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The Adventures of Raela'Shepard nar Normandy on Her Pilgrimage

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Raela :  Greetings. I'm Raela'Shepard nar Normandy and I'm looking for a job...

Shopkeeper :  Wait, did you say Shepard?  You're the daughter of the Shepard?  Hero of the Citadel Shepard?

Raela :  Uh... yes, so about that job, I'm really good with machi...

Shopkeeper :  Everyone, look, this is Shepard's kid!  Shepard's kid is in MY repair shop!  Could you record an endorsement for me?


Raela : Thanks for helping me with those C-Sec goons.

Kor Tun :  *hissst* It was my pleasure.  It pains me *hissst* to see someone getting harassed like that.

Raela :  Well, I'd always been told I was going to have to look out for myself.  I guess the Citadel's still not that welcoming a place for quarians.

Kor Tun :  True *hissst* true.  But a long time ago, someone told me *hissst* that I needed to be more considerate *hissst* of others, and I've tried to take it to heart.

Raela :  I'm glad to meet someone willing to help out, then.

Kor Tun :  But... *hissst* could you do me a favor in return? *hissst*  For  the longest time, my olfactory filter has smelled like *hissst* refuse...


Raela :  Mother... I, uh, I need to you to come down to the C-Sec precinct in Shin Akiba.

Tali :  What?  Shin Akiba?  Didn't I always tell you...

Raela :  I know, I know.  Look, I'm not really in trouble like last time, it's just there was... some damage done to...

Tali :  Damage?  Damage?!

Raela :  Only a few million people are without power!  There was a plot by batarian terrorists, I had to do something.

Tali : Terrorists?!?  Hold on, I'm putting your father on the line.

*muffled voices in the background* She gets this from you!

Shepard :  Raela...

Tali :  Father; batarian terrorists.  I just need to you come down to the C-Sec precinct and sign for me.

Shepard :  *sighs*  That's my girl.


Missing section written by another fan that detailed Raela meeting Kolyat.