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It takes a few moments for Rain to register that the voice is addressing him. He glances up from his phone, and sees a boy - guy? man? - sitting on the opposite end of the bench, arm rested casually over the backrest. He’s… solid, kinda chubby if Rain is being honest, with short-cropped black curls and a wide, easy grin. He’s also dark-skinned, and Rain hates himself for noticing it like it’s a thing, but is he supposed to not notice it, ‘cause he knows that’s not better, and ‘I don’t see race’ is an easy cop-out and he cuts himself off before he can properly start spiralling down that train of thought.

“...hey?” Rain says. He’s not sure why this guy’s talking to him - he definitely hasn’t met him before, because he’d remember it if dammit, Rain, no.

The guy laughs, and it’s surprisingly melodious. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I just wanted to say I like your shirt!”

Rain glances down, at the faded band t-shirt he’s wearing. ‘Kite Weather’, it says, along with a stylised illustration of a person flying a kite on a cliff’s edge in a storm.

“Oh. Thank you, then. It’s not mine, though, if you’re a fan.” 

“Ah.” He grins, waggling his eyebrows. “I get it, don’t worry.”

Rain laughs, surprising himself. “Not like that. It’s just a- friend’s.”

For whatever reason, the guy perks up at that. “Oh, sure. Sorry for implying.”

“It’s fine,” Rain says, and doesn’t think about sweatshirts. 

“They’re pretty good, though,” the guy continues, gesturing at the shirt again. “Kite Weather, I mean. If you ever feel like giving them a chance.”

“Sure,” Rain says, surprising himself with how much he means it. “I’ll give them a listen some time, then. Haven’t really had much of a chance to find new stuff for a long time.”

“Oh?” He slides slightly closer on the bench, but Rain finds he doesn’t mind. “Sounds like a story, there.”

“A long one,” Rain confirms.

“Maybe another time, then.” He sticks out his hand, and Rain takes it. It’s soft, and warm. “Gabe.”


Gabe nods appreciatively. “Cool name. It suits you.”

“Not gonna ask?”

Gabe grins. He’s got a crooked tooth at the front - it’s charming, a little bit rakish. “Nah, I’ve heard weirder.”

“Don’t say that until you’ve heard the full thing,” Rain grumbles.

Gabe studies him appraisingly for a moment, the continued attention making Rain feel like he’s pinned in place. “You sound like you’ve got lots of interesting stories, then.”

“ could say that.” 

The rumble of a train breaks Gabe’s concentration, and he stands up from the bench. “Well, that’s me. Nice meeting you, Rain. Maybe I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah,” Rain says, and finds that he means it. “See you around.”