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like the sweetener you are

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taehyung fluffs his hair over his bandana, brows pinched in concern. “babe, are you sure about this?”

jimin pauses in adjusting the overhead lighting to glance over his shoulder. “why wouldn’t i be? you know i love showing you off.”

“i just...i’m probably not what they’re expecting.”

jimin abandons the lights completely, flopping dramatically onto the bed before crawling towards his boyfriend. he deposits himself unceremoniously onto taehyung’s lap, arms settling loosely over broad shoulders. large hands move automatically to fit against the curves of jimin’s hips, fingers pressing lightly against the soft fabric of jimin’s favorite sweater.

“you’re right,” jimin agrees easily, pressing a quick kiss to taehyung’s lip ring. “you’re way better.”

taehyung’s face breaks into a wide grin, boxy and beautiful and pushing his eyes up into little half-crescents. the tips of his ears flush pink, and jimin wants to bite them. “cheesy,” taehyung murmurs, tattooed arms winding fully around jimin’s waist to hold him steady.

jimin knows what they look like when they go out, and to be completely honest, he loves it--loves the way no one expects someone like taehyung to be with someone like jimin, loves the way they contrast and complement each other in all of the best ways. two puzzle pieces fitting together seamlessly, black bleeding into pastel pinks and purples. jimin is all cotton candy hair and bubblegum lips, and taehyung is covered from head to toe in tattoos and piercings, leather jackets and jeans ripped at the knee.

no one expects them to work, and that’s the best part--seeing the realization dawn in their eyes when they finally understand that no other couple in the universe fits together better than park jimin and kim taehyung do.

jimin kisses taehyung again, more firmly this time, and only pulls away when taehyung nips at his bottom lip. “we have to film,” jimin reminds him, a little breathy from the way taehyung is currently trailing featherlight kisses down his neck. “tae, c’mon--”

“mm,” taehyung hums, pressing a final, smacking kiss against jimin’s collarbone. “fine. you’re no fun.”

“excuse me. i’m so much fun, and my 15 million subscribers would be inclined to agree.”

“wow, are you a youtuber or something?” taehyung asks, voice full of fake wonder. he widens his eyes, mouth dropping into a surprised gape, until jimin shoves at his shoulder.

“asshat,” he says fondly, fingers trailing through jet-black hair. he leans down to kiss taehyung’s forehead, lingering and soft. “they’re going to love you, baby. but don’t forget that i love you most.”

taehyung reaches up to trace a thumb down jimin’s jawline. “how could i, when you tell me every day?”

jimin lets his head fall forward, smushing his face against taehyung’s t-shirt to try and hide the obnoxious smile taking over. “mush,” he says, giggling against taehyung’s neck. he presses a kiss to his favorite tattoo--a skull with flowers growing out of the eyes, just beneath taehyung’s ear--and adds, “up.”

“you’re on top of me.”

jimin rolls off of taehyung and onto the bed, sprawled out like a pretty pastel starfish. “happy?”

“not especially. would much rather you stay on top of me.”

jimin sits up and shakes his hair out, running a hand through it so it lays just right. he’s bare-faced right now, skin primed and ready for taehyung to wreak havoc on it. “c’mon,” he says, offering a hand. taehyung doesn’t take it, just stares, those deep brown eyes boring into jimin’s fucking soul or something. he shifts a little self-consciously, asks, “what?”

taehyung lets his head loll to the side, small smile playing at his lips. “nothin’. you’re just pretty.”

jimin feels himself flush bright red, cheeks warm as he ducks his head and stomps a foot into the plush carpet. “oh my god, stop. come on. up, up.”

“i’m coming. goddamn. so pushy today.”

taehyung lets himself be pulled to jimin’s little filming area in the corner of their bedroom, littered with fairy lights and enough makeup to fill an entire sephora. jimin pulls the chair out for him and watches as taehyung settles at the table. he picks up a lip gloss and examines it closely, brows pinched in concentration.

“you’re so cute, oh my god,” jimin whispers giddily, dipping down to kiss the crown of taehyung’s head.

taehyung pouts, bottom lip pushing out. “m’not cute. i’m a scary tattoo artist with a motorcycle.”

jimin coos, squishing taehyung’s cheeks between his hands. taehyung scrunches his nose up, little stud glinting under the string lights. “cute,” jimin repeats definitively, bopping the tip of taehyung’s nose with his pointer finger. he twirls away to switch the camera on, tongue poking out as he adjusts the focus. “okay. ready?”

taehyung fluffs his hair again, a nervous tick. “ready.”

jimin sits down beside him and smiles brightly, camera-worthy and charming. the persona he puts on for his subscribers is as close to his own personality as he can manage, maybe a little smoother, less shy around the edges. “hi, guys, welcome back to my channel! if you’re new here, my name is jimin, thank you so much for coming to hang out with me. this--” he throws an arm around taehyung’s shoulders, “--is my wonderful boyfriend, tae.”

“hey,” taehyung says, offering a quick wave.

“you’ve probably heard me talk about him a million times--”

“aw, babe, you talk about me?”

“of course i do, and my viewers have been begging me to feature you in a video for years. it took a little bit of convincing but he’s here now, and he’s going to do my makeup! i’m a little scared because taetae has never even picked up a highlighter in his life, but he’s a tattoo artist so he’s not like, completely hopeless--”

beside him, taehyung scoffs.

jimin sighs dramatically, trying to fight back a smile. “he’s amazing and wonderful and incredibly talented. he’s got his own shop and you should all follow his instagram page, @tattoosbyv--”

“i didn’t come on here for free promo, jiminie--”

jimin twists in his seat and squishes taehyung’s cheeks between his palms. “well i’m giving it to you anyway because i love you. mmkay?”

“mmph,” taehyung answers, unable to speak when jimin presses a soft kiss to his lips. he pulls away after a moment, wrinkling his nose. “gross, jiminie, you’re going to get demonetized.”

“oh my god,” jimin laughs, shaking his head. he turns back to the camera. “okay, we’re going to start now. sorry, i just--it’s been four years and taehyung is still really distracting, because, like. look at him, holy shit. he’s so hot.”

“jimin-ah,” taehyung whines, embarrassed.

“okay, okay, sorry,” jimin says, although he doesn’t look very sorry at all. “so taehyung is going to do my makeup and i’m going to do my best not to comment or help him even though it will probably physically hurt me not to when he inevitably fucks up--”


“--so baby, have at it, and don’t forget to let the viewers know what you’re doing. because you’ll probably be wrong and that’s like, half the fun of these videos.”

taehyung narrows his eyes playfully. “babe, i’m going to beat your face even better than i beat that ass.”

jimin promptly chokes on his own spit, doubling over and falling against taehyung in laughter. taehyung catches him before he goes sprawling off of his chair, looking impossibly pleased with himself. jimin’s cheeks are bright red as he hides his face in his hands. “oh my god, just start. holy shit. i can’t deal with you.”

jimin settles himself back onto his chair with taehyung’s help, leaning forward to rest his chin on his fist as he watches taehyung scan the makeup products with the utmost concentration. “okay,” taehyung starts, then cuts himself off. “okay, i’ve watched you do this like, a million times. there’s a little tube of--something, whatever, that makes the makeup stick to your face better and i’m going to find it, so help me god.”

jimin raises his eyebrows in surprise and glances at the camera, mouths, “primer.” he won’t lie, he’s a little impressed. when taehyung looks up at him, he schools his face into something more neutral, cocking his head to the side and miming zipping his lips.

“it’s white,” taehyung says, nodding his head definitively. “and it smells like coconuts. where the fuck are you hiding it?”

“every makeup product i own is on this table, tae,” jimin says, “i’m not hiding anything.”

“that’s the problem,” taehyung whines, “you have so much goddamn makeup.”

“says the person who keeps buying me every product i mention even in passing,” jimin points out, one eyebrow arching delicately.

taehyung grumbles under his breath. “don’t expose me like this. i have a reputation.”

“your reputation is based on snap judgements that don’t reflect your actual personality,” jimin says primly, reaching out to brush a strand of hair from taehyung’s eyes.

“cheeseball,” taehyung murmurs, gaze softening the second it falls on jimin. “where the hell is--ha!” jimin smiles proudly as taehyung finally locates the primer and holds it up like a prize. “gotta smear this shit on your face. right?”

“can’t tell you,” jimin says immediately.

“okay, well, you don’t look like you’re about to punch me so i’m going to take that as a good sign and just go for it.”

jimin muffles a laugh behind his hand as taehyung starts to softly smooth the primer over jimin’s forehead and cheeks. “you’re so gentle.”

“i don’t want to hurt you!”

“cute,” jimin coos. “my baby.”

taehyung rolls his eyes, dotting jimin’s nose carefully with the cream. his hands are warm and familiar as they brush over jimin’s face, and he finds himself leaning unconsciously into the touch. taehyung smiles at him, small and private despite the fact that it will be seen by literally millions of people. taehyung’s always been good at that, though--making jimin feel like he’s the only person in the universe, or at least the only one that matters.

“okay,” taehyung murmurs to himself, eyes scanning across the table. “i think it’s foundation next. probably. maybe?”

jimin shrugs.

“fuck it,” taehyung says grandly, grabbing the closest tube of foundation. it isn’t jimin’s current favorite, but it’s one that he uses often enough for taehyung to recognize the packaging. “shit, where’s the puff?”

jimin snorts. “the what?”

taehyung’s eyebrows furrow. “the--the egg, the puff. the thing!”

“oh my god.”

“the puff!” taehyung repeats insistently, grabbing for jimin’s bag of makeup brushes and applicators. he rifles through them quickly, feeling around for the little black sponge jimin swears by. jimin watches him, biting back a smile. “found it!”

“hold it up, babe. what are you using?”

taehyung dutifully holds the sponge up to the camera and waits for it to refocus. “this is jiminie’s face puff. he smacks it against his cheeks to blend his foundation.”

“he remembers blending, guys, i’m so proud.”

“shh,” taehyung hushes him, drizzling foundation directly onto the sponge.


“nuh-uh, don’t help me.”

“mm, okay.”

taehyung holds jimin’s chin gently in his hand and dots foundation all over his face, creating intricate patterns that will inevitably be blended into oblivion. he pulls back from his handiwork to examine the dots. “cute,” taehyung asserts, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to jimin’s lips before he starts patting the sponge against jimin’s face. “when doing your boyfriend’s makeup,” he starts, tone conversational, “it’s important to get in as many kisses as you can before the lipstick goes on, because then he’ll turn into a little demon and scratch you if you fuck it up.”

jimin snorts, smacking at taehyung’s chest. taehyung makes a noise of protest and bops jimin especially hard on the nose with the sponge. “stop moving or i’ll fuck up and you’ll look patchy as hell.”

“sorry, sorry.”

“don’t say sorry when you don’t mean it,” taehyung sniffs.

“i thought i was the drama queen in this relationship.”

“screw you, i’m multi-faceted.”

taehyung taps the sponge against jimin’s face, taking extra care to blend well past what even jimin usually does for himself. jimin makes an impatient noise in the back of this throat, kicking at taehyung’s shins underneath the table. “chill,” taehyung breathes out, warm air puffing against jimin’s cheeks. “okay, okay. done.”

“what’s next?”

“concealer,” taehyung says confidently, and jimin shoots another impressed look at the camera. “because i kept you up all night and you got some nasty bags under your eyes, baby boy.”

jimin squawks in indignation, shoving hard enough at taehyung’s chest that he almost falls off his chair. taehyung laughs because he’s an asshole, grabbing onto jimin’s wrists to still him.

“you brat,” jimin hisses, attempting to wiggle out of his boyfriend’s hold. “wait til we turn this camera off, i am going to kill you.”

“yes, yes, you’re very scary, sweetheart,” taehyung coos, reaching out to boop jimin’s nose. jimin lets out another enraged shriek and lunges forward. taehyung catches him easily and sets him firmly back in his seat. “okay, okay, sorry,” he laughs, “let me finish.”

“insulting me on my own channel,” jimin grumbles, arms crossing tightly over his chest. “the audacity of some people.”

taehyung leans forward, brushes his lips against the shell of jimin’s ear, whispers, “punish me later,” and fuck, jimin hopes to god the mics didn’t pick that up. jimin pushes taehyung away lightly, cheeks bright red underneath the foundation.

taehyung honest to god giggles, grabbing a tube of concealer from the table. he holds it up to the camera like a good little beauty guru, says, “this is the concealer jimin uses to cover up his hickies when we go see his parents, it’s really good, 10/10 would definitely recommend--”


“sorry, sorry, please don’t hit me. those little hands pack a mean punch.”

“and don’t you fuckin’ forget it.”

taehyung uncaps the tube and drags the wand under jimin’s eyes, tapping the sponge against his skin lightly to set it in place. “okay, good. perfect, brilliant, beautiful.”

jimin snorts. “are you complimenting your own makeup skills?”

“no, just your face.”


“next is contour! with the little brown stick! fuck, where is it--ha, there.”

taehyung smoothes the contour stick over approximately the right places, but without a mirror, jimin can’t know for sure. he says goodbye to any hope he might have had of coming out of this completely unscathed--he’s definitely going to look like he’s got dirt on his face, because there’s no way in hell taehyung is going to blend the contour out right. not on his first try. jimin sighs mournfully. tae was doing so well, too.

he keeps still as taehyung blends, sponge pressing a little harder this time as taehyung starts to trust that he won’t hurt jimin with it. jimin pointedly ignores the way taehyung mumbles “cutest cheeks” under his breath, fond smile almost permanently etched into his face.

“okay,” taehyung says, about a minute later. “that looks good enough.”

“good enough,” jimin repeats flatly, unimpressed.

“mhm,” taehyung agrees happily, attention already back on the products scattered around him. “now it’s--huh, it’s probably blush or the sparkly shit that makes your cheekbones pop out and like, murder me. goddamn, babe, you always look so pretty--”

jimin ducks his head, the tips of his ears a vibrant red. taehyung doesn’t even bother to look up, tongue poking out in concentration at he picks up a rose colored blush. he holds it up to jimin’s face, considering, before popping the cap open. “need a brush,” he mutters, quickly adding, “don’t help me,” before jimin can even open his mouth.

jimin shares a fond look with the camera, rolling his eyes affectionately. he watches as taehyung produces a foundation brush from the makeup bag, which, like. close enough. tae dips it carefully into the blush pan and swirl it around a little, like it’s one of his paint brushes. jimin feels a bubble of warmth rise in his chest, right next to his heart.

“smile,” taehyung tells him firmly, and jimin doesn’t have to be told twice. taehyung brushes the product carefully over the apples of jimin’s cheeks, leaning forward to kiss him softly once he’s done. “so pretty.”

“tae, oh my god--”

“can’t help it, i’m in love with the most beautiful boy in the world, fuck off and let me love you.”

jimin snorts into his hand, careful not to smudge taehyung’s work. he reaches out to brush a thumb across taehyung’s cheek. “alright, hot shot, what’s next?”


jimin groans. “i’ve been dreading the eyebrows. that, and the eyeliner--”

taehyung pins him with an incredulous look. “baby, i am a tattoo artist. i draw permanent lines on people for a living. i think i can manage to follow the shape of your eyebrow.”

“that’s...huh, that’s a solid point.”

“ye of little faith,” taehyung mutters, rolling his eyes. he grabs one of jimin’s eyebrow pencils off of the table and settles in close, face only a few inches from jimin’s. he starts slowly, dragging the pencil lightly across the fine hairs over jimin’s eyes. his hand is steady as he traces the curve of jimin’s brow, and jimin watches fondly as his own eyebrows pinch together.

“your eyebrows are so nice,” jimin sighs, “like, naturally. you don’t even have to do anything to them. i’d love to, though--do them, that is. it’d be a bitch to go around your piercing but--”

“sure,” taehyung agrees easily, starting in on jimin’s other eye, “my brows are yours to fuck with. oh, you know what would be sick? shaving lines into them, like kook has--kook is my best friend, works at my shop,” taehyung clarifies for the viewers, glancing at the camera briefly like he forgot it was there.

“i’ll see what i can do,” jimin says, “i’ve never tried that before but if you’re willing to be my guinea pig--”

“mm, yeah. i trust you.” taehyung pulls away, smiling brilliantly. “hey, that looks pretty good. babe, look at the camera so everyone can see.” jimin dutifully turns to face the camera, fighting the fond smile threatening to overtake his face. he wiggles his eyebrows to make taehyung laugh. “okay, now look back at me.” jimin listens, turning back just in time for taehyung to duck down and press a kiss to his lips. he smiles into it because he can’t stop himself, giddy and shining from the inside out because this beautiful, dorky boy is all his.

“i love you,” jimin says quietly, before he can stop himself. he does his best to keep his private life off of camera, does his best to seperate youtuber-jimin from the rest of his world, but--with taehyung sitting next to him, looking so soft and sweet with brow pencil smudges all over his hands, he can’t help himself. he wants the entire universe to know that taehyung is his.

taehyung reaches out to tug lightly at a strand of pink hair. “i love you too, baby,” he says, lips tugging up at the corners. “so much. now let me fuck up your eyeshadow.”

jimin laughs and nods his assent, fingers finding taehyung’s under the table and squeezing contentedly. taehyung beams back and blows a cheeky little kiss, drawing back to huff at the expansive collection of eyeshadow jimin has gained over the years. he picks a pallette at random, muttering, “good enough,” and sets to work, plucking a new brush confidently from the pile. it’s not the right one, but it’s close enough that jimin smiles.

taehyung holds the pallette up to the camera. “this is some eyeshadow by somebody famous, probably, and i’m gonna smear it on jiminie’s eyebrows. good? good.”

he works quickly, not even bothering to clean the brush between colors, and jimin has to bite his tongue to keep from mentioning it. instead, jimin tries to focus on the way taehyung holds the brush like he’s painting a new masterpiece, like he’s about to design his newest tattoo--like jimin is a canvas, a vessel for the beautiful thoughts inside of taehyung’s mind.

“baby,” jimin says, reaching out to tap at taehyung’s arm, right over the tattoo of a vintage looking sunflower. “taehyung-ah, talk about your paintings.”

taehyung ducks his head for a moment, black hair falling over his eyes. a strand gets stuck in the little hoop attached to his right eyebrow and jimin watches, hopelessly endeared. “there’s nothing to tell, really,” taehyung says, which is a blatant lie.


“keep your eyes closed, babe.”

jimin shuts his eyes. “tae owns his own tattoo parlor which is cool enough on its own, but he also paints in his free time and guys, he’s seriously amazing. and i’m not just saying that because i’m stupidly in love with him, he’s so good. we have his pieces all over the house and he does commissions, so reach out to me if you’re genuinely interested--”

“when did this turn into an infomercial for my art?” taehyung mumbles. jimin can hear the fond eye roll in his voice. “done, sweetheart.”

jimin opens his eyes and smiles. “what’s next?”

“eyeliner,” taehyung says, confident and self-assured. he rolls his shoulders back, muscles rippling as he moves, and jimin has to stop himself from jumping his boyfriend right then and there. “alright, let’s do this.”

jimin closes his eyes again, feels the soft tip of the felt pen swipe lightly across his eyelid. “i’m going for the wing, jimin-ah,” taehyung murmurs, concentration soaking his words. “i’m doing it, i’m doing it, i’m--oh. that’s not that bad, actually.”

“the tattoo artist can draw a straight line? wow,” jimin teases, poking his tongue out. “now do the other.”

“what is it you always say? they’re sisters, not twins?”

“you’re ridiculous.”

“thanks for noticing, we’ve only been together for four years.” a pause, then, “okay, you can open your eyes now.”

taehyung looks proud, chest puffed out a little, and jimin’s heart feels so full. “baby’s first wing,” he says, affection deep and all-consuming in his chest. he watches tae bite at his lip ring, nose wrinkling up in the tiniest of smiles. “c’mere. one last kiss before the lipstick goes on, please.”

he purses his lips into the most overexaggerated pout he can manage, and taehyung laughs. it’s deep and honeyed, dripping with sugar. “since you asked so nicely,” taehyung murmurs, pressing his lips against jimin’s. jimin melts into it, sighing softly against taehyung’s mouth when his boyfriend pulls away. “so does that mean lipstick is next?” tae asks, mischief shining in his eyes.

“brat,” jimin mutters, flicking taehyung’s forehead. “no hints.”

taehyung laughs, bright and happy. he grabs jimin’s favorite mascara and shows it to the camera, says, “jiminie uses this every day, and it makes his eyelashes look unreal. free promo to, uh,” he tilts the tube to read the name, “better than sex mascara? incorrect, but like, okay. it’s good mascara sure, but”

“oh my god, tae, it’s just a name--”

“whoever named this is leading a very sad life, baby, we have to pay our respects.” he smiles when jimin huffs and uncaps the mascara, dipping the wand in until it’s caked with product. jimin squints at it, already dreading the feel of clumpy lashes sticking together like glue. “look up,” taehyung instructs softly. jimin does, counting the number of times the fan spins as taehyung coats his eyelashes carefully.

“i literally can’t wait to see what you’ve done to my face. will i laugh? will i cry? will i be pleasantly surprised? stay tuned.”

“babe, i don’t mean to steal your thunder or anything, but i’m pretty fuckin’ good at this.”

“we’ll see,” jimin laughs, narrowing his eyes playfully.

he watches taehyung separate the liquid lipsticks from the pile, setting aside colors he doesn’t like or that won’t match the rest of the look. this is normally about the time in these kinds of videos that the boyfriend makes a stupid comment about all the colors looking the same, but taehyung is an artist and he gets it. he’s always seen what jimin does as art, has always respected it and shown genuine interest towards it.

he’s never made jimin feel like his craft is less important, just because it gets washed off at the end of the day.

taehyung carefully compares two peachy nudes, one with orange undertones and one a little pinker, before choosing the latter with a definitive nod. jimin smiles approvingly, because that’s the one he would have picked as well.

“open,” taehyung directs, and jimin does so without thought, mind wandering towards the less than pg things they’ve done after a command like that. taehyung very carefully swipes the lipstick applicator across jimin’s lips, and yeah, he forgot the liner, but jimin can forgive that. he’s done really fucking well so far, picking out the correct products and ordering them the way jimin does.

taehyung is so attentive, actually cares about jimin’s work, and it shows, warms jimin up from the inside out.

“pretty,” taehyung declares, throwing the liquid lipstick off to the side dramatically. “alright, last is the sparkly shit. gonna make you shine, baby.”

the highlighter taehyung picks out is blinding, a little gaudier than what jimin usually wears, but it’s fine. part of the creative process, and all that. taehyung dabs it on with his finger rather than a fan brush, which is--not jimin’s particular cup of tea, but whatever. still effective.

“i was going to ask if i could put fake lashes on you but to be honest i’m a little scared i’ll glue your eyes shut, so. we’re just gonna skip that and call this look finished. donezo. complete.”

jimin giggles at the image of taehyung’s giant fingers trying to pinch tightly onto falsies and thinks, yeah. probably for the best they don’t try that just yet. he reaches out to lace his fingers with taehyung’s, thumb rubbing over the tiger’s head he has on the back of his hand in stark black ink. “alright. lay it on me. how d’you think you did?”

taehyung beams, leaning forward to inspect his handiwork. “i’m not gonna lie. i think it turned out way better than literally anyone expected it to, including them.” he jerks his head in the direction of the camera.

“time for the final reveal, then,” jimin sighs, holding his free hand out. “the mirror, please.”

taehyung reaches behind him and passes over the hand-held mirror. jimin faces it away from himself, eyes squeezed firmly shut. there’s a bubbling anticipation rising in his gut, making him feel giddy. “countdown. three…”



jimin flips the mirror around, and his jaw drops. “oh my god,” he mouths, unable to get the sound out. he tilts his head to the left, the right. “taehyung, holy shit--”

“good holy shit or bad holy shit?” taehyung asks, and for the first time since they started, he looks a little nervous.

“baby, so good, oh my god--” jimin cuts himself off, pulls the mirror closer to examine the seamless blend of his foundation, the shine of his highlighter, and the contour--oh my god, the contour. jimin’s cheekbones look like they could cut through glass right now. there’s a little bit of fall-out from the eyeshadow on his cheeks and the wings could be a little more even, but jesus christ. “taehyung-ah, what the fuck, how did you get so good at this?”

taehyung flushes bright red, beyond pleased with himself. “baby, you create make-up tutorials for a living. it’d be pretty bad if your own boyfriend didn’t pick a few things up from watching you.”

“also you’re good at everything,” jimin adds, still staring helplessly at his reflection. “don’t forget that.”

“m’not good at everything,” taehyung mumbles, but he’s smiling wide.

“you are, and this literally proves it, what the hell.” jimin turns to face the camera fully, out of breath and absolutely elated. “alright, well. fuck. guess that’s it for my channel, huh? gonna turn it over to tae, full-time. maybe i’ll make a cameo appearance, the boyfriend tag or some shit--”

“jiminie,” taehyung whines, burying his face into jimin’s shoulder. “you’re embarrassing me.”

“good, because you just embarrassed me on my own channel by out-doing half the beauty gurus who literally make money off of this shit. this was supposed to be a funny video, taehyung!”

jimin settles an arm around taehyung’s shoulder and pulls him close, delighting in the way his larger boyfriend tries to make himself smaller against jimin’s side. he presses a firm kiss to the taehyung’s temple, smiling against the half-moon he has tattooed there. “alright, well. fuck. my boyfriend is stupid hot and stupid talented and also the best boy in the world, so. follow @tattoosbyv to see my baby in action, and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel for more content by yours truly. i love you all very, very much, and i’ll see you next time!”

jimin disentangles himself from tae to switch the camera off before promptly dropping himself right back onto taehyung’s lap. he presses their foreheads together, careful not to rub off any foundation onto the other boy’s face. “so?” he asks, feeling just the slightest bit insecure. “what did you think?”

“filming with you is fun,” taehyung says, offering a cheesy smile that melts jimin’s heart into a puddle of goo. “doing anything with you is fun, but. i really liked this.”

jimin positively glows. “so you’d do it again? because i have a feeling you’re going to be a hit, babe.”

“yeah,” taehyung agrees, arms winding around jimin’s waist to pull him impossibly closer. “i’d do it again. i’d do you first, though.”

“get on with it, then,” jimin says, wiggling pointedly in taehyung’s lap. he leans in close, lips brushing at the piercings littering taehyung’s ear. “you put my makeup on, and now you get to be the one to fuck it all up.”

taehyung growls low in his throat and lifts jimin up without warning, walking him over to the bed purposefully. jimin holds on tight, thinks, fuck it. he can edit tomorrow.

(not even two hours after posting, taehyung is trending on twitter. jimin was right, because he always is--tae is a hit, and he steadily grows his own fan base with each video he appears in. “testing foundation coverage on my boyfriend’s tattoos” becomes jimin’s most popular series.

it’s nice, knowing that the rest of the world understands just how precious taehyung is, that underneath all the tattoos and piercings he’s just a little goofball who deserves all the love the universe has to offer.

taehyung has fans now, a lot of them, but jimin will always be the biggest.)