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The Thing That Brings Us Together

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“Mmm… Kacchan, what are you making? It smells amazing!” Izuku leans over the island trying to get a better look, but he can’t really see from here. After all these years he knows better than to go into the kitchen. He’ll either be put to work or yelled at, and with the frenzied way Katsuki is moving around the kitchen he’s sure it’s the later. Also considering how dirty he’s sure Katsuki wouldn’t allow him to help anyway.


Katsuki glances up at him. “Welcome home.” Is all he says as he continues to move around.


“Want me to set the table?”

Katsuki glances up at him again pausing to look over him this time. Izuku knows he looks like a hot mess, but he still smiles cutely anyway. “No, you’re disgusting and it’s already done. Go bathe.”


Izuku laughs softly. “You got a bath ready for me. You’re really becoming such a cute housewife, Kacchan.”


“Who in their right mind would want to marry you?! Go take a bath, you’re getting my cabinet all dirty and making one more thing for me to do.” The glare Katsuki gives him is enough to make him follow orders.


“Yeah, yeah.” He gets off the counter leaving a smear of dirt and blood - not his. “Sorry Kacchan I’ll go get cleaned up now.” Once upon a time Katsuki’s words would have hurt, but now Izuku could see them for what they really were. Izuku knows how Katsuki really feels, he smiles as he glances down at his hand, he can’t see the shiny band that rests there, but he can feel it under the gloves he’s wearing.


They’re not married yet, but they will be one day. Izuku is looking forward to that day. He remembers stories that his mom told him of when they were kids - Katsuki saying unflinchingly that he was going to marry Izuku. It’s another goal he’s achieved. “Kacchan is really amazing…” He says mostly to himself, his smile unwilling to leave his face.


He wonders how his mother felt then. Probably more amused than anything. Both Inko and Katsuki’s parents never said that Katsuki couldn’t. Never spoke down to them and told them it was wrong. Just smiled and laughed making wedding suggestions or commenting on how much money they needed to save. He wonders how Inko felt when he told her they were dating. 


Izuku had decided that he wasn’t going to keep their relationship. Katsuku had just given him a weary look, “Whatever you want to do.” he’d grumbled out. He was probably expecting Izuku to say something like that eventually, but Izuku was even surprised when Katsuki  hesitantly added, “Do you want me to go with you?”


He smiles widely at Katsuki. “No Kacchan, this is something I’d like to do on my own.”


There’s no explosions, no yelling. This is a delicate situation, and Katsuki is treating it as one. The years have calmed him, worn away his rough edges. They seen shit they can’t unsee, dealt with things kids should have to, but facing your parents and telling them that you’re in a relationship with another man was hard. Harder in their case still because of everything that Katsuki had done.


Things Izuku had forgiven him for, but Katsuki hadn’t quite forgiven himself.


And Inko… Izuku’s mother was another beast. It wasn’t that she hadn’t forgiven Katsuki, she had, she just wanted him to stay away from her son. He would always be the kid that made her poor Izuku miserable, even if before that he’d been so cute. Even if before that he’d protected Izuku from the older kids. It was hard to forget her son crying not understand why Katsuki suddenly hated him.


Izuku spent their break with his mother, trying to find the right moment to tell her. Inko knew that something was going on. There was obviously something he wanted to talk about, the way she said her name and then hesitated before continuing on with something that obviously wasn’t what he was going to say before.


He’s helping her cook dinner, he has to go back to school tomorrow and he still hasn’t told her. Cooking always reminds him of Katsuki and Izuku finds himself smiling thinking about him. “Mom.” He says again, this time he’s not going to back down, but he can’t bring himself to look up at her. “Me and Kacchan are dating.” 


There’s the clatter of something falling to the floor. Izuku calmly bends over to pick it up and takes it over to the sink to clean the utical. “Izuku. Izuku tell me that’s not true.”


“It is mom.” Izuku turns and looks at her finally as he places the tool back in Inko’s hands cupping them. He’s never seen this look on her face, he doesn’t know what emotions to attach to it.


“Wh-why him? Out of all the men you could have been attracted to, why him?” She’s shaking slightly.


Izuku squeezes her hands, a smile pulling up on his lips. “Kacchan is amazing! And I love him.”


“But… but… All the things he did to you Izuku, how can you--”


“He asks me the same thing mom. He has his issues, but so does everybody. He’s not always a nice person, but he is a good person and he’s always striving to be better,” Izuku lets go of her hands turning back to the stove. “I’m not naive enough to think our relationship will be perfect, we both have things to work on separately and together, but we’re better. We’re still growing, you can’t keep holding stiupid things he did as a kid against him, it’s not fair.”


“But Izuku, he hurt you so bad. How can you just expect me to accept this?”


“I forgave him mom, and he’s actively trying to make amends and be a better person. Mom, I really love him. He challenges me, pushes me to be better. Picks me up when I’m down and I know he has my back. And maybe we won’t work out, maybe we’ll break up in a couple weeks, months, even years.  But I want this experience, if I don’t I’ll spend the rest of my life regretting it.” He meets her watery glaze with one equally as watery. He has a wide smile on his face though. “I’m going to love him as long as he lets me. He deserves to be loved. Mom I’m just asking that you give him another chance. See how much he’s grown. I know you’ll love him just as much if you try.”


Inko is hesitant and Izuku can see it, but she can see how much Katsuki means to him. For Izuku she would do anything. “Okay. I’ll try.”


Izuku had gone with Katsuki when he told his parents. It had gone so differently that it’d almost given him whiplash. “It’s about damn time kid.” “Welcome, officially to the family Izuku-kun.” “Can I call you Izu-chan now?” He smiles at the memory now but at the time he’d been so overwhelmed by Mitsuki that Katsuki had yelled at her. He loved Mitsuki and Masaru almost as much as he loved his own mother.


Izuku enters the bathroom, it’s all ready for him. Clean towel and clothes folded neatly waiting on the counter for him. It’s nice to come home to somebody waiting for him, someone happy to see him after a hard day of hero’s work. He knows though that Katsuki is dying to get back out in the field it was like an itch under his skin that Izuku understands completely.


He’s on medical leave for another two weeks, his wound healed as if they’d never happened. Not even a scar remains, lucky asshole. What had been a huge deal at the time had turned out to not be that big of a deal. Katsuki was going to go back to work like nothing happened, but there had been so much blood.


Izuku strips out of his costume, putting what could be washed in the washer and piling the rest of it in the basket. The smell dinner permeating their whole apartment, and it pulls a smile up on Izuku’s lips because it smells so good.


Izuku had been living at Katsuki’s bedside worried the entire time remembers the first words Katsuki had said when he woke up. “Can’t believe that dumb bitch stabbed me.” He remembers laughing at first until it turned into tears. Before he knew it he was being comforted by a nurse as he full on sobbed and Katsuki laid there looking dumbfounded.


“Good things Izuku.” He tells himself as he sits down on the stool to start washing. “I’m going to have a nice dinner with Kacchan, and then we’ll probably cuddle on the couch and watch tv.” He nods to himself as he scrubs the days work off his skin.


Izuku glances over at the tub before deciding not to soak yet. He covers it back up and turns the setting back to warm before drying off and getting dressed. He heads back into the kitchen drying his hair with a towel. “I wanna help.”


“You didn’t use the tub.” Katsuku glances at him out of the corner of his eye. He’s frowning.


Izuku sends him a megawatt smile. “I thought we could soak together!”


“Tch!” The way Katsuki still turns pink at the words is worth everything. He knows that’s a yes without even hearing the words. Katsuki was so cute.


“Plus I wanna help Kacchan!” Izuku just keeps smiling widely knowing that Katsuki would give in eventually. “The faster dinners done the faster we can eat!”


Katsuki lets out a sigh as if it were physically painful for Izuku to help. That’s when Izuku knows that he’s won. “Fine. Come cut up these vegetables for tempura. I fell behind because I had to clean up the mess you left on the counter.”


“Hehe sorry Kacchan, I’ll be more careful next time.” He takes his place at the cutting board, cutting up the vegetables exactly like Katsuki likes.


The only sounds that fill the kitchen are of Katsuki cooking and the steady thump of Izuku cutting. “You weren’t hurt were you?”


“Huh? Oh no. Just a few bruises and scrapes. I’m okay Kacchan.” Katsuki worrying about him would never get old. He would always welcome it, it would always make him warm inside.




Izuku is quiet for a few more minutes while he continues to work. “Hey Kacchan, do you remember the first time we cooked together?”


“You dumped the entire container of salt into the pasta and we had to throw it away?” Katsuki grins at him. “Yeah I remember.”




“Hah? How is that mean? It’s a fact.”


“You just remember the bad stuff!”


“I don’t just remember the bad stuff. You’re just upset that I called you out on your shit.”


“Haaaaah! That’s not true Kacchan. You just wanna be mean!” Izuku pouts. “You just like--”


“It’s the first day I told you I loved you.” Izuku looks up at Katsuki in shock, but his eyes focused on the pan. “How could I forget? We’d only been dating for a couple months at that point, and I hadn’t said it yet, even though you kept telling me how much you loved me.”


They were still living in the dorms at the time, it was close to graduation and the two of them were cooking together. It was something that wasn’t hero or school work that they could do together. Katsuki was a good cook and enjoyed doing it most of the time, and Izuku wasn’t a terrible cook, not great but he could follow a recipe and have a dish turn out correctly.


On nights when their internships ran late and they were tired and didn’t have time to watch anything together, they would make dinner together and do homework as they ate. They had been on a few dates, but it was hard when they were recognizable to the public. It made their dates awkward. So even though it was a weekend and they didn’t have any homework due, or internships to go to they stayed at the dorms.


Katsuki had brought him breakfast in bed, and they had cuddled together in Izuku’s bed, that was really to small for both of them, mostly talking, releasing stress that had been built up through the week. There had also been some lingering drawn out kisses, wandering hands, but they never went any further.


When lunch time drew close Katsuki had suggested making lunch together. It has sounded like fun, until Izuku went to salt the pasta and the whole container had emptied into pot. Izuku gives Katsuki a horrified glance fearing that he was going to get yelled at, but Katsuki had just started laughing. Laughing so hard that he’s doubled over clutching his stomach.


How long had it been since he’d seen Katsuki laughing like that? True open and happy. “Idiot. You’re so unlucky, and I love you so much.”


It took his breath away even just thinking about it. How pretty Katsuki had been, cheeks flushed, eyes filled with tears, laughter still pulling up his lips into a bright smile. “You cried.”

“And you laughed at me.” Izuku pouts. “You just kept laughing.”


“Because you’re a cry baby.”


“That’s mean Kacchan.”


“I love you anyway.”


“Kaaaaaachhhhaaaannnnn! You can’t just say things like that!”


“Hah? I can say what I want. You done cutting yet? You can batter them, its ready.” He tilts his head to a bowel sitting on the other side of the stove.


“Yeah.” Izuku keeps pouting as he moves around Katsuki with the plate of vegetables and starts battering a few pieces at a time and drops them in the hot oil. “You also proposed while making dinner too.”


“Yeah that was a shit show. You burned yourself and ruined everything.”


“That’s not fair! You surprised me!”


“Hey don’t blame it on me. You’re the dumb ass that did it.”


“Most people propose during dinner. You know while they’re eating.”


“We’re not most people.” Katuki gives him a sharp look. “Watch what you’re doing or you’re going to overcook it.”


“I got it.”


“Besides I had to be you to it. I knew you would probably do it in the middle of a battle and get one or both of us killed.”


“Mean… but fair. You’re probably right.”


Katsuki chuckles and leans over to kiss his cheek. “Not probably, I am right. I’m glad your okay. I can’t wait to get back out there. I’m going stir-crazy in here.”


“I can tell, everything is in a different place again.” Izuku chuckles placing the last pieces in the hot oil. “I’m almost done.”


“Okay, when you’re done it’s all done.”


“Hmmm okay.” Izuku pulls the pieces out of the oil and drops them onto the platter and carries it over to the table. “By the way Kacchan,” Izuku sits across from him, the table was already set, he doesn’t even know when Katsuki did it, “what's with all the food?”


“I passed my Psych eval. When my leave is up I can go back to work.” 


Izuku knows he has more to say, but he beams at Katsuki. “That’s great news Kacchan!”


“So I was wondering if you wanted to go on a trip together before I came back, it’s been a while since we saw our parents.” Izuku can feel the tears coming, “I thought that maybe we could tie the knot while there…”


“YES!” Izuku sniffles. “Yes, let’s do it.”


They’re in the kitchen of Izuku’s apartment, it was raining so no playing outside today. Inko was keeping an eye on them from the living room as they played. “Mama!” Izuku yells his voice excited, “Come here.”


Inko is moderately worried. Katsuki had a way of hurting himself or Izuku without meaning to. Izuku hadn’t sounded panicked though so maybe everything as okay. “What is it sweety?”


How had she missed that they had ACTUALLY been cooking? How had she missed the smells? But nobody looked hurt and Katsuki looked rather proud, and Izuku was beaming up at her. “Mama mama Kacchan made Omurice!”


She looks at the plates laying on the table,still too in shock to say anything. It’s a little messy, but it looks and smells good. Inko isn’t sure what it say or do. On one hand they could have hurt themselves badly, on the other they hadn’t and food looked fine.


She smiles fondly at them. “It looks good Katsuki-kun, but next time please tell me before you cook. You could have gotten hurt. Do you understand?”


There expressions fall slightly. “Yes ma’am.” He says quietly staring down at the floor.


Inko crouches down in front of him, Katsuki really is cute. “Katsuki-kun?” He looks up at her. “Why did you decide to cook?”


Katsuki blinks at her. “I wanted to show you that I could provide for Izuku when I marry him!”