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Happy Birthday, Xue Yang!

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It must've been a dream.

That was for sure, becuase he could see.

It's been years since he gave his eyes to Song Zichen. There was no way he could've gained his eyes back, his eyesight even less.

And yet he was there, fluttering his eyelashes and tilting his head from side to side, trying to understand what was going on.

He suspiciously eyed his surroundings, trembling a bit, he was so unused to see that now everything was making his head spin: the place he was at wasn't particularly bright but still it was a bit painful.

He carefully watched the room, it was the Coffin House he lived in. He never saw it himslef but everything was the same: the faint scent of incense and candies, the not so soft blankets of his shared bed, the bedside where he usually put his clothes, carefully folded.

And... What was that?

He furrowed his eyebrows, slowly walking toward the corner of the room. There was a chair he and A-Yang made one day, when the weather was too cold and they had nothing better to do. He remembered how his lover used to follow his instructions only if he could get either candies or kisses in return, gentle pecks that always made him giggle.
He remembered even the silly jokes his partner used to tell him, making him laugh all day and upsetting A-Qing so much at the point she locked herself in her coffin and pretended to be deaf.

That was a bit cruel on her, but it made XingChen laugh even more.

It was a lovely day, they had made the chair so that he coud sit there while A-yang was doing his chores and telling him jokes or either cleaning their swords or taking a bath; the home itself wasn't large and for the cold winter they had to drag the bathub in their own bedroom.

Along with the chair, they had made a small table too. It was used mostly by him, he loved to sat on a cushion and take a sip of tea along with pastries that he so lovingly used to buy to A-Yang on the way, he wanted to make them himself but usually ended up burning down the kitchen so he chose the simplest way. His lover loved it anyway.
At the center there was a cute decoration A-yang bought him in town, it was shaped as a cute cat and he loved it the most. He gently traced his finger over it, a faint smile adorning his lips.

Speaking of his lover, now that he could see...

A sudden blush crept on his face, cheeks covered in bright pink as the tip of his ears burned in embarrassement, when he couldn't see he began to feel less ashamed of their activities in bed, but now that he could see... How could he face him knowing that the night before they...

As a sound came from the kitchen he immediately regained the control over the incoherent flow of his emotions, probably his lover was home.

Wait, when did he left? He wasn't supposed to go out, they had food and A-Qing was in town.

Curiosity won him over and with wobbly legs he slowly made his way toward the source of the sound, now more intense, more... Awkward.

He was scared, he didn't knew what to expect: he was scared to see his lover and not in a bad way, he was... Thrilled, excited, scared to see that beautiful man for the first time.
Though he already knew he was handsome, younger and had long hair; even though he knew perfectly how his body was he was afraid to see it with his own eyes. Everything so new to him that he was shaking.


He took a heavy breath as he stepped out of the bedroom, using the walls as support.

He was almost a single thing with the door at this point but when he heard a strange noise coming from the room he peeked in, only to catch a glimpse of his lover's bare back.

He almost choked on his own breath and trying to be as soundless as an adult man could be he leaned in more, studying the view that was presented to him: a toned body covered in old scars, black hair falling on the bare skin like ink covering the most refined and luxurious paper.

His eyes travelled all their way down and he almost died, this time for real, when he realized that his lover's ass was right in front of him. It was... Beautiful and he didn't even felt ashamed by that tought, he was so used to grab it and bite it that had stopped feeling embarrassed.

Or so he tought.

He opened the door more, just to spy a bit without getting noticed when he felt the table screech against the wood of their floor, and with a second look -of horror this time-, XingChen realized there was a pair of hands now scratching the back of his lover.

A sense of nausea came right into DaoZhang as the thought of his lover taking advantage of his condition to cheat on him came to his mind but he was a man and now that he got eyes he wanted to use them properly.

He changed his position, since the door didn't gave him full access to the kitchen he stepped outside, reaching the door from the other side that connected the kitchen to A-Qing's room, that door faced the side of the kitchen so he would've been to see not only his lover but the table as well and... The person that was currently there.

This door, unlike the first one, had... No door. It was actually made of two curtains split in half just to grant the passage, plus it was small because it was made purposely for A-Qing to reach the kitchen without having to pass by their bedroom so he could just stay here and see everything without getting seen at all.

Now he had a view.

A terryfing view.

His lover was pounding hard and fast, like a wolf in rut, growling and leaving bites and scratches all over, chanting raspy ''mine'' that he knew too very well. The table could almost break from the force he put in his thrusts and his stomach suddenly hurt, remembering very well how long, deep and hard he used to do him.

He couldn't fully see his face, the dark bangs covering him but he could see sweat all over his body.

Now that he had a better view of him, tall, handsome and dangerous he was ready to look at whoever was currently on their table; but when DaoZhang turned his head he... Almost fainted.

On the table of their house, getting done raw and wildly by his lover there was... Him.

Long black hair scattered all over the wooden table, long slender legs wrapped around A-Yang's waist to keep him deep inside, hands desperately claiming his back with his nails as desperate pleads and cries were coming out like a song played on a broken flute, raspy and obscene moans filling the small room and echoing throught not only the walls but in Daozhang's head as well, a voice he knew too well.


His breath was ragged and his mind was spinning, how could be this possible?

Not only he could see, but what he was seeing was... His lover doing him passionately.


DaoZhang... Xiao XingChen.


He was staring at himself getting pounded on the table, tears of blood flowing from his cheeks as he kept moaning and shouting A-Yang's name and moaning obscene things.

His legs felt weak, but when he saw himself coming with a long, dragged moan and his lover held him tightly, lovingly, whispering sweet voice with his honey voice... He felt his world shatter.

Because now he was staring right at his lover's face... And it was.... None other than Xue Yang.


He couldn't tear his eyes apart.

Xue Yang, that delinquent, was his lover. His A-Yang.

The handsome, sweet man who used to tell him silly jokes and take care of him, the same young man that used to play with A-Qing and make the sweetest of the foods. The man who made him laugh. The man who made him live. The man who made him love.

He couldn't forget him, he couldn't! Why Xue Yang didn't tell him that was him? Why did he fake to be another person? What was his goal? Was he toying with him?

XingChen trembled, were his words all lies?

His first instinct was to run away and vomit, he couldn't believe that his lover was...

He was used to respect people and don't judge them, but with Xue Yang was different. He did such unforgivable things!

And yet he couldn't leave, the memories of their time together flashing under his eyes, all the kisses, the touches, the words, their moments... He was sure he loved him. He could feel it.

He was so caught into his own emotions to hear but when he turned around he no longer found Xue Yang nor himself. He silently cursed and yet blushed at the sight of cum stained on the table.

A slow breath and a few steps later he found himself standing in the bedroom, where Xue Yang was still... Doing him on the bed.

Despite being inside the two couldn't see him, what was that? It seemed as if they couldn't perceive his presence at all.

He took advantage of this, still shocked about his lover's identity and gracefully made his way to sit on the chair at the corner of the room, looking at the two on the bed.

It was strange, but he was still YangYang, no? If he had other intentions or if he wanted to just toy with him he could catch something from their activity since it was the moment Xue Yang was most vulnerable.


He blushed as he was greeted with the sight of Xue Yang in all his naked glory dragging his own member all over DaoZhang's face, smearing pre-cum on the already sweaty and ruined face even though he noticed his lover took his time to wipe off the bloody tears he saw himself shed in the previous session.

The tip was leaking and staining his cheeks, his nose, his lips and even some strands of his hair; the bandage was a wet mess covered in all sort of fluids and his own expression was... Shameless.

He stood there, letting Xue Yang toy with his face with openly parted lips, saliva dripping from his tongue as he desperately searched for his member with his warm tongue in a small attempt to finally catch him in his mouth and milk him properly.

XingChen felt hot all over, he could feel the same things that this DaoZhang, himself, was doing now and the vivid memories of their activities were still lingering on his skin and burning deep inside his soul, his body and mostly... Between his legs.

It was obscene, the way he loved to chase after him and the way Xue Yang always found some interesting activities to do.

Xue Yang giggled sweetly.

"DaoZhang, do you want it so bad?"

He laughed as he grabbed his dirty hair and kept his head in place, now pushing inside and doing his mouth as he pleased, using his hot warmth to drag the prittiest choked moans from his DaoZhang; Xingchen trembled in the chair, feel it was a thing but see it for the first time was otrageous.

And yet Xue Yang wasn't giving any sign of doing it just because. Maybe it was too soon?

DaoZhang took all the lenght down his throat, letting it his back all over until he was out of breath and gently tugged at his lover's hip; A-Yang released his hold and took his now fully erected and throbbing member out and well, XingChen squirmed in his seat.

He was curious now, to see what Xue Yang was planning, but he kept saying that it was just to check on him and learn about his evil intentions.

"You're so fucking good, DaoZhang, you're mouth is so heavenly," raspy, low voice... Lower that what he remembered it to be, was he faking it?

"A-Yang, please," XingChen heard himself say, voice wrecked and and throat hoarse " I want you! I need you... Please...."

Xue Yang gently pushed him on the bed and purred while crawling on him, there was such tenderness in his eyes, in his gestures that XingChen felt even warmer.

"DaoZhang since you were so good to me, let me reward you like the good boy you are!"

Xue Yang smiled happily as he licked his way down from DaoZhang's ear to his cheeks, cleaning his own pre-cum and taking a stop from his goal to melt in a hot and wet open mouthed kiss which DaoZhang replied with all the passion and the desire he could express, fire spreading into his stomach as their tongue intertwined.

After a long make out session he attacked his neck, napping at the abused sensitive skin he bit earlied and left lighter marks, gently rubbing his swollen lips on the bruises. It made him shiver, he knew well the feeling of pain and pleasure overlapping each other and clouding his senses; his instinct screaming to pull away because it's too much and his back arching and asking for more, it was insane.

Xue Yang smiled between the kisses and went further, pinching, biting and torturing his red nips; DaoZhang was moaning incoeherent sentences already and A-Yang couldn't help to lovingly stare at him while torturing his body.

XingChen never knew a devil could be so tender, he didn't knew that his lover was used to look at him like that despite the roughness of their activity he was... Stunned. And embarrassed. He didn't even realized that while his other self, his reflection, was squirming and pleading for more, clutching at the bedsheets and crying for more as if his life depended on it; Xingchen had started palming himself.

It was beyond shocking but he unconsciously felt the urge to take care of his own member, leaking inside his undergarments. Seeing not only his lover for the first time but himself in such situation left him aroused, the fact that his lover was Xue Yang long forgotten. He didn't care. Or maybe it turned him on even more.

"A-Yang please... Please I want you inside..." DaoZhang pleded as the younger took his own sweet time to cover his abdomen in love bites and little kisses, tickling him and burying his head between his DaoZhang's legs that suddenly wrapped around his shoulders, searching for support as the delinquent rimmed him endlessely, making him scream and jolt.

XingChen slid his hand under his robes and reached his undergarments, undoing them and reaching for his bare member, painfully hard and wet, almost red. It was a relief and the more he saw the more his pace went in sync with Xue Yang's mouth inside his other self. He rasped a bit, enjoying the sensation of hot skin brushing against his sensitive tip but somehow he still didn't went all the way, he was wating. For something. He wanted it to last, he wanted to savour every second of that sight since he didn't knew what would happen next.

"Already coming, DaoZhang? Naughty boy! Here, let me take care of you..."

His voice was tainted with lust and XingChen could see his lover's smirk as he pushed past the loose entrance and finally went all the way in again, hips brushing against his and member fully filling his stomach.

DaoZhang was crying at each thrust and before he could stop himself, XingChen was pumping himself hard and fast at the sight, taking advantage of the back of the chair to support his body and sliding his free hand between his legs, pushing in two fingers raw, enjoying the slight pain mixed witht he pleasure that came from his hand.

DaoZhang was obscene underneath Xue Yang, bloody tears staining both his own body and the bed, sweat dripping from both their bodies and filthy sounds all over, it was better that A-Qing was out because he wasn't holding back at all.

Xue Yang was making him insane and XingChen adjusted both his hands to match his thrusts, moaning and crying from pleasure, ashamed to touch himself like that while watching himself getting done.

They were close, all three of them were, because their breaths became hurried and the thrusts more erratic, XingChen widened his eyes as he saw Xue Yang lock their fingers together, carefully avoiding to use the left hand to prevent him to note the missing pinky, he noted, and wishpering a bunch of ''I love you'' and ''You're mine DaoZhang!", incoherent and rushed from his heigh almost kicking in.

If those words were the only things that came from his mouth while defenseless... There was no doubt they were true. He knew it. In those years, Xue Yang grew up, he changed. He was honest with him, he loved him... And that was all he needed.


XingChen came hard, with an high pitched moan, his whole body shaking and his lover's name falling off his lips without shame.
He focused on his lover's face, eyes shut in pleasure and lips parted: his little canine visible and adorable.

Xue Yang came deep into DaoZhang, and with a few more thrusts he pulled out, regaining control over his trembling body. Exhausted.

"A-Yang..." DaoZhang muttered, with a gentle smile, stroking tenderly his hair and purring.
"Mn, I was good DaoZhang? Are you happy?" the delinquent asked innocently, he seemed a baby. He rubbed his cheek against his chest and got up, taking DaoZhang to wash up and cleaning all the mess, both in the room and the kitchen only to lay down entangled, whispering sweet words and finally sleeping together while XingChen catched his breath and cleaned himself as well.

It was... Beyond his comprehension but he loved it, his heart filled with love.


When XingChen woke up again, everything was dark.
He touched around and realized he was indeed sitting in the chair, was he asleep? Was that a dream? Strange it felt too real.

"Xiao-XingXing, I'm going to buy some groceries, do you need something?"

His lover's raspy voice startled him and the matter didn't get unnoticed, but Xue Yang didn't said anything.

"No, thank you A-Yang."

"I'll come back in a bit, see you later DaoZhang!"

His lover chirped, pecking his lips and heading out, the sound of his steps echoing in the house. Just when he heard the door click he rubbed his own face, still confused about what happened and slowly stood up, heading to the sink to wash his face and maybe wake up from his daze.

He took off his bandage and... He could see.

His eyes were here, his face reflected in the mirror. Flushed and confused he touched himself all over, his eyes were there and they were... Beautiful. They were the same color as his, they felt like his but... How? He was so happy that almost tripped on the floor, realizing that there was a stain on his pants.

The same spot that he covered with his own cum when he--- He blushed and returned to the bedroom, trying to understand.

The previous night he had this weird dream that didn't felt like a dream at all and now his eyes were here, still intact. It was.. Another dream?

He searched around, trying to understand what was going on, if it was a sort of spell or if there was a talisman around; also now that he knew his lover was Xue Yang he could expect anything from him, maybe he did some experiment and he was affected?

His eyes diligentely searched all over, only to linger on the gift Xue Yang bought for him, the cute cat on the table.

It was... An incense burner.

His face twisted as he examined it, the pot seemed a lot like the magic artifacts BaoShan Sanren mentioned a couple times and... He had his answer. But did Xue Yang bought it on purpose to enter his dream? To see him in his sleep? To test him? What was that for?

The more he thought about it the more confused he was, at that time A-Qing entered the room, he shut his eyes as he heard the bamboo pole stroking the floor.

"DaoZhang, are you okay? You didn't came down for breakfast..."

"I'm coming, I overslept I am sorry." He forced a smile and put the bandage on, leaving the pot on the table and reaching for his pouch, still without facing her.

"Here... I want to give you a gift. Take this money and go buy something for you..."

A-Qing screeched delighted as she took the money.

"What is this for? Well, whatever, DaoZhang this means that I'm your favorite right? Because today is that bastard's birthday and yet you're buying a gift to me, hah I won!"

A-Qing happily dragged the bamboo pole and jumped delighted as she quickly went out, leaving XingChen baffled because... What did she said? It was... A-Yang's birthday?

He immediately loosened the bandage, letting the clean fabric hang around his neck as his brows furrowed: what could he possibly get to his lover? If he headed downtown now he would've probably met one of them, and he certainly couldn't be seen... With his eyes intact. He was thinking hard when he catched a glimpse of a cookie on the table. Thatw as it: he could've finally make a cake to celebrate his lover's birthday.


Despite dashing in the small kitchen to fetch every single sweet he had around, he didn't knew what to do, he knew the basics so it shouldn't be difficult... Right?


When Xue Yang got home was puzzled.

Why the fuck DaoZhang was standing in the kitchen, with a dumb smile on his face and bandage on? He should have regained his eyes at this point, why was he still wearing it? Unless... He growled, did he failed a step or missed something? He was sure that everything was more than perfect... Maybe been blind for so long slowed the process? That must've been it.

"I'm home, DaoZhang!" he purred as he rubbed himself onto his man and sat on his lap, placing the groceries on the table and peppering his man's face with kisses, like a feasting kitty.

"My, my, why are you so happy YangYang?" XingChen smiled, kissing his nose gently and rubbing his fingers on the delinquent's waist, curling his digits into his skin and leaving Xue Yang even more surprised.

Was Xiao XingChen having a morning wood or was he just happy to see him?

"Mnnn because I bought a gift for you, DaoZhang!" he chirped, smiling fondly. He didn't knew when he started loving the DaoZhang like that but he was genuinely happy and in love, he wasn't scared of his feelings anymore.

XingChen giggled.

"What a coincidence, I have a gift for you as well!"

Xue Yang perked his ears up, if he was a dog he surely would be wagging his tail at this point, a childish smile plastered on his face and a genuine light shining in his eyes.
Surely last night activities left him in a very good mood.

"Really? What is it, what is it DaoZhang?"

XingChen smiled as he got up, taking the cake he managed to do -Heavens only know how- and placing it on the table, blushing.

"I wanted to make something special... For you."

Xue Yang was beyond speechless. No one even cared about him and yet he was there, with a cake made just for him... By his DaoZhang. It was covered in cream, chocolate and fresh fruits deliciously put in a sort of a hand-written heart.

He wanted to tease the older man just to cover his own feelings, but he couldn't. Not when his lover was staring at him with that blinding smile of his, all proud and happy even though the cake wasn't that perfect. In his eyes, it was.

Xue Yang purred, trapping him between his hips and the table, catching him in a kiss full of passion and love, gratitude... Feelings he never thought he could have inside his heart.

The kiss was wild, lips caging each other and trapping the soft sensitive skin between their teeth, tongues brushing slowly and sensually, their heads tilting from side to side to gain more access, to be more intimate.

Xue Yang helped him sat on the table without breaking the kiss, tenderly brushing his cheek with his right hand; eyelashes closed and lost in the kiss, dazed and amazed by such tenderness from his DaoZhang. He was literally on cloud nine and in all honesty he felt so weak that maybe last night something did happen after all. Or was it just a mere blackout?

The kiss got more heated and despite the slow pace now Xue Yang's knee was grinding against his DaoZhang's bulge, his legs parted and XingChen could feel the blush creep on his skin as he recalled what he saw in his... Weird experience. He could remember pretty well how messy and hot it was the session on the table, and despite enjoying the later on he surely was more than eager to try this whole experience again, this time in first person and this time... Looking at him in the eyes.

Because if Xue Yang wanted to do him in the same fierce way he was surely going to cry, with the difference that this time he wouldn't shed blood but real tears.

He was scared, in all honesty. Scared to be rejected, despite knowing Xue Yang loved him, he was just... Scared that he got mad. But probably Xue Yang felt scared too since he hid his identity all those years, becoming a nameless man under the alias ''Yang'', faking even his voice... Heavens, how much did the younger suffered?

He could still recall how his wounds felt under his fingertips when he hurriedly and gently rescued him and treated his scars. He was almost dead.

This Xue Yang had nothing to do with the old one, and XingChen was more than convinced that it was now or never.

He bit gently his lower lip as he tilted his head away, almost shyly.

"A-Yang... There is something I want to do..." his breath was raspy and Xue Yang got fully hard by hearing his voice.

He took a breath to calm down and gently stroked the pinkish tip of his ears.

"Name it and it will be yours, DaoZhang" and XingChen didn't doubt his words at all, he knew what the man could do.

"Mn, YangYang... Bed."

The docile sweet voice of his DaoZhang was driving him insane, when he was so open up about trying new things, when he was so in the mood that started being even so vocal about his needs it was Xue Yang's end.


When the younger laid XingChen on the bed the DaoZhang carefully flipped him over, making the younger's back rest against the headboard and straddling sweetly his lap, purring.

"DaoZhang, are you that happy to see me?" the teasing in his voice was more a matter of fact instead the mocking undertone he always used; but he was indeed flattered by such behavior.

He supposed every man would be, yet XingChen was always only his.

XingChen giggled softly, his hands wrapping around his lover's shoulders as he kissed him slowly, tenderly, tilting their heads and slowly meltin into each other. It was sensual, it was intoxicating and it was driving Xue Yang insane.

They took their sweet time to kiss, to savour each other flavors and feel their heat building up, the tip of their tongues brushing from time to time and making them shiver.

XingChen let his robes fall from his shoulders, exposing his collarbone. It was beautiful, too beautiful and Xue Yang could only chant a ''mine, mine, mine!" into his mind while covering the soft skin in kisses and love-bites; he took his own time to slowly drag his canine over his skin, gently teasing his lover.

XingChen giggled as he bent to kiss his jaw, biting him sofltly and shaking a bit, a thing Xue Yang noticed and immediately caught his hands into his right one, worried.

"DaoZhang, why are you scared?"

It was so sweet, XingChen purred and took his time to cover him in kisses, and as much as he was trying to delay his little surprise for A-Yang, he knew it was now or never.

Slowly he breathed his scent, enjoying the sweet vanilla that used to intoxicate his senses and somehow calming his trembling limbs, he carefully cupped the younger's face with his slender hands as he tilted his head up, right where he was supposed to meet his eyes.
Xue Yang had a strange feeling but didn't dare to talk.

"I want to give you... Your birthday present, A-Yang."

Xue Yang smiled excited, wondering what the DaoZhang could have in mind, play with some new toys? Ride him until his body was numb? Give him the best blowjob of his life? But it wasn't none of the above.


His breath caught in his throat and all the heat seemed to leave his body, he was staring at the other man in awe as if everything was happening in slow motion.

Meeting his gaze there was none other that DaoZhang Xiao XingChen.

For the first time since they were together, thy were finally staring at each other.
For the first time those beautiful eyes that captivated him the first time, the eyes that were looking down at him filled with disgust, were now staring right into his with the most beautiful, gentle and lovely light.
For the first time, he felt what the 'love at first sight' was and got reminded of how he fell for him when he was nothing more than a boy.

"Happy birthday, Xue Yang."

DaoZhang sweetly whispered, but as he was bending down to melt in a kiss something clicked in Xue Yang and he pushed the man off, hiding in the corner of the room like a stray cat, startled and ready to fight back.

"X-Xue Yang?" DaoZhang was worried, was it a mistake? Did he got that shocked?

Xue Yang was on full guard, staring at him and almost hissing.

"DaoZhang Xiao XingChen," Xue Yang spit at the confused man "Now that you know who I am... Do I have to kill you?" he laughed bitterly as he forced himself to not show his inner turmoil, the happiness of looking at him in the eyes mixed with the fear to got rejected and left alone.

So, GuangYao really gave his eyes back.

They happened to meet in town, and Xue Yang was fully aware it wasn't a coincidence, he knew the Leader was aware of his life but he always thought the past got cut off. It wasn't like that. He didn't knew what had gotten into his mind but when GuangYao offered to him the opportunity to give back to XingChen his eyes he laughed, was he testing him? Well, he was bored and the thought of looking into his lover eyes was appealing, so appealing that GuangYao gave him the instructions and even... The eyes.

Xue Yang learned too late that those eyes were indeed Xiao XingChen's and that GuangYao... Killed Song ZiChen as he put his nose were he was not supposed to. A 'gift' to repay him for his work and to kick him out of his life difinetely, that was what the other told him, but he always believed it was a trick, a mere stupid joke to appeal the other's boring life.

But this time there was no trick.

Xiao XingChen was at the verge of crying and slowly made his way toward him.

"A-Yang... It's not like that! I... I knew who you were."

Those words somehow seemed to give him a bit of relief as suspiciously eyed the other man.

"What did you say?"

"I said I knew it was you. I mean, I discovered it this night... Uh in a dream."

It was such a nonsense that Xue Yang wanted to laugh, but he indeed recalled a strange dream, a very vivid dream in which he felt... Watched.

"What kind of dream, DaoZhang?" Xue Yang spoke with his own voice, and to XingChen was like the honeyed voice of the angels.

"I don't know how... But I think I went to visit you in your dream," he blushed as he remembered what those dreams were and Xue Yang felt his face heat up, for the first time. Naughty things were his lucky horse he never thought he could really blush but he had to admit that his dream was... A little bit wild.

"You were doing me on the kitchen table," XingChen breathed as he saw how his lover was gradually calming down the more detail he told " at first I was stunned by... Your body. But then I saw a pair of arms wrapping around you and... I thought you were cheating on me. Taking advantage from my blindness..." a sad smile apperead on his face and Xue Yang's first instinct was to hold him tight, but he didn't.
XingChen continued.

"Then I went in A-Qing's room and I saw you... You were so beautiful, so fierce, so... Hansome and... When I saw myself lost in your pleasure, I trembled. When I recognized you I was shocked, so confused that I... Followed you in the bedroom. I thought that if I could watch you while you were defenseless I could have understood if you had other intentions or if you were toying with me... But... I... The more I saw the look in your eyes and the more my heart fluttered. Your actions and your words were something I had never doubt but I was still confused. And... While you were doing me I..." DaoZhang covered his face with both his hands and Xue Yang was trying to understand his words, trying to process the fact that the Taoist was seriously professing his love and trust while saying that he basically were watching himself getting fucked all over the house.

Was that even making sense?

"You what, DaoZhang?" Xue Yang inquired as he took a step closer to the man that now was trying his best to become one with the blanket.

"I got hard by looking at you and... F-Fucked myself."

What the---?

Xue Yang blinked once, twice. Then he suddenly laughed hard, holding his stomach and trying his best to not cry.

"DaoZhang you are such a pervert!" Xue Yang threw himself in his arms and fell on his lover's stomach, laughing and now looking into his eyes with his own filled with pure love and desire.

"S-Shut up---A-ah!" XingChen squirmed as something hard pressed between his legs, asking for a permission he knew that wasn't necessary but that he still wanted, because DaoZhang was his, it was an undeniable truth, but consent was something that mattered as much to both of them.
Despite sometimes losing themselves in some kinda of non consensual fantasies they loved to play, they always gave their own consent beforehand.

And now XingChen happily spread his legs, letting his lover intrude his own entrance and push past the tight ring of muscles as he clenched hard onto his member, wrapping his arms and legs around the other's toned body and letting him happily pound into him.

They were too happy to play around, losing themselves in their pleasure, their heats and their feelings: only the slap of the skin against skin and wet quirm could be heard, soft moans muffled by kisses and 'I love you's' and their eyes locked. Gaze never leaving each other, for the first time sharing that mutual look filled with love, lust and desire, affection, happiness and fodness trust that Xue Yang gave him all those years.
And if the moment enough wasn't pure bliss itself, XingChen kept saying his name, "Xue Yang, Xue Yang, Xue Yang!" and that was the thing that more than everything pushed them both over the edge, minds blank and body trembling: Xue Yang came with Xiao XingChen saying 'Xue Yang, I love you!' and he couldn't be happier.

Only after a while they both came down their heigh and cuddled softly within the stained blankets, Xue Yang hair covering his own body as the DaoZhang was gently stroking his scars, tenderly and lovingly, lost in their bliss.

"Happy birthday Xue Yang," XingChen smiled and the younger laughed. "I'm not A-Yang anymore?" "You'll always be." XingChen kissed his temple and stared at him, studying his lover's features and engraving them in his mind. The long eyelashed betrayed him, he was flustered and XingChen smiled.

"By the way, DaoZhang... You haven't told me yet... How did you fuck yourself?"

XingChen blushed and coughed, making his lover giggle. Xue Yang rolled on top of him and looked at him from upclose, resting his chin on his chest.

"I... Touched myself, looking at you. I moved at the same speed and... Used two fingers to open me up. I felt as if you were thrusting inside me... I was on the chair you made me."

Xue Yang changed his look from happy to horny in less than two seconds and with raspy voice he pulled his lover up.

"DaoZhang, I really want to reenact that dream of mine from your perspective... But... We have a cake to eat first, remember?"

And with a smirk he dragged his lover in the kitchen for a round two, the cake eaten directly on his lover's body and a mess all over the neat kitchen.


Xue Yang woke up refreshed.
Surely the last hours were a rollercoaster for him, looking at his lover in the eyes, make love everywhere and celebrating his birthday was quite heavy to handle within the day, but with XingChen sleeping tightly wrapped around him only happiness could be seen in his eyes.

Or so he thought, because Xue Yang realized that he was sitting in the chair he made with DaoZhang. Strange. He remembered clearly he was sleeping in their bed... Was this another dream?

He blinked his eyes and lightened the candle on the small table, incense filling the room.
He was about to shut the incense burner down when he... Froze.

He looked at the bed and he swore his eyes were about to pop out.

On the bed there were... Two Xiao XingChen.

Two Xiao XingChen busy kissing each other sensually, feeling their own bodies and sensually sliding their robes down.

That was indeed a dream, he was perfectly sure about that, what left him froze was the fact that unlike the dream XingChen described, the two DaoZhangs could feel his presence and turned to him. They were making out while looking at him.

Jealousy and possessiveness took over Xue Yang senses but when he launched himself between the two man, with the clear intent of split the couple, he got trapped instead.

One DaoZhang was under him, face flushed and lips swollen and covered in saliva, his chest bare and his robe messy.
The other DaoZhang was neat, grinning mischeviously as he parted Xue Yang's asscheeks and grinded his hard clothed member in between.

The younger gasped and jolted both in pleasure and in shock but soon he felt himself flipped over and to his horror, he found himself tied with his wrists above his head.

What the fuck was going on?

He didn't knew, but as soon as he tried to open his mouth he felt two tongues fighting to urge into his hot warmth, and Xue Yang could only stick out his own to grant them both the same treatement: they were licking and sucking, drawning saliva all over and obscene sounds that echoed in the room.
Xue Yang could barely keep his eyes open and it was only the beggining.

The kiss left him with trembling limbs and when he was about to pass out, he felt both mouth leave his own to let him breathe. His head was spinning but the relief was a mere illusion as the swollen lips of the DaoZhangs licked his cheeks, his jaw, his neck: they bit into his exposed throat and as the younger yelped in pain the two Taoists went to abuse his sensitive nips.

Xue Yang was floating, never ever in hi wildest dreams he thought that not one, but two Xiao XingChen were violating him like that, he felt thrilled and... Aroused. And they knew it.

XingChen, the one that seemed more submissive and reminded him of his lover more, licked his sensitive nip like a kitten, he wasn't shy at all but his face was flushed.

The other, DaoZhang was evil. He had this smirk plastered on his face while biting down hard and earning the sweetest sounds from the younger.

Combined they were just killing him.

"F-Fuck----! Fuck---!" the younger rasped breathless as he felt the two mouths sliding down and down onto his body, passing by his toned abs and his soft belly, biting every inch of visible skin and teasing his sensitive scars with the hot saliva dripping from their mouths.

Xue Yang curled his toes into the bed as he moaned loudly, shaking like a leaf while the two DaoZhangs teased his nips, biting and sucking, licking and tainting his skin with the most beautiful marks: red, purple and scratched could be seen amongst the old scars and Xue Yang was about to give in. His eyes filled with lust, he didn't knew why but being trapped, being tamed... He tried to escape, he pulled the chain that was holding his wrists together but as he did so a loud smack left a red mark on his member.

And he loved it.

"YangYang, be quiet..." one whispered as the other spread his legs and carefully bent down, sweet and gentle as he took his member into his mouth and teased the tip. The evil one, DaoZhang, pulled Xue Yang's hair roughlt as he thrusted his member into his mouth, making him choke with teary eyes and flushed cheeks. But he didn't resist. He let his mouth being used and abused from this evil incarnation of his DaoZhang that his mind or whatever was making; this DaoZhang that was looking down at him with pity while using him. And on the other side, there was his sweet XingChen bobbing his head up and down and showing him all the skill he managed to refine within their time together: pleased moans coming out of his mouth and echoing around the other DaoZhang's member.

DaoZhang pulled off, smiling and patting his head as if he was a cat and exchanged his position with XingChen, the other had his cheeks flushed and cum stained on his face. He sure did a hell of job down there because Xue Yang came without even had the time to realize it. He just felt his body shiver uncontrollably as he choked on his DaoZhang member, nothing more.

"A-Yang came already? So fast... Let us take care of you, sweetie."


There was a sadic note in this DaoZhang's voice and while he tried to close his legs, embarrassed and ashamed, he felt a strong grip parting them.

The next thing he saw was... The hole he used to always fuck raw right on his face. He couldn't simply believe it, XingChen was shamelessly blowing him again, this time in a very sensual sixty-nine while the other, DaoZhang, was... Rimming him.

Xue Yang cried, he was sensitive from the previous orgasm and having not one but two DaoZhang abusing his oversensitive genitals was too much. He tried to muffle his moans by rimming his XingChen and it partially worked because the older started moaning around his member, blushing and clenching against his tongue. It was heaven. It was good. It was too good that was slowly becoming unbereable as the overstimulation was making his legs tremble wildly and his chest fall and rise too quickly. He was out of breath and when he felt the second orgasm come, he felt... Empty.

Both of his lovers left him a moment before, blocking his second bliss and giggling. Xue Yang almost collapsed on the bed but suddenly XingChen reached his other self and bent between his legs: both of them kissing with his purple member in between, their tongues brushing against the sensitive tip.

They were staring at him, shamelessly growling and moaning in a teasing manner that edged Xue Yang even more.

He came on both their faces and collapsed, tired and sore while his hole was clearly clenching around nothing and begging to be filled.

He wish was granted. But with a reward.

He moaned loudly when DaoZhang pushed inside his tight hole, it happened that sometimes they switched but it was a while, his lover always begged to get done, but now it was... Beyond what his body could take.
DaoZhang pounding into him hard and fast, deep enough to reach his sweet spots over and over, making him cry in pleasure while XingChen was... Riding him, his member buried deep inside his lover that was now clenching around him and making him see stars.

Xue Yang was moaning, sweating and enjoying this a way too much, he suddenly widened his eyes when he saw DaoZhang hold XingChen to support himself so that he could've gone deeper and deeper. He felt his insides twist as he got ravished and at the same time was doing his lover.

They kissed each other messily as they came, smearing their fluids all over in a beautiful mess.

A beautiful mess that stained both Xue Yang's and XingChen's legs in their sleep.


The next morning, both of them felt sore, their limbs numb from all the sex they had in that dream. Xue Yang was too ashamed to look at his lover in the eyes, but what made him want to bury himself was the shocking revelation of his lover: the DaoZhang who topped Xue Yang so fiercely in that dream, was actually his true self. The other was just the XingChen from his memories.

"Xiao XingChen, you're a pervert!" Xue Yang screamed, ashamed.
DaoZhang just laughed as he peppered his lover's face with kisses. "Mn, so you do enjoy being tamed, huh? I should keep that in mind... For the next time."


Next time it happened to be the night after.
They hadn't had sex during the day, their bodies still recovering from the intense session of the dream. A-Qing eyed them suspiciously all day, especially when she saw that XingChen wasn't blind anymore. She screamed and then her acting went even further, she deserved an oscar for that. But the couple was somewhat embarrassed and on edge so she refused to deal with the matter, she knew too much of their late night activities already.

That's why she didn't mind the fact that the two horny brats went to sleep earlier than usual.


This time, Xue Yang found himself on the chair again... But this time it was Xiao XingChen's dream.

And it was...

He wanted to scream at first but his voice died down, the sight too much for him to handle.

Xue Yang always thought his lover's dream would have something to do with peace, love and happy unicorns but now he realized that his mind was more dirty than what his faced was used to show.

Xiao XingChen dream was nothing other than Xue Yang himself playing with Shanghua. Riding the sword in it's literal meaning.

Xue Yang was so shocked that the next day he destroyed the incense burner, while XingChen apologized and made him a bunch of pastries.


Still the night after, Shanghua was indeed in their bed, and this time it wasn't a dream.