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Life As We Knew It

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The call came in the middle of the night. All sleep vanished from her tired mind as the words from the other end of the phone registered in her brain. She was out of bed in an instant, throwing on shoes as quickly as she could, barely giving herself time to grab her keys and phone before locking up and rushing to the hospital. Apprehension twisted in her gut as she ran to the nearest train station, and it only mounted as she waited for her stop. She was up and ready before the train even came to a stop; as soon as the doors opened she was off at top speed again. She had just enough mind to be happy that it was such a late hour and few people would be about to whiteness the great Uravity sprinting through the streets in her pjs and looking like she had just rolled out of bed.

Breathlessly she made her entrance into the quiet hospital lobby, desperately scanning for any familiar face. Iida saw her first though, and briskly made his way toward her, arm chopping away as always.

“Uraraka-chan! I was appointed the task of rounding up everyone arriving and directing them to the waiting area where we shall all convien.” He told her as he steered her toward the check in desk. Once she was properly signed in as a visitor he ushered her toward the elevators. “I must stay down here for when the rest of the people who were informed show up. But, take this to the third floor, then make a right and the waiting room is the fifth door on the left.” Iida pushed her inside, then with a wave and a smile he turned around and made his way back towards the hospital entrance as the doors shut her in.

She was bouncing on the balls of her feet, feeling too impatient for the slow pace of the elevator as it brought her to the third floor. And again even before the doors were completely open she was dashing out and down the hall. She paused at the double doors that lead to her destination, paused to take a breath to try and shake out the nerves and worry before she went in. She had to be strong for her friends not feed into any of their own trepidation, so with a final calming breath and a second to try and tame her sleep mussed hair she opened the doors.

The first thing she saw was Deku, practically a blur as he paced around the room. His hands kept pushing back his hair as he muttered under his breath, completely lost in his own thoughts. Then she saw a good portion of her former classmates lounging around in various groups in the waiting room, some talking quietly amongst themselves, others watching Midoriya with trepidation. Ochaco moved on instinct, rushing to her best friend and wrapping him in her embrace.

“Deku-kun! Are you okay? How’s everything going? Where’s Bakugou? Is everything okay so far? How long have they been back there?” She asked in a rush taking his face in her hands and forcing him to look at her.

Midoriya had a distant look it his eyes as he began to answer her, his voice low. “I don’t know Uraraka. I’m nervous. I- I couldn’t stay in there, no one prepared me for something like that. Kacchan is still back there… it’s- it’s a mess… there was so much blood, more than I thought there would be… you know heroing it gets you ready for some pretty graphic stuff… but that was beyond anything I could take… and the screaming, I couldn’t take it anymore… I had to leave…” he finally focused on her his eyes sharp and full of fear. “Uraraka, if I can’t handle this how am I supposed to handle what comes next?” He asked desperately.

Ocha let out a soft huff of air, she had a soft reassuring smile on her face when she told him, “You’re going to be fine. You and Bakugou are going to be okay, and everything is going to be good. You’re just overthinking things. Now how about we get you some shitty hospital tea, and sit down with everyone.” She wrapped an arm around his waist and lead him to one of the empty seats by everyone else. “Now, take a deep breath, and tell me how long until your mom and All Might and the Bakugou’s get here.”

She sent a pleading look to the person closest to them,Todoroki, and mouthed the words, “decaf tea”; smiling gratefully when he nodded and went to fetch a cup. She looked back at her best friend and saw him nodding to himself and taking deep breaths in and out. She placed a hand on his knee and gave it a squeeze reassuringly. With a final breath Izuku placed his hand over hers, and sent a wobbly smile her way.

“Thank you Ochaco. Um… they should be here soon. I’m kind of surprised you got here before them.” He was absentmindedly rubbing his thumb over the wedding ring on his left finger, a sign that he was still overthinking a bit, but at least he was better. He then took a good look at her and genuinely smiled, asking, “You didn’t even bother changing did you, you just rolled out of bed and got here as quickly as you could didn’t you?”

Ochaco felt her cheeks flush a bit as she gave him an embarrassed smile. She tried smoothing out her hair again, she just knew it was still sticking out all over the place, and tried to pull down her worn Thirteen sleep shirt that might have slightly outgrown over the years, but refused to get rid of. “Did you really expect anything else from me? I had to be here for you Deku. And Boomy too of course.” She told him.

She only had a second to see the tears welling in Deku’s eyes before he pulled her into a tight hug. She wrapped her arms around him and they stayed like that until his mother and mentor showed up. Once she was out of his embrace she made her way over to sit with Todoroki and Yaomomo, talking with them quietly as everyone else showed up to support their friends.

Two hours later and they were still waiting. Ochaco could feel her eyes getting heavy as she leaned against Iida. People had come and gone as work began and ended for them. Momo, Sero, and Mina had left a short while ago to catch their morning patrols, Tsu had showed up an hour ago after her night shift ended, and Kaminari had stopped by shortly while still on patrol to see how everything was and to be kept up to date. Ochaco had somehow convinced one of the sidekicks at her agency to cover her patrol for the day, promising a hearty IOU in exchange. A few nurses came out periodically giving them updates, the last one did not come bearing good news; they were going into surgery. That was when Ochaco knew there was no way she could leave. Deku had resumed his pacing, All Might pacing right along with him, and if the situation had been any better she probably would have laughed at just how similar Deku and his idol were.

Ochaco was just about to summon the strength to go find yet another cup of terrible coffee to try and stave off sleep for a little while longer when the hallway door burst open banging loudly. Everyone jumped with the sudden intrusion to be greeted by a frantic Kirishima. His hair was a mess, half spiked half plastered to his head with sweat and grime, he was breathing heavily and still wearing his hero costume that was torn in places.

“Where’s Bakugou? Is he still back there?” He practically shouted searching out anyone with an answer for him.

Deku quickly crossed the room pulling Kirishima into a hug, she heard him mummering quietly to the large red man, but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. She saw (and heard) Kiri thump Deku on the back reassuringly, before making his way to sit on the couch across from her with Bakugou’s parents. She smiled and gave a friendly nod to him before getting up and stretching, asking if anyone else wanted something from the cafeteria before she left to get something to keep her awake. She noted what everyone wanted before making her way to the door. But again before she could exit there was another loud clamor of doors banging open. This time they came from the treatment area.

Ochaco spun so quickly that she was sure she gave herself whiplash to see Bakugou had kicked open the doors, a fierce and proud smile on his face as he entered the room. He was still wearing a pair of blue scrubs over his clothing and he had pulled his surgical mask off his mouth, instead letting it cover his chin. He wasn’t looking into the room full of people who had been waiting for him, instead letting his gaze focus solely on the small bundle in his arms. When he spoke his voice was quieter than normal, and there was an unmistakable catch of emotions there.

“Deku, get your ass over here and meet your daughter already before everyone swarms us.”

She watched her best friend stumble as he rushed to the side of his husband. She could see fresh tears of joy rushing down his cheeks as he stood next to Bakugou, hands hovering over the baby in the blondes arms. “We have a daughter Kacchan! A daughter! Can you believe it! We have a daughter!” He whispered fervently over and over again between sniffles.

It was a perfect scene. Izuku had wrapped Baku in his arms, his head resting on his shoulder, his hands covering the other man’s as they held their daughter. The little girl with curly blonde hair already covering her head and a smattering of freckles coveringing her cheeks was sleeping soundly. The two men looking down at the angelic babe with so much love and adoration shining in their eyes. She almost felt like she was intruding on this precious private moment. But then Deku looked up, eyes still watery and said, “Everyone, we want you to meet Kaida.”


One Year Later

“...happy birth day dear Kaida! Happy birthday to you!” The off key finishing notes to the song everyone sang came to an enthusiastic end with a loud cheer as Katsuki and Izuku bent over to blow out the candle on their daughters cake together. Both of them pressed a kiss to the chubby cheeks of their one year old who was smiling brightly. Ochaco could hear camera snaps going off all around her at the sweet domestic scene. She smiled and shook her head slightly, still amazed at how much the pair had changed after the arrival of Kaida. She would have never in a million years have thought she would see the brash hot headed “king explosion murder” who she had seen multiple times sleeping with a snarl on his face smiling so openly and genuinely in front of everyone. And Deku, well he hadn’t changed much, but he did seemed happier, lighter, like the weight of the world didn’t always rest on his shoulder when he was around Kaida. Seeing them both like that, so light hearted and exhumberent more often than not made her happier than she would have ever thought. They both deserved it.

And Kaida, gods how she loved that little girl, she had somehow come out a perfect combination of her fathers. She was fiery and self assured, but with a gentle kindness and easy smile that melted everyone’s heart. Her blonde curls were wild and untamable, the freckles that exploded across her cheeks reminded Ochaco of constellations, and you could deny her nothing when she cast those big green pleading pools she claimed as eyes on someone. Ocha loved her with every fiber of her being. She had been overjoyed when Deku asked her to be the little girls godmother, and she had taken that title and ran with it. She spoiled her as often as she could (though no one spoiled her nearly as much as Bakugou did) any time she was able to she would come over and visit. Honestly seeing as she had very little intention of having children of her own anytime soon, no matter how much her Mama hinted, pestered, that she was ready to be a grandma; she came to treat Kaida as if she were her own.

Out of all the ways Ochaco had seen her life going, having two of her best friends deciding to start a family and then including her in it had been the best surprise she had never seen coming. But she was more than happy with the way things had turned out, she had worked hard in her thirty years to get where she was and in her opinion she had it all, a great career that not only provided for her parents but also brought happiness to others; one that had landed her ranking fifth in the hero polls. She had her little unconventional family, and her friends that she cherished; her home, a lovely “little” top floor apartment where she had her own workout room, office, guest room that was now a spare nursery for her goddaughter, and even a rooftop garden and lounge area, and she even had her cat Yusei to keep her company. As far as she was concerned her life was just perfect, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The call came in the middle of the night. Groggily she answered still half asleep. It had been a long day for her, between just having returned home that morning from a week long mission to help with disaster cleanup and recovery up in Iwate, to a twelve hour day that started with tedious paperwork she needed to catch up on and ended up getting extended an additional three hours after responding to a hostage call on the tail end of her patrol shift. She swore that she had just gotten home and collapsed into bed passing out immediately when she was rudely awoken not half an hour later by whoever was calling. 


The voice on the other end of the phone made all of that disappear though. 


Her fatigue and weariness fell away in an instant. She knew that something else was on its way to replace those feelings, but for the moment nothing came. She was left with a still emptiness as she sat there in her bed. For just a minute nothing happened, nothing changed, she was just there but she also wasn’t, and it felt like the whole world was still. Then everything came rushing back. 


She didn’t really know how long she had sat there silently, unmoved, but it was long enough for the voice on the other end of the call to start repeatedly calling her name. She shook her head, not to clear it but to try and get it working again, and to banish the painful prickling feeling that started behind her eyes. 


“Sorry, I’m still here.” She muttered into the phone, her voice distant and bland to her own ears. “Yeah, yeah…. I heard you. I’m on my way…. yeah no, I’m okay. I’ll be there shortly.” 


Deku- Call Ending…’ briefly flashed across her screen as she slowly got up from the bed. She moved swiftly but in a haze. Everything felt surreal, like a dream, like she could wake at any moment, like all this would suddenly disappear. 


But instead she put on her shoes, grabbed her keys and still gripping her phone locked her apartment and headed to the train station. She was already seated and on her way to the hospital by the time she noticed that it had started snowing, and she was severely underdressed. It seemed she couldn't bring herself to care about that though. She could handle a little cold, really that was the last thing she should be worrying about right now. 


By the time she made it to her stop she couldn’t quite muster the energy to run to the hospital. She couldn’t decide if it was because she was tired or if it was something else. Apathy, or maybe fear? It didn’t matter, and running wasn’t going to change anything now. In the end it didn’t matter how she got from point a to point b, and she was still too spaced out to notice the journey. 


She did break out of her fog for a moment when she noticed the hoard of reporters and onlookers corralled behind police lines as she made her way to the hospital entrance. She noticed the flashes of photos and the lights on cameras directed at her. Wonderful now on top of everything else her PR manager was probably going to ream her out for being seen in pjs. At least she was wearing her favorite Thirteen shirt and a pair of flannel Star covered pants and not something more embarrassing. Then she was vaguely able to make out the droning of her name coming from the crowd, but thankfully all of the questions muddled together as they tried to shout over each other. That was good, she didn’t want to hear what they were asking about. Without even a second look she ignored them and entered the building. 


No one was there to greet her in the lobby, so instead she made her way to the help desk and told the woman behind the counter who she was and who she was there to see. There was pity in the woman’s eyes and a practiced gentleness to her tone as she told Ochaco where to go. With a nod, she made her way to the elevator and pressed the button to go down. 


The basement was quiet, a stark contrast to the normal bustle of noises she associated with medical facilities. There were no steady beeps of heart monitors, no nurses or doctors hustling between patients, no drone of machines. So the sound of hushed conversation and sniffles carried easily down the empty hall to where she stood. Her sneakers squeaked against the linoleum, too loudly as she made her way down the hall and around the corner. 


There was no big group of friends that awaited her this time, only six people huddled around each other seemingly waiting for her. All Might was the first to notice and acknowledged her. He was sat next to a weeping Midoryia, a weariness in his eyes the likes of which she had never seen before on the almost always smiling man. 


“Young Miss Uraraka, I’m gl-“ he began but then cut himself off, “we’ve been expecting you.” He finished instead. 


She tried to greet him, opened her mouth to say hello and apologize for keeping everyone waiting but no words came out. 


There was a noise, a half choked little cry that she heard, had that come from her? Or was it from the other two people openly crying in the room. Oddly enough it must have come from her because she finally drew the attention from the three other men in the room. 


Then, before she knew what was happening she was wrapped in a pair of large, warm, strong arms. Her face was pressed into someone’s chest and she was saved from the embarrassment of whatever noise it was she had just made. They were solid and steady, and until that moment she hadn’t noticed she was shaking, maybe she hadn’t started it till then, and whether it was from the cold outside or the shock and stress of the situation she didn’t know. She also couldn’t tell if the wetness on her cheeks was from the now melting snow that had accumulated on her or from the persistent pricking behind her eyes. 


“Oh gods, Ochaco…” was more felt as a rumble coming through the person holding her chest than heard as he held her. 


And apparently those words and his embrace were what finally broke her of her haze, what let the pain and sorrow come flooding into that vast empty space that had occupied her chest. She wished she still felt empty, this was so much worse, and she couldn’t stop the sobs that broke free or the gush of tears that followed or the way she sagged against whoever was still hugging her. 


This wasn’t like her at all. She was a hero, she was supposed to b strong, one of the pillars that held society aloft, if she crumbled like this how was she supposed to help the others. Right now there were at least five other people who needed her help, she shouldn’t be falling apart like this. 


So she did what she was trained to do in a crisis situation. She calmed herself and pushed her emotions away till there was nothing but a weak determination and a thin air of professionalism. Her breathing returned to normal and she steadied herself as she began compartmentalizing. There would be time to break down later, when she wasn’t needed anymore, when she was alone. Later if it got really bad she could call- no she couldn’t do that she reminded herself, and pushed down the fresh wave of grief. 


Ochaco swallowed the lump in her throat and took a final steadying breath before pushing lightly against the wall of flesh embracing her. He compiled and released her from his grip, and she was finally able to get a look at him. Red eyes, that were slightly puffy and rimmed with grief looked down at her, but she noted the same practiced determination that came with their job that she knew was also in her shown in her. With an appreciative nod and a small weak lifting of the corners of her mouth that she couldn’t even call a smile, she turned away from Kirishima and focused on the doctor. 


After a moment the doctor, Dr. Jin or so his ID read, cleared his throat and addressed herself and Kiri. She felt her friends hand close around hers as Dr. Jin spoke. 


“I’m terribly sorry for this, and your personal loss. But protocol for the death of a hero, especially in this situation, is for another active pro to identify the body. We’ve found it to be less traumatic than when a family member who isn’t used to that kind of life is obliged to do it. Are you two ready?”


She knew this. It was a grim but factual part of being a pro hero. It was part of the distasteful but vast aspects of her job that no one wanted to discuss but still had to do. Being a pro wasn’t all glory and praise and saving the day. It was also watching people die and being unable to help, it was making a will at 16 years old incase something went wrong while she was interning, it was severe injuries, and paperwork and legal issues that made her want to bang her head on her desk repeatedly. And it wasn’t uncommon for pros to have a list of pre approved witnesses from among their colleges who would be called to identify them if the unthinkable happened on the job. Just like now. 


Squaring her shoulders Ochaco gave a decisive nod, then glanced to Kirishima to watch his agreement as well. Then there was nothing left to do but follow the doctor into the morgue.


She was grateful for the support that the steady presence of Kirishima’s hand gave her as they walked into the chilly room. She again noticed the stillness and quiet that enveloped this place. She hated it. It was so lifeless in the room. She quickly admonished herself at her poor choice of thoughts. Then before she could think anything else, she noticed the two bodies covered by white sheets laying out next to each other. 


She felt her breathing hitch and accelerate and she stumbled for a second as she drew closer. Then there was a light pressure gripping her hand, reassuring her that she wasn’t alone in this. She squeezed back. They came to a stop in front of the sheets, the doctor standing before them for a moment before he pulled one covering back then the other, just to below their clavicles, but that was more than enough. 


There was another wayward choked noise she couldn’t stop escaping her lips as she glanced down at her best friend and his husband. She could only look for a moment before she had to turn away, but it was more than enough time for her to take them in. She thanked whatever gods were listening to her that the staff had at least cleaned them before the identification. No blood covered them, but there was still the bruises, the swollen and busted lip that Bakugou sported, the terrible gash that marred half of Deku’s face, not to mention the handprints of disintegrated skin and muscle on both of them, along with an assortment of other little abrasions. There was not serene peacefulness about them, no way she could fool herself into thinking they were only asleep. There was none of the fire that had burned so brightly in Katsuki left and there was no more joy or courage that was always slight in Izuku. They were gone, cold. 




After that things went back to being a hazy blur. She did her duty identify the body, filled out the necessary paperwork. She bowed before her friends grieving parents and told them how sorry she was. Then as Inko hugged her and cried into her shoulder she promised that if there was anything, anything at all she needed help with or anything she could do to make this easier to not hesitate. She repeated that with the Bakugou’s. 


Then she went home. She curled up in bed. And she cried. 

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It was odd to be in their home now. It was almost uncomfortable sitting in their living room surrounded by people who weren’t them, everyone drowning in sorrow and grief in the same space that had held so much joy and happiness not that long ago.


Inko and Mitsuki has insisted on a private memorial for their sons. At least one for the family and close friends before the mass televised one was to be held. Ochaco had helped as much as she could between her patrol shifts. Hero demand was understandably up after what had happened, just like after the Kmaino Ward incident villain activity was on the rise, without the number one and two heroes around they had found the courage to come out in droves. Just another unpleasant side effect of this tragedy. 


The two mothers hadn’t stopped crying since before people had started to show up. And as Ochaco looked back over to the weeping blonde she couldn’t stop the craziest thought from crossing her mind, if only Katsuki could see his mother now. She knew he would yell at her, a blush darkening his cheeks and ears like it always did when he was embarrassed, she could practically hear him shouting at her, “ Stop your crying you old hag! It’s annoying and useless. Buck up and pull your shit together you look like a mess .” It made her want to laugh, which was absurd. 


Now wasn’t the time for laughing. 


She felt the couch dip next to her and looked over to see Toshinori-San, holding a bouncing Kaida. He looked even more worn than normal, his eyes glassy and distant. She knew she mirrored his expression. And yet here Kaida was, nothing but bright smiles, looking much too much like Deku. The little girl reached out to her and she took her from All Might, letting her jump excitedly in her lap instead. She bit back the tears and cry that wanted to escape her at the sight. There was no use making a scene right now, no use upsetting the baby. 


“You know, you don’t have to be the strongest person all the time.” 


Ochaco looked over to the hunched over figure of her childhood hero. He had said the words so quietly she wasn’t even sure she had heard him. Until he turned and looked at her, he rested a hand on her shoulder before speaking again. 


“It took me a long time to realize that. And I would be in much better condition than I am now if I had learned it sooner. Both physically and emotionally, young Uraraka. It’s okay to lean on others in support when times are tough. You’ll always be stronger together than when you are on your own.” He told her, his words weighted and powerful. 


She immediately broke down crying. 



Deku: You back yet? Everything go okay with your flight. 


Me: yep! Just landing now. Can I just say I really like flying first class!  (o^^o)


Deku: Just wait till you sign at an agency that has access to a private jet ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Deku: So are you coming over to visit today? 


Me: 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 I can’t. Boss man scheduled me for a full shift


Deku: What?? After being away on a week long mission! They can’t even give you a half day to get reccouperated??


Me: Pssh! You know crime doesn’t take a day off Mister #1 Hero! So apparently I don’t get to either (>_<) 

Me: But I do have just a simple morning shift tomorrow 


Deku: I have morning patrols tomorrow too, but my evening is free, so if you have no plans you are coming over for dinner. I’ll have Kacchan make your favorite *\(^o^)/*


Me: You had me at dinner lol. 

Me: Oh but I gotta go, I still need to pick up Yusei from Tenya’s. But I’ll see you tomorrow! Give Kai a big ol hug and kiss from me, and give my love to Boomy. 


Deku: Okay Okay. See ya tomorrow Ochaco. ( ^ω^ )


She wasn’t sure if reading over the last conversation she was ever going to have with Deku was a good idea or not, but it was definitely better than sitting and rewatching the news footage that every station had been playing on a loop for the last week. She had seen it once. That was more than enough times. 


She didn’t need the scene played over and over again for her to remember it, it was something she would probably never forget. It already played over and over in her head when she closed her eyes, it played over and over again if she let her thoughts drift, it played over and over again anytime she thought of them. She didn’t need to see it because it was already fundamentally ingrained into her. 


The cameras hadn’t gotten there till the battle was already well underway. The screams of citizens could be heard as well as the booms of crumbling architecture and explosions caused by the chaos. You could make out other figures fighting and fleeing the mass of Nomus in the periphery of the scene. But the main focus was on a great crater of destruction. Three men stood in the middle, two against one, the symbols of peace and victory against a man who wanted to see the world disintegrate. And of course there was Deku, pleading with the man, still trying to save him after everything, still trying to bring hope and happiness to even the darkest creature. But Shigiraki was too far gone, mad from years of solitude and the poisonous lessons that had been ingrained into him by his master. He didn’t want redemption, he wanted revenge. And what better way than to take the student of the man who had taken All for One away from him and bring the peaceful society All Might had created to a screeching halt. 


After that there had been no more words. 


He went after them with the kind of force and power she hadn’t seen the likes of since the Kamino ward tragedy. And it was obvious that neither Deku or Ground Zero has been expecting it either. It was worlds away from how Shigiraki had fought before, everything up till now seemed like a game he had been playing, but now, now he was serious. 


The fight itself couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes, but it felt like forever. Ash rained down around the men as they danced in a deadly choreography of battle. It became harder and harder to see anything beyond the explosions that Bakugou created, just glimpses of flashing green, a body thrown back only to charge forward into the fray again, the sight of blood strewn across rubble. 


As quickly as it had started it seemed like it was over. The explosions stopped and the dust and smoke settled and what everyone first saw was victory. The villain had been incompasitated, unconscious and bound by quirk canceling equipment, hands broken and charred so he could do no more damage. There was a roar of cheers that could be heard from the camera crew, and then the scene panned to the victorious duo. 


The two of them lying there in the middle of quiet destruction, their hands intertwined in their last moments together, two golden rings the only things reflecting any light. They looked so much worse than when she had last seen them in person, so broken and misshapen, clothes and skin torn, bloodied and beaten. But at least they had their hands, at least they could still hold on to each other in their last moments, at least they hadn’t been alone. 


She couldn’t watch the footage anymore after that. 


Because they had been alone. No back up, no other heroes to help them fight off Shigiraki and his terror. Sure there had been other heroes on the scene, but the duo refused help as always, pushed everyone back to help the citizen and take on the big bad guy alone. Gods and she hadn’t even been there… hadn’t even known it was happening. And she couldn’t help but think that maybe if she had ... maybe if she had finished up her hostage situation a little quicker she could have caught the call, or seen the billowing smoke of the fallen buildings. Maybe she could have helped, maybe she could have changed something so that they came out of it alive. 


She shook her head dispelling the “what if’s” they would do nothing now, “what if’s” couldn’t change anything and they only made her feel worse. So she sat there in the lobby of what was formally Deku and Bakugou’s agency, trying not to think of looking at the TV, trying not to think about how she had spent the last few days; the press conferences, the meetings with the chief of police and the board of heroes, the paperwork and the legal documents that needed reviewing, helping Inko and Yagi with “final preparations”, taking care of helping out with Kaida to give The Bakugou’s a break, secretly mourning with her closest friends. And now here she was, waiting for the firms lawyers to go over more legal issues that needed to be tied up, and things that needed to be addressed from their wills. 


She wasn’t the first of her friends to be sitting where she was now, she had run into Iida as he was leaving the building after having to go through this as well. With a supportive hug and the promise to see her back at Todoriki’s after she was finished, he left her to whatever fate Deku and Baku had in store for her. It was probably childish of her, Tsu, and Tenya to have all taken up a temporary residence at Shotou’s, but it was something they all needed. The world seemed lonelier without the man that had brought them all together so many years ago, and being with them made things seem a little more bearable for the time being. The Dekusquad without their Deku, so what did that make them now? 




She felt lost. 


“Uraraka-San, I’m terribly sorry for the delay, but we’re still waiting on the other party that this part of the will pertains to, to show up.” A young woman, the firms secretary, told her once again breaking her from her thoughts. 


“It’s fine.” She told the girl with a gentle smile, one that she knew didn’t reach her eyes. She hadn’t smiled for real in days. 


The girl bowed low and went back to whatever task she had been doing before, and left Ochaco back to her futile mission of not thinking. She had just opened her phone again when the elevators dinged and a familiar figure stepped through. 


Kirishima did not look well. 


She shouldn’t have been surprised, no one who had been close to Deku and Bakugou has looked well for the past few days. Hell she knew that she wasn’t looking picture perfect, but Kirishima had taken it to the next level of unwell. 


His hair was deflated, covered by an old hat that had scorch marks on it. His clothes were rumpled and looked like he had thrown something on to go to the gym instead of showing up here. His shoulders were slumped and his steps heavy, and his normal toothy grin was nowhere to be seen. As he drew closer she noticed his eyes were a little puffy and red rimmed with heavy dark bags under them, and also… slightly glassy to boot. 


“Oh, Uraraka. I didn’ expect to see you here.” He muttered in lue of a greeting. 


She narrowed her eyes at him slightly as she asked, “Are you drunk?” 


He let out a small huff. “Shouldn’ be. Bit hungover maybe, but can ya really blame a guy?” He sighed and plopped down next to her rubbing his hand over his mouth. “Tetsu and I went to the gym last night, then he convinced me to have a few drinks that turned into a lot of drinks. He ended up hauling me back to his place. Just woke up to a call from Katsu’s lawyer asking me if I was on my way in for this meeting.” He admitted. 


She tentatively reached out and patted his massive shoulder, even as deflated as he looked, she would never be able to get over how tiny she felt beside him. “Well you’re here now. I guess you’re the other person they wanted to talk to about whatever this is.” 


“Oh I didn’t know this was a multiple person thing… shit! I’m sorry, did I make you wait?” He asked with a groan, his shoulders slumping even more. 


“It’s fine.” 


It looked like he was about to say something else when the secretary lady came back over briskly, stating. “Good both parties are finally here, come on, better to get this out of the way and talk after.” 


The girl rounded them up and shoved them into the lawyers office. The man behind the desk had a stern face and a sharp eye as he watched them both take a sweet, and Ochaco got the distinct impression that somehow they had already disappointed the man. Well, it wasn’t like she was the one who was late. Though she couldn’t really fault Kiri for his actions, not at a time like this. 


The man began to talk, going over legal papers and saying a lot of stuff that was overly formal and mostly went over her head, a lot of stuff about personal belongings, bank accounts, mortgages, and a whole mess of other things that didn’t seem to make any sense to her. She knew Deku would probably have left some things to her, but then why was Kiri here, and what was all this about accounts being tied up, and spending allowances. It wasn’t making any sense to her, and then she heard the words “legal guardian” and “in charge of her wealth and belongings till she turns of age” and she had to make sure she was hearing things correctly. 


She held up her hand to stop the man from talking. “Wait wait wait. I’m sorry, but I just want to make sure I’m hearing this correctly. You’re saying that Dek- Midoriya and Bakugou left their home and money and personal belongings to us?” She asked in shock motioning between herself and Kiri who looked just as baffled as she felt. 


The man sighed and shook his head. “No. Well yes, but not technically, they’ve left everything to their daughter, but as her legal guardians-“ 


“What do you mean by that? Her legal guardians?” Kirishima interrupted. 


“Well both parties stated very clearly in their wills that they wanted the godparents to raise Kaida, together. That would be you two.”