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Shepard escapes the elevator to go for the cockpit, Joker said she needs to see it herself. She hurries to her spot to the left side of his seat. “What’s wrong?”

He opens his console and points at three different spots. “See that? The krogans, turians and the salarians are just far enough from each other to be not in weapon range. I’m mean no pressure but that is next level tense.”

“Yeah, Wrex told me they could not agree on a neutral meeting ground until now.”

Joker clears his throat, not knowing how to express his concern. “Shep, don’t get me wrong but with you and Wrex… aren’t we considered biased technically?”

Shepard sighs. Not only technically. “Yup but all three of them agreed to negotiate with us here. So either they don’t know, don’t care or will use this against Wrex. We’ll see.”

Joker turns around to his console again. He sends all three fleets a notification of their arrival and their location for the meeting. “I don't like this.” He mumbles. “I really don’t, Shepard.”

She pats him on his shoulder lightly. “Me neither, Joker. Let’s hope we don’t cause another war.”

The pilot console pings and the fleets can be seen moving on the radar. “Showtime.”

Shepard turns on her heels to go back to the elevator, she has to change. As comfortable as her leggings and the training jacket are, she can’t hold a diplomatic meeting dressed this way.

When she arrives in her cabin she hangs her jacket over her desk chair and takes the captain attire out of her small closet. She grabs her hair tie from the desk and goes to the bathroom while she runs her hands through her long locks, trying to tame them a little bit.

It takes her a while but after some tries she manages to keep them in a bun, a messy one but at least they are not falling on her face. She takes a look in the mirror for a second, trying to calm her nerves.


Though she is looking forward to meet Wrex again, she wished it would be under different circumstances. 


This is going to suck, no matter the outcome. And she has to stay neutral and diplomatic, both are attributes she was always lacking of. 

Traynors voice sounds over the speakers. “Commander, the salarian Dalatrass and the krogan Clan-Chief are ready to come aboard.” 


“Have them brought to the conference room, I’ll join in a second.” Shepard puts her formal jacket on and checks her reflection one final time before she turns to leave her cabin. Usually she’d be mad that their elevator takes so long but right now she is thankful for every second she can stay in its small space.

But eventually it opens its doors with a woosh, releasing her. Traynor nods at her Commander with a compassionate smile on her face. Shepard smiles back but it doesn’t reach her eyes. The two Privates in the scan area salute her as she slowly passes them.

Wrex and the Dalatrass can already be heard arguing. Loudly. Shepard takes a deep breath before she opens the door to the conference room to join them.

The Dalatrass is pacing around. “The krogan is in no position to make demands!”

Wrex just folds his arms unimpressed. “The krogan has a name, Urdnot Wrex. And I am not just some junkyard varren you unleash whenever you’re in trouble."

Perfect. They just stared and are already on each others throats. Shepard takes her spot at the table, returning to her commander face. Wrex acknowledges her arrival with a nod. Not what Shepard expected after they have been apart for almost six months but considering the circumstances and the audience it is more than she can ask for.

Wrex looks at her for a second before he continues. “I’ve got my own problems. Reaper scouts have arrived on Tuchanka. So why should I care if a few turians go extinct?” 


Primarch Victus mirrors Wrex posture, not impressed either. “Trying to draw out negotiations will get you nowhere, Wrex. I have no time for it! Just tell us what you want for your help.”


The Clan-Chief leans on the table and turns his red eyes to the Dalatrass. “I’ll tell you what I need.  A cure for the genophage!”

The eyes of the salarian go wide in shock, Shepard is surprised as well but still keeps her mouth shut. Not so the Dalatrass. “Absolutely not! The genophage is non negotiable!”


"It should." Shepard sighs, this will be even harder than anticipated. "I understand you are opposed with the idea but we are past problems like the krogan rebellion. We have worse to fear.”

“You are not in the position to say that, Shepard. My people know them best.”

Wrex sneers at her. “According to you no one is in the position to to do shit. You used us to fight a war you couldn't win. It wasn’t any of your species or the asari that stopped the rachni. It was krogan blood that turned the tide!”

“Yes.” The Dalatrass admits. “And after that you ceased to be useful! The genophage was the only way to keep your ‘urges’ in check.”

If Wrex eyes could light fire, the salarian would be a pile of ash. Shepard can see how hard he tries not to jump over the table and snap the womans neck.

Victus interferes “Dalatrass, you may not like him but Wrex is right. Insulting him won’t change that."


But she just waves him off “I won't apologize for speaking the truth. We uplifted the krogan to do one thing: wage war. It is all they know because it is all we wanted them to know.”

Shepard has to sigh in annoyance, this is leading nowhere. “Yeah, I think we all went to school and learned about the rachni war, your people's morals behind their actions is a matter to debate but not here-

“I won’t let history repeat!” The Dalatrass interrupts. “Cure the genophage and you doom us all.”

Shepard has enough of this overly dramatic woman. “Whether you like it or not we all need krogan help to win this war!"


“And then what once it is over? We'll simply trade one enemy for another. There won’t be peace because krogans don’t know how-”

Victus slams his fist on the table in frustration “Enough! This is all theoretical. It would take years to formulate a cure. Time we simply don’t have.”


Wrex huffs a sarcastic laugh. “My information says otherwise.” He moves from his spot to the small console on the desk in front of Shepard. While typing in some codes he continues. “A salarian scientist, Maelon. He was on my planet testing a cure on our females.” 

He turns his face to Shepard. “You met him.”

She nods. “Yeah and I remember his methods to be baberic.”

“But what you didn’t know is that other females survived his experiments.” He types on one data and the screen behind them starts to play a video. It shows secret recordings in a salarian laboratory, krogan females locked away in small glass cabins.

“So…” Wrex continues. “The Dalatrass sent in a team to clean up the whole mess and to take them prisoners.” 


Oh no. That’s not good. Shepard and Wrex turn to the Dalatrass who seems to be lost for words. “Where did you get this? This could be just a fabrication!”


Wrex storms to her, glaring at her with fury in his eyes. “Don’t dare to insult me! Those are my people and they are immune to the genophage. And you. Give. Them. Back!”

Shepard steps in between them before it escalates, she gently pushes Wrex back who looks at her for a moment before he retreats. 


The Primarch leaves his spot as well. “Dalatrass, is this really true?”

But she isn’t answering, instead she ignores both men and turns to Shepard. “How will a cure benefit my people?” 


Okay, fuck diplomats and fuck being biased. 


“What the hell, are you really that blind? Pallavan is burning right now, Earth is burning right now! And so will Sur'kesh, Thessia and every other damn planet in this galaxy if we won’t cement this alliance. The genophage is going on for over one thousand years, the krogan paid for the rebellion, a lot has changed since then! They deserve to be cured.”


The Primarch agrees. “She is right. The hard truth is we don’t have a choice.” He steps closer to the salarian. “Give Wrex what he wants.” 


But the Dalatrass just keeps looking at Shepard. "I'm the blind one? Actually I'm afraid your 'sympathy' towards krogans is clouding your judgment."


And here they go. Shepard figured it would be only a matter of time for one of them to bring up their relationship. She wants to answer but Wrex is faster than her. 


"Shut the fuck up! Dragging privat affairs into this discussion to save your own skin, we all agreed for the Normandy to be the neutral ground, so treat it that way!"

Shepard tries again, in a now calmer voice. “Dalatrass, see that way. Either a cure or a harvested galaxy. Your call."


The salarian woman sighs, finally realising she has been defeated. “The females are being kept at one of our STG bases on Sur'kesh.” She turns to face Shepard again. “But I warn you, Commander. The consequences of this will be felt for centuries to come!”

“Fine by me.” Shepard simply says as she rounds the table to get to the exit “They’ll be nothing compared to what happens if the Reapers win.”


Wrex smiles at his human. “Let's get the females.”


But the Dalatrass interferes again “You are not setting foot on Sur'kesh! This will take time to-”


“Now!” Victus growls. “It happens now. As a Council Spectre, Shepard can oversee the exchange.”

After a moment of silence all three turn and leave the Dalatrass alone but she speaks up again one final time to threaten Shepard. “I won’t forget this, Commander. A bully has few friends when he needs them most!”

She waves it off with her hand before the door closes behind her. It won't be her who’ll have to face the Reapers on her own, it’s the salarians if they won’t cooperate.

When the three of them enter the CIC, both Victus and Wrex turn around to talk to her at the same time. Wrex glares at Victus, trying to intimidate him and it works. The turian tells Shepard he has important bussines with her to discuss and asks her to see him once she and the Clan-Chief are 'done'.


Wrex waits for him to get out of earshot before he turns his attention back to the Commander. “I have to talk with you. One to one, business related, but that can wait.”

Shepard raises an eyebrow in question. “Uhm, okay. Then why did you scare off the Primarch?”


He comes a step closer, entering her personal space. “Private matters.”

Shepard can't help but snort a laugh. “Very smooth, Wrex.” She turns to Traynor and orders to set course to Sur'Kesh once the Dalatrass passed the exact position of the lab with the females.

Wrex is already standing in the elevator waiting for her, his eyes are not leaving hers. The intense and hungry stare does things to her. Smiling she joins him and pushes the button to her cabin. Finally they can have the reunion she was hoping for.





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The moment the elevator starts moving, Wrex has to shift from one foot to the other.


"What's the matter, big guy? Nervous?" Shepard can't hide her smile.


Wrex doesn't look at her, his eyes are glued at the small display on the wall. Still on the CIC floor according to it. "Teasing Shepard? You should know better than teasing a krogan you left waiting for months."


She frowns at him. "Yeah, sure. Like the Alliance left me a choice."


"Told ya not to hand yourself in. I'd have loved to see 'em trying to get you off my planet."


Shepard folds her arms in front of her chest. "Mood killer, Wrex."


"Nah." He chuckles. "I know how to get you back in the mood." If only the damn elevator would hurry. His groin plates startet shifting the moment he got word of the other races agreeing to board the Normandy for negotiations.


Wrex can't help but shift again. The armor is getting painfully tight. This topic might be a mood killer for her but surely not for him. If anything it reminds him of how long he had been abstinent.


Neither of them said something about monogamy but still Wrex waited for her. The women of his clan are hard to seduce and furthermore his mind was very occupied with gaining and keeping his power among his clan and the others.


Except for the one time he was on the Citadel, when he paid Cora's Den one final visit before it closed. They never lacked of beautiful dancers and hookers. He considered taking a human to the private areas of the club but in the end he just payed for his drinks and left.


Somehow it didn't feel right. And for some reason he didn't find the human females nor the asari very alluring. Something he noticed with his own females, too. The work of making them agree to sleep with him started to seem not worth the outcome anymore.


All he could have thought about was Shepards lips and what they were capable of, something no krogan could give him. Sure, Coras humans could have done it, too and probably even their asari but if he's honest with himself it's not about the strange mouth pillows in particular, it's about Shepards mouth.


He still remembers the last time they were together, how she smelled, how she tasted, how she wiggled underneath him in ecstasy. Wrex can feel his already fully emerged cock throbbing in anticipation, he ties to think of something else before he loses his mind.


Shepard seems to notice the reason behind his discomfort. They had a similar situation happen when she was on Tuchanka before she left for the Collector-Base. "So…" Her voice sounds suspiciously playful. Slowly she places her hand on his chest with a wicked smile.


"You really waited for me? A wonder you didn't exploded during my time under arrest. Six months are a long time after all."


Wrex knows what she is trying to do and unfortunately it works. Without a word he grabs her, lifting her up. Shepard quickly wraps her legs around his waist with a mischievous grin on her face.


Having her trapped between him and the wall, he buries his face in her neck to savor her sweet smell. She smells even better than he remembered, having him even more turned on. Krogans may lack of lips for kissing but he quickly learned he still can nip at her skin. Having her sighing nevertheless.


The stupid jacked of hers is getting in his way eventually, blocking him from the soft skin of her throat. With almost no effort he tears the cloth apart, it's buttons flying against the walls and to the metal ground loudly.


Finally the elevator doors open. Just in time. Wrex carries her out to the small anteroom. Her legs let go but he keeps her close to him. Carefully he lets her down, only to spin her around.


Impatiently he removes the groin parts of his armor, finally releasing his rock hard member. In the meantime Shepard got rid of her trousers and panties which are pooling around her ankles.


The smell of her arousal hits him hard when she pushes her ass up to meet him. It's intoxicating. Wrex wastes no time and positions himself behind her.


Quickly he enters her with ease and both moan at the feeling they have longed for so long. Wrex won't let her adjust to his size, he starts moving forcefully, pushing in further and withdraws again. His talons buried deep into the sensitive skin of her hips while he takes her in a fast rhythm.


He figures his grasp might be to hard but he couldn't care less. That what she gets for teasing him and her moaning and sighing speaks for itself, no complaining from her side.


Shepards legs start to tremble, the sensation of Wrex blunt spikes along his length are creating friction and sensation she could never have with someone else and of the thick and pointy tip is hitting her g-spot with unbelievable precision.


Her moaning and slick hot wetness is drawing Wrex closer to the edge with every thrust. It only takes him a few more to lose his rhythm. With a low grunt he spills himself inside her. Instead of catching his breath he withdraws completely.


Shepard wants to complain but whatever she was about to say dies in her throat when Wrex spins her around to face him again.


She looks up at him with flushed cheeks and half lidded eyes, Wrex grabs her thighs and picks her up to presses her against the wall. He spreads her legs as far as possible.


Shepard lets her head fall back when he pushes into her again. With the new angle, his groin plates press against her clit the most pleasant way possible. She bites her lips, trying to keep her sounds down.


Something Wrex notices and he doesn't approve of it. He darts his tongue out and licks over her pulse point. His human buries her nails in his chest plate in response. But she's still too quiet for his liking.


Wrex increases the speed and strength of his thrusts, almost slamming into her. Shepard clings to him for dear life, she is close. Wrex nips at her neck one final time before he bites her where her neck and shoulder meet.


Shepard cries out, not in pain but in pure pleasure. It throws her over the edge, hard. Her orgasm is leaving her squirming in her krogans hands. Wrex response with an orgasm of his own, her tightening and spasming walls making him follow her suit only seconds later.


Both are panting heavily, not letting go of each other. Shepard nuzzles Wrex neck while they recover. Not trusting her legs, Wrex carries her to the door to her cabin which opens for them.


He takes the stairs and carefully lays her down on her bed. Shepard swipes loose strands of hair from her forehead as she looks up at her krogan with a small smile on her lips. "Done already?"


Wrex laughs lowly. “Heh, this was just foreplay. I’m everything but done with you just yet.” Only now he stars to remove the rest of his armor, Shepard crowls to the end of the bed to help him. It's falls unceremoniously to the ground, piece by piece until he's completely naked.


He looks down at her to find her beaming at him. Damn, she is a sight.


Slowly Wrex leans down to nip on her lips and Shepard kisses him back. It's ridiculous but Wrex can't deny he likes it. "My turn." She whispers against his skin.


The bed shifts and protests loudly under Wrex weight but it doesn’t break. This time. He leans against the headboard of her bed, watching her getting rid of the ridiculous jacket and her bra underneath it.


Slowly she comes closer and straddles his legs.Wrex eyes never leave hers when she slowly lowers her head towards his cock. His pulse quickens when he feels the tip of her tongue slowly wandering from the base up his length and to the tip. She encircles his tip with her full lips and starts bobbing her head ever so slowly.


Dammit, it feels even better than he remembered. It takes all his strength not to move his hips to thrust into her warm mouth. Her slow pace is maddening and perfect at the same time. Too much and not enough.


The Clan-Chief can’t keep from growling when Shepard starts to suck on his tip. She circles it with her tongue every now and then and continues to suck again. Taking more of his length in with everytime she does it.


Stars start to dance behind Wrex eyelids. He can’t even remember when he closed them and he doesn’t care. He pulls harder at the sheets when he feels Shepards delicate fingers massaging his quad while the speed of her working him with her mouth increases.


Eventually she releases him again with a loud plop. Wrex opens his eyes just in time to see her slowly lowering herself on him. A sigh leaves her swollen lips as she sits down on her lover. She stays still for a moment, only looking down at him before she slowly starts to move her hips, riding him.


Wrex can already see bruises developing on her thighs and hips and it fills him with pride and even more lust. He lets his hands wander from her thighs up to hips and buries his talons in her skin again.


Shepard moans in response and gets faster with her rhythm. Her walls are already starting to get tighter. Wrex meets her movement with thrust of his own. Their bodies are loudy meeting each other while they fuck.


Her moaning is getting louder and louder, encouraging Wrex to let go of his self control. Her whole body starts shaking from her sudden orgamsn when he takes her with force. Shepard is so hot and almost painfully tight, Wrex can’t hold himself back any longer. He slams into her until his quad tighten, preparing for his release.


His vision goes white and he is losing all his sense when he comes undone in her with a loud and deep rumble in his chest, it is vibrating through his whole body. The tip of his cock starts to swell, same for his once blunt spikes.


Wrex opens his eyes when he realises what just happened. He looks up at Shepard who looks back at him with wide open eyes, stunned. "What the fuck, Wrex?” She asks, still panting.


“Sorry.” He simply whispers, completely out of breath and a bit dazed. Without a thought he adjusts his hips, causing Shepard to hiss in pain. His spikes are keeping her in place and punish even the slightest movement. “Shit, Wrex. What is that?”


“I… got carried away.” He starts as he lets his hands fall back to her thighs. “I… we are locked. Won’t last long, though. A few minutes.”


It takes Shepard a moment to realise what's going on. “Did… did you just knot with me?”


Wrex doesn’t answer, he is still catching his breath. Shepard slowly leans down to him for a kiss on his mouth. “Should I feel honored?”


“Not when you are so damn smut about it.” He raises his arms to hug her to him. “Just be happy it didn’t happen in your mouth.”


She lays down on his chest, as far as his spikes let her. For once she doesn’t say anything, she just let him hug her. Wrex closes his eyes again, savoring the moment of having his human knot with him.


He totally forgot this feeling. Until now he did it only once, when he still was a young and stupid krogan, just after his rite with a female he can’t even remember the name of. Ever since no other woman got him even close to knotting.


Damn, if someone have told him, someday he would have Shepard kept in place by his member, he’d simply shot the person for talking shit.


He feels the swell of his spikes and tip going back, releasing Shepard from his hold, but neither of them make an attempt to move. Shepards thumb is drawing lazy circles on his chest and he does the same on her back.


“I’ve missed you.” He feels her whisper against his neck.


“Of course you did.” He earns a light punch on his chest from her in return but he just huffs a laugh. He rolls them to the side, finally able to face her without looking down at her all the time. He still can’t believe he is with her. That a human would cause his hearts to skip beats at her sight. As strange as it is, Wrex wouldn’t trade it for anything, except for-


“Commander, the Dallatras gave us the exact position of the krogan females and left the ship. Do you want us to set course?”


Shepard answers Traynor with a simply “Yes.” Not making any effort to move out of her lovers arms. It will take hours to get to Sur'kesh anyway, a short nap won’t hurt. Slowly but surely the Commander drifts off to sleep, when suddenly she feels Wrex low voice rumble through his chest.


“Hey, Shepard?”




“I’ve missed you, too.”