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WoF fic ideas/thoughts

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Winter head-canons (that are completely out of character)


  • he likes singing but wouldn’t ever let anyone hear him (by choice, looking at you Qibli)
  • he also likes art but never has any inspiration, so he draws people around him (mostly Moon and Qibli)
  • (Human au) he drinks an insane amount of coffee, and is genuinely concerned about his health (along with everyone else)
  • he has a hard time sleeping at night
  • he mentally competes with other people (insecurity at its finest)
  • He is afraid of getting to close to others, but eventually gets more comfortable
  • he gets startled easily, but is very good at keeping it hidden

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Ok so I think that tribes should have accents. they usually don't live together, so it makes sense. (at least to me)


I pretty sure this isn't right but I think it'd be hilarious if icewings had really thick Russian accents

Skywings could have German accents (which would also be really funny)

Rainwings have Australian accents (this is canon)

Mudwings could have southern accents (Stereotypical American accent basically)

Sea wings could have Japanese accents (idk why I just kinda think it fits?)

Nightwings could have British accents

I don't know what accents sandwings or dragons from Pantala would have, sorry. I'm tired. I'll think of it one day. Comment if you have an idea? Please?


Tribes having accents could actually add to the story. They might not be able to understand each other well, which would create new problems for them. It also separates tribes even more, and it alienates dragons without the accent. (For example, Dragonets of destiny. They wouldn't have accents from their tribe)

Overall I think it'd be funny


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A soulmate au where your soulmates name is written on your wrist. The color indicates the relationship you will have. Red means romantic, Blue means platonic, and purple means it could go either way. The name only appears when you are 16 years old. If a soulmate dies, the name will turn black. Soulmates can be one-sided. The only way to get forcefully rid of them is through magic, but they can't be replaced.

Ok, enough background info.


The main plot would be that Winter would turn 16 at Jade mountain academy, and Qibli's name turns up in purple on his wrist.

He freaks out because:

1.) his parents aren't supportive of him being friends with anyone, especially if they're from other tribes.

2.) His parents are homophobic.

3.) He doesn't want Qibli to find out. (An additional problem could be that he thought he was straight or asexual of something but that's optional)

4.) MAYBE most icewings don't have soulmates, and the only other recorded time an icewing had a soulmate from another tribe was Arctic and Secretkeeper (which would probably cause Winter to have a mental breakdown, which could also factor into the plot)

5.) he has major trust issues 

6.) he thought that his soulmate would be Lynx (or some other icewing)



This can be either really fluffy or really angsty.



If you want fluff:


1.) It turns out that Qibli already knew because he was 16


2.) Qibli was 15 with a massive crush on Winter / really wants to be his BFF and is overjoyed when he finds out.



And for angst:


1.) Qibli is already 16 and knows Winter's name is on his wrist, but since Winter covers his wrist (with makeup or something), Qibli thinks it's one-sided. This causes Qibli to become very depressed and he wonders why he is unworthy of getting a soulmate that isn't one-sided. This can either end with a happy ending or a sad one.

          A.) Qibli finds out the truth and is overjoyed

          B.) Qibli doesn't find out the truth and decides to cut contact with Winter / leaves (either with or without telling Winter)


2.) Qibli is Winter's soulmate but Qibli doesn't have a soulmate. This breaks Winter's heart because even though his parents didn't approve, he still wanted a soulmate. (platonic or otherwise). This causes him to be even more closed off. This can go multiple ways,

          A.) Qibli didn't have a soulmate but still loved Winter, So him pulling away broke Qibli's heart.

          B.) Qibli thinks that he did something wrong and that’s why Winter is being more cold (no pun intended) than before. This causes him to be closed off himself and push everyone away. This can be even better if Qibli didn't know he was Winter's soulmate

          C.) Qibli doesn’t even care. (He doesn't believe in soulmates or he never felt the same way towards Winter) Winter's reaction can be whatever you want. (The angstier the better)


3.) EVEN WORSE: Qibli's soulmate is Moon (or someone else)

          A.) Winter cuts contact with Qibli and/or Moon

          B.) Winter tries to get rid of the name on his wrist but doesn't know how / doesn't want to give up his secret

          C.) Qibli doesn't want his soulmate to be Moon and tries to get rid of it so he can be with Winter but isn't successful

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I just want someone to write something with them playing some sort of game other than truth or dare


like, imagine Cards Against Humanity, but for dragons (or apples to apples//any other games like that)



“I can’t be your friend anymore. Get out of my sight.”


crazy eights 

“If you’re making that rule up I swear on the moons I will smite you”





”you’re dead to me, pathetic scavenger” “hey!!”



”why do you _____wings have such good poker faces???”

“___, that’s racist”


I think you get the idea

I hope this may have inspired you a bit, or maybe made you laugh//blow air through your nose

truth and dare isn’t necessarily bad, but it gets really boring really fast


if, for some reason, you actually feel compelled to write about this, please let me know//give credit




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Angst ideas: (read the beginning note first)


Serious injury

-someone has to watch but can't help

-(1)caused by accident

-(2)caused by somebody (bonus points if they really regret it)

this doesn't have to be graphic, but if this triggers you don't write about it! Stay safe!


Panic attack

-Having a panic attack is terrifying, especially the first time

-(1)happens when they're alone

-(2)somebody helping them calm down

-calming down after

There was literally a huge war/multiple other traumatizing events, there would definitely be some PTSD. Again though, be careful if you write this,, don't write it if it triggers you and make sure you put a trigger warning so you don't potentially harm somebody else!



-(1) serious illness

     -no cure//life threatening

-(2) minor illness

     -having to be taken care of

     -Trust issues, bc they're at a weak moment due to their illness

     -anxiety bc of illness

I repeat: don't write about this if it triggers you!




-Not being chosen/somebody else is chosen

-feelings fading 

-established relationships falling apart

-tragedy pulling them apart

idk if this is triggering but if so, don't write about it >:(


This all I can think of rn, I'll probably add more later

Let me know what you think... please... I'm begging you

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Just them playing instruments // Band AU


What if the winglets were all different bands!!!!!

Each trying to become famous!!!!

And the Dragonets of Destiny were the most famous and were trying to help the smaller bands!!!!!


Example, Jade Winglet: 

Qibli (or Umber) could play drums

Winter would most likely play some classical instrument, but an electric version (probably piano/keyboard,,, but could you imagine an electric cello that would be wild)

Turtle could play rhythm guitar

Kinkajou and Moon would probably be singers (Kinkajou would probably start as the lead singer, but over time Moon and her can both be the lead singers. I can also see Moon playing keyboard either instead of or with singing)

Umber could also play bass guitar

Winter and/or Qibli could be the manager, completely exasperated/annoyed by the other member's antics


Example, Dragonets of Destiny:

Clay would probably play drums or bass guitar

Sunny would be singer

Tsunami would play electric guitar (but like, really aggresively)

Starflight would play keyboard or electric stringed instrument (I'm thinking either bass or viola, both lower pitched instruments that typically don't have the main melody but are still very important!!)

Glory would also be a singer most likely, probably the manager too

Deathbringer could also be a member, and would probably be either a singer or play a rhythm guitar









somebody please write this




I am begging you





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Ok so you know how Darkstalker wanted to take over everything? In the AU I've imagined, he actually does it. He gets control over the continent.

The main plot would be the characters (doesn't matter which ones, but Jade Winglet would probably work best) trying to defeat Darkstalker. This could happen in a variety of ways.



The ways that I thought of would be:

1.) A large scale rebellion, preferably lead by a mysterious leader (or Winter. Seriously my boi was NOT done justice in Darkness of Dragons)

2.) Qibli joined Darkstalker, but ends up betraying him (bonus points if it's for someone *cough* Winter and/or Moon *cough*)

3.) A bunch of small rebellions either slowly chipping away at his defense or coming together to defeat him

4.) A new prophecy (a real one)

5.) Pretty much anything else


The end result is up to you, but here are some of my ideas:

1.) Same as in the book 

2.) Darkstalker realizes he's in the wrong /  he became evil

3.) He is banished or something idk

4.) He dies

5.) Whatever you want it to be



Idk, I just think that this would be very interesting to read. Let me know what you though or if there is anything you want me to talk about


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THE STORY IS Jade Dragons BY JadeNightTheWriter




(sorry for caps, I'm just really, really happy!!!)

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Glory head-canons


  • Very, very sarcastic
  • Silently (or maybe verbally) judges anyone who claims they are 'fluent in sarcasm' 
  • Gets annoyed and/or embarrassed when her scales change colors based on her emotions
  • Always gives people the weirded out/annoyed look™
  • (for human au) calls tea 'leaf water' and/or coffee 'bean water'
  • Smacks deathbringer on the back of the head anytime he annoys her (a lot of the time)
  • Actually will smack a lot of people on the back of the head
  • Doesn't get bored super easily
  • Rarely flinches at anything


that's all for now folks :)



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So you know how in Harry Potter when Professor Mcgonagall says "Why is it, whenever something happens, it's always you three?"


I just imagined someone saying that to Moon, Winter, and Qibli and I started cackling.


Moon would look really nervous or embarrassed.

Winter would be struggling to keep a neutral expression and/or suppressing anger

Qibli would just have this smug grin (and was probably the one to get them in trouble in the first place tbh)



I'm still trying not to laugh thinking about it and I don't know why,,,,, I mean I am running on about two hours of sleep but still

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This was my dream last night,,,,, (although my dream made a lot less sense, this is just a more logical summary)

Oh and btw, I have very vivid dreams sometimes.


Do any of you guys know what Danganronpa is? (if you do you can see where this is going)


If not, I'll attempt to explain. 

Danganronpa is a (very dark, but still amazing) video game series. Each character in the game has an 'ultimate talent'. The talent can be pretty much anything. For example: ultimate lucky student.

In the games, the characters are forced to participate in a killing game. Let me explain the premise: there are 16 students forced to be in the game. They are all trapped in a 'school'. In order to escape, they must kill another student. They are also given many 'motives'. That means that they are given a specific reason to kill another person beyond just escaping.

However, they don't automatically escape if they murder another student. In the game there are class trials, where the rest of the students have to figure out who killed the victim. 

If the murderer is caught, they die. (in the games they have brutal executions, but I wouldn't advise including that,,,,) If the murderer isn't caught, the rest of the students die and the murderer gets to escape. 

However, that isn't it. You eventually find out that everything in the game was a stimulation, and more importantly a popular show. It is revealed that characters actually volunteered for the show as well. The characters have fabricated memories and are basically completely different people. If a students dies, they wake up from the stimulation with no physical harm, just lots of trauma basically. 


Idk if that made sense but I tried. 



Anyways, my dream involved dragons (or humans if that's what you want) being put in the game by Darkstalker. It is up to you if the characters volunteered or were forced. (I don't remember that)

In my dream, nobody died. They basically refused to murder each other, and unlike the game there were no introduced motives. 


I remember a few characters, most of them I don't remember their ultimate talents (or, as they were called in my dream I think, super talents)

The talents I remember were:

-Turtle: ultimate writer

-Darkstalker: ultimate assassin

-Qibli- ultimate lucky student

Characters I remember were there:



-Peril (she miiiight have been ultimate fighter but idk)



So yeah. Thats it. 


I don't think anyone would want to write about this (especially if you don't know the games)

I might actually write this,,,, idk. 


I just think it would be very interesting. 

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Animus dragons in Pantala. Imagine Bumblebee as an animus. Imagine it.


i honestly don’t know how or why I haven’t thought of this tbh

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Ok so this would either be a human au or an au where dragons have technology





Youtuber au









I have a few ideas what some of their channels would be like, so here goes: (btw, if for some reason you actually wanted to write this, you don't have to follow this!! Also, sorry not everyone is included!)


Kinkajou: dance/parkour channel. She would give instructions for dancing (doesn't matter which type, but break dancing would be hilarious) and film herself climbing things. She would most likely invite all of her friends to her channel for guest appearances

Moon: book review kind of channel with really calming vibes

Qibli: conspiracy theories about random stuff. I would honestly love it if he did challenges relating to his content, such as being given random topics and having to turn it into a conspiracy theory. (he would also probably have nearly everyone as a guest on his channel at least once)

Peril: "what would happen if I set this egg on fire??? Let's find out!!" ('science experiments')

Glory: makeup, but with an intense attitude. Something along the lines of "You want your makeup to be so bold it instantly asserts dominance over any fool who even looks at you"

Deathbringer: really stupid but still hilarious pranks (ex. tackling people. he includes a lot of usually unwilling guests...)

Sunny: aesthetic and positive content

Clay: many types of challenges, mostly involving cooking/eating ridiculous amounts of food

Starflight: either book analysis or educational videos. He would be the savior of many students (like sparknotes but better)



thats all I can think of for now....... thank you for reading!


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I literally could not stop thinking about this even though it's a stupid idea but please give me a chance


So I'm imagining an au where there are many types powers, not just the canon ones. Sort of like My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia.


For the people who don't know what that is, essentially it is a world where the majority of the people have superpowers, known as 'quirks' (80% if I remember correctly) Quirks are genetic, but oftentimes the quirks of both parents combine to make a new quirk. No two quirks are exactly the same, however they are often put into different categories. Quirks develop during childhood, so people aren't born able to use their quirk or even know what it is. 

There are also people who are born 'quirkless'. Basically, they have no powers. They could go through their early childhood not knowing that (due to the fact the quirks develop when they are a child) Whether or not this will matter is up to you. 




So my idea is that each tribe has different sets of powers (which powers belong to who I don't know), which are all accompanied by physical traits. 

Also, I think it'd be really funny/cool(?) if these powers just suddenly develop with no warning. One day someone goes to sleep normal then wakes up with pitch black eyes or something idk


Examples of powers:

-Ability to emit bright light. They would probably have a very faint glow and maybe strange colored eyes. (This would make most sense for icewings because of their resistence to bright lights,,, I think? )

-Ability to emit darkness/shadows. They'd probably have darker scales (or hair/skin for human au) and black eyes (or just scelera, your choice). (also, this would probably be a nightwing power but idk,,, they already have two so I mean,,,,, unless you got rid of those they might become too op. Could you imagine Darkstalker with this power? Nightmare.)

-Ability to 'freeze' an object as in making it still/unable to move or maybe temporarily turn it into stone? I'd imagine this would come with maybe frozen/stone parts of their body or something

-Ability to shape shift, but very limited. As in only a few types of animals or something. For physical traits, they might have some type of trait of the animal(s) they can turn into?? (like fur or strange shaped horns)

-Ability to go through objects/walls/physical stuff. For a physical trait I think it'd be cool if they just look blurred around the edges. 

-Ability to lift/move stuff with their mind (telekinesis) They might be either really thin/wiry or really buff. Your choice



-(suggested by anon on tumblr) Mudwings could turn their scales into stone on some parts of their body (or their whole body for the most powerful ones), and the physical trait would be unique cracked patterns on the areas they can turn into stone!

-(also suggested by anon on tumblr) Skywings would have some effect on the weather, such as breeze or a few clouds. On their own it isn't that powerful, but a huge army would be able to make huge storms or even tornadoes!!!! A physical trait I thought could be cool is little clouds floating around them

-(yet again suggested by anon on tumblr) For the shapeshifting power mentioned above, anon suggested that the animal parts on the dragon (horns, ears, tails, etc.) would turn into dragon parts when they transform! (example: if the dragon has fur on its leg but when they transform they could have scales on their leg)


(end of edit)


That's all I can think of rn,,,,, sorry. These are just some examples tho, so don't think you have to be limited to / use this list! All of these examples are just some loose ideas, so if you're interested in this you can choose whatever you want!



Other thoughts/questions:

-Would there be discrimination/hatred/fear against anyone with powers? 

     -Would it vary from power to power?

-What kind of physical impact will using their power have on their body?

     -Positive? Negative?

     -Does it vary?

     -Is there a limit on how much they can use their power?

-Would tribes have multiple types of powers?

-How common are powers?

-Does the strength of each power vary from each individual and/or tribe?

-Are powers common or rare?

     -Are certain levels of strength rare?

     -Are some more common or rare than others?




Yeah that's all I have for now folks. Thank you :)





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Random thoughts that I don't have enough ideas about to make a full chapter



-Dragon equivalent of a road trip

-Two dragons from different tribes stuck together/forced to band together to accomplish some task and/or save someone

-Jade mountain academy, but it's a college instead (works best with human au but whatever)

-Dragons with tv/internet/modern technology. What's the worst that could happen?

-Dragons with a bow and arrow (or some other projectile). Just yes. 



-Natural disaster causing many or most dragons to die, leaving behind a small group. Could be one tribe or affect all tribes, idk

-A new war breaking out because of a) a queen dying (maybe from murder?), b) a misunderstanding or seemingly random declaration of war, or c) whatever the heck you want

     -It would be cool to see which tribes side with who

-A dragonet of destiny/other important dragon dying or going missing, and the after effects of it all

-Some type of sickness spreading across the continent



-tribe switch. The character's tribe changes to another tribe. 

     -or maybe a body swap??? idk

-No royalty au (another form of government. Or maybe no government. Go anarchy.)

-Two dragons send letter to each other but have no clue who the other is, until they finally meet up and.... idk, something happens. Maybe they're from tribes that hate each other??



My Tumblr. You can submit ideas and stuff. If you wanna be anonymous or don't want to comment here then this is probably the best way to share your ideas with me ^-^

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I would love to read a fic where the main characters have different tribes. Yeah. 


It could either be an au where they've always been different tribes, or they could magically have their tribes switched.

An au would probably make more sense, because then you could get more into their different upbringings, personalities, and/or memories. 



Example: Winter is an Icewing, and was raised with very high expectations and fear or failure.

1.) Imagine if he was always a Sandwing and wasn't forced to try to be 'perfect'. This could completely change the way he thinks of himself and treats other people. 

2.) Imagine if his tribe was changed and he learned about how differently he would be treated and the expectations set for him. 



I just think it'd be really cool if someone did this. 


(as always, don't feel limited by what I say)

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Love is Mystical: A Battle of the Bands AU!!!!!!