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The Boyhood Dream or Something Like That

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The Boyhood Dream or Something Like That



As Robin, Jason Todd was living the dream most kids his age would kill to have. Being the partner of Batman was killer all on it's own, but you also got to hang out with other heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and like he was now, the Teen Titans. Or rather the New Titans as they liked to be called. Couldn't really call them Teen Titans when most of them were no longer teens.

They were a fun bunch and he certainly liked hanging with Dick Grayson, the first Robin. He did have to admit that he really liked being around Donna Troy, formerly known as Wonder Girl, now Troia. Sure, most guys would be more excited about meeting Starfire and Jason certainly got it. To him, Donna was more appealing. His young teenage heart, or hormones, you never know, was far more drawn to her.

Right now, he was in the training room of Titan's Tower. It was good to train without Batman being Mr. Drill Sergeant. It helped that the Titans didn't program them to be as sadistic as possible. Right now, the training program was to hone one's agility in a fire fight.

Jason was jumping over the place, dodging attacks and responding in kind. He may not have Dick's agility, but he was far from being a statue in a fight. He was doing quite well, hadn't been hit once. He was feeling quite good about himself.

“Not bad, kiddo. You're almost as good as Dick”. Jason turned to see who had spoken. It was Donna.

“Well, I don't plan to stay almost. I plan to be better” Such bravado. Donna expected it by now due to the previous encounters with Jason. He was a cocky one.

“Hey Donna, watch this”! Jason continued the simulation, jumping from platform to platform. His target was a training robot. He jumped towards the machine, flinging birdarangs at it. The bot dodged the projectiles and answered with it's own. Stupid move, too overconfident. The bot's projectiles hit Jason square in the shoulder, him dropping mid-air.

“JASON”! Donna screamed, quickly turning the program off and running towards Jason. She picked him up, trying to look over the damage “It's alright Jason, looked like you just got banged up a bit.” Donna said, stroking Jason's hair. What was notable to Jason was that she was pressing his head up to her chest. He couldn't believe it, to be this close. He dreamed of something like this. He said nothing, just snuggled against her breasts, hoping she wouldn't noticed.


It was a good memory, Jason thought as he stood in the training room, now a grown man. She never did realize what had happened and neither did the other Titans when they came to see what was going on. It was all his little secret.

Right now, he was waiting for Dick as he needed help with a few technical things for the tower. Why he couldn't get the other Titans or any other hero to do it was beyond him. Personally, he thinks Dick does it to annoy him.

“Hey there, young fella” The voice was not Dick's, but Donna's. Odd since Dick didn't say that any of the others would be here “So, what are you doing here, making sure we Robins don't wreak the brand new tower?” Ever so snarky, even more so as he had grown up.

“No Jason, though knowing Dick and his past with home improvement, that is a legit fear.” It was actually. Jason remembered when he tried to do some wiring in Oracle's tower. Needless to say, her communicators translating everyone into Korean was the least disastrous thing that happened.

“I am here just to see how you are doing” Now that was interesting. She was here to see him. Jason, asking the obvious “Why though? I'm doing fine”.

“Well I haven't seen you in a while. Not since that incident with Duela”. It was an explication, but not a satisfactory one to Jason “Oh come on now. I was a pain in the ass when I teamed up with you and Raynor”.

Donna's face suddenly became low, as if a sudden sadness hit her “Well, after what went down with Roy and Wally, I kind of needed a little cheering up. And for better or worse, you are generally fun when you aren't an asshole”. Now it made sense. While he had no strong feelings about West, Roy was his friend and with him getting killed and brought back, something Jason had experience with, he could see how it was an issue for him and others.

“Well, everything is better. So no need to feel crappy about it”.

“Well, I still do. I still have to go through with it. Just like we all did when you died” Donna was clearly upset. Yeah Wally and Roy were better, but clearly having to deal with what happened was still a raw deal. Jason walked over to comfort her, something he noted was not all in character with him. But he couldn't stand Donna being upset. To him, she should never be upset.

“Hey now, it's alright. I know how crappy everything has been for a while, but it's all getting normal, realtively speaking” Jason's voice was calming, helped by him stroking Donna's hair as her head was on his chest.

“You know, I remember when I did this for you in the training room of the old tower. Though, you probably enjoyed my chest more than I did yours” Jason slowly pushed away, obviously shocked at what Donna said “You mean, that you knew?”

“Oh come one Jason. I'm not that oblivious. The only reason I didn't give you hell for it was because you were hurt. And before you make a lewd comment, no you are never getting to do that again.”

Jason was shocked, but not surprised. Donna was a giver and such a nice woman “Well a guy can dream can't he”? Donna laughed a bit, only to return to a somber mood

“I'm tired Jason. After all that has happened in the last few years, I'm just so damn tired.” Jason wouldn't like to admit it out load, but seeing her like this broke his heart. Donna was so full of life once, so vigorous. Now, she was a old solider wanting to rest. Someone so numb, that she craved to feel again.

Jason once again took her in his arms, wanting to give her something. Donna repaid in kind and then began kissing him. Donna suddenly pulled away, realizing what she had done “Oh God, Jason I'm sorry. I didn't know what came over me. Overcome by emotion...” Before she could continue, Jason came over and began kissing her back. It was slow, but passionate.

“Don't, Donna” Jason said after pulling away, not letting Donna speak “You need this. Shit, I need this and not to full fill an old teenage fantasy. Though that would be nice too.”

The two began undressing, slowly taking off their clothing. Afterwards the two admired the other. Donna remarking that Jason was indeed not the runt he was back then. Jason was in a trance at how amazing Donna looked. All those dreams he had as a kid brought to life. No, this was better.

Donna took hold of Jason's hand and placed it on her chest, in-between her breasts. Jason traced his hand downward to her stomach before moving them back up. He then moved his hand to one of Donna's large breast and grabbed, Jason remarking how soft it felt. Donna moaned at the sensation of Jason's hand on her tit.

Jason too Donna's shoulders and pulled her down to the floor. He then opened her legs and inserted his cock into her apparently wet pussy. “Oh god, I'm letting this happen. I am letting Jason Todd inside of me”! Donna was shocked at this turn, but at the same time, it felt so good. She had little time to think any further about it as Jason lean forward, smashing his lips onto Donna's. Donna herself, wrapping her arms and legs around Jason.

Jason kept up, thrusting and making out with Donna. He picked up Donna and laid on his back, Donna now straddling his crouch. She began bouncing on him, her breasts moving with her rhythm. Jason held on to her waist as she continued riding him. Donna stopped for a moment and pulled Jason upward, his face now mashed into her chest.

“I guess I was lying about this. Have at it, big boy” Jason complied with Donna's order and began sucking on Donna massive mammaries. They tasted so good. Helping along was Donna holding the back of his head. She then released him back on to the floor, she joining him.

Now she was on top of him, her chest on Jason's wide muscular one. Jason then took over, pushing into her, Donna kissing his mouth and neck. Jason has an almost death grip as he wrapped his arms around Donna as in for dear life and increased his speed. This would have gone longer had not Donna broke the grip.

Donna then stood, pulling Jason up as well and sitting him on a nearby chair. She then took her spot on top of his penis. She once again began riding him, one of his arms around her wasted and the other around her chest. Jason alternated between kissing her neck and her lips when she turned her head. He loved the feeling of her perfect ass bouncing on his crouch, a feeling the made him start thrusting into her again, to her delight.

“Donna, baby, I'm going to cum” Jason warned, almost to the point of climax. “In me. Do it in me. I want all of you” Jason was shocked by Donna's demands, but was more than happy to do so. A minute went by as Jason exploded in Donna, the two lovers panting as the end came.

“Well, you are quite the lover for someone who is such a loner. So tell me, did I fulfill all those fantasies you had about me when you were younger”? Donna asked, her head leaning on Jason's chest.

“Donna, I can safely say that I could never have imagined anything like this back then. I can say that my 16 year old self is not doing cartwheels in my head right now” Jason's words gave Donna a satisfied laugh.

There afterglow was interrupted by a nearby crashing sound. It was Dick, who had dropped his tool box. He stood there in shock silence, a look of horror on his face.

“Hey Dick. Donna showed up” Jason was clearly enjoying Dick's plight right now. Donna was a little more worried “Dick, its like this. Umm, well I and he and...” Dick said nothing. Instead he slowly turned and walked out of the room.

“We better go and talk to him” Donna said, trying to stand. He attempt thwarted by Jason “Nah. Let his brain restart. By then, he'll run in here, screaming at us. Let us just sit here and bask in the glow. Besides, I want to cuddle”.

“Oh, didn't know you were a cuddlier.” Jason smiled at that statement “There is much that is not known of me. But, if you like, you could find out.” Donna returned Jason's smiled with one of her own, her head resting below Jason's chin “I would really like that.”