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Panic! At the Butterfly Estate

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Recovery and training at the Butterfly estate had become commonplace for Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu—common enough that no servants paid Zenitsu’s whining any mind when he arrived injured and needing rest. He was injured, yes, but not grievously as Aoi had pointed out, but that didn’t mean she had to be so cruel to him! Still, even the cruelty was commonplace, and overshadowed in favor of a bath and a clean yukata to sleep in...Though Zenitsu did still sniffle his way through cleaning his bruised body as always. By the time he made it to the sick bay, he barely grumbled a greeting to the familiar breathing pattern his ears picked up before faceplanting right into a pillow.

His knees were bent, spine arched awkwardly like a cat and really, Zenitsu should move or be sore tomorrow, but moving was hard! Life was hard, and it was a miracle he was still alive, being a part of the Demon Slayer Corps and being so weak...he had barely made it through this solo mission! Zenitsu felt like he was walking a tightrope above a great chasm, doomed to fall...At least, he figured, he could have some restful time alone with his thoughts! 

Forgetting the other person breathing heavily in the room, Zenitsu wiggled himself into a relaxed position on his tummy, arms at his sides. Maybe sleep wouldn’t be too far off...if something heavy and warm didn’t suddenly descend over him. 

On reflex, Zenitsu shrieked. 

“Shut up!” Inosuke grated through clenched teeth, directly above Zenitsu. He was instantly less scared and more annoyed.

“W-what do you think you’re doing?! You’ll give me a heart attack! GET OFF!” The boar faced idiot was breathing heavily, practically plastered to his back with his bare chest heaving—what was wrong with him?!

Inosuke grunted, dropping his superior weight as Zenitsu tried to bring himself off the bed. “No.” 

He noticed through his annoyance Inosuke wasn’t wearing his boar mask—his hair tickled Zenitsu’s nose as Inosuke’s breath was fanning over his cheek. Plus, he weighed a ton. “ Why are you crushing me, pig face?!?” Zenitsu protested further, putting his strength actually into bucking this idiot off of him. 

He raised up on his elbows, tried to bend his knees, trying to get enough space to roll to the side when Inosuke made an odd sound in the back of his throat. Zenitsu paused; it was a new sound he’d never heard from Inosuke, as the other boy gripped the linen of the bed sheets around Zenitsu’s torso in both hands and moved his hips—ground his—his pelvis down against—

Inosuke made another mysterious sound. Zenitsu, for once, was speechless.

“You interrupted me.” the boar said, with his hard dick against Zenitsu’s ass. His hard dick that he had rubbed on the swell of Zenitsu’s backside while he squirmed to get Inosuke to move off him, that dragged warm and solid at his lower back robbing him of human speech. 

Zenitsu’s shock did not transfer to Inosuke obviously, as he humped him again. The smaller boy shook as his thoughts restarted—“ Inter-rrupted?! ” True, it was hard to find time alone with oneself as a demon slayer to take care of, ahem , business, but Zenitsu didn’t see why that meant he had to be—be punished or something! “ Then get off me and do it yourself! ” 

Inosuke grunted, leaning heavily onto Zenitsu’s upper body to drag both hands to his hips. “No!” he said, irritatingly petulant. Zenitsu was working up enough annoyance to elbow him in the face when two large palms groped his asscheek causing another heart attack-inducing shock and robbing his strength all at once.

Hands kneading at flesh through Zenitsu’s thin yukata, Inosuke slid his cock between the cheeks slowly, breath huffing. “You looked soft here,” he said, lips snug to Zenitsu’s ear, the only thing even he could hear, “‘s nice.”

Ahhaha ,” Zenitsu giggled giddily, flattered. He was weak to praise but internally even he knew this was a pathetic thing to be flustered about! Who cares if some pig faced imbecile thought his butt was nice, there was an erection there and it wasn’t his! Of course, Zenitsu did have an erection, but it was a coincidence he was sure. The blushing from being complimented must have left the blond light headed, because he didn’t struggle when Inosuke’s hips began moving against him again. The breathing in his ears must be why, since Inosuke was so loud and so close and his hearing was sensitive—that’s why Zenitsu was leaning into his panting breath and matching pace with his own lungs! It was all perfectly logical and normal here, yep. 

To better position himself, Inosuke’s hands moved to Zenitsu’s thighs, spreading and flattening him against the linens. He propped himself up and humped Zenitsu’s again, thighs bracketing his own and the blond broke his dizzy silence with a moan as his own cock was rubbed against the bedding—a coincidence, of course, Zenitsu should clarify with Inosuke it wasn’t him who was making him feel good but the bed! It was the bed laid out by a pretty girl who he was sure had curves and a beautiful face and soft hair tickling his neck and hot breath in his ear—

Inosuke was thrusting him into the mattress at a new rhythm, rapid with his panting in Zenitsu’s ear. He licked his lips so close to tender flesh Zenitsu did him a favor and leaned his head over—Inosuke licked the shell of Zenitsu’s ear and he felt like he would combust. He thought he made a noise, but why would he listen to anything that wasn’t the lewd, wet panting coming from Inosuke? Something between them—sweat, discharge, both—was making the yukata cling between his cheeks, Inosuke’s cock rutting there again and again. Zenitsu was moving his hips back with the boar, if only so he’d fuck his own down harder against the soft sheets.

There must have been something said or communicated somehow because as Inosuke’s pace picked up, he reached between Zenitsu’s stomach and the bed to palm at his aching dick. Zenitsu gasped like it hurt, Inosuke made a mad animal sound and stuck his tongue into the blond’s ear. The wet appendage thrust in tempo with his hips, slick sounds and a warm palm and ohgodyesdon’tstop— Zenitsu climaxed with a full body tremor, ass arched up for Inosuke to rut against. And he did, for another solid few seconds before letting loose a long groan and a discharge of fluid Zenitsu could feel on his back. 

Most of Zenitsu’s view had been a pillow, and a little bit of Inosuke’s hair this whole time. As the boar relaxed, he observed in profile the flush on his cheeks, the spark in his lidded gaze. As Zenitsu was collapsing into slumber, their eyes met for a moment full of lingering heat. Zenitsu thought he was beautiful.

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It had finally happened: caused by the extreme duress of the career he so bravely undertook, Zenitsu had gone insane. He thought back longingly to days gone by, of all his beautiful potential brides and forlorn love interests crying out for him to return to his former glory...but that would never be! Because his brain had truly, finally given in and sent him a twisted vision of reality, one that simply could! Not! Be!!

Zenitsu had woken up entangled limb and limb with Inosuke, dried cum caked on his skin in two separate places. Two!

In a moment of lucidity his brain rejected the false image it saw, running to the bath to wash away what must have been part of the hallucination of course, only to find it ephemeral and real, and staining the borrowed robe. 

So, Zenitsu was crazy. 

...He realized unfortunately, many of the demon slayers he’d met were crazy in their own right; the only man who could possibly talk the Corps into honorably discharging him as a feeble minded veteran would be Tanjiro. Yes, his bosom buddy, his closest friend Tanjiro! There’s no one who has kinder sound!!

Aoi began yelling at him for running around so much, but Zenitsu wrote off replying. After all, a normal person may not run but an insane one might as well.


Zenitsu found his savior eating breakfast with the small servant girls of the Butterfly manor. They flinched at his despairing expression, while Tanjiro offered a smile. 

“Zenitsu! Would you like some breakfast?” he asked, kind sound that he was. Zenitsu was not here for food—he was here for vindication!

“No! Can’t you see I’m distressed?! I need to—“ Zenitsu began, before his stomach made a noise loud enough to cut his speech off.

...He had better eat before retiring from the Demon Slayer Corps for good.




Servants long gone, Tanjiro alone sat with Zenitsu in the dining room now and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “ think you’re crazy because off with Inosuke?”

Zenitsu gaped at his friend. His clueless idiot friend! “OBVIOUSLY?” he shrieked, clutching his chopsticks to near breaking. “Who would want to do that with—with someone like him?!”

Tanjiro made a noise of assent. “Well, even if you don’t want to do it again, didn’t you want to then?”

“NO!!” he screamed. 

Tanjiro‘s expression darkened, “Are you saying that—?” Zenitsu flailed, feeling the sudden rage emanating off his friend and no, misunderstanding bad, “NO, GOD, NOT LIKE THAT !”

Tanjiro deflated, Zenitsu breathed a sigh of relief. He went back to his thinking pose. “So...what you’re saying is you did want to then! You’re just upset it was Inosuke you did it with.” he concluded almost proudly, to Zenitsu’s horror.

He was regretting coming to Tanjiro, who knew nothing apparently about anything at all. How did he not get it? “I’m UPSET because it was with a GUY!!! A GUY!!!!” Zenitsu stood, grabbing his friend by the shoulders and shaking. He kept shaking him until the hint of a smile was wiped off Tanjiro’s stupid face.

“I—don’t get—why—that’s bad—??” he managed to get out while being shaken, Zenitsu let him go with a strong shove and a loud “HA!” Tanjiro fell onto his elbows and blinked.

“Because I like girls , Tanjiro! Every guy likes girls! ” Zenitsu responded shrilly, infinitely irritated at having to explain basic things!

“Not every guy,” Tanjiro answered simply. “Some men like other men, and some women like other women. Didn’t you see that in the flower district too?” 

Zenitsu sputtered out nonsense words in response. He most certainly had NOT seen that! What ! “Yeah, there are demon slayers who like the same sex as well, and I knew of a woman in my village who—“ Tanjiro continued, until Zenitsu covered his mouth with both hands.

“Okay so SOME guys like guys that’sfine but me?! I already love Nezuko-chan obviously!” the blond insisted in an increasingly panicked tone. 

Tanjiro gave him a look that made Zenitsu shrink. “ W-what Tanjiro? It’s true! Why are you looking at me like that?

His friend sighed, sitting up straight but not looking at Zenitsu. “...what are the things you like about her?” he asked.

“Well, she’s pretty!” 


Zenitsu paused. “She’s also very, well, she has a nice sound, and she smells good, and she’s strong enough to protect me, and,” ...He was running out of things to say, but he didn’t want to have Tanjiro give him that face again!

Another sigh, and Zenitsu flinched. Bravely but slowly, he met Tanjiro’s eyes and found them looking...soft? He didn’t look disappointed anymore as he patted the blond on his head. “You know, Inosuke’s pretty too, isn’t he?” he asked with a kind smile.

Zenitsu stuttered, face flushing; Tanjiro continued, “You thought he was a girl when you first saw his face, after all. And he’s plenty strong enough to protect you! What would be so bad about liking him?”

“I don’t like him!” Zenitsu said, tomato red.

Tanjiro frowned, “But you two—“


Tanjiro kept frowning through all of his excuses...he had closed himself off to Zenitsu’s pleas. The blond had to give up eventually, Tanjiro figured, and realize he was wrong. 

Zenitsu did not agree, or realize anything after another hour of one sided arguing. Drastic times called for drastic measures: Zenitsu decided to visit someone who knew a thing or two about romance. He pouted the whole way to the Sound Pillar’s place, in case someone saw him and thought for a moment he would enjoy seeing Tengen Uzui.

The tall, flamboyant pillar grinned down at him. “So you fooled around with a dude and now you’re panicking? Pathetic.”

Zenitsu knew coming here was a mistake. “Shut up , as if you’re one to talk! I only came here to talk to you because I know you’re...loose!” 

Uzui used his superior height to hover over him menacingly “Eh? What’s that supposed to mean? I am in three committed marriages?” a strong hand grabbed Zenitsu by the collar as he yelped. “You came here looking for a fight?”

“No!!! Argh!!” he struggled until Uzui let him go with a scoff.

“Fine, advice advice. My advice is don’t worry about it, you can get off with someone you aren’t into; people do it everyday.” the pillar said with a roll of his eyes.

“But how?! I’m not even...I mean men disgust me! I get hard for pretty girls , soft curves!!”

Uzui blinked at Zenitsu like he was bored. “Muscles are soft, you know.”

This gave Zenitsu pause. “You build muscle atop fat if you want to really be strong, you know?” he continued, flexing a bicep. Uzui relaxed the appendage, holding it out. “So muscle’s got soft curves, as you put it you creep.” 

Zenitsu touched Uzui’s arm. It did have give, under the firmness of the skin. He stared at it like it held the secrets of the universe.

“Muscles can be...soft.”

Uzui sighed. “Can you leave?”



By the time the sun set, Zenitsu was exhausted of all solutions to his insanity. All he could do was scrub his body in perfunctory motions, dress in night clothes and pass out to sleep.

If something hadn’t woken him up. Big hands shoved his shoulders to the side, flipping Zenitsu onto his stomach and hold on just a second—

“HEY!” he yelled, grappling for Inosuke’s hands immediately. The boy was without his mask yet again, staring at Zenitsu like he’d just caused him great insult. “What do you think you’re doing eyelashes?!”

“What do you mean what?!” Inosuke answered, pushing him down on his back. “Turn over, stupid!”

“No!!” Zenitsu screamed in response. Inosuke had the gall to look surprised by this. 

“Why not?!” 

“Because!” he crossed his arms, refusing to look at Inosuke’s stupid pretty face. “I don’t want to do that!”

Inosuke didn’t respond verbally, instead grabbing the sides of Zenitsu’s yukata at his hips and parting it open roughly. Zenitsu yelped as the boar grabbed his (definitely not half hard) dick. “What!!” he yelped, higher. 

“I’ll get it hard so you want me to mount you, stupid, shut up!!” Inosuke glared at him, even with his hand pumping up and down over his stiffening dick.  

“I-I still don’t want to do that!!” Zenitsu insisted, in a voice that was entirely more breathy than he’d ever used before. He cleared his throat, using a hand to slap Inosuke’s off his cock. “You won’t convince me!”

Inosuke looked at him like he’d grown a second head. Was it really so strange to not want to be mounted?! “I don’t want that! Think of my pride as a man!” Zenitsu insisted, using terms maybe even a stubborn boar could get. Inosuke just blinked at him harder before giving his bared body a once-over...then another. He licked his lips—Zenitsu began to sweat. Was he going to be eaten by this feral idiot?? His reactions were too unpredictable! Zenitsu gave his chest a shove to drive the message home. 

Inosuke snorted. “Fine, we won’t do that.” 

Zenitsu could cry from sheer relief as the taller boy leaned back to rest on his knees. He was still between Zenitsu’s legs but at least he wasn’t on top of him anymore; the blond began pulling together his yukata to calm down and go to sleep...but Inosuke hadn’t left his bed. The boy was crouching down at an odd angle, so Zenitsu had to sit up to see why he wouldn’t just leave—! 

It became apparent why he was crouched between his thighs when Zenitsu felt something warm and hot and wet at the head of his dick. “ What!!! ” he squeaked, as his spine tingled with electric arousal. Inosuke’s hand pet his pale thighs as he looked up at Zenitsu with his mouth on—with his lips wrapped around his—

“Mmfffprh” Inosuke said, with his mouth full. Zenitsu felt the word more than he heard it, and he thought he may faint. The feeling is far too visceral to feel even close to unconscious, as Inosuke moves his tongue around the cock in his mouth, Zenitsu’s cock in his mouth. He was moaning desperately, Zenitsu only just realized as he watched his friend bob his head further down, until the whole thing was trapped in his throat. Inosuke swallowed and it felt amazing , Zenitsu’s thighs convulsed as he fell back onto the mattress, hips thrusting up on instinct. Inosuke made another noise, louder this time.

Zenitsu gasped around his short breath—“S-sorry!” he said, looking with wide eyes at Inosuke. His brows were furrowed over dilated green eyes, cheeks flushed a dusty pink. Zenitsu couldn’t stop thinking of what Tanjiro said that morning, about how Inosuke was pretty; because he really was, even with red shiny lips stretched around a cock or maybe especially that way. Inosuke spoke again and the vibration made Zenitsu’s toes curl. He grabbed onto his hair for security, or something, it was hard to reason when everything felt really distractingly good—Inosuke hit his hip lightly. 

Zenitsu met the boar’s gaze and had dawning realization. “You...want me to…?” he asked, breathless as he lifted his hips to give a little thrust into Inosuke’s pliant mouth. Instantly the boar’s brow uncreased, eyes lidding further. He looked content , or happy even and Zenitsu felt dizzy again from blushing too hard. He wanted him to thrust into his mouth, like a. Even Zenitsu’s brain couldn’t finish the lewdness of that thought, he just got a harder grip on Inosuke’s soft hair and moved his hips again.

It felt like how Zenitsu imagined fucking would feel like, it was just like that but Inosuke’s mouth with his tongue sucking and his throat swallowing around his prick. To his surprise, Zenitsu couldn’t look away from his friend’s face, drool pooling at the base of his cock as Inosuke salivated and grunted. And the noises were so dirty—if he had thought the wet sounds of breath were overwhelming the night before truly ignorance was bliss; Zenitsu felt like every slick guttural sound his cock made with Inosuke’s mouth was an instrument of true sin.

He wasn’t going to last very long. His thrusts were becoming erratic, his throat dry from arguing and shrieking and moaning over and over again. “In—osukeee, I’mgonna , ohh god ,” he managed to pant out.

Inosuke met his eyes, pupils blown so wide his green eyes looked black with desire—desire for me, Zenitsu realized. Inosuke swallowed around his cock, and lightning struck. Eyes rolling back, Zenitsu’s body tensed and his mouth fell open as he emptied into Inosuke’s pliant mouth. 


He thought tears may have spilled from his eyes, with the semen emptied from his balls. Zenitsu was staring at the ceiling panting open-mouthed like a dog when Inosuke finally released his softening cock from his mouth. Rough hands parted what fabric still covered Zenitsu’s chest; he gasped, eyes meeting Inosuke’s as he roughly masturbated in front of him. He was groaning, knees straddling Zenitsu’s waist and hand moving so rapidly it looked like it would hurt—only a moment after he began Inosuke doubled over himself and came, blasting ropes of sticky fluid over Zenitsu’s flushed chest.

It was the most obscene thing Zenitsu’d ever seen, and he had just watched someone suck his dick. His soft cock twitched in interest. Zenitsu tried to blink away the fog of afterglow, and get more oxygen to his brain.

“...You made a mess!” Zenitsu complained, not sounding at all as irritated as he meant to.

Inosuke, who was sitting on his haunches with a dazed, happy look, didn’t respond.

“...Well? You have to clean it up!!” he continued, waving a hand in front of Inosuke’s eyes.

Inosuke grunted, finally a response. He bent down over Zenitsu’s chest and began to lick off the fluids his dick had painted onto it.

Zenitsu blanched, red in the face but not unhappy. He didn’t feel unhappy at all.

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Zenitsu had a habit of sleeping at the worst of times, if fainting in numerous life threatening situations counted; he had grown used to being awoken to find a surprising, even dire situation there to greet him.

He was not used to being woken up by the Insect Pillar Herself, smiling at his bedside and holding her sword by its handle. 

Grabbing instinctively onto the nearest object (Inosuke), Zenitsu yelped like a kicked puppy. Shinobu smiled more menacingly. 

“I apologize for the interruption, gentleman, however I must inform you...there has been a noise complaint.” Zenitsu was breaking out in a cold sweat. Inosuke, who’d just woken up, gripped him like a lifeline.

Shinobu didn’t break eye contact. “Do you think this is a brothel , after spending so long in one? Do you think my poor girls are used to your bawdy noises in the night? A poor estate you must think this, to show no restraint in screaming your obscene passions for all to hear!” 

Oh god, was Zenitsu about to cry? He was so scared he was going to cry. 

Tears or no tears, the Insect Pillar assigned Inosuke and Zenitsu to immediate and thorough recovery training, ““Since you both went to sleep with so much energy.””

They didn’t even get breakfast before Aoi was cracking down on their muscles while Kanao was setting up the cup game with the other servant girls there to assist.

Zenitsu was in hell. Inosuke was still a little rattled, but mostly confused. Very, very confused.

The tiny girl servants kept looking at him and giggling while they played their game of tag. Why was he being laughed at?! The boar huffed and snorted, and made sure to win extra fast—when he could win, anyway. That Konao girl was sometimes too fast for even the King of the Mountain.

When he sat down to catch his breath, the little trio of giggling servants followed. Inosuke huffed at them all, puffing out his chest; to his shock they didn’t run away scared like they used to? He didn’t let it intimidate him, as Inosuke was certain he could defeat them in battle.

“So you two are together now, Inosuke-san?” Sumi asked, smiling.

“Romantic!” Kiyo insisted soon after.

“Good for Zenitsu-san, he always seemed so lonely…” Naho sighed.

“What are you talking about?” Inosuke crossed his arms. “Together with Nenitsu?”

The three settled around him, sitting close by “Yeah, you two are dating now right?” Kiyo asked with a smile. 

“What the hell is dating!?” Inosuke shouted, since they kept using words he didn’t know.

Sumi patted his bicep soothingly “It’s when you like someone, and you do stuff together like going on walks, giving them flowers, eating together and well—“ she shared a look with the other girls “—what you two were doing yesterday night, too.”

Inosuke nodded, because anything these weak people could understand, he could understand too. “Well then we must not be that, because I never gave Sukitsu flowers! What would he do with those? You can’t eat them.”

Naho gasped at him, “But you have to give him flowers! Or at least gifts--if not how will he know you think he’s special?”

“Special.” Inosuke repeated, dubiously. All three girls nodded eagerly.

“Yes, because he’s the only one for you! So you have to do stuff for him, or he’ll feel sad…” Kiyo insisted, trailing off with a frown. “Don’t ever make him cry!”

“Yeah, Zenitsu-san cries almost as loudly as he moans!” Sumi added, and the three of them laughed. Inosuke laughed as well, because he also thought being loud was good. What these three weaklings had to say made sense to the boar instantly: that was why Kobitsu didn’t want him to mount him last night! Inosuke hadn’t given proper tribute, so he was sad--and it was hard to deal with a sad Zenitsu. The mountain king hummed under his breath, wondering what sort of inedible flower he’d have to find for Mukitsu to be happy with him again.

In the meanwhile across the hall, Zenitsu was soaking wet at the cups table, and looking miserable enough that even stoic Kanao decided to take pity on him. She called off their game politely as the blond boy sniffled pathetically--and pulled out an onigiri she had brought with her, offering it to him. Zenitsu burst into grateful tears and grabbed her hand.

“YOU ARE AN ANGEL , KANAO-CHAN!!!!” He wailed, shoving nearly half the rice ball into his mouth at once. “ Wil y’ m’rry me?? ” Zenitsu asked with a mouth full of rice.

Kanao was used to this sort of questioning from the boy, but today she frowned. “You shouldn’t say such things any longer.” 

Zenitsu swallowed the rice loudly, eyes watery. “Are...are you mad at me, Kanao-chan?”

“I am neutral on the subject,” she replied in her soft voice. “But I believe in fidelity, and do not think Inosuke-san would like you proposing to other people as such.”

Zenitsu nearly choked on his next mouthful. “WH -- WHY DO YOU--” he coughed, swallowing and panting, “ Why would you say that?? What does Inosuke’s opinion matter to me !”

Kanao raised an elegant eyebrow, certainly an expression she learned from Shinobu. “It should matter to you, as his lover and partner. Zenitsu-san, for someone so romantically inclined you sound sort of...clueless.”

Ouch, being judged by such a pure, pretty girl hurt! Zenitsu wanted to make amends, if only so Kanao stopped looking at him like that!! “Y-Y-YOU’RE RIGHT, Kanao-chan is right!! I really am clueless ha ha haha…” Self deprecation, a perfect strategy! He chanced a glance at Kanao and saw her face softened. He had succeeded!

“Well, Zenitsu-san is in luck. Shinobu-sama has taught me much about the art of courting…” Oh, no . Misunderstanding. Abort. He had NOT succeeded!!! “...Let me teach you how to win Inosuke-san’s favor!” Noooo!

Yeeees, responded the universe, as Zenitsu felt his soul attempt to leave his body. Kanao guided him through the many facets of formal courtship, what was proper and what was improper, correct flirting techniques for the beguiling woman ( or , she added, man ) and popular romantic songs to play whilst showing off your skills with music for a potential match. Shinobu was called in about halfway through to clarify certain details with Kanao, as if Zenitsu needed details!! And why were they teaching him women’s courting techniques anyway— was he not a man to them?!

After an hour more grueling to the mind than recovery training was to the body, they all retired to have dinner. Unnervingly, Aoi sat next to Zenitsu for the meal and glared through his whole first bowl. What god had he displeased to deserve all this?!

“Ah, Aoi-chan I’m...sorry for running in the halls yesterday!” he said when he could no longer handle her silent ire.

She continued to frown at him, turning away to rummage in her pocket. Aoi’s expression hadn’t changed as she held out a moderately sized bottle, curiously hiding it under the table. A gift? Could it be that Aoi-chan had fallen for him—? “Take it!” she whispered.

“Why are we whispering?” Zenitsu asked, sweating. What was in that bottle? He grabbed it delicately, bending down to study its contents. It looked like a kind of oil?

“Did you make this for me, Aoi-chan, and you’re too shy to give it to me alone?” Zenitsu concluded it was definitely a courting gift, not at all considering his earlier mistaken signals or general lack of understanding of girls.

Aoi rolled her eyes, which seemed less coy than he had hoped her reaction to be. “No, stupid it’s not like I made it for you! It’s infused with herbs that help relax the muscles.” she answered. “I will not be treating either you or Inosuke for anal fissures anytime soon! Be responsible and use it!”

Zenitsu paused to consider Aoi’s words.



Anal [ eyn-l ]: of, pertaining to, involving, or near the anus.

Fissure [ fish-er ]: a narrow opening produced by cleavage or separation of parts.

Zenitsu took a moment to understand how those two words related. Then, he took another moment to understand how one could possibly gain an anal fissure; then he took another moment to understand how himself and Inosuke—

Well, you get the picture. Zenitsu, eventually , understood. He sucked in a large breath, and promptly dropped the bottle. “ KIIIII—YAAAAAA!!!!!! ” 

Aoi caught it before it hit the floor. “Hey! Don’t you drop it!! It took me forever to enfuse this!!”

The rest of their meager dinner party didn’t bother asking why Zenitsu was kicking up a fuss, though Tanjiro made sure to comfort him for the sake of the others anyway.

Chapter Text

After all of that happening in one day, Zenitsu and Inosuke alike collapse into bed at the end of the day with no thought to fooling around.

...They collapsed into the same bed, Zenitsu noticed, and he found oddly...nice.

It was hard to leave a mattress when there was someone sharing body heat there with you, he discovered the next morning. Inosuke was quieter when he slept, which made him less annoying and more tolerable—plus that bastard of a Sound Pillar seemed to have a point; Inosuke’s muscular chest was kind of soft to rest on. It was really, really nice ; so nice that when Zenitsu felt the boar stirring under him he felt a pang of sadness at having to lose the comfortable embrace. Inosuke woke slowly, a glazed look at the ceiling before blinking down to Zenitsu...and tightening his arms around the blond’s shoulders, pulling him in closer to nuzzle at his hair.

Zenitsu, who hadn’t expected that, blushed. He felt the even breathing of Inosuke telling him the boy was awake, he was just...holding him? His hair tickled the side of Zenitsu’s neck as the blond reached up to run fingers through Inosuke’s silky locks. They were silent, but Zenitsu felt Inosuke’s lips smile against his neck as he petted the boar. It wasn’t awkward, or annoying at all—how many life changing surprises could Zenitsu discover in one stay at the Butterfly estate? He didn’t have the brain power to ponder it too hard as he dozed into a light nap against Inosuke, breathing in a smell like forest moss. 




Somehow, Zenitsu woke up with Inosuke’s full weight splayed over him, nearly crushing out all his air. He wheezed and attempted to push him off. “ Inosuke!! ” 

The boy grunted. Zenitsu managed to remove Inosuke’s elbow from his ribs and heaved in a breath. “You’re crushing me! Get up!!!”

“Don’t wanna,” Inosuke grumbled with his face directly in the mattress. How could he breath even?!

“Well, I’m going to,” Zenitsu added, able to sit up with Inosuke draped over his lap now. He lifted an arm and sniffed, frowning. “I didn’t get into the bath last night and I don’t want to stink!”

He was about to make good on his words, shifting his legs out from under Inosuke when two strong arms wrapped around his middle right when his feet his the floor. “No!” Inosuke said.

Zenitsu sputtered “ Wh?! What do you mean no , I can’t stay here all day!”

Inosuke was pouting, with his face bare it was easy to see and— really cute , Zenitsu thought against his own will. It’s only because he looks like a pretty girl!! “Don’t go…”

Ugh , he looked like the prettiest girl Zenitsu had ever seen! “Y-you don’t understand, I smell...I should bathe, and then maybe I can come back—“

The pout was transforming into a squinting frown, as Inosuke sat up in bed with one arm still holding Zenitsu by the waist. “You just want to bathe? I can do that for you here.” 

Zenitsu paused. A...sponge bath? Inosuke didn’t make much for sexy nurse material but, was he suggesting the boar pamper him in bed?! “O-oh? You would...bathe me?” he was beginning to feel his face flush.

Inosuke nodded matter of factly. “Mm, with this!” he opened his mouth wide, and stuck out his tongue.

Zenitsu remembered what that mouth felt like on sinful, exciting parts of his body. When Inosuke said bathe , he really meant—!?

He shucked off his yukata in record time and laid down on the bed with a beet red face. “I’m ready!” he squeaked. 

Inosuke glanced down at him, sleepy eyes lidded in a way that excited Zenitsu further with their softness. He straddled the blond’s waist, and lifted his arm up, entwining their fingers—Zenitsu’s heart skipped a beat. Were they holding hands? Was Inosuke going to kiss him? Breathing heavily in anticipation, he closed his eyes and puckered his lips...and felt Inosuke start licking his armpit. 

Zenitsu convulsed in a fit of laughter. “ That—! TICKles—!” He giggled, squirming and surprised. Why was Inosuke licking him there?! “What, hehehe , are YOU— pfft—doing?!” 

Inosuke didn’t bother pulling away from his armpit before scoffing. “What, you’ve never taken a bath before? You have to clean under your arms and between your legs first! You’re lucky I’m here to teach you, or everyone would think you were stupid!” 

Stupid?! ” Zenitsu argued back hotly. “It’s stupid to think—to do— “ he started laughing again. How was he stupid for thinking Inosuke wasn’t going to try literally bathing him with his tongue?! The squirming laughter coming from his midsection at Inosuke teasing sensitive skin made for an odd combination with his former arousal; Zenitsu was well and truly insane for not stopping Inosuke from slobbering all over his pits and also...a little bit...enjoying it???

When he switched arms, Inosuke kept their hands together. The giggling was beginning to come out of Zenitsu’s throat as a squeaking whimper; a realization that made his face go red yet again. Why was being licked by such a beast arousing?! It made him feel a little less crazy that Inosuke seemed to be enjoying it himself, sniffing and licking him in broad strokes with a flushed expression. Didn’t it stink?

“Smells like you,” Inosuke grunted in reply, and Zenitsu realized he had said that out loud. “‘s nice.”

Aheheh ,” Zenitsu giggled, god damn it . It shouldn’t be flattering!! But it was, and it kind of made his cock ache to full hardness. He was elated at the attention. “ You’re nice.”

Inosuke pulled away and frowned. “I’m not nice, I’M STRONG!” he shouted, grabbing Zenitsu by the hips and flipping him onto his stomach violently. Zenitsu yelled in protest, but Inosuke just told him to shut up (he flipped Konbitzu over so the blond wouldn’t see that being called ‘nice’ made him feel hot in the face and kind of tingly) before yanking his ass up by the hips. The blond gasped, going rigid at the familiar position--was Inosuke going to? What did he call it, was the boar going to mount him? Zenitsu’s breathing was irregular before but now it was practically panting as he gripped the sheet in anticipation of Inosuke’s weight draping over his body—only this time, fully bare. Skin against skin, sweat mixing with sweat...precum leaked from his dick onto the bed. 

Inosuke’s hands spread Zenitsu’s cheeks apart as he licked a wet stripe from his sack down to his puckered asshole. Zenitsu yelped, the shock too weird to react to—was this boar idiot really licking him there?! 

“Wh- uuhnhh— isn’t tha—t?! HUUUHH??!” Zenitsu rambled, up until Inosuke licked his hole again; this time the motion was focused, circular and why was it so sensitive? Zenitsu’s body trembled oddly, his face heated up; it was like he had gotten a fever! Was he getting a fever?! Inosuke made a noise against the blond that he felt as the boar suckled at the skin like an obscene kiss. “ Ohgod ,” Zenitsu moaned, that felt good? 

Inosuke squeezed the fat of his ass as a response. This wasn’t the uncomfortable, ticklish excitement of before it was—it was like when Inosuke had put his mouth on Zenitsu’s cock; visceral and unable to be ignored. His abdomen felt like it was throbbing as he sweat a mile a minute trying not to shout about this feeling, this teasing stimulation that was making the room spin...Zenitsu thought Inosuke’s mouth must be cursed somehow to excite him so much while doing something so—so base!

After all the licking, suckling kisses, Zenitsu had melted into relaxation enough for Inosuke’s tongue to slip inside of him; Zenitsu shouted; electricity shot up his spine. Literally—Inosuke felt the jolt from where his tongue dipped inside Zenitsu’s puckered entrance and made a noise of displeasure. Reflexively, the blond reached back and grabbed his hair to keep the boar in place. 

“D-d-doitagain,” he muttered quickly, embarrassed by his neediness but needing Inosuke to not stop. Inosuke, who liked when Zenitsu’s hand was in his hair, acquiesced and speared his long tongue inside the blond again. He yoweled into the pillows.

Zenitsu was glad he had been forced to take that bottle of oil from Aoi suddenly. Something as small as a tongue was making his body convulse, writhing in bed like the fever he had caught needed to sweat out; imagine more than that? Zenitsu did, and was scandalized by his own perversion. Every breath sounded like a wounded moan, and he was soon moving his hips back against Inosuke’s tongue. It moved around inside of him at first, until his hole had loosened enough for the boar to fuck the wet appendage in and out; breath fanning hot and cold against the slick skin. 

Inosuke’s drool was dripping from Zenitsu’s taint to his balls, pooling with the fluid from his cock leaking untouched between his legs. The blond didn’t even think to touch himself, lest he cum instantly and have to stop feeling so good. Inosuke was addicted to the taste of him, wishing he had a bigger mouth or larger tongue to reach further inside of Zenitsu and make him squirm harder. He thought he could get deeper still, using his thumbs to hook inside the blond’s hole and spread it wider. The boar’s tongue stuck inside as far as it could go—Zenitsu felt his vision white out as his cock twitched violently through a dry orgasm.

All his muscles clenched and unclenched rhythmically, invisible waves of lightning shuddering through Zenitsu’s limbs. Inosuke licked him out through each tremor, until the blond’s hips collapsed down onto the bed.

Inosuke flipped him over much less violently this time—they were both panting, still hard. The boar looked at Zenitsu’s heaving chest, his flushed face and the way his hair clung to the sweaty skin of his forehead.


He frowned, “It’s Zenitsu ,”

Inosuke knelt between his bare thighs, petting the soft skin of his sides. “Zubitzu?” he breathed.

Zenitsu would be more upset if Inosuke’s voice wasn’t so sexy—not that it was; he was just turned on by a pretty face hovering over him and watching his body like a bird of prey. “ Zen-it-su ,” 

The boar hunched over, eyes glued to the flushed red skin of his chest. “Shubitsu.” as he brought their hips flush together, Inosuke’s mouth latched onto one of Zenitsu’s puffy nipples, suckling it.

Inosuke! ” the blond moaned, grabbing the larger boy by the hips and rubbing their cocks together between them.

“Inosuke,” Inosuke breathed, licking the buds of Zenitsu’s chest.

“Idiot!!” Zenitsu answered back. With both of them thrusting erratically, their cocks mostly rubbed against each other’s hips and stomachs—Zenitsu wanted more. He snaked a hand between them, grabbing both their cocks to rub them together. 

Inosuke’s spine straightened like Zenitsu had shocked him again, groaning before collapsing onto him to fuck against the blond’s cock. He was panting in Zenitsu’s ear, making his body remember the first time he heard a sound like that—Zenitsu arched against him and shook. The precum leaking from them both made his fist slick around them, moving quicker with his rising excitement; Inosuke bit the lobe of his ear with a moan and sparks set off behind Zenitsu’s eyelids. 

Zenitsu ,” he finally said, while cumming all over Zenitsu’s stomach. 

The noise Zenitsu answered with was less a word and more a vowel. He opened his eyes, still jerking himself off against Inosuke’s cock as they locked gazes—the boar’s mouth was open, lips spit-slick and shining like his eyes and Zenitsu wanted to kiss him so much —he came thinking about just that, even after all the filthy places his tongue had been the blond would sell his sword for a single taste of those lips.

It took them both a few long minutes to come down from such a climax. By the time the two had enough words between them to form sentences, Zenitsu was feeling crusty with the amount of sweat and fluids all over his body. He got up with a grimace to put on his yukata, while Inosuke remained prone.

“...let’s go take a regular bath.” he said, nudging Inosuke on the bed. 

The boar’s head shot up with a frown as if to protest, before examining Zenitsu’s ruffled appearance for a moment. He snorted out a sigh and got up. “FINE!”

(He may have sounded upset, but Inosuke looked very happy to let Zenitsu wash his hair only a few minutes later. Sometimes even beasts can be reasoned with, Zenitsu figured.)

Chapter Text

Inosuke was growing restless—he was too injured to leave, but not injured enough to not want a fight!! All he had was training with the staff of the estate, but that wasn’t the same as being able to destroy someone in battle! He found himself often trailing after Kanjiro for something to do, or someone to bother. He had Wenitsu to fuss with too but—Inosuke frowned. It felt wrong to fight him . He thought back to the three girls always trailing after Tanjiro; they had said he and Kuritzu were ‘together’ so. He guessed you couldn’t fight people you were together with, even if you were bored.

“You should take Zenitsu-san on a date!” Sumi suggested, when Inosuke was done headbutting a tree in the garden. 

“Oh, but they aren’t allowed to leave the estate until they have clearance from the doctor…” Kiyo said, frowning.

“You can have a date here, it’s big enough,” Naho said, “Anywhere is good when you’re in love anyway.”

“What’s a date?” the boar asked, hoping it involved combat.

“Courting couples do it, Inosuke.” Tanjiro said with a smile. He had broken an arm recently, but he still lifted Kiyo and Naho with his healthy one, swinging them while they talked. They both laughed happily, so Inosuke lifted Sumi with his arm, up to his shoulders (higher to beat Tanjiro). “It’s about spending time together really!” 

“Yeah, Inosuke-san, but special!!” Sumi said, delighted to be so high up. She patted his boar head. “You have to be especially nice!”

“I’m not nice!” he snorted, crossing his arms. “I’m strong!”

“You can be both, Inosuke.” Tanjiro noted.

Inosuke thought about this. He then dropped Sumi off his shoulders by dropping forward unnaturally low; the girl squealed in delight. Both strong...and nice? Maybe that made sense, especially with Tenjuro being the way he was—Inosuke was stronger, after all; he could be nicer too! Anything Danjerō did, he could do too!

With Naho, Kiyo, Sumi and Tanjiro’s tutelage, the boar figured out what a nice date was supposed to be, and had it down to a few steps:

  • Share food

Inosuke ate with Denitsu all the time—but to be nice would be to share. As atrocious as it seemed to the boar to lose any food of his own to anyone, sometimes one had to make sacrifices for victory .

  • Take a walk

For some reason this was a special thing? Inosuke was walking with people constantly, though they walked behind him because of his superior speed. The nice thing to do was to hold himself back, and try to walk in the same square mile as Konbitzu.

  • Flowers

Not edible or useful at all, but they were somehow linked to the whole date thing, and there were some of them around the estate. This step was easy!

  • Dressing up

Once Tanjiro explained it didn’t mean to wear shoes making himself taller, it took a while for Inosuke to get this part. The girls told him to try and wear his uniform properly, and to “do” his hair, which Inosuke assumes means to check himself for fleas; he hadn’t caught any in a season!

So it was only 5 things—less than the sword techniques Inosuke knew by heart! So obviously, he had the whole date thing down—all he needed to do was do the date. Inosuke wouldn’t back down! 

The next day, he got up earlier than Nenitsu to ‘dress up’; Inosuke donned his uniform pants and boar mask flea-free! He double checked for ticks and lice, too. Strolling to the dining area, he was confident he dressed SO up. Zenitsu was already inside, serving himself some rice, and Inosuke saw this as his opportunity to knock out yet another part of the date as he plopped down in the seat beside him.

“GOOD MORNING SENITSU!” Inosuke said, because talking on dates was a thing.

Zenitsu jumped, and blinked at him with a sleepy expression. “It’s Zenitsu,” he said, serving himself some sashimi.

“Yes,” Inosuke replied—he was agreeing, because agreeing was nice. 

The sashimi did look very good, so Inosuke sort of lost track of his date challenge for a while to dig in. By the time he had gotten a yummy grilled fish almost down to it’s bones he started; shit! He needed to ‘share’ his meal! Inosuke thought this was the hardest test by far—what if he was starving, and Amitsu was there, would he simply have to die?! No, maybe it would suffice to give...just a little bit...It wouldn’t be fair to give him too much! Zengen had already eaten plenty, why should Inosuke have to go hungry?

Gritting his teeth, and emitting an air of sincere discomfort, Inosuke took up the fish he had been eating; it was only just the bone and the tail left. He looked at the blond boy grimacing, taking a long pause; and dropped it right onto his rice.

Zenitsu noticed, looking at the scrap of fish. He glanced at Inosuke with a worried expression. “...Uh??” he said.

“YOU ARE WELCOME!” Roared the boar, jumping to a standing position and flexing wildly. He had overcome the challenge!! Inosuke was fired up!! He went to run around in the yard, harass the birds and headbutt the trees.

After that, the next steps were pieces of cake! While on his run, Inosuke found a few flowers--they were yellow like Henitzu was yellow, and he thought that was very clever of him to tear them up from the dirt. And now that he had run, it would serve as a warm up to keeping pace with Kobitsu enough to walk with him! Haha!

Sweating from earlier exertion and running at a break-neck speed, Inosuke came charging towards Zenitsu in the halls of the Butterfly estate. The blond looked like a deer caught in headlights, as the boar skidded to a stop so fast he seemed to damage the flooring.

Inosuke thrust out the flowers, holding them by their stems as the muddy roots dripped onto the ruined floorboards below. “ HERE! ” he said, proud of his gift and date-mastery.

If Zenitsu had looked alarmed before, the flowers seemed to inspire an even wider-eyed expression. He stared at the plant, and stared some more...seeing between the blooms a spider’s web with it’s creator seated comfortably in its center.

Monitsu screamed, in what Inosuke assumed was immense gratitude.

Throwing the flowers outside, the boar followed to where Zenitsu had run off to after screaming, tracking him by scent. The boy was in a room with Aoi getting a check up when Inosuke burst in. Zenitsu flinched but Aoi was already by the other door of the room. She gave them both a glance, before glaring at the blond and whispering “Remember the oil,” and then she was gone. Inosuke stood still, waiting for the walking to begin...but Kubitsu was red faced, still sitting. He frowned—Kanjiro hadn’t told Inosuke what to do if he was sitting! How was he supposed to walk with him?! Inosuke was too fast for a sitting person!

Zenitsu had been working up the courage to speak to this...chaotic unpredictable boar, when Inosuke approached him deadly quiet. He yelped, swallowing audibly--the taller boy was hovering over him, at his bedside.

Looking into the blue eyes of his boar mask, Zenitsu saw his life flash before his eyes. “Why. Aren’t. You. MOVING?! ” Inosuke asked. Zenitsu ran out of the room, pale as death.

Inosuke pursued, faster.

Chapter Text

Zenitsu thought, and thought, and thought some more but he just couldn’t wrap his head around it— why was Inosuke trying to kill him?!

All day yesterday, the boar had been leaving him subtle threats; a dead fish on his breakfast, death!! Flowers yellow like his stupid hair, and within them a poisonous spider!! Zenitsu had almost turned into a spider; surely Inosuke knew that?! And then he had chased him around, until Zenitsu had latched onto Aoi-chan and Inosuke finally stopped! What had he done to deserve this?!

Somehow, the blond ended up in the Insect Pillar’s room, taking tea with Shinobu Kocho herself. Usually, he’d delight in the company of such a beautiful girl!! But it didn’t even cross Zenitsu’s mind to hit on her—she asked him how things were with him, and his worries came pouring out.

“I just can’t understand how it went from intimacy to death threats!!” he cried, physically slumping before Shinobu. “Is it the law of beasts to murder their conquests?!”

Shinobu, ever elegant in kind of a scary way, Zenitsu thought, smiled into her tea cup. She had figured out exactly what Inosuke’s peculiar behavior meant; just as she knew Zenitsu would never accept the answer point-blank. “Do you think he only sees you as a conquest?”

The blond blushed, obviously not realizing in his hysteria he’d slipped up and implied something crude in the presence of a lady. “WHAT, haha , noo I mean—maybe? He hasn’t, I mean we haven’t, YOU KNOW!”

Shinobu raised an eyebrow. “Your relations have been purely physical?” 

Zenitsu had broken out in a cold sweat just talking to a girl about such things accidentally but—he flushed, realizing Shinobu knew the nature of their physicality from the beginning by overhearing them! How humiliating!!  

When only answered with embarrassed muttering, Shinobu assumed Zenitsu would not answer a yes or no. “Well, don’t you think that could be why Inosuke is so upset with you?”

Zenitsu met her patient gaze with his flustered tears eyes. “That..?” Like sex with Zenitsu upsetting Inosuke? Why would it— was it that bad?! “I don’t think that would be an inspiration for violence!!”

“Now now, I don’t think Inosuke-kun meant to hurt you at all,” Shinobu paused, thinking that Inosuke explicitly meant to court Zenitsu, poor beast, “I think he meant to show you he was upset.”

The blond was trying to follow, but he really couldn’t. Why would Inosuke be upset with him anyway, if it wasn’t that he was bad in bed, or too ugly, or too cowardly, or too loud, or that he cries too much or—

Shinobu place her teacup down with a gentle but clear sound. “Most anyone would be upset if the person they loved was not reciprocating their feelings.”

Zenitsu paused. He paused his thoughts, his breathing, his life ; feeling his consciousness drifting for a moment of pure meditation in the stream of the universe...before snapping out of it and slamming down his teacup.


Inosuke is in love with me?!” Zenitsu said, like a question but aimed at the cosmos not Shinobu. The boarmasked, oddly pretty boy who nearly beat him to death once, who he really wanted to kiss for some reason, that Inosuke?? Someone loving Zenitsu? Anyone loving Zenitsu?!

“Well, isn’t it a reasonable conclusion?” Shinobu said, the blond boy before her more shocked than she expected. She seated herself closer to him, enveloping his shoulders in her haori. “Inosuke-kun tried to express his feelings in the only way a boy raised on a mountain knew how to.  And when you didn’t seem to feel the same, he showed his discontent in a similarly crude fashion.”

Zenitsu could hardly believe his ears, but it all lined up...Why else would Inosuke do so much with him of all people!? Tanjiro was around too, or Kanao, or even Aoi! There were other people Inosuke could (he began to blush) mount . He couldn’t believe he didn’t notice! 

“I...I feel TERRIBLE!” he exclaimed, eyes wet. Zenitsu had ignored the first feelings anyone had ever had for him! “I’ve never had this happen before!!” Shinobu tutted, placing a handkerchief at Zenitsu’s wet cheek sympathetically. The blond thanked her, blowing his nose loudly into the offered kerchief. 

Shinobu decided she didn't want it back. “It will all work out, after all you do return his feelings, don’t you Zenitsu-kun?”

Zenitsu couldn’t really say no to that, even if he was very unsure. He had thought Inosuke was trying to kill him not ten minutes earlier! But, he supposed in general—lately, Zenitsu liked to be around the boar. When they were alone together things, were comfortable and exciting in odd contrast to each other; and you wouldn't want to kiss someone you didn’t like . “Mmm,” he answered after a moment, a blush dusting his cheeks.

The insect pillar smiled eerily at a scheme well hatched. “Then the solution is simple. Do you remember the lesson Kanao-chan and I gave you on courting?

Zenitsu blanched. “Courting??”

Turned out, Zenitsu did remember quite a lot. He absorbed anything to do with love and romance like a sponge, being such a flirt—not that he would ever admit it! It was easy enough with Kanao and Shinobu’s encouragement to plan out something of an apology. Due to his heightened hearing, Zenitsu had been adept at musical instruments since he was very young; it was the only way he really survived in the flower district as well. He thought he could put that talent to good use, since everyone liked music right?

The issue was getting Inosuke to sit still long enough for Zenitsu to play him something.

The boar was wild as it is, but now that he was almost fully healed he ran around the sizeable estate with reckless abandon! It was hard enough finding him, then he was always with Tanjiro, or Naho, or Sumi; would they stop hanging off him?! Not that Zenitsu was jealous of the time spent with him, or anything silly like that—there was just no way he’d ask Inosuke to come off with him alone in front of other people!! That would be too much for his pride as a man!

By dinner the blond was almost certain Inosuke had been avoiding him on purpose, since he was upset with Zenitsu anyway. Maybe he deserved it, for snubbing the other boy’s feelings! He was eating his food alone, feeling sorry for himself when the boar burst into the dinning area like the sun parting the clouds in a rainstorm.

“Inosuke!” Zenitsu said, whipping his head around to see if anyone was trailing after him, if anyone else was coming into the dining room.

“SHUBITSU!” Inosuke responded, incorrect but loud about it. 

“Sure!” the blond responded—he was too happy to see him alone to even care that the boar got his name wrong. “You’re here to eat?!”

Inosuke, who had already seated himself with tray overflowing with food, stared at Zenitsu with blue boar eyes. “Yes?”

“Uhuh, that’s great!! Stay there!” Zenitsu exclaimed, getting up and running out of the room. He had borrowed a koto from staff at the estate, he was stashing it in the sick bay’s closet trying to find the time to play it— finally! He had even put himself in nice hakama with his haori today...there wasn’t much Zenitsu could do about his face or hair, but he at least had music!

He dashed back to the dining room to find Inosuke still munching at his food, barely looking up to acknowledge Zenitsu’s reentrance. That stung a bit but— remember! Inosuke is mad at you! He had to be determined to make things right between them! Agh, but it was hard to be determined when running away and forgetting about it was easier, and more appealing…

While he internally debated, Zenitsu put the koto down in the corner of the room—it was getting heavy! It wasn’t as scary to think of the instrument's weight and tuning as it was to imagine apologizing , so the blond sat down with it to fiddle and pluck at the strings, make sure it was in tune. Oh god, would he have to ask Inosuke to marry him or something? Hmm, maybe if Zenitsu just played a little melody…

The boar was actually paying Zenitsu a lot of attention as he internally panicked; finished with his food, he watched the boy put down a large instrument and curiously listened to the sounds that came out. Some were high, some were weird. Inosuke sat closer, watching the blond’s fingers move over each string, staring at his uncomfortable expression.

Zenitsu met Inosuke’s bare faced curiosity with a deep red blush. Here he was, listening to Zenitsu while they were perfectly alone. Now was the time to properly apologize!!!

“THIS SONG— IS FOR YOU! ” Zenitsu shouted in a strangely high pitched-squeak, before glaring at the floor and plucking at the koto with a fury. What a stupid line—there wasn’t even an inkling of a sorry in there!! AGH!

The melody began intensely, as Zenitsu improvised through his feelings of embarrassment. It was an epic, an anthem ; something lively and jaunty before he began to calm his heart. This wasn’t the emotion he meant to express, all he was playing was indicative of turmoil! So Zenitsu practiced his breathing, knowing especially now that breath was effective enough to save him at the worst of times. He breathed, and the melody meandered towards something serene and almost mournful. There was that power behind it—the charge in the air before a lightning strike, the energy Zenitsu brought into music, but he most hoped it sang of regret, maybe of love? 

Glancing from under his eyelashes, Zenitsu could hardly see the person he was playing for; Inosuke had lay on the floor? Had he put him to sleep?! It surprised the blond into stopping, kneeling to peer at where the boar lay staring at the ceiling; definitely not asleep. Inosuke looked relaxed, hands cushioning his head on the tatami with his side to the koto—putting his body level with the instrument. Was he trying to...hear it better?

Inosuke glanced at Zenitsu with a frown. “Why’d you stop?” 

“Ah, r-right!” Scrambling a bit, he went back to playing much more happily. Inosuke had looked content—and he was. He didn’t know anything about instruments, but the boar liked the noises this one made. It first sounded like a battle, cool and exciting—then it felt the way Tanjiro made him feel, or Granny; like dandelions in the breeze. Inosuke didn’t know Zenitsu could make the dandelions happen before, it made him want to be closer while he played; close like he could be when they shared a bed. Since he couldn’t crawl over the koto or interrupt the melody, the boar lay prone and felt the fuzzy feeling.

Zenitsu played for a while longer, both of them feeling the music until it meandered to a closing note. Clearing his throat, the blond shifted the instrument aside to shuffle to Inosuke’s side. Peering down at him, Zenitsu found a wide grin spreading across the boar’s face.

“I liked that!” Inosuke said simply. “You should do that for me all the time!!

Zenitsu scoffed, but it came out more like a sigh in light of being complimented. “I can't do it all the time…” 

Inosuke clicked his tongue, meeting Zenitsu’s eyes as if to communicate he wasn’t really angry. The moon was beginning to shine through the doorway onto the boys, illuminating their space in cool hues. Zenitsu thought Inosuke looked almost delicate like this, calm and content and lit by the moon.

Without a second thought, Zenitsu leaned in to kiss Inosuke.

Chapter Text

...Inosuke scooted his head to the side. Zenitsu, eyes half closed and lips puckered, followed him but Inosuke. Moved. Again.

“Would you STOP MOVING?! ” Zenitsu screamed, sitting up frustrated. 

Inosuke sprung up too, frowning. “YOU’RE GONNA BUMP INTO ME IF I DON’T, STUPID!”


“To what?! ” The boar scoffed, crossing his arms and assuming a kiss was a kind of headbutt. “You’re too WEAK TO KISS ME!! YOU WOULDN'T LAND THE HIT, I’M TOO FAST!”

Zenitsu did land a hit—a smack right to his own forehead. Of course! Of course Inosuke didn’t know what kissing was, stupid boar!! “IT’S—! It is not a kind of hit! I’m not trying to hit you!!!!” 

At this, Inosuke paused. “Then what do you need to be so close to my face for?!” 

“To give you a kiss!”

A lightbulb illuminated above Inosuke’s head at the word “give”; Zanitzu had a gift for him! “Then just put it here!” he said, holding out a palm. 

Zenitsu huffed and stuttered at the boar’s outstretched hand. That wasn’t how it was supposed to work!! It was supposed to be a smooth, romantic kiss on the lips that made Inosuke swoon into his arms, not something like a peck on the palm! Though, the blond guessed he could kiss Inosuke’s was just so weird!! It didn’t suit him to kiss the hand of a wild beast like a lady, Zentisu frowned. At least it would teach the stupid boar what a kiss was! “FINE!” 

Grabbing Inosuke’s hand with both of his, Zenitsu kissed his calloused palm with a fury. He kissed it three times to drive the message home, pulling away to glare at him. Inosuke was— wait, was he blushing?

“What was that?” the boar asked.

“A kiss…” Zenitsu said, though technically it was kisses . Shockingly the stunned, flustered face Inosuke had on was making Zenitsu really want to kiss him more.

Inosuke seemed to think for a moment before speaking again. “Can we—?” he began before the opening of the dining hall door interrupted him, as Tanjiro, Kiyo, Naho and Sumi walked into the room.

“Oh, Zenitsu, good evening! Were you going to play?” Tanjiro asked, innocently gesturing to the koto and not the two boys clasping each others hands in the middle of the floor. Zenitsu and Inosuke alike flushed red.

They both excused themselves from the room.




After bathing, walking to the sick bay Zenitsu would inevitably be sharing with Inosuke made the blond tingle. It was like he’d gotten struck by lightning again without the pain, just the vibrating energy now that he felt things about his boarmasked friend. Could he even say friend any longer? They were closer to lovers ; Zenitsu thought of the bottle of oil he had hidden under his pillow with a fierce blush. Yes, definitely lovers—and Zenitsu liked Inosuke, and Inosuke loved Zenitsu. It was crazy! He still assumed he insane; just a functioning, happy kind of insane? Is this what that nut Uzui felt every day??

Entering the sick bay, Zenitsu’s heart skipped a beat expecting a familiar pair of green eyes. His pulse was practically pounding in his ears—but Inosuke was nowhere to be seen. The disappointment almost stung, though he berated himself for being so needy; the blond shuffled into the room to prepare for bed. As he sat at the edge of his mattress, there was a loud thump! as someone jumped onto it with him...or rather fell onto it from the ceiling. 

“EEEEIIIIYAAA!!!!!!!” Zenitsu screamed, thinking of giant spiders or midnight assasins or crazy scary demons out to get him—

“Shut up!!!!” Inosuke screamed back, turning him around by the shoulders.

Zenitsu gaped at him; why was he trying to scare the blond to death?! What was that for?!?! Didn’t he deserve bett—

Inosuke stuck out his hand. “Do the kiss again,” he demanded, and it was so cute all the annoyance left Zenitsu at once. He smiled despite himself, to which the other boy frowned deeply. “What!

“Nothing, nothing!” he said, obviously smitten, and amused that he knew something stupid Inosuke didn’t. Zenitsu kissed the knuckles of the boar’s outstretched hand coyly. “Just thinking…” 

Inosuke’s frown was beginning to become pouty. “Spit it out already, if you aren’t going to kiss!”

Hehehe ,” Zenitsu giggled, gazing up at Inosuke through his lashes. “Wouldn’t it be nice for me to kiss you on the lips instead?” 

Inosuke gasped, like the words themselves were that exciting; the blond found it really endearing when had the boar become so endearing?? “LET'S DO THAT!” he roared immediately, jostling Zenitsu to be sitting up straight.

He hadn’t been expecting the amount of enthusiasm, but Zenitsu had kissed people ( okay maybe only one person once ) before, so he wasn’t nervous!! Even with Inosuke’s expectant gaze on him every second he was leaning closer. “C-close your eyes,” he muttered petulantly before softly pressing his lips to the boar’s. Inosuke was scrunching his mouth together, obviously unsure of what to do and not breathing through his nose at all but Zenitsu still thought it was sweet. 

He pulled away, blinking with a little flush high on his cheeks; Inosuke’s eyes were still closed. “Um, you have to relax and breathe through your nose. Also...your eyes don’t have to be closed when we aren’t kissing?” Zenitsu explained.

Inosuke opened his eyes, flushing angrily. “I knew that!! Maybe I just didn’t want to smell you!! Stinky!”

Zenitsu narrowed his eyes accusingly. “Oh? If I’m so stinky then sleep in your own bed!” Crossing his arms, he looked away from Inosuke. “Kiss someone else if you’re going to be mean about it—EEP!!” he squeaked, as he found himself shoved onto the mattress by two strong hands gripping his shoulders. 

No way!” Inosuke shouted at him, looking upset. “Zenitsu is mine to kiss! We’re together!” 

Before Zenitsu had the time to even react to that statement, Inosuke was smashing their lips together. He was pressing too hard, and their teeth had clicked painfully at first but— they were together? Zenitsu wasn’t sure anyone had laid claim to him like that his whole life; maybe not since gramps saved him from a life of debt had anyone single him out and said I want you! But Inosuke did. Zenitsu cradled Inosuke’s face in his hands and kissed him, tilting his head to caress their lips together sensually. The boar made a noise in his throat that sounded like he liked it, imitating the motion; both boys shuddered against each other. Zenitsu could feel Inosuke’s heartbeat against his own, quickening in excitement and he was so happy.  

Using his left hand to tug at the boar’s chin was the only way Zenitsu could get him to part in kissing him for even a moment—Inosuke just started to kiss his fingertips instead. “Inosuke…” he blushed. “Here, let me—o-open your mouth,” Zenitsu muttered, hooking a finger into Inosuke’s bottom lip to part his lips and allow Zenitsu to lick his way inside. Inosuke gasped sharply as the wet apendange licked teasingly over his own tongue; it should have been strange but it felt like tasting Monkitsu all over again and instantly made him hard as a rock.

With a long moan, Inosuke sucked on Zenitsu’s tongue and ground his cock down onto his stomach. Zenitsu crooned, not expecting such a violent reaction—his hands carded into Inosuke’s hair to keep his mouth close, it felt really good. It was messy, Inosuke didn’t know how to control his drool and Zenitsu had never really done any of it before but they were both aching for each other, panting into each wet kiss sloppily. Inosuke’s hands began to wander from gripping the sheets, spreading Zenitsu’s legs by the thighs so he could settle between them and hump him harder. It made Zenitsu’s whimper in embarrassment, to be in such a pose—like he was a girl on her wedding night! It felt too good to stop now, though, and it made him think of another thing that would feel good…

Turning his head to get Inosuke to stop kissing him only made the boar divert his tongue to Zenitsu’s sensitive ear—the blond squeaked out a moan before finding his voice. “I...wanna try something…” he breathed weakly, like Inosuke’s kisses had robbed him of his voice. The boar grunted against the shell of his ear, still grinding his hips lewdly against Zenitsu. 

“Like kissing?” he asked, tone gone deeper than the blond was used to.

“U-um,” Zenitsu bit his lip, savoring a wet kiss placed just under his ear before gently pushing Inosuke off. “Better than kissing?” 

That got Inosuke’s full attention—he could hardly imagine anything better than kissing! He sat seiza to give Zenitsu room for whatever it was he wanted to do, as the blond swordsman blushed at the attention. “O-okay so…”

Trying not to chicken out of it (and emboldened by the blood rushing to his dick and away from his brain), Zenitsu swiftly stripped himself of his yukata and undergarments, grabbing the bottle of oil. He tried not to think of it as being from Aoi, as it made him sort of queasy thinking about a girl right now and—okay, okay, Inosuke was waiting!! “Um!” Zenitsu cleared his throat. “I can, or rather WE can uh—“

He froze like a pillar of stone. Saying it aloud was much worse than he had imagined. Inosuke looked so aroused and gorgeous, sitting across from him barely holding himself back from jumping on Zenitsu again. It made him shiver, and want to give the boar this faster—want to give Inosuke himself. “You know, it’s better if you just um—watch!”

Flustered but determined, Zenitsu spread his legs and bent his knees, opening the oil and pouring some onto one hand. He couldn’t bring himself to look at his captive audience as he brought his slick fingers down to his entrance, feeling himself clench in reflex to the cold liquid. It wasn’t so unpleasant, Zenitsu swallowed down his nerves, he just had to relax . Remember when Inosuke put his mouth here! Licking his lips and closing his eyes, Zenitsu remembered his tongue moving in circles...he trailed the tip of his index finger in the same motion, breathing hard.

Pushing the digit into the first knuckle felt weird, Zenitsu could admit to himself. It wasn’t painful, but it also wasn’t pleasant ; the lubricant tingled slightly, and the stretch felt really foreign. Not at all like Inosuke’s tongue! Opening his eyes, Zenitsu heard the sheets rustle as the boar leaned down to put his face between Zenitsu’s spread knees. He was too close—!

I’m not d-done yet!! ” he insisted shrilly, hoping Inosuke didn’t think he could just stick it in already. 

Inosuke responded with a small, throaty sound. His warm breath was close enough to feel on Zenitsu’s cock which was distracting! How was he ever going to fit enough in like this!? Zenitsu nearly jumped out of his skin to feel one of Inosuke’s hands cupping his own to let a finger trail in the oil dripping from his ass. Inosuke rested his cheek at the crook of Zenitsu’s hip, nuzzling his face into the blond’s pubic hair which made him feel dizzy, that was so weird was he sniffing him?! He was about to demand the boar move before feeling the lubricated fingertip join his own and push inside—the noise that came out of him instead was lewd with shock.

“Lemme try, too,” Inosuke muttered, licking at the base of Zenitsu’s cock and pumping his finger in and out of his ass. The blond squirmed, it burnt a bit with two fingers inside—it was a wide stretch, but the oil helped it was just foreign! And he hadn’t expected Inosuke to just—! 

“Ask—! B-before sticking anything in first!” Zenitsu berated, moving his own finger in time with the boar’s, trying to get used to it. Certainly the mouth on his dick was helping, or hurting, Zenitsu wasn’t even sure what he should be petulant about anymore. Sensation was cancelling out his will to seem reluctant, as something relaxed enough for him to start feeling almost nice. Inosuke was licking his cock from base to tip like a popsicle, making Zenitsu’s spine tingle, his body melting into the was starting to feel kind of good.

Reaching for the oil while the blond’s eyes closed in bliss, Inosuke splashed some of it messily onto the hand he had been fingering him with. Zenitsu yelped at the sudden cold, tensing all over again. “W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING ???” he squeaked, feeling lubricant dripping onto his cheeks and the sheets below. Inosuke frowned at him, licking the head of his cock in a silent apology—the visual was enough to make Zenitsu whimper and grab for the boar’s dark hair to keep him there, answer or no. 

Tongue moving in circles, Inosuke suckled at the glans of Zenitsu’s cock until he felt him fall back down to the mattress. Relaxed and boneless, the boar was able to squirm in another oil slicked finger; Zenitsu gasped. It was a lot of stretch; he had forgotten to be moving his own finger along with Inosuke a while ago and with three scissoring and thrusting inside—it burnt! But some wires must have crossed within Zenitsu’s mind, because all the pain did was make him whine out a plea; maybe it was the mouth on his cock. Maybe it was the not-cold-yet-cool tingle of the oil infused with something, maybe it was Inosuke’s long eyelashes fanned out against his cheek; but Zenitsu couldn’t stop himself from crying out. 

His own attempt at fingering was long forgotten, Zenitsu gripped the sheets with his soiled hand as Inosuke filled what little room was left inside him with a third finger. Without anything in the way the digits went deeper, curling in until his rim caught on the boar’s knuckles with each probing thrust. Something changed without Zenitsu’s hand in the way, as Inosuke reached a place inside him that made the blond mewl loud enough to echo in the small room.

Zenitsu tensed like a vice and clamped a hand over his mouth. Inosuke popped off his dick, eyes wide and and watching the blond grow redder and redder in the face. After a moment of stand-still where Zenitsu refused to meet his eyes, he crossed his arms across his chest. “W-WELL, DON’T STOP!

Inosuke, for once, didn’t argue. 

Even with a hand firmly clamped over his mouth, Zenitsu couldn’t stop the desperate noises from escaping him—it felt so strange! Like sound coming right from his core, and whatever Inosuke’s fingers were pressing against were the strings to his body’s instrument. Oh, it was an obscenity to think of the sounds they were both making as music, with Inosuke greedily slurping at his cock with his hand buried inside Zenitsu’s ass, he could hear the other boy humping into the mattress without a care for how embarrassing it might look—might sound to his bed partner! Not that Zenitsu found it embarrassing, he mostly found it very very arousing.

Oh god he was about to orgasm already if Inosuke didn’t stop. “ G-get off me!!! ” he screamed, feeling his balls tighten up and he couldn’t cum yet , but his body was rhythmically tensing and it felt like heaven oh, OH, ohgodnooo!! 

The other boy wasn’t fast enough to pull away, lips dragging off Zenitsu’s swollen cock just as he started ejaculating; a few strands of white painting Inosuke’s lips, teeth, and cheek as the boy under him suppressed a shout. Zenitsu scrunched his eyes shut, body trembling with aftershocks but deeply humiliated to have finished too soon when he didn’t want to stop. “I’m...sorry…” he muttered, uncovering his mouth. 

Inosuke’s tongue dragged over Zenitsu’s lips suddenly, shocking the blond into gasping. “ Mmm—!! ” 

Inosuke kissed him deeply, tongue bitter with the taste of Zenitsu’s release—it felt like he was being fed his own fluids! He squirmed under Inosuke’s muscular chest but clung to his back, mixed signals of enjoyment and distaste; it should be gross to have that kind of stuff in his mouth!! But it still felt good, because it was Inosuke and Inosuke loved Zenitsu, or maybe just because Zenitsu was crazy and sailing through an afterglow. The fingers inside of him hadn’t stopped their movements to loosen him up for Inosuke, all discomfort now gone and replaced with pleasure. 

There was a weightless feeling in Zenitsu’s body, like he’d float away if Inosuke wasn’t on top of him, sated. But he didn’t want to stop, even if he’d already finished...Zenitsu desperately needed for the other boy to feel good too; to let him use Zenitsu’s body to feel good (though the thought made him blush).

Flustered and fumbling, he pulled away from Inosuke’s kisses and pushed at the hand between his thighs. Inosuke let him with a discontented whine, thinking they were done now and that was it—but Zenitsu just wanted to flip over onto his hands and knees. Panting, he glanced over his shoulder back at Inosuke. The blond reached back and spread his backside to expose his asshole, dripping with lubricant and gaping. 

“Y-you can. Mount me properly now…” Zenitsu said, dropping to his elbows to raise his ass higher into the air.

Inosuke hardly moved, gears turning in his head halting for a few minor explosions instead as his cock visibly throbbed at the exposed pink of Zenitsu’s insides. 

Gripping Zenitsu’s ass in one hand and the base of his cock in the other, Inosuke slid inside of Zenitsu without another pause; they both moaned. The blond felt overwhelmed by the speed of his entrance—Zenitsu clenched down so hard at first Inosuke could hardly move. Moving on instinct of pleasure, Inosuke rutted shallowly inside of him while he tensed inside. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before! Something warm and constantly pulsing and slick for a fuck—“You’re— amazing ,” Inosuke groaned, gripping the boy’s hips hard enough to hurt.

Zenitsu felt a bubbly feeling in his chest with the pressure of fullness in his ass; he moaned happily. His dick that had long since gone soft suddenly felt a lot more interested, as Inosuke panted “ Amazing, amazing, amazing, ” behind him, fucking him at an increasing pace. He was making Inosuke feel good! Slack jawed, drool trickled from the corner of Zenitsu’s mouth onto the pillow as he smiled doppily, looking intoxicated on cock. “ Inosukeee! ” he whined, pushing his hips back with each of the boar’s thrusts inwards.

His desperation changed the angle, and suddenly Zenitsu convulsed, letting out a loud “ AHH! ” That spot! It was almost painful to feel so good there! Inosuke groaned as he tightened around his cock, thrusting faster. Zenitsu felt like he was going to black out—like the boar was repeatedly punching a bruise deep inside his stomach only good good so good—!

“INO—suke, I love that it feels soooo-PLEASE, INOSUKE, I love you, I LOVE YOU—!” Zenitsu panted, screamed, arching up from the bed and nearly crying. Inosuke flattened him onto the mattress, covering Zenitsu’s body with his as all of his muscles tensed with his increased pace and it wouldn’t stop—until Inosuke bit down hard at the nape of Zenitsu’s neck and moaned into the skin, cumming deep inside of the blond with a violent twitch. It felt warm inside, and the bite hurt but Zenitsu’s tears falling wasn’t what he was focused on as he fumbled for his own aching cock, and came the moment his fist wrapped around it screaming like the cum inside of his ass was a venom in his veins.

It felt so good! 

Zenitsu wasn’t very bodily aware after that, but he must have moved somehow, because the next time he opened his eyes it was to Inosuke’s face, snuggling up to his with their noses brushing together. His heart ached, but in a nice way to hear the familiar pattern of the boar’s breathing, of his heartbeat. The blond gave him a small kiss on the forehead and saw him smile in his sleep, soon following along to dreaming.




Zenitsu woke up to shouting. 


“Let’s wake them with this and see if they recall—!”

“But I already made the red bean rice, please don’t make them train before—!”

The blond blinked, tightening his grip on Inosuke who was tense beside him. His whole body hurt as he turned around to see Aoi, Tanjiro and Shinobu at their bedside all speaking at once.

Tanjiro was the first person to notice Zenitsu was awake as he begged Shinobu to put away her sword; he smiled so brightly the blond squinted. “Good morning, Zenitsu! Congratulations!” he exclaimed, as two sets of eyes glared at the blond with a fury. 

“...Congratulations?” Zenitsu responded cautiously.

Tanjiro’s smile could light a million suns. “On confessing your feelings!” 

Zenitsu tried to understand whatever that meant—until he did and his face turned nearly purple. He burrowed himself into the blankets with gibberish shouting, unable to process that they heard—that EVERYONE HEARD—!!

“We are all very happy for you but PLEASE, be mindful of the sleeping schedule of the nurses!! We’re RIGHT NEXT TO THE SICK BAY! ” Aoi complained, tapping a foot angrily. 

Chutaro burst through the door, chirping loudly about what was sure to be another mission to go on. Shinobu began listing off the training they would be doing for the day as punishment, as Tanjiro tried to insist to Zenitsu’s sparrow that he really needed to eat before going on another mission, and that he had made red bean rice—

SHUUUUT UUUUUP!!!!! ” Inosuke shouted over everyone, leaping angrily to stand on the bed fully nude. Everyone but Shinobu shrieked.

Zenitsu had gone crazy, and so had his life around him. Though he’d never admit it, he was crazily, insanely happy with it.