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cry me a river

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The last thing Jimin expected to find in his private email are photos of his girlfriend. Not only photos of his love, sent from a Dispatch address. His girlfriend, who left his bed just a few hours ago, in bed with another man. In a park during the night, with another man, holding hands, kissing, laughing. His Hyejin with another man. For a second he just holds in a breath, boring a hole into his screen with the intensity of his glare.


It’s a lot to take in, he feels like somebody just crushed him with a ton of stones. He feels way more than he ever expected. 


He looks at the man in the photos so intensely his eyes start to hurt. Lee Shiwoo - singer. Lee Shiwoo holding his girlfriend, making her laugh and duck her head shyly. The same Shiwoo who is always under him on charts, always. A singer he always respected and who seemed to respect him back. The man who always speaks highly about him and calls Jimin his idol .  Shiwoo saw them together at red carpets multiple times, never even acknowledging her more than by a bow. 


He knows who she is, or more who she is with. They were very open about their relationship, a brave move they decided to make just so they could be happy freely. How long exactly has this been going on for? On one hand, Jimin never wants to find out, but on the other, he wants to know the truth, the whole painful truth about them.


It must be fake. He wants it to be fake but somehow, he believes it. Just to be sure he sends them to his manager so he can check if it’s photoshopped. It makes no sense to him; they never had problems, they don’t even fight. The little spark of hope that lightened up in him dies down not too long after the photos are sent. When his phone rings and he sees his manager’s name, he knows the answer.


“Yes?” He asks weakly, picking up the phone.


On the other side, there is a deep sigh. So it’s the truth. All of it.


“Jimin, I’m so sorry,” Hoseok says in the most delicate voice he has ever heard him speak in.


Jimin clears his throat, trying to get rid of the lump growing inside. “It’s okay.”


“If I can do anything for you, just tell me.”


He just nods, disconnecting the call. He leaves his phone on the desk, the computer still  turned on, the photos still on the screen, and he goes to bed. 


It’s not okay. He feels so humiliated. So hurt. He loves her, he thinks so at least. 


They’ve been together for almost a year, half of it in the public eye. They are perfect for each other, happy, talented and beautiful. The perfect couple. But now? Now he somehow doubts it. Is he a better singer? Lover? Model? Is he funnier? He is always lower than Jimin, in every chart, at every award show. If Shiwoo respects him so much, why would he humiliate him like this?


Tired of the sudden wave of feelings and close to tears, he decides to hide in his bed, in the hopes of getting himself together. He doesn’t know what to do now. He still feels like he loves her but he can’t see them together anymore. He wanted to plan them a sweet, private vacation on a tropical island and he already got her a birthday gift. Would they last until then? Would she ever tell him or would she just pretend just like she did this morning? The way she smiled at him and kissed him goodbye. That wasn’t sincere. It hurts so badly, all of their happy moments just falling apart. Was it all a lie?


Jimin falls asleep exhausted with crying and overthinking.


Once he finally leaves his bed, disoriented after hours of sleep the sadness is washed off in a way he can think without crying. Still, he feels numb and betrayed, at the end of the day he is betrayed. He still hasn’t figured out how he will address the situation with her but he knows they won’t be continuing their relationship. This is too much to just ignore, he doesn’t trust her. To be honest, he doesn’t even think she wants him. But for some reason, she is still here. 


Jimin decides to just get the thing ended and calls her up as soon as he feels a little bit more awake. His hands are shaking and his heart is hurting, but it needs to be done. He never was a confrontational person, and he feels anxiety bubbling inside him. But what needs to be done, needs to be done.


After a couple of attempts at calling her where his connection is either declined or goes to voicemail he decides to just send a text. It’s strange, she always picks up his calls or maybe he is just suddenly very attentive of her every move. They need to have this conversation and he feels that she knows exactly why he is calling her so urgently. 


to: hyejin ;3

we need to talk


from: hyejin ;3

you saw the photos


Jimin’s jaw drops. Sure, he suspected why Hyejin declined all his calls but he never thought she would be this straight forward. They have never been like this, everything between them was always so soft and delicate, even this morning.


His breath stutters as he feels tears dwell in his eyes. This is not how this was supposed to go, it should be quick and painless, like tearing off a bandaid but here he is. The reality hits him hard and he sits heavily on the couch in his silent, empty apartment. 


He tilts his head back, looking at the ceiling as the orange hue of the sunset spreads all over it. This is really it, they are done. They will no longer go outside together, Hyejin will no longer tell him she loves him. They will no longer text whole nights and worry about each other. Now he will be lonely with nowhere to go, with all his friends busy with their private lives.


He is alone now.


Maybe that’s the reason he stays like this for a long time, just wanting to be with somebody a little longer. The second he will send the text he typed in very carefully, he is single. He never assumed he would be single again. His hopelessly romantic heart saw them grow old together with kids and grandkids and a big garden. 


Suddenly he feels hot anger boiling inside him, his whole body heating up. He shouldn’t be sad about cutting her off. This is good for him. He was being lied to and cheated on for however long they were going on behind his back. She lost something that they could have and he will be fine.


to: hyejin ;3

then you are aware. i mean, you are part of this, whatever this is. this is over for us and i think you aren’t surprised by this. i always thought we were better, that we were honest with each other. if something wasn’t the way you wanted, you could always have told me. i really trusted you, i wanted us to be happy. you could have just broken up with me and gone to him. bye


He sends the message and instantly goes on to unfollow her and deleted all of their photos together. He goes as far as blocking her and muting her username, not wanting to hear any of it. His heart is beating so harshly he feels like he is running as he deletes all traces of her from his life. This is the end of their chapter.


Before he can leave Twitter he already sees news articles popping up, all of them include the photos he received a couple of hours ago. Somehow, he doesn’t feel bad for the reaction she will receive, the anger in him fogging his sympathy for her.


It’s not just me who will hurt.


Not even a full day after the hell breaks loose Jimin finally accepts his feelings and cries for an hour, exhausting himself completely. He avoids all social media, staying in touch only with his closest friends who decide to pay him a visit, just to get his mind off of Hyejin.


He should have known it means they will come in with hands full of alcohol but somehow, he doesn’t mind. 


“Guys, it’s too much alcohol even for a breakup,” he whines. Still, he finally smiles.


Seokjin looks at him like he just saw a ghost. “There is never too much alcohol! We’ll probably need more.”


“Not me!” Screams Jungkook, instantly raising his hand.


“Not me!” Taehyung screeches from the bathroom.


“Shut your mouth and pee! No culture!” Seokjin scream even louder, in a way all of Jimin’s neighbors must hear him. “Did your parents never tell you not to speak from the bathroom?!”


Jimin laughs so hard he throws his body on the kitchen island, so close to tears but this time happy ones.


“That’s not a rule!” Taehyung screams back.


“Yah! I’m older!”


Taehyung leaves the bathroom with a smug smile on his face. “And going to the store for more alcohol.”


Now he doesn’t regret letting them in. They are completely right, he needs to take his mind off it and just have fun, laugh with people who are in his life and who he trusts, even if they don’t have much time for each other.


“Why me?!” 


“Hyung, you didn’t say it,” Jungkook says with furrowed brows, shoulders raised high in a way so it looks like he has almost no neck.


Seokjin opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water, looking for a way to get out of this situation.


“Guys, we won’t need more alcohol,” he says, looking at his friends with a soft smile. “Really. Let’s just eat and drink what we got, it’s more than enough.”


Jungkook nods enthusiastic, always ready to eat. They gather around Jimin’s coffee table and turn on Mulan because Jimin loves it the most. Normally they would argue with him and whine how they know the movie even in their sleep. But since he knows he has special treatment today, he wants to use it all he can.


He cuddles all of them, sticking to them one by one as the movie goes on. He laughs the loudest but they all whistle when Shang shows his chest.


“I love men!” Taehyung screams, drooling at the cartoon man while holding onto Jungkook’s biceps for dear life.


“You should write a hit about that,” Taehyung says, breaking the focused silence as Ping is exposed as a woman.


“Huh?” Jimin asks, feeling like he missed something.


“You should make a hit about it, revenge hit,” his friend says, Seokjin and Jungkook nodding along in agreement.


Jimin rolls his eyes, finishing a shot of soju. “That’s childish and petty.”


“But it would help,” Seokjin says carefully.


He doesn’t answer and they don’t touch the subject anymore. But it stays with him.


As Jimin assumed, the alcohol they brought was more than enough for his friends to get completely wasted. He takes care of them, guiding them to his guest room and making sure none of them want to throw up. Their drunk mumbling keeps him laughing through all of it.


He lays awake, listening if anyone wakes up, but mostly thinking. What Taehyung said earlier sure sounded like a dumb idea but through the night the seed bloomed and he sees the logic. He always makes his feelings into sounds, all of this best songs are about his life. This might be a healthy way to get his pain and anger out, to write a song about it.


But it needs to be good. Good and petty.


If Hoseok is confused with Jimin’s 5 AM call where he begs him to connect him with the best possible producer, he doesn’t ask. Mostly because he probably wasn't awake enough to ask questions. 


Yet, by the evening Jimin gets an email from not anyone else but Agust D, or Suga depending on who you ask. He is really impressed, he never even thought somebody of this caliber would want to work with him. Sure, he is topping lists and you can hear his voice everywhere but to work with Agust D you need to be chosen


The man doesn’t waste Jimin’s nor his time, setting a writing session the very next morning. They went through the basics, which is Jimin told him he wants to pour out his feelings and get revenge. He was ready for judgment or laughter but the producer just sent him back the address and time.


Jimin is nervous. He writes his music but he never had a writing session with Agust D. Hoseok didn’t want to give him any advice but Jimin squeezed out from him how he made this happen.


“We are old friends Jimin, back from my underground years,” he said with a small smile.


Now he feels responsible not to embarrass his Hyung by making a fool of himself.


He makes it inside the building in which the studio is placed. It’s a nice building but Jimin was surely expecting the usual expensive spaces most producers use just to intimidate more, to show off his wealth. This isn’t an office space, it’s a living space.


He finds the right door with a little bit of a struggle. The second his eyes finally land on the right number is heart starts to pick up its pace. Suddenly he thinks this is a bad idea, that he should just work with somebody he knows well. Not only because spilling your feelings in front of a stranger is hard but also because he is intimidated. It’s Agust D he is meeting, the man he never even looked at when they were close. And by close, he means he walked by him on the way to the stage, like twice in his whole career. It’s the best producer and he agreed to work with Jimin.


Jimin takes a deep breath and rings the bell. Before he can even take off his hand from the bell the door open. He stands frozen, looking at the man in front of him.


Agust D.


He gulps in fear at the sudden realization that he wasn’t expecting. He is so handsome.


“Come on in,” he says, inviting Jimin in with a gesture. “You’re exactly in time.”


Jmin walks in shyly, trying not to look around to not look like he is snooping around. The man lies a pair of fluffy slippers in front of him and disappears further into his space. Jimin feels like he can finally breathe as he changes his shoes away from the piercing eyes. He might be scared and shy but the other male seems to not feel the same, openly staring at Jimin.


“Do you want anything to drink?” The man asks, starting Jimin who finally made a step into the space.


It’s a small apartment with the most basic layout, with the room connected to the kitchen, a pair of doors that lead probably to a bedroom and a bathroom. It’s very confusing. All of this is a new experience he never saw anyone having a studio like this. It’s always just one cramped, dusty room.


“Ah, no, no,” he says, too shy to ask for anything once he can see the small kitchen space. He can see the way the older man rolls his eyes.


He sighs, “Jimin-ssi, you want something cold or warm?” He spreads his palms on the surface of the kitchen counter.


He hesitates for a second. “I- I’ll take something cold, Agust-ssi.” He bows awkwardly, playing with the hem of his sleeves.


At that the man laughs, his shoulders shaking, a wide smile showing his gums, something Jimin only saw in photos. Jimin’s jaw almost drops when he sees it, not expecting to make the man laugh.


“My name is Yoongi,” He says once he calms down. “You know that, right?”


Jimin’s mouth opens as he tries to find any words. This is so embarrassing. Of course, he knows his name but he never uses it, nobody does. It’s so normal between artists to call him by his nickname. In the end, they are all trying to keep a respectful distance, not to cross the line of professional contact.


“I’m sorry!” He says, bowing again face heating up.


Yoongi waves him off, “Don’t be. And don’t be so scared!” He points a finger at Jimin, making his freeze again. “We won’t make any good music if you’re this tense.”


He agrees but it’s easier said than done. As soon as they sit on the couch Jimin goes stiff again. Being in a new place is nerve wracking. No matter how many times Yoongi tells him to relax and sit normally he just can’t. He feels stuck on the edge of the couch, afraid to somehow break it or stain it. 


“So, revenge song?” Yoongi starts, getting comfortable with one leg bent.


“Yeah, I want to record a revenge song,” he says, picking at his shirt more than looking at Yoongi.


“For your cheating ex-girlfriend.” It’s a statement, yet it sounds like a question.


Of course, Yoongi would know for who and why he wants this song. Everyone knows, he just doesn’t see them talking about it. He nods, biting on his bottom lip.


“In a couple of months, the thing will die down.”


The atmosphere between them is calm, mostly due to Yoongi’s soft voice filling up space between them. It feels like a warm blanket around Jimin. He isn’t harsh but he also doesn’t feel like he is pitying him.


“I know. I still want it.”


Their eyes meet for second and Jimin smiles, making sure Yoongi knows things are okay. He isn’t here to cry but it’s nice that somebody he will have to open up tp is so delicate about the subject.


“You know that it needs to be petty, it needs to sound like you are over it. You need to sound like you are almost disgusted, if not just disgusted with her actions.”


Jimin nods at each and every word. “That’s what I want.”


Yoongi nods, pursing his lips. “You must sound like you know you are way above her wrongdoings, like you know she will be crawling back to you.”


Jimin agrees. “Can you help me make a song like that?” 


“With joy, Jimin-ssi.”


The writing session itself is horrendous. Somehow Jimin just opens up in front of Yoongi like he kept this all in forcefully and the barrier just broke. But in all of his words, he has not a single drop of anger, just sadness. Yoongi doesn’t stop him, noting things here and there, asking for more depth into the feelings and Jimin just wants to cry. They cut the session. 


It’s like this for two weeks, they meet each and every day. Each day Jimin leaves with blurry vision. It feels like somebody is adding salt to his fresh wound, like he is opening it up every day. Yet he somehow feels lighter when he leaves Yoongi’s place. 


Still, even if he feels lighter the song is nothing what he wants, what they want. All the pages in Yoongi’s notebook just show how awfully hurt Jimin is. They talk about it here and there, getting a little closer, just a little. 


On week three Yoongi finally has enough.


“Okay, we should cut it here today,” Yoongi says, putting the notebook and pen on the small table in front of the couch.


Jimin looks up from staring at the floor, trying not to cry in front of Yoongi. It’s like this every day but somehow today is much worse. He is basically crying while talking about the time they just went out to eat. Such a trivial thing. 


The producer must have seen the sadness in Jimin’s eyes with the way his next words sound much softer. “You are all shaken up, close to tears. I know you want to write this song and I know you want it to be a revenge song.” 


He moves a little closer, smiling softly. “Things like this take time. There is nothing wrong with what you are feeling. Okay?”


Jimin nods, closer to tears with how Yoongi’s words cover all his worries.


“We are taking it slowly. But Jimin,” He waits until Jimin looks up at him. “You need to get laid, take back what you think you lost. Get some revenge sex, hard and nasty.”


With that he gets up, going back into the kitchen, leaving shocked Jimin with eyes glued to the spot the older sat on. He said this so casually like it’s so easy to be known and just go out and sleep with somebody. It comes with a consequence, news spreads.


“What?” Jimin asks.


“All the things you told me, it’s just sad. You are drowning in sadness. Even I can’t make it into a petty song. You need to get out and-”


“Get laid?” He asks quietly, turning around to look at Yoongi who is looking through the content of the refrigerator. “I can’t just go out and fuck somebody.”


Yoongi throws him a quick glance over the shoulder. “I’m sure you can find somebody.”


Jimin somehow finds Yoongi’s words very close to the truth, he needs to get laid and just move on. But how? With who? He has nobody he could trust enough to just sleep with them. And even if any of his friends were single, that would be just too much.


“I really don’t have anyone. I guess I’ll find another way,” he says mostly to himself.


Yoongi turns around, his eyes find Jimin’s immediately in disbelief. “You have nobody you can sleep with?” 


Jimin shakes his head in denial, pouting a little.


“Park Jimin?” Yoongi sounds so surprised. There is a moment of silence between them and the next words that leave Yoongi’s mouth get him choking on his spit. “Are you into guys or just girls?”


He looks at Yoongi with eyes wide open, he never was asked about something like this so openly. Surely, this man doesn’t know any lines, he just says and does what he wants.


“I’m gay,” Yoongi says with a lazy shrug.


“Why are you telling me this?” Jimin asks, his voice going higher with how nervous he is. What is he trying to get at here?


“So just girls.” 


Jimin shakes his head. “I haven’t said that.”


Yoongi squints at him but then shrugs again. “It was a dumb idea anyway.”


What idea? Jimin feels so intrigued and a little scared. Is he straight? No, not at all. He likes both women and men. Although the last time he was with a man he was 20, so it’s been a couple of years. He just got into his career and didn’t have time to care for dating, then he met Hyejin.


“Why are you asking?” 


Yoongi looks at him with something akin to worry. “Well I had a suggestion but I don’t want to scare you off or think I’m a creep.”


He doesn’t think badly of Yoongi. “What suggestion?” 


Yoongi looks around, scratching his neck. “It’s really just a suggestion, pure suggestion. I won’t be pushing it.” Jimin gestures for him to continue. “I mean, we could, you know-”


Jimin looks at him waiting to continue, when he does he decides to finish it himself, just to be sure. “Have sex?”


“It’s a dumb idea, sorry. That’s very not professional. It just came to my mind that I could help and-”


“You think that would help?” He bugs in again, not being able to stop himself.


Yoongi nods slowly, “We need to squeeze out your sadness and get to the anger so we-”


“How would I know you won’t tell anyone? Or that you won’t record me and send it to the media for some free money?” He asks, suddenly suspicious of his intentions.


Jimin isn’t on board to sleep with the man but the thought itself is very interesting. How did Yoongi even think about them having sex? He feels uneasy, for a moment he looks around, scared to find a camera recording him. 


Yoongi looks at him, taken aback with the urgency of the question. “Have you ever heard about me having anything with anyone?”


Jimin furrows his brows, searching in his memory for anything, even a mare rumor about the producer. Nothing, not a single thought. Maybe he just never caught it.


“I don’t think so.” 


Yoongi just raises one brow with a smirk. “Forget it.”


They set the day of their next session and part ways with Yoongi telling him to do some serious thinking about his emotions. But instead of emotions, it’s Yoongi that’s on his mind. A lot of Yoongi.


At first, those are just thoughts about Yoongi’s words but it’s not a long time before his mind wanders further, between the said man’s legs. He tries to lie to himself but he can’t, he always found the producer extremely attractive. 


Whenever he thinks about having a secret romance with Yoongi his heart picks up with excitement. He loves the idea of having his own secret, of knowing he has touched this man. It excites him so much he ends up masturbating in the shower while imagining up scenarios. Him with Yoongi in bed, him sucking Yoongi’s dick in a studio while it’s recording. Yoongi sucking his dick. He is left with guilt but also a lot of satisfaction. But it’s one thing to imagine things and another to actually do something. Would Yoongi still agree if he suggested they had sex? 


The next writing session is nearing, by now, and with how much the thought makes him horny, Jimin is sure that he wants to sleep with Yoongi. He just needs to find a way to somehow choke it out of himself while not burning alive with embarrassment.


He is currently driving to the address Yoongi has sent him via text. It’s a different address and although he is weirded out by it he doesn't question it. This time he parks in front of a building that actually looks like a place where people have studios. That would make sense since they meet at what Jimin quickly figured out, is the producer’s private apartment.


Yoongi opens his studio before Jimin is done ringing the bell, as always. Somehow he always knows the time Jimin comes around.


“From now on we will be meeting here, so I can have my equipment once we get on the right track.”


Jimin just nods, sitting comfortably on the leather couch. In the past weeks he grew comfortable with Yoongi, he no longer frets around him, sitting straight and making sure not to even crease his couch. 


The studio is small, reminds him of most studios he has visited, it’s just much tidier. There are three wide screens on the massive desk full of electronics plus TV on the wall. Even if he doesn't do much producing himself he can see that Yoongi’s stuff is the best that’s on the market. Impressive.


And attractive.


This writing session isn’t better, the only thoughts connected to what happened are still sad, no matter how hard he tries to get mad. To add to this, he can’t stop looking at Yoongi’s big, veiny hands as he notes words and sentences. His thoughts jump from sad to horny each couple of seconds. They finish quickly, this time it's Jimin to cut it short, too annoyed at himself and his stubborn brain.


Yoongi moves from the couch to the black chair next to a console. “My idea didn’t work then?”


Jimin looks at him puzzled. “Idea?”


“To have sex. It didn’t work?” Jimin’s eyes drop for a moment to Yoongi’s crotch. His eyes snap back to his face when his legs spread a little wider, so inviting.


“I haven’t had sex.” He leaves the sentence at that, hoping for Yoongi to catch the bait and ask the question again. 


“Well, we will get through it another way.” He turns around to the computer. “I have here a couple of beats that might help you find the words you would want to put in there. They aren’t sad, which is the point.”


Jimin stares at the back of Yoongi’s head as he scrolls his files. He feels disappointed like never before. He was hoping they would go from this to talking once again about the proposition. It looks like Yoongi was serious when he said about not pushing the subject. Was he really expecting Jimin to make such a decision on the spot? 


He feels rejected even if he knows it’s ridiculous. Yoongi sends him a couple of beats and tells him to think about them and write down all the thoughts that come to his mind. That’s it. He knows he should be leaving now but he is sitting, glued to the spot as he feels determination grow inside him. He really wants him. Why would Yoongi make such brave suggestion and just forget about it?


He decides to bite the bullet and if it will be needed, cringe about it for the rest of his life. But at least he won’t be mad he didn’t try. “Do you want to have sex?” 


Yoongi turns around on the chair so much it spins a little further that he intended. “Say what?” He asks, shocked.


“Last time, you suggested we could fuck if I’m up for it. What if I am?” He asks but the look in Yoongi’s eyes tells him he wants it too.


“Are you for real?” 


Jimin gets up, ready to jump on the man in front of him, who still looks shocked. “Do you want to or should I forget about it?”


Yoongi pouts. “I don’t even have lube here.”


Jimin smiles, proud of his forward-thinking. “I do.”


The producer looks a little shocked but it’s gone as fast as it appeared. His eyes go darker, filled with something that has Jimin excited. Suddenly, he is being pulled into Yoongi’s lap. Jimin gasps, both from shock and the way his want for more jumped. It’s a reality now; he’s on the producer’s lap.


“What do you want from me, Jiminie? Yoongi asks, voice much deeper than the younger has ever heard him speak in before, eyes slowly traveling over Jimin’s features.


He feels another wave of heat hitting his stomach, he wouldn’t be surprised if he starts getting hard just from Yoongi’s hungry eyes on him, from the way his voice shows he wants it too.


“What can you give me?” He whispers, face coming so close to Yoongi’s he can see the small moles on his nose and cheek. Cute.


Yoongi’s warm breath hits his skin, rapid just like Jimin’s heart. The tension between them starts to become unbearable. Still unsure, Jimin slowly caresses Yoongi’s arms all the way to his neck. Instead of answering Jimin’s question, Yoongi kisses him.


Jimin feels a moan coming out of him and he hears it, the pleasure runs through his blood stream. This is what he wanted and he feels like he could melt. It’s not a delicate kiss, its harsh and heated and full with want. Their tongues meet halfway, both eager to wait for the right moment.


Yoongi pulls him closer by the loops on his jeans, making their hips clash. It’s better than Jimin has imagined in every way possible. Yoongi feels so warm against him, his toned arms feel so good under his palms. The second he grinds his hips harder Yoongi moans, making Jimin’s head spin. 


They work together, with Yoongi’s hips bucking up and his hands resting, big and warm, on Jimin’s hips. He isn’t sure if it’s because he really needed physical contact, because Yoongi is extremely sexy, or simply because he really missed touching men, but he feels ecstatic.


He really did miss having sex with guys, he missed the feeling of a dick rubbing against him.


Jimin detaches his lips from Yoongi, who tries to kiss him again. Instead, Jimin does the only thing he thinks about - he goes down on his knees. He smiles at Yoongi whos eyes grow wide, mouth slightly open. Jimin winks at him and unzips his jeans, biting his lower lip. He almost can’t stop the smile that tugs on his lips when he finally feels the producer’s warm, hard dick in his hand.


Yoongi maneuvers his jeans and underwear out of the way all the way to his ankles. Jimin slowly tugs his dick a couple times to full hardness and angles it towards him. It looks good, might be one of the best dicks he has seen in his lifetime. It has a satisfying size, just enough but not too much.


For a moment he lets himself doubt if he still will be able to make a guy feel good but he doesn’t dwell on it. The second he feels Yoongi’s hand on the back of his head, pushing him slightly, he dives in. He kisses the tip and licks it to feel the taste of precum, making Yoongi huff with impatience. Slowly, he licks it from the top to the bottom, making sure to press on the vein. The deep moan Yoongi makes has his own dick twitch violently. 


Jimin tries to relax his throat all he can while unzipping his own jeans at the same time. He tugs at his own member with one hand, the second used to massage the part of Yoongi’s dick he isn’t able to swallow, not yet. Above him Yoongi is babbling nonsense about him and his mouth, pushing in and pulling out more and more, making Jimin speed up and slow down the way he wants it. Jimin closes his eyes and just let it happen, it’s so hot he feels like he could go for hours like this. He snaps out when he feels how close he is, he doesn’t want to finish so fast.


A slight restriction against Yoongi’s hand is enough for him to stop, letting Jimin pull his dick out of his mouth. His saliva is all over Yoongi’s dick and Jimin’s chin, a wet string still connecting Jimin’s bottom lip with the tip of the dick. He is barely able to breathe properly.


“Fuck me,” he demands, cleaning the saliva off his mouth with the back of his hand.


Yoongi pushes him to the ground, hovering over him. Jimin takes off his jeans, kicking them off his ankles. Before he takes off his hoodie he takes out a small bottle of lubricant and a condom, making Yoongi chuckle.


“That should be enough,” he says, eyeing the bottle while taking off his shirt.


Jimin keeps his eyes on Yoongi’s body. He has never seen anything of the man other than his face and hands. “Why?”


“I like it messy,” Yoongi responds, already lifting one of Jimin’s legs onto his shoulder, warming up the lube on his fingers.


He tries not to show the discomfort of being fingered for the first time in years, he rarely does it himself anymore, focusing simply on what pleasure he can get from his penis. It’s fast, both of them too horny to take their time but Jimin doesn’t mind Yoongi rushing. If he would, he would simply say it. He liked it, the sting and the way Yoongi is working him open like a starved man.


Yoongi pushes inside Jimin with a grunt, making the younger shut his eyes, lips parted in a silent scream of relief and pain. 


“You are so big!” He says, his eyes rolling at the feeling of the dick going deeper.


Jimin’s legs shake when Yoongi starts pushing inside him in small, rapid motions. Jimin holds onto his shoulders, trying his best not to make a sound. Still, the moan that leaves his lips when Yoongi hits his prostate is way too loud. 


“Ah! Yoo- Fuck! Harder!” Jimin keeps on repeating, feeling insanely good. “Don’t stop.”


The producer doesn’t seem to mind, pushing at the spot over and over again until Jimin’s hips twitch uncontrollably. The carpet under Jimin is wet and so is his skin. The sound of their skin slapping is obnoxiously loud, mixed with their heavy breathing, moans, and names repeated like a prayer.


“Look at you, screaming on my dick,” Yoongi whispers into his ear, making Jimin clench around him


Jimin grabs his own dick and starts to stroke himself in the rhythm of Yoongi slamming into him while watching the man above him. The older looks so good, his body shining with sweat, muscles tensing nicely under his perfect, milky skin. He looks so good doing to Jimin exactly what he wanted him to do, fucking him. It feels so good, his dick hurts with the way he refuses to finish himself just to keep going with Yoongi.


“You like fucking producers? Is this what you do?”


“Oh, fuck! Keep going!” Jimin moans back, the dirty talk working him to the edge. Soon he lets himself go, white liquid spilling on his torso and almost hitting his own lips. Yoongi moves from above him, pulling Jimin closer and fucks him from a sitting position, looking at Jimin with a smirk. Jimin goes lax, letting himself be used, looking at Yoongi with an open mouth as he reaches his own climax, spilling into the condom.  


Yoongi pulls out with a grunt and lays down next to Jimin. For a moment it’s just their breathing between them, the air much lighter. Jimin feels amazing, tired and dirty but better than he felt for a while. He doesn’t remember sex feeling this good, but maybe that’s because of the added adrenaline.


“I’m all wet with lube,” he says, rolling his head to the side to look at the older.


Yoongi laughs, “Me too, don’t feel too special.”


Jimin sits up in the cold lube, trying not to press it harder into the rug. “Fuck, I need to clean that up and I need to go.” 


“Do you need to go?” Yoongi asks, still lying naked.


“What? Why?”


Yoongi looks at him with a smirk. “I thought we could go again.”


Jimin’s jaw drops. “You can?” He asks, the excitement clear in his eyes.


Yongi nods with a smile, “Just give me a minute.”


He contemplates pros and cons for no longer than a second before he throws one leg over Yoongi’s hip, sitting on his soft dick, “Okay.”


“Turn around, I’ll eat you out.”


From that day the song starts to sound more like he wants it, somehow feeling lighter. It’s probably the secret he has with the producer, he feels like he has something better than she will ever have. The secret itself makes him feel superior. He also talks with Yoongi, way more and about way deeper things than they were supposed to.


But most importantly, they have a lot of sex. It drives Jimin insane, how much he always wants Yoongi and how Yoongi always does what Jimin wants him too. The act gave back Jimin his lost confidence, making him walk around with his head up, walking past noisy paparazzi without even looking at them. 


The key might lay in the way Yoongi speaks to him and treats him not only when they are having sex but also when they are working. The way the man always can show him how he is making progress and how he is exactly what he is trying to achieve. His friends can also see the change but they put it simply in the healing process of writing music.


Sometimes Jimin doesn’t even go to Yoongi’s studio to record something or to write, he just goes to have a deep conversation and to deepthroat a dick while the producer is working on new music. 


The first time they had sex again it wasn’t in the plans for the day. Actually, Jimin wasn’t expecting them to do it again at all, he thought they would just move on. Since they parted ways after they had sex on the floor in the very studio they are in there was a growing tension. But they didn’t hold it back for long, just three days after they had sex on the carpet, which stayed stained, they were back onto it.


Jimin didn’t have any ill intentions when he sat on Yoongi’s desk, he simply wanted to talk while the older worked. One accidental touch and Yoongi was all over him, lifting his shirt and kissing his stomach all the way to his lips. Jimin’s heart was beating even faster than when they did it for the first time. This time he was excited about what was coming.


This time Jimin has to hold onto Yoongi’s hair not to lay down on the console as Yoongi sucked his dick while sitting in his chair. It was the sexiest thing Jimin had ever seen and felt. The way the producer knows exactly what to do to make Jimin’s body spasm but also when to pull out and just tease his head with a tongue makes him beg for more. 


He finishes down Yoongi’s throat who swallows it all, licking off any remains and goes back to work. If not for his swollen lips and ragged breath Jimin would think he hallucinated the whole act. 


It’s all good, it helps them with the song, they are focused when they aren’t stopping themselves. Often Jimin is sat on Yoongi’s lap, slowly riding his dick, just so they won't waste time. 


Yoongi makes sure to let Jimin know how much he likes it, the way Jimin moves and sound on top of him. Jimin likes to do it slowly, clenching around Yoongi. He loves making the producer unable to stop himself from being loud, from talking the nastiest things into Jimin’s ear as he rides him.


It started to be day to day for Jimin. He never had sex on a daily basis, until now. He knows how much Yoongi likes his body, he doesn’t have to do much to get what he wants. They are open about it but sometimes, Jimin just likes to tease the older. The pleading eyes when Yoongi wants him but Jimin just doesn’t want to give it to him yet, it’s enough to make him hard.


And today is one of those days. Jimin woke up feeling extremely good in his own skin and very needy to see Yoongi on top of him. But none of that sweet stuff, he doesn’t want to go slow today. He wants to be fucked, owned by the older when he finally gets what he wants.


Jimin puts on a nice set of lingerie with delicate golden chains on his chest. This one is a new one he ordered after Yoongi destroyed the one he got as a joke gift from Taehyung. Jimin likes how he feels in it, Yoongi made sure to show him how good it looks on him with his hands, mouth, and dick slamming into him so hard Jimin cried. 


He puts on top the tightest of his black jeans, black hoodie, and a black cap, just too look casual. No makeup, it’s always a mess when they are done and he needs to look presentable when leaving the studio, just in case. 


Jimin gets to the studio with no problem, he didn’t see any reporters nearby, but he always stays on high alert, especially since they started their romance. They don’t need any unwanted attention and Jimin really hopes for it to stay just between them. The truth is, he hadn’t even told his friends, no matter how many times they asked why is he so happy lately. Talking to his friends would mean it’s not a secret between them anymore plus he knows they would try to dig deeper, talk about feelings. Jimin doesn’t want to think about feelings, the more he won’t the safer they both are. 


The last thing Jimin wants is this song not only reminding him about being cheated on but also having his heart broken by a producer who took him from the back a couple times on his console. This must just stay fun, a way to distress and forget. He will take this to the grave and he won’t ever let his heart take control. No matter how good Yoongi is to him and how good it feels to be with him, talk to him, he won’t complicate this. For him but also for Yoongi.


Yoongi opens the door before he can even knock and pulls him inside for a kiss. They started kissing each other some time ago, the first time it happened it was just because Jimin wasn’t thinking. He couldn’t sleep the whole night after that and came back with apologies on his lips just to get a kiss as he was walking in. Since then they just do it, he enjoys the little sparks of happiness inside his heart when their lips meet.


Yoongi pulls Jimin close by his waist and Jimin already knows he can feel the chains even if he doesn’t show it. He circles his arms around Yoongi’s neck and gives the produces a sweet kiss on the lips, making him smile.


“I think I got this beat,” he says.


Jimin huffs, getting away from Yoongi, who smells even better than usual, just in case he won’t be able to stop himself. 


“Each beat you make for this song is perfect.”


Yoongi goes back to his chair, turning away from Jimin. “It has to be the best thing I have created.”


Jimin doesn’t have much business in the studio today since Yoongi isn’t done with the music, but he doesn't mind. Watching the older work while waiting for attention is the best thing he can be doing. Taehyung is on vacation, the ones he bought for himself, with his boyfriend and Jimin’s manager, Hoseok, Jungkook is doing promotions and Seokjin is shooting a drama. 


Watching Yoongi is better than sitting at home alone. He doesn’t like to not talk with the producer, he still doesn't know how he will keep himself busy once this is over. He will surely miss their time together and Yoongi’s sense of humor, he can really make Jimin laugh.


When Yoongi gets into his zone Jimin often goes to the studio next door to him, to Namjoon who he stumbled upon once or twice and since then they started talking. Sometimes Jimin gets awkward when he remembers how Jin told him about the wild threesome he had at a party with a producer called RM. It took Jimin one glance around his studio to know this is the very same man. But he likes to talk with him, they connect well and talk about concepts Jimin never thought he would be able to share.


Still, looking at Yoongi is his favorite thing to do. They also share deep conversations, mostly naked and only in the studio. They haven’t carried it out of those four walls and maybe that’s better. They won’t get caught and there won’t be places that will remind Jimin of them. And yet, Yoongi often talks about them watching movies or how he will cook for Jimin. He wants to tell him to stop, to not make him lose his grip on the situation but it’s nice to talk about things that won’t happen. Even if just to fill out the silence.


Jimin snaps out of his thoughts when Yoongi turns around, clearly waiting for his answer. “What?”


The older rolls his eyes. “I was telling you how cute you look today but I guess it’s not that important.”


“Yoonie!” Jimin whines, coming over to the producer. “Please, keep going.”


Yoongi looks away but moves on the chair enough to make it easier for Jimin to sit on him. Jimin takes the opportunity and the older pulls him closer, keeping his arms circled around Jimin’s waist, smiling at him. Jimin pouts hard, playing with the hair on the nape of Yoongi’s neck.


“Do I look cute today?” Jimin can feel a warm hand creeping under his hoodie, he bites his lip smiling softly. “Do I?”


A light tug on one of the chains. “You know you do.” Yoongi says in almost a whisper, pulling Jimin even closer.


“But maybe I like when you say it.”


Yoongi slides second hand makes its way under Jimin’s hoodie. “Maybe I’ll just show you.”


Jimin laughs, his breath halting when he feels Yoongi’s lips on his throat. He squeezes the producer’s shoulders, moving around to tease Yoongi back. 


“You’re this edged? Hm? You wore pretty things for me?” Yoongi asks, nosing along Jimin’s neck and jaw.


Jimin tilts his head back with a sigh of content, completely relaxed and happy with Yoongi so close to him. The older is being so delicate but rough when Jimin wants him to be, always so good to him. 


Jimin moans when Yoongi moves his hips, grinding them into his. Jimin’s peaceful moment is gone, replaced with raw want for the older to ruin him.


“Baby, Hyung needs to finish the beat,” Yoongi murmurs, catching Jimin’s chin lightly to make Jimin focus on him. “We can play later.” He finishes in a whisper, their noses touching.


“I don’t want to wait,” Jimin whispers back, connecting their lips.


The sharp breath Yoongi takes tells him he isn’t the only one who can’t wait any longer to get his hands on something good. They kiss for a while, small teasing kisses, leaving them both panting with lust.


“Wanna see?” Jimin asks, already lifting his hoodie because he knows the answer. 


He hears Yoongi groan, smiling into the hoodie before it’s off completely, landing somewhere on the floor. Yoongi touches each thin chain, mesmerized, slowly making his way to the soft, golden choker holding it up. He kisses the choker, slightly pulling on it with his teeth, his fingers digging into the flesh of Jimin’s hips.


“How do I work with you? You’re too much for me to take.” 


Jimin laughs, pulling Yoongi’s head closer, wanting the older to kiss him again. “Don’t work then.”


He reaches for Yoongi’s zipper, hoping to get what he wants right now but Yoongi stops him, catching his hand in the middle of the zipper. “I really have to work.”


Jimin doesn’t want to give up just yet. “Then you can work and I’ll make you feel good,” he whines.


Yoongi seems to think about it for a moment, caressing the chains with the tips of his fingers. “Will you make Hyung feel good?” He asks and Jimin already knows he won.


He nods enthusiastically, already getting back to the zipper. “The best.”


Yoongi turns them back to his desk, Jimin already desperately humping him through jeans. Yoongi pulls out an open pack of condom and lube in Jimin’s reach and goes back to work. Jimin’s libido is making his head dizzy, he isn’t able to decide what to do with all of the possibilities. He should stretch himself but humping the producer who seems like he isn’t disturbed by his erratic hip movements is just too hot to stop. 


The older treats him like air, letting Jimin get off his lap and shake off his jeans and pulling down Yoongi’s. His eyes are glued on the screen, music playing and stopping from time to time for the older to start clicking again. It always makes Jimin irrationally horny when he is able to just use Yoongi as a nice, thick dildo for him to jump on. 


For a moment he wonders if he should take off his panties but then Yoongi hasn’t seen them yet, too focused on his work. So Jimin decides to leave them on to give Yoongi a chance to see how good he looks.


He gets back onto his lover’s lap and starts to stretch himself with one hand reaching behind himself, pulling the underwear to the side. The other one running all over Yoongi’s broad chest while kissing the older’s neck. He can feel his dick getting harder when it brushes onto his leg. Jimin doesn’t even look behind him, not wanting to tear his gaze away from how beautiful Yoongi looks with his jaw set, trying to stay focused when Jimin’s lubed fingers draw obscure noises out of his hole.


Jimin looks at the condom in his hand, wiping the lube off his fingers by giving Yoongi a couple of light strokes. He bites his lip looking from the condom to Yoongi, not sure if the older would let him do what he wants.


They had sex without a condom before, usually when they are too horny to even think about it but most of the time Yoongi makes sure to wear one and it annoys Jimin. They are both clean and Jimin is all about leaking Yoongi’s cum as he walks out of the building. And yet, the producer wants to wear a condom. But maybe if Jimin asks he won’t.


Jimin squeezes his dick, giving him a couple of faster strokes and leans closer to his ear. “Hyung, say no if you don’t want me to ride you without a condom,” he whispers.


There is no answer other than Yoongi’s rage, hot breathe hitting the skin of Jimin’s shoulders. He waits for a couple more seconds but when Yoongi doesn’t say anything he smiles, his asshole clenching with excitement.


Jimin riles up Yoongi’s hoodie, not wanting to stain it with lube, revealing Yoongi’s flexed stomach muscles. With a hum of relief, he slowly pushes the dick inside him. It’s an overwhelming feeling that he loves. Jimin puts his forehead on Yoongi’s shoulder, both hands resting on the producer’s rapidly beating heart as he makes small moves to get used to the stretch. He tries to not make a sound, just small whimpers leaving him as he starts to get up higher, almost pulling out completely and dropping back with a smack of skin hitting skin. He hugs Yoongi, his chin resting on his shoulder, one hand fisting the material of the back of the hoodie, the other gripping the armrest so hard his knuckles turn white. 


The little desperate whimpers turn into a repeated litany of Yoongi’s name as his legs start to shake, the heat in his stomach spreading all over his body. The chains make small noises, drowned in Jimin’s voice and the sound of lube. 


Finally, Jimin feels Yoongi’s hands on him, helping his rise and fall back into his lap. Jimin pulls away to look at the older, blinking away the tears that blurred his vision. The producer looks almost bored but when their eyes meet he grips Jimin tighter, fucking him onto his dick faster. Jimin can only whine and let out small hiccups, almost crying. 


He reaches his orgasm like that, with Yoongi looking him dead in the eye, his body freezing, spine curling, and ass clenching. He cums all over Yoongi’s hoodie.


Jimin feels a soft hand on his cheek, drying off his tears. “You feel so good,” he hears Yoongi whispering to him.


The older puts both hands on Jimin’s hips, slowly moving his up, making Jimin feel each millimeter of his dick. It’s enough for him to feel horny all over again like he didn’t just get the release he wanted. He covers Yoongi’s hands with his and goes back to jumping.


“You like how it feels?” He asks, his skin hitting Yoongi’s with so much force it stings, “How I look for you?” 


“Fuck!” Yoongi moans. 


Jimin almost laughs with the euphoria taking over his brain. “I love being your little whore.”


Yoongi curses under his breath, pushing Jimin fully onto his dick, face hiding in the crock of Jimin’s neck as he finishes with a loud, deep moan. Jimin hugs him, burying fingers into the older’s hair. He makes sure to clench around Yoongi each time another shot of semen is released into him. 


“By the way,” Yoongi says into Jimin’s skin, his breath still uneven.


“Yeah?” Jimin smiles, softly playing with Yoongi’s hair.


“I love those panties.”


Jimin almost laughs, “Good, I bought them for you.”


He flinches when Yoongi’s dick twitches inside of him. “I think I’m hard again.” 


Even if they spend a lot of time having sex, they still are making big progress with the song. Although Jimin was very distracting, Yoongi finished the beat, this one he decided is the one they’ll use. So they are starting to work on the vocals.


The lyrics are done once they make corrections for it to suit the melody but still have the same meaning. Jimin is so proud and excited, he hopes to have the song out soon. It’s been a couple months and the feelings and drama died down but the need to get the song out is still there. It’s still a revenge song but unlike at the beginning now he is sure of what he is worth and what he deserves.


It’s been a while since he realized it’s not sex that changed his mindset but the man he has it with, the way he talks to him and treats him. It helped Jimin realize many things about himself. His newfound confidence is still in the making but he is doing great, he feels and looks great and even if Yoongi was a big part of it he didn’t leech on the man. The second Yoongi is out of the picture Jimin will still have himself.


Yet, he denies admitting why the thought of the song being closer to being finished makes him so unhappy somewhere deeper. Even if he misses Yoongi, even if a simple text from the producer wakes up butterflies in his stomach, his heart beating so quickly whenever he touches him. He still anxiously waits for it to pass, still hoping this is just temporary crush.


They don’t spend as much time in the studio as they used to, they don’t have all day to fool around. Yoongi got a big opportunity to produce music for a new rising band, so they had to make an actual schedule, especially with Jimin finally informing his label that he wants to release new music. Which means they don’t have as much time to have sex as Jimin wants. 


Since Jimin started pushing back his feelings he doesn’t want to take their little secret out of the studio, too afraid Yoongi might see through him somehow. He grows more and scared that one day he will slip or the producer will read more into him asking to come around to his place. Plus, Yoongi never proposed to go out of the studio and it says enough to Jimin.


They fuck as they work since it happens to be the only option. They always have limited time so there is no teasing involved outside of sporadic sexting before Jimin comes over. 


Yoongi checked if the studio door was closed three times before he finally sat down. They are still recording vocals but it’s probably the last day with how well it’s going. Each time Jimin comes out to talk about the recording and what he should do next Yoongi does the talking while Jimin jerks him off. 


He is pushing himself to do better than usual so he can finally suck Yoongi’s dick clean before the other producer Yoongi is working with today will come. They already were almost caught and lost a day of recording after Yoongi snapped and fucked Jimin’s throat even if he was supposed to crawl under the desk just for a moment.


So Jimin is forbidden to do anything else than use his hand for a while when Yoongi gives him instructions and he is back to the booth, singing and watching Yoongi lazily stroke himself while watching him.


Jimin takes off his headphones and rushes out of the booth. Yoongi takes his hand away from his member, letting it lay on his shirt. They no longer undress, it takes too much time to put their clothing back on. Jimin finds it hot, the way Yoongi looks in his full black outfit and dick out.


He drops onto his knees and gets to work right away while Yoongi runs his hand through his hair and plays him back what they recorded. Jimin pumps him a little faster, earning a tug on his air.


“We should record this part aga- Yes,” Yoongi moans, his head falling back. 


Jimin stops when Yoongi’s hips start to buck up, leaving him unsatisfied. “I’ll go record that again.”


He leaves a loud, wet kiss on Yoongi’s lips and goes back to record. It’s hard to focus when he can see Yoongi close to coming undone on the other side of the glass but he does it. He drops the headphones and almost runs out, dropping onto his knees and opening his mouth. The producer comes into Jimin’s mouth a second later, some of it missing and landing on his chin. At the end Jimin sucks at the head like it’s a lollipop, making sure nothing will go to waste.


Jimin isn’t done collecting sperm from his chin with his fingers when Yoongi pushes him up the console. He moves on the chair between Jimin’s legs and undoes Jimin’s jeans quickly, grabbing onto his hard, leaking dick.


“You did well,” he says in his deep, post orgasm voice.


Before Jimin can answer Yoongi is pushing all of his length into his mouth. Every time Yoongi sucks his dick or eats his ass, Jimin loses his mind. Each move of Yoongi’s tongue adding just enough pressure in all the right spots, making the neediest sounds. The producer is always sloppy, eager to make Jimin cum just like he made him just a moment ago. 


“Yoonie!” Jimin pleads, already feeling close just from watching and touching Yoongi’s dick.


The older takes Jimin’s dick out of his mouth with a loud slurp but doesn’t stop to move his hand all over the wet member. “What is it baby?”


“Feels so good,” he whines, pushing Yoongi’s head down, missing the feeling.


Yoongi takes his dick in once again, sucking, licking and choking on it. When Yoongi moves away to take a breathe Jimin can see Yoongi’s dick getting hard again. He grips on the ends of the huge desk and slides closer to the edge. With how far his legs go he can’t do much more than to slightly cares Yoongi’s hardening dick. It seems to be enough for the older to moan around Jimin’s dick. 


Yoongi holds onto Jimin’s hips and deepthroats him, making Jimin cum with such force he needs to bite on his bottom lip not to scream. His foot pushes onto Yoongi’s dick, making his whole body tense.


The second Yoongi is sure he swallowed it all he moves away, rolling out of Jimin’s reach. “Oh shit, oh shit,” he moans.


His dick is back to full hardness, tip an angry red color, surely overstimulated. Jimin jumps off the desk on his weak, shaky legs, ready to suck Yoongi off for the second time when the buzzer at the door to the studio rings.


Jimin sighs, disappointed that they are being so brutally separated once more. They both make sure they look presentable, share a last kiss, very delicate and sweet before Yoongi moves to the door to open. Before that happens he pulls Jimin closer, kissing the side of his head.


“I’ll miss you.” 


His eyes grow wide, hearts picking up but before he can even look at Yoongi the door is open, the other producer coming in, with a polite smile.


“Park Jimin,” the other producer says, bowing to him.


Jimin snaps out of his shocked state, bowing back and leaving the studio. He can feel his face is all heated up and it’s not from receiving the best blow job ever. Yoongi never said anything like that to him, especially in that tone. Was he imagining it or was he sounding warm and sweet, like he meant it? 


The next two weeks are very hard for Jimin, refusing to accept his feelings started to be extremely hard after he spent a whole night overthinking Yoongi’s one sentence. Yet, he declines to ask the older why he said it, afraid of being hurt just by not having his feelings reciprocated. 


Their time is cut even shorter, with the band members recording their vocals almost whole days. By the time Yoongi has time, Jimin feels bad for the older and the amount of time he spends hunched over his console so he just makes sure to remind the older to eat and sleep. 


The other thing is that he just feels nervous with Yoongi around him, always thinking if they could have more just casual sex locked in a small studio. It makes Jimin feel guilty, for falling and for reading signals where there isn’t any. He even asked his friends, of course, he refused to tell who it’s about but they all agreed, he is just too hopeful, the man seems uninterested. 


But there is a time when he can’t avoid Yoongi when he needs to pick up his call, open his email, go to his studio and listen to what he got. There is a time when he for a moment feels like nothing changed, like he didn’t fuck up by letting himself dream just because of one sentence. He likes it when they sit in the studio late at night and just talk.


It doesn't mean they don’t have sex, they do. Now Jimin seems even more horny, impatient to feel Yoongi’s warm skin under his fingertips at any moment. Whenever he is at Yoongi’s studio they are touching, kissing or even just holding hands. Their behavior around each other changed, touches are lighter, kisses longer and Yoongi never lets Jimin go before he hugs him tightly. And Jimin lets it happen.


When Yoongi texts him that he has finally finished the song Jimin feels sad, excited but sad. Well, he is mostly sad, he was ready for it. Just like he let himself feel down before, he lets it happen, even though he won’t be showing this to Yoongi.


The producer worked months on this song while other projects came and went. It took them months to get the perfect song and Yoongi refused to give Jimin anything but perfection. 


Jimin arrives at the studio in the late afternoon after a meeting at the company. There is more and more happening, all the directors and stylists are very impatient to finally hear the new song. Jimin didn’t let them hear any raw versions, knowing well it can change completely in the next couple hours. 


Now the song is done and soon Jimin will be jumping into a wild schedule full of recording and costume fitting. He already has some kind of a vision for the music video that he was happy to share with the director. Jimin knows the song will be a hit and by the end of this year he will be over this song and his shelves will be bending with the weight of awards they will receive for it. 


But even if he loved recording and performing and showing his art to the world he would rather keep being locked in the studio with Yoongi, hugging him like a koala when the older works on a song, leaving small kisses on Jimin’s head once in a while. 


Yoongi greats him with a huge smile and a wet kiss on the lips. “You will love it.”


He seems so excited it makes Jimin feel so warm and giggly. He looks so cute like this. For a second he just stands by the door with a smile on his face, until Yoongi pulls him towards the desk. Without hesitation he sits Jimin on his lap, circling one arm around his waist, his chin resting Jimin’s shoulder as he presses play. 


The song is perfect, just enough sass and anger and so catchy. Jimin can’t wait to sing it live for the first time. He looks at Yoongi, who is already watching him, with a big smile making the other smile back.


“Hyung, this is perfect,” he whispers, his eyes focusing on Yoongi’s lips.


Would he let Jimin kiss him for the last time? He doesn’t have to wonder too long before Yoongi is kissing him softly, making Jimin sigh deeply. He lets himself melt, almost laying on Yoongi with his back pressed into producer’s chest.


He grabs the back of Yoongi’s head, pulling him closer. The position isn’t the most comfortable but somehow it doesn’t matter. Yoongi draws little circles on Jimin’s stomach as they kiss, slow and deep. 


Perfect goodbye.


The song ends and Jimin hasn’t even heard the full first verse before he got distracted. When they pull away it’s just their breathing ringing through the small space, Yoongi’s breath on his lips, his eyes searching all over Jimin’s face. 


“You are so beautiful, have I told you?” Yoongi whispers, leaving a feather kiss on Jimin’s lips.


Jimin looks at him almost pleading. “Yes but I like when you repeat it.” He tries his best to stop his voice from breaking.


They kiss again and again, small kisses in which Jimin tries to pour all his love for the man, for him to somehow understand and let him stay for longer. His neck starts to sting, he feels like his heart is breaking into a million pieces but he just can’t stop.


It’s Yoongi who pulls away, giving Jimin big gummy smile that almost makes him cry.


“I have a question,” Yoongi says, one eyebrow raised.


“Yeah?” Jimin gulps loudly, hope lighting up his soul.


Yoongi gives his nose a small kiss. “Would you like to go on a date?”


Jimin’s eyes go wide, “What?” He is so shocked he doesn’t even register the unpleasant tone he asked the question in.


Suddenly Yoongi’s smile drops, his mouth opening and closing, hands coming off Jimin’s waist, “Well, I thought we have something. Did I read it wrong?”


“No, no!” Jimin turns to the side to have a better look at Yoongi. “I mean yes! Yes for a date!”


Yoongi looks panicked and very lost. “So yes?”


Jimin nods, scared to say something stupid again. Yoongi sighs, falling into the chair with a groan. “My heart almost broke my ribs! Jimin, don’t do that,” he whines, pulling Jimin’s smaller hand to his chest.


The producer’s heart is beating as fast, if not faster, than Jimin’s. With a smile, Jimin pulls their joined hands to his own chest. “I’m sorry Yoonie.”


Jimin’s moans hit the walls of Yoongi’s apartment. He takes a deep breath, trying to control his lower muscles as the warm, wet tongue slowly massages his rim. He is all naked but for his T-shirt, rolled to his neck with the way he pushes his ass into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi, on the other hand, is fully dressed, his loose black jeans and a plain black T-shirt is all Jimin can see. 


Yoongi’s body looks fully relaxed, his one leg bent on the couch, other leg touching the floor, back pressed into the armrest. If it wasn’t for the way he holds onto Jimin’s asscheeks and his breathing, he would have thought the other man is unfazed.


His hips keep twitching uncontrollably as Yoongi sucks on his muscle. So good, always so good.


They met up here to listen to the song they made for the first time live on the radio. Jimin refuses to be in the studio with the reporters, finding a weak excuse just so they can hear it together. It’s not even 9 AM and surely Jimin wasn’t expecting they would be in this position before the song is even on.


When the song comes on Jimin almost misses it with the way his whole body burns with want. 


“You sound so good,” Yoongi says, hot breathe against Jimin’s most sensitive parts.


He moans in response, always ready to take in dirty talk. When Yoongi starts to bite on his asscheek he finally hears it, his voice on the radio.


“It’s on,” he says with a smile, breathless. 


Yoongi chuckles against the spot he sucks on, surely trying to leave a mark. As if Jimin lacks his markings all over his body. 


He never thought having sex while his own song was playing would be hot but then he never thought he had the best sex of his life ahead of him. Yoongi came into his life and showed him not only how to let your emotions go layer by layer instead of trying to push it out all at once. No, he taught him how to give in to lust and how to just give yourself away to feelings and letting themselves define what they are. Now, laying with face pressed in the material of the couch he can without hesitation say he is in love. 


He isn’t scared nor does he have to think if he’s in love. Those last months showed Jimin so much about him and the people around him. He wouldn’t change all of the tears he poured out for anything. In the end, he wouldn’t be truly happy, truly himself. He doesn’t feel alone and not because Yoongi is always here for him but because he is a full person who doesn’t define himself by anyone else but him. 


And all of this because of a handsome guy with a brave suggestion and an amazing dick.


“Oh, shit! Yoongi! Yoongi!” He all but screams as Yoongi starts eating him out aggressively.


“Where did you go for a moment there?” Yoongi murmurs, lightly slapping his ass.


“Don’t stop!” Jimin whines, feelings extremely close to the finish line.


The song is almost over, it’s all he is able to register before he is a moaning, whining mess at the hands of his man.


“Looks like Park Jimin and Agust D will collect all the awards this year,” the host says.


The other hums in agreement. “Those two! Ah, I knew they are meant to work together!”


Jimin agrees, maybe it’s crazy to think like that but from the start of their work to their relationship, everything about them is crazy. And in the spirit of that, he thinks they are meant for each other.


He moans loudly, “Fuck, I love you Yoonie."