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Four Seasons: Four Loves

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Spring was my first love. It was a time of adolescent youth. Where we’d run hand in hand to school, laugh and joke on the rooftop. Watching the pink petals fall and flood the streets. He was beautiful. Standing there among the pink, and red hair blowing in the wind.

It was a time past the harsh sands we braved together. I remember kissing the scars on his eyes so gently, and holding his hand. Two brats in love. He would smile and I could think that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

How I was so scared that I lost him to the sand. But spring was here. A shining emerald among the pink of the world. It was new. We were young.

Clumsy, and unsure of what we were going to do.

But spring always fades away when you don’t expect it. When spring left, I had a long summer instead.

Summer was long walks along the beach. Where she’d point to me what was there in the sand. Catching strange creatures and letting them back into the water.

Shells that we could forever hear the waves from.

Summer was to me the rings that we exchanged, kisses that lost its youthful clumsiness. I saw her in white in summer.

Together we watched a butterfly come into the world and everything was okay. We talked about the future, and where the waves would take us.

Until summer winds faded into a cool autumn.

In autumn I watched the leaves change into reds and yellows, and saw green among the view.

It was quiet days where I’d lay my head on his shoulder and listen to the soft sound of pencils against paper.

Until he’d push me off and we’d laugh.

Autumn was the healing of scars, a time where I’d reflect on what my life was and is. We would share a nice cup of tea and just talk.

His ears were always open to my worries.

But I watched as autumn turned to winter.

The cold realization of broken relationships hit me at this time. Even in the heat of Florida, the ice had already froze over my mistakes.

Winter was when my age was starting to catch up to me, and I was no longer as youthful as I was in spring. An eye lost in battle that I could no longer see from.

But he was there.

Among the softly falling snow, his arms wrapped around me to warm the coolness in my heart. Melt away the pain that had been.

With a warm cup of cocoa I found love once more in my waning years. When my wounds and pain would come flooding back.

There was a small cloud of snow to cool my skin and mind.

Perhaps fate had always been cruel to my family, and a sense of our starbound destiny was always within our minds.

Though perhaps, I’m the luckiest one.

To at least see four seasons of my life, and four people who let me live through them.

While I think about how my grandfather must’ve felt, watching the world turn from season to season. Even if the season is past they still look to me with a smile.

And I make my amends.

I apologize to spring, for my clumsiness.

I apologize to summer, for my coldness.

I apologize to autumn, for my stories.

And I apologize to winter, for my pain.

In the end, my bizarre adventures have reached its closure. As I watch my daughter now clad in white, and as she smiles to let me walk to her down the aisle.

My name is Jotaro Kujo, and I find myself in fond memories of each season.