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"You think," Isaac chuckled, "that you're going to leave me and take my child?"


Dean was shaking, absolutely terrified. He swallowed hard, taking a small step back, "Looks like it and Maya isn't yours she's mine and Castiel’s."


Dean’s brother, Sam, was right beside him to make sure that Isaac didn't hurt him. 


Sam took his brother’s hand into his own and rubbed his knuckles comfortingly. Silently letting Dean know that he wasn't going to let anything happen to him.


One of Sam’s friends is watching Maya at his house while they came to get her and Dean’s stuff but Isaac came home a little earlier than they expected. Neither of them wanted Maya anywhere near this place again.


Isaac laughed, clapping his hands in hysterics as tears formed in his eyes. "'s always think you can survive without me! You were nothing before you met me!"


Dean couldn't believe that he could say that with a straight face like he doesn't know the pain he caused him and his daughter over the past couple months.


This all started when Isaac’s dad passed away and started drinking. Then he lost his job because of the drinking and he had a hard time keeping a job after that so Dean was the one supporting them and Isaac’s ego couldn't take it. Things just went downhill from there.


Of course Dean would never let Isaac lay a hand on Maya hell he didn't even hit Dean in front of her but she is a smart little girl and wasn't oblivious to her daddy getting bruises all the time and the yelling.


Isaac stomped his foot almost like a child throwing a tantrum, wiping tears from his eyes. "You will never find anybody that loves you like I do." 


He is obviously drunk once again and can barley stand on his own feet but that hasn't stopped him from attacking Dean before.


Tears welled up in Dean’s eyes but he refused to cry another tear in front of his now ex-boyfriend. 


"I sure as hell hope he doesn't. You don't even know what your losing but that doesn't matter because I will make sure that you don't come near him or Maya again." Sam said. "If you do I will rip you apart limb from limb, do you understand me?"


Dean licked the burning cut on his lip, that he had gotten from the last time Isaac "punished" him as he likes to call it.


"You haven't loved me since you started drinking. You do nothing but drink, hit me, and yell at me. Maya doesn't even feel comfortable being around you without me there. My daughter and I don't deserve to be treated like this. We were fine before you and we'll definitely be fine after." Dean said.


The fact that Dean was talking to him like this shocked Isaac. He used to stand up for himself when it first started happening and wasn't scared to say what he wanted but that slowly changed after Isaac started hurting him.


Dean just got tired of fighting him and worked silently to escape Isaac but it wasn't that easy.


Isaac has friends and other people that could easily find him and his daughter and possibly even hurt them.


The statement took Isaac back a second but he quickly regained himself.


Isaac snorted, "'ll come back eventually."


Dean shook his head, "I won't and you won't be able to drag us back like the other times."


He had tried to leave Isaac when it first started happening but a couple of Isaac’s friends found them and took them back to him with a knife to Dean’s back the entire way.


That night he was going to go to Sam and tell him everything but he was caught before he could.


When they got back that night it was one of the worst and most painful nights of his life. Isaac sent Maya to her room, locked her in, and then did everything he could do to physically hurt Dean.


Sam had a bad feeling in his stomach that night but just thought it was something he ate so he just shrugged it off.


So the next day when Sam came to check on his brother and niece he found him covered in bruises and cuts.


Sam knew something was going on with Dean but this never crossed his mind, he got Dean and Maya out of there as quickly as he possibly could.


Isaac was lucky he wasn't there at that moment because Sam would have killed him.


Dean, before he met Isaac, was happy and didn't take crap from anyone now he’s here terrified to break up with his boyfriend.


It took a lot to keep Sam from hunting down Isaac and killing him. The only reason he didn't was because Maya was terrified and Dean was about to pass out in his arms. He couldn't take care of his brother and niece if he was in jail.


He’s not particularly someone you want to mess with especially when it comes to his family or the people he cares about.


Isaac smiled deviously and stepped towards Sam and Dean, "Don't be so sure about that sweetheart and when I do..."


Sam gently pushed Dean behind him before Isaac can get any closer to them. "You won't come near him or my niece again period."


Sam was usually a nice and very sweet person but he could be scary when he wants to be, this is definitely one of those times.


This made Isaac step back, "Fine take him. He’s not worth all this trouble." 


With that Sam and Dean didn't waste any time leaving. On the way out all Sam could think is that he should've kicked Isaac’s ass while he had the chance.


Growing up it was always Sam and Dean. Their mom passed away when they were young and their dad was always away on business.


Dean practically raised him and gave up his childhood to do it. Seeing Dean get treated like this made Sam want to murder Isaac but he couldn’t, at least not right now.


Right now it was Sam’s turn to take care of his brother and make sure no one ever hurt him again.


When they got inside the car Sam immediately pulled him into a hug. 


"I'm so proud of you Dean." Sam said.


Dean usually wasn’t one for chick-flic moments but he really didn’t care at the moment. Even if it made him look weak.


Dean smiled, "Thanks Sammy for everything." 


"Your welcome your my brother. You’ve always looked after me, it’s my turn now. I'll always protect you and Maya." Sam replied.


Dean knows everything was going to be alright now that he and his daughter were finally free after months of pain and abuse.

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"Daddy! Daddy!" Maya yelled from her car seat in the back of her dad’s car.


It was 8:30 a.m. on a Friday morning and they were on their way to her school.


"Yes baby," Dean responded looking at his daughter from his rearview mirror.


"Are we still going to see Supernatural this weekend?" Maya asked. "I told all my friends we're going." 


Dean just smiled at his daughter. Maya is obsessed with this TV show and he is taking her to their meet and greet event this weekend.


Why would a father let his 6 year old watch a show like that? Well, he didn't, Sam had let her watch it while babysitting her and she's been obsessed ever since.


Besides Maya never got scared from it or anything like that so why not?


Originally Sam was supposed to take her but he caught the stomach flu and can't go.


His boyfriend, Taylor, should be there watching after him or at least check on him but he’s off doing god knows what as usual.


Taylor definitely isn’t as bad as Isaac was but he thinks Sam deserves way better. 


Dean has been taking care of him for the past 3 days but Sam insisted that he has to take Maya to the event.


Sam didn't want Maya to miss the event because she's been so happy and it's all she has been talking about all month.


This will be Maya’s first live event and Dean knows she's excited. She has watched all the episodes and knows all the characters while Dean doesn't even know their names but he’s going to make his daughter happy.


Now just 6 years old, Maya is the reason he gets out the bed in the morning and works to provide for them.


After that whole thing with Isaac went down Dean and Maya had moved in with Sam for a while.


Soon they found a nice apartment that suited him and Maya perfectly. It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, a dining room, and a nice kitchen.


Dean runs a mechanic shop, it pays surprisingly well so money wasn't an issue. He worked slightly longer hours so they could get the apartment but it was worth it.


Dean was finally able to put Isaac in jail with help from Sam, who is a very successful lawyer. Even though it took a while after they gathered enough evidence, Isaac’s friends couldn't bail him out when it was all over.


He will be in jail for the next 20 years and when he gets out he's not allowed within 20 feet of Dean or Maya. If he does he will be put back in jail immediately.


"Yes we are baby but don't go bragging to your friends it's not nice," Dean responded.


"No daddy that's what the mean girls in my class do," Maya replied. "I don’t like them." 


"That's my girl." Dean said, grinning.


Maya had a hard time adjusting to not being around Isaac anymore and had nightmares sometimes so did Dean but they were getting through it.


Dean soon pulled up to the school's parking lot and parked. It is Maya’s last day of kindergarten before summer break and then she'll start 1st grade after.


They moved in the middle of the year and she had to go to a different school. Dean was worried about her making new friends but she made tons.


It seems like yesterday Maya was this helpless little baby that depended on him for literally everything now she's starting school and growing up.


Dean got out the car, and helped his daughter out of her car seat. He grabbed her book bag from off the seat beside Maya and grabbed her small hand into his as they walked inside the building and into her classroom.


"Okay baby, daddy has to go check on Uncle Sammy. You be a good girl for me and I'll see you later." Dean squatted down to look her adorable daughter into her big green eyes.


Maya looks a lot like Dean with a little mixture of Castiel. She has Dean’s green eyes, smile, and skin tone. Then Castiel’s nose and dark hair.


In terms of personality she's a sweet kid but also has a tough side and won't let anyone run over her. Everyone who meets Maya adores her and loves her.


When Dean found out he was pregnant with Maya he tried his hardest to contact Castiel but after they broke up they agreed not to see each other again.


Castiel’s phone number wasn't working and he was long gone by the time Dean found out he was pregnant so he was forced to raise this little baby by himself. 


Sam was their too but Dean wanted him to focus on college and law school.


He had even tried to email Castiel but got nothing back he never used his email in the first place but it was worth a shot.


"I will, promise," Maya replied.


"Good, now where's my hug," Dean replied.


Maya reached up into her dad’s arms and wrapped her arms around his neck.


Dean lifted her up into the air and spun her around. Her little giggles made him smile. 


He gave her a kiss on the forehead before he put his daughter back down.


"Love you daddy." Maya said, giving her dad a kiss on the cheek.


"I love you too baby," Dean said returning the smile before Maya ran off to join her friends.


Despite everything that's happened Maya is a very happy and healthy little girl. That's all Dean could ever ask for.


Maya’s teacher walked over with a smile of her own.


"Good morning, Dean." the older woman replied.


"Morning, Mrs. Chambers," Dean replied. 


Dean spun around and headed back out the door, to his car. He didn't exit the door without catching a last-minute glimpse of his little princess sitting down with her friends.


He couldn't help but smile. Dean wishes more than anything that Castiel was here with them but it's just the way life goes sometimes.


But little did he know that their reunion would be much sooner than later.

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"Alright sweetie tell me about Supernatural just so I don't get them confused." Dean chuckled looking down at Maya who looked so excited she could burst any minute.


"Ok. The guy with the blonde hair is Gabriel, he plays an archangel. Then the guy next to him with the dark hair is Castiel he plays an angel and he's my favorite." Maya giggled. 


Wait a minute...


"I'm sorry baby, who did you say the last person was?" Dean asked his voice cracking in the process. 


He really hoped it wasn't who he thought it was there's not a lot of guys with the name Castiel.


"That's Castiel Novak. He's really cool and funny." Maya said, pointing at the man at the end of the autograph table. "See daddy there he is right there." 


Dean was nearly frozen in place as he saw the familiar face he knew all too well and hasn't seen in a very long time. 


"No fucking way." Dean mumbled under his breath. 


It had been seven years since the last time Dean was face to face with Castiel, let alone in the same building with him. 


Dean felt his heart racing and his pulse had quickened. As the line in front of them got smaller, Maya became more excited while her dad’s stomach began to churn. 


"Daddy look, we're almost there!" Maya shrieked, jumping happily as they inched closer to the table.


"I-I see that sweetie." Dean stuttered. 


This was supposed to be Maya’s moment of joy, excitement and nervousness, but instead it was Dean who had turned into a ball of nerves.


Meanwhile Castiel sat at the autograph table with his brother and co-star Gabriel. They had started a little over 6 hours ago and were almost done, thank god.


He loved meeting the fans but doing nothing but signing autographs for this long can get tiring. Then they had to fly out and do a convention tomorrow.


As he took a picture with a fan his eyes scanned the crowd and his eyes landed on a hyper little girl who was standing with a gorgeous man who he guessed was the little girl's dad.


Castiel didn't know why they had caught his eye. He couldn't get a good look at the man but he looked so familiar.


Is that...


" can't be him!" Castiel thought to himself as his eyes settled on the man who had short light brown hair and big green eyes. His skin was tanned and his smile lit up the room. 


Castiel took one last observation of the beautiful man standing in line when he finally got a good look at his face. His breath hitched as he mumbled, "Dean."


"Oh my god! What do I do, what do I say? Who's that little girl with him? Is she his?" Castiel thought to himself as he wrote an autograph for a fan.


Dean and the little girl were now only two fans away from being at their table next and they just so happen to be the last ones in line.


"You alright?" Gabriel asked, noticing the change in his brother’s behavior.


"Yes...No, shit to be honest I don't know at this point." Castiel muttered. 


Castiel never ever gets flustered like this over nothing so Gabriel knew it was something important.


"Well what's going on?" Gabriel asked with a look of confusion and concern on his face. 


"He’s here." Castiel whispered. 


"Um, who's here?" Gabriel replied, even more confused.


"Dean." Castiel trailed off. 


Gabriel knows about Dean and what happened between them. Well Castiel didn't really have a choice but to tell him after Gabriel caught him looking at a picture of himself and Dean.


It was the only picture Castiel kept of them. They were at their old crappy apartment having a movie night, Sam was there. Dean was sitting on Castiel’s lap and they were both laughing, Sam took the picture before either could notice.


Gabriel also knows how much Castiel has regretted his decision to leave Dean all those years ago.


"Oh man, shit's about to go down." Gabriel said with wide eyes.


Castiel had become lost in his thoughts again of what he would say and trying to talk to the fans until he heard a tiny little voice squeal, "It's our turn! It's really them, it's Castiel and Gabriel!"


"Well now who is this little cutie?" Gabriel asked cracking a huge grin. 


"Go on baby, tell them your name." Dean encouraged his daughter. 


"My name is Maya, you guys are so awesome!" Maya said with a huge smile. 


She could barley hold back her squeals she was so happy to be in front of her favorite TV characters.


Castiel and Gabriel couldn't help but smile at how adorable and enthusiastic Maya was. 


"Well it's nice to meet you Maya." Gabriel smiled at the little girl. 


"Nice to meet you too Gabriel!" Maya gleamed.


Dean kept his head low and a gave soft smile to Gabriel for being so kind to Maya. 


Castiel’s nerves had finally settled allowing him to figure out what he would say to Dean after so long, but first he needed to address the little girl standing in front of him. 


"Hi Castiel!" Maya said with a shy grin. 


"Hi there princess, it's very nice to meet you." Castiel replied with a smile. 


The sound of his deep voice after all this time, still made Dean’s heart melt. 


"You're too beautiful to hold your head down, Dean." Castiel said, finally having the courage to say something to him.


Dean’s head snapped up quickly as his eyes locked with Castiel’s. He felt a familiar chill go down his spine as he looked at Castiel. 


Dean swallowed hard before letting out a very shaky, "H-Hey Cas." 


"Hello." Castiel smiled at him. 


"Daddy." Maya said getting Dean’s attention. "How does Castiel know your name?" 


"Well you see, your daddy and I are old friends." Castiel told her, "It's just been a very long time since we've seen each other."


Dean could only manage to stare at Castiel, watching him interact with Maya.


It warmed his heart to see how gentle and caring he was with their daughter. He always was good with kids.


"Oh God! How do I tell him that she's his? He's gonna hate me, maybe even more than he already does." Dean sighed to himself. 


"Hey Maya, wanna come hang out with me for a little bit? It'll give your dad and Castiel a chance to catch up." Gabriel asked. 


"Can I daddy, please...pretty please?" Maya pleaded with her big green eyes.


Dean looked at Castiel who gave him a nod with a smile, he chuckled lightly and kneeled down to his daughters height. 


"Ok, you can go but be good and listen to Gabriel. Have fun!" Dean smiled kissing Maya on her forehead. 


"Yay!" Maya giggled with excitement. 


"Alright little one, up you go!" Gabriel laughed picking Maya up and placing her on his shoulders, "Let's go have some fun!"


Dean smiled knowing his daughter was so happy until he realized he and Castiel were alone.


"So how have you been, Dean?" Castiel asked as his gaze softened on Dean’s face. 


"I've been good." Dean muttered. 


"You look amazing! Still every bit as beautiful as the day we met." Castiel smiled. 


Dean looked down at the floor, this was it. "Cas...please stop. I need to tell you something very important."


He felt the tears coming as a lump grew in his throat. His hands were starting to shake.


Castiel had already started putting the pieces together the second he laid eyes on Maya and Dean. He was just hoping Dean would say something.


"I think I know what this is about." Castiel said. "Dean, how old is Maya?" 


He sighed, "She's six...Cas, I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't literally didn't know how to tell you I tried everything I swear I did..." Dean rambled as his voice cracked. 


As the tears started falling down Dean’s face Castiel cut him off by pulling him into a hug.


Castiel held him firmly with one arm wrapped around his waist while the other cradled Dean’s head that was laying against his shoulder. 


Dean buried his face in Castiel’s neck, "Sssh your okay it's okay." Castiel comforted him.


It wasn't entirely Dean’s fault, it wasn't his fault at all. Castiel was the one that cut off the contact between them and ignored the many many many emails Dean had sent.


If he wouldn't have been so selfish and stubborn he could have been there for Dean and Maya all this time. Hell, he is still in love with Dean.


Castiel knew he would have to let Dean go eventually even if he didn't want to. He had so many questions but he didn't know where to start. 


He lightly cleared his throat as he began to release Dean from his grasp. 


Castiel gently wipes away the remaining tears on Dean’s face.


"Why are you being so nice to me?" Dean asked. "I just told you we have a daughter together. I thought you would scream or hate me...something."


"Because it's my fault. I'm the one that cut everything off between us." Castiel said.


"No it's mine I could have tried harder to find you and came up with something." Dean replied.


Castiel sighed, Dean always did have a habit of blaming himself for things that he shouldn't.


Right then Gabriel and Maya walked back into the room with Maya laughing and giggling.


Castiel looked back to Dean, "I want to know my daughter. Here give me your number so I can keep in touch and we can set something up." He said pulling out his cell phone. 


Dean nodded, he and Castiel exchanged phone numbers. 


Castiel shoved his phone into his pocket and pulled Dean closer to him.


"I want to do this the right way, Dean. I've got six years of lost time to make up for with my daughter." He said.


"Daddy!" Maya’s voice rang out interrupting them, "Look what I have! Gabriel got it for me!"


Maya smiled holding up a little Supernatural t-shirt and a bag of candy. 


"Oh wow sweetie that's great!" Dean chuckled, his voice still slightly broken. 


"She's definitely had a full day." Gabriel chuckled. 


"Thank you!" Dean smiled at him. 


"I didn't get to take my picture with Castiel, daddy." Maya pouted. 


"Don't worry baby, you'll see him in Vancouver tomorrow for the convention." Dean said, stroking Maya’s hair.


Castiel looked at Dean with a hint of surprise on his face as he bent down to face Maya.


"Yeah, your dad’s right princess. You'll see me tomorrow, I promise" he grinned.


Maya quickly wrapped her arms around Castiel’s neck giving him a quick hug, surprising both him and Dean. 


Maya is not shy whatsoever but she doesn't hug people she just met like that but that didn't seem to be the case with Castiel or Gabriel.


"Bye." Maya said as she walked out the door holding Dean’s hand.

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" you wanna talk about it?" Gabriel asked hesitantly as they were leaving their hotel the next morning. 


"What's there to talk about? The fact that I have a 6 year old daughter that I never knew about until yesterday or the fact that there's a huge fucking possibility that I'm still in love with Dean." Castiel sighed. 


"At least you know about Maya now and as for the love thing it didn't look like you hated each other so you never know what could happen. Besides I just found out I have an adorable niece." Gabriel added trying to console his little brother. 


Castiel shrugged his shoulders looking down at his phone and realized he had a text message from Dean.


Dean: Sorry for just springing this on you. I promise you I didn't plan that. I didn't even know you were in the show. 


Castiel: It's not your fault...I don’t blame you.


Dean: Where do we go from here? How do we explain this to Maya?


Castiel: We will find a way to do it together. Let's try to do it soon though I've been absent long enough. When are you leaving for Vancouver?


Dean: Agreed and we are actually waiting at the airport now.


Castiel: Which airline? What time do you leave?


Dean: Lawrence International. Why?


Castiel: Hold on


By this time Castiel and Gabriel had gone through airport security and were walking to the boarding zone. 


Dean gave his phone a look of confusion after Castiel’s last text came in. 


He shook his head and put his phone back in his pocket. Maya was asleep on Dean’s lap with her head resting on her dad’s shoulder. It was almost 7 o'clock in the morning.


"Hold on? What kind of text is that?" Dean muttered to himself. 


"The kind that actually means to hold on or wait for me." a deep voice called from behind him. 


Dean’s head snapped around to see Castiel and Gabriel taking seats on either side of him.


Castiel glanced down to see Maya was sound asleep. "Looks like someone got up too early." he smiled at Dean. 


"Yeah it didn't take her long to doze off when we got here. She isn't used to waking up this early." Dean replied. 


"So I guess my first question is, when was my princess born?" Castiel said turning his body towards him. 


"Your going to keep calling her princess aren't you?" Dean smirked. 


"Yep I think it suits her." Castiel replied.


Dean flashed a soft smile as he remembered just how silly Castiel could be at times. 


"She was born July 12th at 1:30 in the morning. She was small only 5 pounds but she was perfectly healthy." Dean grinned looking down at Maya. 


"She's perfect." Castiel said running his thumb over Maya’s forehead. 


"Attention all passengers for flight 367 to Vancouver, Canada , your plane is now boarding." The flight attendant announced over the intercom. 


"Guess that's us." Gabriel said stretching his arms. He had stayed silent not wanting to interrupt their moment.


Dean shifted in his seat so that he could grab Maya and their bags. 


"Here I'll grab your bags, you carry Maya." Castiel motioned.


Once on the plane Dean buckled Maya into her seat and then sat down to get himself strapped in.


Castiel came on and sat on the other side of Maya who was still napping. 


Dean glanced at up him, "Did you actually buy that seat or are you just sitting there because you want to?" He chuckled softly. 


"I bought this seat thank you!" Castiel replied with a grin. 


"So even if we didn't see you at the meet and greet, we would've been seat buddies?" Dean mused. 


"I guess fate really does work in the most mysterious ways." Castiel mumbled staring back at him. 


They locked eyes for a brief moment getting lost in each other's gazes. 


Dean’s breathing got heavier the longer they stared at each other and he felt his pulse quicken again just like yesterday. 


After 6 years, the only man that was ever able to make his heart go crazy was still Castiel. 


Castiel reached over and ran his hand through Dean’s short hair letting it linger there longer than it needed to.


Right then Maya’s slowly began to wake up from her slumber, whining slightly. 


"Daddy, my ears hurt." Maya mumbled, lightly pulling at her ears.


"I'm sorry baby, it's the pressure from us flying so high. Let me see if I have something that can help you." Dean said as he searched through his bag. 


"Here you go princess, chewing gum always helps me when I'm flying." Castiel said as he gave Maya a stick of gum.


Maya gasped and nearly screamed from excitement when she realized who was sitting next to her. 


"Thanks Cas!" she squealed. 


"Shh Maya, inside voice baby." Dean whispered. 


"Ops sorry," she giggled cutely.


"Cas? It feels weird that my daughter calling me by my first name." He thought to himself.


Dean saw the hint of pain in Castiel’s eyes when Maya called him Cas. 


He reached over and grabbed his hand silently telling him that they would tell Maya soon that he was her dad. 


Castiel nodded back before shifting his sights down to their daughter again.


Maya’s attention had turned to Dean. She hugged Dean’s arm that was sat on the arm rest and laid her head on it.


Dean smiled and leaned down to kiss her head. 


Castiel couldn't help but smile at the cute moment. He hoped he could build a close relationship like that with her one day.


After a while Maya complained that she was bored and Castiel could see that Dean was getting tired.


"Hey princess want to watch a movie?" he asked, catching her attention. There wasn't much else they could do besides sleep.


Maya nodded her head quickly as she tried to contain her excitement. He got out his computer and put on Netflix.


"Can we watch Beauty and the Beast?" Maya asked.


"We sure can." Castiel replied and got the movie started.


"I make my Uncle Sammy watch this when he babysits me. He always complains that we've watched it a trillion times." Maya giggled.


"That's my girl." Castiel thought to himself. 


Dean smiled as he watched Castiel and Maya enjoy the movie before slowly falling to sleep.


3 hours later...


"Dean...Dean wake up, we're here!" Castiel said gently shaking his arm. 


Dean rubbed his eyes a bit and once his vision cleared, he saw Castiel holding Maya who was once again napping. 


"Cas, you're a natural with this being a father thing." Dean gave him a weak smile. "I've never seen her this comfortable with someone she doesn't really know."


Castiel flashed a small grin as he helped Dean out of his seat. 


After exiting the plane, Castiel held on to Maya tightly as he followed Dean through the semi-crowded airport. 


Luckily there weren't any paparazzi or screaming fans around, he didn't want to have to deal with it when he's with Dean and Maya. 


Maya nestled her tiny face into his shoulder as she squeezed her arms around his neck a little tighter, careful not to let go. 


His heart melted a bit as the sound of her light snores filled his ears. 


Gabriel and Dean went to pick up the keys to their rental cars. Gabriel returned about 10 minuets later.


"So...have you guys figured out how you're gonna tell Maya that you're her father?" Gabriel asked. 


"Yeah we figured we would probably sit her down and just explain the situation to her?" Castiel replied.


"How are you going to explain to a 6 year old this whole mess?" Gabriel asked.


Castiel huffed, "That's the hard part plus I don't know how she's going to react. What if she hates me because I haven't been around all these years?"


Gabriel shrugged, "I don't know how she will react but she seems to love you already. Just make sure she knows that your here now, your not going anywhere, and that you love her."


Castiel nodded and smiled down at his sleeping daughter. "I am definitely going to do that."


Gabriel has never been one to be a good influence by any means but he had his moments.


Soon Dean came back and the three of them walked out the parking lot where their rental cars were waiting.


Dean pulled Maya’s car seat out of her suitcase and set it up in the backseat of the car she rented. 


"I can go with you guys if you want me too." Castiel said quietly still cradling Maya. 


A little grin crossed Dean’s face as he looked down at the ground quickly. 


"Cas thank you, but it's not necessary. You have a job to do and we can't keep interfering with your schedule." He said. 


"Trust me you're not interfering but I see your point. At least let me know what hotel you're staying at and we can all go out to dinner later tonight. Maybe we can tell Maya who I really am afterwards." he mused with his voice full of hope.


Before Dean could respond he noticed Castiel giving him those big blue eyes he never could resist. 


"Funny how Maya gives me those same damn eyes when she wants something. Like father like daughter I guess...could get it from Sammy though." Dean thought to himself. 


"No need to look so pitiful Cas. We're staying at the Hearting Hotel." Dean said. 


"Good, I won't be far from you. How about we do dinner at 7? I'll pick you two up." Castiel smiled. 


"Sounds good." Dean nodded with a soft smile.


Dean felt this odd sensation of his cheeks slightly burning. Was Castiel making him nervous? 


"Alright I'll see you at 7 then!" He grinned as he turned to walk away. 


"Uh Cas? I'm gonna need our child back." Dean chuckled. 


He looked down and realized he was still holding on to Maya. "Oh! Right, um here let me put her in her seat." he said.


Gently, Castiel placed Maya in her car seat and got her strapped in. Maya let out a deep breath and continued to sleep as Castiel put her beloved stuffed baby tiger, Cas, in her arms. 


"Seriously, she named her tiger Cas?" Castiel asked closing the door softly. 


"Yeah...she really loves that thing and I thought it was just a coincidence." Dean shrugged. "Guess I'm kind of a goof huh?"


Castiel gave a soft chuckle as he walked Dean around to the driver side of the car and opened his door. 


"Baby boy, I thought you were a goof when I first met you but that didn't stop me now did it?" Castiel asked.


"Baby boy? Haven't heard that since we were dating." Dean thought.


Dean shook his head "No" he replied smiling at him.


"I hate to interrupt this love fest but come on, we need to go get checked in plus I'm starving!" Gabriel shouted from their car. 


"You should head on out before Gabriel dies from starvation." Dean said with a sarcastic tone.


Castiel laughed at his snide comment as he looked over at his friend, "Be there in a second." he waved. 


"Look at those fools I bet they kiss right now. I swear if he doesn't I'll slap him." Gabriel said to himself. 


"I'll see you and Maya tonight then." Castiel said licking his lips as he gazed into Dean’s eyes. 


Almost out of instinct before she could say anything, Dean found his lips were locked with Castiel’s. 


Dean was tense at first obviously not expecting it but when Castiel wrapped his arms around him, he instantly relaxed into them.


They finally parted when they heard a soft voice call out, "Daddy?"


Castiel broke the kiss and smiled as Dean turned around to peep into the backseat at Maya. 


"What is it sweetie? Daddy’s right here." Dean grinned. 


"I gotta go potty." Maya whined rubbing her eyes. 


"Ok baby, we're leaving for the hotel right now." He stood up and looked at Castiel, "We'll see you tonight."


Dean hopped in the driver's seat as Castiel shut his door for him. 


Castiel leaned down and looked into the backseat, "See you later princess!" he grinned waving at Maya. 


Maya gave him a sleepy smile and waved back. "Bye Cas!"


Castiel made his way over to join Gabriel in the car as he watched Dean and Maya drive away.


As soon as he opened the door he heard Gabriel yell, "I knew it!"

Chapter Text

Dean slipped the hotel key into the door and quickly pushed it open. 


Maya ran inside laughing as she went straight to the huge windows in the room. "Look daddy, you can see the whole city from here!" She squeaked pointing out the window. 


"Wow, it is beautiful just like you my sweet girl." Dean said lightly pinching his daughters cheek.


Maya smiled up at her dad and hugged his leg. "Daddy..." She started. 


"What's up?" Dean replied.


"How long have you known Castiel?" She asked as she peered up at Dean.


Dean scooped her up into his arms, "Well, I've known him for a long time. Since before you were born. Why do you ask?" He replied smiling at Maya. 


"Cause I think he likes you." Maya giggled hiding her face behind her hands. 


"Oh really, you think he likes me?" Dean chuckled. 


Maya nodded her head with a big grin on her face. 


"Well how would you feel if we got to eat dinner with him tonight? Plus you can get your picture that you wanted so much." Dean mused. 


Maya gasped, "Really? We can have dinner with Castiel tonight!" Maya said nearly jumping from her dad’s arms.


"Yep we are having dinner with him tonight." Dean smiled at Maya’s excitement. 


Dean put her back down on her feet and placed a hand on her tiny shoulder, "We have something we would like to tell you at dinner tonight." He said, his voice getting serious. 


"Ok." Maya nodded. "What are we going to wear to dinner, daddy? It's not every day you have dinner with a celebrity!" she gleamed at Dean.


Dean stalled at his daughter's question, finally letting the fact that they were indeed going to dinner with Castiel tonight sink in. 


"Uh...well you can wear your blue summer dress if you want sweetie!" Dean said with a coy smile. 


"What the hell am I gonna wear is the question?" He thought nervously to himself.


"So have you found a spot to take your little family for dinner yet?" Gabriel chuckled. 


"Nah not yet. I don't know what Maya likes so I wouldn't want to pick something that sucks, you know?" Castiel shrugged. 


"Why don't just call Dean and find out?" Gabriel said with a confused look on her face. 


"Why didn't think about that." Castiel sighed. 


"You didn't think of it because you were still thinking about that kiss you planted on him earlier. Your brain's all hazy." Gabriel mocked. 


"Shut up...I'm gonna call him right now." Castiel grinned. 


"Aw, look at you, you're actually grinning while dialing his number!" Gabriel teased. 


"Will you get out of my hotel room you idiot!?" Castiel laughed as he playfully shoved his brother out the door. 


He went and sat down on the edge of his hotel bed and ran a hand through his hair before hitting the call button on his phone screen. 


"Alright don't say anything stupid, don't be nervous! You used to talk to Dean on the phone all the time, nothing to be jittery about." he thought to himself. 


"Hello!" a soft voice answered on the other end. 


"Hey Dean!" Castiel said slightly high pitched. 


"Real smooth, jackass!" He muttered internally shaking his head. 


"Hey Cas, what's up?" Dean smiled as he looked in the mirror at the outfit in his hand. 


"Um, I was just curious to know what kind of food does Maya like to eat?" He asked. 


"She eats a little bit of everything, but here I'll let her tell you." Dean smiled handing his cell phone to Maya. 


"Here baby, it's Cas. He wants to see what kind of food you like for tonight." Dean explained.


"Hello!" Maya said with a grin. 


Castiel’s heart melted at the sweet sound of his little girls voice on the other end of the phone. 


"Hey baby girl! What's going on?" he laughed. 


"Nothing much...daddy doesn't know what to wear to dinner tonight. I've seen him change clothes 4 times already." Maya giggled. 


"Hey little girl, you're supposed to be telling him what kind of food you like to eat, not about the crisis I'm having!" Dean snickered.


Maya told him what she wanted to eat and afterwards sat in the big plush chair watching cartoons as Dean continued to shift through his clothing options. 


Sighing in defeat, Dean picked up his phone and called Sam. 


"Hey, how's the trip going?" Sam answered sounding excited to talk to his big brother. 


"Hey Sammy, the trip is going very well actually. How're you doing?" Dean asked.


He could still hear the congestion in his little brother’s voice but he does sound better than when he left him.


Sam sighed, "Better but still have a slight fever."


"That's good. How's Taylor?" Dean asked even though he couldn't stand the guy.


Sam sighed, "He’s just Taylor I guess."


He could tell Sam wouldn't talk about it now so decided to change the subject.


"Yeah I bet. Um, so as it turns out I don't have to reach out to Castiel anymore turns out he's in Supernatural." Dean explained. 


"What!? Castiel is in Supernatural? So I wasn't crazy when I saw him on TV!" Sam shouted before he realized what he was saying. 


"Whoa, whoa, whoa! You saw him on TV and didn't think to give me a heads up? What the hell Sam? Thanks for the warning!" Dean groaned. 


"I'm sorry, I didn't think it was him but I wasn't sure he's changed a lot since the last time I saw him." Sam chuckled. "What's going on anyway? Does he know about Maya yet?"


"Yes he does and he took the news surprisingly well. He is taking Maya and I to dinner tonight and we're hopefully going to tell her who he really is to her." He replied.


After saying those words to Sam, he felt the butterflies swarm in him stomach. His mind couldn't help but go through all the different ways this could go.


"Dean, that's a big deal. How did he react? Is he single? Do you guys still have chemistry? What are you wearing to dinner tonight?" Sam started firing off questions. 


"Sammy, slow down you're killing me." Dean laughed. 


"He took the news well, seeing as how you can look at Maya and tell who her father is. It was really emotional for the both of us. He calls her his little princess by the way!" Dean said flashing a huge smile. 


"That is so cute! I already know he's wrapped around her little finger." Sam grinned. 


"To answer your other questions, I don't know if he's single. He did kiss me, which after six years still takes my breath away. Uh...oh and I have no idea what to wear tonight." He shrugged. 


"Hold the fuck up! He kissed you?! Dean, don't be so's been six years and that man kissed you! There's no way he's taken and I put a outfit at the bottom of your suitcase just in case. You will him out of the park tonight!" Sam said filled with enthusiasm. 


"Sam I don't know if..." Dean started but was cut off.


"I don't wanna hear it! You're putting on those clothes and you're gonna get your man back! It's been too long and I want to see my big brother romantically happy again." Sam said.


"Thanks. I'll call you later ok." Dean blushed thinking about tonight's possibilities. 


"Love you to, kiss Maya for me. Oh and remember to breathe." Sam said before hanging up.


About 2 hours later Castiel stood quietly outside of Dean’s hotel door. 


"Knock already! Why am I just standing here? I can't be nervous. Hell, I'm Castiel I don't get nervous...Fuck, I am nervous!" He thought to himself. 


He cleared his throat and straightened his stance before finally knocking on the door. 


"Daddy, someone's at the door." Maya called to her dad. 


Castiel smiled at the sound of her little voice again. 


"Ok sweetie, thank you!" Dean said as he walked out of the bathroom. 


As he started to open the door, Castiel heard Maya’s voice again "Wow daddy, you look pretty." 


"Thank you baby!" Dean gleamed as he turned to face the person standing at the door. 


"Whoa." Castiel said as he scanned Dean’s body from head to toe. 


He was wearing a black button down shirt with jeans that fit him perfectly in every way possible.


", you look absolutely amazing." Castiel smiled, it was so simple yet he looked so beautiful.


"Thanks! You're quite handsome yourself." Dean replied with a smile of his own. 


They stared at each other for a good bit before Maya popped up between them. 


"Hi!" she smiled up at Castiel, breaking his focus away from Dean. 


"Hey there princess!" he grinned leaning down to pick her up. 


"Don't you look extra pretty tonight!" Castiel said giving her a soft hug. 


"Thank you! But I think my daddy is really pretty tonight too! Don't you think so, Castiel?" Maya asked poking his cheek with her little finger. 


Castiel looked at Maya and chuckled, "Of course I think he’s pretty. In fact he’s absolutely beautiful." He trailed off. 


"You hear that daddy, you're beautiful...that means your extra extra pretty." Maya said causing her parents to chuckle. 


Dean glanced at Castiel and smiled. "Let's go eat. I'm starving and I know this little schemer is too." Dean grinned. 


"Good, the restaurant is just a little ways down the street we can walk." Castiel said.


Dean nodded as he pulled the door shut behind him, glad he decided to wear sneakers.


The three of them headed down the hallway towards the elevator. Maya was in front as her parents followed closely behind. 


As they stood waiting for the elevator to come to the 8th floor, Castiel found himself admiring the way Dean looked in his outfit.


"Even after having a baby he looks even more amazing than before." he thought as his eyes trailed the perfect curves of Dean’s ass up to the little dip in the small of his back. 


The elevator finally made it to their floor and snapped him out of his thoughts as Maya sighed.


"Finally...this thing slow, doesn't it know we're hungry?" she huffed, causing Dean and Castiel to chuckle.


Maya walked between Dean and Castiel, holding both their hands as they made their way through town. 


"And we are here we are!" Castiel gestured towards the restaurant. 


"The Blue Water Cafe?" Dean asked. 


"Yep, princess wanted seafood food which was pretty surprising to me." he said with a grin looking at Dean. 


Dean shook his head at him and gave a little smirk as they walked into the restaurant. 


Castiel took him to this restaurant on one of their dates and then they took a walk on the beach. It was one of the best memories he has with Castiel.


Two hours had gone by while the three of them laughed and talked. Dean learned a lot about Supernatural and what they've both been up to since they broke up. 


Castiel learned why he is Maya’s favorite and she learned a lot about what goes into producing a show. 


Dean and Castiel locked eyes with each other as they sensed now was as good a time as any to tell Maya the news. 


"Maya sweetheart." Dean began, "Castiel and I need to tell you something very important. If you get upset, we will understand ok."


Maya nodded as she looked back and forth between her dad and Castiel. She had no idea what they were going to tell her.


Dean sighed "Sweetie do you remember all those times you asked me about who your papa was?" He asked taking Maya’s hand into his. 


"Yeah...I remember." Maya replies.


"Good, that's good. Well sweetie the reason you didn't know your papa growing up is because he and I lost touch a few months before you were born." Dean said.


"Lost touch...does that mean you stopped speaking to each other?" Maya said with a puzzled expression. 


For a six year old, Maya was as smart they came. 


"Yes, it does." Dean nodded his head. 


"Why did you stop talking to each other daddy?" Maya asked.


"Because your papa was a stubborn and selfish idiot who ran off." Castiel added, his voice was low.


Maya’s head snapped in his direction, her green eyes fixed on his face. "You knew my papa, Castiel?" she asked as her eyes grew wide. 


Castiel swallowed the lump in his throat before he could speak again. 


Dean grabbed his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze as he continued, "I don't just know who your papa is." 


He took a deep breath with Maya, staring at him anxiously, "Maya...I am your papa." 


Silence fell over their table for a brief moment as Maya looked back and forth at Dean then to Castiel. 


Her mind was going round and round. They were concerned that she wasn't saying anything.


"Did you not want me, papa?" she whispered as her big eyes began to water. 


It shocked them both when she actually called Castiel, papa.


At that moment, Dean and Castiel both felt their hearts shatter in their chests at Maya’s question. 


"Oh baby no, it wasn't that! Don't ever think that I didn't want you! I just didn't know about you, that's all." Castiel pleaded holding his tears back. 


"I'm so sorry that I've missed so much of your life sweetie, but I promise if you'll have me, I'm gonna make up for the first seven years that I wasn't there!" he said pulling Maya into a hug. 


Maya wrapped her arms around her papa’s neck as she nestled her little face into his collarbone. 


"Are we going to be a family now? Me, you and daddy, just the three of us?" Maya asked. 


Castiel looked down at Dean who was close to letting a few tears drop. He wrapped his free arm around Dean who gladly leaned into him.


"We'll see what happens baby. Your daddy and I just need to fix a few personal issues." Castiel said and leaned down to kiss the side of Dean’s head. 


Maya smiled and mumbled, "I love you papa and I'm glad you came back to us." 


Castiel gave Maya a soft smile then kissed her on top of her head, "I loves you too princess and it damn sure feels good to be here."

Chapter Text

On the way back to Dean’s hotel room Maya ended up falling asleep so Castiel carried her.


They agreed that Castiel should just spend the night at Dean’s room because it was already so late.


The walked to the hotel room was filled with small touches and kisses. It almost feels like they never even ended things, it actually feels better than before.


It's like they both needed to grow up before they could have great relationship together.


Dean doesn't want to tell Castiel about Isaac any time soon just because so much has happened already and their relationship is just sparking up again.


When they got into the room Dean found a pair of Castiel’s basketball shorts that he still had from when they were together.


Castiel looked at the shorts amused. "You still have these."


Dean grinned, "Yep. They were the only things I could sleep comfortably in when I was pregnant with Maya."


Castiel smiled and headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed.


Dean changed Maya into her pajamas and tucked her into her bed.


"Good night baby." Dean whispered and kissed her forehead.


He then got out a baggy shirt that went down to his knees. He stripped down to he underwear completely forgetting about the bruises on his stomach and back.


As he was pulling the shirt down Castiel came out of the bathroom. Castiel froze as he saw the condition Dean’s body was in.


Dean’s eyes widen when he realized Castiel had saw the bruises. He didn’t have time to say anything before Castiel was walking towards him.


Dean’s first instinct was to back away but it was Castiel so he stayed still, unsure of himself.


"What the hell happened to you?" Castiel said, pulling Dean’s shirt back up to see the dark purple bruises littering his stomach and back.


"Castiel..." Dean didn't know what to say. He wasn't ready for Castiel to know already especially this way. Sam didn’t even find out until the end.


"Did someone hurt you?" Castiel said, gently rubbing the bruise that was shaped like fingers on Dean’s hip.


Dean couldn't speak as the tears started to well up in his eyes but he nodded looking down at the ground.


Castiel led him to the bed and under the covers before climbing in next to him. He had to get Dean to calm down before he would tell him anything and Castiel had to push down his own emotions.


He wrapped Dean in his arms and let him cry a little. He gently rubbed Dean’s back and waited for him to calm down.


Dean didn’t realize how much he had missed being around Castiel. He always felt safe with him.


A lot has happened in the past 3 days and Dean is so tired of crying so hopefully after this he won't have to for a long time and they can be happy. He couldn't think of anything else that could happen.


So many things were running through Castiel’s head. His mind was racing a mile a minute.


Who the hell hurt Dean? Why would they hurt him? And where is the person right now?


Dean calmed down after a few minutes before settling on top of Castiel resting his chin on Castiel’s chest and looking up at him.


He had to tell him, he couldn’t just leave Castiel worried and guessing.


"Um...two years after Maya was born I met this guy named Isaac. We started dating and everything was amazing. He treated me and Maya like royalty." Dean started.


Castiel tightened his grip on Dean slightly being careful of the bruises. He could already see where this was going but he didn't want it to be true. Not his Dean.


"I thought I had finally found someone that I loved after you and earlier this year Isaac’s father died and he ended up losing his job and started drinking...he would shove and grab me really hard. He would apologize immediately afterwards but then that turned into punches and kicks. He never touched Maya...I wouldn't let him." Dean explained and a few more tears spilled out.


Castiel was absolutely furious not at Dean of course but at the man that Dean had trusted. He doesn't trust easily so he must have loved this Isaac guy.


"I tried so hard to leave him but he would somehow find us and drag us back then beat me again. He said if I told anyone he would kill me and I was so scared. It wasn't until Sam found out what was going on that we finally got away." Dean sobbed.


"Sshh." Castiel cooed, running his fingers through Dean’s hair. "I've got you."


If his blood wasn't already beyond boiling it sure was now. Dean and his daughter were treated like prisoners and he wasn't there to protect them.


"Sam got us out of there and now Isaac is in jail." Dean finished.


Dean couldn't look Castiel in the eyes afraid of what he would see. Would he be angry with him? For not doing anything to stop it?


"Dean baby look at me." Castiel said, gently holding Dean’s face in his hands.


Dean finally looked at him but instead of anger or disappointment like he was expecting all he saw love and protectiveness in Castiel’s eyes.


"I will never ever let him or anyone else hurt you or my daughter. I promise you two will always be safe with me. I love you both so much." Castiel told him.


Dean sniffled but smiled "We love you too." 


Castiel placed a gentle kiss on Dean’s lips then his forehead before guiding Dean’s head back to his chest.


"Get some sleep baby it's been a very long day." Castiel said.


"You ain't lying." Dean said


He buried his face in Castiel’s chest and felt completely safe for the first time in a long time.


Dean placed a kiss on Castiel’s chest before slowly falling asleep.


When Castiel saw Dean was asleep he sighed. Dean has been through so much in his life and he hates himself for not being there to protect him and Maya but he's here now and he's not going anywhere.

Chapter Text

"Do we really have to go home daddy?" Maya pouted at Dean as she clutched onto Castiel's leg. 


"Yes we do...I'm sorry sweetie but this is the end of our trip. I've got be back at work in 2 days." Dean sighed looking down at Maya. 


He wasn't happy about having to leave Castiel already either but they still had to get back to their lives.


"Hey princess, don't worry. I promise to come and see you as many times as I can." Castiel said with a reassuring tone.


Maya looked up at Castiel with her big green eyes reflecting in his and poked out her bottom lip. 


He chuckled softly and picked Maya up. "I swear, I'll see you real soon. I love you!" Castiel smiled kissing her cheek. 


"Love you too!" she mumbled hugging his neck as tightly as she could. 


"Here, I've got something for you." he said putting Maya back down on her feet. 


He reached into his pocket and took out a gold heart locket necklace.


Maya gasped when she saw it, "Its so pretty." 


Castiel slipped the necklace over her head and she looked at the picture inside. 


"What is it, baby?" Dean chimed in. 


"It's when you, me, and papa went to the park the other day!" she smiled, looking down at the photo.


"Attention passengers, Flight 143 from Vancouver to Kansas is now boarding. Flight 143 from Vancouver to Kansas is now boarding." 


"That's us." Dean smiled weakly at Castiel.


Castiel’s eyes softened on Dean's face as he pondered what he wanted to say to him. 


His mind went blank momentarily when he heard Maya sobbing lightly. 


"Hey princess, don't cry everything is gonna be fine, I promise." Castiel said wrapping his arms around her. 


Dean shifted his head down trying to hide his own tears. It killed him to know that he would have to take Maya back home after spending an amazing week getting to know Castiel. 


He didn't realize that they would eventually have to leave again especially after the other night in his hotel room.


"Alright Maya go with daddy, I don't want you two to miss your flight." Castiel sighed handing Maya to Dean.


Castiel hugged Dean tightly and kissed him on the lips. "Don't forget to send me your address, I'll see you and Maya real soon. I love you both!" he smiled, giving them both a kiss on the forehead.


"We love you too!" Maya sniffled before looking up at Dean. "Right daddy?"


"Of course we love him." Dean replied looking at Castiel.


Castiel felt his heart swell as his eyes locked with Dean's.


"This is the final boarding call for Flight 143, from Vancouver to Kansas. Again this is the final boarding call for Flight 143 from Vancouver to Kansas. Thank you for choosing Vancouver Airlines."


Dean gave Castiel a smile as he walked through the gate. Maya pouted over her daddy's shoulder and gave Castiel a tiny wave. 


He gave a little wave back as they disappeared through the boarding gate.


"Don't look so down Castiel, you'll see them again on our break Wednesday." Gabriel said patting Castiel on the back. 


"Yeah I know, I just miss them so much already." Castiel shrugged. 


"Them?" Gabriel questioned. 


A little smirk crossed Castiel's face as he realized his brother had caught him with his own words. 


"Yeah...them." Castiel chuckled as he looked over the picture on his phone of him, Maya and Dean when they came to watch them film the show. 


"Well, 2 days and then you're off to Kansas right?" Gabriel smiled. 


"Actually 1 day since our last interview was canceled and I can't wait for..." Castiel stopped mid-sentence.


"Oh shit! Maya left Cas in the backseat." he huffed. 


"Um Castiel, you do know your behind couldn't fit in Maya’s suitcase right?" Gabriel asked sarcastically. 


"No not me you idiot, her stuffed baby tiger she sleeps with at night. She named him Cas and she can't sleep without that thing. She's going to have a fit!" Castiel explained.


//With Maya and Dean//


Maya continued to cry as Dean searched every square inch of both their suitcases and souvenir bags. 


"Baby it's gonna be ok. I'm gonna find Cas I swear, please try to calm down." Dean said stroking Maya’s hair.


He frantically wondered where the stuffed tiger could've been and cursed under breath as his cell phone rang. 


Without looking to see who it was he answered, "Hello?" stress clear in his voice. 


"Hey, what's wrong beautiful?" Castiel said with a concerned look on his face Dean couldn't see. 


"I can't find Cas and Maya is beyond upset about it. She's been crying for the past 20 minuets and I can't find that thing anywhere." He cried. 


"Whoa, baby calm down. I was just calling you to let you know that I actually found him in the back of our rental car. Maya must have left him when we went to breakfast this morning. Come on baby, breathe. Hang up and I'll FaceTime you so she can see that Cas is safe ok." Castiel explained.


"Thank God! Okay..." Dean said, sighing in relief.


"Alright I'll call you right back." Castiel said hanging up the phone. 


Dean waited a couple seconds before Castiel's contact popped up.


"Hey..." Dean said shakily wiping at his eyes.


Castiel smiled at the sight of Dean's flustered face, his hair slightly messy, and the slight puffiness of his eyes. 


"Hey...see baby here he is. Stop stressing and go get Maya so she can see him too." he chuckled softly. 


Dean wiped his eyes and nodded his head walking into Maya’s room sitting on the bed with her.


"Maya, your papa wants to talk to you. He's got someone to show you." Dean whispered rubbing his daughter's back. 


Maya turned over on her side to face her daddy and laid her head on his side. 


"Here sweetie." He said handing over her phone. 


"Hi papa..." Maya pouted. 


"Hey princess, don't be sad. Cas is just fine. See here he is, I got him and I'm bringing him to you tomorrow night after I finish up with interviews." he smiled. 


Maya smiled brightly and nodded her head as a small yawn escaped from her. "Thank you!"


"Looks like it's bedtime baby." Dean grinned. 


"Goodnight princess! I love you and can't wait to see you again." Castiel said while watching Dean tuck their daughter into bed. 


"Night papa. Night daddy." Maya muttered sleepily before falling asleep.


Dean kissed Maya on the forehead and turned off her bedside light, then grabbed his phone and went to his room. 


"So this is what your room looks like!" Castiel chuckled startling Dean. 


"Holy shit! I almost forgot we were face-timing each other." Dean said. 


"Baby, get some sleep your nerves are fried." Castiel replied.


Dean felt his cheeks burning and his heart fluttering as he blushed looking at Castiel.


"Goodnight Castiel!" He smiled softly. 


"Night love, sweet dreams..."


The next day Dean had spent the whole day cleaning his house. To say he was nervous about Castiel coming over later that night was more than an understatement. 


"Seriously Dean, you need to chill out. Plus, Castiel won't be here until the wee hours of the morning and you need to get some sleep. You do have to go to work at 7 in the morning." Sam teased. 


Sam was feeling a lot better and no fever. So he's gonna come a little later to pick up Maya and take her to the carnival.


"Um, no I called out sick for the rest of this week." Dean said quickly with a sheepish grin on his face. 


"Whoa! You took off work for the rest of the week because you know Castiel is coming to town? De, who's to say how long he'll stay? I mean after all he's bringing Maya her tiger back. You're not overdoing it are you?" Sam asked with a look of concern. 


Dean sighed looking at his brother, "Sammy, were you not the one that told me I need to get my man back? And yes, I took off for the rest of the week because let's face it, a one week vacation from my job was clearly not long enough plus I explained to my boss the situation and he's completely fine with it. I haven't gotten a break since I started working there." He huffed. 


"Well yeah but Dean..." Sam started to say but got cut off.


"And since you're taking Maya to go to the carnival, I figured I would take advantage of my opportunity to be alone with Castiel." Dean grinned. 


"Ok, yeah you need to rekindle the flames! Clearly Castiel still has you on his brain just as much as he's been on yours." Sam smirked. His big brother deserved a nice break and have some fun.


Their last interview could not have ended fast enough. Castiel was so excited about heading back to Kansas and see Maya and Dean. 


His enthusiasm made the interview extremely fun and their crew were impressed with how well it went. 


"Are you sure you have everything ready to go?" Gabriel chuckled watching from the bathroom as Castiel zoom around the hotel room. 


"Yeah, I'm good. Hurry up!" Castiel shouted toward the bathroom. 


"I'm coming, calm down." Gabriel laughed walking out of the bathroom.


"Let's go." Castiel said charging his way towards their rental car.


Gabriel snickered at his brother as he had never seen him this giddy before about anything, except for maybe food. 


Gabriel got them to the airport in under 30 minutes. "Thanks Gabe. I'll see you on Saturday." Castiel said pulling his bags behind him. 


"See you later, stay safe." Gabriel waved. 


"This is gonna be good." Gabriel thought to himself as he walked into the airport.


Castiel was antsy as he looked out the window of the plane waiting for it to come to a stop. 


He made a quick exit and was at the rental car station within 30 minutes picking up his car. 


He tossed his bags into the backseat and tossed Maya’s stuffed baby tiger, in passenger seat next him. 


He plugged in Dean's address into his GPS and sped down the interstate. It was 2:30 in the morning when he finally pulled into Dean's driveway.


He took the stairs to the second floor of the apartment complex and found Dean’s apartment.


"Do I call and wake him up to let him know I'm here or what?" he thought to himself. 


As he dug around in his pocket searching for his cell phone, the front door opened.


He looked up to see Dean standing in the door, in a plain white shirt and pajama pants. 


"Hey Cas." Dean smiled sleepily motioning for him to come in. 


"Hey." Castiel responded.


Castiel stepped inside the house and moved his luggage out of the way while Dean made sure all the doors were locked. 


"I'm sure you must be tired." Dean said. "I don't mind if you sleep in my room if you want to." 


He smiled, "Of course that's fine with me but first things first. I've got a delivery to make." he grinned, holding up Cas.


"Damn! Why is he so perfect? Being all cute!" Dean thought to himself.


"Come on, Maya’s room is upstairs too." He whispered softly pulling on his arm.


He lead Castiel to Maya’s room and watched as he gently tucked the stuffed tiger under her little arms then kissed her forehead.


"See you when you wake up baby girl." Castiel whispered softly. 


He pulled the door closed behind him and followed Dean to his bedroom.


Dean pushed his door shut and told Castiel to make himself comfortable, but he already knew the drill. 


There Castiel stood in a pair of basketball shorts and no shirt. He noticed Dean starring at his chest.


"Ready for bed?" Castiel smirked. 


Dean snapped out of it blushing a bit and nodded his head "Yes!" 


Castiel crawled in on the side that Dean rarely slept on and made himself comfortable. 


He watched as Dean crawled into bed and reached over to turn off his bedside lamp and Castiel did the same. 


"Goodnight Cas." He whispered. 


When he didn't respond he figured Castiel had probably fallen asleep, after all he did have an exhausting day. 


Dean took a deep breath and exhaled before he felt himself being wrapped up in a set of strong arms and pulled to Castiel's chest. 


"Goodnight baby boy." Castiel said his voice husky and low as he kissed the back of Dean's head.

Chapter Text

The next day Dean woke up still cuddled up to Castiel's chest.


One of Castiel's arms was wrapped around his waist while the other was rubbing Dean's back. 


Castiel hadn't realized that Dean was awake yet, his body more than relaxed and his eyes were closed. 


The sun peaked through the window laying tiny rays of light across the bed. 


Dean shifted so he was completely laying on Castiel and rested his chin on his chest.


"Cas." Dean said, poking Castiel's cheek.


He finally opened his eyes and smiled at how adorable Dean looked.


"Mmm...morning beautiful" he said and pecked his lips. 


"Good morning." Dean replied, happy to get his attention.


They just laid there looking into each other's eyes. Dean was getting sleepy again as Castiel continued to rub his back.


"I love it when you rub my back it always makes me want to curl up and sleep all day." Dean said.


Castiel smiled, he had missed being able to hold Dean like this. It felt as though time was standing still when they were together. 


Once Dean looked up to face him, Castiel kissed Dean's forehead and placed a hand on his cheek before kissing him.


This was the same way Castiel kissed him 6 years ago and the same way he kissed him every morning they were together. 


Dean angled his body more so that he could gain more leverage in the kiss. 


Castiel shifted and gently placed Dean onto the bed so he was laying on his back.


Dean threw his arms around Castiel's neck bringing him closer to deepen the kiss.


They were lost in the moment together as Castiel's tongue filled his mouth. 


Suddenly there was a small knock at her bedroom door. "Daddy?" 


Dean broke the kiss and smiled placing a kiss on his cheek before Castiel rolled off of him and helped him out of bed. 


Castiel stole a quick kiss from his swollen lips before he darted into the bathroom.


"Morning sweetie!" Dean smiled as he opened his bedroom door to pick up Maya. 


"Good morning daddy! Look, Cas came home last night!" Maya beamed. 


"I see that! Did you sleep good?" He asked kissing Maya’s cheek. 


Maya nodded her head "Yes" as her daddy carried her downstairs. 


Dean sat Maya down on one of the barstools at the breakfast bar as he walked into the kitchen. 


"What would you like for breakfast?" Dean asked looking over his shoulder. 


"I don't know...What would you like to eat daddy?" Maya asked rubbing her little eyes. 


"Well, I don't know either. Let's ask papa?" Dean smiled as he spotted Castiel walking towards the kitchen. 


"Papa?" Maya said with puzzled expression. 


"Papa!" she gasped with excitement remembering that her papa was the one that brought home her baby tiger. 


"Princess!" Castiel smiled lifting her off the barstool. 


"Good morning papa! Thank you for bringing Cas home!" she giggled as her papa poked her tummy with his finger. 


"You're welcome baby girl. What are you and daddy up to in here?" he chuckled. 


"Trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for breakfast and we can't decide, so we figured we would ask you." Dean explained. 


He walked over to Dean and placed a sweet kiss on his lips causing Maya to blush at her parents affection, she hid her face into Castiel's shoulder as she laughed. 


Castiel opened the door to the refrigerator and took a quick look inside. 


"How about you two relax and I'll make us breakfast!" he suggested. 


Maya agreed quickly as Castiel set her down on her feet and she ran into the living room. 


"Go on baby, I can navigate the kitchen by myself. If I know you the way I think I do, I bet you this is set up no differently than our apartment." he grinned. 


"Well I guess I'll leave you to it then." Dean said trailing his finger across Castiel's defined jaw line. 


Castiel bit his lip and gave Dean a good pinch on the butt as he walked by causing him to squeak slightly. 


He gave him a devious little smirk when Dean looked back at him.


After breakfast, Castiel and Maya ended up fall asleep on the couch while they were watching Maya’s favorite movie The Little Mermaid.


Dean couldn't help but snap a picture it was just to cute. Maya didn't take up much room as Castiel held her in the middle of his chest. 


He smiled as their soft snores filled the room. There was a light knock at the front door and judging from the time, Dean knew it was Sam. 


"Shh." Dean said softly with a finger over his mouth. 


"Oh...sorry!" Sam shrugged. 


Dean pointed to the couch showing Sam a sleeping Castiel and Maya. 


"Aw...that's so cute!" Sam whispered as they walked upstairs. 


Dean sighed with a big smile gracing his face. "I haven't seen you smile like that in years. You're practically glowing right now." Sam grinned. 


"I feel so happy Sammy, but right now I'm feeling some other kind of way." Dean said.


"What's wrong?" Sam asked, concerned.


"Oh no! It's nothing bad...uh, Castiel and I had an interesting start to our morning." he said with a sheepish smirk on his face. 


"Oh! A little something to start your day off?" Sam winked. 


"Well not quite, and for me to say I'm sexually frustrated is a massive understatement!" He huffed putting his hand over his face. 


"Um, did Maya finish packing her bag? If so I can go ahead and take her with me now and you and Castiel can have some much needed alone time." Sam said with a coy smile. 


Dean's eyes widened with realization, "They are packed...I reset them last night waiting for Cas to get here!" 


"Oh my God! I'm a horrible father." He said shamefully. 


"What the hell would make you say that, Dean?" Sam asked, confused.


"Because I'm excited for my daughter to leave on a trip with you, just so I can have Cas all to myself." He explained crossing his arms over his chest. 


Sam burst into laughter, "Dean, it's ok to be excited. Clearly there is a lot of tension, like say 6 years worth, between the two of you that needs to be released. Just relax!" 


They both laughed as Sam carried Maya’s suitcase downstairs. When they walked into the living room, Castiel and Maya were wide awake now enjoying an episode of SpongeBob.


"Well, well who is that stranger sitting with my niece?" Sam smirked. 


"Sam? Haven't seen you in forever! How are you?" Castiel smiled pulling himself up from the couch. 


"It's going good. I see you and your little minion like the same shows." He chuckled giving him a hug. 


"Nah...I was watching some drama show but Maya woke up and wanted to watch SpongeBob, so that means I gotta watch it too!" he smiled. 


"I got you. Hey munchkin!" Sam waved. 


Maya hopped off the couch and ran over to her uncle giving him a huge hug. "Hi Uncle Sammy!" she said with a huge smile. 


"So, I was thinking. How about you come and spend the night with me that way we can just hang out until the carnival opens?" Sam asked. 


Maya looked at Castiel and then back to her uncle with a bit of uncertainty. "I don't know Uncle Sammy. Papa just got here last night and I don't want to leave him so soon." she pouted. 


Castiel knelt down to Maya and smiled, "It's alright princess. Dad is gonna be right here waiting for you when you get back from your trip, I promise!" 


"Really? You mean it?" she said peering at him with her big green eyes. 


"Absolutely baby girl. There's no where else I'd rather be." he said. 


A huge grin spread across her face as she latched on to Castiel's neck for another hug. 


Sam saw the look of admiration and complete joy on Dean's face at the sight of Maya and Castiel. 


"Ok Uncle Sammy, I'll go with you!" Maya smiled as she walked over to Dean who held out his hand to her.


"Let's go get you dressed little one." Dean said, leading her to her bedroom.


Sam and Castiel stayed downstairs and caught up with each other and a few minutes later Maya and Dean came back down.


"Ready to go?" Sam asked her.


She nodded, "Yep!"


"Alright you be a good girl for me and have fun, ok." Dean smiled hugging Maya tightly. 


"I will daddy!" she giggled. 


"Well, we better get going. I told Taylor we would meet him for lunch." Sam said taking Maya’s hand. 


"Alright, you guys be safe!" Dean said as he and Castiel walked Sam and Maya to the front door. 


"Bye papa! Bye daddy!" Maya waved at her parents. 


"Bye princess! Hey Sam, make sure she keeps up with Cas, please!" Castiel shouted as he and Dean both waved. 


"You got it!" Sam said getting into his car.


With that Dean ducked under Castiel's arm in the doorway and walked back towards the living room. 


Castiel came back inside the house and closed the door behind him locking it. 


He was treated with a lovely view of Dean bending over to pick up a few of Maya’s toys that were scattered on the floor. 


As Dean stood up Castiel's eyes scanned his body from head to toe admiring all of his features. 


Dean put Maya’s toys back in the toy bin and stretched his arms out slightly before turning around to walk over to Castiel. He always loved that little curve in his lower back right before you got to his ass. 


"Cas." Dean mumbled snapping him out of his haze. 


"I'm gonna go take a shower, I feel a little tension in my back. I must have pulled something the other day cause it's finally hitting me" He chuckled rubbing his neck. 


"Ok. Do you need anything? Is there something I can help you with?" Castiel asked. 


He had noticed Dean has been kind of stiff since he came.


"Yeah...I need you. Whoa! What I'm thinking?" Dean thought to himself. 


Castiel noticed the guilty look on his face and chuckled. "You alright love? You just spaced out on me there." he smiled. 


"Oh! Yeah I'm good. I'm gonna...I'm gonna hit that shower now." Dean shrugged. 


Castiel bit his lip as he cupped Dean's face with both of his hands, "Ok then, I'm here if you need anything." he said kissing Dean's lips softly. 


"Ok." Dean replied breathlessly once they pulled away. 


Dean darted up the stairs to his bedroom and made his way into the bathroom. 


He took off his clothes and looked in the mirror at himself. The bruises on his stomach were fading but the ones on his back were still very dark and visible.


They made him feel insecure and brought up a lot of bad memories every time he saw them. He wishes they would just go away already.


It was a constant reminder and ache of what he went through, he felt like breaking down every time he saw them.


Dean thought about asking Castiel to join him, so he wouldn’t have to deal with this alone but quickly changed his mind.


Even though Castiel had already seen them he really doesn't want him to see them again and change his mind about being with him.


Dean shook his head and turned on the shower and made sure it was the right temperature before going in. 


Castiel paced around downstairs trying to keep busy but something was making him feel uneasy.


"Damn." Castiel groaned running a palm over his face. 


It would be weird to go and check on Dean while he's in the shower. Right?


He paced back and forth a few more times before throwing his hands up into the air in defeat. 


"Fuck it!" he grumbled as he went up the stairs towards Dean's room.


When he got there he expected to hear Dean singing like he always had when he took a shower but heard nothing. 


Castiel knocked on the door, "Dean you okay?"


Dean jumped at the knock but sighed in relief when he realized it was Castiel.


Dean shook his head even though Castiel couldn't see him. He needed security right now and he wanted to forget about Isaac. "You think... m-maybe... you could come in with me?"


Castiel was a little surprised at the request but didn't have a problem with it. It's not like he hasn't seen Dean naked before.


Castiel walked in to see Dean standing underneath the water. His eyes followed the little trails of water as they descended down the curves of his body.


Dean felt so weird and pathetic for asking. He is a grown man he should be able to handle this himself.


Usually he would either just shrug the feelings off or would end up crying by himself especially when he first left Isaac.


Castiel stripped his clothes off and as he did he noticed the bruises not only on Dean's back and stomach but on his thighs and hips. There was bruises on his inner thighs like someone...


He didn't have to ask to know what happened. Castiel felt himself getting angry all over again but pushed that to the side. Dean was vulnerable right now and he didn't need Castiel angry right now. 


Castiel stepped into the shower and  carefully took Dean into his arms. Dean was finally able to relax once he was in Castiel’s arms.


Castiel left little kisses down Dean's neck and held him tightly.


"I'm right here. Your okay my gorgeous boy." Castiel said.


"Please." Dean whimpered, looking up at him. "Make me forget...I don’t want to think about him."


Castiel didn't have to say anything as his fingers traced over all of the marks, scars, and bruises over Dean's body.


He gently took Dean's head into his hands and kissed him gently.


"I will never let anything happen to you okay?" Castiel said resting his forehead against Dean's. “You’ll never have to worry as long as I’m here.”


"I know."

Chapter Text

The smell of bacon wafted through the air upstairs into Dean's bedroom. 


His head rested comfortably on the pillows as the sun kissed his bare skin. 


He sniffed lightly at the pleasant smell of food. His stomach grumbled signaling it was time to get up. 


Running his hand to the right side of the bed he realized Castiel wasn't there. 


"Well duh who else would be cooking." Dean thought to himself.


Slowly he sat up rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the light shining through the window. 


He slipped into Castiel's t-shirt that was a little baggy on him along with a pair of his own shorts.


Dean went into the bathroom to do his morning routine. He noticed a very familiar ring on his ring finger.


Dean couldn't help but smile brightly, it was the promise ring that Castiel gave him when he asked Dean to be his boyfriend all those years ago. Castiel must have slipped it on while he was asleep.


After washing his face and brushing his teeth he made his way downstairs. 


Castiel was in the kitchen making breakfast. Dean's breath hitched at the sight of his shirtless body. 


"Morning!" Castiel smirked as Dean stepped into the kitchen. 


He wrapped his arms around Dean and rubbed his hip gently. "You look so beautiful in my shirt."


"Good morning and thank you!" Dean whispered burying his face in Castiel's chest.


"How are you feeling?" Castiel asked. He just wanted to make sure Dean was okay after yesterday and that he didn't regret anything.


"I am so happy." Dean smiled. "You make me feel safe and loved...I haven't felt like that in a long time."


Castiel smiled and kissed his forehead, "Well then your going to be happy for a long time baby."


He leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his lips. Dean moaned into the kiss as Castiel's tongue slipped into his mouth.


Castiel smiled as he broke the kiss returning his attention to the food. 


"It's been a while since I've done this but you do like bell peppers in your omelet, right babe?" he said pouring the eggs into the skillet. 


"I do" Dean smiled hopping up on the barstool. 


"And you still like it topped off with a bit of shredded cheese right?" 


"I do" Dean grinned chewing on his bottom lip. 


"You should seriously wear my shirts more often." Castiel chuckled as his eyes scanned Dean’s body. 


"Hang around long enough and I might just have to." Dean said teasingly. 


"Planning on it." Castiel grinned handing him a plate.


After breakfast Castiel flipped through TV channels while Dean cleaned the kitchen. 


They always had a rule when they were living together that whoever cooked the meal was free of dish duty. 


"So what do you want to do today?" Dean asked from the kitchen. 


"I don't know, haven't really thought about it...whatever you wanna do is fine with me" Castiel shrugged. 


"Well I do have a few errands I need to run." Dean sighed coming to join him on the couch. 


"Oh yeah, like what?" Castiel said wrapping an arm around him as Dean snuggled against his side. 


"Simple stuff you know, like grocery shopping. Uh...I've got to pick up Maya’s passport, take back some clothes that were too big for her, little things." He huffed. 


Castiel lifted Dean's left hand from his lap and placed a kiss on the back of it. 


"My answer is yes by the way" Dean smirked kissing his cheek. 


Castiel shifted his weight on the couch so that he could turn and face him. 


"I'm still going to ask you properly." he said. 


A huge smile spread across Dean's face as Castiel took Dean’s hands into his large ones and brushed over the back of his left hand with his thumb. 


Taking a deep breath, Castiel peered into Dean's soft green eyes and began to speak. 


"I've loved you since the first time you called me a stubborn jackass among the other things, but I'll never forget that day because you snapped on me at the bar for hitting on you." he chuckled. "You put up with my bullshit antics and just laughed when I would get grumpy, but you also supported me through whatever and even let me go to live out my dreams. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today and you also blessed me with our beautiful daughter." Castiel said. 


Dean took a deep breath feeling all types of emotions as Castiel continued to speak. 


"So with all that being said will you become my boyfriend...again?" Castiel asked


Dean exhaled slowly as his eyes zeroed in on Castiel's. 


Castiel's smile spread from ear to ear across his face as Dean finally nodded his head uttering a soft "Yes!"


In a split second Castiel pressed his lips to his heavily. He caressed Dean's back as he sat down on the couch with Dean now straddling him. 


"You just made me the happiest man on the planet baby!" Castiel beamed. 


"I think I know a little someone that might be happier than you" Dean said flashing a cheeky grin. 


"Maya?" Castiel smiled. 


"Mhmm and Sam," Dean nodded. 


"How about we go run those errands then come back and relax." Dean said tracing a finger across Castiel's cheek. 


"You know what? We should go out tonight and celebrate!" Castiel said standing up from the couch with Dean. 


"Yeah, plus with you being around more, I was thinking some of our alone time could be date night" Dean said laying a kiss on his lips. 


"Date night huh? I like it." Castiel said as he grabbed Dean's ass. 


"Cas!" Dean laughed as he made it to the staircase. He started to walk upstairs then the doorbell rang. 


"I got it. You go on and get dressed, I can't have everybody seeing how good you look in my shirt." Castiel smirked. 


He walked to the front door while Dean ran upstairs. 


"Papa!" Maya shouted as she sprang towards him. 


"Hey princess, you're back early!" Castiel said surprised as he picked Maya up. 


"I thought they weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow?" He thought to himself. 


He turned to greet Sam as he walked inside the house but immediately noticed that his eyes were red and puffy. 


Castiel set Maya down on her feet and watched as she trotted off into the living room to watch TV. 


"Sam, what is it? What's wrong?" He said with a look of concern on his face. 


Sam wiped his eyes and tried to find his words before swallowing hard, "Taylor has been having an affair for the past 3 months." 


"What!? Sam, I'm so sorry. Here come sit down, I'll get you some tissue." Castiel said rubbing his shoulders. 


"Babe who was it at the door?" Dean asked coming down the stairs.


Castiel met him at the bottom of the staircase "Sam and Maya are back" he told him.


Dean gave him a confused look, "But I thought they weren't..."


Castiel raised a hand cutting his words off, "Its Sam, something happened...he found out Taylor has been having an affair."


Dean sighed and ran his hand through his hair, “Damn.”


"Daddy!" Maya giggled as Dean placed a kiss on her forehead. 


"Hello sweetie! Did you enjoy your trip with Uncle Sam?" he asked running a hand through Maya’s thick hair. 


"The car ride was fun but Taylor made Uncle Sammy sad so I kicked him." Maya said placing her hands on her hips.


"That's my girl." Dean laughed and kissed her cheek.


Dean's eyes settled on his little brother for a moment before he glanced at Castiel. He knew what to do. 


"Hey princess, you want to go run errands with dad today?" Castiel asked leaning down to her. 


"Yes...can Cas come with us?" she said with a grin on her face. 


He chuckled lightly, "Of course he can come with us baby girl. Let me get dressed and then we can go, alright?" 


Maya nodded her head in agreement as she grabbed a few of her toys to play with and went to her room. 


Dean wrapped his arms around Sam as he felt him sob uncontrollably. He and Taylor have been together since before Maya was born.


"It's gonna be ok Sammy. Everything is gonna be ok." Dean said rubbing Sam's back. 


"Come on princess, let's go." Castiel said grabbing the car keys. 


"I'll be right back." Dean said to Sam softly. 


"Ok" Sam mumbled. 


"Is he gonna be ok?" Castiel said leaning down to pick up Maya. 


"Yeah I'll make sure of it. I knew something hasn’t been right with that bitch." Dean sighed. 


"Let me know if I need to bring anything else home. I've got the grocery list and we'll go get her passport. I'm sure Sam is gonna stay here tonight, right?" Castiel asked.


Dean nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah, I don't want him driving all the way home. Even though I'm sure Taylor isn't there, he doesn't need to go back there right now."


"Alright baby, we'll be back later. I love you!" he said giving Dean a quick kiss on the lips. 


"I love you to." Dean replies.


"Bye daddy!" Maya waved. 


"By baby, have fun! Oh, Castiel don't forget to grab her booster seat out of my car." Dean waved out the front door. 


"Got it!" he yelled back. 


Dean quickly returned to the living room to try to console his heart broken baby brother. 


"I'm here. Now what the hell happened?" Dean asked. 


"Well, so apparently he got the guy he was screwing pregnant. Apparently Taylor met him at one of his job conferences last year and they got close. He said he regrets it and wants to work it out but I said no." He huffed trying to dry his eyes.


Dean pulled him into a tight hug and stroked his hair. "Good you don't need him. Stay with us tonight or for however long you need. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You know I'm always here for you." 


“I know.” Sam replied, burying himself in Dean’s arms.


Sam dried his eyes and caught a glimpse of Dean's left hand. "Oh wow! Is that the ring?" He asked excitedly. 


"Um...yeah it is!" Dean chuckled sheepishly. 


"So does this mean you two are officially back together?" Sam gleamed. 


"It happened this morning after breakfast. This ring is special though. It's the same one he gave me when we first got together." Dean grinned. 


Sam smiled, "I knew it! You guys were always meant to be together. I'm so happy for you, congratulations!" 


"Thank you!" Dean said wiping the rest of Sam's tears away. 


While they shared a peaceful moment of silence there was a knock at the door. 


"I'll be right back Sammy." Dean smiled. 


"Ok. I'm gonna go to the bathroom and clean my face." Sam chuckled. 


"Gabriel! Hey, what are you doing here?" Dean grinned. 


"Well instead of just flying out to New York I decided to drop by Kansas and hangout for a few days. Then me and Castiel can just fly out together." Gabriel shrugged. 


"Aw, you missed him didn't you?" Dean teased opening the door a bit more. 


"Oh please, I’m here for the kid." Gabriel waved him off before Dean invited him in.


"Make yourself at home. Cas will be back soon. He and Maya are running errands." He said. 


"Holy..." Gabriel gasped nearly breathless as he caught sight of the man walking out of the downstairs bathroom. 


Gabriel cleared his throat startling Dean and the other beautiful dark haired man. 


"Oh Sam, this is Gabriel." Dean said.


"We're home!" Castiel called through the house as he and Maya hauled in grocery bags. 


"In the kitchen babe." Dean shouted.


"Hey it's little bit!" Gabriel as he darted across the room to scoop up Maya.


"Hi Uncle Gabe!" she giggled. 


"Oh no who let you in here?" Castiel said jokingly. 


"Oh ha-ha, it just so happens that Dean here was kind enough to open the door for me." Gabriel smirked. 


"Baby you're gonna have to move. He knows where you live now." Castiel chuckled kissing Dean. 


While the others laughed and joked with each other, Gabriel found himself in a trance. 


He sat with Maya on his lap and stared at Sam analyzing him from head to toe. "His eyes are a little red, slightly puffy which means he's probably been crying. Who would make such a gorgeous man cry?" Gabriel thought to himself. 


"Gabe you're quiet over there, everything alright?" Castiel voice rang over. 


"Uh yeah, I'm good." Gabriel replied shaking off the internal haze. 


"You know, I'm going to have to adjust to the fact that my brothers boyfriend is a celebrity that hangs out with other celebrities." Sam whispered to Dean. 


"Oh it'll be fine Sammy." Dean smiled. 


"No, you don't understand Dean. I was thinking how hot this guy is on TV like not even a week ago and now he’s less that 5 feet away from me. I feel like a moron right now and I look like a hot mess." He mumbled through gritted teeth. 


Dean looked at him with a big smile on his face and then he noticed that Gabriel would pass nonchalant stares at Sam. 


"Hmm...pretty soon Taylor will be a distant memory if Gabriel keeps staring at him like that." Dean thought to himself. 


Castiel placed a hand on the small of Dean's back, "You are seeing these awkward stares between Sam and Gabriel right, or is it just me?" he whispered in his ear. 


Dean nodded, "No, trust me I'm seeing them too. Sparks could fly..."

Chapter Text

The smell of garlic bread and marinara sauce filled the house as everyone was sitting down enjoying the freshly delivered pizzas. 


Maya sat on the floor with her food and watched Moana intently as Gabriel squatted down to join her. 


"Watch out cutie, coming through" he said joining Maya on the floor. 


"You're funny, Uncle Gabe." she giggled. 


"Oh yeah, well you're short so take that" Gabriel scoffed playfully. 


"I'm 6, what's your excuse?" she fired back grinning. 


Laughter filled the room as Gabriel was left speechless, looking for a response. 


"I'm gonna get you for that one. You won't know when or how but I'm gonna get you" Gabriel winked, leaning over to kiss all over her face making Maya giggle again. 


Dean placed his head on Castiel's shoulder as they cuddled on the couch and Castiel placed a kiss on his forehead. 


Castiel cleared his throat and began speaking, "Oh by the way, Dean and I are back together!" 


"Hey that's so awesome, congratulations!" Gabriel said, jumping off his spot on the floor. 


Dean and Castiel stood up and hugged him. Gabriel squeezed Castiel tightly as he mumbled "It's about damn time little brother."


"Thanks Gabe." he whispered in his ear. 


"This is great now I don't have to tease Castiel for being lonely anymore when we're on the road. I know he's got you and Maya at home waiting for him to get back." Gabriel smirked. 


"That's mean." Dean teased, lightly shoving his shoulder. 


Maya stood up from the floor and looked at her parents with her head tilted off to the side. 


"You two are like boyfriends now daddy?" she asked softly. 


"Yes baby, papa and I are together again. Which means our family will be complete. You, me and dad all together." Dean smiled softly. 


A huge grin spread across Maya’s face as she rushed over to her parents. 


Castiel scooped her up into his arms and held Maya in between Dean and himself, embracing in a family hug.


Sam was more than happy for his brother but the wounds from Taylor’s betrayal were still fresh. 


He needed air as he felt his lungs were collapsing on him, so after congratulating them he slipped outside onto the back patio deck. 


He sat down at the top of the staircase overlooking his brother's backyard. It was a cool summer night as there were no clouds and the moon shined brightly. 


Light sobs escaped his body while he looked down at his cell phone erasing old photos of the man he once considered he would spend the rest of his life with. 


Back inside Dean and Castiel handled sleeping arrangements as they had a full house tonight. 


"Gabriel, you can either take the guest room or you could sleep on the pullout couch." Dean gestured to the piece of furniture. 


"I'll take the couch." Gabriel said. "Sam seems like he's been through a lot today."


Dean sighed, "Yeah he has thank you, I'll get you some blankets." 


Maya yawned and stretched in her papa’s arms as he lifted her over to Dean. 


"Ok baby, bedtime cause you're yawning up a storm." Dean smiled at her. 


"Can I tell everyone goodnight?" Maya asked peering up at her daddy. 


"Go on princess, get your goodnights in and then daddy and I will come to tuck you in." Castiel said. 


Dean set Maya back on her feet and she rushed over to Gabriel who bent down and scooped her up into a hug, "Goodnight sweet princess, have good dreams" he said. 


"Night Uncle Gabe." Maya laughed. 


She glanced around the house and gave Dean a confused look. "Where's Uncle Sammy?" 


"Um, I'm not sure but I'll tell him you said goodnight, ok?" 


Maya nodded her head sleepily and slowly climbed the stairs dragging Cas with her.


"As promised, here are your blankets." Castiel said handing the covers to Gabriel. 


"Thanks bro! I'm happy for you. You and Dean are great together and Maya is something special." Gabriel smiled at his brother. 


Castiel nodded his head with a smile, "Thanks. Have a goodnight, sleep well." 


Gabriel waved as Castiel went upstairs to join Dean and tuck in Maya. He got the pull-out bed all set up and decided to get comfortable throwing a pair of basketball shorts across the back of the couch. 


After unbuttoning his pants, he tossed them to the side. 


Sam wiped his eyes one last time as he turned to lock the patio door. He made his way through the kitchen taking notice that everyone must have gone to bed. 


Clutching on to a few Kleenex tissues he entered the living room only to be startled by an almost half naked Gabriel. 


"Oh shit!" He yelled "I am so sorry Gabriel, I didn't know you were in here." 


"It's ok...Sam. It is Sam, right?" Gabriel said with a cocky grin lacing his face. 


Sam swallowed hard, "Um yeah, it's Sam, that's me..." he trailed nervously. 


"Really? That's all I can come up with, god I'm an idiot!" Sam cursed himself. 


"I didn't know you were still awake. I thought you had gone to bed because we had not seen you in the last 30 minutes or so." Gabriel chuckled. 


Sam tried to respond but his brain failed to send any words to his mouth as he found himself staring at Gabriel and marveling at how great he looked in his underwear. 


Sam suddenly felt parched and his cheeks seemed to burn slightly. 


"Sammy?" Gabriel mumbled softly placing his hand on Sam’s shoulder snapping him out of his inappropriate thoughts about him. 


"Oh...uh no I went outside to clear my head. It's been a rough 20 plus hours for me." Sam said flashing a weak smile. 


"I...I don't want to sound rude or anything, but would you mind putting some pants on? You're very distracting." Sam blushed. 


"Oh! Yeah sorry..." Gabriel chuckled glancing down at himself.


Sam was just so adorable and hot that Gabriel had gotten completely distracted.


"Goodnight princess! Daddy and I love you very much." Castiel whispered kissing Maya on her forehead. 


He made sure to tuck Cas tightly under her arm before joining Dean over by the door. 


"Damn, I am not looking forward to getting back out on the road tomorrow." he pouted wrapping an arm around Dean's waist. 


"Neither are we. It's nice having you here with us and I feel like I just got you back. I'm not ready for you to leave again." Dean sighed walking into the bedroom. 


Castiel dropped his arm from his waist and turned to shut the door behind them. 


"Yeah well there's a big difference with me leaving this time. I'm gonna leave knowing that I get to come back home to the love of my life and my heart and soul that's sleeping just down the hall." Castiel replied.


He sat down on the bed and pulled Dean by his hips in front of him. "I love you so much. I wish I would've got in touch with you sooner. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about you. My stupid stubborn pride got in the way and because of it, I've missed the first 6 years of my daughter's life" he sighed resting his head against Dean's stomach. 


"Cas, don't feel bad. I could've come up with a way to find you or tried harder. I guess we're both stubborn in a sense" Dean chuckled running his fingers through Castiel's hair. 


"The important thing is that you're here now. Maya’s got you wrapped around her little finger and regardless of what happens between us, I know you'll always be there for her." Dean smiled leaning down to kiss Castiel's lips. 


A soft growl escaped Castiel as he pulled Dean onto his lap. 


Gabriel slid his red basketball shorts on while Sam fought with himself to look in a different direction. 


"Ok, I'm dressed now" he grinned. 


Sam looked at Gabriel with a hint of embarrassment on him face, "Thank you" he said. 


"God his body is amazing...What the hell am I doing?" Gabriel questioned himself. 


"Not a problem" He smiled, covering up his feelings. 


"Well...I should get to bed. I think I could use some good sleep to get my mind off of everything that's happened these last few days" Sam sighed walking by Gabriel. 


"Hey Sam...if you don't mind me asking, what exactly happened? I mean you haven't really smiled since I got here and I can tell that you've been crying. A guy as handsome as you are should never cry or be unhappy and I know we just met a few hours ago, but it really bothers seeing you so sad." Gabriel shrugged. 


"Thanks but it's nothing really. Well at least it's not anymore." Sam said looking to the ground as he felt the tears beginning to well up in his eyes again. 


"Goodnight Gabriel." He mumbled attempting to walk away before his arm was tugged gently. 


Gabriel pulled him into a hug and cradled the back of his head.


"I don't know what or who made you feel this way but I do know that you deserve better." Gabriel said softly. "I'm sorry if I overstepped my boundaries by asking you that question. I sincerely hope you can find happiness again. If you ever want to talk about anything, you can always talk to me. I don't know what it is or how to explain it but I feel so overprotective and drawn to you Sam. You are so amazing and if anyone tries to tell you differently, I will personally kick their ass for you!" 


Sam didn't know what the hell to say but was enjoying being comforted. 


Gabriel stroked Sam’s cheek with his thumb and leaned back looking up into his hazel eyes, "If it's alright with you, I would like to get to know you more and spend time with you whenever I can." 


"That would be nice." Sam whispered smiling at Gabriel as their eyes met. 


"I've got some time to hang out tomorrow before we set out for New York. Our flight leaves at 4, so if you want to do something in the morning like breakfast or whatever, I'd be up for it" Gabriel said flashing a hopeful grin. 


"Well, I was gonna go for a run and let off some steam in the morning. We can hang out and get breakfast or something." Sam shrugged. 


"You run?" Gabriel asked eagerly. 


"Yeah." He nodded. 


"We can do that then! I need to get my workout in before we leave tomorrow afternoon, plus you and I can grab breakfast afterwards." Gabriel grinned. 


"Ok then." Sam smiled as Gabriel kissed his cheek, "Goodnight Gabe."


"Night Sam." Gabriel smiled as he watched Sam walk away.

Chapter Text

The morning sun peaked through the curtains of Dean's bedroom as he straddled Castiel laying feather kisses on his lips.


"Do you really have to leave today? I don't want you to go." Dean pouted.


"Baby believe me, the last thing I want to do right now is get back on the road and leave you and Maya here alone but it's my job and I've got to do it. Besides I think princess will be excited about the new episodes." Castiel chuckled. 


Dean smiled down at him before leaning in to kiss his lips again.


"I don't know how we made it this far without you being here. There were so many times that I wish I could've reached out to you or just hear your voice. Watching Maya grow up without you being here killed me sometimes." He huffed placing his head on Castiel’s chest.


"I know baby. I missed you like crazy, especially when the show started getting popular. Night after night out on the road, there were so many times that I asked myself why I was doing this. I wanted to quit so badly. I mean yeah I had the love and support of my family, friends, the fans but it still didn't feel right without you." Castiel sighed rubbing Dean's back.


"Cas, on those nights that you were did you make it through? I remember what you said to me a couple a days back, but..." Dean trailed off, his curiosity getting the best of him.


"Dean." Castiel said softly cutting him off. "What few men I did take back to my room, never got to experience me. At best all they gave me was a hand job cause once I got them in bed and saw them looking up at me, the face I wanted to see beneath me was never there. Any drive I did have was usually doused out because I knew that one and the one after that, shit any of them, would never be you. They wouldn't smell like you, they wouldn't sound like you and they sure hell wouldn't taste or feel like you. You're home to me baby and you always will be." Castiel said kissing the top of his head. 


Dean smiled wide as he nuzzled his face into his chest and hugged him tightly.


"Dammit I don't want you to leave! I want to keep you here with me." Dean chuckled.


Gabriel paced around the living room nervously as he waited for Sam to come out of his room. 


"He's so damn handsome." Gabriel smiled to himself. 


His heart rate quickened as the door to Sam's room slowly started to open. 


Sadly his smile got wiped away when he saw Sam was on the phone crying and obviously upset. 


Gabriel wanted nothing more than to go comfort him and snap the neck of the bitch responsible for his tears.


"No Taylor, I don't want to talk about anything with you! You ruined us not me. I wasn't the one that went out and had an affair, not to mention you got another man pregnant! No I am moving can have the house! I'm going over to get my things later today. So I hope you and him are happy together you ungrateful bitch!" Sam snapped hanging up the phone.


"Uh, good morning Sammy." Gabriel said, enthusiastically. Sam looked at him with a hint of panic laced on his face.


"Gabriel!" He gasped. "Sorry if you heard any of that. Taylor is the reason I'm an emotional wreck right now. I haven't been this pissed off since my dad died and that was 10 years ago." Sam sighed looking down at his hands. 


Gabriel pulled Sam into a tight hug and swiped at his tears with his thumb.


"Sammy it's ok to be heartbroken but don't cry over that slut sweetheart because he’s not gonna cry for you. I may not know him, but I know what he did was a real bitch move! Look you should go relax, we can always go running another time." Gabriel smiled, wanting nothing more than to make him feel better.


Almost immediately Gabriel closed his eyes in shame. "Sweetheart? Really idiot that's the best damn nickname you could give him?" He scoffed at himself. 


"Sweetheart?" Sam chuckled softly looking at Gabriel through teary eyes.


"Um...yeah I don't know where that came from and I'm pretty embarrassed by it" Gabriel shrugged sheepishly. "I can always find another..."


"I like it!" Sam smiled cutting him off mid sentence. 


"You do?" Gabriel said looking confused.


"Yes, I think it's sweet, Taylor never called gave me a cute name like that!" He laughed.


"Alright, sweetheart it is then but seriously we can do something else instead of running. I'm sure the last thing you want to do after a conversation like that would be to work out." Gabriel said.


"No way! I always feel better after a run." Sam replied.


"Ok, ok we'll go but I gotta say you're super cute with your puppy dog eyes" Gabriel mused. 


Sam playfully shoved Gabriel before  Gabriel wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer as they walked out to the car.


About 2 hours later Maya was in the living room playing with her dolls when she heard chatter coming from upstairs. 


She glanced up to see Castiel carrying his suitcase and Dean was right behind him making sure he had everything he needed for traveling. 


Maya hopped off the couch and ran over to Castiel with her arms fully extended, "Papa!" she giggled.


"Hey princess." he grinned scooping her up into his arms. 


"What are you up to?" Castiel asked kissing her cheek.


"I was playing and watching cartoons." she smiled.


Castiel joined Dean on the couch and Maya shifted to sit in between them. She reached over and pulled Dean's left hand into her lap and snickered looking down at it.


"What's so funny?" Dean asked watching a huge grin spread across his daughter's face. 


Maya shook her head, "The ring papa got you is really pretty." she giggled burrowing into Castiel's side.


"Guess it is pretty, huh?" Dean chuckled ruffling her hair. 


The sound of keys jingling loudly caused everyone to turn their attention to the front door. 


Sam stepped through the door with Gabriel trailing closely behind him. They were all smiles.


"You two get in a good run?" Dean interrupted with a smirk on his face. 


"Yeah it was great!" Gabriel chuckled. "I'm gonna go hit the shower and then we can head out to the airport" He huffed resting his hands on his hips.


"Alright, go ahead we've got about 30 minutes before we need to leave anyway" Castiel shrugged. 


He felt Maya nestle a little more into his side but he didn't look down until he heard her sobbing softly.


"Maya, what's wrong baby girl?" he asked pulling his daughter onto his lap.


"I don't want you to leave." She whined as tears streamed down her now rosy cheeks. She buried her face into his shirt and continued to cry.


Castiel rested his chin lightly on top of her thick brown hair and closed his eyes. 


"It's gonna be alright princess, papa will be back soon I promise." he sighed rubbing her back attempting to console her. 


He felt as if his heart was breaking while he glanced over to Dean. Dean gave him a weak smile as he also wasn't ready for him to leave.


Gabriel stepped out of the guest bedroom with his suitcase and gave a nod to Castiel that he was ready. 


Castiel cradled a now snoozing Maya as he stood up from the couch. 


Dean got up with him and extended his arms reaching out for Maya.


"I'll take her babe" He said softly. 


Castiel handed Maya over to Dean and picked up his suitcase and duffle bag. 


Sam helped them carry her bags to the car and tossed them in the trunk.


Dean nudged Maya with his shoulder to wake her up so she could say goodbye.


"Hey there shortie...I'll see you soon alright. Be a good girl for your daddy and don't worry time will fly by." Gabriel as Maya rubbed her eyes.


Dean handed her over to Gabriel so that he could get a hug.


"Bye Uncle Gabe." she said poking out her bottom lip. 


Gabriel placed her back down on her feet and gave Dean a hug as well.


He turned to say something to Sam, but got an unexpected yet tight hug from Sam that caused him to grin like a child on Christmas morning.


Castiel tossed the last of his bags into the trunk and walked back over to Dean after picking up Maya. 


He smiled as he overheard Sam asking Gabriel to call him whenever he had time. 


"He's totally into Gabriel." Castiel thought to himself. He knelt down to Maya and hugged her as tight as he could.


"I'll be back before you know it." he muttered. 


Maya gave him another pout but nodded her head in agreement. He pinched her chin and gave her wink before he stood up to face Dean. 


Dean stepped forward to kiss Castiel. Castiel wrapped him tightly in his arms both of them lightly moaning into the kiss.


"Uh hmm!" Gabriel scoffed clearing his throat causing Dean and Castiel to part. 


Dean bit his lip looking up at Castiel with a sheepish grin on his face. Castiel groaned glaring over at Gabriel.


"Well that's my cue baby. I miss both of you already." he sighed kissing Dean's forehead. 


"You three take care of yourselves till we get back." Castiel gave a final wave to Dean, Maya, and Sam before hopping into the driver's seat. 


Castiel honked the horn as he and Gabriel waved bye one last time.


Dean shared a brief smile with his brother when Maya tugged on his hand. "Daddy?" she trailed.


"Yes sweetie?" Dean said looking down at Maya. 


"Saying goodbye sucks!" she said with a scowl. 


Sam chuckled at his niece's facial expression before nodding his head in agreement. 


"You're absolutely right, goodbye sucks!" 


Dean frowned as the three of them walked back into the house.

Chapter Text

Castiel sat quietly next to Gabriel inside the airport. They ended up having to switch flights instead of flying straight to New York, so they sat and waited for their rental car.


"It's good thing we don’t have to be there till tomorrow night." Gabriel sighed looking down at his phone. "I mean we could drive to New York from here, but we're both pretty tired so it's a good thing we're staying tonight."


"Yeah it is..." Castiel said looking up from his iPad. 


"So what are you doing exactly?" Gabriel asked raising an eyebrow at his little brother.


"Uh...I'm looking at houses in different areas and book marking them so I can send the listings to Dean and see what he thinks. After all we’re back together and Maya is gonna keep growing so we're gonna need a bigger house." Castiel said running a hand through his hair.


"Oh! So is Dean just gonna up and leave his house in Kansas and move himself and Maya down to Los Angeles with you or will it not be that easy?" Gabriel chuckled.


"Easy?" Castiel scoffed. "Hell no it won't be easy! I love that man to death but I swear he’s stubborn!"


Castiel and Gabriel chuckled as they gathered their things and went out to the parking lot.


"Daddy, when is papa going to call?" Maya asked staring up at Dean.


"Well baby girl, he said he would call as soon as he gets settled in. He texted me earlier so I guess he'll call before he goes to sleep." Dean said as he brushed Maya’s hair getting her ready for bed.


At 8:30 Dean’s phone started to ring but he didn't recognize the ring tone. 


Maya sprang up as she knew it was her father calling.


"Papa’s calling!" she squealed. 


"How on earth do you know it's him?" Dean chuckled reaching for his phone.


"Because papa set the Supernatural song as his ring tone for when he calls you" Maya grinned watching her dad answer the phone.


Dean playfully rolled his eyes at Maya as he placed the phone to his ear.


"Well hello there you sly handsome devil..." Dean said in a sultry voice.


"Mm...hey baby boy!" Castiel grumbled. 


"This sucks you know? The last few days I spent in Kansas with you and Maya were some of the best days I've had in a very a long time" Castiel sighed letting a small smile spread across his face.


"Don't do that to me Cas.” Dean huffed. 


"Do what?" Castiel muttered.


Dean sighed running a hand over his face, "Make me miss you more than I already do. I thought the little one was having trouble letting you leave, but it's really starting to hit me now. I've gotten so used to cuddling with you in bed again and it sucks knowing you're not here tonight."


"Yeah I know the feeling beautiful. How's my princess doing?" Castiel chuckled trying to lighten their mood.


"Oh she's fine, sitting here giving me a glare cause she's waiting for me to hand her my phone so she can talk to you before she gets tucked in for bed." Dean smiled pinching Maya’s chin.


Castiel laughed softly as he stared at the picture he had in his wallet of Dean and Maya.


"Alright I guess you need to give Maya the phone before she gets mad" he mused. 


"Guess so! Hold on." Dean smiled handing his phone to Maya.


"Hi papa!" Maya smiled at Castiel as she crawled into her bed. 


Dean had him on FaceTime so he could watch Maya fall asleep.


"What's up princess?" Castiel chuckled.


"Nothing. I miss you papa, when are you coming home?" Maya pouted. 


Castiel sighed and ran a hand over his hair as he wasn't prepared for the look she would give him when he told her how long he would be gone.


"Well baby girl, I'll be gone for the next week and a half and won't be back until Wednesday. If I could get out of my current schedule, you know I'd be right there with you and daddy." he huffed as he saw the tears forming in his daughter's eyes.


Maya simply nodded her head not wanting to say anything to Castiel as she buried herself under her blanket.


"It'll be ok baby, papa will be home before you know it but for right now he needs you to be a big girl. You know how much it hurts him to see you cry, right?" Dean asked stroking Maya’s forehead.


"Yeah daddy." Maya sniffled while wiping her eyes.


"Princess, I'm sorry and papa doesn't want you to cry anymore. Just know that I love you so so much baby girl and I can't wait to get home to you and daddy. Now close those big pretty green eyes of yours and get some sleep. Daddy has to go back to work in the morning and he needs to make sure you're well rested." Castiel smiled softly at Maya.


"I love you daddy. I love you papa." Maya yawned as she closed her eyes and slowly faded off into sleep.


"Love you too Maya." Castiel whispered. 


He remained silent until he knew Dean was no longer in their daughter's room with him on the phone.


Dean walked into his room and placed his phone on the night stand as he sat down on the bed. 


"Aw baby are you about to do a little strip tease for me?" Castiel chuckled.


"No." Dean scoffed playfully trying to stifle his laughter looking at Castiel’s face on his phone. 


"I swear you are too much!" He smiled. Castiel returned his smile with a huge grin of his own.


"So how's Indiana?" Dean sighed.


"Lonely without you and Maya." Castiel scoffed running a hand through his hair. 


A soft moan escaped Dean’s lips at the sight of his biceps flexing when he ran his hand through his hair.


"Oh what was that?" Castiel grinned after realizing the sound Dean made.


"What...nothing! There was no sound...what are you talking about?" Dean replied sheepishly. 


Castiel loved the fact that he could make Dean weak at the knees with something as simple as flexing his muscles or smiling at him.


"It was more than nothing baby." Castiel said teasingly.


"Hey, I'm about to go grab something to eat with Gabriel and one of our co-stars, Charlie, at the pub across the street but I'll call you back in about an hour or so since I know you need to get your beauty rest for work in the morning. When you have a chance, glance over the email that I sent you. Oh and one more thing." Castiel trailed off.


"Yes?" Dean chuckled.


"I want your sexy ass naked and laying on that bed when I call you back! Love you, Dean." Castiel grumbled before telling him goodbye.


Castiel, Charlie, and Gabriel sat at the bar with menus in hand as they mulled over what they wanted to eat when a soft voice rang out drawing their attention, Charlie’s in particular.


"Welcome to Rocky’s Pub & Grill. My name is Gilda and I will be your waitress and bartender this evening! Can I get you guys something to drink?" she said with a soft smile.


"I'll have a Corona." Castiel nodded. 


"Uh...I'll take a...Sprite." Gabriel chuckled after flipping through the menu again.


Charlie was too busy staring at the woman to think about ordering her drink. In fact she couldn't find her words to order so Castiel ordered for her.


"This doofus will gladly take a scotch, no ice." he said rolling his eyes at Charlie. 


Gilda smirked at Charlie and gave Castiel a quick nod before she turned to walk back to the other end of the bar and get their drinks.


"What the hell was that, Charlie? Cat got your tongue or something?" Castiel said mockingly.


"Nah, she finally came across a woman that for once has her star struck so to speak." Gabriel jeered.


"Fuck you guys." Charlie chuckled finally regaining her train of thought. 


Gilda returned with their drinks of choice and eventually jotted down their food orders.


They ate at their food quietly and glanced up at the TV's on occasion to check the scores of the games that were on. 


Gabriel’s phone buzzed repeatedly as he kept feverishly firing off text messages to Sam and Charlie was once again distracted by staring at Gilda, watching her every move.


"Well..." Castiel trailed off beginning to stretch. "Gilda, I'll take my check now." 


"Coming right up!" she said walking towards the register.


"Charlie, why don't you get her number or something? You keep making googly eyes at her, I mean come on, step up." Castiel said as he nudged Charlie’s arm.


"Nope." Charlie shook her head. 


"Besides, she's kind of not really my type. Don't get me wrong she's fucking stunning and all but I'm probably not her type either" she shrugged. 


"Look, let's just pay for our meals and get back to the hotel. I know you need to call Dean and I'm sure Gabe is dying to call Sam." Charlie smirked at her friends.


"I don't know if I'm dying to call baby boy, but I would like to talk to him." Gabriel laughed.


"Alright are your checks. Thanks for dropping by Rocky’s Pub & Grill. Come by and see us again the next time you guys are in Indiana. Have a great night fellas and by the way, I love Supernatural!" Gilda smiled, giving Charlie a very shy wink.


"She totally winked at you Charlie and you still didn't want her number?" Gabriel sneered.


"You two quit worrying about me and go make your nightly phone calls. I'll see you both in the morning" Charlie waved as the three of them made it back to the lobby of their hotel.


Castiel gave Gabriel a quick nod as they left the elevator walking in opposite directions. 


"Night Gabe!" Castiel yelled. 


"Later bro!" Gabriel responded.


Once he was back in his hotel room, Castiel took a quick shower and washed his hair. After he stepped out of the shower, he set up his iPad and called Dean on FaceTime as he searched through his luggage for something to sleep in.


"Hey sexy!" Dean said cheerfully as he sat up straight on his bed.


"Hey Dean!" Castiel said slamming his suitcase shut and moving it to the floor.


"Whoa...Castiel, you are butt ass naked on my FaceTime right now!" Dean giggled.


Castiel smirked.


"What? You know you want this body on top of you right now." he said teasingly. "Besides, did I not tell you that I wanted to see your pretty ass naked when I called you back?" 


Dean smiled softly at him, "I'm sorry Cas, but I've got to go to work in the morning. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me for not taking my clothes off tonight?" He pouted deviously.


Castiel rolled his eyes and scoffed at him as he slid his basketball shorts up over his hips. 


He grabbed his iPad from the nightstand and crawled onto the bed. 


"Yeah...I forgive you for not doing this for me tonight." Castiel sighed jokingly then held his iPad up above him so Dean could see his entire body.


Dean bit her lip and choked back a gasp as Castiel moved his camera again so that he could stare at him. 


It was little things like that that made Dean weak around him. Castiel wasn't a dominant type of guy in the bedroom with Dean, which he was grateful for, but he definitely exuded a dominant personality. 


After a few moments of awkward silence between the two of them, Castiel finally chimed in.


"So...I guess we could talk about something else" he shrugged. 


Dean swallowed hard, "Um...yeah. I...I did check the email that you sent me" he mumbled.


"Great! Did you like any of the houses in there?" Castiel grinned.


"Yeah but..." Dean started but trailed off not wanting to hurt or upset Castiel with an argument he felt would happen.


Castiel knew something was wrong as the tone of Dean’s voice had changed. "What’s wrong baby? Talk to me." he pleaded.


"The houses were beautiful...don't get me wrong, but I don't know about Los Angeles" Dean muttered.


"What do you mean you don't know? What's wrong with Los Angeles." Castiel groaned.


"I didn't say there was anything wrong with it. I just can't up and leave Kansas like that though. I do have a job, Maya goes to school, my brother is here and with the housing market being the way it is I can't rely on selling my house." Dean explained.


"So don't think you could find a job or we could find a good school for Maya? Is that it?" Castiel snarled.


"No that's not it! Damn Castiel it's not that simple... I can't just up and leave like that!" Dean glared at him.


Castiel ran a hand through his now semi wet hair and sighed.


"Well Dean, I don't know what else you want me to do. We're back together, we gotta have a place to stay! I'm just trying to...fuck it! Guess we'll figure it out another day" Castiel grunted loudly running his hand over his face.


Dean flinched but calmed himself down. He was not going to let Castiel intimidate him like Isaac.


"Fine, whatever. I'm done having this conversation, argument, whatever the fuck you wanna call it! I have to get up in the morning for work. Goodnight Castiel!" Dean snapped.


"Dean wait don't hang up." Castiel begged but his plea was ill timed as his screen went black.


"Asshole." Dean scoffed as she slid under the covers and turned off his light. He wiped away the tears that were stinging his eyes. He hated arguing with him even over the phone, he hated it just as much.


Castiel sat back against the headboard of his hotel bed and reached for his phone. 


"Way to go dumbass!" he cursed himself under his breath. 


Castiel knew he scared Dean when he snapped at him the way he did. Not that Dean would ever admit it.


He flicked his phone screen on and hesitantly dialed Dean’s number.


"Shit!" Castiel cursed again realizing he hit the call button. He said a silent prayer to God secretly hoping Dean wouldn't answer his call.


"What!" Dean scoffed answering his phone.


"Dean please don't hang up!" he begged.


"What do you want now, Castiel?" Dean sighed.


"Look, I'm sorry baby. I jumped the gun on this whole looking at houses thing. We'll discuss that matter another time. I just wanted to call and apologize to you for the way I acted about the whole situation. I don't want you going to bed mad at me. Get some sleep and call me when you're on your way to work in the morning. I love you beautiful, sleep well." Castiel said as his voice was just above a whisper.


Dean felt his heart weaken after hearing Castiel’s apology. He wanted to stay angry with him but didn't have the strength to. 


He could see him now, lying in his hotel bed looking pitiful with his beautiful blue eyes. A small smile grew across Dean’s face at the thought of him.


"I love you too idiot! Goodnight." Dean whispered hanging up his phone.


Castiel smiled to himself knowing that he made Dean feel better.


"Can't believe he called me an idiot." Castiel chuckled to himself as he leaned over to turn off his bedside lamp.