." You knew that they were both wasted, but Red's words cut through you because part of your soul fought back with the idea that Karl was really gone for forever. A sigh left you and you tilted your head to look out the window, listening to the engine crank to life and hum its way back onto the path. This might seem like a bad idea to accept a stranger's help and get in a vehicle with some drunk people, but Edge was right. Karl needed to be buried and if he was offering, then you weren't going to say no. Nothing in you could muster the strength to ask them to drive you home, you couldn't face your dad and friends right now. Maybe never, but you know that's not realistic. 

"I'M JUST GOING TO HELP THEM BURY THE CAT, YOU NIMWITS," Edge spat out. "NOTHING MORE OR NOTHING LESS, SO KEEP THOSE SKULLS OF YOURS ON RIGHT." This shut the other two up and they quickly dozed off as the car started its journey back home. 

The car smoothly drove for a solid ten minutes, the only sounds inside was Stretch snoring in the front seat and Red mumbling into your leg as he lay splayed across the backseat and onto your lap. He had forgotten to buckle his seatbelt and consequently fell down whenever the car actually drove away from the spot you almost died at, but you didn't have the heart to push him off. Red was warm and as much as you would love to discuss the logistics on how a skeleton could radiate heat, it kept you from focusing on the cold and dead weight in your arms. You patiently waited. 

You didn't wait long, however. Eventually, the car slowed to a stop in front of a rather large garage, the yellow headlights reflecting off of the white-painted aluminum door. Edge killed the engine, snapping at the other two and scaring them awake. Red nearly smacked you upside the jaw whenever he shot up and scanned his surroundings in a panic, releasing a terse sigh and relaxing his tensed shoulders. Stretch all but fell out of the vehicle, leaning on the door to close it and trying to catch a snooze on the side of the car before Edge yanked him off with a rough tug on the collar of his hoodie. The least you could do was help Red out of the car with your free arm, just to make sure that Edge didn't lose his cool on him, too. Red nodded at you but quickly cringed back away from you whenever he caught glimpse of Edge's soul-shattering stare. 

The two drunken skeletons moved for the front of the - for lack of better terms - mansion, but Edge stepped in between their path and pointed at the shed. 


"whaddya want us to do with them shovels?" drawled out Stretch, one of his sockets shut and the other's eye light lazily trailing towards Edge, the house, and then, finally, at you. 


"boss, c'mon," Red whined, "we're absolutely wasted. ya think we're gonna be able to dig a decent enough hole for this?" 

"NO," Edge mused out thoughtfully," BUT YOU ARE GOING TO DO SUCH A BAD JOB THAT I'LL BE HAVING ROAST MATERIAL FOR THE NEXT WEEK; HOWEVER, AT LEAST YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING STARTED FOR WHENEVER I HAVE TO DO ALL OF THE WORK." He ended the argument hardly before it even began, marching you up to the gallant, roofed front porch while Red and Stretch grumbled out tiredly and shambled for the garage. Edge pulled out his keys, the jangling almost covering up the rattling sounds of the garage door being lifted as he unlocked the door to the mansion. You were gingerly pushed in, Edge more than likely guiding you out of fear and annoyance that you'll crumple over again in a pile of tears and white cat fur. An automatic hall light flickered on, triggered as the two of you pressed on further into the home. Had you been not so sad and tired, you might have taken a moment to appreciate just how beautiful everything looked even in the nighttime. But you were sad and tired, so your lips stayed sealed as Edge led you up a flight of steps and turned you to the right. 

There was a solid black door and a shimmery, golden plaque that simply wrote 'Edge' in a very familiar font, but you couldn't recognize it off the bat and soon after gave up trying to put a name to it. Edge reached forward and twisted the handle, pushing it open with one of his fancy, red boots and brought you inside. The room was absolutely spotless, not a single speck of dust in sight and everything was crisp and pressed neatly. With a small smile tugging at the corners of your lips, you realized the room must have reflected his personality - or, at least, the few traits you have seen. 

Once inside, Edge carefully shut his door, having the knob twisted so that whenever he pressed back into place that it would soundlessly shut. After that, Edge pivoted on his heel and stalked for what you assumed was his closet. The door was ripped open and he quickly scrounged through it, tossing out a few outfits that looked as if they had been ripped up and stained with something dark onto the ground behind him. A few crates were pushed out and, finally, Edge turned around and presented a shoebox to you. 

"WE CAN PUT HIM IN THIS," he punctuated his sentence by stepping towards you, but you took a hasty step back. Edge, confused by your action, stepped forward again; however, you only responded by stepping back again. "HUMAN, STOP THAT. WE NEED TO BURY HIM SOON AND IF YOU WANT MY HELP, WE HAVE TO DO IT BEFORE DAWN WHEN THE OTHERS WILL BE AWAKE." You shook your head rapidly, frowning up at him and shuffling from foot to foot, refusing to meet his eyes. 

"That," you started, you voice still very unsteady and raspy," that box isn't big enough. He's, um, he's gone stiff." 

"AND WHY SHOULD THAT POSSIBLY STOP US?" Edge genuinely must not realize what that meant, as monsters dusted away whenever they died and really didn't have to worry about the aftermath of burying a body. Many monsters had been horrified whenever they realized one would have to break the body if it went stiff, especially if one wants to position it in any specific way. Edge must not have learned this yet. 

A part of your soul clenched up at the idea of having to snap Karl's body in any way just to get him inside of a box and Edge seemed to wince away from you at that, but you pulled yourself together to explain.

"I don't want to break him," you meekly stated. "I loved him so much, I don't want to have to hear that." Edge's faint eye-lights trailed over your figure, noting that you were exposed and weak and so open to an attack by an enemy. He released a sigh before he tossed the shoebox in his hands away, reaching back inside of his closet and continuing to ruffle through his belongings. A few heavy moments passed and you feared that you might have to leave the room so Edge could break Karl to fit inside of the box and tears prickled at your eyes, but Edge almost jumped around and held out a very small chest. 

"SINCE I FEEL THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO PLACATE YOU FOR NOW," Edge started," I EMPTIED ONE OF MY CHESTS THAT HAD A BUNCH OF SCARVES IN THEM. DON'T WORRY, HUMAN. THOUGH I WILL FOREVER HOLD THIS OVER YOUR HEAD FOR A FAVOR IN THE FUTURE." His charity, though said in the wrong light, was definitely in the right place. Edge stood by his bedside, dropping the chest onto the bed and tilting his body towards you expectantly. A gasping pant tore through you but you came forth and delicately placed Karl's body inside, trying extremely hard to not look at his expression and moving back. The chest, luckily, was a perfect fit for his body. It was squared and tall enough that none of Karl's pretty fur snagged on the lid whenever Edge carefully shut the lid with an inaudible thud. 

You leaned down to swoop the box up, but Edge beat you to it and easily tucked it underneath his right arm. How fast and calculated his movements were raised a few shocked blinks out of you and some part of you screamed that he had been eager to help you. Edge seemed to have realized exactly what he had just done and quickly puffed out his chest and turned his skull away from you, desperately trying to hide the blush that practically pranced all over his features. You finally allowed a smile to escape you and you unconsciously linked your arm together with Edge's free side, your gait slow as you headed back down the stairs. Though the automatic light had flicked to life, its dim glow was hardly needed due to the vibrancy of the achromatic blush that refused to die down from Edge's face. 

When the two of you finally arrived back outside, Edge's sharp hearing picked up on Stretch and Edge's drunken singing and directed you further into the forest. It took you about three minutes away from their mansion, but you figured that it was a respectable distance considering that they didn't even know the cat. Edge seemed to be thinking the same thing, frustratedly groaning but not breaking the hold between you. Red noticed that you had returned, wiggling his eyebrows at you as he flicked a pile of dirt to his right. Stretch continued on singing what you thought was Madonna, but the lyrics didn't quite match up as he scooped up some dirt and dropped it to his left. 

"heya, boss," Red slurred out," didn't think ya'd actually come back for us." 

"OF COURSE, I WAS GOING TO COME BACK FOR YOU," Edge nearly yelled. "DID YOU THINK I WAS JUST GOING TO LET A HUMAN STAY WITH THEIR DEAD CAT IN OUR LIVING ROOM AND THEN HAVE THAT CREAMPUFF ALL OVER US TOMORROW?" Stretch giggled at the nickname, so it must not have been a nice one due to the way he stopped shoveling just to bend over slightly and slap his knee wheezing. 

"yeah, yeah, okay," Red murmured," that also means ya've gotta take the doll home." Edge froze up and you were pretty sure there had been a record scratch in the background, almost dropping the chest under his arm before he shook himself out of it and shut his eyes. 


Snatching the shovel from Stretch, Edge thrust the chest into your arms and moved forward towards the already quite sizeable hole. He stabbed the point into the ground and wiggled it around, stomping on it with the heel of his boot before tossing up the dirt and dumping it into the pile. Red helped a bit, his shovelfuls of dirt not as immense as Edge's, but the help seemed appreciated. 

Once the duo had dug fairly deeply into the ground, a good few feet in, Red dropped the shovel and almost face-planted into the ground. Edge, cooler and vain, forked his shovel into the ground and twisted his upper body around to look at you. He gestured for the hole and you gradually inched your way over, peering down into what seemed like a dark void. You swallowed dryly and glanced up at Edge, who motioned for the chest and you forced yourself to lower it inside of the hole. A faint glow of red surrounded the box and you realized it was magic, which signaled that one of the skeletons were helping you ease him inside so that you didn't have to flat out just let go of the chest and let it slam to the ground. Expressing your gratitude and standing, Edge gave you a curt nod before he picked the shovel back up and began sealing the hole. 

"i believe in ya, boss," Red all but moaned out, slinging his arm over your shoulder," stretch and i'll comfort 'em." As soon as Red finished talking, Stretch wobbled over and wrapped his arms around your waist, still singing. 

"we'll sing her the most beautiful of music to wish him farewell," Stretch gargled out under his insistent giggling and Edge's skull popped up, worry etched into his features and ready to interrupt them but you waved his concern off. You appreciated that they were at least trying to distract you from whatever was unfolding before your very eyes and you could do with some drunken singing. 

"how's about a song to send him off to, eh?" Red suggested and jerkily glanced at Stretch from over the top of your head then back down to your eyes, " gotta clue what we should sing, dollface?" Shaking your head and shrugging your shoulders, Stretch's body waltzed along with your movements as he spoke up.

"nah, you gotta song?"

"hmm, i think i know a good one," Red hummed before clearing his throat, releasing a few hearty coughs before he shakily began, "aaaangel of darkness, aaaangel of daaarkness - the world is in your hands-" You legitimately began sobbing as soon as Red started singing, finding his choice in songs oddly inappropriate at the moment but not having the heart left in you to say so. Stretch gasped as a few of your tears dripped off your chin and splattered onto the top of his skull, glaring up at Red; who had stopped singing as soon he heard your crying begin again. 

"now look what you've done," Stretch almost growled out before he sighed dramatically," i've got a better song, hunny." Removing his hold of your midriff, Stretch stood to his almost full height and wrapped an arm across your shoulders, underneath Red's arm. He didn't clear his throat like Red, since his voice had plenty of warm-up due to his loud belting out of Madonna earlier. Some nasty and torturous curiosity reared its head into your sobbing and you stopped long enough, wondering what he could possibly sing that would not be as bad as Angel of Darkness. 

"i'm like the ringleader, i call the shots, i call the shots!" Stretch sweetly sang out in his girliest voice, "i'm like a firecracker, i make it hot when i put on a show!" You would have said that your heart broke in that moment, but having your cat die, almost accidentally committing suicide, meeting three skeleton monsters, and having them help you and sing Brittney Spears to you finally eviscerated any fiber within you that made you cry. God, this night was going so terribly, but at least these monsters are trying, right? 

Edge seemed to have literally blown a gasket whenever Stretch had started singing and he recognized the song, choking on his own spittle and almost toppling down into the hole as tried to regain his composure. His gaze snapped over to you, a bone brow rose questioningly, almost as if asking 'do you want me to eradicate these two fools?' You shook your head and offered Edge a calm smile, trying to convey that you didn't mind the horrible taste in music because they were helping you and distracting you from the chest that was slowly disappearing from sight. It wasn't another fifteen minutes before the hole was completely filled and Edge was patting the dirt to secure it into place, both Red and Stretch singing you all the way across the finish line as Edge rested the shovel over his shoulder and smugly smirked down at the pile. 

"OKAY, YOU NINNIES," Edge started, turning away from the hole and firmly clenched his hand around one of your shoulders to rip you from the debauched swaying of the other two," I'M FINISHED. THAT MEANS WE CAN GO BACK TO THE HOUSE NOW AND YOU NEED TO QUIET IT DOWN, LEST WE ACCIDENTALLY EXPOSE OURSELVES TO CREAMPUFF BY BASICALLY MOANING OUT BRITTNEY SPEARS. STARS, BLACK WOULD NEVER LET ME LIVE THAT DOWN EITHER." Red and Stretch then wrapped themselves around each other and slow danced together to the rhythm of their own singing, following after Edge, who had picked up the second shovel and rolled his eye-lights as he flounced his way out of the forest. You briskly chased after Edge and softly grabbed for his arms, seeking out any form of comfort. 

Edge's posture immediately stiffened but, once again, didn't move to peel you off, he just slowed his pace by a fraction and you felt he did that out of consideration for you. A part of you wanted to bury your head into his side and cry and never come out, but you felt like you were already overstepping and your actions might come off as offensive to a monster, so you fought to refrain from doing so. Once the four of you managed to stumble out of the woods and stood before the grand mansion, Edge brought you into the mansion through the garage, putting the shovels back where they belonged while Red and Stretch went in through the front door. 

You released Edge and stepped away, glancing down at your feet and preparing to thank him profusely before he interrupted you. 


"I don't know what to say to you then," you started and found yourself cut off by Edge once more. 

"NOTHING, I WON'T HEAR IT," Edge clicked the heel of his boot to the ground as he said this, crossing his arms and looking down at you," JUST LIKE HOW I WON'T HEAR ANY DIFFERENTLY OTHER THAN YOU STAYING WITH US FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT." It was five in the morning and you had kind of choppily ran away from home in a brash choice of poor decision making and shot nerves, so you should probably deny his request and beg that he either take you back home to where everyone was probably worried about you or - at the very least - allow you to go on your merry way. But you were absolutely dead on your feet and you didn't think you can handle walking back home, especially since walking took almost twice as long as sprinting through the forest, so you really weren't feeling up to walking another two hours. You were tired and you just wanted to curl up into a bed and fall into the deepest coma ever. 

"Honestly, I think that might just be the best thing in the world right now," you quipped back in response, the humor was gone from your voice and exhaustion seeped into your appearance. You looked drained and dark circles bagged underneath your eyes, Edge gulped nervously as he redirected his attention over the top of your head. Even though he had offered, it seemed like Edge wasn't actually expecting you to accept his invitation. 

"W-WELL, GOOD! THAT IS TOTALLY WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR," Edge raised his voice slightly at the end, mimicking the tone people take whenever they didn't know something and wanted you to believe that they did. Edge seemed to be that kind of person and it was endearing in its own way, how awkward he appeared at times and how he tried to appeal cool and calculating and in control of the situation," SO COME, LET'S GO UPSTAIRS SOON BECAUSE STRETCH'S BROTHER WILL AWAKEN IN LIKE TEN MINUTES AND I WANT TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE YOU SETTLED INTO A ROOM BEFORE THEN." Edge turned away from you and strut up to the small steps that lead into the house, making his way inside and waving for you to follow after him. 

You did just that, getting a brief glance of their kitchen. There were monochrome, checkered tiles decorating their floor and the most exquisite cooking appliances that both monsters and man had to offer, so you chalked it up to how stacked these skeletons must be. Before you could look for too much longer, however, Edge was ushering you back up the stairs to the second floor and scanning about the area anxiously as you went. He halted you in front of his door, telling you to 'PLEASE STAY PUT, I WANT TO GO AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE TO GET BLANKETS AND PILLOWS FOR YOU TO SLEEP IN A SPARE ROOM BEFORE BLUE WAKES UP.' 

But as soon as those words left his mouth, there was a creaking noise that rang out from another bedroom and a soft thud as somebody rolled out of bed. Edge and you shared a panicked glance as the footsteps moved away and a doorknob unlatched, signaling that the two of you were about to be caught red-handed. So, as graciously as a proud skeleton such as Edge could muster, he flailed his arms in the air before haphazardly swinging his door open and tossing the two of you inside. Once the door came to, a set of footsteps passed by as someone yawned tiredly and emitted noises like he was stretching. It felt like you were in Final Destination because Edge stood as still as a statue and your breath was baited, since the feeling that if someone caught that something was amiss here, they would be bolting through the door and then you really would be screwed. 

Finally, after what was like an eternity, the person passed by and Edge calmed. You released your breath and looked up at Edge, a ginger smile playing on your lips and his shoulders tensed up uncomfortably. 

"THIS WAS DEFINITELY UNEXPECTED," he began, shifting from foot to foot, "BLUE IS AWAKE A LITTLE EARLIER THAN NORMAL, SO MAYBE ONE OF US ACCIDENTALLY AWOKE HIM AND NOW YOU HAVE TO STAY IN HERE BECAUSE I AM NOT RISKING GOING BACK OUT THERE AND BEING CAUGHT. HE'S NOT A PROBLEM, BUT THAT CREAMPUFF SURE IS. HE DOESN'T LIKE FOR US TO JUST HAVE ANYONE OVER WITHOUT PERMISSION, ESPECIALLY NOT HUMANS." You blinked at him and tried to swallow down your confusion: wasn't this his home as well? Did he seriously have to ask to have someone over like he was a child again? You understood monsters being wary of humans, yes. Humans were horribly racist and tended to turn their noses up at anything that was different than them, not to mention humans were the ones who imprisoned the monsters a millennia ago. But not being able to invite someone over without permission? That definitely was a first. 

"Um, okay?" you hesitantly agreed," then what do you suggest we do then?" Edge refused to meet your eyes and he grumbled almost angrily, his whole body rigid. 

"YOU HAVE TO STAY IN HERE," he stated, voice low as if he didn't even want to hear the words that came out of his own mouth. "IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE MUCH OF A CHOICE NOW." Though you had no reservations about it and didn't mind sleeping in here, you just wanted to know if he would make you seriously tough it out on the hard, cold floor without any blankets or pillows. 

"That doesn't bother me," you said, " but where will I be sleeping?" Edge opened his mouth to speak but was stopped whenever a lump on Edge's bed that neither of you noticed until now moved and spoke for him. 

"you can sleep up 'ere with me, sweetheart," there was a drawl to the voice and you immediately recognized it as Red. Edge seemed to realize who it was at the same time and he groaned before stomping towards his bed, ripping off the sheets that covered Red's body. Aforementioned skeleton shot the both of you a set of finger-guns and grinned sloppily, signaling that he was still completely wasted and losing touch on reality as sleep began to tug on his eye sockets. 

"SANS-," Edge started to growl out, but paused and shook his head," BROTHER, WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM?" There was an urgency in his timbre that you couldn't quite place, but Red ignored it before flopping over onto his back. 

"'cause it was closer than mine," he answered with a sleepy yawn," 'nd i thought ya wouldn't mind havin' a sleepover like good ol' times." Edge lifted his index finger almost as if he were about to refute Red, but caved in and released a shaky sigh. 


"Are you sure that it's okay with you that I sleep on your bed?" you asked incredulously, "Like, I for real don't mind, but...are you absolutely positive?" You wanted to make sure that this wasn't going to make him uncomfortable or that you overstepped your boundaries, all morals in you completely thrown out the window as he noticed how nice the bed looked or how soft the comforters felt or just how you didn't mind sinking yourself into the tar pit sheets and not resurface. 

"I SUPPOSE SO," responded Edge," SINCE MY BROTHER HAS MADE HIMSELF COMFORTABLE, THEN WE CAN SHARE THE BED. I WILL ALSO KEEP MY BROTHER'S WANDERING HANDS FROM DOING ANYTHING DRASTIC. JUST SCREAM AND HE WILL BE PUNISHED DURING TRAINING TOMORROW." You quirked a brow and your mouth involuntarily opened, taking in a breath to answer but let the words die on the tip of your tongue. You wanted to sleep. 

So you carefully sunk into the bed when Edge exited the room with a bundle of folded clothes in his arms, laying on your side and just tossing the blanket over your shoulder and snuggling into the plush pillow underneath your head. Red released a shocked gasp and mumbled 'holy cow, that worked?' but made no move to touch you, so you figured he couldn't be all that bad. Exhaustion had just about won and you were almost asleep, but the door cracked open and someone soundlessly stepped in. Peeking an eye open, you noticed Edge standing there in a full outfit of black, satin nightclothes. 

You shut your eyes as you heard Edge drop his clothes in what you assumed was a dirty-clothes hamper and then headed for the bed, climbing in beside you and drawing the blankets up to his chest. He radiated warmth and a low thrum of magic, and even though your last three brain cells told you not to do it, you scooted closer to him. Once you had tucked your head underneath his chest and Edge had stilled in fear and confusion, Red slung his arm around the both of you and a chainsaw snore ripped through him. 

Yeah, Karl had just died and you didn't have the will to necessarily go on tonight, but these skeletons made you feel safe and comforted. So with that, you breathed out and promptly fell asleep. 

It would be one hell of a morning today when you woke up, though. 



Chapter Text

Midday sunlight pranced throughout the room, seeping in through the slight crack in the deep maroon curtains and dousing the room ever so slightly. Edge woke up with a tickle to his nasal cavity, he snuffed and the bridge of his face twitched in response. Whatever was tickling him, however, didn’t relent. He grumbled, tilting his head up a few inches and burying his face into his plush pillows.

Though he tried forcing himself back to sleep because of his utter fatigue and exhaustion, the small amount of light in the room barred that. It felt like a dizzying sensation as he rolled his pupils around behind his closed sockets to escape the enkindling darkness and groaned into his pillow.

Edge’s body went lax and he inhaled a deep breath, only to catch a whiff of something flowery and sweet. His eyes snapped open, but quickly wrenched shut whenever the bright lights blinded him. A groan escaped his teeth and he ground his jaw in frustration, upset that he didn’t get the chance to sleep today after such a strenuous night. Yesterday, Edge had been awake since six AM, went to work only to have them ask him to work a few extras hours - which meant that instead of getting home at four in the afternoon like he usually did, he was pulling in to his driveway around one in the morning. Then! His brother just had to go out drinking with Blue’s lazy-bones of a brother, Stretch. Those two, on occasion, buddied up and headed for Grillby’s to get absolutely wasted on those shiny, pretty, multi-colored cocktails that always ran up their tab by at least ten bucks each drink.

Before Edge was even able to kick off his boots, Blue had casually slid in front of his path and informed him that it was Edge’s turn to pick them up. Stifling his inhumane screeching and pausing to chug a fat pot of coffee, Edge diligently sat on the far end of the couch and watched the clock tick by.

Finally, at around two-thirty in the morning, his brother sent out a text to their house’s group chat, saying ‘hey, bro, i got the best gift for ya if ya come to grillbz now.’ Intrigued and mortified, Edge stood, laced up his shoes, and drove out to retrieve his brother. By the time Edge parked and walked inside of the place, it seems as if Red had taken off his shirt and was flinging it around in the air. He flounced around on the table, shaking his hips and flaunting his left leg sensually. The microphone was ripped out of the karaoke machine and clenched in Red’s left hand, his index phalange waving to and fro teasingly. The song Peacock by Katy Perry was blasting throughout the establishment, the bass of the song bouncing off of the walls and Edge almost instantly had a headache just standing in the threshold.

Stretch was cooing over Red like a desperate fangirl, nuzzling the right side of his skull into Red’s oversized, brown parka and wiggling the phalanges of his free hand to Red. Edge’s mouth fell and question after question formed in his mind, ready to spill, but Edge just shook his head and decided it was easier to not ask.

Edge glanced at Grillby, who seemed to be wiping down an endless stream of cocktail glasses and the occasional wine glass. The bartender casually shrugged his shoulders, obviously indicating that this is definitely not the worst that he’s seen from the pair. When Edge approached the bar, Grillby paused, damp washrag dangling halfway out of a glass and a look of wonderment in his fiery, white eyes. He was about to apologize for the mess and offer to pay for his brother’s portion of tonight’s tab, but Edge didn’t even get the chance because right as he said the first word, Red yelped out for his brother and Edge stiffened.

He had slowly pivoted around and his eye-lights landed on his brother, who was french-girl posing with his left leg thrust into the air. Red wiggled his bone brows at his brother and rolled onto to his abdomen to clear his throat.

“‘nd this, ladies and gents, is dedicated to the most amazing and loving lil bro there is out there,” and Stretch dramatically flung his body to the karaoke machine and pressed in one of the keys, falling to the floor with his hand draped over his face and actual tears streaming down his cheekbones.

Edge was underwhelmingly appalled whenever he heard that G note of a piano and then his brother’s gruff baritone voice moaning out, “when i was...a young boy.” Edge almost imploded in on himself as his brother continued singing Welcome to the Black Parade, clutching his chest and reaching out longingly until the song ended. Stretch appeared by Red’s side legitimately sobbing and the two clung to one another before Edge disregarded all manners and just straight up marched up to Stretch and Red, snatched them up by their collars, and all but flung them into his car.

This didn’t seem to deter them either, they just kept on singing. Even as Edge revved his engine and growled in annoyance, they just raised their volume. So Edge had to suck it up and deal with the car ride back that was serenaded with a mix of Funky Town and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. It had been a long half an hour back to the house the longer their singing went on and the more distorted the lyrics became, so much so that Edge thought he was going to lose it and just flat out crash into one of the trees.

Forming calculations and distances to solve to estimate just how strong of an impact they needed and what angle would be best to strike at, Stretch released a terrified gasp and pointed to the windshield and screamed,

“yo, edge, watch out!” Edge had barely managed to swerve the steering wheel in time and miss whatever animal had been staring up into their headlights with those big doe-eyes. Everything felt weightless as the vehicle nearly toppled over on itself, but managed to right itself while the three of them heaved and blankly stared at the forest that stretched on in front of them. Killing the engine and springing out of the vehicle, Edge finally lost it whenever his eye-lights landed on the human curled into a ball on the ground.

He was seething with rage, yelling at them and trying to get some straight answers out of them, but they only stared right through Edge as if they weren’t really seeing him. Then, Edge had embarrassingly mistaken their dead cat for a scarf and he thought his soul was going to shatter when they broke down crying.

This universe was very different from his own. Nothing was ‘kill or be killed.’ Maybe it was that factor that pulled on his heartstrings or maybe he had softened up during his stay here, but Edge just felt compelled to help them. He crouched down to help pull them to their feet, only to almost disintegrate whenever they stumbled into his arms and then Edge felt like he was staring in one of those sappy romance films that the creampuff liked to gush over in his spare time. He looked anywhere but at the human as they cried out their feelings into his sternum and he tried to pat their back to rush the process, suddenly craving his warm bed and well-deserved sleep.

It took a hot minute, but their crying finally subdued and he was able to lead them to his car. Once he had them seated and everyone was accounted for, Edge couldn’t stop himself from glancing back at them in the rear-view mirror and the corners of his mouth pulled down into a frown at their puffy eyes and rose pink tear-stained cheeks. As much as he hated to admit it, he didn’t like how sad and pitiful it made their face look.

The car ride home was almost unbearable, but luckily Stretch’s snoring added some kind of ambiance and Edge didn’t have to solely pay attention to the human’s labored and uneven breathing. He had all but dived out of his vehicle as soon he parked it in the driveway but tried to at least retain some of his dignity and just normally stepped out. Stretch and Red tried to abandon them, but Edge was feeling particularly salty for the incident that occurred at the bar and forced those two numb-skulls to start digging a hole. A sense of satisfaction swelled in Edge’s chest whenever he watched them wobble away, then quickly shook it away whenever he realized the human was looking up at him expectantly.

Edge knew that beings without magic didn’t dust away, so they would have to put their cat inside of a box or a plastic baggy. He was tempted to head into the kitchen and pull out a trash bag, but a glance down at how lovingly they flushed the cat against their body basically stated that they would never be okay with that. Suppressing the urge to roll his eyes, Edge brought them into his room and began looking for one of his old shoeboxes. Pride pulled the corners of his mouth into a smirk whenever he turned to the human, shoebox presented in hand and almost ready to gloat until they stepped away from him.

He had been, rightfully, confused. They could put the cat in this box, so why cower away? It took a few more vain attempts before the human released a dry sob, Edge’s soul tightening as their’s screamed out in absolute agony and said they would have to break the cat if Edge wanted to get his body in there.



Edge had forgotten that non-magical beings also stiffened after a while. He kind of looked away, ashamed and huffed at how, once again, this was like the fourth embarrassingly awkward thing just tonight. Trying to recover from that, Edge turned back to his closet and saw that he didn’t have anything else to put the body in except some of his fancy chests that he used to store clothing. Well, guess he better learn to adapt to this universe and offer one of those. They better pay him back for that sometime in the future, at least!

Though he had to admit, the way their soul cried out in pure joy and relief was almost payment enough. Almost. Once the body was in the chest, Edge winced internally at how eagerly he had snatched it up and hoped that he could brush it off since he hadn’t meant to react that way because he really just wanted to lay down. The human had other plans, acting like a devil and enchanting him with their charm and holding him all the way down the stairs - he couldn’t believe the audacity! What was worse? Edge being generous or the blush that illuminated the entire premises?

When they stepped outside, Edge faintly picked up the drunken singing of Red and Stretch, about shaking his head in sheer disappointment but faltering when he saw the human eagerly awaiting for his guidance. It wasn’t that far of a walk for him, but the emotional weight that was stacking upon his shoulders made the chest underneath his grasp seem heavier. Silently breathing out a sigh, Edge stopped short a few feet of the hole that Stretch and Red had somehow, miraculously, produced. The human seemed to also appreciate that the hole wasn’t too sloppily done, but Edge knew that if he didn’t pick up on their slack, the four of them would probably be there until tomorrow night.

Red helped to the best of his ability, but Edge could tell that his brother also desperately needed sleep and tried too hard not to chew him out every passing second. Once the hole was deep enough, Edge motioned for the human to say their final goodbyes and let go of the chest so they all could get this horrendous night over with. He had used blue magic to help lower the chest down because he could see the human teetering on letting the box go or throwing it all to hell and jumping in just to gently let the chest go. They had thanked him, but he dismissed it and began slugging the dirt back into the hole - without Red’s help, mind you.

He had skirted on over to the human, now dangerously bordering on being overbearing and insincere instead of helpful and understanding as he brought the human into his hold and forced them to sway around with Stretch. Rolling his eye lights and quickening his pace, Edge tried hard to ignore the trio until his brother sang Angel of Darkness and Stretch opera-sang Circus. Edge’s spine nearly disintegrated: how nightmarishly inappropriate yet fitting!

Edge would have punched the two of them straight into the stratosphere, but luckily, the human waved off his concern and those two blundering fools got to live another day. After that, uh, experience, Edge finished filling the hole and informed everyone that they could go home. So he led the group home, scowling whenever Red and Stretch slow-danced inside of the mansion and disappeared from sight, leaving Edge to return the shovels of his own accord. Had he not wanted to make the creampuff suspicious, Edge would have dropped them right in front of the porch and sprinted right on into his bed, but the human looking down at their feet made him pause.

They were just sad. Edge wouldn’t have it. He hushed their praising and offered them a place to stay for the night, knowing fully that if the creampuff did find them that more than likely they would have a bad time, but this was Edge we’re talking about here. He is the master of devious plans! He’s sure he can hide them well enough. They walked back into the home together, their pupils scanning around the place in amazement, and though he would have normally relished in that and boasted about his home, Edge knew he should probably get them hidden soon.

When they reached the top of the stairs and paused in front of his room though, he hadn’t expected that they would have to hide immediately. There was movement from inside of Blue’s room and Edge froze whenever he realized one of the four of them must have awakened him, which prompted the literal seizure Edge experienced trying to fling the human and himself into the safety and comfort of his room. He spared a glance to the human and saw they mirrored his surprised look, so Edge shook his head as the human asked where they were going to be sleeping.

Red’s voice cut the two of them off and Edge wanted to screech into the air whenever he stalked towards his bed - his sanctity, his one true comfort - only to rip the covers away and reveal his brother’s dopy smirk glowing up at him. Of course, yeah. This night has totally made sense so far already, so Edge resigned and just told the human they could also sleep on the bed with his brother - who was making no attempts to leave either. He rolled his pupils and left to change, so completely done and ready to be out of these stiff work clothes and into his nice pajamas.

Edge returned, dropping his clothes onto the floor without care whenever he noticed the human and his brother mostly asleep. He meekly clambered in beside them, his mind blank and ready to at least get a few hours of sleep before lunch while he adjusted the covers and snuggled into their warmth. Edge paused whenever the human cuddled into his side and found himself freezing up, only snapping back into reality whenever his brother wrapped around the both of them and snored away blissfully.

And Red was still doing that. And the human….Oh, my stars! The human!

Edge’s eyes once again snapped open and he glanced down at your figure, squinting slightly against the sunlight. You were snuggled up into his chest because some time during the night, Edge had rolled over onto his left side and your sleeping mind snatched up that free real estate. His eye sockets went wide and his brows nearly jumped off his face in surprise and slight fear, so Edge tried wiggling his way away from you. Instead, you buried your face deeper into the blankets and you reached up for his side, but accidentally gripped his ribs.

He had to refrain from shrieking.

Luckily, the breathy, muted screech he released was enough to shake Red awake, who promptly shot upwards. Red, unfortunately, didn’t realize that he had been wrapped around your body, which meant he casually flung you up into the air and his body fell backward while you were free-flying. Red, Edge, and you released screams of anguish and time went in slow motion as Red meekly stretched his arm out for you but your body just made like a fidget spinner and harpooned straight for the bed. Edge, like the cool, calm, collected Head of the Royal Guard he was, spasmed and stabbed both of his arms out in a feeble attempt to catch you.

Surprisingly, it worked.

You landed in Edge’s arms with a quiet ‘oof,’ now fully awake and staring up at Edge. He released the world’s most relieved sigh and Red’s brows furrowed in the utmost confusion. Glancing between you and his brother.

“wait, what the fuck, boss?” Red said almost nervously, sparing a glimpse over his shoulders and scouring the room for something before looking back at Edge. “you didn’t take them back home last night?”

“SIGH, NO, I DIDN’T,” Edge responded, his eye-lights rolling as he lowered you back to the bed and let you go. “I WAS TOO EXHAUSTED LAST NIGHT TO ACTUALLY CARE TO DRIVE THEM HOME, SO I FIGURED IT WOULDN’T BE TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE TO LET THEM STAY THE NIGHT.”

“i mean, i don’t care, but you know that classic’s not gonna like this,” Red scrambled off of the bed, straightening out his red knit sweater and staring down at his bare feet.

“THAT’S WHY WE’RE NOT GOING TO LET CLASSIC KNOW,” Edge stated with a huff. “I’M GOING TO GO DOWN TO LUNCH, WITH YOU ACCOMPANYING ME, THEN WE WILL SNEAK THEM OUT TOGETHER LATER.” Red’s head jerked up and his eye-lights gave you a quick once-over before he looked back at Edge, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“so they’re just gonna stay up here? alone?” Red’s tone was slightly accusing, but Edge blamed it on the excessive amount of alcohol consumption from last night. Edge opened his mouth to respond that it would be fine if the human stayed here by themselves because if they dare touch or steal anything, he would steal their organs and beat them with their own femurs, but the human cut him off.

“Actually, if it, uh, wouldn’t be too much trouble,” you began with a slight warble to your tone,” I would really like to take a shower.” Edge had been tempted to squash your hopes, but the way you anxiously wrung your hands together and refused to meet their gazes made his heart melt. Damn this gushy stuff, he was the great and terrible Edge! But, he remembered how much their cute smile of glee that dashed across their features whenever something pleased them made him feel, halting before sighing in defeat. Curse their wizardry!

“I GUESS IT WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM,” Edge crossed his arms and shut his eyes,” BUT THAT MEANS THAT YOU’LL HAVE TO GO IN THE BATHROOM WITH THEM, RED.” Said skeleton blinked up at Edge in fear, shuffling his feet and inching back towards the door to escape but paused when Edge slammed his foot down.

“OH, NO,” he said,” YOU HAVE TO GO IN THERE WITH THEM SO THAT THE OTHERS DON’T GET SUSPICIOUS! I’M ALWAYS DOWN FOR LUNCH ON MY DAYS OFF, SO IF I DON’T GO DOWN THERE, THEY’LL KNOW SOMETHING IS UP!!!!” Edge explained it so casually, so much so that he thought the two of them would understand what he meant, but the human just winced away slightly and his brother continued to stare at him with those huge, fear-stricken eyes.

“b-but, boss, do i really have to-”

“YES, YOU DO,” Edge finished whatever inner arguments Red had with himself, turning towards you,” IF HE TRIES SOMETHING, EITHER SCREAM OR SUFFER THROUGH IT.”

“But won’t screaming alert the people you’re trying to hide me from that I’m here?” You queried in confusion, eyebrow quirking up and Edge silently mused this question around in his head with a single hum before responding.

“YEP.” He stalked to his dresser, pulling open a drawer and snatching up some casual clothes in one deft, sweeping motion,” NOW I’M GOING TO CHANGE AND HEAD DOWNSTAIRS, SO BE CAREFUL SNEAKING AROUND, BROTHER.” Edge smirked to himself as he walked to the door, twisting the knob and opening it barely a fraction of an inch before he paused. He tried to seem casual about it as he leaned his body back to look at you with his face scrunched up, but it just made him appear really, really awkward.

“HUMAN,” you nodded at him to continue,” WHAT WAS YOUR NAME?” You stared at him for a second, an ‘oh’ escaping your lips as you blinked away the initial shock of this entire morning.

“It’s (Name),” you whispered out, almost like you were asking a question, which answered whatever curiosity Edge had. He harrumphed, the smirk that was there a few moments ago clearing up and twisting into a genuine smile with his sharp teeth twinkling, then he bobbed his head at you before ducking out of the room. The door slammed shut and Edge was gone for now.

Once the door was closed, you slowly glanced at Red, who mimicked your movements and the two of you mirrored your expressions - wide-eyed, lips drawn together so tightly, and cheeks flushed. You had no clue what to even say to him, words lost on the tip of your tongue due to the absurdity of the situation and last night's depressing nature numbing whatever feelings swelled in your chest. Red glanced down, not really wanting to look at your face before he cleared his throat. 

"i assume ya probably needs some clothes, yeah?" Red quizzed, head tilted ever so slightly and one of his brows quirked whenever his eye-lights couraged to look up at you again. You responded with a curt nod, observing Red stuff his hands inside of his joggers' pockets and shrink back into his shoulders. "okay, i think ya could fit into some of my things, but that means we gotta get to my room first." Red was correct, he was just a hands length taller than you, but he was much thinner than you - probably due to the fact that he was a skeleton. 

"Are you sure they'll fit?" You gestured towards your midriff," I have some meat on my bones, so they might be really tight on me." You trailed off and Red's face burned furiously bright as he tried to avert his attention from you and sputter out a response. 

"they should fit, don't worry." Red tried to assure you," they're stretchy. don't like tight clothing myself." You accepted that, pivoting your leg to turn towards the door before Red clicked his teeth together. 

"come on, i'll take us to my room," Red stepped closer to you, grabbing ahold of your arm before you could continue on your path to the door. "we'll use a shortcut so that we can avoid everyone." 

"Well, how do we get there?" You didn't know how else you could sneak to his room if you didn't even leave the one you were currently in first, but Red rolled his eyes with a snort. 

"jus' close yer eyes and hold yer breath," he grumbled out and you wanted to refute, but decided it was easier to listen to his instructions. As soon as you closed your eyes though, it felt as if the world around you was spinning. The ground dropped out from underneath you and you almost opened your eyes but decided to wrench them tighter together in fear of disobeying what Red told you before everything stopped moving and there was a floor below your feet again. Breath panted out of you and you bent slightly at the waist, hands on your knees for support as you tried to calm your stomach from throwing up the nothing that was inside of it. Red released a quiet, gruff giggle and slapped you lightly on the back. 

"shoulda prepared ya better for that, but i thought ya could handle it," he stated with a shrug and a wink. "wait right here, gotta look around for some clothes i don't mind getting rid of." With that, Red shuffled for one of his dressers and squat on his haunches. He tugged on the rusted, golden metal handle and opened the drawer with a squeak and foraged inside. You stood in the same spot you appeared in, appalled at how you managed to teleport into a completely different room, but you chalked it up to pure magic. It didn't take long for Red to haphazardly toss his clothes around the room until he released a mumbled 'a-ha,' and slung a few articles of clothing over his shoulder and pushed the drawer to, standing and wiping his hands on his knees. 

"i don't mind partin' with these babies, but i at least hope that you might return them one day in the future," he finished by pulling the clothes off of his shoulder and handing them out for you to take, a shy grin on his face. You graciously accepted them and gestured towards the door with a grim look on your face. 

"Please tell me that we're going to walk normally to the bathroom this time," you almost begged Red before his incessant giggling began up again. 

"nope," he pounced for you and wiggled his brows, placing his hands on your shoulders before enticingly shaking his hips," sorry, sweetheart." Red had barely given you enough time to prepare for the 'shortcut,' so whenever you were swept from reality, you choked on nothing and your lungs screamed out fearfully for air. It seemed to last for forever but was finished before you even knew it. This time, when your feet touched the ground, you about collapsed and hacked up both of your lungs, the faint taste of bile in the back of your throat as you tried to steady yourself. Red seemed to have realized his mistake and set the clothes on the lid of the toilet, reaching over so that instead of clapping you on the back, he gingerly rubbed soothing circles between your shoulder blades and shamefully looked away. 

"yikes, 'm sorry," he grumbled out," i'll get you a towel and some water, stay right here." Red disappeared from sight, so you assumed he teleported away again and you leaned back against the wall, trying to steady your breathing. Whatever ability that was, you were not at all envious. Monsters can keep their horrible teleportation abilities to themselves, please and thank you. Your lungs finally calmed and you wiped away the few tears that pooled at the edges of your eyes on your sleeve, taking a deep breath and admiring how fancy their bathroom was. The walls were a brilliant white, the tub and sink a shiny marble stone with gold accents. Wonderment etched onto your face as you trailed your sight across the bathroom, pausing when there was a towel shoved into your arms and a glass of water held in front of your face. 

Red rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, his free arm hidden behind his back and studying the floor while waiting for you to accept his offer. You thanked him, snatching the glass of water and taking a huge swig gratefully, breathing out a sigh of relief as you chugged down the rest of the glass and set it onto the sink's counter. After you hung the towel upon the rack, you spun around to face Red, whose face seemed to be wavering in discomfort and shame. 

"So, I'm going to turn the water on now," you began quietly, hoping not to startle him too badly, but he released a frightened gasp and turned a complete one-eighty around from you, squinting his eye sockets shut and covering them with his carpals. 

"i'm not gonna look, promise!!!" he shouted it with such an urgency that you stopped dead in your tracks, taking a moment to see just how shy he was. His skull was tilted down towards the floor and he was drawn in on himself, it was so cute that you just about gushed over him. Whatever front he put up that made him look like an apathetic jerk melted under the pressure of this situation, leaving Red timid and abash. 

"That's very sweet of you," you remarked," but I was just going to ask how your shower worked." Red didn't uncover his eyes, instead just informing you the left side was cold water and the right side was hot, and that the valve on the spigot turned it from a bath to a shower. You nodded, twisting the knobs and testing the water, finding the temperature that satisfied you before you began stripping out of your clothes. You stepped inside the tub and drew the curtain, tension easing its way from your muscles at the warm water before you began scrubbing down your body. 

You planned on making this shower a long one, so you're hoping Red and Edge don't mind too much. 

 Red was now standing in the corner of the bathroom, so embarrassed that he didn't even want to risk accidentally being seen as sneaking a glimpse at you. Not that he would do that, of course, but you never know what someone might accuse you of doing. His brother had texted him that he was going to wait outside underneath his window once they were finished and dressed, saying that Red should use his magic to lower you from the window so they could sneak away. Red blinked a couple of times at this, questioning how they were going to run off without being seen, but Edge just said Red must create a distraction if they happened to be noticed. 

The water shut off after that, the shower curtain opening a crack before the towel was snatched off the rack and disappeared. Silence mostly filled up the room, the only sounds being the shuffling of the towel before the curtain rings slid against the rod and you stepped out. Red busied himself with his phone, scared and suddenly antsy to hurry up and get you out of the house before the creampuff found you, texting Edge that he would try his hardest but he should know Red's not too good with being innovative in times of distress. He could hear you pulling the clothes on your body and it was only when you cleared your throat did Red venture to peek over his shoulder. 

A bright, cherry red blush stained his cheekbones before he could even begin to fight it back down because of how absolutely adorable you looked in his clothes. Red choked up and dodged into his elbow, pulling his brown parka up to hide his face in case you tried to comment about the sudden glowing redness. You were wearing a pair of black joggers with two yellow stripes down each side and one of his old yellow turtleneck sweaters; the pants seemed fine on you, if just a little loose, but the sweater was drawn tightly across your upper body - the sleeves billowy near the cuffs and baggy towards the shoulders, however. You noticed his actions, head tilting to one side as you gently tugged on the collar of the sweater to hopefully loosen it. 

"Something the matter, Red?" you pried, hanging the towel back onto the rack to let it dry. "You're looking a little hot."

"i- err, let's just get going, please, kid," he desperately attempted to change the conversation topic, hoping you would spare him and not tease him, but you seemed intent on ending his career. 

"Or maybe it's me that's hot, right?" You winked at him and struck a pose, to which Red sputtered out nonsense and released a few inhuman noises that you chuckled at, bending down to retrieve your clothes before hesitantly inching towards you and offering his hand. Red had tucked your clothes underneath his spare arm and averted his pupils from you, but you accepted his open palm and prepared yourself for him to do that god awful teleporting again. Red was so disconcerted that he teleported you two into the wrong room - thankfully one that was empty - and tried again as he screamed internally. 

When Red finally stopped in Edge's room, he ripped his arm away from you and sprinted towards the window, sliding a little and bumping into the frame. He threw open the curtains and pressed his face to the glass, spotting Edge waving at him slightly from down below and Red moved away to open it. This seemed to grab your attention because you joined Red's side, curiously peeping over Red and exaggeratedly smiling at Edge, who returned the gesture with a nod. 

"Why are you opening that window?" you interrogated, "Shouldn't we be going downstairs to leave?" 

"if we wanted to expose ourselves to classic, then yeah," he drawled out with a sinister grin, a chuckle punctuating his sentence. 

"Then what are we going to do with that window?" you were pretty sure you already knew the answer because of the look on Red's face and his devilish tone, slinking back from Red bit by bit. 

"ohh, 'm pretty sure you already know what we're gonna do," Red answered, drawing closer to you. 

"And I don't like what we're going to do, can't we try something else?" You begged, eyes darting to the window, then to the door, and back to Red's smirk. You were slightly squeamish at heights, especially if it included crawling out of one on the second story. 

"nope," Red popped the 'p' before you felt something pressing down on your chest like you had swallowed a million bricks before your body barely levitated. You tried to squirm away, but the invisible weight just tightened and you were lifted up higher. You nervously hummed out, brows furrowing as you glanced at Red. He seemed to be enjoying every moment of this. 

"Listen, I'm sorry for teasing you in the bathroom, please let's talk this over," you pleaded fruitlessly, Red's smirk stretching from metaphorical ear-to-ear and you almost flew to the window. You screeched and you tried to reach your arms out to grasp the frames, but you couldn't move any of your limbs at all. "We can negotiate, please!" 

"nah, we can't do that," Red said before you were flung out into the wide world through the window and you attempted to flail about to grab ahold of anything, but the attempts were in vain. Red felt a sense of satisfaction sneak up into his throat and he giggled like a madman, lowering you down slowly into Edge's arms to make sure you stayed safe. He was, however, thoroughly shocked whenever someone rapped their knuckles against the threshold to make their presence known. Red released a girlish shriek and accidentally dropped you, pivoting so quickly on his heel and pressing his body back against the wall beside the window. Standing in the doorway was the one person he and Edge wanted to avoid most: the creampuff, Sans. 

"hey, man," Sans began, casually sweeping his pupils around, scanning around to see if something was out of place," thought i heard some screaming in here and thought i'd check it out." When he saw that nothing was disrupted, his eyes landed on the open window and his sockets narrowed just slightly. Sans stepped forward, ready to push Red aside and Red's heart fell into the pit of his stomach. Shit! If Sans looked outside, he'd see Edge 'nyeh, heh, heh-ing' and sprinting away haphazardly with you held tightly in his arms, your screams echoing off into the forest. Then they'd both really be in for it. Red needed to create a distraction, something that would unsettle Sans so much that he would cautiously worm backward and straight into the hell he crawled out of. Okay, maybe Red was being a little rude and bitter there, but you know what I mean! 

Red's eyes darted around fearfully, sweat beading on his brow and he tried to calm himself down and think with a clear head. Instead, his mind went blank and his body froze up like a prey trying to hide from a predator and the only thing that came into his thick skull was most definitely the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy fest ever. But it was his only plan. 

So as dramatically as he could, he released a haughty sigh of anguish, swooning to the ground with the back of his hand pressed to his forehead and palm facing the ceiling. Red's face was all drawn up as he tried to portray the look of utter and pure emotion, a mosaic of disturbance, disgruntlement, and melancholy painted into his features before he bellowed out, 

"oh, sans! my," he stuttered slightly to add to the illusion," my beans! you wouldn't believe it." Sans halted, blinking at Red bewilderedly. He took a step back, now uncertain as Red continued with his charade. 

"uhh, what would i not believe?" Sans spoke in low tones, glancing over Red's shoulder to indicate he still wanted to know what occurred outside, but absolutely terrified of Red at the moment. Red gasped in abhor, his mouth falling open and he slammed a hand to the side of his face before teleporting to Sans' side. He visibly jumped whenever Red appeared right beside him, but tried to brush it off and he tilted his body to indicate that he was also ready to run out the door at a moment's notice. 

"they've been spilled!" Red exclaimed woefully before he grabbed onto Sans' shoulders. Sans looked at Red in alarm, mouth opening to interject and ask what the actual hell was going on and what beans have been spilled, but Red cut him off quickly and threw all dignity out of the window before he clinked his teeth to Sans' cheek. The air was so thick and heavy in the room once Sans' eye-lights doused and Red cooed out a 'toodaloo!' to signal that he teleported away, leaving Sans to malfunction before shortcutting away from Edge's room in trepidation. 

Red reappeared in the backseat of Edge's sportscar, pulling up the hood of his parka and pulling the strings taught to hide his distressed features before screaming into the abyss. Both Edge and you spared him a look of concern, faces scrunching up while Edge started the engine. 

"BROTHER, DID SOMETHING HAPPEN?" It was an innocent question, yeah, but Red just kind of wanted to curl up and die and let his body dust away into the eternity of darkness. 

"no," Red didn't want to talk about it. 


Edge had driven the three of you past a cafe so that Red could grab a bite to eat, seeing as how he had to stand in the bathroom with you so you could shower and missed the opportunity of lunch. Once there was a plastic cup of java in your hands, Edge taking casual sips of his french vanilla, and Red greedily inhaling the few donuts and muffins from a place called Muffet's, the drive back to your home was peaceful. It wasn't at all like last night, which kind of reminded you of sitting in a jail cell waiting on death row, patient as they called your name to let you know it was time. You were grateful that the radio had been switched on this time, at least. You could handle jamming out to Ra Ra Riot's Bad to Worse. 

Then it all seemed to come crashing down again whenever you watched Edge signal and carefully turn into your driveway, your house looming down at the car expectantly. A shiver ran through you when you realized that you were probably in a heap of trouble, but relief washed over you nonetheless. You wanted to go home and run into your father's arms and cry. That sounded like it would be good right about now. Edge let the engine idle as he stepped out of the car, Red following suit and wiping crumbs off of his chin while Edge opened your door for you like a true gentleman. You graced him with a kind smile, hopping out of the vehicle and crossing your arms behind your back. Red stretched just a bit before he winked lazily at you, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"well, here ya are, sweetheart. home sweet home," he joked. You rolled your eyes at his antics before you coyly looked up at Edge. 

"YES, YOU'RE HOME NOW. I HOPE THAT YOU FEEL BETTER FROM LAST NIGHT," Edge blabbered, "I ALSO HOPE THAT YOU HAVE FORGIVEN MY BRASHNESS AND HAVE THOROUGHLY ENJOYED OUR COMPANY AND ASSISTANCE." You giggled at him before you jumped on him, wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him the biggest squeeze you could muster. You hooked your fingers around the collar of his shirt and yanked him down, smooching him on the cheek. Edge released a terrified and undignified squawk and blushed furiously, but you moved on from him and offered the favor to Red, too. Once you pressed your lips to Red's cheeks, he just let out a single 'heh' and looked down at his feet abashedly. You pulled away from them, a mischevious grin plastered on your features. 

"Thank you both so much," you began," I really, really, really appreciate it." 

"IT WAS THE LEAST WE COULD DO," Edge reprimanded, still trying to recover from the flirtatious blow but managing to regain his calculating exterior. Oh, he was totally losing it on the interior though. You just released a hearty laugh before glancing at your home. 

"And it means the world to me," you murmured out. "I, um, really want to keep in touch with you guys. Do you mind if I give you my number? I kind of left my phone here, but I have mine memorized." The way you asked almost sounded like a plea like you were afraid to lose these guys, which was absolutely true. They had helped you in your time of need and you didn't want to never see them again. Red didn't mind at all, since he eagerly thrust his phone into your hands with the contacts app already pulled up. You typed your digits in, repeating this process with Edge. 

Once that was squared away, the three of you shared one last hug before you hobbled off to your home with a disheartened gait, tossing a wave over your shoulder in departing. Edge and Red stood there, making sure you made it into the safety of your home before they took their leave. So, of course, they were concerned and slightly apprehensive when you stopped and turned back to them, pausing in front of your door. Their worries melted away when you blessed them with a cheeky grin and shouted, 

"Say thanks to Stretch for me as well!" 



Chapter Text

There was a ceiling fan whizzing about, adding a soft hum to the otherwise quiet room and flushing a soothing breeze over the lone body splayed out across the sloppy, king-sized bed. An occasional snore sawed through Red's throat and he twitched, jerking over to the right and kicking one of his legs out. Darkness drenched the room, the ebony curtains with a lacy frill on the trills were drawn and not a single peep of sunlight could slip into the room. It was also blissfully peaceful, like drifting on a calming pool with glowing electric blue water lost in a deepening abyss.

So, imagine his surprise as the door was kicked open and the light flickered on, pulling Red from his quaint slumber. He groaned, rolling more on to his side and using his elbows to push and prop himself up. His eye sockets blinked a few times, trying to get his bearings and his crimson red pupil swirled around before it landed on his brother.

Edge stood in the threshold, somewhat nervous and bouncy on his heel, his tiny, dotted eye-lights dashing to and fro. Once he noticed his brother was alive and somewhat sentient, Edge lurched forward and slammed the door shut. He pressed forward and ungracefully flopped into the bed with his brother, who, at the moment, just kept experiencing shock after shock.

To say Red was confused would be one doozy of an understand, hell, he was rather distraught that his brother had just clambered up onto the bed with him - willingly. Edge hardly ever liked sitting on the same bed as him, much less laying beside him. His baby brother only did that whenever something bad had really upset him or left him severely distressed. Something had upset Edge, something had upset his baby brother. His mandible clenched tight and his eye light trekked up the bed with Edge, watching him settle himself in beside Red and smothering his face into the plush and soft pillows.

A quiet moan slipped out past through Red's teeth, then shut his eyes and mustered the energy to swing fully around to face his brother. Edge was wearing a pair of dark navy blue slacks and a black button-up tucked into the hem of the pants, the sleeves rolled all the way up to his elbows. Red's pupil traced back down, watching Edge numbly kicked off his shiny, inky black dress shoes one at a time. His movements were sluggish and tired, more than likely either to due a hard day at work or whatever had upset him this badly.

Red watched as his brother's form stilled and grasped for his blanket, drawing it up to the bottom of Edge's clavicles and resting it there. A brief 'thank you' murmured against the pillow and Red yawned, resting his head back down to his own pillow and accepting his gratitude.

"no problem, bro," he grumbled quietly," something the matter?" Though he would much rather go back into his depression-induced sleep, his love and care for his brother were too overpowering. Red knew that even if he ignored the elephant in the room that he wouldn't even be able to force himself back into slumber, his brother's uneven breathing would bar that.

"YES," Edge finally responded and lifted his skull from the pillow. He turned his head to the right and placed it back down, eyes half-lidded and he tiredly regarded Red. His mouth parted, sucked air through his front teeth then sighed.

"penny for your thoughts then?" Red joked, in hopes that this would ease Edge enough and it seemed to work. Edge's eye sockets opened up by just a fraction and now his scarlet eye-lights glimmered. A small smile tugged up the corners of his mouth and he offered a single chuckle.

"WELL, IT'S JUST THAT," he began and paused, going over the thoughts in his head," I'M WORRIED THAT CLASSIC'S NOT GONNA LET US SEE (NAME) IF HE FINDS OUT ABOUT THEM. YOU KNOW HOW HE IS, DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT HE DID THE DAY WE RETURNED THEM HOME AND WE CAME BACK? STARS, WHAT A WEIRDO." Red did remember how Sans had reacted to the two of them whenever they returned back to the mansion that day.

Classic had been waiting for them in the living room, lazily strewn across one of the three corduroy, robin-egg blue couches that were placed strategically throughout that specific area. He was draped on the one that was near the furthest corner of the room from the main entrance, able to watch the foyer and the door, while still being able to see up the staircase towards the upper levels. Whenever Classic spotted Red and Edge, his grin stretched even wider across his features, mimicking an 'ear-to-ear' smile and he gave a simple wave. Edge blinked at him in confusion, not used to this behavior and sudden interest in the two of them, but spewed out a greeting and unraveled his scarf from his neck.

Red glanced away from his brother, now distracted and face mostly covered by the article of clothing, and directly at Sans. The two of them blanked for a second, until Sans narrowed his eye sockets and made the 'I'm watching you' motion with two fingers and then slid his index phalange across his throat. Red immediately began sputtering out in fear, ready to apologize and fess up about the human, but Edge had finished untangling himself from his scarf and was now looking back at Sans. His brother turned around and shrugged his jacket off of his shoulders, which Sans took as another opportunity to silently threaten Red by subtly changing his grin into a full-blown smirk.

A shudder ran through Red just remembering it. Stars, he really wished he wouldn't have panicked and just kissed Sans to get away from the rather unfortunate encounter.

"for sure, but don't worry 'bout that," Red said," we don't bring 'em 'round the house and sans never sees 'em, so we'll be fine." He was pretty confident that Sans would never find out about you, he would make sure of it. After nearly five years of boredom in the universe and you were the first interesting thing to happen upon them in a while, Red for sure didn't want to lose this opportunity. Plus, you were, admittedly, kind of cute.

"BUT WHAT IF STRETCH SNITCHES?" Edge fretted, brow bones furrowing together and fixing Red with a concerned stare. Red rolled his eyes and shut them, burying his face into his pillow and pulling the blanket tighter to his slender body. It was still toasty warm and felt so smooth over his cracked and chipped bones, he loved it.

"stretch ain't gonna do that, he's still kind of embarrassed he sang brittany to 'em after their cat had legit just died," Red assured Edge, and this seemed to appease him for now because he snuggled deeper into the covers and wormed closer to his brother. Red released a massive yawn and blinked his eyes owlishly, meeting his brother's gaze.

"that all that's eatin' at ya?" Red queried, ready to be finished with this mushy stuff for a bit so that he could return back to napping. Edge shook his head and closed his eyes.

"NO, BLACK CALLED ME UGLY AND NOW I FEEL REALLY SELF-CONSCIOUS," ah, there's what the real problem is. Red felt a smile dance up the visible side of his face and he chuckled, wrapping an arm around his brother's waist and inching closer. He was suddenly thankful that even though his brother would never be the 'classic' Papyrus, that deep down, he was still a Papyrus at the core. That meant he would always overshare things and that they all shared this self-conscious trait that was usually hidden behind flashy actions and bold words. Like a peacock, but with social anxiety.

"aw, fuck 'im," Red garbled out, now slipping in and out of consciousness. Edge genuinely smiled at this, his smirk dropping into something looser and more loving. He scooted his skull over to his brother's pillow and rested the tip of his jawline on the top of his brother's head, a deep breath blowing out from his nasal cavity.

"THANKS,...SANS," he whispered out. Then the two of them fell asleep, bodies flushed against one another closely and dreaming this kind of lame world away, cute, childlike smiles adorning their features.

A few days later and Red stretched his arms above his head, a heavy yawn rippling across his face and he lazily clicked his teeth together a few times. Red scratched the back of his cervical spine, near the middle of his vertebrae. He stumped into the kitchen with his shoulders slumped and one of his hands tucked away into the pocket of his basketball shorts, eyes downcast as he shuffled towards the coffee pot. There was a fresh batch brewing and the delectable and sharp scent of strong coffee wafted into Red's nasal cavity. His eyes fluttered and his currant red tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth, licking his bottom row of teeth and reaching out for his favorite mug.

Red's phalanges brushed against the little, metal stand that balanced mug after mug, but his favorite one was nowhere to be seen. He arched a brow, head now angled directly towards the stand and he trailed his maroon eye-light up and down. That was definitely peculiar. It had come straight out of the wash last night and Red had demanded that no one else drinks out of this specific mug. The cute black, ceramic cup with adorable, pudgy pink cats with halos and angel-wings snuggling bottles of mustard...Why it had practically screamed out Red's name whenever he saw it at the store! Red had proudly slammed it down on the table during dinner and told the rest of the members of this house that he would carve out their metatarsals if someone dared use it.

So where was it?

His growling was cut short by someone tapping their fingers rhythmically against ceramic, humming along to a fairly familiar tune. Grief struck his features and Red trembled very lightly, just barely noticeable. Red blinked a few times in an attempt to blank his features as best as possible, but when he carefully shifted his weight to his left side and turned ever so slightly to the right, he froze in his spot.

Sans was leaning up against the doorframe, his foot drumming against the hardwood flooring and his fingers playing a mock jamboree on Red's favorite mug. He had fixed Red with a hard stare, stabbing through his body and peering right into his cracked soul. A shiver traced down Red's spine and he swallowed hard, then Sans ceased whatever noise he had previously been making and silence ensued. Red's eyes shot down to Sans' hands, which now tightly held the mug clasped between his palms and spared a glance back to the coffee machine. Did Red really need coffee at this moment? But Sans didn't give Red time to bolt because a chuckle escaped him and he spoke up.

"looking for this, buddy?" Sans mused softly, clearly enjoying the look of panic that dashed across Red's features. There was a time about a few weeks ago where Sans wouldn't have acted like this, but ever since Red had kissed him, the torment had been almost nonstop. Sure, it had been a good enough distraction at the time, but it just made several alarm bells go off inside of Sans' thick skull and now he was suspicious. He knew that either Red was losing it and was genuinely interested in Sans or that Red was hiding something.

"y-yeah, i am," Red warbled out, stuffing his other hand into his shorts' pocket. Stars, he was so utterly terrified right now. Each time seemed way worse than the last, so much so that Red feared Sans would end up accidentally dusting him.

"oh, how interesting," Sans pushed himself off of the doorframe and out of the threshold, taking a step inside. "you know, red, i'm looking for something, too." In the blink of an eye, Sans had disappeared and reappeared right in front of Red's face, leering awfully close. So close that if Red wanted a repeat of chapter two, he totally could do that...or, whatever that meant. Backing up, Red's hip bumped against the marble countertop and his hands wearily fumbled and grasped the edges.

"heheh, what are you looking for?" he laughed nervously, eyes darting around Sans and over the top of his head. Red really wanted to flee right about now, but before he could teleport or bolt, Sans' phalanges flung out and wrapped around Red's wrist. He visibly gulped.

"i think you know, red," Sans whispered out, eye sockets narrowed and his eye-lights were gone. Instead, there was a whispy, blue flame flickering underneath his left, lidded eye that evanesced away the moment it blew out and away from his skull. Red's mandible dropped and his mouth was agape. Shit, he has to think of a lie, he had promised Edge that he wouldn't let Sans find out about you.

"um, well, you see," Red sputtered out, pupil rolling up and staring at the ceiling, he cleared his throat. "what it" The words faltered in his throat. Red was seriously terrible at making up lies and excuses, damn it. Wasn't this explained in chapter two? can that voice stop, please, Red pinched his brows together and pursed his teeth. Sans arched a brow and gestured for Red to continue with the hand that had Red's cup dangling off of two phalanges by the handle. Oh, jeez, here we go again.

Red licked his teeth uncomfortably, looked at the ground and then met Sans' eye sockets. Guess he's just going to have to fess up. Just as his mouth opened to begin talking, his cellphone rang out throughout the otherwise quiet room. Sans and Red both blinked at one another, eye-lights trailing down to the source of the noise. With his free hand, Red reached over to his other side and awkwardly pulled his phone from his pocket. On the screen, 'some hecc i guess' with a heart emoji scrawled across the middle. Visible relief washed over Red at seeing your nickname and he yanked his other hand from Sans' grasp.

Sans openly glared at him but regarded him and stepped politely back a few steps. Red mouthed a 'sorry, super important, gotta take it' and shortcut away before Sans could intervene.

Now in the safety of his room and away from that horrifying beast named Sans, Red clicked the green accept button and pressed the phone against the side of his skull. The call was silent for a few seconds while the call connected, but there was a glitchy static and then a shuffling.

"hey, babe, thanks so much," Red began," you have no idea what you just saved me from." His tone was light-hearted and cheery, even though the looming, foreboding shadow of Sans lingered in the back of his mind. Red waited for a response but when he didn't receive one, he paused and strained his hearing. It was faint and really hard to comprehend, but Red picked up on your sniffling.

"woah, (name), what's the matter?" his quickly murmured out and plopped down onto his bed, crossing his ankle over his left patella. Then the sniffles became louder and there was unsteady breathing, almost like you were hyperventilating. Red tapped his fingers impatiently against one his femurs, very concerned but trying to stay calm. Finally, you heaved and sucked in a greedy breath of air.

"I-I'm not doing too good, Red," you whispered out breathily. It was low, like a snake slinking across the forest floor soundlessly and making Red suddenly hyperaware of his surroundings. The subtle hum of his ceiling fan, the settling of the house, the almost inaudible thumps resounding off from his vent from deep inside the ventilation. Red's heart almost stopped.

"tell me what's going on," he demanded.

"This all hurts, it really does," you stuttered out, voice shaky and the tears were present in your tone," All I am is an utter failure. I just let everyone down, I don't do anything. I'm trapped in this room, man."

Red's heart shattered.

"now, who put those thoughts in your mind, sweetheart?" he didn't really want to know. It was easy to understand, easy to relate to. How many times has Red lay flopped out eagle-spread across his bed and watched the hours tick by, connecting shapes with the little dots on his ceiling? Too many to count. Red knew this feeling well. Red knew what it felt to feel worthless.

"No one in particular, I just," you said," I just can't anymore. I had the chance to get away, to run away and hide from it all...but then I was ripped away from that dream and now I'm here again. I can't escape, I never will be able to escape."

"baby, it doesn't have to be like that. it won't always be like this," Red softly reassured. His husky voice traveled through the phone and slithered into your eardrums and tickled all the way down to your saddened heart. You swallowed thickly, now wordless.

"But when can I break free?" You sounded so weak, so broken. Red sucked in a sharp breath, biting his tongue accidentally and his brows furrowed and arched up his brow ridge ever so slightly.

"i...i can't say for certain, but things are going to get better, okay?" Though his consolation wasn't much and there wasn't much weight to his words because, honestly, who can say for sure? But you felt the care and love that laced through his words and through your tears, the corners of your mouth tugged up by just a fraction of a centimeter. A few tears fell down your cheeks.

"I feel like that damn dog, Red, trapped and circling around a tiny cage and never being able to leave," there was a pause," I am that dog." Red closed his eyes, trying to picture that the two of you were away from the darkness and the bad things in life, in this world. Away, in a faraway universe, a safer one, peaceful. Tranquil blues and purples, soothing. Little white stars, pulsing against the backdrop. Space, Outerspace. Somewhere that's he always wanted to fade away in, but now you were there. The two of you could hold hands and then everything would be okay.

"if that's so, then didn't you set him free?" Your breath hitched on the other end and Red knew he had said the right thing. You didn't answer him, so Red pursued, "then you, too, will be set free." There was no answer, just the usual muted rumble of background noise. Then there was a sniffle, a deep breath, and finally, a sigh.

"Okay," you said.

"okay," Red grinned. Neither of you said anything and the phone just continued to tick on but neither of you minded, just content with listening to each other's steady breathing. Though yours would sometimes skip a beat and then you would shudder out, Red closed his eyes and drifted away to your rhythm. He was pulled awake again by a careful whisper.

"Red?" your voice was exhausted, drained from emotion and kind of higher-pitched and moany. It sounded like you were sick; like your nose was stuffed up and you couldn't breathe right.

"yeah, baby?" he muttered, sleep tugging at his eyes and reminding him that Red never really was able to drink that one cup of coffee.

"Can you come over?" you tiredly asked, hesitant," I don't wanna be alone right now." He had to blink awake, rubbing his eyes and he released a groggy groan.

"'course, can't leave ya alone like this," he responded with a drawn-out yawn," ya might keel over without me." Though you were on the other side of the phone and you couldn't see him, you could practically feel the wink all the way to where you were. A quiet laugh escaped your lips and you shook your head, eyes rolling up before you fluttered them to a close.

"I just might," you said," now come on, you big ol' nerd." Red sniggered and released a snake-like giggle before he complied.

"'kay, give me like ten minutes and i'll be there," he sat up and his bed, stretching up and throwing his feet over the bed.

"And I'll be waiting," you muttered and hung up.

Your phone had been tossed over to your side, nearly hanging off the bed but luckily not falling off. Piles of fluffy pillows and thick blankets barricaded you, wrapping you up perfectly like a cocoon. It was very dark in your room, the only light being that which peeked out from underneath your royal purple curtains. The place was also silent, really silent. Not a single sound scurried in your house, no one was alive. Everybody had left for work and you were all by yourself and you couldn't even begin to talk to someone about how you were feeling.

You were laying on your side, arms reaching out before you and legs curled in. There was a wall in front of you filled with artwork, pictures, various little knick-knacks that you kept to symbolize various points in your life. You stared blankly at it, pupils tracing over each item and trying to memorize the shapes in your mind. Sometimes you would pause when one particular thing made you think about where you were during that time and what you were doing, what you were suffering. It stung just a bit, but not enough that you really felt compelled to look away.

Life hasn't ever really been easy, but it's not a thing you particularly fancy pondering over. It's been and done, gone in the past and forever lost to the throes of time. You could pull a Gatsby and you could try to row against the tide and go back, but it's useless. No point in trying. Your very own little lighthouse with its green beacon is finished, time to move forward. But you really didn't want to.

That's why you're so down right now.

Which is also why you had called Red crying, all shame thrown out and just craving someone. He had already seen you at one of your lowest points, what did it matter if he saw you at another one? Red always gave off the vibe that he would understand what you were going through, that he understood your pain. You couldn't really explain the reason why, but you weren't going to ignore your gut-feeling. So now you wait, swallowed up by the darkness of your abode and withering away.

But then there was the sound of a warble, then a pop, and then your bed shifted when extra weight was added. It creaked, bouncing up and down slightly but settling back down and you rolled yourself around to face the disruption. Red lay there, french-girl posing and his left leg sticking directly up and towards your ceiling.

"you called?" he jokingly asked in a Russian accent.

"Go back to your hellhole, you blimey freak," you cried out in response, an overly dramatic expression draped over your features and you wrenched your eyes shut in response. Red chuckled, lowering his leg and scooting closer, head on your pillow.

"maybe after you cheer up," his maroon eye-light trailed around your room, his brows furrowed. "my first suggestion: turn on a light or something, can't see anything. first time in your room, sweetheart, and i'd like to sight-see." Your mouth was shaped like an 'o' and you shuffled up, still wrapped up in one of your comforters and bumbled over towards your TV-stand. You stretched your arm out behind it, one of your hands tightly gripping the two sides of the blanket together, and plugged in the purple and orange Christmas lights lining the walls of your room. There were two separate sets of Halloween tinsel with jack-o-lanterns and tiny bats dangling off wrapped around the lights, glow in the dark skeletons in different poses were also hanging off of them, too.

When you turned back to Red, he seemed to be glancing around with curiosity and wonder in his gaze. His eyes landed on you and then they moved over to your left side, pointing with an index phalange.

" that a naked skeleton figurine wrapped around a Norwegian flag?" you swiveled your head around to see what he was talking about and your eyes landed on the figure.

"Oh, yeah, forgot about him," you casually said," name's Wilfred." Red blanched.


"Wilfred the naked skeleton," you offered to him," his day job is interpretive dancing in the nude and his night job is streaking. It's a goal for me."

"god, i wish that's what i did for a living," Red jested at your little skeleton and you flopped back down next to him, wiggling up and snuggling close.

"Unlike me, a skeleton wearing a fleshy, meaty sack, you could actually do that," you comforted him. Red chortled and turned to lay on his back, staring up at your ceiling. He stiffened and blinked in bewilderment.

"and is that...a bara bendy the ink demon seductively posing on your ceiling?" at his question, you also rolled over onto your back and looked at the print you had commissioned as a meme and jokingly tacked up there.

"Yep," was all you could say. Honestly, there was really nothing else you could say. That was some pretty horrifying imagery depicted up there. Red sucked in a breath, held it, then just released it and closed his eyes.

"all right, so, aside from those two rather...eccentric things," he began," your room's pretty cool. an eclectic collection of shit ya got." Red lifted his arm, gesturing around with a wave of his hand and angling his head towards you. With a nod of acknowledgment, you also did a quick scan of your room before also closing your eyes.

"Thanks a bunches, man," you spoke," got a lot of this stuff throughout my lifetime." He hummed, resting his head on top of yours and the two of you shared a silence. Neither of you said a word but you really didn't need to, this was nice. It was exactly what you needed right now. Everything was just so peaceful that you could have probably dozed right off here and now. However, you were jolted awake whenever Red gently shook your shoulder, staring intently at you with a smirk on his face. You quirked a brow, confused and irked because you just did kind of want to fall asleep but now was invested in what Red had to say.

"bro, i've got the best idea," he said," we gotta play surgeon simulator." You blinked rapidly a few times.

"Surgeon Simulator?"


"Red, wouldn't the whole sawing up the ribs part be upsetting for you?" you queried, worried that if the two of you played the game that he would be disturbed by some of the things that accidentally occurred during gameplay. Red quickly shook his head side to side, clearly set on playing Surgeon Simulator.

"i ain't no bitch baby, i can handle it," Red tugged you up," come on! get your laptop." Panting out an annoyed sigh, you heaved yourself off of your bed and squat beside it, reaching down underneath it and unhooked your laptop from the charger cord. The entire time you did so, you shot the deadliest glare you could possibly make towards Red, who just seemed to be smugly smirking to himself in response. Pursing your lips tightly together and clicking your tongue against your teeth, you stood - but you stood with one hell of a grudge! Red scooted over from the edge of the bed, giving you space to plop the laptop down in between the two of you. Clambering up beside him and lifting the lid of the laptop, you started it up.

"Red, sometimes, just sometimes," you wheezed out," you can be really insufferable." Red nodded at you, his smirk manifesting into the brightest smile you've ever seen. You just sighed, no longer having the steam or will to crush such beauty and child-like wonder. Plus, later you would totally give him a wedgie.

"i know," Red spoke out in a sing-song voice, his head tilting side to side while doing so," but you love me." Rolling your eyes, you quickly typed in your password and double-clicked on the Surgeon Simulator shortcut.

"Sure, keep telling yourself that," you remarked, stoic-faced and voice monotone," now which operation do you want to perform?" You scrolled over the various options, glancing at Red from the corners of your eyes. He tapped his chin in thought and hummed, musing over exactly what exactly would make him get sick the fastest.

"Let's do the heart operation," Red finally answered.

"Are you sure about that?" you checked, not really wanting to deal with a sobbing and traumatized skeleton," This one requires basically destroying the ribs."

"yeah, hey, so did you know that ribs were sexual to a skeleton?" he ignored you, a lopsided grin on his face.

"I...I don't think I wanted to know that," you said but paused," wait, sexual to a skeleton? Does that mean other things are sexual to you?" There was this really awkward and tense moment of silence that lasted a little longer than what you wanted, but Red eventually quenched your thirst for knowledge with a shrug and a wink.

"you'll have to find out for yourself," you completely stopped. Did...Did Red just come on to you? Ah, well. Just another cat to add to the bag.

"So, about that heart operation," you loaded it up and pulled up the directions for the controls," I'll control the keyboard and you control the mousepad." Red blinked a couple of times and shook his head slightly, leaning in and setting two of his phalanges on the mousepad.

"cool, now let's get this bread."

Edge was hunched over his desk, drumming the tips of his phalanges against the surface and tightly gripping the pencil in his other hand. He was filling out some paperwork for his job, bookkeeping the company's latest stocks and earnings. It was insanely mindnumbing and Edge was fairly certain that drool was dripping out from in between his teeth. Edge shut his eyes and took a deep breath, hoping to wake himself up and calm his sudden spiked heartbeat. He really didn't want to be doing this. At all.

He pushed himself away from his desk, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his eyes. Stars, Edge was having a horrid time trying to keep himself awake. Edge weakly dug his hand into his pocket, fishing his phone out and unlocking it. He scrolled through his various social media accounts and let his mind turn to mush. Edge passed by a post of yours and he took a moment to read the description and study the photo, noticing that he and his brother were both in it.

The three of you had taken a bathroom selfie, you were in the center, bracing yourself on Edge's side and posing dramatically with your hand over your forehead. Red had his hands on his knees, mimicking a duck-face and perking his rear end out. Edge, himself, stood there with a deadpanning expression, arms crossed. All three of you had on flower crowns, Edge's was made of king proteas and lisianthuses and daffodils, Red's with peonies and hydrangea, and your's with sunflowers. The caption merely said, "spooky skull skeletons get cute flower crowns."

It had been punishment for Edge eating the entirety of your cheesecake with a chocolate drizzle, and though the taste had been worth it, the humiliation and shame that came along with this photo was not. Edge rolled his eyes, double-tapping the photo and liking it, but he'd never admit to anyone that he actually liked the photo! He swiped the app up, fully closing it and setting his phone down beside his paperwork. Okay, enough dilly-dallying around. Edge is actually going to finish this today instead of putting it off as he has for the past three days.

Edge, however, was unable to whenever he heard this warbling noise echo throughout his room, a poof, then an 'oof' with the sound of someone falling onto Edge's bed. Blinking once in vague surprise, Edge slowly swiveled around in his chair and looked at his brother. Red was face-planted straight into one of his frim pillows, body splayed. Red coughed a few times, meekly lifting his head up and glancing at Edge from the corners of his eye-sockets.

"hey, bro," he mumbled out, "how are you doing?" Edge sighed, tilting his head back and pursing his teeth.

"I'M DOING RATHER WELL, I GUESS," Edge responded, crossing his legs. "AND WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING HERE? WASN'T THERE A SIGN ON MY DOOR THAT SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR NO ONE TO BOTHER ME? I'M DOING SOME REALLY BUSY PAPERWORK, SANS." Red nodded his head along with Edge's words like he was listening, but he just sat up criss-cross-apple-sauce and held both of his hands out flat.

"cool story, paps, but like listen," Red talked over Edge, sort of interrupting him near the end of his sentence," so i went on over to (name)'s house 'cause they weren't feeling too hot, right? then i decided it would be a brilliant idea to play surgeon simulator and then well, i saw ribs, then - boom! - turned on then mortified after i watched 'em smash them open with this giant hammer. you should've seen the laser, man." The only thing Edge could do was breathe.

"WELL, I MEAN, THE LASER PORTION OF THE GAME IS A TAD BIT HORRIFYING, BUT UH," Edge paused, head tilted to the side," WAIT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT (NAME) WAS UPSET?" His voice raised up to a shout near the end, brows furrowed together and he stood from his seat. He quickly closed the gap between his brother and him, striding on over to the bed in just a few steps with his long legs. Red looked up at him, hands trembling before he quickly buried them in his laps, holding on tightly to his tibias.

"uhhh, yeah, they were upset involving some stuff with their past and welp, i ended up cuddling and playing some surgeon simulator with 'em," Red explained, exaggeratedly blinking his eyes at Edge who was currently fuming over something.

"WH-WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY WERE UPSET AND YOU WERE ABLE TO CUDDLE WITH THEM?? FURTHERMORE, THEY CALLED YOU INSTEAD OF ME?" Edge threw his arms up into the air, prancing around angrily," HOW DARE THEY? I AM THE PERFECT PERSON TO MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER! SOB, I AM SO HURT RIGHT NOW!" Red winced away from his brother, glancing off to the side.

"well, they did tell me they had tried to contact you, but you didn't respond," Red murmured out, now staring at the ceiling. Edge snapped back around, eyes narrowed as he fixed Red down with a hard glare.

"THEY CONTACTED ME? YOU'RE LYING," Edge huffed, turning and walking towards his desk to snatch his phone up and click on his messaging app. When he clicked on your nickname (MY HUMAN) and looked at the chat, he noticed that, indeed, there was a message sitting there from you. Edge blanched, feeling like a complete and total boob because he forgot that he had muted all of his chats to keep any interruptions from bothering him. He locked his phone and shoved it into his pocket, stiff when he spun back around and faced Red.

"OH, GUESS YOU WERE RIGHT," Edge said more to himself than his brother," I GUESS THAT MEANS I WILL ALSO HAVE TO GO PAY THEM A VISIT AND OFFER MY GREAT COMFORT AND LOVE SKILLS!" Red raised his hand up, index finger lifted up and mouth open to interject that Edge's idea probably wasn't the best because you had planned on falling asleep as soon as Red left but his brother didn't give him the opportunity.

"BROTHER, I WILL BE BACK WHENEVER I FEEL THAT THE HUMAN HAS BEEN PROPERLY SATIATED AND NO LONGER REQUIRES COMFORT!" Edge stated boldly, swooping across his bedroom and to his door, swinging it open and looking back at Red with a huge, dopey smirk on his face. "I GO NOW!" And with that, Edge sprinted from the room cooly and slammed the door shut behind him. Red was just left sitting there, staring, face loose and he dipped his head once. Did...Did that seriously just happen? Ah, well. He ain't going to be stopping his brother anytime soon.

You had finally fallen into a peaceful sleep, no fitful rests or horrid nightmares or weird fever dreams, just absolute, pure bliss. A content sigh slipped past your lips and you snuggled deep into your blanket, clutching your body support pillow for dear life. Everything was going well, you felt like you could stay asleep for all of eternity. Then, it all went to shit.

There was then a loud banging and some clambering noises thundering throughout the silent house. Your eyes snapped wide open and you froze up in fear, terrified that somebody had broken in. Your breathing halted and you strained your ears to listen for any sort of movement, and you picked up on some footsteps. Your heart was pounding against your ribcage and tears pricked at your eyes until...until you heard Edge's voice.

"OH, JEEZ! OH, HECK! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" then you heard glass breaking," OH, MAN! DID I REALLY JUST BREAK THAT? EUGH, THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE DEALING WITH SUCH MUNDANE THINGS!" Breathing out relief and shutting your eyes, you mustered up the strength and cried out.

"Edge, honey! I'm in here," you called for him, hearing the movement stop before Edge began shambling towards your bedroom. The door was carefully pushed open and Edge's head appeared in the crack, poking out and searching for you. His eye-lights finally found your figure all bundled up in the blankets and he quirked a brow before stepping into the room fully.

"SO! MY BROTHER TOLD ME THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN FEELING WELL TODAY AND SO I, THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE EDGE!, CAME BY TO CHEER YOU UP," he stated, eyes fixed on you before he softly pushed your door shut. "SINCE I AM SO AMAZING AT DEVISING THE MOST DEVIOUS AND CUNNING PLANS, I KNEW THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO CREATE THE BEST THING TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER!" He boasted, chin jutting out and chest puffing out, hands on his hips. Glancing him up and down, you couldn't help but let out a tired giggle and forced yourself to wiggle over to give him some space on the bed. Edge looked baffled, confused as to why you dare laugh at him and why you were patting the area beside you. This surfaced a few more chuckles from you and you playfully rolled your eyes and cocked a quirky smirk.

"Well, thank you very much for that, Edge," you graciously smiled up at him," so come join me and make me feel better." Though you knew you probably shouldn't have, you gave him a saucy wink and tried to hide the smirk stretching across your face at how flustered Edge became at your innuendo. He crossed his arms and stomped his feet, averting his eyes from you.

"WELL! I WILL JOIN YOU, BUT ONLY AFTER WE HAVE CHOSEN A MOVIE TO SIT AND 'NETFLIX AND CHILL' TO," Edge stalked towards your TV stand, pulling open the doors to the little cabinet underneath it and began fingering through your movie collection. He was silent for a few minutes as you observed him, staring at his crouched down figure and the way his scapulas poked out underneath his shirt. A yawn tore through you and you snuggled deeper into your blankets, trying to regain the same blissful feeling you had before Edge so rudely broke into your home. You just about considered asking him if he locked your door after he came in before he jumped right on up and spun around to look at you, a DVD case gripped tightly in his right hand.

"Ferngully?" you blinked at Edge. He nodded at you.

"YES, THIS MOVIE IS VERY COLORFUL AND FAMILY-FRIENDLY! THIS SHOULD DEFINITELY MAKE YOUR TINY PEANUT BRAIN HAPPY," you shrugged, going along with whatever Edge wanted. He grinned to himself victoriously and turned back to your old DVD player and popped the disk in. Edge grabbed the remote and carefully sat himself down beside you, reaching over and powering the TV on.

Once he finally had the movie started and playing, Edge finally relaxed back into the bed and you snatched up that opportunity to wrap your arms around his waist. You pulled him down with you and, even though he had stiffened, he wrapped one singular arm around your shoulders. The movie played out in front of the two of you, the songs happy and the art colorful and the message meaningful. You and Edge didn't really share any words, content on just laying in each other's arms and wasting the night away to a children's film.

It was nice and you felt comforted, just like you always did whenever Edge held you. Though he was sporadic and tended to be boisterous and outgoing, whenever he was still and quiet, he emitted this calming aura and presence that just seeped right into your veins and lulled you into tranquility. This would have continued like that until the movie ended...until.

"I do believe we're destined to be soul...mates."

"Hit me one time. Hit me twice!~"


Edge stared at the screen in horror, mouth agape and he jabbed his index finger in the general direction of the television screen, screaming.