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The Adventures of Raela'Shepard nar Normandy on Her Pilgrimage

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Missing entry written by another fan.


*door to cargo bay opens, Legion steps through, optics scanning the room.*

Legion : Shepard-Commander.

*the mobile platform had anticipated he would be in proximity to his progeny-analogue, but Shepard is not here.*

Raela : *gurgles*

*Legion approaches the clean room window, briefly regarding the intercom the noise issued from. Raela is in her crib near the glass. Tali, unsuited, sleeps on a cot near the crib.*

Raela : *reaches her hands at the glass*

*Legion's lenses focus, then consider the juvenile creator from another angle. It extends its hands hesitantly toward the window glove-ports.*

Legion : *stuttering buzz*

*the glove ports are positioned so that someone outside the clean room can reach the crib. Legion pushes a hand into the quarian-fit glove.*

Raela : *coos*

*One gloved digit extended, the mobile platform precisely touches the juvenile quarian's chest. Raela regards the finger before seizing it in a tiny fist.*


Joker : Alright, don't touch anything until your dad gets back.

*Raela crowds the cockpit with her bulky bubble, peering at the consoles and out the windows. Joker tries to ignore her.*

Raela : I can sing you a song?

Joker : *not listening* Sure, sure, whatever.

Raela : *stumbling over the words* Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do, I'm half crazy...

Joker : *startled, then to EDI* Don't you know any other songs?

EDI : None with the desired impact.


Missing entry written by another fan detailing Shepard and Tali discussing "the talk."


Hawthorne : *steps out of men's restroom, whistling* Whew, glad that's over.

*muffled crying. Hawthorne curiously walks down corridor to investigate.*

Raela : *crying* Stuck! Stuck!

*confused by her short size and the yeilding material of her bubble, the woman's restroom door has her pinned, opening slightly, then shutting again.*

Hawthorne : Oh! Oh, sh*t!

*he hurriedly frees her. The bubble is soaking wet, as she seems to have turned on the shower, somehow. Raela promptly takes a tumble into the corridor.*

Hawthorne : *awkwardly trying to soothe her through the bubble* It's okay, it's okay, you're okay.

Raela : *still wailing*

Hawthorne : How'd you get stuck in there anyway, you little rug... *sees Shepard turn the corner into the hallway, clearly trying to find Raela* ...rat.

Shepard : Hawthorne.

*Hawthorne sprints for the elevator.*


*Joker relaxes in the cockpit while the ship is docked planetside.*

Newscaster : Authorities have finally located the missing gunship, crashed in a municipal reservoir.

*Joker is only half-listening.*

Newscaster : The gunship was stolen from a police impound lot, and had only recently been confiscated from a criminal cartel by the famous "Hero of the Citadel" Shepard.

Joker : *finally really listening.* Wait, what?

Newscaster : The still-unidentified pilot lead local authorities on an hour-long chase over the farmlands surrounding the spaceport.

Joker : Oh sh*t .

Newscaster : Luckily, there have been no reported injuries. The pilot is still at large.

Joker : Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. Shepard is going to kill me!

*airlock opens behind Joker. Raela steps into the ship, dripping wet. Joker looks at her, half-relieved, half terrified.*

Raela : I won't tell him you showed me how to do it if you don't tell him it was me.


*Tali examines herself in a full-length mirror, making sure her headscarf is arranged properly.*

Raela : Oh, wow, that suit looks really beat-up.

Tali : It's been through a lot: I wore it on my pilgrimage.

Raela : And it still fits?

Tali : *slightly annoyed* Of course.

Raela : What are you doing in such an old suit? Aren't you and father going out dancing tonight?

Shepard : *comes into the room. He's dressed in an Alliance uniform 20 years out of date.* Are you ready yet?

Tali : ...

Raela : Ugh. Why can't I have normal parents?


Missing entry written by another fan detailing Shepard demonstrating how to shave for Raela.


Missing entry written by another fan detailing the far future.


Samara : Tali'Zorah, Commander Shepard is back on board now, interviewing the refugees we saved. He sent me down to let you know he would be late, but he is unharmed.

Tali : *inside clean room, holding Raela* I wasn't worried. Yet. Thank you, Samara.

Samara : *lingers hesitantly*

Tali : Ah... was there something...?

Samara : *turning to leave* No... no.

Tali : Wait. Would you... like to hold her?

*Samara slowly approaches the clean room window, then fits her hands into the glove-ports. Taking Raela carefully in her arms, she cradles her against the glass. Raela blinks sleepily, gnawing on her fingers.*

Tali : *places a hand up to the window in sympathy* Samara...

*Samara rests her forehead against the window. Her shoulders shake as she starts to cry.*


Missing entry written by another fan detailing Raela eulogizing her father .


Shopkeeper : Ah, you have a very discerning eye! One of the best pieces!

Raela : It's... just a chair.

Shopkeeper : Pfff! Is the Normandy just a ship? Is Shepard just a human?

Raela : Uh, well, funny you should...

Shopkeeper : *not listening* I found it in a back room when I bought all of Morlan's stock. It's a very rare piece. See how the edge of the seat is concave, and the legs are set very wide?

Raela : Yes.

Shopkeeper : It's specifically made for quarians. The Council spared no expense when it welcomed them to the Citadel; had all these chairs specially designed! They were all junked when the embassy was shut down after the geth uprising. This is probably the only one left.

Raela : I'll take it!

Kenichi : You realize this is probably a scam, right?

Raela : *defensively* It's a very comfortable chair.


Shepard : Have you seen Ken?

Tali : He was installing the new filters on the clean room, I think.

Shepard : Yeah, he finished that.

Tali : Probably in engineering with Gabby, then. Why?

*Shepard holds up Raela in her bubble.*


Tali : *to intercom* Kenneth, please report to the briefing room. Immediately.


Kenichi : This chair is heavier than it looks. *hesitates at the door* Uh...

Raela : What are you waiting for?  Please, come in.

Kenichi : Whew. *drops chair* Sorry, ka-san told me never to come into somebody's room without being invited.

Raela : *skeptical* Really?

Kenichi : Well, at least not when anyone is there to see it. *changes subject* I'm amazed you've got this to yourself.

Raela : The Normandy's crew is pretty small now. Mother and Father usually only pick people up for specific missions these days.

Kenichi : I'd have thought that you'd uh... you know, a clean...

Raela : Clean room? Not for everyday living. I spent almost my first four years in one. I like stretching my legs.

Kenichi : Mmmm-hmmm.


Kenichi : *admiring the room* You've got a lot of stuff.

Raela : Yeah, mother says I'm a terrible quarian sometimes. *laughs* But I'm not big on sharing. Only child, you know.

Kenichi : *points* Who's this?

Raela : *mumbles*

Kenichi : Who?

Raela : Captain Scrubby.

Kenichi : Captain Scrubby?

Raela : He... uh... well, quarian toys have to be pretty rugged to survive all the decontaminations.

*The plastic-skinned stuffed turian's coloration is fading, both his manibles are loose, and one of his beady eyes is cracked.*

Kenichi : It looks like he earned his rank.


Garrus : Hey... uh, glad you could make it. Sorry that I couldn't meet you at... uh... The Normandy 's galley's food is... almost as good. Well, the human food, probably.

Chloe : Think nothing of it. I understand a vigilante's life isn't all about schedules. So please introduce me.

Garrus : Ah, right! This is Raela. Raela, say hello to Dr. Michel.

Raela : Hello, Dr. Michel. You're a doctor who helps people!

Chloe : Aren't you just darling! I helped your maman once.

*Raela, suddenly shy, hugs the doll in her bubble.*

Chloe : I guess you'll be sitting with us tonight, Raela?

Garrus : *looks apologetic.* Yeah, uh, something came up... slavers... Tali needed to be involved.

Chloe : So, Raela, who is your little friend?

Raela : Muhmander Scrubby...

Chloe : *winks at Garrus* He's a very dashing turian.

Garrus : I've been trying to sponsor him for a promotion.


Kenichi : *notices the on-off switch* Does he still work?

Raela : No... one too many baths in disinfectant.

Kenichi : What was he supposed to do?

Raela : *starting to get sick of the embarrassement* He would get a little warm. Father bought him to help me make the transition to the bubble where I wouldn't be held as often.

Kenichi : His arms feel like they're articulated.

Raela : ...

Kenichi : *raises an eyebrow*

Raela : He gave hugs, too.

Kenichi : *trying valiantly not to laugh*

Raela : But it was a turian toy, so he'd say things like "Get ahold of yourself!" and "Never surrender!"


Missing entry written by another fan detailing Raela and Captain Scrubby getting a bath.


Raela: Mother, did you know that… well, you were going to be with father when you first met?

Tali: *musing* Ha, hardly. I almost shot him when he came running into that firefight.

Raela: But soon afterwards?

Tali: You have to remember I was just a couple months into my pilgrimage. I was more homesick than anything.

Raela: Uh-huh.

Tali: No, it wasn’t like… ah! *shakes her head* You didn’t know my fath-- your grandfather. I was very concerned with making him proud, and doing what the Flotilla expected of me.

Raela: Mmmm-hmmm.

Tali: You’re worse than your father.


Raela: No, really, I’ll be serious.

Tali: Hmmph. Well, if you must know, it took a while. I was just happy to be part of a crew, even if I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

Raela: I’m kind of sad I won’t know how that feels, since things are different now.

Tali: You already know how it feels, you’ve grown up with family that loves you all around.

Raela: Now you’re embarrassing me. Back to you and father.

Tali: *shakes her head and sighs* Well, when the Collectors attacked and your father… when we were separated, it was hard for me. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t understand what. *she rubs her wrist absently* When we met again, I guess that’s when I started to wonder.

Raela: Aaaawwww…

Tali: Hush, you.


Raela: So it wasn’t love at first sight or anything?

Tali: If that does exist, it didn’t for me. *she laughs and shakes her head* Those feet.

Raela: What?

Tali: Oh, you’ve grown up around him and other humans. I still sometimes wonder how he walks without falling over. It certainly explains the dancing. *thoughtfully* But there’s things to like about humans, too.

Raela: Huh?

Tali: Er… well, nevermind. *suspiciously* Wait. Why all the questions about this?

Raela: Um.

Tali: Out with it.

Raela: Ah, wow! I've, uh, got to go clean up the engine… Can’t be late!