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Hella Sweet Stand Fuckery

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As you step out of the club the first thought that you have is that you should have brought a jacket. Thankfully you don't make it halfway down the block before your stand has covered you up in one.


You tell them as they cover the both of you up in the massive jacket beside you. Theres no reason to ask the little pickpocket where they got it from. So you just rest your head against their shoulder for a moment and enjoy what little stars you can see in the city. Almost fifteen minutes pass in a peaceful silence by before you speak up again once more.

"You think Bruno is still up?".

You are not really sure why they reply back to you in giggles. But before you can ask them any further they quickly drag you back to your home in record time.Your stand of course is up the stairs as you start to remove your shoes. The feeling of a passionate kiss against your own lips hints to what your stand was truly excited about coming home to.

Your stand sits on your bed and relaxes for a moment waiting for you and Bruno exchange your pleasantries. They even have their hands on their lap acting as if they were completely innocent.

Bruno sets down the book he was reading down and crosses the room to your side.

"How did it go?"

He asks as his face nuzzles into you neck planting a few sweet kisses there before moving on to another spot.

"Nothing unusual, but Im still sure there's something they are hiding".

The mission was just to take a look into a club to make sure it was adhering to Passione's rules. For obvious reasons Bruno couldn't go because a capo would be recognized as soon as he stepped in.

"I'm sure you will figure it out in no time".

Is all he says before his hands slowly lower themselves to your curves.


To avoid any one recognizing you, your dress was a bit tighter than what you normally would wear. And from the looks of it your husband was quite taken in by it.

Since you were so busy and he was left alone for most of his week off things were bound to get heated.

When the radio starts to play a dirty love long in the room beside yours, you know this was a plot against you from the start.

This time it's you who starts kissing Bruno passionately. By the time you both pull away you are nearly breathless.


"Which one of us do you want to be with first amore?".

He asks against your ear while rubbing circles against your hips.

It should have been an easier choice for you to make. But your body and mind were very,very conflicted however.

Bruno was a lovely man but seeing his stand excited you in ways that was entirely different then he was capable of.


His stand was a peak into his soul after all, and a body that so closely resembled the statues of the old God's wasn't something to be overlooked.

So you make a decision to go with them, your round of love making with Bruno could come in the morning.


You don't look away as your stand winks at you and takes Bruno's hand leading him to your shared bed. They ever so slowly start to get Bruno out of his suit, and once that is done their hands wonder everywhere besides his lingerie hidden underneath.

Bruno had his own little obsession with your stand. Always beckoning them close as he did paper work (which your stand always watched everything he did with great interest). His breath hitches when your stand kisses his chest.

You bite your lip, the scene in front of you and the feeling of your hands ghosting across your husband's body left a burning sensation in your stomach.

Bruno locks eyes with your own before getting closer to your stands neck and gives them a harsh nip.


Right as you gasp from the pain Sticky Fingers sneaks right in behind you to place a kiss against the same spot Bruno bit.


It was a faint feeling but it was there all the same which left you even more sensitive to your own senses.

Despite the fact that your stand and husband were grinding against each other on the bed Sticky Fingers still gives you a once over as they always do when they hadn't seen in you in a long time.

As usual they are not particularly happy thanks to the few scars you held that likely would never go away.

Sticky Fingers kisses linger in those places the longest and his head leans into your neck tacking in your scent. One of your hands run across his chest, the cold smooth metal never ceasing to leave goosebumps all over your body.

And that's when the stands innocent greeting becomes something carnal. They start to rut against you and pin you against the bedroom doorway.

It always amazes you how a stand and their user can be so similar and yet so different at the same time.

Sticky Fingers kisses are more wet and demanding than Bruno's ever could be. But his hands are still holding you gently in place in the same way as Bruno had previously done.

You begin to grind against the stand, which causes a gasp from Bruno.

The feeling of you grinding against him while your stand fucked him was likely to half him going over the edge soon.


Sticky Fingers kneels on the floor and tugs your panties to the floor while your dress remains on. There's a few sweet kisses to your inner thighs before he puts your legs on his shoulders and begins to eat you out against the door frame.

While Bruno was definitely skilled in oral his stand however would show you a restless hunger you never would have known was there.

Out of habit you try to cover your moans which makes Sticky Fingers come to a complete halt until you hands shy away from your face.

Once he starts again by no means are they holding back anymore. A long string of curses leave your mouth which causes your stand to chuckle at you.

And before you can fully get used to the stands hunger, the sensation of Bruno and your stands on your skin is suddenly gone. You look over to the two who are completely spent and leaning forward to watch the two of you finish your own orgasms.

"She likes it when you go extra slow".

Your stand provides between short breaths, their hand tangling into Bruno's own. While the other hand gently pets Bruno's hair reminding him what a good boy he was for them.


You murmur as soon as Sticky Fingers wild pace halts to a milder one.

Their long tongue gives a few more licks to your core before you begin to spasm, wrapping your legs around the stands face tight as you can. The knot in your stomach suddenly goes undone and leaves you seeing stars.

After you've had a moment to regain your breath, gently Sticky Fingers lowers your form to hold you against his chest before setting you down on the bed beside Bruno.

They then leave to get a towel to clean you up and some water to drink.

Bruno gives you gentle head scratches until Sticky Fingers is done caring for you.

And after they are all done, Sticky Fingers settles behind you and wraps his hands around your waist. Happily musing praise against your skin.

You and your stand fall asleep together in sync right next to the ones you love so deeply. The radio continues to play on throughout the night as a gentle white background noise