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Super Rich Kids

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Uraraka Hardware store was declared on the berge of bankruptcy just as Ochako had graduated high school as class valedictorian. What her parents prepared to sel she salvaged with the money she earned from her summer and part-time jobs. She had prepared for this.

She didn't go to university as most of her peers did. She worked as both salesclerk and accountant to Uraraka Hardware. But she still poured over from books on accounting, business management and how-to-be-succesful. Slowly but surely, during slow hours, she'd secure her college diploma from her laptop.

Two years later, she is the president of Uravity Hardware Inc. with five branches across Japan. Thus becoming part of Forbes 30 under 30.

Three years after making a name for herself, she moves herself and her parents to a higher income tax bracket, a better car, and a better neighborhood.

Their house was more than the her dream house. This had a greenhouse, lots of reading nooks, a swimming pool, and a home theater. Buy the take away was the solar paneling that made it sustainable. Well, they didn't really find themselves enjoying watching too much movies, so the theater should be repurposed. There was also a bar near the second dining room. Not that she drank, but she could start.


She doesn't meet her neighbors like the usual 'white-picket fence casserole-giving' way. Instead, she is invited to a house party.

The only way she knew how to dress up was because the invitation had said to dress formally.

And there was a first for everything. She hires a stylist.

"Oh, wow! We're going to the same party! That's rad!" Ashido Mina is one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram. "Can I prep at your place too?"

Her first A-lister friend looks like an alien with her sclera contacts and beetle-colored bodyfit party dress.

But Uravity Hardware Inc. president Uraraka Ochako, is wearing a sparkly mesh cocktail dress and Manolo Blahniks. The most expensive outfit she thinks she'll ever own.

And oh how she is so deliciously wrong.







She had been whisked away to a VIP part for a very VIP party. She thought that her primary school teacher had taught superlatives being good, better and best. Now she had added to that with most, too much and, where is this coming from.

She had come to such conclusion since she was sitting at a table with politician's children, multi-million dollar heirs and heiress, and celebrities. All of which are around her age.

"Keio, right?" Iida Tenya guessed.

She shook her head no.

"Kyoto U?" Yaoyorozo Momo inquired.

Still no.

"London Business School!" Sero Hanta exclaimed.

"Or Darthmouth!" Mina exclaimed enthusiastically.

She denies all guesses and says that she only got her degree online which was met by full out laughs. They thought she was joking.







Five glasses of bubbly wine and a raging headache later, Ochako is supporting one of the hangovers she will be acquainted to in the future.

"Oh shit, you really did get your business degree online." Mina muttered looking at a framed up piece of A4 paper on Ochako's bedroom wall.

Ochako was alarmed at this. Not because of the invasion of privacy (Mina may be a friend now, and she had left her makeup trolley in Ochako's room). But because the girl was stark naked and had claw marks on her back.

"What..." She started, face pinched in concern and suspicion, "happened to you?"

Mina turned to look at her and greeted her with a bright smile. She makes her way to Ochako's bed, "You happened to me!"

Ochako's eyes widened when she saw the neon pink strap-on dildo bobbing between Mina's legs.

"Girl," she flopped down to sit on Ochako's bed, "you were wild as heck! One of my freakiest nights, like Katsuki would not compare." She then she looks at her wristwatch. "Oh fudge, speaking of Katsuki, I have to meet the jerk in twenty! He'll kill me if I'm late again!" The pink haired girl jumps up and goes to her luggage.

Ochako is miffed as she watch this girl take the strap-on off (and there was even a smaller dildo in it) and throw it in a compartment beneath her makeup things. Mina wears her shirt and jeans and boots in a flash.

Mina runs across the bedroom to the door. And just as she was out the door, she smiled at Ochako, "Call me when you get lonely!" With a wink, the girl was off.

Ochako sighed in somewhat relief.

It was a good thing her folks were off on a weekend vacation.











It was like that in the next years.

Ochako gets invited to a weekend party most often than not, gets drunk or gets high, then wake up in her room or in someone else's bedroom.

Mina wasn't her girlfriend. She was a fuckbuddy, and her stylist.

Ochako also had the pleasure of meeting Bakugou Katsuki. She woke up to him sleeping, then she slept again, only to be awoken with a tongue in her pussy.

She was shockingly not into morning sex.

She did come, mind you, but she refused to see Katsuki for a week after that.

She knew people her age were sexually active, but not to the extent that they were basically hooking up casually with friends.








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"Toshinori Yagi?" Ochako parroted in incredulity, turning her head to faca the right. "The Toshinori Yagi? All Might  Toshinori Yagi?"


Momo also turned her head to look at Ochako, "Yeah."


The two were getting massages in a spa owned by Momo's friend Ojiro Mashirao. Ojiro is from a socialote family, much like Momo, though he was known for writing best sellers on pilates, yoga, and mindfulness.


"Mr Toshinori had been so busy with his busineses that he'd completely forgotten to take care of himself." Momo commented.


The young woman had invited Ochako over as she had justified that Ochako was the only level-headed person in their group of A-lister friends. She apparently needed sane company especially so that Momo needed rejuvenation from touring around for a month with being a pianist for an opera singer. Momo could play Ave Maria backwards. That's how much of a virtuoso she is.


Ochako placed her face back in the donut hole of the massage table.



"He must have been desperate as he settled for, uhm, a waitress."


Ochako, even though the other girl could not see, her brows raised a centimeter.


Though as Momo felt guilty when she uttered the word, she quickly defends, "Not that I'm looking down on other people, it's just so sudden! That's the only way, right?"


Ochako doesn't know what to answer. She wasn't even sure what the question was about. So she doesn't answer.


And Momo doesn't ask for it.










Mina smudged the blood red lipstick on Katsuki's upper lip with her thumb.


Katsuki is hogtied, sitting on his knees, thighs wide open, his straining cock in a cock cage and a vibrator stuck in his ass.


"All Might's back in town." Mina informs him as she ups the switch of the vibrator.


Katsuki glared at her, "The fuck you have to talk about him while we're fucking?!"


Mina instantly puts it on maximum, making Katsuki groan and curse. The overwhelming sensation literally pulling the rug under him, making him fall to his side and the vibrator buzzing noisily. Then it pops out of him, he gains control of his breath.


Mina, still composed, still clothed in a bodycon dress. The kind that needed oiling up to get in. And a translucent plastic boots, walked over to him, "What do you think of his adopted son?" She has her phone her and shows him a picture. She lets it rest on the floor, with the popsocket raising it to Katsuki's eye level. "Nerdy cute, eh?"


"Fuck him. Why do I care?"


From behind him, Mina takes the vibrator and plugs his ass with it, "Cutie's name is Mi-do-ri-ya I-zu-ku." All seven syllables punctuated with a vibrating thrust.


Katsuki glares at her after he cums, Midoriya Izuku's picture in front of him.


She unabashedly grins at him. "You asked for multiple ejaculation this session, right? So you're only getting your money's worth."


She takes her tablet, the one she uses to take videos of her IG makeup tutorials, and pulls out a picture of Izuku. She was even generous enough to let Katsuki finish on her tablet, on Midoriya Izuki's laughing face.







"I swear to fuck you gave me some fucking Pavlovian response to Deku's face." Katsuki stated as he got out the shower.


Mina twisted her face into an incredulous and quizzical look, "Who?"


"What did you say All Might's son's name was?" He wipes his legs with the towel.


"Mm, Izuku." She muttered as she fingered her pussy while watching Snapchat nudes.


Katsuki was spent for the day, and he wasn't a pervert as he watch Mina finger herself. He was genuinely intrigued that Mina was fingering herself with nail extensions on.


He's out the door just as Mina screams Ochako's name to oblivion.








To the outside world, Mina was this IG beauty influencer and stylist who looked like she has an affinity for looking less human and more alien.

But to those close to her and those who paid her well, she is a well-rounded dominatrix. Her alien-esque costumes were actual dominatrix outfits.

Katsuki only knew about her when he got invited to a local BDSM club. She had a practice because she frequented the local BDSM club, flocked by older experienced aficionados and newbies alike.

Mina has a penchant for shibari. She had a skill in it.

Out of a dare during dinner, she tied Eijiro with his tie and they had to ask a server to cut him out with a pair of scissors.

Katsuki was puzzled over the fact that she didn't open her own practice instead she had this makeup artist shit she uses as a front.

"It's not a front," she told him as she does his makeup for a cover shoot. "I like my job as a stylist, BDSM is a hobby."

She spends too much time and effort for a hobby that could threaten her makeup career into a shredder.

But Mina wasn't a friend-friend, even though they fuck when they wanted, or that he was a frequent client of hers, or that she was his makeup artist and stylist.

Bakugo didn't think she fits that confidant friend he's looking for.

Sure he has Shouto and Eijiro to call on when he wants to get drunk and spill his emotions out. But it felt awkward when they wake up in the morning sober and refuse to talk about what they talked about the night before and go back to being rich brats.

Bakugo just needed someone who doesn't have prejudices. Someone who was normal, someone he could confide in and feel normal with even if they didn't drink their feelings away.







"You're gonna break daddy's heart." Katsuki said in patronizing sympathy.

"Why are you even here?" Shouto questioned, swiping to the next page on his Kindle.

"'Cause it's my fucking day-off today, that's why." Katsuki said.

Shouto only hummed then took a sip of his iced green tea.

Katsuki exhaled then heaved himself up from the couch. He takes his own drink and stands by the window with the view of the city. "Hey, read me shit from your text book." He called to Shouto.

The guy sighed then complied. "This approach tends to use self-report personality questions, factor analysis, etc. People differ in their positions along a continuum in the same set of traits. We must also consider the influence and interaction of..."






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Who would have thought that the widowed waitress in a corner diner would cross paths with business tycoon Yagi "All Might" Toshinori.

Midoriya Inko was soon to be blessed by a loving man.

She knew this blessing will be extended to her love and joy, Izuku.

Celebrity news did do their homework on who Midoriya Inko and her son were. They could not find anything shady. The Midoriya family were clean. Paparazzi and socialite news did not bother with Yagi Toshinori and Midoriya Inko as they went around town, having brunch. Instead, all media attention was on Izuku.

He was soon to be another A-lister to be sprawled on the front of celebrity tabloids.






"I--" Midoriya started, watching his soon-to-be dad reverse the car from the parking garage. "I don't think a sportscar is ideal for teaching someone to drive." He thought out loud, hoping the man would reconsider letting Izuku, who has no driving experiencw, whatsoever, use a less expensibe car.

The midnight blue BMW stopped, then Toshinori looked at him, "What do you mean?"

"W-what if I crash it?" Izuku told him quietly.

The man parallel parks it an climbs out, the driver's door within Izuku's reach. "You will not crash it, my boy."

Izuku nodded vigorously, "Yes sir!"

Toshinori sighed at this, he knew Izuku tend to overthink and overanalyze. (When he secretly married Inko), he knew Izuku tend to be anxious. Inko had told him that Izuku had been hospitalized in the past. So it was best to be patient with Izuku. "Just call me Toshi, no need for the formality. I know you will not crash the car, because you are gentle." He says this and hands him the keys, then drops a hand on Izuku's head. "And if you do,"Toshinori started, a lightet tone in his voice,"then I'll just deduct it from your allowance."






Toshinori barged into Izuku's room while the boy was stepping out of the bathroom.

"You haven't spent anything with your allowance?!"

Izuku blinked surprised that the man had burst in the room. But after a second, he analyzed what he said, "S-sir, I... I have my own--"

Toshinori droops his shoulders then opens his arms and walks towards the boy, and embraces him, "Izuku my boy, I made a promise to your mother and you that I will take care of you."

"B-but--!" Izuku retorted, muffled by the yellow sleeve of Toshinori's shirt.

"You can have a splurge here and there, within, of course the confines of logic and legality." He releases Izuku. "The bank can take it, and if not I'll buy the bank!"

"Please don't." Izuku mumbled pathetically.

"How about this, I'm taking your mom on a weekend vacation. You call your friends over and have a small get-together." Suggests Toshinori.

"I-I don't have friends." Izuku mutters.

Then Toshinori pulls out a black envelope, the very same kind Uraraka Ochako received two years ago. "Time to make new ones, then."






Izuku drove his mom's beat up pick-up truck to the closest gasoline station and had it filled up. He wanted to ignore the fact that the other two people who were filling their own better-looking cars were looking at him weirdly. So not even designer shades blocks out the haters, Izuku thought with a grimace and swipes the card to pay for gas.

He goes to a WcDonalds for brunch and as he left the building, there were cameras and camera phones flashing as he briskly walked to his car.

He drove off and stopped at a desserted alleyway and cried for five minutes then went back to his main goal for the day.

Get outfit for the party on Saturday night.






Katsuki was picking up a suit jacket Shouto sent to the boutique to be repaired. The attendant had left Katsuki to retrieve the jacket when the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of a new customer.

"How may I help you, sir?" An attendant inquired with a strained smile on his face. Even attendants know what kind of customers they cater to.

Katsuki glanced at the newcomer and noted his ragged red highcut Converse and his normie jacket.

"Yagi Toshinori set up an appointment for me?" said the newcomer.

Katsuki sees the plastic-covered jacket first than the attendant holding it.

"Ah yes!" It was quite obvious how the attendant's tone shifted from 'being inconvinienced' to 'I am attendIng to a a trust fund kid who could have my head on a plate'. Mr Midoriya Izuku! We've been expecting you!"

"Fucking Mina." Katsuki spat under his breath when his heart skipped a beat at hearing that name. (It definitely wasn't only his heart.) He turned and looked at the newcomer. At Midoriya fucking Izuku.

"This way please." The attendant lead Izuku across the store. They pass Katsuki, who was looking with a face as if he was having an aneurysm.

Izuku tried very hard not to be taken aback at the vagrant show of expression from the blond that he took an extra side step from the strange blond guy's reach. But Katsuki grabbed his hand at the last minute. "Hey!" He grabbed Izuku's hand.

Izuku and the attendant stopped. The dark head boy twirls around to face him.

"Y-you're All Might's kid." Katsuki cursed himself for stuttering. He had never stuttered since middle school. It would be bad if he started now.

"Y-yes." Izuku replied meekly.

Katsuki lets his hand go. "L-let me hang out with you."

"U-uhm okay."

The attendant leads them to a fitting room with a small raised platform in the middle. The fitting room was more like a huge room with a three panel body-length mirror.

There was a small modern style couch in the middle.

"Mr Midoriya, if you would please stand over there, the tailor will be with you shortly." The attendant stopped then stood by the door. "Would you gentlemen want any refreshments?"

"Yeah, I'd have some white wine." Katsuki said, sitting down on the settee.

"Mr Midoriya?"

Katsuki turns and sees that the guy was standing at the platform already, staring at his reflection with wide eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Izuku rigidly turned to face them, then smiled amocably, "Is-is there a way I couldn't look at my reflection?"

The attendant was alarmed at this, then said, "Of course!"

"Oi, nerd." Katsuki said, jumping up from his seat and approaching Izuku. "Come down here."

Izuku turned around, eyes wet with threat of tears. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He repeated.

"Hey hey." Katsuki whispered softly, "Come here." He helped Izuku turn around and face him, his back to the mirror. "You've got nothing to be sorry for."

The attendant and the tailor enter the room again. The attendant holding a deep navy cloth and threw it over the mirror. The tailor help him fix it.

Once Izuku had calmed down, he thanked them then goes back up the platform.

"Sir." The tailor said cautiosly. "I'll be taking your measurements now."

Izuku nodded, then takes off his jacket.

Katsuki had been wondering what could be the reason for Izuku spiraling like that. Then he sees it. Scars. Horizontal lines on Izuku's inner forearm.

The tailor gets his measurements as swiftly as he can then thanks him. He exits then comes back a minute later with three suits on a rack.

Izuku wears the draft suits ad settles for a dark green cloth and white button up.

They finish in half an hour.

Katsuki offers Izuku a sip of his white wine.

"I-I don't drink."

Katsuki has the attendant get a can of Pepsi for Izuku.

They settle for another appointment for the day after tomorrow.

They walk out the store with Katsuki holding Shouto's suit jacket. Izuku holds his can of Pepsi.

"Can I get your number?" Katsuki asked.

Izuku was suprised by that. He then smiles, and they exchange contact information.

Then they part ways.




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Once Katsuki gets to the parking lot, he stops the car engine and cries.

He knows that the gossip column had dubbed him as heartless and inconsiderate. But he wasn't. It was just, he never had reason to show he was an actual human being.

He knew self-harm was a thing that happens to other people. It hurt to think that.

Did All Might know that his adopted son have those scars? Did his mother know? Does Izuku's friends know? Does the paparazzi know?

Katsuki himself had his own depressed episodes, he's had days when he just refuses to get up bed and make breakfast. It never entered his mind to entertain the idea of scarring his own skin.

Which begs the question, what happened to Midoriya Izuku?

Katsuki wasn't aware how long he stayed in the car because somehow Shouto found him and is knocking on the glass window, a concerned look on his face.

Katsuki rolled down the window and said a rough, "Hey". His voice clearly showed that he had been sobbing besides the fact that his nude makeup had been messed up.

"What happened?" Shouto asked.

Katsuki shook his head.

No, it wasn't his shit to tell.









Izuku had gone home to All Might mansion with a take out of some Indian cuisine.

He lounges at the kitchen island counter with his food and his laptop.

He then thinks back to his day. To having brunch at Wendy's and running away from the paparazzi. Then to having his first suit fitted.

"Oh yeah," he told himself, he opened a browser window on his laptop, he uses his non-curry covered fingers - namely his pinky fingers - and typed the guy's name.

"Bakugou Katsuki." He muttered. "I wonder if you're related to my favourite director Bakugou Mitsuki."

He hits enter, then in under a nanosecond, his jaw drops.

He sees red carpet pictures of his favorite director with a teen beside him. Izuku knew this was a picture from ten years ago.

Then he saw it, a picture of the guy who offered a sip from his wine glass.

Bakugo Katsuki looking bored as he stands and let cameras take pictures.

"This was yesterday." Izuku told himself, seeing the update date. "Holy crap, he's Bakugo Mitsuki's son!"

Then as if on cue, Bakugou Mitsuki's son name was blaring on his phone, contacting him.

"Holy crap holy crap holy crap holy crap." He muttered as he wiped his hands on some paper napkins, staining them yellow. He then quickly pulls it to his ear. "H-hello?"

"Izuku right?"

"You're Bakugo Mitsuki's son!" He blurted out, as if accusatory.

Katsuki scoffed, "You know that old hag?"

Izuku puts it on speaker and jumps off his seat, then starts pacing. "Bakugou Mistuki is like the best director of this decade! Her work on that World War 2 movie two years ago was so wonderful, the effects were so impactful, like I'm bothered she didn't win that nomination! And then that Feudal Japan love story? Like not even Romeo and Juliet could compare!"

"Don't forget that family movie." Katsuki said drily.

"Exactly! That was so powerful! The story hit so close to home. I cry every time I watch it. The trials the mother and son went through! Do you know that she got her son to act?" He stopped, "Which means, you're the son! You're Bakugou Mistuki's son! Hooooooly crap, I can't believe this is happening." He feels his heartbeating louder, nervous. He clutches his chest. Nails digging through the thin cloth of his shirt.

Then Katsuki spoke, but his voice seemed distant, which meant he was leaning away from his phone. "You wanna talk to her?"

Izuku immediately said no many times, but the sound of another person talking then a person saying "hello" on the phone made Izuku scream inwardly.

"Hello? Is this that friend Katsuki's been talking about?" Oh gods above, it was Bakugou Mitsuki.

"H-hi, ma'am! I-i'm... My name's, uh... Pleasure to meet you! I'm a fan!"

She laughs, "Calm down, kiddo. One at a time. Your name is?"

"Midoriya Izuku."

"Oh shit." She said with an open chuckle, "You're Toshinori Yagi's kid."

"N-not exactly."

"Same difference." She dismisses. "How's your dad, kid? I'ven't seen him since Cannes a year ago."

From a distance, Katsuki speaks, "That's my call, you old--"

"Izuku, I should thank you. If he didn't meet you, he wouldn't come over and say hi. Would you believe this little shit haven't shown his ugly mug in the house he grew up in?"

Then Katsuki must have had stolen the phone from her as Izuku was hearing nails getting dragged over the microphone part of the phone. Then Mitsuki got it back.

"Hey, when are ya available? Let's do barbeque at my house. Get your folks too."

Then Katsuki regains ownership of his phone.

"Sorry, your hero's much of a hot mess."

Then Izuku hears Bakugou Mitsuki yell, "This hot mess gave birth to you!"

Izuku laughed at that.

"But, yeah, let's do barbeque sometime."

"Well," Izuku stated, "There's this party this Saturday--"

"Ditch it."


"What's your favourite movie?"

"Moana?" He said dumbly.

"Good, I haven't seen that one. Come over my house, I'll grab my friends and we'll watch whatever else you want." Izuku made a retorting sound. "And don't worry about your suit, you'll find some use for that some other way."

"Oh okay." He was actually hoping not to repeat what happened in the boutique.

"The old woman just burned a pancake, I'll text you tomorrow."

"O-oh, uh yeah. G'night."

"Night." He told Izuku, then yelled, "Mom, what the fu--"

Izuku had to sit down after that phone call. There was a lot to unload. First, he met Bakugou Mitsuki's son; then second, he spoke to Bakugo Mitsuki herself.

"Then I won't be going to that party on Saturday, but I still have to go have my suit made. Then call Mr Toshinori and Mom about that barbeque."

That night, he had a dreamless sleep. He doesn't have his usual self-destructive meditation of overanalyzing his actions of the day. He doesn't think back to that time, of his white tub with crimson staining the steel drain, rust starting to form.








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"Are you really ditching Momo's party again?" Shouto asked.


Katsuki knew the guys had just finished with an appointment the previous hour. Shouto was probably walking back to his apartment.


"You know that's the second year on a row. She'll blacklist you from every social event then she'll hate your guts."


Katsuki raised a brow. A judgemental look Shouto would have heard from his voice. "Then why did you agree to come in the first place?"

"Well," the med resident said, tired, "she already hates my guts."

"Didn't the two of you use date?" He pointed out. Katsuki actually thought that TodoMomo was a good mix, the two of them seemed so happy. The whole internet world thought it too. The fall out was devasting, for the fans, but a spike in their views for Youtube drama channels.


"Yeah." He replied, tone as if stating that was reason enough for the pianist to hate Shouto. "Anyway, who's this special girl that you're willing to risk you social standing to? Ochako finally let you eat her out again?" Katsuki could actually never know if the guy was kidding most of the time.

"Izuku. His name is Izuku."

"Oh, I didn't know you were like that"

He felt his jaw drop, "What the fuck man?"

"You said you were something else, right? I don't remember your preferences." Shouto defended.

"I just... I didn't know you were sober enough to hear that." The blond mumbled.

"Okay, but you said you only date girls, right?"

"What the fuck is this? Are you a matchmaker? I didn't sign up for this shit when I became your friend!"

"I'm clarifying so I know if I have to be your wingman." Shouto was joking, Katsuki was sure.

"Just come on Saturday, you ass."

By the end of the day, he also ropes in Aoyama Yuuga, Jirou Kyouka and Kaminari Denki.

The other three are the only people he knew who could keep their mouth shut.

He'd have Momo and Ochako too, but he was sure Momo wouldn't retract her party invitations. And Ochako has to stop Mina from accidentaly putting alcohol in Katsuki's or Izuku's drink and later wake up Izuku by sucking the life out of him.







Chapter Text





Yawning, Izuku climbed out his bed and padded lazily to the bathroom.

Taking his morning leak, he went back to his bed and grabbed his phone to go have breakfast.

He opened his Facebook, then remembered he barely had friends. He did wonder why he had social media accounts when he has close to nothing to upload. The only online account he did check religiously was his Reddit account. He liked the subreddits for unsolved mysteries and cold cases. He even attempted to try cracking Cicada 3301 just to have a taste of what it's actually like. It was kinda sad, really. But he did like it.

"Hey, brat."

He looked up from his phone, "Good morn-- Holy crap!"

A guy with light blue hair greeted him with a small smirk. He waved at him then said, "Sit down, come on."

Izuku cautiously took a sit at the island counter, but sat a space away from him.

"Okay," the guy said good naturedly, acknowledging that Izuku knew him. "What do you know about me?"

"Y-you're Shigaraki Tomura. You're an artist. You do art installations and clay sculptures. Holy crap, you're Shigaraki Tomura!" It felt like he was bound to meet with people he secretly stalked in Google.

"I'm your cousin now. Cousin Tomura, now come on, sit closer. I have my chef with me so he can make breakfast."

The only reason he knew Shigaraki Tomura was because of Reddit. Under subreddit cold cases, which was now solved. A serial killer dubbed as 'Stain' had been sculpting murder victims into the likeness of Tomura's theme.

Stain has one-sided adoration and rivalry at Tomura. Stain wanted to be noticed as an artists too.

Police thought that Tomura was soon to be a part of Stain's last art piece, so they hid him for six months. Only to find out he had made his murder sculpture outside Tomura's foreat lodge and surrendered to whatever police was left alive and not part of his art sculpture.

It was gruesome. Izuku knows because there were leaked pictures in the subreddit.

"Izuku, this is Kurogiri, my bodyguard and chef."

"Basically, his babysitter." Commented the man in a smart casual attire.

"W-why are you guys here?" Izuku asked, "N-not! Not that I don't want you here. I mean... A-and how did you get in?"

Tomura chuckled, "Well your dad had asked me to come over because I wanted to meet you. And that to bring you breakfast," he gestures to Kurogiri.

Kurogiri gestures to himself grandly, "I am breakfast."

Tomura turned baxk to face Izuku, "He said that you like eating fast food and fried stuff. Don't you know the Western diet risks you having depression? We can't have that, Izuku. The world needs more healthy children because in a million years the sun will dull out and humanity will be extinct."

Izuku opened his mouth, then closed it again. Then finally said, "What's for breakfast?"






Katsuki was at a grocery store with a cart full of party size junk food and bottled soda when he was spotted by a fan and was taken a picture of.

Just as he passed by the automatic doors, his phone rang and a very caps lock happy text from one Miss Yaorozoro Momo was waiting.

"Ah shit." he muttered as he pushed his cart out the building.

He was at the highway when Jirou Kyouka called him.

"You done messed up, man." She told him. "I just wanted to wear my jammies and chill, now Yaomomo's culling out whoever's not going to her party. Yuga got booted."

"Momo won't boot Yuga." He told her. Momo was too nice to do that. Katsuki would know, he hung out with TodoMomo back in the day (unless it was the girl's time of the month).

"Uh, yeah she already did. We're gonna get blacklisted to every party she's a part of. And--" She paused. The kind of pause that was heavy and had an invicible hand wringing your throat. Katsuki was sure what was happening at Jirou's end. "Holy shit, she's calling me."

"Drop her call, I'll talk to her."Jirou complies wordlessly and drops the call without farewell.

He voice-commands his phone to call Momo.

"Bakugou fucking Katsuki, you backstabbing bitch," she greeted with sarcastic sweetness, "What ploy are you trying?"

"Midoriya Izuku, know him?" He inquired. With Momo in this kind of mood, it was better to skip the pleasantries.

She paused, then replied, "All Might's new son? What about him?"

"You gave him an invite. I don't think it's good for his mental fortitude to go for something huge for his socialite debut."

"That's not up to you to decide, Katsuki. He's a grown up." She pointed out. They both knew that.

"Fuck that, Mo."

"Well, fuck you Katsuki." She paused, remembering something, "So we still on for that Zen retreat with Yuga and Tenya?"

"Yup." He replied, as if the two of them weren't just mad at each other

"Okay, I still hate you though."

"'Kay, bye."







Izuku really enjoyed Tomura's and Kurogiri's presence in the house, but he felt relief when they left him be in the afternoon.

He took his car and get a final fit of his suit.

The tailor has the measuring tape around his neck, much like how doctor's do with their stethoscope, Izuku thought it was endearing.

"There will be some minor adjustments, Mr Midoriya. We can have someone deliver the suit before your party tonight."

Izuku looked at him in surprise, wondering if the party was something huge and if the tailor was attending. Izuku then told him, "O-oh, I'm not going to that. I've been invited to watch movies, which is more in my alley." He said with a nervous chuckle.

"Alright sir."

Izuku and the tailor decided that he'd get the suit by Monday.

As Izuku was walking towards his car, his phone rang then he smiles down at the caller ID.

"Hey mom."

"Izuku, I love you, how are you?"

"I'm good, mom! How's cruising with Mr Toshinori?"

"He says hi. Anyway, what did you eat for breakfast?"

"Vegetable salad."


"Something also vegetable."

"That's good, Izuku. Don't want to see you starving again."

"No more, mommy."

"Okay okay. Wait, Toshi wants to talk to you too."


"Izuku, my boy! Tomura says he dropped by this morning?"


"He said that he would've been there yesterday but he was at an art convention."

"That's fine."

"Alright, we'll be back by Tuesday."

"Oh wait!"


"Uhm, Bakugou Mitsuki invited us for barbeque."

"Oh! Okay, I'll have my secretary talk with hers and we'll have a schedule."

"I see, okay." Izuku mumbled. Other people scheduled appointments for rich people he guessed, must be because of their own busy schedules.

"See you Tuesday, my boy!"

"Bye, see you then! Have fun."

"See you soon, Izuku, love you!"

"Love you too mom!"

He then looks down at his phone with a smile. Then a message pops up.

From: Bakugou Katsuki
Here's my address.

Then a link of Google Maps.

"Oh, it's on the other side of the city." Izuku stated bemused.

Then he sent back a text.

To: Bakugou Katsuki
What should I bring?

Your Netflix account and yourself.

Can you drop by the general hospital? Can you pick up another person?





They had a little back and forth. Katsuki asked if he was using his truck again. He was, then asked who he should look for.

From: Bakugou Katsuki
You'll know

It was a good day because a car was leaving a roadside parking space and Izuku eased the car in its place.

'A beat up red pick up truck.' Izuku thought to himself. Katsuki must pity him, must be ashamed as he told his friend what Izuku's car look like.

Izuku's face turned dim. Maybe this was some pity party. Maybe this was a prank.

It was. Whichever of the two, it was.

Oh crap,

Okay, how does he graciously text that he had a change of mind? Excuse. He needs an excuse. He got the flu. No, his stomach is acting up. He's got a dentist appointment.

How does he get out of this?

Knock knock knock.

The shriek that Izuku made was ungodly. It just showed how his ghost was about to leave his body.

At the other side of the driver's window was a guy. His face clearly showed how concerned he was with Izuku.

"You were muttering to yourself. Are you okay?"

Izuku manually rolled down the window. Like painfully manually rolled it down.

"Uh, heh heh. Y-yeah," he told the guy, "I always do that."

"Oh. Yeah." The tone on the guy's voice sounded like it was obvious. "I do that too. Affirmations? My therapist said it would help with my meditation."

Izuku nodded, looking back to the car parked in front him, awkwardly.

"Soooo," the guy said, awkwardly.

"Yes?" Izuku said with a strained smile, looking at the guy. awkwardly.

"Are you Izuku?"


"Oh crap! Sorry! You're Katsuku's friend!" He unlocked the car. "Please get in!"

Izuku wanted to hit his head against the dashboard. Because the guy opened the door behind Izuku's and slung his stuff behind. The guy must have thought that Katsuki sent him an Uber. Gods above, why.

A second later, the guy closed the door then rounded the car back and sat at the passenger's seat beside Izuku.

"Hi, I'm Shouto."

"Hi. Izuku-- well, you already know that, haha, sorry. Sorry I'm like this, nervous and chittery. I'm just so--"

"Cute. Yeah, I get that."

"Awkward. Holy crap, sorry, i just talked over you. What did you say?"

Shouto chuckled, "We've got a party to get to, come on, Izuku."