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Private Lessons

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Brought up in a place like Fortuna, Nero didn’t get much time or space to experiment with baser desires. That’s what brought him to you in the present day, bouncing his knee nervously as he looked at your neatly arranged vanity all in a rather pathetic attempt to avoid your amused gaze.

Smiling at the young demon hunter, you let out a light laugh to ease your own growing tension. You were an associate of Nico’s, the one and only individual crazy enough to inspect her unique weapons for faults before giving her a cursory ‘okay’ to gift her creations to he colleagues. You’d met Nero only a few months ago in person, and you wouldn’t say you were close with him, which was why you were thrown for a loop at his presence in your humble abode.

“So, Nero… I don’t mean to be an asshole but, like, what the hell?”

You watched as his cheeks turned a cute shade of pink in real time as his aquamarine blue eyes locked with your gaze guiltily.

“I didn’t know who else to ask–!”

“Ask that perverted uncle of yours! The one who eats his body weight in pizza–!

“Hell no, I’m not asking Dante about how to make love to Kyrie!”

You couldn’t help but snort at Nero’s words.

“So you decide to ask a chick you’ve barely spoken three words to? Can’t you ask Nico–?”

Nero frowned at you, raising his hand to scratch the back of his neck sheepishly. “Well, I was gonna, but… well… would she really have enough experience with a guy to be able to tell a guy how to use his… ah, forget it– I’ll just sneak some of Dante’s magazines and try to figure it out.”

You rolled your eyes at Nero’s floundering. Striding up to him, you gripped his chin with your thumb and pointer finger and forced his gaze up. You almost smiled at the way his breath hitched before his eyes narrowed into a glare you would have found intimidating if it was not for the nervous jig of his knees.

“You didn’t ask Nico because she’s a lesbian? You ever heard of a strap-on, Nero? She knows how to hit it good with one of those…” you smirked as his pink tinged cheeks grew darker. He couldn’t even look away, with your fingers fixing him in place. His nostrils flared in frustration and he rolled his eyes, trying to cover his awkwardness with an attitude problem.

“Fuck, I didn’t wanna know that… what Nico does with her romantic partners is not my business–.”

You shot him a pointed look releasing him and stepping back to regard him with a critical expression, arms folded in front of you.

“Right, but you coming here to ask me to show you how to fuck a woman right is your business?”

Nero spluttered, “N-no! That’s not how I asked! And that’s not what I said! I just wanted to know what you as a woman liked outta sex with a guy! Like with a dick? I didn’t think it was that big a deal–!”

You snorted and shook your head, relaxing, having teased the guy long enough. Truth be told, you weren’t bothered by his question in the slightest, but seeing Nero flustered really brought you a lot of satisfaction. He was a very cute guy after all, underneath the arrogance and raw power he exuded in battle.

“It’s not a big deal, relax Nero! I was just messing with ya. Promise!” You shook your head at his affronted expression. You plopped down beside him on the edge of your bed and turned to grin at him. “You’re too funny when you’re flustered, you know that? You’re all like: uh, duh, huh?” You snorted rather unattractively, too amused to care.

He grumbled beside you, fists clenched in your comforter.

“You gonna help me out here or not?”

Taking a few deep breaths, you calmed yourself down before you scooted closer to him, keeping it casual. Okay, so you had your fair share of men pinning you to your sheets in a contest of passion, and Nico likely shared this little tid-bit with Nero. You couldn’t fault him for coming to you for advice. Besides, you heard about sweet, sweet Kyrie and figured she deserved nothing but the best in a man.

Oh, the things you did for your fellow sisters.

You crooked your finger at Nero in a ‘come hither’ gesture. “Right, whatcha wanna know? We don’t have all day.”

You heard the poor guy gulp nervously as he turned his body your way. He proceeded to shrug.

“Um, this is a little embarrassing but… the most I’ve done with Kyrie is kiss her with a little tongue?”

You frowned. “What do you mean? A little tongue?”

Nero blinked owlishly at you. “I mean, like…” he trailed off, and then stuck his tongue out, just a smidge, from between his lips. You raised your eyebrows, waiting to see something more. And when nothing else came, you had to face-palm.

“Nero! Oh my god, okay no. No, no, no! Come here, you moron…” you rolled your eyes, grasping him by the lapels of his coat before pulling him in toward you. He grunted at the sudden man-handling, but didn’t fight it as you moved one hand to caress his jaw, making brief eye contact as you hovered over his parted lips with your own. “Can I?” Your eyes flickered between his eyes and his lips.

“Yeah, whatever…” he mumbled, shutting his eyes. Your lips curved up at the corners into a smile, and you shook your head a little at how innocent Mister Macho actually was. Oh, you would definitely teach him a thing or two.

You pressed your lips to his, applying gentle pressure to get him used to it before moving your other hand from his jacket to the back of his head, threading between his silvered locks. Tugging at his hair gently, you anticipated his gasp, and opened your mouth to take his bottom lip between your own, sucking gently. Your eyes remained open, though heavy lidded, as you kissed Nero slowly, and thoroughly– giving him time to memorise your movements. You swiped your tongue against his bottom lip before running it against his bottom teeth, a soft moan escaping as you felt his tongue brush up clumsily againsts your own.

Pulling back from Nero’s lips, you laughed softly, gently pinching his cheek with the fingers that were previously on his jaw. He pried his eyes open, cheeks flushed and breathing heavier than before. The look in his eyes were dreamy and dazed, and you raised your eyebrows.

“You get that, Romeo?”

He nodded, ignoring the taunt in the name. “Uh huh. Okay, um… cool. So kissing’s gonna rock now, but… what about the other stuff?”

He averted his gaze, his finger drawing idle circles on the comforter. It was then you realised that during the kiss, he hadn’t even reached for you. What a gentleman.

“Hey, Nero?”


You grinned and reached for his hand, grabbing it and directing it to your chest. You pressed his palm to your covered breast and guided him in squeezing the flesh. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

“Shit, um… wait is this okay?”

You nodded with a smirk, pressing closer to him as the warmth of his palm felt good even through two layers of your singlet and your bra.

“Only if you use what you learn on that darling Kyrie of yours. She better be incoherently praising you in her afterglow, so study hard!”

Nero grew serious and nodded. “Y-yes! Of course. Right, so what… do I do?” He looked lost.

You sighed and pulled away from him before pushing yourself further onto your bed. You nodded at him to climb on along with you, and then gestured at your body.

“How about you try what you think you wanna do, and I’ll let you know if it feels good? And if I need to help you correct the technique, I’ll nudge you the right way.”

He nodded, reaching out a hesitant hand before cursing under his breath and moving forward with more purpose. His hand groped at your breast again, and you couldn’t help but part your lips as in a soft sigh as he squeezed experimentally. You raised your arms over your head and hummed.

“Undress me, Nero.”

He frowned, pulling his hand away. “What? Really? Why?” With every rapid fire question, his eyes grew wider and more frantic. You rolled your eyes and sat up again, punching him in the shoulder for being such a moron.

“Come on– don’t be such a virgin–!”

“I am a virgin!” Nero exclaimed, hands in the air. You blinked at him and sighed, shaking your head before you sat up and removed your singlet and bra yourself with quick efficiency. Without sparing a glance at Nero, you pulled your shorts and panties off rather unceremoniously and then laid back down again. You caught the violent shade of pink on Nero’s pale cheeks and barked out a laugh. “Come on, don’t make me get all romantic on you; that’s going to be awkward for us both.”

He levelled a glare at you, his shyness pushed aside as his pride reared its head forward. Shrugging his jacket off, he threw it onto the floor before he undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. His hands hovered uncertainly for only a moment before he decided to rid himself of his shirt.

As he got stuck, grumbling as he wrestled it off, you took a moment to get a good look at the rock solid body of Nico’s friend. You had to admit, he was a catch– that Kyrie was a lucky girl! Licking your lips, you had no shame in opening your legs and rubbing at your clit to get yourself ready to teach Nero a thing or two about making a girl feel really good.

Nero paused the moment he caught sight of you, his hands pulling down at the waistband of his pants. You heard him gulp, and your eyes lingered on the way his throat bobbed before you looked him directly in the eyes and winked, dipping a single digit into your steadily slickening sex.

“What? You’re gonna have to make sure your girl’s wet and ready for you– and damn, yeah that’s gonna need a bit of extra preparation if she’s a virgin too…” you trailed off as Nero pulled his pants off completely after recovering from the sight of you with your legs wide open, baring everything for him to see. He was big, you had to give him that. Honestly, he was a specimen to behold, only half hard but already impressive. You could see the prominent vein running up the base of his cock, and you had the urge to trace your tongue over it just to see if you could get him to shiver in pleasure.

Kicking his pants off, Nero settled onto the bed next to you and took your hint, stroking his cock to full hardness as he focused solely on your fingers teasingly dipping into your cunt, taking your slick and rubbing it around to get you wet and ready for what was to come next. He licked his lips and grunted as he ran his thumb over the head of his cock, which was beginning to leak with some precum.

“So…” he nodded at what you were doing between your legs, “I heard women like it when guys, um, kiss them down there. Kinda wanted to try it?”

Your lips curled into a smirk and you nodded, removing your hand and beckoning him close.

“Go ahead; best not to use your teeth until you’re confident though.” You winked at him, and enjoyed the way he blushed yet again before grumbling and ducking his head down, his very human hands pushing your thighs apart and holding them there, firm yet gentle.

“Yeah, yeah– just pull my hair if I’m doing shit, and we can just get to the dicking.”

You snorted as you watched Nero bring himself closer to your sex. You reached a hand down and ran your fingers through his short, silver hair, smiling as he caught your gaze with an unsure one of his own. Gods, the guy was so nervous– it was pretty adorable. You decided to cut him some slack; your teasing clearly wasn’t making the whole ordeal easier on him.

“I’m sure you’re gonna rock my world with that cute, scowly mouth of yours babe. Go on, loosen up and have a little fun.”

His gaze softened. “A-ah, yeah… um, okay. I’m… yeah.” He ducked down and paused momentarily, his breath warm against your slick folds before you heard him mumble. “Can I use my fingers?”

You laughed.

“Of course! Do what you want; just be gentle at first. Props to you for asking permission though, that’s really considerate of you.”

He didn’t say anything else, and you figured he might have been too shy to muster anything to reply back. Instead, you felt his soft lips press a gentle kiss against your folds, and your heart grew weak at the hunk of a man between your legs treating you so, so sweetly. It was a new experience for you, that was for sure– something that you were clearly keen on enjoying to the fullest while you had it.

You felt his hands smooth down your inner thighs before his thumbs gently pried your pussy lips apart to reveal the slickened pink between. He audibly groaned at the sight and you felt his slight stubble rub at your skin as his tongue tentatively dipped into your tight opening. Your hand stilled on his head and you fought the urge to raise your hips for more. Instead, you moaned and stroked through his hair encouragingly.

“Yeah, wow… you’re a n-natural…” your breath hitched as he dragged the flat of his tongue up from the bottom of your slick before circling your clit languidly. He groaned softly at the way you seemed to keep getting wetter despite him cleaning you up with his tongue.

“Holy crap… so this is how to get a lady wet. Noted.” He gave you one final lick, and your thighs trembled around him, threatening an impending orgasm. Nero was inexperienced, but hell… he had natural talent in the pleasuring department. It didn’t hurt that he looked an absolute snack as well.

He surged up, body poised above you, and you took note of the dark look in his eyes. You reached down, hand brushing against his stiff cock, so incredibly warm to the touch. Nero moaned above you, eyes sliding shut and hips rocking forward against your hold. You smiled and indulged him, wrapping your hand around his cock and massaging his length slowly. Perspiration gathered on Nero’s brow and he gritted his teeth, muscles tense as he held himself above you, the epitome of patience and strength.

“Look at that self control– definitely didn’t get that from your uncle, huh?” You smirked, and Nero pried his eyes open to glare down at you.

“I’m gonna go soft on you if you mention Dante again–.”

“What about Vergil? You probably got your natural propensity for being good in bed from him–.”

“Fuck, stop it or I’ll actually go soft!”

You laughed and shook your head, shooting him an apologetic look as you tapped his waist, guiding his hips downward before you felt the tip of his aching hard cock against your waiting pussy. You fought back a moan as you anticipated his girth filling you to the brim in a just a moment.

“Sorry, sorry– come on, just push it in slowly. And… touch me down there to have it go in easier. Usually I wouldn’t bother, but for Kyrie…”

Nero nodded, gaze growing soft at the thought of his girlfriend. He was doing this for her after all. “Yeah, I don’t ever want to hurt her. Okay, so… h-here I… fuck, what if… oh my god!” With only the head of his cock pushed inside your slick warmth, the poor guy seemed to already be at capacity. You remained still and brought your hands up to cup his face, slapping one side of his cheeks gently to get him to open his eyes up.

“Hey, come on! Focus!” You panted as he slid in further, his shaking fingers barely making contact with your clit. Still, everything felt good thanks to the sheer size of him. With his tongue already having worked its magic earlier, you had already been teased to the brink. Having Nero bury his cock slowly into your waiting pussy was just bringing your release back to the forefront again. “There you go, you can hold it. You can do it. For Kyrie… just imagine her begging you to keep going. She’s so close, but you need to keep going Nero. You need to hold back until she gets what she deserves. Because Kyrie deserves the best, right?”

Nero whined, throwing his head back and baring his neck to you as he fought hard to focus on continuing getting inside you. You had to admit, the sight of Nero struggling to keep from coming, all because of how good your pussy was making his dick feel, was a huge addition to your ego. If this wasn’t Nero’s first time having sex, you would have teased him, but you weren’t a complete bitch, and you wanted Nero to have a good experience so that he could give that sweet Kyrie a good first time as well.

“I… shit, I need to… breathe.”

You caressed Nero’s cheek with your thumb and nodded.

“O-okay, then breathe. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Sure h-hope not. My dick’s in you…” Nero mumbled, and you rolled your eyes in turn.

The two of you were stock still, Nero panting above you, and you fighting the urge to roll your hips upward as you ached deep inside for Nero to start moving. Your release was so close, you could feel it coiling like a snake ready to strike in the pit of your stomach– the pressure hot and heavy and ready to burst.

After what seemed like an eternity had passed, Nero gulped and nodded. “Okay. Okay… let’s do this. Yeah!”

You grinned up at him, evidently excited that he was finally going to move. “Alrighty then, let’s fuck!”

Nero returned your grin and rolled his hips forward, burying himself completely. Your eyes immediately shut in bliss as the stretch filled you deliciously, his cock hitting you places you hadn’t experienced with your previous little flings. You briefly wondered if Kyrie would be a doll and share her man once in a while, and you made a mental note to ask if you ever mustered the audacity to do so.

Your arms came around his shoulders, and you clung to him as the thrusts of his hips against yours grew stronger in force. Soon he was thrusting in and out like no tomorrow, it being clear that his demonic heritage was driving his passionate frenzy. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning weakly, body begging to let all your building tension loose, but your mind screaming for just a few seconds longer.

This was about building Nero’s confidence. This wasn’t supposed to be about you– still, you were getting quite a good deal out of this teaching lesson, if you didn’t say so yourself.

“Go on Nero, you can do it… fuck! O-oh my god, you’re learning! Shit! I’m gonna– unnnhhh!” You saw white as the hot pleasured seared waved through your body, your cunt clutching and pulsing around Nero’s cock as he let out a breathy groan, desperate and sated as he snapped his hips against you and remained buried there– you’d both come together, and equally as intense.

“Oh shit… oh my… shit. Fuck, that was… oh my fucking god.” Nero babbled, clearly incoherent in his post-orgasmic daze.

You laughed, still a little breathless as you rubbed up and down Nero’s sides, soothing him, feeling him grow soft inside you. You reached down and gently tapped his firm ass, earning an annoyed groan.

“Time to climb off, Romeo– your lesson is done, and the test’s been had. And man, did you pass with flying colours!” You praised enthusiastically, rolling onto your side to avoid any awkward post-coital cuddling.

Nero flopped onto his back, chest still rising and falling, his eyes owlishly wide as he replayed the sensation of your walls pulsing around his cock. His eyes rolled back and his nostrils flared. Licking his lips he glanced at your back profile appreciatively and nodded to himself.

Kyrie was so sweet, and giving, and so ready to please and accommodate any request… maybe… just maybe…?

“Hey? Um… you wanna maybe come drop by for dinner next Saturday? As a thank you for helping me out?”

You snorted, sitting up and turning your head to gaze at him over your shoulder.

“You’re gonna tell Kyrie you fucked me so you could fuck her good for her first time? I’m sure that’s gonna go over well.”

Nero’s gaze dropped, but he shrugged. “You don’t give her enough credit. She’s got a lot of love to give… besides– maybe… you could teach her a thing or two as well? Fully supervised, of course!” Nero tacked on at the end.

You turned to him fully, and blinked at him for a short moment of silence, before you burst into laughter.

“You perverted voyeur! If you wanted to see Kyrie get it on with another woman, you shoulda just said so! She’s pretty cute…” you smirked at him, and you couldn’t help yourself as you got excited at the way he mirrored your devious expression. “Alright, fine. I’ll be there. You both better be ready.”

Nero laughed, standing to get cleaned and dressed before heading back to Kyrie, keen to discuss his idea with her.

“Oh, don’t worry. We will be.”