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The Sea; A Lawless Heaven

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The Sea; A Lawless Heaven


The waves aligned in sphere bubbles. Wasn’t the sun a little matte as it fell onto them? The writer took the fountain pen and splattered the ink, the ink fell onto the paper in the colour of sunlit cherries; The painter mixed some red into the azure colour of the sky, wasn’t it because the life had to have that colour sometimes?

The wine spilled onto the wooden table, and the musician hugged his violin. He cried, and the aria started;


‘’ Abbi pietà, o mio Dio, per amore delle mie lacrime! Vedi qui, davanti a te, cuore e occhipiangono amaramente. Abbi pietà, o mio Dio ‘’


‘’ Have mercy, my God, for the sake of my tears! See here, before you, heart and eyes weep bitterly. Have mercy, my God. ‘’



‘’- Oh have mercy, my God- ‘’ The waves aligned in sphere bubbles, Nero mumbled to himself as the gentle air of the seashore filled into his lungs. He realised he never took in such breath before. No wonder why the soul walking before him dragged them right here, to the desolate beauty of the sea, to see what was there beyond all this vile gray. What a nice place to die here was!


The aria inside his head was the same as the one he listened in his father’s darkness taken room, throughout his childhood. He swore he could hear the scratch of the gramaphone needle on the old recording as his nails scratched on the metal of his gun.

The soul turned and gave him a look then, taking them to the memory of the forest they camped at couple nights ago;


      -‘’ All I want is a life where I didn’t lose the things I lost, do you understand me, Avilio Bruno? ‘’ The flames reflected into the other’s eyes, giving them a shade of  green that could be seen when the earth cried. Angelo’s eyes changed colour with every light Nero saw him under. For example, one time, he looked outside the window, and they were in the colour of sunset-fallen hills of his stolen childhood.
     -‘’ It is not about what you want from life, it’s about what life wants from you. ‘’ Was the reply.
     -‘’ What life wanted from you? ‘’
     -‘’ Revenge ‘’
     -‘’ ‘kay..’’


The soul gave him a look, and his being was so empty that when the waves crashed, their sound echoed in his eyes; ‘’- The reason I didn’t kill you, is because I didn’t want to kill you ‘’ He said.




Avilio Bruno took a revenge, but with every bullet, it was Angelo Lagusa who died a little more. Avilio Bruno held the gun higher, and it was Angelo Lagusa, child left in the night of his birthday, who couldn’t kill the man behind him.


Seagulls flew towards the hills, Nero’s brows knotted as he held the gun tighter. Once again, his arms were shaking. The soul walked quietly..

The longer you play a recording, the more the recording’s lifespan shortens. We just played the same song over and over throughout the generations, Avilio.


And my father was right. You were correct too, Angelo. It was all for nothing, really. But then again, wasn’t it Nero who claimed that the family was beyond everyone and everything?


It was all for nothing. Thesis and anti-thesis didn’t make a synthesis this time. Because we all lost, there is nothing left, correct, Angelo?


‘’- You didn’t kill me because forcing me to live is the best punishment you can give me at this point, Angelo ‘’ Nero straightened his aim and prayed to God to still his shaking hands; ‘’- Have mercy, have mercy my God.. ‘’ He mumbled.


Angelo smiled.



As the bells of Sistine Chapel rang in their madness struck violence, crows flew away from the places where the saint souls lay. Streets of the Holy Vatican city was crying blood, Saint Sebastian laughed as he ripped away the arrow in his ribcage. A man ran with chains in his arms, they tangled around his ankles as he ran; ‘’- Oh why I couldn’t see how little this ambitious world was! How vain everything is! ‘’ He cried. Saint Jerome Emiliano threw the chains onto the gates of his church in city of Treviso-


Nero dropped the gun onto the sand.



Death is where the mathematical aspect of life ends. Beyond death, lays love.

This love surpassed the mathematics of the universe.


And we created a lawless heaven.