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Screw You Kacchan!

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Izuku was tired of dreaming.

In just one day, his childhood friend told him to jump off a roof and his childhood idol told him to give up his dreams. He was tired of being told what to do. He sniffled back his tears and tried his hardest back then to get into UA despite the obstacles.

The day of the exam came and he made a fool of himself. He tripped and couldn’t thank the girl. A glasses wearing boy scolded him for nervously mumbling. He tried to score points but just couldn’t. He even tried to save the girl who helped him earlier, but he wasn’t able to do much despite getting her out of the way.

But to his surprise, he got rescue points. He did it! He could make it to become a hero! Until he read the letter further, it explained that he did receive another points to enter, but due to his quirkless ness, they thought it would be safer for him to do General Education instead. Izuku allowed the smile of hope to drop from his face that day. He didn’t want to be just let in because of pity or let down just because he didn’t have a quirk. He declined their offer and applied to another high school that was normal.

It was strange how his classmates stopped their teasing when they saw his face the next day. It was oddly weird how Bakugo looked guilty every time he saw him or anytime Izuku referred to him as Bakugo instead of Kacchan. Soon he graduated from the hell to join into a normal school that allowed him to take classes online so he wouldn’t have to deal with discrimination. He accepted it.

Izuku tried to do his best to be helpful even though he wasn’t a hero by any means. He cleaned up Dagobah Beach the best he could with some help from a nice mechanic who helped him drive the trash to the dump. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it to see the results. Seriously it took a year of his life, it better have been worth it.

One time he even saved a cat from a tree to give it back to a homeless man in a bright yellow sleeping bag. Dude said he had potential to become a hero. He just laughed it off and went home that day. He wouldn’t say if it felt a little melancholy from his statement.

Bakugo graduated from UA and became the hero that they were both wanted to be while Izuku just graduated from college with a degree in journalism. He got everything he wanted while Izuku had to settle into a normal life that everyone knew he was going to get eventually.

But hey look on the bright side, Bakugo isn’t number one like he said he would be. Lemillion took that spot. Ground Zero has recently just been added to the number Top Ten list. So.. Ha! Haha! Screw you, Kacchan!

After college he got some part time jobs to keep afloat until he could settle into a job that he truly wanted. On weekday mornings to lunch, he worked as a barista. On weekdays, he worked from afternoon to early night as a cashier in a small grocery store run by a sweet old lady. On weekends, he was a taxi driver at night, driving people drunk and sober to their destination. It wasn’t the best schedule, but at least he got a car from his mom. A nice used small four door car that he named Betsy.

His life was okay with Betsy. Until fucking Bakugo showed up.

It has been happening for a while now and he was honestly getting annoyed. Why the hell was he practically stalking me?

For three days straight, he has seen the same stupid spiky hair that tried to be hidden by a grey hoodie.

And today was Bakugo’s first move at actually being a functioning human being and talking to him. “You can be a hero.” Bakugo said deadpan looking into the face of the man he used to bully into the ground.

Izuku took one look at him and muffled a chuckle, before he started outright laughing at Bakugo’s attempt to communicate. “Get the hell out of my store.” Izuku said with a polite smile on his face and a calm manner with residing anger.

Bakugo started to talk and Izuku really didn’t want to listen to him, “Listen, De-Izuku.”

“You call me Midoriya. You have no right to use my name so casually from what you have done to me my whole life.” Izuku said angrily trying to keep his customer smile on, but it ended up looking more threatening that way.

Bakugo got a guilty look before continuing, “Look, Midoriya. I know you got into UA.”

“Into the General Education Department? Yes? Why? Did you come here to rub it in my quirkless face about how you are so much better than me?” Izuku replied fast to his statement.

“No! Dammit let me talk!” Bakugo got a little frustrated at Izuku’s attitude when he replied.

“Oh? Why? Is the little pro hero mad that someone won’t listen to him? Oh no! What to do?! Please leave me alone, Ground Zero.” Izuku replied dramatically before ending it on a deadpan note. He grabbed the broom and started to sweep the floor since it seemed no more customers were coming in for the night.

“Wait, look. You got in to the hero course technically which means you have the chance to become one, right? So be a hero and stopped doing these lameass jobs.”

Izuku slowly turned to Bakugo’s face in slow motion it seemed, “How about you mind your own fucking business for once in your goddamn life?” Bakugo frowned at the fact that Izuku wasn’t understanding what he was trying to say. “You were high on the scoreboards, you had the chance! So what if you were in General? Shinso was in General before he transferred to the hero class!”

“Because he had an amazing quirk that they couldn’t let go to waste! Someone took one look at my quirkless diagnosis and figured it was too dangerous for me to ever set foot in the hero class even though I had enough points to get in. Guess what, blondie? Everything was handed to you. Everyone praised you and brought me down.”

“Izu-,” Bakugo tried to start.

“Shut Up! I had to work my ass off twice as hard as anyone else just because of a stupid x-ray. I had to prove myself on job interviews because they didn’t think a quirkless could do anything! Do you even understand? Do you?! I finally have a life that I can make better, but you have to show up and ruin that for me too?!” Izuku ranted yelling at Bakugo with his hands tightening on the broom handle.

“This isn’t the life you deserve! You deserve to be a h-,” Bakugo tried to say before he was pushed out the door forcefully with a broom.

“Get the fuck out of my life, Kacchan!” Izuku roared out before slamming the door shut. He watched as Bakugo walked away before angrily throwing the broom to the floor.

I can’t be a hero. I-I can’t.

I’m not a hero by any definition.

I’m just Izuku. And that’s enough for me.

But a little voice inside its head reminded him of the dream he always wanted but could never achieve.

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Bakugo knew he was a dick.

A jackass. A jerk. A dumbass. Whatever the hell people called him. It was all true.

It wasn’t that big of a deal for him until he had a realization when the villains kidnap him. They saw potential for him as a villain than normal people seeing him as a hero. He was thankful that Eraserhead had stood up for him to be a hero, but it felt like nobody really thought him to be an actual hero.

They just see a great quirk that can be used, and not him as an actual person. He started to get help with therapy after the kidnapping ordeal made him have bad night terrors. With his first therapy session, he got instructed to go to anger management classes to try to help his image.

At the beginning, he thought he was the best of the best, better than anyone in his whole life until he got to UA. And found out something important. He wasn’t special.

He wasn’t someone important there, he was just another trainee. People had better quirks, better personalities, and more potential. He was just an angry bomb that didn’t want to make any friends. He was silently thankful that Kirishima made the first move to befriending him. And with Kirishima, the rest of the named ‘Bakusquad’ formed. And he was thankful. The rest of his class grew to tolerate him and at least talk to him like a normal person.

But no matter how much he made headway into getting better with his feelings. Guilt from the past always made their way into his eyes.

Midoriya Izuku


The first friend he ever made and the only friend he ever regretted losing.

He made his life hell! And what for?

When he was younger, he saw Izuku reaching out to him and calling him weak. So he just wanted to make Izuku feel weak next to him. He wanted to make Izuku fit into a place that was away from him and his future life as a hero. Izuku made it difficult, since he always saw past all the shit he put him through. Until that one day.

That one day that he told Izuku to jump off the roof and wish for a quirk in the next life.

He wished he could take it back ever since the words left his mouth. After that day, Izuku grew more disinterested in everything they did. He referred to him as Bakugo and not Kacchan. That made him feel something, but he hid it back. Somehow he saw Izuku at the entrance exam for UA, and felt betrayed and confused about why he was there. He felt anger at seeing him in the top scores with rescue points. But utter disbelief when he didn’t see him in the same class.

He asked Mr. Aizawa about it since he scored high enough in the written and got enough points. It That shocked him. What made Izuku give up trying to go to UA? Until he heard from his homeroom teacher that he was accepted into the General Education class, but refused the offer.

“They didn’t accept him into the hero class?” Bakugo asked in confusion to his new homeroom teacher. “Why not?”

“I have no idea. From what I saw he was reckless, but he had potential to be something great. But most teachers saw it as dangerous to include him into hero type work. I was actually the only one to stick up for the kid.” Eraserhead said in a bored tone with a slight irritation in his voice.

UA didn’t accept Izuku because he was quirkless? Were they kidding?!

Izuku would be a great hero! He proved himself in the exam! How the hell couldnt they see the image of a true hero he was trying to become? Why couldn’t they see that Izuku was the hero he couldn’t be?! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?!

But ever since the discovery of Izuku not following his dreams became known to him. The guilt grew heavy in his stomach and the disbelief formed many insecurities in his mind. Nightmares of Izuku becoming a villain out of the hatred. Nights filled with memories of him and Izuku playing as children, only to end on a vision of Izuku committing suicide. Terri’s of him being the one to push him off the roof.

It got a little better with time. He tried to open himself up more. He spent time with friends who saw him as equal and not superior to them. He talked with classmates who just saw his personality and not his quirk.

It grew better, but the guilt kept eating him inside. He knew Izuku could be a hero. And that should be proven to everyone who didn’t see him like he did. He knows Izuku can be great. Deku is not his name, not anymore.

He is Izuku. And he will be a hero if Katsuki has anything to say about it


Izuku was stuck staring straight ahead of him with a customer smile etched into his face. He really wished that being a barista didn’t have to come with can-I-speak-to-your-manager Karen every single day. Same soccer mom haircut, but different lady each time. Complaining from coupons and gift cards to how he had a visible nose piercing. Fuck you Karen, I will keep my noise ring thank you very much.

But he did like the creativity of trying to come up with new drinks. His boss allowed him and the other workers to try to make their own custom drink to add to the menu. Last month, Jen made a mint white chocolate latte that stole the boss lady’s heart from a single taste. It sold very fast too! So he tried to come up with unique tastes to try to balance out the very sweet menu items they had.

Right now he was experimenting with dark chocolate flavor Italian roast topped with strawberry slices and crushed almonds. He was working on it a lot since each test was just a bit too bitter, but it was coming along great.

The day was very slow since the morning rush was an hour ago. He stood at his place at the cash and thinking about any other combinations eh could make with fruits when a stranger in a dark blue hoodie walked in with a black cloth face mask obscuring their bottom features.

“Can I have a coffee?” The stranger asked while his eyes surveyed the bright menu above his head.

“Sure, sir. What do you want?”

“Oh, don’t call me sir and I don’t really like sweet things. Can you give me something less sweet?

“Most of our menu is sweet,” Izuku replied before he remembered his own experiment, “But I’m working on a new bittersweet drink. Do you want to try?


Izuku whipped up the coffee with the right amount of measurements and finished it off with a little bop of whipped cream. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” The man said before taking a sip. “This is very good. Thank you. Did you say you made it?”

“Yes, I did make it.” He replied to the man.

“I think you should make more.” The man stated honestly while his eyes darted to Izuku's name tag. “Midoriya.”

After the man paid and since it was still slow in the shop, Izuku continued to talk to the man for about twenty minutes. He didn’t see the color of his eyes because of the tinted glasses he wore, but his words were sincere while engaged in conversation. He even got him to laugh while talking about one crazy professor he had back in college. He didn’t know exactly what led him to talking about pro heroes with the man, but the stranger brought up Shouto.

The man asked before sipping the last bit of his coffee, “What do you think of him?”

“Oh! I think he is really cool, but it looks like he is struggling when dealing with quirk overuse with his right side.” Izuku stated, fixing up the napkin dispenser near the register.

“What do you mean?” The man questioned.

“I know he uses his fire side when dealing with emergencies, but he doesn’t use it to its full potential. I mean, he uses it to thaw out the ice he makes, but he doesn’t use it on himself to prolong his work as a pro hero. If he just used both of them.” Izuku answered

“How could he? That’s his father’s quirk. And from the many news outlet he shows a disdain for his father.” Stranger asked in confusion with a slight bitter tone to his voice.

Izuku laughed shortly and replied, “I know. Who wouldn’t hate Endeavor? He is a burning trash bag dick.” The man let out a snort at that. “But his dad shouldn’t stop him from using his fire side.”

“Why not? It's the old man’s quirk after all.” The man responded begrudgingly.

“What? No it isn’t! Shouto’s quirk is his own power. His fire is his own to use, not anyone else’s. It’s his, not his father’s.” Izuku explained in confidence.

The man grew silent. Izuku turned back around to clean off a napkin off the nearby table before he herald the man curse. He turned back around to see the man patting down his left arm. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m better now. Thanks to you,” the stranger responded with an oddly serene tone. Izuku shrugged it off while the man stood from his chair.

“I guess I better get going to work. I have an afternoon shift to get ready for. I’ll see you later, Midoriya.” The man walked off.

“Wait. Hold up. I didn’t get your name.” Izuku stated to the retreating back of the stranger.

“You will find out soon enough.” They answered before closing the door to the cafe.
Leaving Izuku to question whatever just happened.

Down the street, the man pulled off the glasses to reveal heterochromatic eyes. Their scar on the left side only half shown since the face mask obscured the bottom half.

He will have to come visit for another coffee when he has the time.


Izuku was tired from his cashier job.

He groaned before crashing face first in his bed, his face being cushioned by a fluffy dragon plushie his mom had sewn for him when he went off for college. Thankfully, he hadn’t seen Bakugo that day, but he had a feeling that he won’t leave him alone anytime soon.

His phone buzzed when he just started to get comfortable. He sighed before picking it up to see who had messaged him at 10:00 at night.

Unknown Number: Hey Izuku.

What? Who the hell—?

Unknown Number: Be a hero. Do it.

That little bitch.

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BoomBoomHands: Hey Izuku.

BoomBoomHands: You know, being a hero will bring so much more joy than whatever the fuck you are working now.

BoomBoomHands: A lot of pros to being a hero.

BoomBoomHands: I mean, there are cons too. But don’t think too much about those,

BoomBoomHands: I know you have the talent to be a hero! I’ve seen it through my entire life!

BoomBoomHands: Believe me!

Izuku ignored the multiple pings of his phone while he was researching more piercings to get to piss off the Karens even more. Ooh, a tongue piercing sounds nice, and it could be like his finishing move. While the manager deals with them, I’ll stick out my tongue, and watched their face just envelope with disbelief and anger.

He snickered to himself. Oh that will be good.

He glanced at the clock before groaning. “Ugh. Work,” Izuku moaned out before hastily getting dressed. He buttoned up the last top button because it was required, then looked himself in the mirror. He boredom gazed at himself and shrugged.

“Good enough.” Izuku stated at the current poofy state of his hair. He has long since given up on taming the wild curls that grow into a bush on his head.

And off he went to his first job of the day, barista.


“What kind of establishment is this?! I need to speak to your manager.” A mother of two asked fervently. Izuku just said no if her kids could have free sample of the cookies. ‘This is a coffee shop with pretty expensive cookies,’ He thought to himself grumbling as he went to get his manager for the second time that morning, ‘This isn’t a fucking ice cream shop, Karen. You can’t sample what you want, and I KNOW that you are just trying to get your kids to shut up.’

“Hey, boss.” Izuku greeted nonchalantly to his superior, Ayano.

“I heard from back here what is going on. I’ll have this over in a minute.” Ayano said professionally before mumbling out, “Fucking Karens.”

Ayano was an actual good boss. She listened to her employees’ side of the story first before heading to deal with problematic customers. She didn’t order people around, she asked if anyone was busy before asking someone to do something. She never ordered Izuku to take out his nose piercing.

Ayano took care of Karen with a simple, polite, “I’m sorry. We don’t offer free samples, but the ice cream shop across the street opened in three hours, they have a wide selection for your kids to enjoy.” Successfully, Karen left with a grimace as her excited two kids started chanting ‘Ice Cream! Ice Cream!’.

Ayano breathed out heavily before turning to Izuku, “You just let me know if anymore show up.”

“Thanks, Ayano-San,” Izuku smiled before taking back his position at the cash register.

With no more Karen’s to deal with, his shift ended pretty easily, he said goodbye to his boss before heading out. But while he was walking out the door, he ran into someone familiar.

“Oh hey,” Izuku greeted

“Hello, Midoriya-kun.” The disguised stranger greeted.

“Oh, nice to see you again. I, uh, just got off so if you wanted the coffee from yesterday, I can’t give it to you.”

“Oh, well that’s too bad, but I didn’t come for the drink..”

“Oh? Then what?”

“I came here to say thanks,”

“For what?”

The stranger smirked and took off their sunglasses, revealing a face that anyone could recognize.

The pro hero, Shoto winked at him. Izuku stood frozen as he responded with, “Thanks for making me see that my quirk is my own. I’m very grateful for that. You are my own hero.” Shoto waved his hand before putting back on his sunglasses and continuing in his way.

Izuku gaped at where Shoto went with a dumbfounded look on his face, “What the fuck..?” He whispered to himself.


‘Maybe I can get one before the weekend. The piercing shop I got my nose done would be open on Friday when I have off on the cashier job, so I could set up an appointment and…’ Izuku thought as he swept up the floor of the small grocery store.

The doorbell rang and when Izuku went to greet the person, he saw who it was and decided not to.

“Hey, why have you been answering my texts? I figured it would be less annoying considering you wouldn’t have to listen to me talk and convince you.” Katsuki said with the remainder of his eyeliner on his eyes from the hastily changed appearance. He was dressed casually, so he must have just came back from his patrol.

“Bold of you to assume that I would want to listen to you in general.” Izuku replied back while sweeping along the canned food aisle.

“Come on. I’m trying to make you see what I see. I’m trying here.” Bakugo groaned out while gesturing with his heads towards the part time worker.

“Well, don't try anymore. I don't want to hear it from you.” Izuku responded with a snappy tone, looking back at the pro hero with fire in his eyes.

“You, ugh. You probably think-ugh I don’t know how to explain it to you! You made it in to UA, didn’t you?” Bakugo stumbled over his words while trying to calm his annoyance at himself.

Izuku looked up and responded deadpan, “Yeah, but they pushed me right into General Education. Thanks for bringing it up.”

“No that is not what I wanted to do.”

“Pretty sure it was,” Izuku agrued back sassily.

“Ugh, look. My whole class and my homeroom teacher stood up and said that we didn’t think that you deserved to be in General education.” Bakugo replied

“Wow, Yeah REALLY makes me feel better. Thanks.” Izuku thanked sarcastically.

“NO! It’s because we knew you belonged in the Hero course.” Bakugo agrued back before falling silent and running his hand down his face.

“Come on. You can become a hero.” Bakugo said moving to stand in front of Izuku.

“No, bitch. Now move over so I can clean up this spot. Also, fuck you.” Izuku retorted with a broom in his hand


Bakugo got kicked out again!

“Ugh, what am I doing wrong?” Bakugo groaned as he kicked a stray can.

“Easiest question to answer,” a voice said from behind him. Bakugou rolled his eyes as he recognized the monotone voice that annoyed him since high school.

Bakugo breathed out with annoyance, “Well, What is it, IcyHot bastard?”

“You are being yourself. No, stop that and get some help,” Shoto replied before getting a shive from Bakugo.

“Fuck you, Poland Flag,” Bakugo responded while Shoto silently laughed at his pain.

“What are you trying to do with Midoriya anyway?”

“Wait, how do you know him?”

“I met him at the coffee shop. What about you?”

“He was my first and only childhood friend.”

“Yeah, he was kind of my hero. He could actually be a good one. If only you were actually good at convincing.” Shoto replied with a slight mocking tone to his voice. Before he froze and looked at Bakugo, “Wait. Why do you want him to be a hero?”

“I know he can become one since he has a talent for it. You?” Bakugo stated to his old classmate.


Shoto shrugged, “He got rid of my daddy issues and inspired me to use my fire since it’s my power. It was really cool actually.”

“Shit. Really?” Bakugou asked in disbelief.

“Yep.” Shoto replied, popping the ‘p’.

Bakugo chuckled darkly and glared at him, “You little bitch. You didn’t use your fire on me, but when Izuku says it’s your all the sudden you are a flamethrower?”

“I’m an eternal flame, baby.” Shoto said deadpan with wide eyes directed at him.

“Don’t ever do that again. You are becoming Kaminari slowly with the time you spent with him.” Bakugo complained while Shoto laughed at his annoyed face.

“Let me help you in your quest to convince Izuku. He helped me see something in myself that I didn’t see before, and I want to return the favor. I'll provide it encouragingly with small talk here and there. But you might need to fix up how you bring it up to him, instead of acting the way you do now.”

“Fine. Welcome aboard.” Bakugo sighed in acceptance.

“Great, now let's get dinner, I’m famished.” Shoto clapped his hands before leading the way to a great dinner place near where they were.

“What the fuck?” Bakugo responded to Shoto in utter confusion as to why the hell he would invite him to dinner in the first place.

“I’ll get you extra spicy curry while we talk over the details.” Shouto offered.

“Fine, but I’m not paying.” Bakugo replied before leading the way to the nearest restaurant.

“I wouldn’t expect you to.” Shouto smiled as he walked behind his old rival.

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Izuku was tired. This week has been a mess.

He hoped that once he got to his job driving Betsy, he would at least relax. But nope! Universe hates him! At least he got to schedule his piercing appointment for next week in the midst of all the chaos.

For the last job of the night, he had to drive two ladies that looked very similar. Actually very familiar… especially the one with the brown hair…

He didn’t want to dig into their lives when he was supposed to be driving at night in Japan. And well, the brunette… wasn’t looking very good. The girl appeared to have had a few drinks that weren’t kid friendly.

The greenette introduced the two as Uraraka and Tsuyu.

“I think I know you,” Uraraka slurred from Tsuyu’s shoulder.

Izuku looked back over his shoulder. His eyes widened when he saw those little pink cheeks, like the ones he saw on that girl… Nah, they can’t be her. “I can’t help you there.”

Uraraka opened her eyes before calling her hands at her revelation. “Oh yeah! Broccoli boy! Entrance exam! Bitch, you saved me!”

Tsuyu replied in honor of her drunk friend, “Sorry, kero. She had a rough day at work. Sweetie, don’t harass the poor guy .”

“Not a citizen, itsa broccoli boi! Small boi with the freckles, looks like watermelon strawberry combination if he blushed!” Uraraka argued, slapping Tsuyu’s hands away from her and gesturing exaggeratedly at him.

“Why is this happening to me?” Izuku complained mumbled to himself from behind the wheel. It was that girl! And from the familiarity to the floating hero, Uravity, it looks like she was able to make it. He smiled, remembering the kind gesture of her saving him from falling.

I’m happy that she got to be a hero.

“I’m sorry for my close friend here, kero,” Tsuyu apologized as Uraraka quietly mumbled to herself about how she KNEW that he was the boy who saved her at the entrance exam for UA.

“No, I swearsy! From my bottom to my heart! It’s the guy!” Uraraka said to her very loudly. She then stopped herself, seeming to remember something. Uraraka looked at him and added, “Oh shit! Right! I tried to give you some of my points because I wanted you to her in hero course with me! You deserved it because you were the only one to try to help me! You got me out of the way, very heroically! You da best, man!”

Izuku was trying to hide his blush in his collar under the drunken rambles of the girl who saved him from tripping all those years ago. “Um, thank you?”

Uraraka gasped exaggeratedly. She turned back to look at Tsuyu with a drunken smirk, “See? I told you it’s the guy!”

Tsuyu looked at her best friend, very deadpanned, “Or he could just going along with what you are saying.” Then Tsuyu looked at the Uber driver’s reddening face. “Wait, are you actually the person who saved her life? If you are, then thank you. I.. I wouldn’t have one of my best friends without you.”

“Oh.. uh. No need to thank me! I’m sure the exam robots wouldn’t have let her get hurt anyways. Plus, I didn’t do much.”

“You were the only one who moved to her while she was in danger. That takes a lot of guts. I’m very thankful for what you did, kero,” Tsuyu smiled kindly at Midoriya through the mirror.

“Thanks. That means a lot more than you know.” Midoriya said, rather surprised at himself for saying that. He was thankful that they believed in him, but he didn’t know what to think right now. If he was so good, then why wasn’t he let into the hero course then. ‘Quirkless,’ he reminded himself bitterly.

He sighed heavily to himself while the brunette giggled to her friend. “I told you so! It’s awesome broccoli heroboy!”

Izuku rolled his eyes before saying, “I’m nothing compared to you Uraraka-San. Your work as rescue hero really helps more than I could ever do. And your kickbitt skills in martial arts really boosts your fighting ability. And, Froppy, you are so great when you dealer with that Tsunami villain. You two are great heroes.”

Uraraka seemed to sober up happily at the complimentary words as Tsuyu blushed slightly under the praise.

“Thank you, kero,” Tsuyu ribbited.

The rest of their drive was filled with chatter of Izuku commenting on their great strategies dealing with villains and even his own advice towards their quirk usage.

Safe to say, Izuku left with a tip and the girls were left at their destination. Later when they were both in pajamas, they looked at each other.

Uraraka commented, “He is a good hero, isn’t her?”

“Yeah. He would be a great hero, kero.” Tsuyu replied before going to sleep.


The next day at work…

Shoto was sitting at his desk in his office working on paperwork for on elf the buildings destroyed in the last villain attack. He was working on raising money for the families that were left temporarily homeless until they could rebuild.

Just then, Uravity walked in with Froppy on her tail. Shoto softened his eyes in reaction of seeing his friends instead of the many unprofessional people he had to deal with recently in the office.

“Hello. Good afternoon. What brings you two here?”

“We just wanted to stop by and say hello while we drop off some forms from the recent attack at Kyoto.” Uraraka said before plopping down on the chair across from his desk.

“Oh, thank you,” Shoto responded gently, going through the forms from Uraraka.

Tsuyu shook her head, remembering the time a few days ago. She sat down right next to her tired friend. “She worked so hard trying out everything together last Saturday. Poor thing drank so much that night, kero.”

“But! I met the guy who saved me at the entrance exam back in our UA days! So not a total bust if a day! Plus, he was so nice!” Uraraka commented loudly.

Tsuyu nodded kindly, “Yeah. He sure was a hero for saving you.”

“I know. I just wished he would have become a hero with us.” Uraraka mumbled as she put her head in her hands

“Who is the guy you are talking about?” Shoto asked offhandedly, running through his papers decisively.

“Oh! Our driver name was, I think, Midoriya.” Tsuyu retorted with her finger in her chin.

Shoto froze with a paper in his hand. He set it down carefully before slowly turned to her with his eyes widened, “His name is Midoriya?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Do you think he has the ability to become a hero?”

“He saved me when no one else even considered giving me a second glance! Of course!” Uraraka answered confidently.

Tsuyu looked from her friend to Shoto and replied, “He saved my best friend, kero. That is reason enough to at least be called one.”

“Hmm. I see. Come with me.” Shoto said with an unnerving grin, leading the ladies out his office door.


“Wait a minute.” Tsuyu stated putting her fingers to her temple.

“What the fuck aren’t you getting?” Bakugo questioned.

Tsuyu waited a moment before asking, “So, you want Midoriya to become a hero?”

“Yes?!” Bakugo agreed loudly

“Then why the hell are you doing it that way?!” Uraraka argued back, “Look at it from his side. You childhood friend turned bully who became a hero even though you couldn’t shows up and starts bothering you at you work to become a hero.”

Shoto threw his hands up exaggeratedly, “That’s what I told him.”

“Shut. Up. Peppermint wannabe,” Bakugo angrily mumbled towards Shoto.

“What are you four doing? Why are you all focused on a civilian when you should be focusing on work?” Iida asked, furrowing his brows in concern if his friends falling behind in their work.

Shoto started off calmly, “Look we have a good reason.”

Iida raised his brow, “And that reason is?”

“Midoriya.” The four replied simultaneously.

“Why?” Iida questioned.

“Because he is the one who saved me at entrance exam!” Uraraka yelled out to Iida.

Shoto replied deadpanned to his serious mom friend. “He basically ignited the eternal flames in my left side.”

“Fucking candy cane, I swear to fuc-,” Bakugo started complaining before getting interrupted.

“He is very good with analysis about what we could do better about our jobs from what we heard in our short car drive. He has the brain and, from what I caught a glimpse of, brawn to become a ero.

“I can’t believe—! Ugh, you know what? Let me see what is so special that you four have been neglecting your paperwork.”

Shoto gave him directions to Izuku’s job. Iida sighed and went on his way, but the four followed him.

They watched Iida walked into the small store before the door closed shut behind him. Blocking most of their sight.


Izuku greeted the dark navy haired fellow walking in, “Welcome!”

“Uh, hello there.” Iida responded at the bright green haired young adult behind the counter.

“What can I get for you?”

“Um, nothing really. I’m just looking..”

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything, I’ll be here. In the same spot that I have been in for hours.”

“Alright,” Iida replied before taking in a deep breath. He had to question him to see what his friends saw in this stranger. Was this really the one that saved Uraraka that day? The one who he silently respected for doing what he hadn’t even thought of?

“Um, I actually am looking for something.” Iida started.

“Okay?” Izuku responded with a brow raised.

“What do you think about the original Ingenium?” Iida questioned the boy behind the counter.

Izuku eyes widened at the sudden question before gathering himself. “Well, I think he is a great hero. Ever since I was little I respected him. After the whole stain incident, which was kind of bullshit by the way, I gained even more respect for him. Even if he retired early, he did so many good things! He went to hospitals to see sick children. He helped fund several disabilities foundations and even started his own charity to help people with disabilities. I think he is a very respectable hero.”

Iida stood in silence before nodding slowly. “Thank you.” He then briskly ran out the door. Izuku started after him.

“That was a little weird,” Izuku stated offhandedly.


“So…?” Bakugo asked to the red faced Iida

“I get it now.” Iida said in response.

Chapter Text

While Izuku wasn’t having fun with Bakugo, four friends were waiting to have fun with him. They all were seated on the long couch in Kirishima’s apartment, wondering where their friend was. It was morning movie time! Where was he? He usually comes and says that he ‘has never better to do,’ but they haven’t seen him in a while.

“Where is ol’ Baka-go nowadays?” Kaminari asked, taking a handful of popcorn from the table in front of the couch. He liked that it was leather, it was cool to the touch.

“I don’t really know,” Sero started off while trying to focus on the screen playing a cartoon show made for kids, “Last thing I head from him was about how he was going to see as old friend and change their mind about something.”

“Bor-ing!” Mina exclaimed, her expression looked very untrusting of the method said, “How is he going to do that?”

“Why do you say that?” Kirishima asked his friend, still trying to choose tonight’s action movie between the two dvds in his hands. His spiky red hair pulled back into a bandana.

Mina rolled her eyes, trying to jog the memory of her friends in how exactly Bakugo acts, “Oh please. Are you going to tell me that Bakugo can actually hold up a conversation on his end just enough to convince someone in a non-threatening way?”

The other three stared at each other before realizing with a nod. Sero spoke up with a sigh, “You’re right. He has no clue.”

“Yeah, we should probably go find him and help him.” Kirishima offered

“..I was thinking more of embarrassing him, but that works too.” Kaminari said while trying to take the large popcorn bowl with him.


“I can’t believe you took the popcorn bowl!” Mina whisper yelled to Kaminari while they all sneakily walked over to where Bakugo would be.

“I was hungry!” Kaminari responded between licking his fingers from the buttery goodness.

The bakusquad squat behind some bushes a good distance away from the store that Bakugo’s old friend apparently worked at.

“So, what’s the plan?” Sero asked, hiding behind a tree to spy on the shop.

“I have no idea.” Kaminari added, trying to eat popcorn quietly.

“I think we should just wait for Bakugo to show up and see how well he does with his smooth talking.” Mina said, bending down to hide her horns behind the bush.

“Yeah, maybe he isn’t as bad as we thought. Maybe he doesn’t need help,” Kirishima commented, earning doubtful looks from his other three friends.

They watched the coffee shop as their friend approached an irritated looking green haired man that doesn’t look to be in the mood for whatever the blonde had planned.

“Ooh, this is going to be bad. I can already tell.” Mina whispered, getting ready to watch some shit go down.

Bakugo started to say something, but they could only catch words like ‘hero’ and ‘you’. Whatever he was saying was really getting on the barista’s nerves.

“I think I know him from somewhere.” Kaminari whispered amongst the multiple popped kernels in his mouth.

“Me too. But I don’t know where.” Kirishima mumbled to himself.

The green haired guy berated Bakugo in an angry voice before stomping off with a middle finger aimed at their friend. Bakugo stood there before grunting and turning around back down the street.

“God, he fucking needs help.” Mina groaned out.

“Yeah…” Seri agreed, scratching at his cheek.

“Wait, is that Shoto?” Kaminari asked, pointing out Bakugo walking away.

The others looked down to see Shoto appear from an alleyway in sunglasses.

“What the sh-?! Is he ditching us?!” Kirishima asked very loudly.

They watched as Bakugo started talking, gesturing widely with his hands in the direction the other guy went. Iida, Uraraka, and Tsuyu appeared from the alleyway as well.

“Is he replacing us?” Sero asked, tilted his head.

“To hell with this.” Kirishima stated, standing up from his kneeled position.

“What are you doing?!” Kaminari asked, almost choking on the last of the kernels.

“I’m going up to them! What does it look like?!” Kirishima called back to them as he walked straight to his best friend.

The other three started following Kirishima as he made his way fast towards their former classmates.

“So, What our next course of action?” Iida questioned to his friends.

“Hey, Bakubro! What the fuck?!” Kirishima greeted happily despite the anger hiding behind his voice.

“Huh?” Bakugo asked confused.

“You have been missing movie morning! What’s up with you? You never hang out anymore.” Kirishima asked as the other catches up to him.

Bakugo’s eyes widened, “Oh, hell. I forgot.”

“Nice going, Bakugo.” Shoto stated, lowering his sunglasses to show his judgemental eyes.

“Kirishima, you have no need to worry.” Iida tried to help out.

“Yeah, we are just trying to get Izuku to become a hero since he had always wanted to become one, but then stuff happened and..” Uraraka started, arms gesturing wildly in the air.

“We are just trying to get him to see the hero inside him.” Tsuyu declared to the four.

“What if he doesn’t want to be a hero? Are you guys just going to annoy him until he does.” Mina asked.

“No. We won’t.” Shoto said simply.

Bakugo shakes his head, “Look, that nerd has always wanted to be a hero. But things kept happening..”

Shoto looked at him, “Which included you.”

“Shut up you Canadaian Flag. Yes, I was one of the main things that brought down his dream, and I feel bad for it, so I, trying to make things right. And, you know, persuade him that it's not too late.” Bakugo explained, uncharacteristically very honestly.

“One, that’s pretty manly of you,” Kirishima started, “Two, what happens if he is happy the way he is right now.”

“Trust me, I was near him until middle school graduation. I may not have been the best most of those years, but I know what he is hiding. He still wants to be one, he justs doesn’t think he can be one.” Bakugo expressed.

“Which is pretty shit, since he saved me, but..” Uraraka vocalized.

Kaminari inquired, “Wait, that’s the guy you interrupted, right class president?”

“Yes. I feel bad for putting him on the spot like that…” Iida responded, perking up his glasses up his nose.

“Oh, that’s where I know him. He was in the entrance exam! Wait, doesn’t that mean that he didn’t get in?” Kaminari asked.

“No he got in, but they made him go to General Education, kero.” Tsuyu declared.

“Wait, he’s the guy who was supposed to be our classmate?” Kaminari questioned.

“Yeah.” Uraraka nodded.

“... Do you need some more help for your cause?” Sero questioned, stepping forward.

“Please.” Shoto pleaded.


Izuku sighed, running his hands down his face. He was so tired of this shit, he can’t wait until he can get a full time job so he can stop dealing with Karen and Linda copies each and every day. He collapsed on a nearby metal bench in the middle of the park before he went home. He watched the sun, beaming down its ray for a beautiful afternoon. Oh right, he had to go back to his cashier store job soon...

“Had a rough day?” A deep voice said from the left of him. He turned to see a familiar face sitting next to him on the bench.

Izuku chuckled, “You won’t believe how much shit the day has been.”

The man in response softly chuckled in response to him. “I have been through my own hellish days, I understand where you come from.”

Izuku raised his brow, remembering that voice from somewhere, “Hey, don’t I know you?”

“You saved my cat a while back. My name is Aizawa Shouta. It’s nice to see you again, kid.”

“Nice to see you too. My name is Midoriya Izuku. How is your cat?”

They caught up with each other. Izuku accidentally slipped up wit( talking about his old friend trying to convince him to become a hero.

“Why are you so upset at him wanting you to be a hero?” Aizawa inquired.

Izuku breathed out, “It’s complicated. I.. I tried once.”

“What happened?” Aizawa requested.

Izuku paused, “Do you actually want to hear it?

“Lay it on me. I have nothing to do.” Aizawa shrugged.

“I… actually met my hero on the worst day of my life. I was told to jump off the roof for a chance to get a quirk in the next life by a childhood friend that I didn’t realize that was a bully until it was too late. Before that he had set my notebook, which was basically my dream of being a hero, on fire then threw it out the window. After he went with his little groupies, I took a shortcut home with my damaged notebook in my hands. I got jumped on by a sludge villain who tried to force their way inside my body, not letting me breathe. At that point, I legitimately thought I was just going to die. And guess who saved me? All Might. Can you believe it?” Izuku ranted.

Aizawa sat silent as Izuku took a deep breath before continuing his story.

“When I woke up, he had already signed my notebook but before he left I wanted to take a last chance at my dream. I asked him if it was even possible for someone like me to become a hero. He didn’t talk for a while, staring down at me with the same expression everyone has given me when I tell them I want to be a hero. He said no. Isn’t it disappointing that I was actually hoping he would say something else? Like I was waiting for him to actually encourage home to follow my dreams? He suggested that I become someone like a police officer or firefighter before taking off into the sky with the villain in his pocket.”

Izuku laughed bitterly at himself under the watch of the scraggly black haired man, “But I still tried even though everyone seemed to be against me. I tried to prove them wrong by going to UA. But I was forced to be in General Education even if I had enough points to make it into the hero course. After that, the shards of my dream was discarded to the very back of my mind. I didn’t want to be reminded of my failed attempt by going to that school, so I picked a cheap school that was in the area. Now I’m living with multiple jobs, a degree in journalism, and sarcasm.”

“Is that your new dream?” Aizawa questioned him, noticing the look in Izuku’s eyes.

“...It’s the closest I can get to comfortably living with myself.” Izuku vocalized.

“Will you be happy?” Aizawa asked, looking him right in the eyes.

Izuku smiled weakly, “...Maybe one day I will…”

Aizawa sighed, “Would you believe me if I told you something?”

“Yeah. You seem like an honest person. Plus you listened to my story.” Izuku smiled warmly.

“I am a homeroom teacher for UA. I taught Class 1-A, the hero class. I was there when I saw you compete, I saw great potential in you, and I still do. No matter of you made it in or not I still think that you have a great potential to become a hero.” Aizawa stated.

“Thank you. You probably have no idea how much that actually means to me, especially from you. Eraserhead.” Izuku smirked at the surprised look on Aizawa.

“What?” Aizawa asked, very surprised.

“I guessed from the moment I saw you again. If it means anything to you, you are one of my ultimate favorites and to know that you believe in me, even back then… Thank you so much.” Izuku replied, his voice getting shaky from the small tears escaping from his eyes.

There was a silent moment between the two as Izuku cried softly, wiping away his tears as they came down. Eraserhead extended his hand to ease the young man from his sadness, rubbing his back as he calmed down.

“So, what EXACTLY did All Might say to you?”Aizawa asked, rubbing his hand on Izuku’s back. Izuku laughed before telling the underground hero what exactly went down.


“Why is Eraserhead late for class?” All Might asks Present Mic. Present Mic looks from his phone back to Toshinori and started to laugh happily.

“You finna die, bitch.” Present Mic replied to an utterly confused Toshinori before everyone in the faculty room heard the thud of the door banging open. The force of the hit caused one of the hinges to break, making a really bad sound.

“Toshinori. Yagi.” Eraserhead started breathing heavily, staring right into the soul of the former pro hero.

“Oh shit,” Toshinori said before starting to break into a sprint. Present Mic bent over in laughter as Shouta started to chase after the blonde haired skeleton.

“You will be missed. Rest In Peace.” Hizashi said, looking back at the angry text that Shouta sent him. ‘It’s nice that he met that boy again. He always saw potential in that kid when no one else would.’

Yagi screamed, tripping over his feet as he ran away from the dangerous lookingunderground pro hero, “OH FUCK!”

“GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BLONDE JACK SKELLINGTON WANNABE BITCH!!” Eraserhead screeched as he jumped on the blonde man in the middle of sprinting.

Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t know why Bakugo even bothered at this point. He can admit that he has been getting less horrible at his ‘convincing’ by actually listening to him, but it won’t stop him from making a decision with pout his ‘help’.

He sighed, tired after counting all the money in the cash register in the little grocery store. It was so slow! Nobody showed up for the last hour. The little old lady who runs the shop gave him the go ahead to close up early whenever he wants to since there seemed to be no business for tonight. He will eternally be grateful that such a sweet old lady exists. She is nothing like the old ladies that want to speak to his manager about how he was too slow in making their extremely complex coffee. She just wanted to show off her grandchildren with the pictures she has everywhere in her little office. She was so nice.

But to worsen his mood, he heard someone knock on the door outside. He furrowed his brow before looking up to find a familiar face waiting behind the door. Well, not so familiar with bruises all over his skin.

“....All Might?” Izuku whispered to himself, doubting that the frail man covered in bruises was actually the man who destroyed his dreams all those years ago.

The tall man waved at him awkwardly through the glass. His blonde hair seemed to be very tangled at the ends. His eyes looked very tired, well one of them at least, they other was starting to grow a black eye around it. His arm seemed to also be in a string built cast.

Izuku was too tired to deal with this, but he has to go away for him to close. So he approached the dream crusher behind the glass. “Hey. Store’s closed, Small Might.”

“Yes, well.. I just—,” All Might started to say.

“What happened to your face?” Izuku said abruptly.

All Might blushed in embarrassment, “I got a lesson taught to me recently by a coworker.”

‘Why thank you, Eraserhead. This is a sight to see. He did have to go so hard though,’ He thought to himself, crossing his arms as he looked up at the taller man.

“What are you doing here?” Izuku questions.

All Might took a deep breath in, “I’ve come here to do something I should have done a long time ago. I’m sorry.”

Izuku wrinkled his nose, “I don’t need your pity.”

The older hero shook his head, “It’s not pity! Ever since I said that to you, I’ve been regretting what I said and how I put it.”

Izuku stayed silent, waiting to see how this little talk will go.

“The choice to say that to you was the worst decision I have ever made. As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Seeing the hope fade in a young boy’s eyes is not an easy sight. But then I saw you at the entrance exams. You did so well. I was hoping for you to follow your dreams there. But then, the others didn’t want you to follow that hope and put you in general education. I didn’t even know what to say at that point. But believe me that the thought of not giving you a chance plagued me throughout the years. I sincerely think that if you tried your very best you could be a hero to anyone. I apologize for what I said to you, I hope you can forgive me.”

Izuku looked up at the sad blue eyes of his old idol, “Okay. I accept your apology. Now get back home and fix up your face, it looks bad.”

“Thank you, young Midoriya. Have a good day.” All Might said, walking away with a slight limp.

Izuku didn’t even know if he was being serious, but it was nice that he actually came to apologize. Izuku hesitantly smiled as he went back to his small apartment with some help from Betsy


Izuku actually got to close up shop early the next night since there was no one to bother him. He really wondered about what All Might had said the other day. He kept thinking, ‘ Does he really mean it or was it the beating that made him say it? Did he actually feel bad? Did he really agree on me being a hero now?’ Izuku was so confused about his feelings, conflicting thoughts filled his head ever since…

“Hey!” A familiar voice that plagued his day shouted out to him.

Bakugo showed up.

“What is it now?” Izuku asked, already dreading what he knew the other was going to say.

“Look, I’m just saying, that I have been doing some research.”

“Why can’t you stop already?”

“Technically, there is a way for people who work hard to become a hero even though they didn’t have the same training as others.”

‘The same training that I could have been a part of if I had a quirk in the first place, ‘Izuku thought bitterly about himself, causing more insecure thoughts to flood in.

Bakugo didn’t sense any of the angry vibes Izuku was pulsating. He continued, “So, I’ve been thinking.”

“That is very dangerous.” Izuku commented dryly.

“Look, I’m trying to help! What is your problem?”

Izuku clenched his teeth, fists shaking out of hatred. He didn’t want to be reminded of his hopeless past dream. Why can’t everyone just move on? Why can’t he just move on?

“I’m trying to help you be a hero—,”

“SHUT. UP. BLONDIE. I. DON’T. CARE!” Izuku finally yelled at the persisting Bakugo.

At a safe distance away, Shoto dropped his jaw in shock at seeing Izuku yell even louder than Bakugo, “Oh. My. God.” He stayed behind the wall in the alleyway with the rest of the Deku-Needs-to-be-a-Hero squad. He didn’t know what to think of the sudden turn around.

Iida leaned back with a hand to his chest in an appalled form. Uraraka really wanted to start laughing at Bakugo’s surprised face, but Tsuyu’s hand was blocking her mouth from emitting a sound. Kirishima was desperately trying to quiet Mina and Kaminari from laughing at their friend’s dumbfounded face.

And Bakugo, for once in his life, shut his mouth.

‘Smart choice,’ Shoto thought, watching as the irritated Izuku approached him silently. Bakugo didn’t know what to do when he watched his childhood friend walk towards him angrily.

But what he wasn’t expecting a slap to the face.

Sero commented, “Oh, Damn.”

“I don’t have time for this! ANY OF THIS! I don’t want to hear anything more from you!” Izuku started off, taking heavy breaths in between his words, “What gives you the fucking right to say anything to me in the first place regarding the whole ‘hero’ thing? Why are you trying to reconcile this after so many years, huh?!”

“YOU were the one that told me to give it up as soon as I told you that I was quirkless. YOU were the one who bullied me into an insecure little doormat all my life. YOU were…!” Izuku paused, looking up blankly. His hate-filled voice replaced with sadness, “I used to look up to you. That’s all I did. You treated me worse than the gum at the bottom of your shoe. Just leave me alone.”

“Izuku—,” Bakugo tried to say.

“Leave. Me. Alone.” Izuku stated to him coldly, eyes burning straight hatred into his soul. Bakugo relented, walking away from Izuku.


“So, Baka-go.” Shoto states, teasingly as the explosive pro hero walks up to the alleyway. “Mind tell us what that was about?”

Bakugo pauses to answer before shaking his head and continuing past him. “I am trying to right my wrongs and correct my mistakes from the past. But he won’t let me.”

“Maybe we have to go about this a different way.” Iida suggested, trying to rather the group together into a healthy discussion.

Mina nodded happily, “Yeah, next time, after Izuku cools down. Let us all approach him more lightly then what Bakugo has been doing.”

“Yeah, we need to introduce more ways to him than just pushing the hero thing in his face.” Tsuyu retorted, “No offense.”

Bakugo grimaced, “Some taken, but you’re right.”

Uraraka paused before looking at her old classmate, “Have you ever apologized for what you did wrong in the past to him?”

“I,” Bakugo started but blanked out. Did he apologize? “I don’t know.”

The others looked at each other before looking to him. Kirishima stepped forward to give his best bro the best advice he could give, “You need to apologize more than anything else. First thing you need to do instead of what you have been doing up until now.”

Bakugo looked up into his friend’s eyes and nodded. He agreed he had to say sorry for what he has actually done first before he lost him.

Hopefully he hasn’t lost the chance yet.