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I have two hands, wich means two Boyfriends!

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Today’s the big day! Winning or losing, having Toi and Enta by my side is what matters the most! We’ve been through a lot to get where we are right now… I’ll definitely do my best and make everyone proud! This is our story…

5 months earlier.

—I’m so excited! It’s my first day of school! I hope to achieve everything that I propose.” Wow, there sure a lot of people around. I hope not to get lost. Hmm… where should I go?

 Let’s see… Damm I’m gonna be late! There it is!

Kazuki walked to his classroom, a large room, full of students who wore their uniforms, in front of the room was Jinnai Otone who apparently would be his teacher.

—Please take your seats —The teacher said, stoic in front of her students.

I barely made it in time.

—Hello class, my name is Otone Jinnai, and I will be your homeroom teacher from now on, before we begin, let’s welcome our new transfer student. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?

Otone was looking at me as if she is waiting for me to do something.

Aww… Fuck, I didn´t think I would get this much attention on the first day of class. Well, here goes… 

Hello everyone! My name is Kazuki Yasaka. I am a transfer student. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!

Kazuki looked very nervous, despite that he was a boy who always seemed cheerful, had a huge smile on his face as he made his shy presentation.

—What made you want to go to this school, Mr. Yasaka?

Now the teacher seemed to cheer me up with her gaze.

—One of the reasons I moved is because I heard that this Academy is a really awesome school for athletes. And I love playing football, I did it in my previous school and I plan to do it here. For years I've been the team's top scorer. But my transfer is mainly because my family moved nearby here. I have a little brother in a wheelchair, and he needs a better medical treatment, something that can only be achieved here in Tokyo. But those are family concerns, I just hope that I’ll make a lot of new friends!

—I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here at Asakusa Academy! Well then, let’s begin with today’s lesson. —Otone nodded

That ended better than expected, I didn’t say anything stupid.


It seems I expected too much from my first day of class. It was rather boring, and time flew before I could notice. I haven’t even made any friends. Everyone was so serious with their studies. I hope I can keep up with the somehow… I wonder what should I do now? Hmm? What’s that poster?

Kazuki noticed a large poster stuck in one of the corridors, there he said: “Is you school life boring?”

I guess, yeah but it´s still the first day… Kazuki continued reading.

“Don’t you have any friends” Uhh… yes? Did someone write this for me or what?

“Worry no more! Our soccer club has got it all for you! We’ll be best buddies! This year we need the best of the best to win the national tournament! Come and join us.” 

Soccer?? Wow! This poster described my first day here perfectly. Also besides, the national school tournament is Japan's biggest competition at the school level. I wanna check this out right now!

Kazuki quickly went to the training grounds of his new school, to see if he could find someone from the club.

—Amazing!! Asakusa Academy’s soccer field is so much bigger than my previous school’s! 

The players are working so hard! I feel I won´t be able to match their skills… I’m not confident they’ll take me in… Wait… what’s that…?

A ball was coming quickly going straight to Kazuki's face. Yasaka, terrified, knew that he would not be able to react and would receive the full impact. But suddenly a boy pushed him aside with a nimble shove, just in time to keep Kazuki from getting hit in the face.

—That was close! —Said a brown-haired boy wearing glasses.

—Wait whaaat…

—Are you hurt?

—N-no, I’m ok. Thank you.

One more second and the ball would have hit me.

—What are you doing here? Only soccer club members are allowed inside the field.

—Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that

—Ah! Ahh! No, it’s no big deal. Did the principal send you here? Oh… I hope Toi didn’t cause any trouble again.

—I-I was… j-just watching.

—Oh, a supporter, I see! What’s your name?

—I’m Kazuki Yasaka… a transfer student from class A, and I… I’m here about the poster.


—Your club advertisement? I… was wondering where I can sign up to join the soccer club.

—Oh! THAT poster! That’s great! We really need new members to join us. The soccer club hasn’t been growing lately…

—Ehh? Really? But it looks like the soccer team is really lively.

—Oh hahaha! Well... how should I put this… Some of them are from other school. They´re just using the school’s soccer field for practice. Since our school’s soccer field is quite wide.

—Oh… I see.

—Yeah, it's quite sad, our enemies are playing in our own backyard. Oh, how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Enta Jinnai, I’m the captain of the soccer club. Nice to meet you Kazuki, now that you mentioned class A, I think my sister should be your teacher hahaha. —Enta offers his hand.

He seems to be a nice guy. 

Kazuki shakes Enta´s hand. —It’s nice to meet you too, Captain Jinnai!

—Anyway, let me introduce you to your teammates!

—What!? Already?? M-my teammates??

—You’re officially a member of the club now!

—So fast!!

Enta drags Kazuki while holding his hand.

—C-captain, shouldn’t we handle my club application first?

—You can leave that to me! Toiiiiiiiii! We have a new recruit!

Toi was at the edge of the field, on his knees with a lot of junk food on top of him, despite his defined body. It looked like he did not care much about what happened around him.

—Hmm? —The boy still on the floor replied bewildered.

Is this boy really a member of the club? Wow he really eats a lot.

—Ohhh! Who is this Captain?

—This is Kazuki, he’s a transfer student from class A!

That seems to have surprised Toi who was wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

—Oh, class A? He’s from the same class as me?

—I was expecting you guys to have already met since you’re classmates.

—R-really!? I’m sorry but I don’t think he was present while…

—Shh! Shh! Don’t tell Jinnai I skippe… —Toi tried to interrupt me.

Enta hits Toi on the head.

—What? You skipped class again?? When will you change that awful habit of yours, Kuji?

—Hey! That hurt, you didn’t have to hit me that hard Enta.

—So… Kazuki, this is Toi Kuji he is our current best forward but beware he can be an airhead and a pervert sometimes... anyway, you can learn a lot from him.

—You just heard it from the captain himself, I'm the best here

—Wait! What do you mean pervert!? He said pervert?

—I am not a pervert! If there’s anyone who is perverted in our team. It would be our stupid Coach Reo Niiboshi.

—Now, now, don’t throw names to our new player. He might have second thought of joining our club. —Enta sight.

—He won’t! He looks like the loyal-type kind of member!

Toi grabs Kazuki’s hand and shakes it

—Hello there! Nice to meet you, Kazu!

—I-it’s Kazuki… Nice to meet you too Toi. And don’t worry, I love playing football! I’m sure I’ll stay!

—I guess you’re right Toi, he does seem loyal.

—Hahaha! When was I wrong to begin with? Anyway, welcome to the club Kazu, I’ll be your best buddy! — He said still shaking Kazuki’s hand.

—You guys are going to get along so great. Since you are now an official member Kazuki, here’s a brief information about the club. You are the first one to join the club this school year.

—I joined last year! —Toi said.

—Yep, but every year we lose a member or two which is really sad as well. I hope that more guys like you will join us this year, as we will play the national tournament and we need the most talented players. Our club hasn’t won the national tournament before.

—But you guys are already very good players. I was observing a while ago…

—Yeah, some of us are already skilled, but in the end, it’s all about teamwork, besides, only the best teams participate in the nationals! —Toi seemed excited

—I know this club is a bit underrated, but I’ll do my best as the captain to make this club to win it all! So, I hope you can get along with everyone and enjoy playing together! My sister told me that there was a new top scorer in school, I guess she was referring to you Kazuki

—Y-yes, I'll do my best with Toi up front, so we can beat any opponent!

Toi's face had reddened upon hearing this last

—That’s good! Haha! Welcome to the team Kazu!

—Thank you guys!

—You can start your regular training session next week since you are a fresh transferee, and I still need to formalize your application to the Coach!

—Yes, Captain! I’ll do my best! Thank you for taking care of my application.

Just when I thought that the first day wasn’t going to end well, I was wrong! I made two very admirable and quite contrasting friends, one is very carefree and energetic person while the other seems to be kind and responsible. Not to mention, that both are really handsome too. I got along really well with them past days, they made me feel welcome… and… and… Well, it’s a new feeling that I am not used to.

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A week has passed since I have been introduced in the club. As Enta said, my first practice will start in about a week, and today is that day! I can’t wait for my first practice.

Kazuki was located in a long corridor outside the classrooms, there were a lot of windows that kept the entire corridor lit with sunlight. Hundreds of students socialized around him, he could hear a lot of voices at once, his new school was really huge compared to the previous one.

—Fuwahh! I can’t wait to start my training session after today’s class, everyone in the soccer club seem so nice, Enta is such a good person and Toi is so fun”

Someone pinches Kazuki’s cheek

—Hey, who are you calling funny?”

Toi was next to Kazuki, his image appeared as a flash, while Kazuki glimpsed the brightness of his blue eyes illuminated by the sunlight. His face was so clear his freckles on his nose was a detail that were driving Kazuki crazy. He could tell the exact number of freckles he had on his face, as part of his school routine was to look like an idiot at Kuji in class. (To the few that Toi attended) Kuji looked very different from the rest of the students, he was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt that when put on it made the fringe of his hair covering part of his face. He wore the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and wore boots instead of the typical school shoe.

—T… Toi —Kazuki was completely lost in his thoughts.

—What are you daydreaming so early in the morning, Kazu?

—Kazu?... Oh, I got it, it’s Kazuki, by the way… nevermind. I’m about to go to class. How about you, Toi.

—Class is boring!

—Don´t tell me you’re going to skip class again?

—Well… since you’re here I guess it won’t hurt to attend at least this once. Isn’t it awesome that my teammate and best friend is my classmate too?! —Toi said with a cheerful smile.

Toi just called me his best friend? Kazuki's cheeks reddened instantly, Toi's sayings had accelerated his throbbing. “B-Best friend?” Kazuki was still lost in Toi's face.

—Let’s go, you don’t want to be late right, Kazu?

In the classroom, there were already some students in their seats. Ms. Jinnai was very close to the entrance door as usual, welcoming her students.

—Well, well, well, look who decided to show up after being gone for a week.

Otone scolded Toi with a worried tone of voice.

—Hahaha! It can’t be helped lady, I was sick! —Toi answered, taking his arms to the back of his neck.

—L-lady?! That’s rude —Otone seemed shocked.

—But Toi you were… —Toi interrupted Kazuki before he could say another word.


—What are you planning Mr. Kuji? You must plot something if you decided to come to class today... —The teacher sighed.

—Haha! It’s because Kazu is my classmate —Toi's eyes filled with joy.

—Kazu? Who is Kazu?

—He meant Kazuki, Ms. Jinnai” Will you call me someday by my name? Yes, it's true, Kazu sounded so cute, maybe he did it to show his love. No, no, no. What am I thinking?

—Kazu is one of our teammates in the soccer club! I have to accompany him since he’s new, also, Kazu is my best friend!”


I was embarrassed a bit, Toi was showing too much enthusiasm to have met us so recently, and there were already a lot of students in the room, listening to the discussion between Toi and the teacher.

—It’s nice to see that Mr. Yasaka has been a good influence to you, Mr. Kuji. Kazuki, please make sure he attends class daily okay? Also, it´s good that you made some friends as well, I almost never see you get along with anyone here.

—It’s… none of your business… —Toi sentenced, clenching his teeth.

The teacher sighed. —He never changes… Well, take your seats, we’ll start with the lesson.

I didn’t know what Ms. Jinnai meant about Toi not having any friends, maybe others don’t know how to exactly deal with him. Good things, it seems that I’m getting along with Toi just fine and I’m really glad about that. Something inside me was screaming for me to be near Toi.

“… That concludes our lesson for today, class dismissed. Kuji, go to class from now on okay?

The teacher really felt appreciation and concern for each of her students.

Toi and Kazuki began to store their things in the backpacks to leave the room.

—I TOLD YOU CLASS IS BORING! How can you pay attention for so many hours Kazu?

—B-but you slept it all away, also I can’t believe you have been absent for almost 1 week. How come Ms. Jinnai just let you off like that?

—It’s because I’m awesome like that, haha!

—Toi I’m very serious! Please don’t neglect your studies. 

I really do not want to lose you, what would happen if you were expelled and we never saw each other again, besides I really need to see you every day, it's something that relieves a little of my student stress. You could also be expelled from the soccer club if you keep your compartment, I would lose a great partner ... my best friend, who would tell me? "Hey Kazu, how are you?" in the mornings with that flirtatious smile that makes my cheeks flush, oh, and your eyes, what would I do if I did not see that bluish glow again ... Wait, wait, what am I saying? I have not said anything, right? they are just my thoughts, I think, I hope I have not said any of these nonsenses aloud ... shit Toi, why do I behave like this right now?

—Ehh Kazu, are you okay? are you there? —Toi tried to discover why his friend looked so distracted— I wouldn’t worry about my studies. There’s really no sense into it!

It seems I have not screwed up, not yet... “Errr… but…”

—No more questions! Let’s attend today’s soccer practice!

Toi grabbed Kazuki by his arm and dragged him out of the room to the place where daily practice was done. The two saw Enta walking towards the field as well.

—Hey, Enta! —Toi yelled.

—Ohh, hello there, how was class? I assumed that Toi finally went to class since both of you came together.

—I did! And it was BORING AS HELL. Good thing Kazu was there to accompany me

Could you please stop making me blush, at least a few minutes? stupid Toi...

—Now, now don’t underestimate going to class, it’s great that you finally shown interest in attending classes. Looks like Kazuki is a good influence to you”

You're not helping too much Enta, do not say that kind of thing right now ...

Enta, like his sister, was a boy who cared too much for his peers, sometimes even more than himself. He also did not want to lose one of his best players so it was very important for him that Toi attend his classes.

—By the way, Coach Reo contacted me saying that he’s gonna meet us today, but he hasn’t arrived yet, so we should probably get changed to our uniforms first. I will go on ahead to the locker room, meet me there whenever you are ready.

—Hey Kazu, I guess we better change uniforms as well. Good thing I brought my uniform today! C’mon Kazu!

—Eh? We need to provide our own uniform??

—What? Of course!

Toi drags Kazuki towards the locker room.

—Whaa! Wait! I don’t ha…” Shit! I had no idea that we should buy our own uniforms, in my previous school they gave us a uniform for each student, oh no, what should I do now?

—What’s wrong Kazu?

Toi had noticed Kazuki's concern.

—Emm… I don’t have the soccer uniform 

Surely my face looks stupid as always.

—What?? Didn’t Enta tell you before? —Toi was in shock.

—No… I don’t remember Enta telling me to bring one. 

Maybe he did mention something like that, but I should have been lost in my thoughts. Now that I think about it, yes, I think he had told me something about the uniform, shit…

—Oh, I see, but that’s okay! The great Toi is here to the rescue! I have a spare here. It’s my old one so it’s a bit smaller, but I think it will fit you perfectly!

Toi was a few centimeters taller than Kazuki.

—Anything wrong here? —Enta entered the room.

—Kazu didn’t bring any uniform! Haha!

—Toi, it’s KAZUKI, Can't it be so hard to remember? 

I don't know why I said this, I really liked that he called me Kazu instead of Kazuki, it was pretty sweet of him. I guess I just wanted to divert the attention of the boys for being the only one without their uniform. —How many times do I have to tell you it’s Kazu? I-I mean, Kazuki!!! 

Fuck, there I was again, making a fool of myself because I wasn't able to focus my attention.

Toi couldn't help but laugh excessively, while Enta looked totally confused by the conversation.

—See? You even claimed it yourself! —Toi couldn't stop laughing.

I'm so stupid sometimes ...

After finishing Toi's laugh, Enta raised his voice.

—That’s weird. I remember sending you a text message last week about it!

Yeah, I know, thanks for the tip, buddy. Shit… Why I'm so distracted.

—Yes, I knew I had read or heard it somewhere, but I forgot it, I'm very sorry.

—Well, calm guys, I have my old uniform still in my locker and I already offered it to Kazu so he can train today

Shit… will I really wear Toi's old uniform? I guess it's the only solution, ok, head, I need you focused for training. Don't let this situation keep you distracted, I have to do my best.

—Ehh, Kazu, hello? Are you going to use it or not?

They both saw how Kazuki was speechless.

—Oh, yes, sure thing! excuse me, it's just that I'm excited to train today!

FUCK, is that really the best you can do brain? There we go…



—Team assemble!! —Shouted a tall thin guy with blond hair, with a little toasted skin and who seemed to have sharp teeth in his big smile. On the benches of the court, a thin man, with glasses, with quite pale skin was sitting. He had a notebook in his hands where he apparently wrote down the observations of the practice.

—Good afternoon coach! —All players responded in unison.

—I heard that there is a new recruit. Where is he?!

—I’m here! I’m here! I really hope I don't make a fool of myself right now.

—Late on the first assembly? I don’t want slowpokes in my team! You’re out! Scram! The team would be better off without you, you useless piece of…

Was what I was hearing really? Being a little late shouldn't be that bad ... Is my head just cheating on me again? I am really sure that now I have not done any stupidity. Great… I have not even 10 minutes and they are already throwing me out of the team. Shit, what about the boys? I don't want to lose my chance to play with them. What is this that I am feeling, I want to cry, maybe I will collapse right here, help me I am about to send everything to hell!

—Cooaachh! Don’t bully our new recruit! You know how desperate this club is for new members… If he doesn’t join us, you’re going to regret. —Enta quickly interrupted the coach, appeared to be quite angry.

—Don't mess with Kazu, coach. Hey Kazu, do you see the guy sitting on the bench? He is Mabu the assistant coach and with whom he also maintains a secret love relationship. Even if they don't want to admit it, but it shows too much! So, if the coach ever bothers you, you can annoy him with Mabu, you'll see how quickly he gets uncomfortable. Hahaha! —Toi also defended Kazuki— Kazu, that retarded GAY coach is just acting tough!

—A-act…To be honest, when the coach heard the word Mabu, he began to sweat quickly.

—I’m YOUR COACH, you little prick! —Coach Reo looked defiantly at Toi— Give me a break Toi, I rarely get chances to show off.

—Lame! always picking on the new ones!

—S-so I’m not out? I'm still confused.

—Of course not, you are a valuable new member, we desperately need another guy to score goals. —Enta said.

—Your name is Kazuki Yasaka, right? And here it says that in your other school you were the top scorer of the previous season. That sounds good! —Reo said, now he was calm and serious.

—Uhh… y-yes… 

Somehow his presence intimidates me a little. It sounded like challenging me to do the same this year.

—I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! —The coach shouted.


What the fuck am I doing?

—COACH!!! STOP IT! —Now it was Enta’s voice.

Why the hell are they all screaming? I just want to play with my friends and nothing else!

—Why are you guys so being protective to him?...

DO NOT! Stop face, it's not time to turn red, my God!

 “… Anyway, Yasaka, right? My name is Reo Niiboshi and I will be your soccer coach from now on. Welcome to the team! HAHAHA!”

—Sorry about the coach, Kazuki, he’s really like that. —Enta seems relieved.

—Oh, no problem in my old club we also made jokes between us and things like that, haha!

—Yeah, but don’t forget that our coach is a good-for-nothing old geezer. Not to mention that he always brag about despite being a no-skilled talentless, haha!

Toi spoke comically.

—Wow, does it seem that someone wants to stay mowing the field in the afternoon? Isn't that right, Kuji? —The coach seemed to challenge him, but Toi just ignored him— So, Yasaka, what is your preferred position?

—I play as a center forward, but I wouldn't mind playing in another position if the team needs it.

—So are you good at scoring goals? Perfect, then you two can make a lethal duo in the lead with Toi, and Enta is an expert giving goal assists. Our second-best forward graduated just last year. So, the position is empty. Oh, and MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT AN INSENSITIVE, UNGRATEFUL, BACKSTABBING QUITTER LIKE THOSE IDIOTS! You got that?

—Y-yes Coach!” The moment I had been waiting for was about to begin.

—Alright Kazuki, show us what you can do!”

We practiced plays for at least an hour, I scored many goals and I could also assist for my teammates. Everyone seemed surprised by the way I dodged the defenses. Well, to be honest, Toi and Enta were not far behind, Toi had an incredible aim to kick and score goals, and I could say that in all that time, Enta only failed one or two passes, to that we had to add that he stole many balls He was a perfect midfielder.

—THAT WAS AWESOME! —The coach was very proud of our first training

—I haven’t played for a long time…

Why did I say that? You don't want to look cocky Kazuki. 

… I think my throw got rusty.

—Hmm, surely you have the potential but… you need more practice to improve your shoots, more velocity and accuracy, I’m not sure if you really are fit to join our club —Said Reo.

You have to be fucking kidding me? Well, I’ll play along.

—Hmm I hope I am qualified to be a member… but it se…

—Coach! Stop bullying him! —Enta spoke angrily again.

—Hey coach, do you see Mabu? he's been staring at you for a while... —Toi was trying to bother him— We all saw how skilled Kazu is! We do not need your opinion.

—Yeah Coach, it’s been a while since someone talented like him joined our club. Enta kept arguing.

—Cut me some slack here! I’m trying to be cool! —The coach sighed—

Reo pats Kazuki’s back —HAHAHA! I’m just kidding! You’re pretty damn good! You’re exactly what we need, since I already signed up our team in the International Tournament this season. So I’m expecting you guys to do your best and train with all you got! Kazuki here will be our trump card. He has exceptional skills that can help us win. However, as I said a while ago… It’s true that you need more pace and accuracy… What you need now is more training and to learn to work together with the team! Teamwork is very important in soccer! Build up your relationship with your teammates and work together as one. Remember, there’s no “I” in “TEAM” It is the relationship with your teammates, which will make you better players.

Needless to say, I surely have a very red face, but I don't care, I feel quite flattered after all. And the coach is absolutely right when it comes to teamwork. Did you just say that our game improves if we improve our relationships? What if we were more than friends, more than best friends? And if we were dating? Wait, wait a minute, what am I thinking? Kazuki stop.

—Ok guys, you can play freely for a while before going to the showers. I have to go see my Mabu, eh, wait, I-I mean, I have to go see my notebook, check today's notes and that, G-goodbye. —The coach withdrew ashamed, we had all heard that he said: Mabu.



One hour later…

—I’m gonna go take a quick shower. You should take one as well, Kazuki

—Okay, Captain! It was good to have practiced together today.

Enta went to one of the showers in the locker rooms, Toi was just returning from the training field.

Now Kazuki and Toi were in the locker room while Enta was bathing a few meters from them in a cubicle. What more could I ask for? A lot of fantasies began to emerge in my mind with my two new boyfriends, wait, did I say boyfriends? I meant best friends.

—Well Kazu, I’m beat! —Toi seemed really tired.

—You must be really tired, Toi!

—Aww, Kazu is worried about me. Hahaha! Well, I’m not just tired. I’m hungry! Aren’t you too, Kazu?

It's Kazuki, but it didn't matter as much as I told him, besides I was very hungry too and didn't want to go into absurd discussions.

—Where’s Enta? —Toi asked.

—Oh, he said he’s gonna take a shower. Won’t you take a bath as well?

—Mmh… I’m too lazy to take a bath. I’ll just change my clothes! I can just go take shower at home. It’s much comfortable than the showers here! How about you, Kazu?

—I guess I'll do the same, I still don't have enough confidence to take a shower here hahaha

Liar! it's just because it's the perfect opportunity to see Toi change clothes in front of me. God, again these thoughts, am I becoming a pervert? Or will it have to do with puberty? I don't want to think that I'm really feeling something for my friends, do I? And if so, what is the problem?

—Yeah, I’d prefer to take a bath at home after a long and hard day of training! Ehh, Kazu? Are you right?

Of course, I'm fine. It's just thinking about why you're so damn cute, your freckles on your face, and those blue eyes, hell those eyes!

—Y-yes sure… And you can go straight to bed and the feeling is very comfortable and relaxing!

—Hell Yeah! —Toi said before starting to take off his uniform.

Without hesitation, Toi indeed stripped himself in front of me. I watched him take off his clothes piece by piece until…

—What are you staring at, Kazu?

Damn, he caught me.

—Ehh! Wah, I’m sorry! I WANT TO DIE!

—Hahaha! And why are you blushing so hard?

Why am I starring?! Hurry Kazuki! Make a quick excuse!

—Ohhh I was just looking at your jockstrap! I thought it looked cool! (Yes, Toi for some reason wore that under his pants) AAAAHHH! Out of everything, why did I say that?!

—You like it?

—Ahh! Yeah! It looks like it has a nice quality! Damn Kazuki, can you please stop saying stupid things?

—Yeah, I’m sure it will look cool on you too!

—You mean? It seems that I have saved the situation. What do you say, idiot? You haven't saved any shit! I'm just looking silly, as always ...

—Why are we even talking about our undies?

—Ahh… I’m sorry I really didn’t mean it.

—By the way Kazu, you did so well with today’s training! You definitely impressed all of our teammates!

Kazuki and Toi were in front of each other in underwear.

—I didn’t think we’d be on the same level! Haha! —Toi continued.

—R-really? But coach said that I need a lot of more training.

—Pff you can simply ignore Reo, he is a dickhead. Since Mabu became his assistant, they do nothing but walk like children in love! He just pretends to look cool in front of Mabu, that's why he says such nonsense. All he does is just boss around during training. Nothing good is coming out from that mouth of his. But as I tell you he is really a complete dickhead!

—By the way, Toi, how come you can speak to Coach like that? Aren’t you scared of him?

—No way! He might look intimidating but he’s really just a harmless and wimpy old man inside! Plus, it’s okay. The staff here has a connection with my parents…

—Ehh? what do you mean?

—Hey guys I’m done! Enta interrupted the conversation.

—Don’t mind it, Jinnai is here.

I didn’t know what Toi meant when he said he had some sort of connection to the school staff. But I guess I really shouldn’t mind about these trivial things.

The three boys were already fully dressed, and outside the dressing room, you could see how it began to get dark.

—What were you guys talking about? Enta asked.

—Nothing, nothing important, right Kazu? I just nodded. —C’ mon! Let’s go home I’m really hungry

—Yeah, it’s really getting dark outside too —I said, still thinking about Toi's phrase.

—Okay see you tomorrow guys! —Toi said as he walked out the door.



That night, after arriving at my house and taking a shower, while we had dinner as a family. I could tell my parents and Haruka how well I had done it on my first day of practice, and how entertaining I was being shared with Toi and Enta at school. Obviously the changing room scene, I didn't want to tell them, would have been quite embarrassing, and there was no need to do it either. Either way, I retired to bed very early because I was really exhausted. The day had been very long and I had no strength left in my body. Probably at about 10 pm, I was already completely asleep.

What was this feeling? Where I am? I can only see a dark room with cold black walls. Two white silhouettes of boys are there as if they were drawn by hand, wait, one of them, it's me. I can see myself lying on the floor on my back. That feeling again? I feel satisfaction and it is gradually increasing. I feel that my crotch is wet and hot. What the hell is going on? Something inside my chest is burning, my heart is accelerating more and more. I can't take it anymore, shit, I'm going to ejaculate. Fuck, how good it feels down there. The other boy's silhouette looked familiar. He was under my waist giving me a blowjob. At the exact moment I ejaculated, the boy raised his face to look at me, there was no doubt, those blue eyes that seemed to illuminate the entire darkroom are unique.

Shit, it was a wet dream. I woke up disoriented, saw the time on my smartphone, 4 a.m.

I have to clean up this mess, now! Luckily, Haruka sleeps below me, it is impossible that he realized something. It is also impossible for me to go down to look for something to clean, Haruka wakes up very easily, it would not be the first time he discovered me coming down the stairs at dawn. What should I do? Fuck, I'm sorry, socks, you'll have to sacrifice for me.

I cleaned all the sperm on the bed and put my socks under the pillow, to throw them away tomorrow without anyone noticing. Shit, this is a disaster, but everything felt so real in the dream, the truth is that I would have preferred not to wake up and continue there, with Toi.

Toi, why are you doing this to me? What is happening to my body?

Puberty I really hate you ...

Chapter Text

Four days after the "bed incident"

Kazuki is back at school in the morning, the rest of his classmates and teacher Jinnai are there as usual. But Toi does not appear anywhere.

Hmmm… I wonder where is Toi today? He skipped class again… His grades are gonna drop if he keeps on doing this. And I thought he’s going to keep his word when he said will attend classes if I’m there as well. I better stop thinking about it for now and I focus with Ms. Jinnai’s lecture.

—GOOD MORNING! Sara Azuma it’s here Dish! Happy Day Azuma Saradish! WHERE IS MY TOI!?

What the hell? A girl had entered the classroom, screaming energetically. She has the appearance of a teenage girl with long hair down to her back, big violet eyes, a lot of makeup and she was dressed as an idol. Cucumber in her hand? Yeah a cucumber. And a plate over his head? Is that a plate? Who the hell is this girl? And what is she doing here?

—I’m sorry? Who are you? You can’t just barge into my class screaming like that. -The teacher was really confused

—Who am I?? WHO AM I?!! You peasant! Why I am none other than the youth Idol Azuma Sara Dish! How dare you not know my name? I have millions of followers. And I came from the RICH Azuma family who OWNS the half of this city including this school.

—¿S-Sa… Sara!? Sara Azuma? I’m so sorry! I didn’t recognize you Princess Sara! Maybe for the dress? Or because you never come to class…?

PRINCESS! She just said SHE’S A PRINCESS? Like in the old kingdoms and stuff?

—Maybe you should buy glasses, so that you can know who are talking with, you ignorant fool! Anyway! Where is my Toi? I didn’t see him in the AZUMA-KUJI family meeting! He’s making me worried sick. Ahh, why is this terrible world always severs our red string of fate… this is our connection, Ahh Toi?

This world?? Our connection?? Azuma-Kuji family meeting??! What is this girl talking about?

—I’m sorry Princess, but he didn’t go to class again today. He has been skipping his classes lately. You can ask Mr. Yasaka, he is Mr. Kuji’s best friend.

And here comes my flushed face ...

—BEST FRIEND?!! —Sara shouted immediately.

—Ehh M-Ms. Jinnai… What am I supposed to say?

—He is in the same club as Mr. Kuji —Jinnai said.

—Huhh?? Why is mi Toi hanging out with a lowlife like him?

—L-lowlife? What's wrong with you?

—So?? Speak up, you commoner! In a while I must go send selfies to my followers. I don't have time to waste dish!

—W-wait I’m really confused… why are you bringing a cucumber?

—C-CUCUMBER? For your information, cucumbers are the favorite food of royalty in the Kappa kingdom. What an illiterate! You sully the name of this school dish!

Royalty? Kappa Kingdom? That didn’t answer my question…

—I’m sorry lady but I haven’t seen him today as well…

—THAT’S PRINCESS SARA TO YOU. Scavenger! Oh how dreadful! My beloved Toi has gone missing again! Hmm, I just can’t imagine what ill-dreaded fate has he befallen upon to!

—Princess, he might be just be roaming around the hallways…? —The teacher tries to calm the situation

—Ughh you lowly creatures are wasting my precious time! Wait for me my beloved dish!

Finally, the girl left the room.

Dish? Where will I have heard that? Oh right, sometimes when Haruka says a phrase in the end he ends it with a Dish! Damn, I really hope he isn't a follower of this girl ...

—Who was that weird lady, Ms. Jinnai?

—Shh! Don’t say anything about her! She’s Princess Sara Azuma… she is the only daughter from the Azuma monarch, and one of the richest families in this country... but apparently, she dedicates her life to making videos on the internet. Anyway, she is still a princess.

—Whoa… But why is she looking for Toi?

—It’s a long story. There seems to be quite an affair between the two families.

—Toi’s family knows such royalty? He has never mentioned anything like that to me.

—Eh? Don’t you know the Kuji family is… Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Yasaka but I have to go to the principal to report about what happened. That’s it for today everyone. You may all go home. —The teacher rushed out of the classroom.

Toi's family, what? Should I talk to him about this? What a day… I should go to the field before it gets late. It was quite a shock though… Why would a princess be looking for Toi? Even saying something like, “My Toi” From that alone, I can assume that she is Toi’s girlfriend…




—B-but Coach! I-it’s still five more minutes before practice begins…

—I don’t care! For me you are still late!

—Coach! Stop it! —Enta had arrived.

—You are late too ‘Captain’! And what’s this? Are you defending our newbie again? I can smell something in the air… —The coach raised his eyebrows at Enta. And I was blushing, of course.

—Wh-what? —Enta looked so ashamed.

—Ehem! Where is Toi?? It’s awfully quiet without him around. —The coach asked as he looked around.

—I’m here I’m here! —Toi suddenly came running.

—Well! Aren’t you early today? Good boy, Good boy Hahaha!

—Ehh? How come you treat Toi differently?

—HAHAHA! Trust me I don’t want to get bullied again by him… Mabu is finally notic… ehh I mean, I don't want Mabu to get a bad impression of the boys, Hahaha!

It's pretty funny how the coach looks when they talk about Mabu. I wonder, if I look the same, when these things happen to me… shit.

—Oh sure! —Enta tries not to laugh.

—Eh, Toi, where have you been? You skipped class again today… —I asked while Toi looked surprised.


—You skipped class again??!! I told you to get rid of that habit of yours. —Enta seemed angry. 

What seemed tender to me, he really cared for each of his classmates and kept insisting that Toi should go to his classes.

—I know, I know! But this time, it’s because Sara was there!

—Oh… no wonder… —Enta had given up.

—Sara? Sara Azuma? —I asked.

—You know her, Kazu —Toi was in shock.

—Not really, but she barged into class today. She was definitely looking for you. She was very mean. She even scolded me and Ms. Jinnai.

—SEE?! I’m so glad I didn’t go to class today. Who knows what trouble she will bring to me again?!

—That is so like her… —Enta sigh.

—Who is she exactly? It was my perfect opportunity to ask.

—Sara is Toi’s…

—SHHH!!! You don’t have to tell him ‘THAT’, Enta!

—H-hey… Well everyone knows about it! Why not tell Kazuki? —Enta replied.

—Want me to tell him your ‘secret’ too?!”

Toi looked at him with a stalking look, while Enta blushed.

—H-hey! That’s not the topic here! —Enta was dying of shame.

—Kazu is special! And he don’t need to know it… I will tell him some other time.

I… was special? And what secret was Toi referring to? Enta had really turned red. Either way, the truth is that I'm dying to know what happens between Sara and Toi...

—Well, I’m sorry Kazuki, Toi doesn’t want to tell…

—Huh? Why? Fuck, somebody tell me… please.

—Don’t worry Kazu! It’s not important at all!

—It’s okay Toi. If it’s a private matter I won’t force you to tell me. Fuck NO! I just want to know everything about you.

—Awww! You are so understanding, Kazuuu!

—Enough chitchat, you guys should start practicing. We’re wasting daylight! —Reo, who had been listening carefully to the whole conversation, finally said something.

Enta and Toi were obviously hiding something from me… Like any normal person, it made me curious. But for now, I should focus on getting better with soccer!

After a few hours of training. Sunset was coming

—Mannn… Coach was extra strict today… —Enta was exhausted.


And Toi was hungry, as always.

—I guess it’s because of the coming tournament.

—Most probably” Enta and Toi agreed.

—But that perverted Coach had to leave us during training because of his ‘other priorities’ probably gonna stalk Mabu. That perverted old geezer!

—I don’t think Coach is like that… Actually, I think that was the reason.

—Ah guys! I know, I know. To pay off our hard work today, how about I treat you guys out for dinner?? —Toi seemed quite excited, his eyes were bright. And I love it! ups

—I don’t know… I’m pretty tired. I want to get some rest too… My sister is waiting for me at home.

—Oh, Ms. Jinnai? —I asked. Even if it was obviously.

—Yes, she’s with my dad. He said he can take care of himself, but I don’t think so, and that worries me.”

—Eh? I thought she’s with your dad. I’m sure she’ll be fine!”

—It is not she who worries me, but rather my dad. Can’t we let it slide today?

—Awww… that sucks! I guess me and Kazu will go out together then, only us two, without you hehe…

—Ehhh? And here comes my stupid face.

—What do you think Kazu?

—Can’t we go all together? Obviously, I had no problem going with Toi, but I would have felt bad for Enta. We were all three there and I couldn't leave it.

—Well I guess I could make an exception and go with you two. I hope my sister can handle the situation... forget it, let's go together and enjoy the post-practice!

Enta really didn't seem sure of himself, he had a worried face but still decided to go with us. It felt good to have both of them with me, but they both began to worry me too much, I really didn't know much about their personal lives. And they tried to hide it from me. Maybe I should interfere more and start investigating, maybe Ms. Jinnai could tell me something, no… I think it would be disrespectful to ask her. I had also heard that Toi had an older brother, but I had not had the opportunity to meet him either. I guess over time, I will discover things, these two really are very important to me ...

—Hey, Kazu, are you fine? You seem… weird.

How many seconds will I have been lost in my thoughts?

—Yes, everything is fine, I was thinking about some school tasks, hahaha! Eh, well… let's all go then!

—YESSS! I know this awesome restaurant! You guys should try it too!

Toi showed some photos from his smartphone; it was a giant restaurant and it seemed really expensive...



The three of us walk while night falls, remembering anecdotes of daily practices. Until we arrived at the restaurant that Toi had shown us a while ago.

—Fuwahh I just love the smell here! Feels like heaven! —Toi exclaimed enthusiastically.

—It definitely smells like fried food…—Enta sigh.

—I’ve never been to this restaurant before… But I heard that food here is expensive.

To be honest, everything inside the restaurant seemed quite expensive!

—I always come here to eat when I skip cla… Errr, I mean when I have free time! Order up guys! It’s my treat today. You don’t have to worry about a single cent!

Toi points on the menu above.

—Is this really a restaurant?

—Ehh? What’s wrong guys?

—Toi… —Enta was in shock


I had never seen such expensive prices for dinner!


—Hnghh! This is like ten times my daily allowance for a single meal… And I’m not joking —…They’re all junk food too.

—It makes me guilty to eat these by just looking at the prices. —Enta was as surprised as I was.

—OH, C’MON GUYS! I told you it’s my treat! C’mon order as much as you want!


—NO BUTS! Just try it! It’ll be fun!

—I… I guess I’ll have the cheapest one… how about the uh… FkcFried Bird?…

—C’mon Enta! Are you kidding me? You just ordered a kiddie meal.

Toi acted so natural, but for us it was all out of the ordinary!


I have no idea what to say.

—Oh, I see… Could you help me choose?

—Hmm let me see, do you like anything in particular, Enta?

—Well… I like sweets.

—Ohh! You should try their Candy Crush Shake, Big Banana Split and their bestselling Creamy Cream pie!


That all sounded so delicious, but I wonder how much money Toi will spend for the two of us.

—It’s settled then! I’ll order those three for you!

—Wait… Sounds good but it seems too much, doesn't it?

—Too late, Enta. And you Kazu, what do you want?!

Ehh, Toi, I seriously don’t know what I’m going to order. They are all named so weir… Can you suggest me anything too?

—I really like any food with meat in it. If I were you, I’d order their famous Beefcake Bowl! But do you like anything in particular?

—Meat sounds nice!”

—OH COOL! We have the same taste! Okay, you should try the Beefcake Bowl! It’s sooo delicious! —Toi blushed

—O-okay… I have no idea what I just asked for, but if Toi likes it I guess I will like it too…

—It pleases me to see Toi get excited over food —Enta said.

Enta always seems cheerful and he felt so good when he shared with any of his teammates. I have no doubt why they chose him as captain, he always worries that we are all well.

—Hey! What does that mean?! —Toi asked, becoming interesting, and looking mischievously at Enta.

—N-nothing —Enta just smiled.

—Okay, I’ll call the waiter then!

—I think we should order food over the counter…? This is a fast-food diner after all…? Enta is right.

—Oh don’t swear it! They already know me here! I’m their best customer after all, hahaha. I’ll order now. Waiter!! Give me one of each Candy Crush Shake, Big Banana Split and Creamy Creampie! And one Regular Beefcake Bowl. As for me, I’ll have 2 Large Beefcake bowl, 3 pieces of Angry Birdie, and the Super-Special-Awesome-Deluxe All-Meat Combo!

“…” Enta and I did not know what to say.

—Oh. I almost forgot, additional 2 orders of Tentacle Prawn and 3 pitchers of Watermelon Juice please!

It was really generous of Toi to treat us for dinner! But somehow I don’t feel very comfortable… He spent one-month worth of my allowance in one night. Maybe he comes from a rich family??? Nah, what matters is I think I’ve gotten closer with Toi and Captain! Seeing Toi that excited over food is really interesting!

—Fwahh! I’m so full Now I want to sleep! —Toi looked tired, well, anyone after eating all that food.

—Don’t sleep right away, you’ll upset your tummy, plus it will get you fat. —Enta said with a lovely look.

—Pff. I’m not gonna get fat. I do a lot of workout in my free time.

—Thank you for the treat Toi, Enta and I have enjoyed a lot, isn't it? Captain?

—Yeah, thanks a lot! I feel bad that you spent a lot though…

—Aww, That’s no big deal! You guys are my best friends! —Toi smiled blushing.

—Ah, wait a second guys… -Enta’s smartphone started ringing- …Hello? Ahh… I’m sorry… I went out with my friends, …. Oh, stay there and just wait me to come home okay?... See ya.

—Was that your sister? —Toi asked

—Ms. Jinnai? —I insisted.

—Yep, I’m sorry guys but I have to go ahead. I can’t leave her alone. I need to go back home quick. —Enta seemed quite worried.

—Alone? I thought your dad was at home. —I asked

—Ah… well… You could say that he’s the type who’s quite fond of drinking… And he’s usually not around either.

—Oh, I see… that’s bad…

Shit, Enta's father was addicted to alcohol or something, I just hope he doesn't do anything wrong to Enta. But he always looks happy here at school, isn't? Or is he always looking? Or maybe he forgets his problems here. Shit, this is bad. Enta always worries about other people, even with me when I wanted to join the club, but who cares about him? Now he is in front of me and I know that something really bad is happening, his face is so different from normal, he is trying to appear joy but his happy face is very unique.” I had been so worried about Toi, I didn't pay attention to my other best friend. Now that I think about it, it did look altered this week, fuck, I really feel bad for him...

—I’m sorry but I really have to go. Eh, Kazuki I'll send you a message later, I need to talk to you about something important... Well, see you next week guys!

—S-sure, take care! —I was almost speechless.

—It’s okay Enta! I was planning on going home either —Toi seemed as worried as I was.

—Okay Captain! Please be careful on your way home! —I tried to cheer him up, maybe it really wasn't anything serious.

The three of us said goodbye again. And everyone went home.

Captain Enta’s father… is a drunkard? On my way home, I worry too much again about Enta. Maybe I shouldn’t stick my nose to other’s business. At least today was really fun! I get to know more about my friends! I look forward of growing closer to them each day!

But that same night, there was something that worried me and didn't let me fall asleep. I never received the message from Enta, I waited until very late and there was nothing on my smartphone. I tried to call him and sent him messages, but there was no answer either...

Chapter Text

—Kazuki your smartphone is ringing! —Haruka yelled at me.

I was coming out of my morning shower. It must be Enta, I hope it's him.

I hurried to answer and indeed it was him.

“Yes? Hi Enta, is everything alright?”

"Kazuki, yes, everything is fine, sorry for not answering you yesterday, when I woke up this morning, I saw your messages. I really didn't want to worry you…”

"Yes, the truth is that you kept me thinking about it all night, are you sure there are no problems?”

“O-oh, I'm really sorry Kazuki, but don't worry, I'm fine, really...”

Why you two always sound like you're hiding something from me? “I hope you're telling me the truth… “But you told me you needed to talk something important to me, didn't you?”

“Oh, yes, about that, I need to ask you a great favor, do you have plans for this afternoon? I need help with one thing, I'll tell you when you arrive, maybe we need a couple of hours.”

“Yes, of course, I had nothing planned for this afternoon, so it seems perfect, what time do you need me to be there?” 

This can be a good opportunity to learn more about Enta's personal life.

"Can you come after lunch?"

“Sure! See you then” 

I will definitely ask him about it. And I won't stop until I get answers.

<That afternoon>

Enta's house was quite traditional to Japanese culture, it had a pretty well decorated main hall. His piece was a little smaller than mine, but what I first noticed was that it was full of soccer accessories, there were even posters of Lionel Kappa, who, by the way, was my favorite player too.

—Is there no one else in your house? I tried not to seem worried.

—Mmm yeah... My sister is at school working on some stuff I guess. And my father, well, he went out a while ago. Anyway, neither of them will arrive until sunset, so we have enough time. 

Enta was smiling trying to hide what was really going on. I will try to cheer him up.

—Hey, I have noticed that you are also a Lionel Kappa fan. When I was in my other school, every time that I score a goal, I always celebrated doing his pose! Check this! Saratto! I told him doing the distinctive pose and with a cheerful smile.

—O-oh that's cool... Enta really doesn't seem excited at all.

—Enta… about yesterday… if there is anything you need to talk about. I really want to listen to you and help with whatever I can. Please, I really appreciate you too much, and seeing you like this worries me a lot. I really need know more about you.

—K-Kazuki… There is so much to talk about… You know what, Kazuki? Life puts many obstacles that one has to go through, and everyone faces these problems differently. Some write, others read, others play soccer, some go to their friends or loved ones. But my father ... my father was completely different. He preferred to drown his problems in alcohol.

When I was a child of just 6 years I did not understand the problems my family was going through. The world was big and full of wonderful things before the innocent eyes and the look of a curious child. But having an alcoholic father made my world much smaller. I could not express in words how scared I felt in those moments. I quickly learned to decipher what my parents thought and felt. I needed to know if I was going to be in the warm and loving place that is supposed to be a home, or in a war zone where people were afraid to express their feelings. When I was 8 years old my mother died due to life circumstances, I was destroyed, my only refuge, my source of heat and my place of help, all that was gone... Forever.

After the death of my mother, my father was worse than ever, he drank uncontrollably, I remember, when I was 10, that on a Friday night he left me and my sister alone. As he did not return we went to my grandmother's house. When my dad came to pick me up, he felt nauseous because of how much he drank. That was when my sister promised me that things would change, she would do everything possible so that we could both get ahead. So she began her way to become a teacher, with the vocation of maybe one day she could help more children like us.

One day there was a great discussion between her and my father. I ran, I tried to find a dark corner to hide, when suddenly my 18-year-old sister approached me, bent down and looked me in the eye and with a comforting voice and an affectionate smile, she asked me: "Are you afraid?" I was in shock, and I answered yes. She put her hands on my trembling shoulders, moved them with great emotion and shouted: "Don't get afraid! I will always be here to protect you »

At that moment, all the fear and tension that my heartfelt was eased. Somehow, that was the greatest love display I felt since I was together with my mother.

I really felt happy for the first time after several years.

Prior to that, I was having trouble interacting with others at school, but my sister knew how to relocate my life. I shared, laughed, cried and enjoyed like never before with my teammates at the football club, and then they named me as their captain.

I think about what would be of my life if she hasn't been there with me, after my mother's death. I could have hurt myself or hurt someone else. I could have gone to jail or perhaps become an alcoholic. When I imagine the opposite world that might have created me, I feel the joy of having a sister like her.

I learned that life is worth living. Being happy is like looking at the cards in the deck that destiny has given us, and feeling calm and smiling. Maybe the cards that came out are not the best, but I don't have the worst either. I also have people around me like my sister, Toi and you Kazuki…

I was completely shocked, speechless, Enta had started crying a while ago and he was leaning on my chest, I could not contain my tears either. But his crying was over now, I could only hug him tightly while I could feel his feelings. I felt something so warm inside me, Enta looked so weak but cute at the same time, I would have never wanted to let go of that hug.

Enta pulled his head away from my chest and with his hands he pulled back. He walked to a little box on his bedroom desk.

—That is why here, I keep the two things that remind me that I must move on and never make the mistakes my father has made.

 Enta opened the small box and inside was a pearl necklace and what appeared to be a letter on a sheet of paper.

—That necklace ...? It seemed that I could finally speak again.

—It's from my mom. It's the only thing left of her, after my father sold his things.

My whole body was shaking, I really felt like I was going to cry, but I tried to stay strong all that time. Enta was the one who needed support, not me.

—E-Enta… I was swallowing saliva constantly.

—And this letter was written by my sister when she was a child and went to school. Her teacher brought the letter very worried one day to the house, but my father threw it in the trash. I picked it up without anyone noticing, and I kept it. I promised myself never to cause such harm to a child. You can read it if you want, but I don't want to make you feel worse, so if you don't want it is not necessary.

I took the letter with my hands still trembling and began to read.

“Dear Mr. A, Don’t tell daddy I’ve written this letter, he may be angry with me. Mom told us we shouldn’t hate anyone, but I can’t help not hating you. I just wanted to ask you a favor: Get away from our lives. Dad lost his job because of you and we had to sell our things to pay the bills. Without a job there was no money for food for me, my little brother and mom. I can say she went hungry so many times so I could eat. When I fell from the bike, I really wanted dad’s lap but he was with you. You didn’t let him go to my graduation day or my dance presentation. I was so upset about that. After dad met you, he wouldn’t come home before midnight. What the hell are you doing? He started hurting mom. At first, with words, the he used his belt. We had to hide at the neighbors when it happened otherwise we would be the ones hit. As I grew up, we started having a lot of discussions. I don’t know what you tell him, but he has changed so much. I just want you to know that mom wants the old dad back, the man she married. Please, stay away from him and let us be happy again. Otone.”

—Mr. A is what my sister called alcohol, I'm sorry I didn't say anything before, but I didn't want you to feel bad for me. I was very happy to see you happy in school and playing together makes me forget all this kind of thing. I didn't see it necessary to tell you, but Toi was right, I think you're someone special…

I hugged Enta tightly again and we stayed like that for a few minutes.

—I'm grateful that you have the confidence to talk about this kind of thing with me, look, really things with my family have not gone well these years, I also made a big mistake that I will never forgive myself. Maybe one day I will speak that with you too. For now, I appreciate having your sister as a teacher, she seems to be a fundamental pillar in your life.

—Yes, indeed it is because of her that I brought you to my house. Let's cheer up the atmosphere a bit. I want to prepare her a cake for her birthday, so I need your help! —Enta was smiling again.

—A cake? I do not think I am the best of the cooks, but if it is for your sister I will do my best!

—That's what I'm talking about! The truth is that I have no idea how to cook, but we can search on the internet. In addition, I am sure that we can do it! And well I already bought all the ingredients, so there is no turning back! Hahaha.

Enta turned on his radio and a lively music began to play

—Hey Kazuki, do you like any particular musical style?

—Eh, I really think I hear a little of everything, I don't think I have a specific preference, I guess in life you have to try everything a little, don't you think?

—Yes, you're right, I think exactly the same, you can't say that you don't like something, if you haven't tried it, isn't it?

—Yes, I suppose so, then… are we about to cook a cake? true?


—And neither of us has ever cooked one, right?

—Yep, well ... it can't be that hard either, look here I found a recipe, perfect for our ingredients.

Enta came over and showed his smartphone then he explained how to make a cake.

—So… the first thing we have to do is mix eggs with sugar and then add the flour with the chocolate powder? Have you ever broken an egg?

—Of course! I always make eggs for breakfast, leave it to me! although ... if it necessary I bought a lot of eggs, hahaha!

Enta, after several attempts, he finally could mix the eggs with the sugar in a bowl. —Now I will start stirring, while you Kazuki will be adding the chocolate flour and powder, are you ready?

Enta began mixing everything by making circular movements with a spoon while I added the flour and chocolate.

—Hey Enta, it seems that it's not working, I don't think you're mixing in the right way, mmm, let me help you. I

 took the spoon over Enta's hands and started stirring at a faster pace than him.

—That looks better. Now it's the electric mixer's turn, hey Kazuki, can you help me with this too?

—Of course. Let's see… —Enta looked at me in amazement.

—Wow! yes you are good at this, it seems that you have experience beating and stirring things. Naughty boy —Enta said with a naughty look.

—Hey! What did you mean by that? And why do you put that face on?

—Nothing, nothing… I just saying. Well now, whatever this is, this should "get hot" for five minutes. I'm pretty sure Enta emphasized the word 'get hot' and raised her eyebrows with ... that look."

—Enta stop talking like that, if you want to tell me something, just tell me —I said as if I was challenging him to say something, but I knew he wouldn't.

—Hey, I'm just trying to be fun, dude. Well ... while THAT is in the oven, I will prepare this... -Enta took out a container of cream- Hey Kazuki, do you like ‘cream’? It is white, soft, wet and fluffy…

—Enta… enough! And yeah, I do love cream, who doesn't?

—In that case ... -Enta threw cream at my face while laughing happily- Hey look, now you're like Santa Claus.

—...That was not fair

I put cream on my hands and passed it on Enta's face

—Well, look, now you seem to have a badly made mustache, -I said while laughing- Stop fooling around, let's clean up.

I took a napkin to remove the cream from my face.

—Oh Kazuki, I think you have some cream left behind your ear, let me help you.

Enta approached me and with her tongue making a gentle movement, removed the cream that I had behind my ear above my neck. 

I could only feel his soft wet tongue sliding down my skin, which made my body tremble slightly. Enta retired to his position and smiled again as if nothing had happened.

—E-Enta… I can play THAT GAME too, you know right? By the way, you have cream on your neck.  

In the same way, I removed the cream from Enta's neck with my tongue. Enta had blushed completely.

—Ka-Kazuki ... oh shit, the oven dough, the 5 minutes have passed!

Enta turned to see the dough, as if he were trying to avoid the situation.

—Enta, I keep saying that if you want to tell me something else… —I said laughing with a stalking look

—Shut up... you idiot... and help me get this out.

Enta was laughing, but very embarrassed, even though that he started it all. I guess he wasn't expecting me to do the same.

—HAHA! You are blushing, captain! Well ... just remains to put the cream and take it to the refrigerator. This way it will 'get hard'.

I did it with complete intention, I just wanted to annoy Enta for a while longer.

—You know? When I cleaned the cream behind your ear, I seemed to feel that you were trembling a little… —Enta said again with that mischievous look.

—Ok, let's leave it in a draw, this time there are no winners! —I said immediately.

—Hahaha, I think it's good, by the way, good job cooking, I knew that together we would be able to do it

—You too, well if we can call that thing... 'a cake'. Anyway, I know that your sister will value the effort, what really matters is the sentimental value

—Kazuki… thanks for coming, I really appreciate it, and for listening to me. You are definitely someone special. I'm glad I met you

—Captain ... you don't need to thank me, after all, we are best friends, right?

—Kazuki… can I hug you again? There is something I want to check...

—Yes, I suppose, why not?

We hugged again very tenderly. I could hear Enta mutter: Yeah, you are really special.

But I didn't say anything about it, I just let us enjoy the moment.

—Well, I guess you have to go, I won't take you any longer. Thank you very much for coming, I really enjoyed being with you this afternoon.

—Sure! no problem, you can call me when you need to talk. Or when ... you need a hug haha! Hey Enta, and that flag over there?

—Oh that. It is a prototype, in which we are working with the coach, it is our flag for nationals!

—Seriously? Is THAT our flag?

—Why do you say that? Is there something wrong?

—Well... yes. Why is there a fat and hairy frog on the flag?

—EHHHH Kazuki! He is not a frog, Keppi is our school mascot. You should have known him throughout these weeks.

—Not really, it is the first time I see him, and if I am honest with you it seems like a fat frog —I said laughing, but to Enta the comment was not funny.

—Keppi is a Kappa, the king of the Kappa kingdom. Keppi is an ancient deity who, well ... actually extracts your desires from your anus...

—Wow that's bizarre. It’s that even possible?

—… But in our school, Keppi represents the connections. Those ties we make with people. So for us Keppi is a symbol of union, friendship and love.

—Well ... I guess that sounds better, anyway, it still seems like a fat frog.

—Well ... but you're an idiot, I say that with love, don't get mad ... -Enta smiled and then changed her tone to a mysterious one- … You know what? Some people who have had problems in their relationships have said that Keppi himself has appeared in front of them to guide them.

—You have to be kidding me? It still seems silly to me, but hey ... forget it, I must go, see you Monday at school?

—Of course, oh now that I remember it, I have to give a big announcement on Monday, to the whole football club.

—Oh, yeah? And what is it? —I asked curiously.

—You'll know on Monday, I can't ruin anyone's surprise, I'm sorry haha! See you.

What a day today! I met a lot of Enta, and I also met a facet of him that did not expect me, it was fun to see how he reacted when "the cream thing happened" but, was I really doing it to follow the Enta's game? Or did I really have that feeling that I had with Toi in the school locker room? And all for that hug... It doesn't matter, the important thing is that I had a really good time. And by the way, how strange that Keppi was. Is it possible that a deity, (in the form of a frog) as Enta called it, appears to people who have problems in their relationships? A frog that guides you. No way... that’s impossible, forget it. What really intrigues me is that "Big Announcement" that the captain mentioned, I suppose I will have to wait until Monday to know what it is.





—The class was boring as ever! I miss skipping class… —Toi said as he put his hands to the back of his neck.

—Is going to class really that bad?? Also, skipping class might cause you to have failing grades!

—I’m not really worried about my grades that much. The only reason I attend class now, is because of you Kazu! Seeing you every day makes me happy.

—I’m not sure if I should be happy about that. But still that shouldn’t be your reason to go to class! You have to take care of your grades…

—Meh, Let’s go to the soccer field, It’s already sundown!

We left the classroom in the direction of the soccer field, but Enta was outside waiting for us.

-Oh, there you are, you two.

—Hi Enta! —I said.

—Hey Captain, sounds like you were looking for us?

—Yeah, I came to tell you guys that the soccer practice today has been cancelled.

—EHHH?! I was looking forward for today’s training! -Toy said crossing his arms- … It’s my only time I can hang out with Kazu without being quiet all the time. 

That blushed me, obviously.

—Why was it cancelled, Captain? —I asked.

—Well, Coach told me he has schedule today as a private tutor for one of his preschool students.

—A preschool student? Rather, he wanted to say: I must hang out with Mabu, as a date. —Toi joked

—Though, he assigned me to just pass out the news for the club members. Do you remember the announcement that I told you about in my house, Kazuki?

—Wait, wait, wait. Were you two, together, at Enta's house? How did it go? Did you guys enjoy it? —Toi said with an inquiring but perverted look.

—It's nothing you are thinking about, Enta asked me for help with a gift for her sister, that's all. —Enta and I looked at each other blushing.

—Yes, yes, as you say… But you know what? I don't mind sharing, for the next one you guys should invite me. —Toi was smiling.

—Toi, stop... Tell us Captain, what is it about?

—We are going on a field trip! —Enta said very excited

—WOOOW! —Toi and I were equally excited.

—There’s gonna be a training camp on the mountains outside of the city. We’ll be there for 3 days and 2 nights straight.

—WOW WOW WOW! This is too exciting!

—Here are the waivers. Make sure you get your guardian’s signature there, alright?

—Awww… why does there have to be waiver? That sucks… —Toi said.

—I’m not sure what are the exact details of the training there. Let’s just hope Coach will announce it later.

—This is probably one of that Reo lame schemes again…

—But! I love field trips! I’m sure it’s gonna be fun, especially with you guys! —I said very excited

—Ehh? Really Kazu? In that case, I love fieldtrips too! I’m excited as well!

—…That was a quick turnaround, Toi -Enta said smiling- …Anyway, I must go now, I have to notify all club members. See you guys.

Enta ran away.

—Well Toi, as there will be no practice today. I will leave early; I have to help my brother with some things, and I will let my parents know about the trip.

—Oh, Kazu, you never told me about your parents yet.

—My parents, well... I could say that I have a long history about them, actually not even of themselves, it's difficult to me… to explain... in short, my family, well... my family it's not really my family, but over time I learned to accept them and love them as such. But from my true mother, I only keep a vague image in my memory. And I've never seen my real father.

—Oh, I see. I’m sorry maybe I shouldn't have asked. Looks like we both got problem with parents, huh?

—Ehh? What do you mean Toi?

—Well my parents… they’re right here in the country but they’re always busy with something too. So, it's as if they weren't. Anyway, since there’s no soccer practice today I guess I'll have to go home too. Are you excited about the fieldtrip Enta told us about?

—YES! I’m totally excited for the field trip! I can’t stop thinking how much fun we will have there!

—Aww, Aren’t you cute when you’re excited? You are right we will have fun… and maybe something more…

—Eh? What do you mean Toi?

—Nothing, I have to go, see you later!

I didn’t realize Toi has problems with his family… I wonder what is it exactly about? He’s still obviously not ready to tell it to me. I guess I should just wait for him to share it with me when he’s ready… Anyway, I was way too excited for the entire week. There was nothing on my mind aside from that field trip… So excited… that… I barely got any sleep.

In those days ... none of us three would have thought that this trip would change our lives ... forever.

Chapter Text

<Field Trip Day>

—Mmh… Kazu has not yet arrived. I hope his parents have allowed him to travel with us, I've been thinking a lot of things we could do on the mountain. I am so excited to get there as soon as possible. —Toi said while he was looking for Kazuki.

—Don’t get too excited now. We’re gonna go there for practice, not for fun and games —Enta said trying to look more serious than he really is, which obviously didn't seem natural at all.

—Wow Enta, since when have you become such a killjoy? —Toi said looking at him disconcerted.

—Is everyone here yet? Let’s see… Where is Yasaka?! Coach Reo was in charge of organizing the trip and taking care of each of the students. As always, he felt he could not disappoint Mabu, who would also be his assistant on the trip.

—I haven’t seen him yet, Coach. —Enta was looking for him now too.

—I didn’t see him either. He was bragging all day yesterday that he was so excited for the field trip. Maybe… Kazu is still asleep?

Yep, actually we have a chat group on our smartphones, and yesterday we talked all day about what we could do on the trip.

 —I hope not… Coach, can we wait a few more minutes? Enta asked.

—Mmmh if he doesn’t come here soon, we will leave witho…

—I’M HERE COACH! I’M SORRY I’M LATE! I woke up late! I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping. —Right on time, as always...

—Wow, I was right. He did oversleep. —Toi said victoriously.

—Poor thing, couldn’t contain the excitement. —Enta seemed relieved.

—TOO LATE YASAKA! We’ve already set up and we are gonna go without you. —Reo said with an imposing voice.

—There he goes again… Mabu is not here, coach, so you can stop acting like an idiot.”

I was no longer surprised that Toi or Enta defended me when the coach tried to bother me.

—COACH! DON’T BULLY KAZUKI! Enta and Toi always defend me and that made me blush.

—HAHAHA! You silly boy! Of course, we’re not going to leave you behind. You’re lucky that your friends are so overprotective with you.

—Just ignore Reo for being such a troll. Besides, he still thinks he has a chance with Mabu, what an idiot…

Toi doesn't seem to be worried about what he says about the coach.

—What do you say you little bastard?!



—Coach, Toi, enough! Ehem… let’s get going, we have a long day ahead!”

It seemed so cute every time Enta tried to play the "captain role"

—I hope you’re ready for a lengthy road trip!

Coach said it’s gonna be a long way to reach the place…I wonder who should I seat beside to…? Shit I hadn't thought about this. I really can't choose between Toi and Enta, I would feel very badly leaving either of them two.

—So... guys, who of the three will be sitting apart, can I offer if no one wants to?

—Eh? Kazu, but… this is a three-seater bus, and me and Enta kinda agreed that you sit between us. Don’t worry you’ve still be siting beside me if that is what you want, the only difference is Enta is there to bother us…

—I’m right here, Toi. And I'm sure Kazuki would’ve sat with me if there were two seats.

—I wouldn't be so sure about that...

Are Enta and Toi fighting for me? Should I be happy about that?

—C’mon guys… After all we’ll go together, isn’t it?

The three of us got on the bus, Toi sat in the window-seat, Enta in the aisle-seat and I between them

—So… where do you think we will go? —I asked to start a conversation.

—Well… Coach said it would be a place where we could practice. Enta was the first to answer me.

—Why go far? We have our own place to train in our school… Toi seemed not to be convinced at all.

—Remember he said something about camping as well? Maybe he just wants to spend time with us too. Some sort of teambuilding? What Enta said seemed to me quite logical.

—Pff… I bet he has dirty schemes again… We’ll never know. Imma keep my eyes peeled.

—Haha! Toi you’ve always been pretty cautious about what Coach is up to” Enta looked at Toi

—To be honest, I don't give a fuck what the coach is up to. —Toi sight—. I am pretty excited! Because Kazu is with us in this field trip! It’s gonna be fun”

These kinds of flattery make me love these guys even more.

—Yep… We have a long trip ahead you guys should probably rest. Yesterday I stayed late finishing school homework, so if you excuse me I think I'll sleep for a while. —Enta looked tired.

It was really fun getting to sit beside my friends. Now I am more excite about this field trip!

<20 minutes later>

—Ohh Kazu, it seems like Enta already fell asleep.

—Wow, he slept so fast.

—I miss taking long trips like this ... I remember that my brother used to take me to all kinds of distant places to play football, I promised him that one day he would see me play abroad, in the maximum competitions." Toi looked out the window, with a nostalgic look.

—Mmh… I remember hearing that you have an older brother. It seems he's a good guy.

It seems like a good time to find out something about his family.

—Yep...actually, he is one of the most important people for me. My relationship with him has been essential in my life. I could say that it is with whom I best interact in my family.

—Ohh Toi, I just remember. I heard that your family has connections with Sara’s family. What about that? Knowing she was looking for you like that; it must’ve been important. Why was Sara looking for you?

—Those are a lot of questions haha!

—Uh I'm sorry if I seem intrusive, but I really want to know more about you.”

—Well… it’s really not interesting as a topic but… I guess it’s about time I tell you about my family. Since you told me yours, yeah? My dad is famous for being a very successful businessman. He started with a soba restaurant, but he was so successful that everyone wanted to try our soba, eventually, the business expanded and now my father owns a chain of Japanese restaurants. The city mayor noticed my father’s achievement and so he decided to offer him to be his business partner or something… I don’t know what exactly they do, and I really don’t care. Because of that, they were able to contribute significantly to this city’s economy… At least, that’s how my mom told me. I don’t know much about my dad anymore since he’s always away working.

—Whoa… so you really are from a rich family?!

—Ahh, well… money has never been a problem in our family. I remember my dad came home and wanted to check up on me. He said he wanted a father-to-son bonding time… So he sent me to school un a limousine! I've never been that kind of person; Can you imagine me in a limo? It was really embarrassing. Even Enta teased me about it.

—Seems cool to me, I mean... I don't think I would do that, but it still seems cool. A limo is amazing, no?

—Mmhh really… sometimes being rich has its bad sides too… because of it, the other students were too scared and irritated to be friends with me. And they say I have some attitude problems too…


—Don’t mind it! It’s really no big deal. Maybe you should rest a bit! You haven’t got enough sleep, right?

—B-but, I want to hear more about your story…

—I’m sure it would be boring… Besides, I’m quite sleepy as well.

Toi closed his eyes and settled on his arm, he was obviously pretending to fall asleep.

—Thanks for sharing it with me though! I know you're still listening to me. You know, right?

A smile was drawn on Toi's face. But I guess, for now, I'd better let him sleep. I’m glad Toi shared something about himself this time. It makes me feel bad somehow he feels neglected by his family despite being wealthy. At least it seems like his brother takes care of him. I can’t help but get more curious when he tries to change the topic. But for now, I at least got a chance to know him more! I think I'll sleep for a while too. Is it bad if I rest my head on the shoulder of one of the boys?...


—Wake up! We’re here now. —Reo said as he walked the bus aisle.

—Hey Kazu, I hope you enjoyed using my body as your pillow.

The first thing I saw when I woke up was Toi's face looking directly at me.

—Huh? I-I’m sorry I don’t…

—Wow the view is gorgeous! —Enta was the first to get off the bus.

—Yeah! Super awesome! -I said excited-. The smell of fresh air! I missed this!

—Yeahhh! It’s so cool! —Toi was as shocked as we are.

We were on a mountain plain where there was a camp with a soccer field. The whole camp was surrounded by trees and there was a sign indicating the presence of thermal water pools. Everything was very green in sight, there was a unique air and a refreshing wind ran through our bodies. The weather was perfect; the sky was as bluish as Toi's eyes. And a great radiant sun warmed the environment gently.

—I wanna go camping in the woods, explore and collect stuff!! It’s gonna be so much fun!

—Hahaha slow down there Kazuki, we can go exploring and have fun after we train. Is that what we are here for, remember?

—O-oh sure Enta, I’ll be patient!

Reo and Mabu finally got off the bus, they were making sure no one was missing. While Mabu made a recount and some notes, coach Reo stepped forward in front of the group of students.

—ATTENTION, EVERYONE! Okay then, I will explain what we are gonna do here. We’re here today at the mountain campsite! We will be staying here for three days and two nights for only one reason! With upcoming tournament nearing, everyone will have to work their asses off, and train! Today, since we are at the base of the mountain, we will train in the nearby soccer field that provided to us. WE WILL TRAIN NONSTOP UNTIL THE SUN SETS! I better see progress from you guys or else I won’t let you sleep tonight. Especially you, Kazuki Yasaka! Since you’re our trump card in the tournament, you better work on your chemistry with your teammates. I don’t want to see you fooling around here, you have a lot to learn! YOU GOT THAT?!


—GOOD! Now prepare your stuff and set up your soccer gear, we don’t want to waste daylight. Okay team! Let’s go!

Obviously, Reo was trying to impress Mabu with his speech.

—Okay team let’s go! —Everyone in the club seemed quite excited.

That afternoon the training was very demanding, but all the players were quite motivated. Even coach Reo, who was also a soccer player in his youth, was training with us, showing us some of his tricks. The hours seemed like minutes in that training session.

—Thank you, Coach! —I told the coach after some advice he gave me.

—This is weird… Reo’s actually training “with” us!

—Well, truth is, he’s always been coaching us. He’s just usually delegating the task down to me.

—That’s right Jinnai! HAHAHA! Are you guys now impressed with my knowledge of soccer?!

—Nope, Not one bit! —Toi said, looking seriously at the coach.


—H-hey… you two, calm down…  —Enta reacted immediately.

—That’s it! You guys are going to do two sessions today! —Reo seemed to have bothered.

—Waaah that’s no fair! —The students complained.

—Pfff! I don’t care! Make it twenty more if you want. I’ll surely score every ball you throw at me! -Toi seemed annoyed- …Maybe this is how you treat your poor “preschool students”! How unlucky of them!


—E-Enta! Are they fighting for real? —I was in shock.

—For the first time… I’m not really sure… —Enta was beginning to worry.  

—Teamwork is everything! I will not tolerate your arrogance, Kuji! If you don’t know how to cooperate and respect me as your Coach! YOU MIGHT AS WELL QUIT! We do one more session! Get ready!

Whispers from the rest of teammates began cursing Toi. Toi, who seemed surprised after hearing the coach, just turned around and started training without talking to anyone. Enta and I looked at each other worried, but Enta told me that it was better not to interfere and leave Toi alone for a while.

It's was a pretty exhausting day… The training was extra intense. I can totally fell Coach Reo and Toi’s conflict. I hope things will turn out okay…

—Great Job everyone! I’m so proud of you guys!

Reo began to congratulate everyone but he ignored Toi's presence. Toi looked quite sorry. He was about to cry but of frustration or regret of himself.

—Ehh? What’s wrong Toi? —I asked him.

—Did you hurt yourself? —Enta asked.

—Huh? —Reo seemed to have noticed Toi's face. —You alright, boy?

Tears began to fall from Toi's face as he kicked the ground.

—Ah, shit… I’ll be fired for sure, if your dad finds out about this…

—S-stupid… —The word father seemed to make him grieve even more.

—C’mon! You are a grown-up man, aren’t you? It’s just a little feedback from your Coach! But you have to admit that you have exceeded your jokes today.

—… Y-yes Coach… It’s just that… — Toi was collapsing

—Shit shit shit. Don’t cry!

—I’m not crying… I don’t want to quit…

—Oh maaaan… Okay, okay let’s get you changed alright? I won’t say that anymore, I promise! That’s it for today, you guys take a bath as well. We’ll be right back.

—YES COACH! —Everyone responded in unison.

Reo took Toi away from the rest of the group, apparently they went to talk some things. I hope they can fix their differences. Enta and I walked together.

—What happened just now, Enta?

—That’s the first time I see them both heated like that…

—Is Toi going to be alright? He looks like he was about to collapse…

—I’m sure he’ll be fine. Coach’s gonna take care of him.

—Does Coach and Toi… dislike each other?

—No! Not at all! Coach Reo is like our second father! Though he’s not really old to be called a father, Haha! Toi’s father is always busy with work, he practically have no time for Toi. Coach, being a father figure to us, Toi pours all of his frustrations towards him instead. Of course, Coach is fully aware of this and understands Toi’s situation.

—Oh… I see…

—Even though Toi don’t attend much of his classes, he really enjoys his time in school. Especially when he’s with the team, including Coach Reo’s company.

—But Toi seem to always tease and make fun of Reo.

—Is it safe to say that… it’s Toi way of affection???

—Then, that is sure some unique way to show fondness to someone. Well, I think I’m relieved.

—Yes Kazuki, you should be. We have to clean up before they come back. Let’s go?

—Sure Enta!

It was already dark, Enta and I had gone to get our bags and now we were walking through the campsite.

—I’m so beat Kazuki… I wonder where we will stay tonight…

—I don’t see any nearby buildings; we must be setting up a camp right here!

—Where do you get such energy Kazuki? —Enta was exhausted

—Aren’t you excited, Enta?

—Well… I don’t like camping, it’s troublesome.

Reo and Toi were back, and Mabu was gathering the students.

—Attention everyone! —Reo seemed calm again.

—T-Toi!! —I tell him, Toi’s smiling as if nothing happened.

—I told you he’ll be fine. —Enta was smiling too.

—Now listen, here are the tents we’ll use for sleeping! Since our school didn’t give us enough budget for a rest house, they gave us these tents instead. Isn’t that cool? — Reo threw about 7 tents on the ground.

—Wooooow!! —I was very excited.

—And besides, it’s a new experience for you to be camping out, right?

—I wish Reo told me about it before, so I can ask my dad to provide for us. — Toi seemed unconvinced at all.

—Grab a tent and set up! One tent should fit three people in. I will be with Mabu in a tent too, near the bus, in case you need anything. I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Go get plenty of rest!

—I’ll take one for me, Enta and Kazu! — Toi's face seemed to shine with joy now.


I can't believe we're about to sleep all three together in a tent. I guess it's not time to lose your composure.

—We’re really gonna camp out! This is so exciting!

Well… I think I can't contain the emotion after all.

—Cool! C’mon guys help me set up the tent! — Toi began to assemble the tent and I with Enta helped in what we could.

—S-sure — Enta was looking lost.

—… What happened Enta? —I asked him.

—Pfff HAHAHA! What are you doing Enta?! — Toi noticing the situation couldn't help laughing.

—Hey! I’m doing my best here!

—It seems Captain doesn’t know how to set up a tent? — I had started laughing too

—HAHAHA! How lame Jinnai! —Toi continued.

—A-a little help…? — Enta took it with humor.

—Ahhh… this thing goes here. It’s really simple, Enta. — I helped Enta in what he was doing.

—I’m sorry guys but camping is not really my thing. Haha! Plus, I don’t have any experience of it before…

—It’s okay Captain, everyone has a first time for everything! —I tried to comfort him.

—You must think I’m so lame now…

—No Enta! Not at all! I still think you are very awesome! Toi could you please stop laughing? You are not helping…

—Heeeeeeey! How come you never compliment me Kazu?! And I’m sorry that was very funny haha! Hmph, while you guys were talking, I already finished setting up the tent!

—W-whoa… I must admit that you did a great job Toi. —Enta was surprised.

—That was less than a minute… THAT WAS SO PRO, TOI! —I was surprised too.

—I know right? Let’s go inside!

The tent was much bigger than it looked, three people fit perfectly, the top was quite tall too. And the tent material protected us perfectly from the wind outside. Toi was the last to enter, he brought a lamp that he put inside so we could see and he closed the tent. As on the bus I was in the middle of the three, Toi on my left and Enta on my right.

—Woowww! This is so cool, Toi!

—Yep! I like the fact that it’s not spacious. We can cuddle together like brothers! —Toi seemed to be excited.

—This is really impressive, Toi.

—Thanks Enta, Today was extra tiresome… — Toi yawn

—I guess we better sleep now, we need to keep our energy up for tomorrow. —Enta seemed tired too.

—Yeah… so it’s gonna be like this for three days? —Toi sighed.

—I like it! Don’t you guys think this is fun?!

—Now don’t get too excited again Kazu, you don’t want another set of eye bags tomorrow, yeah? —Toi was right.

—So can we call it a night? Good night Kazuki, Toi! —Enta settled and turn to sleep.

—Good night guys!

I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. I guess I really had a long and exhausting day. It was nice to sleep beside Toi and Enta, I felt closer to my friends.

—Take it off.
—What are we going to do?
—Just let me do all the work…
—Ahhh, not there…!
—Relax, you’ll feel great eventually.
—Fuck… You are right.

—Wah!! Oh shit, its just a dream… How weird… I can’t remember who it was… Ahh I feel so weird… Oh no… I’m… erect. Thanks God, looks like Enta and Toi are still asleep. I wonder if I should…

That dream… The moment I had that dream… I knew that I already developed a feeling…

—Mnnn… I can’t sleep like this. I hope they don’t notice. I'm so damn hot. My face is blush. Shit guys… I’m sorry I have to do this really quick…

That night I jerked off being in the middle of my two best friends. I ejaculated quite quickly because of the adrenaline that ran through my body at that moment.

—Ahh Mnnn… Damm, that felt so fucking good… I better clean up before anyone catches me…

I don’t know what had gotten into me… Why did I do that? Especially when Toi and Enta is just beside me… Good thing they didn’t wake up… or else it would have been so embarrassing. I should go back to sleep…



That was Reo’s voice, no doubt.

—What is it? So early in the morning… Kazuki and Toi is still asleep… — Enta had been the first to get up.


—Hmmmmmm…! —Sunlight almost blinds me.

—What is it Reo…? —Toi was yawning.

—COACH REO! For you Kuji.

—Yeah, yeah, Coach Reo.  At this moment I don't feel like arguing with you. Waaaait! It’s like 5:00 in the morning! Who wakes up at freaking 5:00?!

—C’mon guys! I’m gonna make an important announcement! Pack your thing up! All your teammates are already waiting outside.

The coach walked towards the student group.

—Hngghh… I’m still sleepy! -Toi could barely move- …He must be plotting something again… It wasn't enough for him to have slept with Mabu all night?

—Let’s just go guys, looks like Coach has something important to say.

—Come on Toi, maybe it's something interesting. —I literally dragged Toi next to the coach.


—He looks rather excited. —Toi said.

—Okay, I know you all had a rough time yesterday… So I decided to make this day EVEN HARDER HAHAHA!

—What the fuck are you talking about?!

—Hey… Take care of your mouth Kuji, I was just joking. We’re going on an exciting adventure today! Provided with a map, everyone has to go around the forest surrounding the mountain. We’ll all meet here back at camp. Just follow the map and going around the forest will be an easy task!

—WOOOOOOW!!! That’s gonna be amazing! I was wondering if I always look amazed.

—This is also part of your training to strengthen your stamina, endurance and most of all, teamwork!

—Teamwork? —Enta asked.

—Of course! You won’t venture in the woods alone. Each of you can choose who you want to be pared up with.

—This is starting to sound great! —Toi seems to have finally woken up.

—Yes, I’m great like that, I know haha!

—I meant the activity… not you…

—ANYWAY, I prepared a special prize for the first pair to make it back here at the camp!

—Waaaahh! A PRIZE! SO COOOL!! I’ll do my best.

—I know right, I’m so cool.

—Kazu meant the prize, not you old man…

— I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Okay, you guys decide with your pair so we can get this thing started!


—Hey Kazuki, have you decided who you want to team up with? —Enta asked me.

—I… I cannot decid…

—Kazuuuu!! I’ll be your partner!!


—Haha! Looks like Toi got him first! Tough luck Enta!

—Ahh, it’s okay, Coach.

—Don’t worry Enta. I’ll assign you with someone else. It settled. Kazuki and Toi will be the first one to go.

—I will win that prize for you Kazu! I’ll make sure you won’t regret having me as your partner hehe!

—WOW! We really can win that prize huh? I’m so excited!

—HELL YEAH BEST TEAM EVER! See you at the finish line, losers!

As me and Toi went through the woods, I could totally see how experienced he is. He is walking around the woods as if it’s his own backyard! He is even so prepared, bringing every supply one would ever need.

—We’re close Kazu!

—Wow, Toi! You are barely looking at the map! How do you know we are going to the right way?

—Pssh! I only need one look at the map, we’ll be there first! We’ll pretty much win the prize! —Toi seemed quite sure of himself.

—It’s really amazing how you know so much about hiking.

—I think it’s because my brother used to always give me tips on how to survive in the wild. My parents used to bring me along in their trips. They’re such an adventure pair too. Hiking, diving, hunting, fishing name it all! I have done them at least once with my brother. I hope you know him someday.

—W-woooow… I really don’t think I could get out of this forest by myself. I don’t feel very useful…

—Nahh, I couldn’t do it without you.

—Ehh?... I didn’t do anything at all. I just followed you until we get here.

—Not really, you really made me motivated and made this hiking enjoyable! I really like hanging out with you!

—Me too Toi!

—Anyway, I think we are really way ahead of everyone else. We are a few meters away back to the campsite, and this is the only passage to get back there. How about we just wait for someone to come this way? We can take a bit rest if you want?

—Y-yeah… my feet is kind of feeling tired already.

—Here is a good spot to rest. Let’s relax a bit, shall we?

Resting our feet, Toi took out food from his bag. He readiness makes him an impressive camper. The sun finally set, and the sky quickly turn dark.

—Hmmm… It’s already dark I can’t believe they still haven’t found their way back to camp. Let’s start a campfire. —Toi had stood up.

—I don’t know how to make one…

—No problem! That’s why I’m here! Watch and learn.

 Swiftly, Toi gathered some twigs and rocks, in less than a minute, he sparked an ember, and then made fire.

—Woow AMAZING! You never cease to amaze me.

—Piece of cake!

—You are really impressive, Toi!


We were enjoying the warmth from the campfire, until Toi broke the silence.

—Ahh… anyway, there is something in my head that I really want to talk to you about…

—Ehh?? What is it Toi?


It was that question that led us into something that… I didn’t expect.

—Well… hmmm how do I say this politely? -Toi seemed lost in his thoughts. —I saw you fapping last night.

—WHAAT?! Y-you were awake that time??!  Shit something inside me knew this would happen.

Y-yeah! You look so cute touching yourself like that! Hahaha! —Toi had blushed.

—Oh no… FUCK What was I thinking?

—You look like you were enjoying yourself, I didn’t want to disturb you… I remember how I always fapped in the locker room after every practice…

—W-whaaaaat?!... Why are you telling me that?

—H-hey! It’s perfectly normal to do it!

—Wait… I’m having hard time processing these so suddenly.

—You are enjoying this kind of talk aren’t you Kazu?

—N-n-no, Toi. It’s not like that! I do not know what to say.

—Your body says otherwise, you got a boner. —Toi was looking at my pants.


—But you know, you don’t need to hide it. Toi is always here to save the day.

Toi quickly threw me on the floor, took off my pants and knelt in front of me, holding my hands.

—Hehe! It looks so cute.

—Wh-what are you doing, Toi!?

—Just relax Kazu…

Toi started licking from the base to the tip of my dick. I could do nothing but let out one or another groan.

—Hnnn Toi! Toi if you continue that I’m gonna…

—H-haa… Don’t worry I won’t let you do it so quickly. I’m gonna make sure you enjoy it!

Toi raised his head a little but immediately put all my cock in his mouth and began to gently shake his tongue.

—Waahh! Toi! That…

He began to accelerate the pace, making me impossible to contain myself more

—Toi… please stop, I-Im gonna cum… Toi…

But Toi never took his mouth away from there. I cum inside his mouth.

—WAHH! Toi, I’m sorry!

Toi finally pulled his mouth back, there was still semen inside his mouth that could be seen, while he cleans himself with his forearm.

—Fwah! That was good Kazu! That tasted delicious! I expected nothing less from you.

—Ahh You don't have to say that! —I was dying of shame but Toi looked as normal as ever.

It’s the first time I have done anything like that… it felt good. And the fact that Toi did it for me… makes it even better. After a little clean up we’ve decided to move straight back to camp.



—So, we were not on the right path. That's why we didn't find anyone else. Right?

—Yes… I think so Kazu.

—Mmmh… from what I saw you don't seem to be the kind of person that would get lost with a map in your hand.

—Huh? What is your point?

—I mean… it was no accident that we separated from the right path, right?

—Yeah… maybe…?

—You took us out of the way, to do... Well... That, what we did...
—Kind of…

—About that... can we leave it as our secret?

—Hahaha! Sure Kazu! Anyway, the camp is empty, it seems that we are the first team to arrive, even though we waited for them!

—Yeeeess, the prize is ours!

—Hey! You two! How long have you guys been here? —Reo appeared with Mabu from the woods.

—Pfft! You guys are so slow. We’ve been here for an hour or more already! Right Kazu?

—That’s… really fast! —Coach was surprised.

—Toi lead the way until here, he is really awesome!

—See? I told you I will win you that prize, Kazu!

—Umm Coach, since we were the first one to go here, what is our prize?? I’m really curious of what it is!

—Yeah, what’s the prize Reo?

Reo and Mabu looked bewildered.

—Oh, the prize? Ahh, you already got the prize! It’s the essence of teamwork, trust, and your relationship with each other! Isn’t that a worth enough prize?

… Toi and I were totally disappointed.



—Shit… I knew this would happen. —Reo sighed.

—I’m sorry guys I just wanted you guys to be motivated in this activity, there is no… a prize. I know you guys will complain and won’t even participate if I say there isn’t any prize.

—ARGHHH!! Don’t give me that crap REO! Kazu here was really expecting that prize!

That's true, and Toi promised he would win it for me.

—Calm down boy… The main purpose of his hike was not only to increase your stamina but also to have fun.

—SHUT UP! I wanted to make Kazu happy by winning him the prize!

I was starting to blush. Fucking Toi Why do you always have to be so cute with me? But this time I had to hit him to calm him down. He didn't need to make such a fuss just for me.

—T-Toi… it’s okay.

—Hey! You didn’t have to hit me…

—Don’t be mean to Coach Reo! It’s okay if there isn’t any prize. I really had a great time with you anyway! That’s what matter right?

Toi blushed immediately.

—Ohh… Kazu, Okay then… if you say so.

—WOW… I never saw anyone else who can make Toi behave like that… It seems that Kazuki is being a good influence for you. Finally, someone can control the moody boy.

—What did you just call me?! Stupid Coach.

—Toi Enough! —I hit him again.

—B-But… Kazu!

—Hahaha! Anyway, looks like everyone is here now. Congrats everyone! —Reo was smiling

—W-wait! Enta’s team isn’t here yet! —Toi noticed that Enta was not here.

—It’s really late. Where’s Enta?? —Now I was worried.

—Should we go look for him Reo? —Toi asked.

—Let’s wait for a little more. Maybe they just had a wrong detou…

—COACH!!! —Someone was screaming while appearing from the woods.

—Oh, It’s Enta’s partner, Yusuke. See? I told you they’re just a bit late!

—But I don’t see Enta anywhere… —I said.

Yusuke finally arrived at the camp.

—Coach!! I’m sorry I lost Enta in the woods I can’t find him anywhere! Please help!

—Ehh?? What happened? Explain yourself. — Reo was worried.

Toi and I looked at each other scared.

—Well… I just turned around to pee beside a tree and the next thing I knew he was gone.

—What?! I’ll look for him, quick!!!

—Let me join you Reo. —Toi joined the coach.

—Let me go as well! —I could not stay behind.

—Okay! Let’s go!

Reo started running straight into the forest and we both followed him.