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Graduation party

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Last day in the walls of UA. Spacious hall with a stage for live music, tables with snacks along the walls. Non-alcoholic drinks case graduates are only 18. Bright lights are reflected in the glasses and eyes of yesterday's schoolchildren.

A couple of cars stop at the entrance. Bakugou’s parents are in the first, Kirishima’s parents and the guys themselves are in the second. Masaru is embraced by Mitsuki, mothers of the Red Riot look at each other, Eijirou straightens Katsuki's tie. The blond dressed up in a black suit, a scarlet shirt and a black tie, a red-haired has a scarlet suit, a black shirt and a scarlet tie. All of them go to the hall.

Uraraka immediately notices Eijirou. “You look gorgeous, Kirishima-kun! Really Red Riot!” The girl throws up her fist in approval.

The red-haired laughs, Kaminari and Sero come to them, someone else too. Jokes, plans and memories fill the air. Someone tells which table has the most delicious meat. Sounds of music. Kirishima feels strong palm at the waist.

“Let's dance,” Bakugou’s voice sounds near his ear.

Kirishima turns to him and the blond leads him closer to the stage in the dance zone. They stop right in front of their company.

“Are you sure?” asks Kirishima, putting his hand on the Bakugou ‘s waist. “You said yourself, it is better for heroes to hide their relationship.”

“Fuck it. I’m tired of hiding.” Katsuki draws him closer and intertwines theirs fingers.

They slowly move to the music and Uraraka cannot open her eyes even wider. Bakugou peaks Kirishima’s cheek and Midoriya drops the glass. Kirishima turns and kisses Bakugou on the lips and Iida turns red to the very hair. The kiss is getting wetter and deeper, and Kyoka covers the red face with her hands. Kaminari would like to do the same, but he cannot move. He did not think that his friends have such strong feelings for each other. Yaoyorozu coughs politely and takes Todoroki’s hand. He shudders, looking questioningly at her. Yaomo just smiles back. They join the only couple on the dance floor. Slightly reddened Sero holds back angry Mina by the shoulders.

“He should have told me!!! Should! At least me!!! Ahhh!!! No forgiveness!!!”

She funny puffs her cheeks and squeezes little fists. Sero draws her to him and with a firm smile asks:

“Maybe we?”

Mina is still sulking.

“Just dance.”

“Just dance,” Sero agrees, and takes her hand.

Two in red and black do not notice people around. They do not see swirling couples, do not hear embarrassed whispers, do not respond to a wink from Mitsuki and Mic. Cheek to cheek, hand in hand, breathing in unison, as well as the heartbeat. Eyes closed. There are only two of them in this world and they need nothing more.