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In the good ol' summertime

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Even with the windows open the bedroom was stifling, muggy. The one, true evil in the world is a blackout in the middle of a summer heatwave. Stiles groaned, every inch of his bare skin dripping with sweat. Fruitlessly, he tried wiping his forehead with the back of his hand to keep sweat from getting in his eyes, but it felt more like he was simply moving it around rather than getting it off him. He bit his lip and dropped his hand, grabbing his father’s sweat-slick hips in a firmer grasp. 

Throwing his head back, Stiles closed his eyes and fucked his dad’s ass harder. “Oh, Jesus,” Noah gasped, his words ragged around the edges. His fingers unclenched the damp bedsheets he laid on and he reached behind him blindly groping for his son’s thighs. His big hands squeezed tightly, pulling Stiles that little bit closer, that little bit deeper.  

Stiles choked on his words, mumbling disconnected sounds that generally conveyed his surprise and delight. He leaned forward, resting his weight on the small of his father’s back, giving him the leverage he needed to really pound his ass. Is there anything better than deep-dicking your own dad? Right now, Stiles couldn’t think of a single thing. Not a single thing.

Growling into the mattress, Noah muffled his cries by biting into the bedsheets. Panting through his nose, his heated breath lingered against his skin as his fingered scrambled to keep hold of his son’s slippery thighs. He had to keep him close. Had to keep him hitting that spot inside him that made his eyes roll back and his cock drip pre-come like a leaky faucet, enough to get his dick sticking to the sheets. 

“I’m gonna nut. I’m gonna come,” Stiles clarified, his slim hips pistoning even faster somehow. 

“In-side-me,” Noah grunted, harshly panting for every breath.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Stiles bellowed, unable to stop himself from erupting. Who knew his dad was so kinky? Figures, though. Stiles had to have gotten it from somewhere. 

“Language,” Noah chided out of habit. 

Half laughing, half snorting Stiles collapsed on top of his father. The irony of his dad’s edict while he was literally jizzing inside him was just too much. Realizing it himself, Noah blushed and let his hands fall to the bed and slide back up to clutch the sweat-damp sheets as his son continued to roll his hips in the most perfect way. 

“Your ass is fucking amazing,” Stiles pointedly praised, huffing against his father’s neck. His hands drifted up, grabbing at his father’s thick forearm for balance. He gave him a loving squeeze and whispered in his ear, “So fucking tight.” 

“Jesus, Stiles,” Noah exclaimed, letting go of the sheets. Sliding his hands upwards, Stiles twined his long fingers with his father’s thicker ones as his hips gradually slowed.

“Love you, Dad,” Stiles softly proclaimed, kissing the back of his father’s head. 

“Love you too, kiddo,” Noah said over his shoulder. Stiles impulsively leaned down and licked at the corner of his dad’s open mouth tasting his salty sweat. Noah sighed. “It’s good to have you home, son.”

Stiles grinned, his brain kicking back on now that he was done shooting it out his dick. “Well, with an ass like yours waiting for me I might have to come more often.”

“Anytime, kiddo. Anytime.”

Barking a laugh, Stiles reared up. Pulling his hands free, he sat back on his knees. “You’re gonna regret that,” he boasted, wriggling his hips to drive home his point. “I can get it back up in a heartbeat.”

Playfully, he took a swat at his dad’s firm, hairy butt cheek. Noah hissed, “Easy, son, easy.”

“Aw, you liked it.” Stiles waved away his father’s request and pulled out, his dick mostly soft by now. Pushing himself down the bed, Stiles palmed his dad’s butt cheeks, petting the one he slapped a bit before jiggling the two cheeks for fun. 

Noah opened his mouth to complain, but thought better of it. Let the boy have his fun. He was still flying high on post-orgasm hormones. After all it was harmless and oddly enough he kind of enjoyed the attention. A few folks over the years had mentioned how nice his ass was, usually women trying to flirt with him to get out of tickets or whatnot. This though felt much more honest.

Stiles continued squeezing and jiggling his father’s cheeks for a bit, eventually prying them apart to study the hole he’d just fucked up-close. “Fuck,” he swore, gazing at his dad’s puffy asshole. “It’s like it can’t even close all the way.”

It was Noah’s turn to chuckle. “You’re pretty big, kiddo. It’s going to take a minute.” 

“Whoa,” Stiles muttered. Before Noah could ask, his son was bending down, flicking his tongue down his ass crack and at the dribble of come leaking from his stretched hole.

“Holy God!” Noah burned bright red, burying his face in the sheets as his son buried his face between his cheeks and slurped incessantly at his pucker. Stiles moaned into his sensitive skin and Noah panted, his dick throbbing back to life with every flick of the tongue and every breath and every noise Stiles made.

“We taste good,” Stiles proclaimed. “Gimme some more, Daddy.”

“Oh, Jesus! I’m going to Hell,” Noah whined, even as he pulled his leg out and to the side to give his son better access. 

“Ha! In this heat, we’re already there,” Stiles joked. “Might as well have some fun, right, Daddio?”

“Stiles!?” Noah halfheartedly scolded. His toes curled as Stiles dug deeper inside him with his tongue searching for more of his own come and Noah let it go. Blasphemy was the least of their sins. He groaned, nabbing a pillow from the headboard and resting his face on the cool side. He just let it go. Let it all go. Right up to the moment his sex-fiend of a son shoved two fingers up his ass and started curling around like he was digging for loose change. “God! Stiles!?”

“Waste not, want not,” Stiles tutted, teasingly. He yanked his fingers out and sucked them clean before driving them straight back in for more. Noah shuddered, his dick hard and throbbing now from the stimulation. He took a deep breath and unclenched as best he could letting whatever was left inside him drivel out. 

His son ate it up, but then he didn’t stop. “Stiles, wha--”

“You didn’t come, Daddy,” he explained. “It’s not fair.”

Noah wasn’t about to argue with that, not when his dick was so urgently throbbing in a way he hadn’t felt in years. Over a decade, even. Arching his back, Noah pressed his ass against his son’s slippery, sticky face, pushing himself down his son’s two thin fingers. 

Stiles moaned against his dad’s hot pucker. “That’s it, Daddy,” he encouraged. “Get into it.”

“Where...” Noah wheezed, lightheaded and panting hard for air. “Did you learn to talk dirty like this?”

“Porn,” Stiles succinctly replied. “Been watching it since I was twelve.”

“Christ,” Noah groaned. “I had it blocked.”

“I got the password,” Stiles said casually with a shrug of his shoulders.


“I have my ways.” Stiles laughed, taking the opportunity to reach up and pull his dad’s erection backwards towards his mouth. He suckled the tip whipping his tongue into his dad’s leaky slit, while he continued fingering his dad’s ass, making sure to brush his fingers along his dad’s prostate to get every drop. 

Plunking his head into his mattress, Noah breathlessly moaned, plucking randomly at the sheets beneath him. He didn’t think he could come like this, but it felt amazing nonetheless. Stiles popped off his cock and Noah rocked his hips upwards to get his erection back under him again. “Fuck, I’m hard,” Stiles swore. “Can we go again, Daddy?”

“Jesus.” Noah groaned under his breath, resigned but absolutely sure he would be sore for the rest of the day, if not the week. “Okay, kiddo. One last time.”

Whooping excitedly, Stiles yanked his fingers out of his dad’s ass and scrambled upright. “You come first this time,” Stiles demanded taking another shot at his dad’s ass. The smack heard ‘round the world. 

“Easy, Stiles, easy,” Noah warned. “I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Stiles waved his hand dismissively as his father moved onto his side. He watched hungrily while Noah put the pillow he had on hand under his hip and raised one leg up into the air. “You’re still a hot piece of ass.”

“Oh my God,” Noah grumbled rolling his eyes. “Get in me, son, ‘fore I call this off and call it a day.”

“Yes, sir!” Stiles gave him a salute and then dropped onto his side like an excited puppy bouncing on the bed. Sidling closer to his dad, Stiles guided his rock hard cock back towards his dad’s swollen hole. Taking a moment for himself, he slowly traced the tip of his erection up and down his dad’s ass crack. 

“Stiles,” Noah warned with a parental tone of voice. Stiles chuckled lightly and obeyed his father, sinking the thick head of his shaft gradually into his dad once again. Noah sharply inhaled, but quickly relaxed as his son gently pushed in a little bit at a time until he was all in. Sweaty chest against sweaty back. 

Stiles wiggled his hips, his hand whirling up his dad’s thick midsection up to his chest while the other squirmed under him to get around to the other side. “You like that, Daddy,” he asked, whispering directly into his father’s ear. Noah shook all over with chills and nodded as his son began to fuck him. “You like me big cock in your ass, Daddy?”

Noah answered honestly, “Yes.” His reached down and took his slightly wilted erection in hand, giving himself a couple easy strokes. 

They took it slower this time. Stiles rocked and rolled his hips in a maddening rhythm while Noah jerked off in time with his son’s pace. 

Steadily, Stiles built to a faster speed, licking and nipping the shell of his father’s ear as he mumbled all sorts of naughty things. “Love how thicc you are, Daddy,” he murmured, his hands rubbing up and down his father’s heaving chest and toned, but rounded stomach. “And hairy, all over. So freaking hot. God! You’re so fucking sexy, Daddy. Can’t keep my hands off you.”

Unable to form words, Noah just moaned, beating off with his son’s every thrust. He couldn’t believe how dirty his son could be or how much he enjoyed it. “M-more,” he stuttered. 

“Never wanna leave,” Stile whined. “Wanna stay here forever. Inside you. Making you come. Can’t get enough, Daddy. Don’t wanna stop.”

“Don’t stop,” Noah affirmed. “Don’t stop, son.”

“Never, Daddy,” Stiles promised. “Not gonna stop ‘til you come. Wanna feel you come on my big cock.”

“Oh, Jesus!” Noah wailed as his son started pinching his nipples, coaxing them into hard peaks, tugging on them like they were toys. “Oh my God!”

While he masturbated with one hand, Noah reached behind him and grabbed a handful of his son’s hair, pulling him in. “I love you, kiddo,” he reiterated. “Love you so fucking much.”

“Love you too, Dad,” Stiles earnestly returned. Flushing pink, Stiles crashed his lips against his father’s, claiming them in a biting, frantic kiss. Noah made a noise of surprise and then returned his son’s kiss right back, tasting him on his breath. 

Stiles pulled back, hiding his face in the crook of his dad’s shoulder and began sucking a hickey on his neck. “Come for me, Daddy,” he insisted. “Come for me.” 

“Yes, sir,” Noah echoed, jerking his cock roughly. A few more pumps and he groaned, long and low, erupting like Old Faithful. Stiles hurriedly stretched across his father cupping his hand to catch his dad’s release. 

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Noah parroted, the sudden angle of Stiles’ cock jutting directly against his prostate. 

“Gotta have a taste,” Stiles offered as an apologetic explanation. Noah sobbed, milking his dick for every drop for his son. “Jesus, you come a lot!”

“Been awhile.” 

“No shit,” Stiles confirmed bringing his come-covered hand up to his face. He sucked some jizz into his mouth and hummed in delight. “Told ya we taste good. Goddamn!”

Letting go of his spent cock, Noah shifted away from his son. Taking ahold of Stiles’ erection, he looked his son in the eye and asked, “Care to share with your old man?”

Lit up like a Christmas tree, Stiles basically almost shoved his hand into his father’s mouth, giving the older man a taste of his own seed as requested. Noah hadn’t eaten his own come since he was a teenager and tired it once just to see what it was like. It didn’t taste quite the same as he remembered, but it was still not the most pleasant. He pushed his son’s fingers out of his mouth and said, “An acquired taste, I guess.”

Laughing, Stiles resumed sucking come off his hand like it was a fine dessert. At least until Noah lightly stroked his cock. “Want to come again, kiddo?”

“Always,” Stiles instantly responded, his hips already pumping into his father’s grip. 

Noah chuckled. “I think, I mean, I’d like to maybe suck on your balls a little, if you--”

“Shit yeah!” Stiles just about shot out of the bed in excitement and immediately went to straddle his father. Noah stopped him for a minute and shimmied down the bed lying flat on his back before letting his son go.  

Unlike his own ballsack, Stiles’ set hung low, already brushing the tip of his nose without even trying. Noah raised his chin and licked one nut into his mouth. Stiles shuddered above him, choking on his own spit. 

As Noah, explored his son’s balls, holding them in his mouth one at a time, sucking on them together like an egg, flicking his tongue along the seam, Stiles furiously stroked his cock muttering, “I’m jerking off with your load on my hand and my nuts in your mouth. Holy shit! Oh my God! So fucking hot, dude! Dad?!”

“Come for me, kiddo,” Noah ordered, lifting Stiles’ nuts with his hand a bit so he could get his tongue pressed firmly into Stiles’ taint. He rubbed his free hand along his son’s quaking thigh. “Come for Daddy.”

“Oh my fucking GOD!” The first couple spurts landed with a splat on his father’s forehead as Stiles came for the second time in less than an hour. The rest gushed down his shaft in a quick stream which petered out almost in an instant. “Fuck,” he swore under his breath. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Where did you get such a dirty mouth?” Noah teased, licking up his son’s shaft, tasting his come for the first time. Stiles whined, overstimulated, staring blankly at his father’s reddened, come-painted face. “I like how you taste better.”

“I think-” Stiles panted heavily. “I think I’m in love.”

“Stiles,” Noah admonished. 

In a flash, Stiles laid himself flat, half on top of his father, half on the bed, licking his come off his dad’s forehead as he went, crashing their lips together in a huff. Noah grunted at the sudden weight, but opened his mouth, the two of them swapping the come between them noisily. 

“I never wanna leave again,” Stiles averred, settling his head on his father’s chest in full cuddle mode. 

“We’ve got all summer, kiddo,” Noah responded. “Two whole months.”

“And then some,” Stiles reminded. 

“And then some.” Noah fidgeted under his son, moving his ass against the soiled sheets. “I need a shower.”

“We need a shower,” Stiles amended.

“A cold one,” Noah asserted. 

Stiles snorted a laugh. “Too late! Ooh, we should take one together,” Stiles lewdly suggested. “To save water.”

Noah groaned. “You’re gonna be the death of me, kiddo.”

“Maybe. But what a ride, right?” Stiles said, playfully smacking his dad in the chest as he jumped to his feet. Noah couldn’t help but chuckle at his son’s boundless energy. “I’ll get the water started.”

Fondly, Noah shook his head and gingerly rolled off the bed and stood up. “What a fucking ride,” he muttered to himself, walking slowly to the bathroom to join his son.