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Jimin scored!

He’d managed to get the legendary Jeon Jungkook in his bed. The Jeon Jungkook, who was a star athlete, captain of the swim team. The Jeon Jungkook who was said to have the best stroke game (on and off the water).

Jimin had seen him around campus all semester. His ungodly 8 am lecture was conveniently located by the school’s gym. Jungkook often got off practice just as Jimin was walking towards the lecture hall. He was usually dressed in sweats and a T-shirt, damp hair haphazardly styled to frame his forehead. Jungkook pulled off the lazy look better than any other college boy. His bulky sneakers and oversized shirts only added to his handsome features. Sometimes when they would walk past each other, Jimin would catch scent of Jungkook’s perfume… Yes, perfume, because there was no way the scent he wore was that cheap cologne your average college boy drowned himself in.

Jimin had seen him at a few house parties too. The two of them played different sports but it was always the same bunch of guys that hosted parties for their circle of people. Their similar interests brought them together. These guys weren't the greatest company but they had fun after a few drinks. The parties were also a decent place to find a good lay. It was the hot bulky athletes that JImin was interested in.

Jungkook had a reputation that was similar to Jimin’s. Fuckboys to some, sluts to others. But for some reason, Jimin hadn’t made a move on Jungkook... He had definitely caught his interest, and there were times when Jimin almost approached him, but something always made him hesitate.



It wasn't until Jimin’s roommate brought him along to his boyfriend’s swim meet that he formally met Jungkook.

He had been drooling over that muscular back and defined chest during the entire meet. Next, to him, his roommate nudged him when his boyfriend took his position on the starting block but all Jimin could focus on was Jungkook. The boy had just finished his race, victorious. He was toweling off, eyes focused on the race that was about to commence. Jimin thought about how his gay awakening had come in the form of Free! and how none of those animated boys could even begin to compete with Jeon Jungkook’s looks.


Jimin turned towards his roommate.


Seokjin fixed him with a look. “You’re literally salivating.” He brought up his sleeve and brushed it across Jimin’s lips.

Jimin gasped, affronted. He pushed his friend’s arm away. “I was not.”

Seokjin hummed. “Sure.”

The whistle blew and the swimmers raced across the water with powerful strokes. Seokjin cheered for his boyfriend, standing on the bleachers to swing around his embarrassing banner.

Jimin watched as Jungkook’s serious expression morphed into one of joy when Taehyung finished in record timing. A wide, charismatic smile spread across his face, making him look that much more charming. He tossed his towel aside as he went to congratulate Taehyung, exposing his sharp collarbones and chest. Fuck! Jimin wiped his own mouth this time.

The meet proceeded in a similar manner for Jimin. He shamelessly ogled at Jungkook, ignoring his roommate's jabs. Although, thirsting aside, Jimin did take a moment to appreciate Jungkook’s ease in the water. He definitely wasn’t just captain for his looks. There were a lot of tough competitors coming from the opposing team, Jimin was very familiar with that school's talent, having played against their soccer team in the past. Despite this, Jungkook held his own. His dives were precise and graceful. His strokes propelled him across the pool faster than the other competitors. Even in relays, Jungkook managed to pull through even when his team had been falling behind.

After Jungkook’s last run, the swimmer sat on a bench to catch his breath as the last few races followed. He removed his cap, damp hair falling onto his forehead. He ran his hand through his hair, tilting his head backward to slick the strands back.

This movement caused him to look out into the bleachers.

Jimin made eye contact with him for the first time. Jungkook's gaze was steady and unblinking.

It only lasted a moment before Jungkook turned back to the race.

Jimin’s heart was left stuttering.


The event came to an end soon after with their school taking a shiny trophy home. One of many for the swim team.

He and Seokjin walked towards the parking lot. “So since when have you been thirsting over Jeon Jungkook?” Seokjin asked casually, typing away on his phone.

Jimin guided his friend through the crowd. “Since I became aware of his existence.”

Seokjin raised his brows, finally pocketing his phone. “And why have you done nothing about it?”

“He’s out of my league.”

Seokjin let out a startled laugh, shoving Jimin. “Shut up, Park! You know damn well there is no man that's out of your league. With that pretty face? And that ass?” He slowed his step, whistling as he fell behind to check him out.

Jimin bit back a smile. He turned to look at Seokjin, walking backwards. “Stop checking out my ass or I’ll tell Taehyung!”

“He checks it out too,” Seokjin shrugged. “Wait! Jimin watch out—“

But his warning came a second too late. Jimin had been walking backwards and bumped into something solid. He almost tripped as he spun around, offering the stranger an apology for his clumsiness.

“Don’t worry about it,” came a familiar voice.

Jimin looked up to see that face he had been shamelessly staring at all day. He didn’t know how it was possible but Jeon Jungkook looked that much more handsome up close. His jawline was sharp and his looks were piercing but there was a softness to his features too. His nose was as round as his eyes and Jimin could see even the smallest details on his pretty face.

Jungkook had placed on hand on his waist to steady him.

Jimin swallowed.

Their chests were pressed so closely together, that familiar scent of floral and fresh linen was making Jimin dizzy with want. Jimin would have pulled away… but…

Jungkook was staring down at him, eyes piercing. The hand on his waist tightened. He licked his lips.

Jimin smirked. They were basically strangers, with only one mutual friend, and Jimin knew almost nothing about him, but he did know one thing: Jungkook wanted him too. He had an inkling suspicion when their eyes had met earlier but now Jimin was absolutely sure.

“Hey, Jimin!” Taehyung popped up beside Jungkook, or maybe he had been there the whole time.

Jimin took a step back, reminding himself that they were at a school event. He instantly missed Jungkook’s solid body against his.

“Hey, Tae! Are you coming back with us?”

Taehyung looked over Jimin’s shoulder at his boyfriend. “Actually,” he said after a long pause. “Seokjin hyung had promised he would take me out today for dinner.”

Jimin looked over at Seokjin, puzzled. “We’re going out to eat?”

Seokjin slapped his forehead. “Oh my, God! I can't believe I forgot! Taehyung and I made reservations for dinner today. How could I forget!”

Taehyung reached for his boyfriend's hand. “It’s okay, baby! We’ve been busy.”

Jimin looked between them suspiciously. It was almost as if they were trying to ditch him…

“Were you headed back to the apartment, hyung?” Jungkook asked, reminding Jimin of his presence.


Taehyung clapped his hands together. “Perfect! You can head back with Jungkookie. He lives in the same complex.”

That's when it dawned on Jimin. They were setting him up! Earlier when Seokjin was tapping away at his phone, he was planning this with his boyfriend. Jimin was almost insulted by their intervention. He didn't need their help bagging Jungkook, thank you very much. But, now that the boy was wrapped in a pretty little bow for him, who was Jimin to turn him away.

That was how the legendary Jeon Jungkook ended up in his bed. They had hurried to Jimin’s apartment, after parting ways with Seokjin and Taehyung. They were barely able to keep their hands off each other on the quick subway ride there.

They were caught making out on the elevator ride up by a college-aged girl. Jimin hoped she didn’t attend their school.

Neither of them bothered with pleasantries. Taehyung wouldn't have left his friend with Jimin if he wasn't sure if this was something Jungkook had wanted. Meaning, the other boy had probably been into him too. Jimin didn't look all that cute on his way to morning lectures but he knew his ass always looked incredibly in the yoga pants he sometimes wore on lazy days. He should have known Jeon Jungkook had taken an interest. Maybe if he hadn't been so busy with nasty thoughts involving those thighs…

They didn't even bother properly introducing each other as they shucked their clothes off. There was no point.

Jungkook’s hair was still damp and Jimin ran his fingers through the strands, tugging slightly. “Bed,” he instructed, leading Jungkook through the mess of clothing on the floor before laying on his back.

The kissed and teased each other for a few minutes but Jimin was growing restless. He reached into the nightstand next to his head, digging out a condom and lube. “Hurry!”

Jungkook laughed. “So needy and desperate for me, hyung.”

Jimin grinned. The boy was cheeky. He tossed the stuff next to his thigh. “Don’t make me ask twice, Jeon.” With that he laid back down, eyes closing in pleasure and Jungkook ran his hands over his bare body. He was so impossibly hard and turned on and he couldn't even deny it. At least he knew Jungkook was into it too, if his hardened, length was anything to go by. Jimin licked his lips. It had been a while since he’s taken a cock that big. It would definitely take a bit of prep.

There was a sound of the cap opening and Jimin whined in anticipation.

Jungkook murmured a few praises as he lubed up his fingers above Jimin’s naked body.

Jimin felt a thrill of excitement, closing his eyes, waiting for those long fingers to reach his entrance. After a long pause, some slick noises, and a few grunts from Jungkook, Jimin opened an eye, looking for a cause to the delay.

The sight in front of him was not what he was expecting. Jungkook had reached down to finger a hole… but it was the wrong one!

The other boy had thrown his head back, biting his lips as he stifled a moan. He had one hand between his own asscheeks and the other one supporting himself on Jimin’s thigh. He looked hot, of course. His body was muscular, his strong thighs were straddling Jimin. He was making the sexiest noises.


“What are you doing?”

Jungkook paused, eyes snapping to Jimin’s. “Prepping myself?”


Jimin frowned, propping himself up on his elbow to peer at where Jungkook still had a finger in his ass. “Why?”

Jungkook finally removed his fingers with a noisy pop. He tilted his head. “Do you think my ass is loose? I know I have a reputation, but my last fuck was over a week ago. I’m as tight as I’ve ever been.”

Realization dawned on Jimin. “You’re a bottom!?”

“Uh. Yeah?”

Jimin groaned, falling back in the bed, throwing an arm over his face. Where did he go wrong? He’d been so sure Jungkook was a top that he didn’t even consider the alternative. Maybe he shouldn’t have believed the rumors so easily. Jimin knew better than anyone else how fast lies could spread around campus. Half of the rumors going around about Jimin were exaggerated lies after all.

“Wait,” the bed dipped as Jungkook moved to kneel next to him. “Don’t tell me…”

Jimin nodded, looking solemn. “I am also a bottom.”

“No way!” Jungkook protested.

Jimin glared at him. “What do you mean no way? Have you seen my ass? It would be a shame if it wasn’t getting fucked.” To empathize his point, Jimin turned over, ass jiggling as he flopped on his belly.

Jungkook eyed his ass. “Having the best ass on campus doesn’t mean you’re a bottom.”

Jimin raised a brow. “You think I have the best ass on campus?”


Jimin preened at the praise. “Well,” he said. “You’ve got all the energy and the body of a top. I mean,” he waved a hand over Jungkook’s chest and abs.

Jungkook made a face. “You’re stereotyping.”

Jimin groaned, was he really about to get lectured by a failed one-night stand. “Okay, then. What about me made you think I'm a top?” Jimin challenged, turning the conversation on Jungkook.

“Well,” Jungkook blushed. “Nevermind.”

“No, say it,” Jimin demanded.

“I’m embarrassed.”

Jimin raised a brow. “You’re butt naked on my bed.”

Jungkook blushed. His cocky, mischievous energy from earlier melted away. His hair had begun to dry out and was becoming a fluffy mess on top of his head. He looked… really cute.

“I see it now,” Jimin commented.

Jungkook peered down at him shyly. “What?”

“You’re a baby. You’re definitely not topping anything other than the scoreboard.”

Jungkook spluttered but then laughed when he saw that Jimin was just teasing. I'm the end, there really was no way to know what somebody preferred in bed unless they told you themselves. Jimin would be careful about making assumptions in the future.

“You’re terrible,” Jungkook shoved his shoulder, playfully. “So what now?”

Jimin hummed. Despite their little situation, he was still half-hard and turned on. Men like Jeon Jungkook were not easy to come by and it would be a shame if he didn’t at least get a taste of his cock. “I mean we’re already here. Let's get each other off.” Jimin smirked, reaching forward to run his hand over Jungkook’s solid chest. “I don’t know about you but my head game is strong.”

Jungkook’s cheeks grew darker. “Well, I have also received positive reviews but…” He trailed off, eyes sweeping over Jimin’s body.

Jimin, who had been confident up until this point, became a little self-conscious under the scrutiny. “What?” He sat up, pulling the blanket over his crotch.

Jungkook fidgeted a bit. “It’s just… Okay please don’t think I'm a creep but, I’ve kind of been checking you out for a while now so when Taehyung said he’d introduce us today because his boyfriend is your friend I couldn't say no. So I’ve actually been anticipating this all day.”

Jimin blinked. He had early suspected as much but, “Anticipating?”

Jungkook avoided his eyes. “You weren’t being that discreet when you were eyeing me all day. I figured you wouldn’t turn me down.”

“Oh, god.” Jimin threw the blanket over himself. “Just leave me here to die then. You must think I'm a thirsty hoe.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined, tugging the blanket away. I wouldn’t call you a hoe unless that’s something you’re into. Plus, you must know I am in no position to judge.” He sighed, “Anyways, what I'm getting at is that we’ve both been hyping this up in our heads. You’re very attractive and you seem to be into me too so it would be a disservice to just get each other off and part ways.”

Jimin looked at him, intrigued. “So what do you suggest? Are you willing to top me? I guess we can take turns? I don’t know if you’d feel comfortable with that though.”

Jungkook played with a throw pillow on Jimin’s bed, refusing to look him in the eye. “No. Okay, so listen. Last night I was browsing through Pornhub as I do—“

“Of course.”

“—and I stumbled upon an intriguing video.”

“Oh? Let’s see it.”

His face went pale. “No!”

Jimin crossed his arms, mischievous. “If you want me to try whatever you’re suggesting I need to see the video myself.”

Jungkook looked uncomfortable.

“Common,” Jimin encouraged. “It can’t be that embarrassing. God knows I’ve seen some freaky things in my time. I won’t judge you.”


Jimin held out his pinky. “Promise.”

After interlocking their pinkies, and some teasing from Jungkook about its size, the other boy jumped off the bed to find his discarded jeans.

He was still butt naked, Jimin noted. “Can you put your dick away first,” he pleaded. “I can’t stand you swinging it around if I’m not going to even get a chance to ride it.”

Jungkook laughed, tugging on his boxers before throwing Jimin his too. “Likewise.”

Jungkook pulled up the video on his phone before handing it to him.

Before Jimin even looked at the screen, he recognized the overdramatic moans. It was hentai. On the screen, there were two animated women with boobs that defied the laws of gravity.

Jimin had said he wouldn’t judge Jungkook but he still looked up at him, incredulous.

“Keep watching.”

Just then the camera panned down to where the two women were fucking each other on a double-ended dildo.

Jimin’s mouth fell open.

The dildo was unnaturally thick and questionably stiff but Jimin was enthralled. “Jungkook, you’re a genius.”

“Yeah?” Jungkook’s eyes lit up. “You want to try it?”

Jimin watched as they dildo disappeared between the two women. “Let’s do it.”


A few minutes later they had pulled on their pants and were laying on Jimin’s bed, laptop open between them as they scrolled through an online shop.

“How about this one,” Jimin asked, clicking on a preview of some bright pink dildo with ridges. Jimin had never seen such a thing but he was interested in how that would feel inside him.

Jungkook scrunched up his nose. “No. I like the realistic looking one better.”

“There is nothing realistic about a double-ended dick.”

Jungkook pouted and Jimin felt himself caving in. A grown man had no business looking that cute. “Fine!” He went back to add the last dildo into his cart before proceeding to checkout.

“Hyung, let me pay.”

“It’s fine. I’m older, I’ll pay.”

“How much older?” Jungkook asked.

Jimin pulled out his card, typing in the info. “I’m a senior.”

“Oh! I'm a second year.”

Jimin looked at him. “You are a baby, oh my god.”

“The school year is almost over. I just turned twenty. Jungkook’s cheeks puffed up as he defended himself.”

Jimin reached over to squish his cheek. “Okay, Jungkookie.”

Silence fell between them after Jimin closed his laptop. He didn’t exactly know what the procedure was for a postponed one-night stand. He and Jungkook were basically strangers that hadn’t even fucked but had seen each other naked. Would Jungkook just leave now and come back when the dildo arrived? Jimin’s hookups were always spontaneous and he never had to think much about it. All his one-night stands were with people he never intended on interacting with again. This experience with Jungkook was strange but Jimin was still excited about it.

“Hyung,” Jungkook said, voice hesitant. “Do you want to go out to get something to eat. A new BBQ restaurant opened up down the street and everyone’s been saying it’s good.”

Jimin tried not to think much of it. Both he and Jungkook were free-spirited and perpetually horny. There was a reason both of them had a reputation on campus. A pair of jock whores, some would say. “Sure, I could use some lunch.”


Lunch was nice. He and Jungkook had a lot in common. They were into similar music and shows. The only disagreed when it came to serious matters such as: Who deserved to be endgame in Naruto. They also bonded over their exhausting schedules and anal coaches.

Jimin rested his chin on his hand as Jungkook told a story.

“—and I thought he had some sort of rivalry with me because he cornered me in the lockers once everyone had left—“

Jimin noted that when Jungkook got really into a conversation his eyes would turn wide and his mouth would form into a pout. The boy also ate way too fast, not deterred by his storytelling at all. It should have been gross to him but Jimin found that his cheeks looked really cute when they were full.

“— and when the janitor walked in, I had a dick halfway up my ass. I was so startled I slipped and hit my face on the shower bench. And that’s how this happened,” Jungkook finished, running a finger over a faint scar on his cheek.

Jimin giggled. “That’s worse than my story.”

Jungkook shook his head, shoving a large piece of meat in his mouth. “Hyung there is nothing more embarrassing than tripping over your own feet and spraining your wrist. I mean, you play soccer! Where is your balance?”

“It stays on the field, Jeon,” he handed the other boy a napkin to wipe the BBQ sauce off his lips.

Jungkook took it. “You should try pilates, helps with balance.”

“You do pilates?”

“I do.”

“Do you wear leggings?” Jimin couldn’t even imagine how good Jungkook’s strong muscular legs would look in tight clothing. The other boy usually wore loose track pants and even at the swim meet earlier, he was probably wearing the baggiest shorts he could get away with.

“I do not, but on D day I can show up with leggings if you want.”

“D day?”

“Dildo day.”

Oh. right. Jimin had forgotten for a moment.


Jimin didn’t get home until the sun had already set. Jungkook had walked him back to his apartment door, leaving him a little giddy. Jimin didn’t know why he was in such a cheerful mood.

“Well look who’s back.”

Jimin startled. For some reason, he felt like he was sneaking back home past curfew to parents that were waiting up for him.

“Hey, hyung. Headed to bed.”

Seokjin jumped up from the couch, intercepting him. “No, you don’t! Not without telling me how it went. Was his dick as big as the rumors say?”

Jimin spluttered. “We didn’t do anything!”

Seokjin frowned. “What?”

Jimin explained the events of that day, leaving out a few embarrassing details but covering the essentials.

“So what you’re telling me is that you and Jungkook just hung out? No sex? And you went out on a date with him?”

“What!? Date?” Jimin shook his head. “Of course not. We were just having lunch.”

“Jimin, it’s night time. How long did lunch last.”

“We walked around for a bit.”

Seokjin gave him a look. “Jimin, I say this because I care, but from what Taehyng has told me about Jungkook, let alone what the rumors say about him… He’s not the type to get involved with if there is a chance of you catching feelings.”

“Hyung, you know I don’t do dates, and I definitely don’t catch feelings. I haven’t been on a date since high school. After the dildo arrives Jungkook and I will fuck and go our separate ways.” That’s how it always went for Jimin. Dating and relationships just weren’t for him. He had never found someone who he really connected with and that was fine. Jimin didn't feel the need to search for someone. He was happy being on his own and his friends gave him the support he needed. “It’s not like we could ever work out, anyway. We’re way too similar, there is no way we could even balance each other out.

Seokjin nodded, agreeing. “Okay, good I’m just making sure. So when does the dildo arrive?”

“Guaranteed delivery within one week. So it will definitely arrive by Thursday.”

“So you’ll call Jungkook over when it arrives?”

“Yup! That’s the plan.”

“Hmmm. Okay. Goodnight, Jimin,” he said yawning as he headed to his room.

Jimin ignored his weird behavior.


Once Jimin was showered and in bed, his phone vibrated. Jimin had never clicked on a notification faster. 


Jungkook [10:23 pm]

hey hyung, I just wanted to let you know that I had a lot of fun today
I’m glad we both turned out to be bottoms

Jimin smiled at his phone, fingers hovering over the keyboard as he giggled at Jungkook’s bluntness.


I had a good time too!


I’m happy to hear that!
good night hyung!! :D


Jimin wished him goodnight before placing his phone on the nightstand. He rolled over and smiled into his pillow.

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The next day, Jimin’s schedule was as packed as it usually was on Fridays. Games were usually at the beginning of the week so Jimin had arranged his classes to fall at the end of the week. Jimin loved soccer and wouldn't drop it for the world but sometimes it got to be too much. He had four lectures to attend that day and a two-hour long practice to top it off in the afternoon. He was late for his morning lecture and had forgotten to prepare for a group project in his business class. Not to mention on Fridays their coach went extra hard on them with drills knowing the next few days were essentially rest days.

Jimin’s frustration showed in his performance, making him that much more irritated. He was missing shots and losing the ball as it was passed to him. Everybody had off days but Jimin was team captain. If he wasn't playing his best then his teammates followed suit. Needless to say, by the end of practice, Jimin was aching and in a sour mood. His coach slapped his back, telling him to loosen up and get some rest that weekend.

His words were meant to be comforting but Jimin felt embarrassed and disappointed.

His teammates were talking about plans for that night but Jimin just wasn't feeling it like he usually was. He took a quick shower in the lockers before heading out. The sun had set and the campus was empty as it usually was Friday nights. The only people around were athletes getting off practice.

Usually, Jimin enjoyed the peaceful walks from the field to the subway station across campus but even the serene night did nothing to lighten his mood. He began feeling anxious as he walked alone. In a last-ditch effort Jimin pulled up his favorite playlist but nothing sounded pleasing. Every song sounded like noise in his ears, putting him more on edge.

He sighed. It was just one of those days when everything was too much. He considered giving Seokjin a call, or one of his other close friends but he decided against it. He didn't want to dampen their mood too. Jimin knew they wouldn’t mind and if anything, they would be happy Jimin had reached out to them but he still felt uncomfortable sharing his issues with others. He liked to deal with things on his own although he knew sometimes he shouldn’t.

Jimin was walking by the indoor pool when he heard the sound of water splashing. It was strange because the swim team always held practice in the mornings. Jimin took a few more steps before pausing. What if…?

On a whim, Jimin hopped over the short chain-link fence surrounding the pool before heading to a door that was ajar. He paused for a second, questioning his own actions. What was he trying to accomplish, and why?

Despite his reservations, he pushed the door open quietly before poking his head through the opening.

Jimin recognized him instantly. After spending the previous day staring at that broad back during the meet, it would be a shame if Jimin didn't recognize him. Jungkook swam with such power and grace and Jimin watched enthralled for a few minutes before realizing how creepy he was being. He backed away, meaning to sneak back out when a breathless voice called out.

“You’re not going to say hi?” Jungkook pushed his hair back, blinking water from his eyes as he held onto a lane divider.

“You saw me?”

“You aren't as discreet as you think you are, hyung,” Jungkook said between pants.

Jimin crossed his arms over his chest. “That’s because I never intend on being discreet. I like to get my point across.”

Jungkook eyed him.

“What?” he asked defensively.

“You seem upset today.”

Jimin was startled by his words. Jungkook barely knew him but was able to pick up on his sour mood. Jimin sighed, leaning against the doorway. “It’s been a rough day.”

Jungkook pulled himself out of the deep end of the pool effortlessly. He sat on the edge, legs in the water as he picked up a towel to wipe at his face. “I could hear your coach from here. Brutal.”

Jimin sighed, avoiding his gaze. He wished the rough drills were the only thing wearing him out. “I should be getting home. I’m tired and my entire body aches.”

“Why don't you join me?” Jungkook suggested. “The water will relax your muscles and take the strain off your joints.”

Jimin looked at him. “I don't have swim clothes on me.”

“Just use your underwear. Nobody is going to come by here this late, and it’s not like I haven't already seen everything.”

Jimin laughed, a smile appearing on his face for the first time that day. “You say underwear like you’re expecting me to be wearing panties.”

“You seem like the type.”

“I'm not saying I don’t appreciate cute panties from time to time, but I changed in the lockers with my teammates. I’m already pushing it with my reputation.”

Jungkook grinned. “No. I get that. So what do you say?” Jungkook jumped back into the water and held out a hand. “Join me.”

There was a voice at the very back of Jimin’s mind telling him he was making a mistake but Jimin couldn't bring himself to indulge it. The water looked serene under the night sky. The glass paneling above them allowed for natural moonlight to illuminate the pool.

He then looked at Jungkook, who was still holding out a hand, eyes shining brighter than the water.

Jimin dropped his bag on the floor and stripped down to his boxers before walking to where Jungkook was. He sat at the edge, testing the water's temperature before taking Jungkook’s outstretched hand.

Jungkook gave him a gentle tug and Jimin fell into the water

He fell into his arms and Jungkook enveloped him. “Hey, hyung.”

With their chests pressed together, Jimin was sure Jungkook would notice the spike in his heartbeat. “Hey,” he whispered.

Jungkook pulled away so suddenly Jimin almost forgot how to swim.

“I’m going to do a few more sprints. You just relax,” he instructed before swimming under a few dividers to practice a few lanes over.

Jimin let his body float on the surface. Jungkook was right. The water did feel nice on his sore body. Almost instantly he felt the tension lessen in his joints. Jungkook’s swimming caused ripples in the water that rocked Jimin soothingly.

Jimin stretched out his arms and legs, wiggling his fingers and toes. The water wasn’t cold but it was cool enough for Jimin to feel refreshed after spending hours in the sun.

The anxiety from earlier, long gone.


Jimin hummed. He hadn’t even realized Jungkook had come back over.

“So why are you here after hours?” he asked, staring up at the stars through the glass.

Jungkook shrugged a shoulder. “Probably the same reason you stick around after the rest of your team has left.”

Jimin tilted his head to look at Jungkook. “You’ve seen me?”

“Sometimes when I’m leaving I see you out in the field.”

Jimin hummed, eyes falling shut as his body relaxed. “There is always a lot of pressure on the team captain. Everybody looks to you when things are looking bad. The team’s morale is in your hands. Mistakes aren't an option for us.”

“That’s true, but I also think we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. We’re supposed to be having a good time.”

Jimin had a feeling Jungkook had trouble following his own advice.

“I’m only here because I got scouted in high school and they gave me a full ride to attend this school. My family wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. Soccer is a passion of mine but over the last few years it has also been my livelihood.” The long pause following his words made Jimin realize the seriousness of his words. Why was he telling this to a stranger? He never talked about family or financial issues with anybody, not even his closest friends. Jimin looked towards Jungkook. “Sorry, I didn't mean to drop this in you.”

Jungkook shook his head. “I understand you, hyung. More than you think. But despite this, I’ve seen you play before. You're incredible and it shows how much you love the sport. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Jimin felt his heart warm. “Thank you, Jungkook.” It was true. He really did love soccer. Sometimes he just needed a reminder to take a step back and really enjoy what he was doing. Everyone dreamed of making a living out of their passion but there were downsides that Jimin never anticipated. “How about you?” Jimin asked. “Is swimming your passion in life?”

Jungkook shrugged. “I feel like I’m the type of person that's good at many things but not exceptional at any of them. I enjoy swimming but I’m nothing worth writing home about.”

Jimin straightened himself in the water to look at Jungkook. “Are you serious? You’re literally the best swimmer on the team. You never lose a race.” He held onto Jungkook’s shoulders, nearly shaking the boy.

“Scores aren't everything. I’m still lacking in technique and fluidity.”

Jimin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Jungkook! Don’t say that! You looked incredible yesterday. I couldn’t look away. All eyes were on you. I understand that you might not have reached the standards you set for yourself but I assure you that you’ve shattered everyone else’s!” Jimin tried to look him in the eyes but Jungkook’s was set on avoiding his gaze.

“If you say so,” he said.

No. Jimin wasn’t going to have any of that. He tightened his grip of Jungkook’s shoulders. “Repeat after me,” he instructed. “I, Jeon Jungkook, am not only the school’s best swimmers, but I am also the nation's pride.”

Jungkook laughed, finally looking at him. “You can’t pay me to say that.”

Jimin jutted out his bottom lip, widening his eyes. “I'm not paying you. I’m asking.”

“Fine,” Jungkook conceded.

Jimin did a mental fistbump. His puppy dog eyes never failed.

“But you have to say that you’d outplay the likes of Messi, Neymar, Son Heung-min—“

“I won’t! You can’t make me disrespect those legends like that. That’s like me making you say you’re better than…” Jimin trailed off, trying to remember the name of a professional swimmer. “...the Little Mermaid.”

“The Little Mermaid?”

Jimin floundered, “Sorry that's probably not the best comparison but the neighbor’s kids were watching the movie last night so it’s the first thing I thought of.”

Jungkook smiled, swimming closer. “I’ll be Ariel if you’ll be my Prince Eric.” He held out a hand for Jimin, a mischievous smile on his face.

Jimin’s heart stirred in a way he couldn’t comprehend. He took Jungkook’s hand with a laugh. “I’m hotter than any Prince Eric you’ve seen,” he joked.

They both laughed and Jimin felt lighter than he had in weeks.



Jimin woke up to the sound of his blaring alarm. He rolled over in bed, grumbling to himself.

He flung an arm out to blindly jab at his phone screen, successfully silencing the alarm after a few tries.

He allowed himself to lay in bed for a few minutes. On weekends Jimin worked a couple of shifts at the school’s library. During the week he wasn’t able to work because of practice and games so he tried to make some spending money over the weekends to cover extra costs his scholarship didn’t.

The job was fairly easy. He sat at the front desk for the most part and answered whatever questions people had. The library was dead during the weekends following midterms and finals. On those weekends, he was the only worker there since there wasn’t much to do besides shelving books and dusting off furniture.

Jimin took his time getting ready for work before heading off. The ride there was short and peaceful, nothing like the chaos in the subway during the workweek.

As expected, it was another slow day at work. There were a few students locked away in the individual study rooms but they rarely came out.

Jimin finished his duties for the day before working on his school assignments.

Halfway into his shift, Jimin’s unoccupied mind began to wander off with thoughts of a certain swimming boy.

The night before had felt like a dream. He and Jungkook had hung out in the water until both of them were pruny and cold.

There was something surreal and euphoric about floating on water, looking up at the stars while having deep conversations with a stranger.

They talked about their dreams, their doubts, their childhood back in Busan. They reminisced about their favorite childhood memories and the families they missed back home.

Jungkook had wrapped him in a spare towel when they were done and teased him about his pink cheeks and nose.

They had been a bit reckless, changing out of their wet clothing at the foot of the pool. They could have easily flashed an innocent janitor but Jungkook had assured him nobody would be around that late. To which, Jimin accused Jungkook of wanting to check out his naked ass. (Although Jimin was a hypocrite because he would be lying is he said he didn’t do his fair share of peeping).

“Hey. Excuse me!”

Jimin blinked. There was a college boy waving his hand in front of Jimin’s face. He hadn’t even noticed him come in. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for this,” the boy held out his phone, a blurry picture of a book in his screen.

Jimin pointed the student in the right direction before slumping in his desk. Jungkook wouldn’t leave his mind and Jimin was starting to think that they should have just gotten each other off. Maybe all that pent up sexual tension was messing with his head. Jimin considered going out after his shift but the thought of partying and finding someone like he usually did on Saturday didn't sound all that appealing.

After another half hour of fruitless studying, Jimin gave in, picking up his phone.



kill me, work is so slow today


I won't kill you :(
if you’re dead then who will I tease?
where do you work hyung?


at the library


oh? sexy

Jimin covered his mouth to stifle his giggles, glancing around to make sure he wasn’t disrupting anyone around him.


lol no I wish
I'm just wearing a dress shirt


damn, keep going I’m hard


no sexting while I’m at work


I'm at work too hyung
send me a cute picture so my dick will chill

Jimin bit back a smile. He considered saying no but he did look kind of cute today. His outfit was simple but he had styled his hair today. He stood, getting an angle with his outfit in the shot.



A few minutes passed without a response and Jimin was beginning to feel antsy when his phone lit up.


I just busted the fattest heart boner

Jimin was grinning so hard his cheeks ached.


hope you don’t get fired


I won't get fired, the owner is my hyung 


where do you work?


the bakery across from the nursing department


aww cute
I sent you my face
now you have to send me yours


instead of taking a selfie I got something better for you
hold on let me screenshot my coworkers snap


Jimin’s mind went into overdrive.

The first thing that registered was how thick Jungkook’s arms were. Those arms were surely sculpted by gods. Before, Jimin wasn’t the type to get worked up over the veins in men’s arms, but Jungkook made it look attractive somehow. The second thing he noticed was how cute Jungkook’s look of concentration was. Jimin was used to seeing Jungkook with his hair parted. He looked softer without it styled.

The last emotion Jimin felt was mild irritation. Who was crabking and why was he thirsting over Jungkook arms in the workplace? It was unprofessional if you asked Jimin.

Jimin texted Jungkook those concerns but the other boy replied with a string of laughing emojis and teased Jimin about being jealous.

Jimin dropped the phone on his desk, ignoring it for the remainder of his shift. Jimin was definitely not the jealous type and nor was he the type to think he had any right to be jealous. Silly swimming boy.

With less than an hour left of Jimin’s shift, he heard the glass doors open. He thought it was strange considering he’d be closing the library soon. Around this time the students began to clear out, not arrive.

“Jimin hyung!”

Jimin startled, almost falling off his chair. “Jungkook?”

The other boy smiled brightly, walking up to his desk and placing a brown bag in front of him. “Delivery for Park Jimin.”

Jimin blinked dumbly. “I didn’t order anything?”

“Oh, there must have been a mix-up!” Jungkook winked. “I have to get back to work,” he saluted him, before taking off the way he came.

“Jungkook, wait!”

Jungkook paused at the door, eyes shining. “Yes?”

Jimin didn’t know what he wanted to say. His thoughts were a little jumbled and his heart was racing. After a long pause, Jimin pointed to a sign next to the entrance. “We have a no food policy in our library.”

Jungkook smirked. “And what about it, Jimin-ssi?”

Jimin’s cheeks warmed and Jungkook took off, his chaotic cackles ringing out in the hallway. “There is also a no noise policy,” Jimin mumbled to himself.

Jimin stared at the bag for a few moments while his heart calmed. There was a pink heart shaped logo printed on the front, the words ‘Yoongi’s Delights’ written across the design. The contents of the bag smelled good and Jimin hadn’t had lunch yet. His stomach growled, demanding for Jimin to investigate.

There were a few pastries inside. Still warm from the oven.

Jimin picked up a pink macaroon.

He remembered telling Jungkook those were his favorite when they were talking about their favorite places to eat back home.

Jimin felt… touched.

Jungkook had trekked across campus during his shift to bring Jimin snacks he hadn’t even asked for any. It was really sweet…

Jimin picked up his abandoned phone.


thx for the snacks jungkook
you’re so sweet :(

The response came nearly half an hour later, as Jimin was closing up.


Not as sweet as you

Jimin smiled. What a dork.



The library opened later than usual on Sundays and closed before noon so Jimin usually had time to get some fitness done before his shift. Saturdays were Jimin’s rest days, but if he didn’t do any conditioning during the weekends, games on Mondays would be a pain.

Usually, Jimin would follow a few of his workout routines in their living room but he felt energized and motivated that morning. It was probably due to the fact that he hadn't gone partying over the last two nights like he usually did during the weekends.

Jimin changed into comfortable clothing before heading out. He’d settled on going for a jog at the park. The weather was chilly and it was windy but once we started running he’d warm up. Jimin did a few warm-up stretches against a bench outside the complex.

Jimin was about to begin his jog when someone at the corner of his eye got his attention. It was Jungkook.

Jimin never saw him around the complex because the building was several stories high, and because the apartments were near Jimin’s campus, it was always bustling with people coming in and out.

Jimin wasn't seeking him out but now that he knew Jungkook lived there as well, it was easier to catch sight of him.

The other boy didn’t see him at first. He had both his earphones in, head bobbing along to the music.

Jimin watched as Jungkook began walking down the path towards the subway, his back to him.

Jimin should have let him go but before his mind could catch up with his actions, he called out. “Jungkook!”

Jungkook didn’t hear him at first because of the music so Jimin jogged up to him. “Hey, Jungkook!” he placed a hand on his shoulder.

Jungkook turned around, pulling out an earbud “Jimin hyung!” his eyes lit up when he saw him.

Jimin had a good look at him. He was dressed in sweats and a windbreaker, gym bag slung over his chest. His hair was looking longer than he usually had it, like Jungkook had missed a trim. Jungkook looked handsome. Jungkook looked handsome all the time but there was a certain boyish charm to him that day that had Jimin feeling weak in the knees.

Jimin must have been staring for longer than was appropriate because that sly smile he’d been growing familiar with spread across Jungkook’s face.

“Don’t—“ he began but Jungkook beat him to it.

“You can take a picture if you’d like, hyung.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “You’re not that cute.” A lie, but he still had his pride to maintain.

Jungkook hummed. “Sure.”

Another long pause.

“Hi,” Jimin, said.

“Hey,” Jungkook laughed.

He didn’t know what he was doing or what he was even trying to accomplish. “I just saw you and wanted to say hi. Anyway, gotta run.” Jimin inwardly cursed himself for momentarily losing his usual coy attitude.

“Wait, hyung!” Jungkook caught his sleeve.

Jimin’s eyes flickered to where Jungkook’s fingers were curling around his wrist. He quelled the urge to just… intertwine their fingers.

“Would you like to join me at the gym? I need a spotter because my usual gym buddy slept in and there probably won’t be anyone there this early.”

And how could Jimin say no? It wasn’t safe to lift on your own. He agreed before hurrying back inside to pick up his gym bag.


“You’re back already?” Seokjin leaned against Jimin’s door frame. “At what ungodly hour did you wake up?” he yawned.

Jimin shoved a change of clothes into his bag so he could go straight to work after the gym. “I didn’t go jogging. I actually ran into Jungkook and we’re going to the school gym.” Jimin zipped up his bag. He caught sight of himself in the wall-length mirror. “Do you think I should change?” he turned to the side to look at his ass in the mirror. The leggings were too tight. Jimin had only worn them today because his hoodie covered his ass but if he was going to be at the gym the hoodie would be coming off. Underneath he was wearing a normal cut t-shirt.

Seokjin caught his eyes in the mirror. “Since when do you hang out with Jungkook?”

Jimin felt a lecture coming. “I haven’t. I just ran into him today.”

“That’s not what Taehyung said.”

Jimin frowned, wondering what Jungkook had told Taehyung. “I have to go, hyung. Jungkook is waiting for me outside.”

Seokjin, thankfully, dropped the subject. “Don’t forget to pick up milk after work!” Seokjin reminded him as he hurried out the door.



As expected the gym was empty save for the girl at the front desk who barely spared them a glance.

He and Jungkook had done their own individual warm-ups at first but now Jimin was spotting Jungkook while he bench pressed his next set. Jungkook had discarded his oversized windbreaker revealing a white tank underneath. Jimin’s mind had gone blank at the sight.

“Hyung.” Jungkook set down the weights with a grunt.

Jimin tore his eyes away from his sweaty chest. “Yes.”

“I brought you along to spot me.”

Jimin watched as Jungkook sat up, pulling at the hem of his shirt to dry the sweat on his face. This, of course, exposed Jungkook’s chiseled abs to him. “And have I not been spotting you?” he asked, seemingly innocent eyes flickering back up to Jungkook’s face.

“You’ve been spotting me a little too hard. What if I drop the weights on my chest and suffocate because of your unprofessionalism.”

“I can multitask.”

There was a smile playing at the corners of Jungkook’s lips, like he was trying his hardest to keep a straight face. “Okay, hyung.”

A clever idea came to Jimin. “Did you bring a water bottle?” he asked.

“In my bag,” Jungkook pointed across the empty gym where he had thrown his bag.

Jimin walked halfway across the room before stopping abruptly. He turned his head, catching Jungkook shamelessly staring at his ass. “I knew it!” he laughed, overjoyed that he had picked out his tightest leggings that day.

Jungkook blushed, turning his head. “You got me.”

Jimin smiled smugly, retrieving the water bottle. “Here,” he said, tossing it to Jungkook. “For your thirsty ass.”

While Jungkook downed the water, Jimin peered at the number on the weights Jungkook had been lifting. “Hey, Jungkook?”

The other boy turned to him, cheeks full of water. Jimin did his best to ignore how cute he looked.

“These combined is more than what I weigh,” he said, pointing at the weights on either side of the metal rod.


Jimin smiled mischievously. “So technically speaking… you could bench press me, right?”

Jungkook leaned back against the metal rod, raising a brow. “I could easily bench press your weight, but bench pressing you would be a whole other challenge.”

“Are you not up for the challenge Jeon?” he taunted.

“It’s not a challenge for me, it’s a challenge for you,” Jungkook fired back. “Do you think you can hold yourself taut while I have my hands all over you?”

Jimin snorted. “Who do you think I am.”


Jungkook had been right.

“Wait!” Jimin squeaked. “Don’t grab my thigh like that!”

Jungkook had moved to an empty bench and Jimin had maneuvered himself to lay perpendicular to Jungkook but every time Jungkook tried to get a good grip of him, Jimin would burst out into a fit of nervous giggles.

Jungkook let him go and Jimin slumped over his chest, head nearly touching the floor. If anyone walked in on them, the news would surely spread like fire.

“Didn’t I tell you it would be hard?”

Even while wallowing in his failure, Jimin didn’t miss a chance to be snarky. “The only thing that’s hard is your dick, Jungkook.” He wasn’t even joking. The outline of Jungkook’s semi hardness was not concealed at the slightest under his loose sweats.

“I have a cute boy in leggings laying on top of me. Plus, you keep brushing your hand against my dick.”

“I was catching my fall,” Jimin replied shamelessly. “Let’s try one last time. I won’t move, promise.”

Jungkook groaned. “You’re killing me.” Despite his protest, he still reached for Jimin. The first time they had attempted it ended in chaos but the last time was almost a success.

Jimin straightened up until he was doing a perfect plank on Jungkook’s chest, arms tucked to his sides. Jungkook reached between them, splaying out one hand in Jimin’s chest and the other on Jimin’s thigh. They had failed in the past because Jimin had squirmed or giggled under the touch and since Jungkook could only hold onto one thigh, Jimin nearly toppled over every time. If it weren't for Jungkook’s quick reflexes, he would have face planted.

This time Jimin stifled his laughter. Trying not to think about how nice Jungkook’s grip felt on his thigh.

Slowly, Jungkook pushed him upwards.

Jimin gasped. Now that he had been lifted he could see Jungkook clearly. His face was set in determination.

He fixed his grip before beginning to properly bench press Jimin.

Jimin’s teasing demeanor was blown to dust, replaced with awe… Once Jungkook got the hang of it, he didn’t falter once. His arms remained steady. The only signs of struggle were the thin sheen of sweat on his body and his labored breathing. Jimin felt heat build-up in his lower belly. That was within Jimin’s comfort zone. He welcomed the flood of arousal.

But there was something else, almost muddled by the arousal making his body thrum.
Jimin’s chest was erupting with something foreign, unfamiliar.

“O-okay,” Jimin rushed out. “I'm tired, put me down!” he said, a little too loud.

Jungkook looked startled but he obeyed immediately. He gently maneuvered Jimin down into his chest.

Jimin climbed off the bench, nearly tripping over a dumbbell on the floor. “I gotta go,” he announced, looking around for his phone. “Need to head home to shower before work.”

Jungkook sat up, looking worried. “Why don’t you shower in the lockers so you won’t have to go back home?”

“I forgot a change of clothes,” he lied. “Bye, Jungkook,” he hurried off, with one last awkward wave.

As soon as he was out of sight Jimin rested his back against the nearest wall, letting out a breath. He put his hand over his wild heart. What was going on?



“You forgot the milk,” Seokjin said when he saw Jimin return from work empty-handed.

Jimin groaned, dropping his bag on the floor and slumping next to Seokjin on the couch.


Jimin nodded. He wasn’t exactly tired but his mind had been doing circles throughout his whole shift. Jimin desperately needed a nap.

“I’ll reheat lunch for you,” Seokjin said, patting his shoulder.

Jimin stared up at the ceiling, mind swimming with thoughts of one boy.

Chapter Text


There was the smallest opening and Jimin didn't think he’d make the shot but there was no time for second-guessing when the opposing team's defense was on him. He rolled the ball with his heal, making a turn to give himself the space to kick.

He shot.

Time always progressed differently when a ball was traveling through the air.

There was a split second in which it looked like it would wiz right over the net but he’d kicked it at an angle, it’s rotation caused it to curve at the last second. It slipped past the goalies reach and into the net.

The referee blew the whistle and Jimin was hoarded by his teammates. Their cheerful embraces and the glory of winning made Jimin light up inside. Moments like these reminded him of why he even started playing in the first place. It took him back to his days in grade school when he’d play with the other kids during recess. Back when they used to make goalie posts out of water bottles and dreamed of being pros.

Now, despite the overwhelming pressure of his adult life, he was happy that he still could experience that joy.

He smiled, remembering his and Jungkook’s conversation on the topic of dreams and aspirations.

They stalled over the last couple of minutes of the game. Their opposition had doubled their efforts now that they had nothing to lose but Jimin’s team stayed on their side, carefully possessing the ball amongst each other.

With a blow of a whistle. The game came to an end.


Jimin was still riding the high of the game when someone finally brought it up. The team was finishing up their showers and were slipping into clean clothes when the goalie sat on the bench next to him. “So I’m just going to go ahead and ask what’s on everyone's mind,” he said.

Jimin delayed his answer, slipping on a hoodie. “You’re taking one for the team? Brave.”

Some guys laughed, turning their attention to their conversation.

The goalie leaned in to whisper as if everyone in the locker room couldn’t hear them loud and clear. “So is it true that you fucked Jeon Jungkook in the school gym.”

Jimin zipped up his boots. “Is that what people are saying?”

“I heard that you did it on a treadmill.”

“While it was on,” another teammate chirped.

Jimin finally turned to face his team. There were a few that were pointedly ignoring the conversation. Focused on their own things. Jimin knew his sexuality made some of them uncomfortable but he was lucky that none of them were disrespectful. Jimin had been playing as a team with these guys over three years. They spent a lot of time together and at one point the more closed-minded guys realized they couldn't be hostile towards Jimin if they wanted to be on the team. Jimin liked to think that they had even warmed up to him and his preferences.

Being openly gay on a sports team in college was hard but luckily there had been a few upsides. Jimin knew these guys had his back. He was the team captain and they respected that. They had even stood up for him in the past, and for this, Jimin was thankful. He knew it could have easily been different. Most people on campus never told him anything because not only was Jimin not somebody to cross with his sharp tongue and withering looks, they also knew he had many people on his side.

“I’m not one to kiss and tell,” he finally replied, shrugging his shoulders, nonchalantly.

“Oh, come on Park. I just want to know what equipment not to use next time.”

A few guys laughed but Jimin knew they weren't mocking. He laughed with them, shoving his teammate playfully, “Asshole.”

Nothing had happened but apparently, someone had seen them together, and by Monday afternoon, everyone in the sports community knew about it.

His teammates teased him some more but dropped it when they realized Jimin had nothing interesting to share. Even if something had happened, he wouldn't have said anything. Jimin didn't mind sharing a few of his sexual adventures with friends but he hadn’t even told anyone besides Seokjin about his deal with Jungkook. It felt wrong. It felt too private for some reason.


On the subway ride home, Jimin got a text.

Jungkook [8:03 pm]

hey hyung
I just wanted to apologize for yesterday, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable
sometimes I get a little carried away so I’m sorry if I pushed your boundaries
I’ll be more careful in the future :(
I’m sorry about the rumors too
If anybody is bothering you let me know

Jimin stared down at his phone, utterly bewildered. It took him a few moments to collect his memories of the day before. Did Jungkook think he made him uncomfortable because he had run out on him? Is that what he was talking about?


jungkook :(
you didn’t make me uncomfortable at all
I promise!


then why did you run away?
I was sure I went too far


honestly jungkook
it’s because I was moments from popping the most embarrassing boner of my life
you didn’t make me uncomfortable and if you had I would have said something


I can't believe I was stressing about this all night!!!






did you want to deface the equipment at school?? I promise you, nobody wants dried jizz on the mats


you’re assuming I'd let any of your jizz go to waste


you’re gross
number blocked


you wouldn’t


I would
you jocks are all the same


you’re a jock


that’s how I know ;)


I promise I’m not like the others


well I am
send me a picture of your dick


I am never speaking to you again
all jocks are fuckboys
jocks don’t deserve rights


forgive me? :(


send me a selfie and perhaps I will


I can’t take one right now bc this elderly lady next to me has been side-eyeing me since she got on


my competition
tell her I called dibs

Jimin covered his mouth, trying to stifle a giggle.

“Ah, young love.”

Jimin startled, turning to look at the old lady next to him. “Sorry?”

The woman smiled, wrinkles appearing around her eyes. “Oh, it’s nothing. You just reminded me of when I was young.”

Jimin inclined his head and offered her a smile out of courtesy before turning back to his phone.


btw hyung
I think we should watch a few dildo videos before it arrives
it will be awkward if we don’t know how to use it

Jimin stared at his screen for a few moments. He kept forgetting about their deal.


send me some good links


do you just want to come over tomorrow night after practice?
we can watch some stuff together


I’ll be there!

After pressing send Jimin set his phone down on his lap. He exhaled, head resting against the window.

His phone lit up with a second later. He glanced down at the screen, expecting it to be Jungkook’s response but it was an email notification instead. He pressed on it.

[Your order from Hobi Toys is on the way. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.]




Jimin was going to head towards Jungkook's apartment right after he got off practice but he skipped Jungkook’s floor on the elevator and went straight to his own apartment. Truthfully, Jimin was nervous. He and Jungkook had been getting along great and there was never an awkward moment between them but despite his excitement to see him, Jimin’s heart had been running all day.

Seokjin was still out at work and Jimin was grateful for that. His friend was sure Jungkook would charm Jimin and eat him whole.

Jimin went into the bathroom to make himself look a bit more presentable. His hair was messy because he hadn't brushed it after his quick shower at the lockers. Admittedly he’d hurried straight home, catching the subway earlier than he usually did.

After fixing his hair he looked at his bare face in the mirror. Did his eyes look swollen? Should he wear some eye shadow? Jimin glanced at the BB cream on his vanity then at the tiny pimple that had appeared on his cheek.

Jimin sighed, deciding against it. It wasn't like he was going on a date. He was just hanging out with… Jungkook. Jimin didn't even know what Jungkook was so him. A friend? A friend with benefits? Regardless, there was no point in getting ready. Jimin wouldn't bother doing his makeup to watch movies at anyone’s house. Why would Jungkook be any different?

After staring at himself for a few more minutes, Jimin finally headed to Jungkook place.

It was only a couple of floors down but he did hesitate at the door longer than what was normal.

“Park,” Jungkook greeted.

“Jeon,” he greeted back.

Jungkook leaned against his doorway, eyes running over Jimin’s body from head to toe.

Jimin straightened up, tilting his head upward.

“You look good, hyung.”

Jimin swallowed. “I know.” He walked past Jungkook, shoulders gently brushing as he squeezed through the doorway. Jimin didn't think he looked all that great today but it was nice to know Jungkook did. He stepped out of his shoes, neatly placing them at the entrance. With his back to Jungkook, he had a chance to take a few deep breaths.

Jimin turned back to look at the cause of his current dilemma. Jungkook was wearing an apron over his grey long sleeve. It was tied tightly around his thin waist and there were flour stains along the front.

“Are you baking?”

Jungkook nodded, cracking a soft smile. “I’m not finished yet though. I thought you’d be here later.”

Jimin probably would have been there later if he hadn’t been so eager, but he couldn't admit that so he just shrugged. “We got off practice early.”

An alarm went off in the kitchen and Jugkook went to go check on whatever was baking. Jimin followed, curiously. Jungkook just had to be a home baker. As if he wasn’t already perfect and well rounded. Jimin was almost hoping to find a flaw, something that would send him running but there hadn’t been one.

“Oven’s pre-heated,” he announced happily. “Want to help me finish the filling while this bakes?”

“Of course,” Jimin immediately agreed, slipping on the apron Jungkook offered. He couldn’t say no if he tried.

He helped clean and remove the stems off the most beautiful bunch of strawberries he’d ever seen. Jungkook explained that he had visited various stores to find the perfect ones. They looked delicious. “If I had known you could bake I would have come over sooner,” Jimin joked.

Jungkook smiled as he chopped the strawberries. “I’m not that great. I just picked up a few stuff from work.”

Jimin had a feeling Jungkook was underselling himself.

They chatted for a while about Jungkook’s job and coworkers. Jimin offered a bit about his own job, but there wasn't much to say about that. Every once in a while, Jungkook would ruin his attempt at eating another whole strawberry.

“Hyung!” he caught his wrist just when the fruit was centimeters from his mouth. “We’re going to run out of strawberries!”

Jimin giggled, used both hands to pull against Jungkook’s grip but it was no use as expected. “Just one more! I promise!”

“You said that last time!” Despite his complaints, Jungkook was laughing along with him, eyes twinkling under the warm lighting.

He also didn’t miss the way Jungkook’s leg had wedged between his during their little scuffle. Or how Jungkook’s broad body had him pinned against the counter.

Jimin, who couldn’t possibly form a coherent, rational thought under such circumstances, stuck his tongue out to lick the strawberry.

Jungkook, gasped, releasing him instantly.

Jimin sagged against the country, smiling smugly despite himself, but his victory was short-lived because a second later Jungkook plucked the fruit from his fingers and popped it between his own cherry-colored lips.

He blushed, mouth falling open. “You’re gross.”

Jungkook gave him a little sly smile that spelled nothing but danger. “You can dish out but can’t take?”

Jimin bristled, face warming.

The surviving strawberries were mixed with sugar and few other things Jimin didn't pay much attention to before being placed on the stove.

The domesticity of the whole ordeal wasn't missed by Jimin but that was the least of his concerns at the moment. The sexual tension between them was unprecedented. Of course, it had existed ever since they met, but even though they were baking pastries, the tension between them was palpable.

Jungkook dipped his finger in the heating jam to have a taste and Jimin didn't even give himself time to think over his actions. If Jungkook wanted to play then Jimin would play. He wrapped a hand around Jungkook’s forearm, pulling his arm towards himself. He peered up through his eyelashes at Jungkook before enveloping his jam covered finger with his mouth.

Jungkook’s eyes widened and Jimin felt like he was about to faint. He’d done flirty things like these hundreds of times but it was growing increasingly intense with Jungkook. He lowered his eyes, avoiding the other boys heated expression. It was almost too much.

The alarm went off again, startling them both.

Jungkook slipped away hurriedly. Jabbing his thigh against the counter and almost reaching for the pan in the oven without a glove.

Despite himself, Jimin still felt a spike of satisfaction knowing he had this effect on Jungkook.

He looked over Jungkook’s shoulder as he poked at the pastry with a fork. It looked beautiful and smelled even better. A textbook puff pastry.

“Is it ready?”

“Yeah. We just have to wait on the jam.”

Jimin crossed his arms. “I don't want to wait.”

Jungkook smiled, “You’re really impatient, aren't you?”

“Only when I really want something.”

“Is that why you paid for expedited shipping on the dildo.”

Jimin blushed, turning towards the living room to hide his heated face. “Shut up! Let's watch those videos you mentioned.” He plopped on the couch, acting casual despite his inner turmoil.

Jungkook moved to sit next to him, legs crossed on the couch. “So impatient,” he wiggled his eyebrows, making Jimin crack a smile, his nerves easing a bit.

Jimin shoved his shoulder. “We’re just watching videos, Jeon. No funny business.”

He laughed, agreeing, but there was a certain glint in his eyes that made Jimin’s stomach flip.

“So, I found a few interesting videos,” Jungkook said, reaching for his laptop on the coffee table.

Jimin allowed himself to relax as Jungkook opened up some porn sites. “Do you really have an anime girl as your wallpaper? First the hentai and now this? Who would have known the Jeon Jungkook beats his dick to anime titties.”

“First off,” Jungkook didn't miss a beat. “The hentai was in my recommended and even I, a gay man, appreciates the artistry of good animation. Second,” he moved the laptop between them. “This is no random anime girl. It’s Lucy Heartfilia.”


Jungkook gaped. “You said you watched anime but you’ve never watched Fairy Tail?”

“I've only watched a few.”

Jungkook shook his head. “I can't believe you’re one of those basic dudes that have just seen Dragon Ball Z. You’re going to have to marathon the show with me later.”

Jimin noted how Jungkook said it so casually, as if they were friends that just hung out. Jimin definitely wouldn't mind. “I’ve watched more than just Dragon Ball Z,” he argued weakly.

Jungkook scoffed, clearly not buying it. “This first video is wild,” he said, tilting the screen so Jimin could see.

The video was clearly professionally done, staring two paid male actors. Both men were bulky and objectivity attractive but Jimin didn’t look at them twice. In the past, they would be right up his alley but now, they didn’t catch his attention. There was something missing but Jimin didn’t know what.

Instead, he focused on what they were doing. There was a decent sized double ended dildo laying between them but Jimin noted it was significantly smaller than the one he had ordered. He wondered if he had gotten a size too big. He knew he could take it but wasn’t sure about Jungkook.

The men were prepping each other.

A realization dawned on Jimin. This was something they would have to do.

He’d never prepped anyone besides himself and neither did he ever think that was something he’d want to do but… He peaked at Jungkook. Jimin wouldn’t mind trying it with him. Imagining the other boy coming undone on his fingers made his entire body buzz with anticipation.

“This second video,” Jungkook said when the first one came to an end, “is pretty tame.”

The video was indeed vanilla even though they were using such an uncommon sex toy. In was a homemade video by a gay couple. Jimin could tell they were together by the intimacy and gentleness in their touches. There was a genuine passion between them that most porn actors couldn’t possibly replicate. Something about that made Jimin’s gut stir with longing.

His heartbeat began to speed up.

He looked over at Jungkook again only to see the other boy staring back at him.

Their gazes locked for a few long moments.

Jungkook shifted and Jimin’s breath hitched when he felt Jungkook’s hand slide over this thigh, resting just under where his cock was hardening.

“Hyung?” his voice was strained.

Jimin swallowed. “Yes?”

“Can I?”

Jimin wasn’t sure what he was asking but at that moment he was sure he’d say yes to anything Jungkook suggested. All his inhibitions had gone along with his sanity.

“Yes,” he breathed.

Jungkook didn’t waste any time. He set the laptop aside without breaking eye contact. His hand traveled upwards, grazing over Jimin’s clothed cock.

Jungkook licked his lips, finally glancing down. He tilted his body, reaching for the zipper in Jimin’s jeans.

“Jungkook,” he whined.

Jungkook undid his pants, much too slowly for Jimin’s liking, as if he was giving him enough time to back out.

But Jimin was too far gone. He couldn’t possibly bring himself to stop Jungkook.

“So pretty hyung,” he murmured once he was exposed.

Jungkook had seen him naked before but there was something different this time around. It made Jimin feel shy, almost. This wasn’t a frantic fling with a stranger in a dimly lit room. He was sitting in Jungkook’s living room, completely unprepared, but full of desperate need.

He mentally cursed himself from not shaving that morning. Jimin liked to keep himself trimmed and neat but he wasn’t planning on having any sex until the end of the week. He hadn’t seen this coming at all. Jimin was caught off guard, feeling self-conscious, but the fire in Jungkook eyes did not waver.

Jungkook began jerking him off with lazy strokes, using the precome leaking from Jimin’s slit and his spit to lubricate his cock.

Jimin watched in awe and excitement as Jungkook’s hand nearly enveloped him entirely. He wondered if that excited Jungkook as much as it did him.

Jimin bit his lip, trying to keep the whines from escaping his lips.


Jimin looked up. Jungkook was leaning closer and for a second it looked as if he was going to kiss him but he dipped down at the last moment to press his lips just under his jaw. The disappointment only lasted for a second before Jungkook started sucking along the delicate skin of his neck.

Jimin didn’t like getting marked up and hated having to hide his hickies like some horny high schooler. But that didn’t stop him from letting Jungkook do whatever he wanted. If anything, he encouraged him, tilting his head to give Jungkook easier access.

Jungkook did not falter with his strokes and Jimin felt himself nearing his climax rapidly. “Stop,” he gasped, his hand falling over Jungkook’s to still his movements.

Jungkook tilted his head to look at him. “Close already?” he teased, a tiny smirk on his face.

Jimin gave him a look, pulling away to drop to his knees at the foot of the couch between Jungkook’s legs. “Don’t get too cocky Jeon. You won’t last more than five minutes on my lips.”

He eyed the bulge under Jungkook’s sweats, belly swooping in anticipation. He reached forward to pull Jungkook’s cock out of his pants.

He'd seen it before but it wasn't until now that he really got a chance to appreciate its size. He wrapped a hand around the base and was satisfied to see that his fingers couldn’t close around the girth. It felt hard and warm in his hand. Jimin gave it a little squeeze, salivating at the small trickle of precome gathering at the slit.

Jimin peered up at Jungkook with a smirk before wrapping his lips around the tip. He lapped at the slit, tasting Jungkook on his tongue. He suckled on the head for longer than necessary, enjoying how worked up Jungkook was becoming.

“Fuck! Stop playing with me, Jimin.”

Jimin raised his brows, letting Jungkook’s cock fall from his lips. A trail of saliva connecting the two. “Dropping honorifics? Bad boy.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined. “More.” His fingers dug into Jimin’s shoulders.

Once Jimin felt satisfied with his reaction he dipped down, taking as much as he could into his mouth at once.

As promised, he had Jungkook falling apart within minutes. His ragged cursing and low moans were all the encouragement Jimin needed. He firmly grasped the base, stroking it along with his bobs. Jimin always prided himself in his head game and could take down just about any cock be attempted but Jungkook was a little too much for him. He nearly gagged a few times because of his own enthusiasm.

Jungkook kept still, careful not to thrust into Jimin. He had both hands on Jimin’s hair, fingers tangled in the strands lightly, but he wasn’t putting any pressure on him, letting Jimin take as much as he could at his own pace.

Jungkook felt hard and hot against his mouth, driving Jimin insane. He enjoyed sucking cock, loved making it messy, loved the exhilaration that came with having men fall apart. He wanted nothing more than seeing Jungkook over the edge.

With his free hand, he clasped his own neglected cock loosely. He was too close, himself.

“Jimin,” he gasped. “I’m gonna—“

He hollowed his cheeks, glancing up at Jungkook, giving him permission.

Jimin came just seconds before Jungkook. Despite the warning, the eruption on his mouth took him by surprise after his own release. He kept his lips wrapped around the tip, milking Jungkook of every drop.

Jimin let his head fall against Jungkook’s thigh for a moment as he caught his breath. If he was even the slightest bit more shameless he would have called it a day and let himself fall asleep on Jungkook’s lap. But because Jimin still had some dignity left, and because Jungkook had mentioned his roommate would be coming home later, he reluctantly rose with shaky legs to get some napkins from the kitchen. He cleaned his hands and returned to Jungkook with a wet napkin to wipe him off too. He pulled his pants on and tucked the other boy back into his, too.

Jungkook made a noise, flopping back against the couch, eyes falling shut. “Nap,” he mumbled.

He looked really handsome, lashes resting against his cheeks. From this angle, Jimin could see the mole under his plump bottom link. It was somehow endearing.

Jimin knew he should get changed and head out. They had crossed a line they weren’t supposed to. This certainly had not been part of their agreement but Jimin didn't want to leave. He felt sated and calm, his body buzzing with pleasure. Jungkook wasn’t acting awkward either, if anything, he looked as if he was as content and calm as could be.

Since Jimin didn’t want to leave and he wasn’t being kicked out, he crawled over Jungkook to tuck himself between the back of the couch and his body.

“Hyung?” Jungkook peered down at him with half-lidded eyes.

“Shh, I like post sex cuddles.” This was a lie. Jimin was the type of person to get off and take off. But Jungkook’s chest looked so broad, a perfect pillow to rest his head on, and his scent was pleasant too. Jimin craved intimacy with him.

Jungkook didn't say anything. Instead, he wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist. “Okay,” he murmured,

Jimin felt so boneless, so content. He only wanted to rest his eyes for a little while.

He began to doze off.



Jungkook felt Jimin’s breathing even out and his body go lax on top of his. He peered down at him.

Jimin’s messy hair was tickling Jungkook’s chin. His chubby cheek pressed up against his chest. One hand was draped across his waist, fingers curling on the material of his shirt.

Jungkook brought up the hand that wasn't currently pinned down by the smaller boy. He brushed away a few loose strands of hair from Jimin’s forehead, tucking them behind his ear.

There were dark rings under Jimin’s eyes. It was obvious he hadn't been getting enough rest. Jimin had mentioned his packed schedule in passing a few times but even if he hadn't, Jungkook knew how hard he worked.

Jungkook had a similar schedule but the level of effort Jimin put into his schoolwork rivaled the energy he put into sports. He was learning that Jimin was the type to strive for perfection even if he had already achieved it. It made Jungkook want to do better himself.

He rubbed gentle circles against Jimin’s back, helping to ease away any tension that was left in his muscles.

Jimin murmured in his sleep and Jungkook glanced at his face. His mouth was parted just enough for his lips to pucker up like a little beak. Jungkook had a feeling there would be drool on his plain grey shirt by the time Jimin woke. Not that he would mind.

Jimin’s lips were very pretty. So full, red and swollen. Those very lips had been wrapped around Jungkook’s cock just a few minutes prior, but now, all Jungkook could think about was how much he wanted to kiss him. He was sure Jimin's lips would feel as soft and pillowy as they looked.

Jungkook wasn't expecting the events of that day and he certainly wasn't expecting Jimin to fall asleep on his chest. It felt too domestic, too real. But he should have thought of that when he’d decided to bake pastries for Jimin. He should have thought about it when he realized Jimin’s smile was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. He should have known this would happen. Or maybe he did but was reluctant to stop it.

He sighed. Jimin must have been exhausted to have fallen asleep the way he did. It didn’t mean anything, at least not for Jimin. He tugged him closer, hoping that Jimin would get some much needed rest.

Jungkook let his own eyes fall shut as he began to fall into a deep sleep. He knew that when he woke up he’d have to cut things off before it got any harder for him.