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Can You Sign Right Here, Please?

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It started with a tingling sensation at the base of his spine and traveled up the course of his body. Although Serizawa had never experienced this before, he knew at once what it was: he was being summoned. All of the lectures, all of the demonstrations and stories were going to come to fruition; all of his unnatural life had been spent in preparation for this moment.

Of course, he was nervous, Serizawa had heard the stories from the other incubi in the organization about their first times. How hideous some of their humans had been, how awkward the act was. Shimazaki claimed that his first time seducing a human was perfect but Serizawa suspected that was a lie. They always told him that his day would finally come and here it was.

As Serizawa appeared where his contract would be fulfilled, he told himself he was ready. He told himself that he was prepared for anything. However, he was not prepared for the sight of his human standing in the middle of a small apartment with his feet on a paper diagram decorated with footprints and dotted lines. Tinny classical music played from an old record with a bored voice intoning, “Step one, two, three; turn one, two, three.”

Tall, blonde and slender, his human was actually rather adorable, even with the flabbergasted expression on his face. “Ah….” The human stumbled in the middle of a turn and stared at Serizawa. The warm brown eyes traveled up and down Serizawa’s body, his face flushing bright red when he came to the incubus’s black loincloth, the only substantial piece of clothing Serizawa wore on his rather impressive body.

The human cleared his throat. “Uh, I take it you aren’t here to teach me how to waltz.”

Serizawa certainly wasn’t.

“Wow, I thought the client was full of it about the haunted record player,” the human muttered. He straightened up and addressed Serizawa. “Reigen Arataka, 21st Century’s Greatest Psychic and you are?”

Serizawa did not think that introductions to his first contract would be so formal. “Serizawa Katsuya, ah Junior Incubus.”

“Bureaucracy really does exist everywhere,” Reigen said. He gestured to his attire, a grey long sleeve t-shirt with a hideous bear graphic and a pair of very tiny shorts. “You obviously caught me during my off-hours but I was technically on duty since I was fooling aro—exorcising some property for my client.” The blonde was rambling due to nerves. “Why don’t you have a seat?”

He indicated that Serizawa should go to the couch. The incubus obeyed, hands in his lap. All of the others had said that their humans just wanted to get right to the act, Serizawa had no idea what was going on. Reigen sat on the couch as well, maintaining a respectful distance.

“I assume that you were haunting my client’s record player or even just that particular record,” Reigen said. “What brings you to the mortal plane today?”

Now Serizawa was really confused. He had been summoned, right? “I’m supposed to have sex with you.” He was rather looking forward to it, not just because it would be his first but the human’s legs dusted with a bit of hair were really attractive. Serizawa wanted them wrapped around him, preferably very soon.

The human’s face went completely blank. One of Serizawa’s coworkers, Hatori, had experience with computers. He sometimes talked about something called the “Blue Screen of Death.” Serizawa never thought that would apply to people.

Reigen coughed, his brain finally catching up with what was said. “Sex, with me? Okay, why me?”

“You summoned me,” Serizawa explained. The man should know this, he had done the summoning. Was Serizawa not pleasing enough? Did he want another incubus?

The psychic’s eyes darted to the record player. “I see now,” he murmured under his breath. “If I have sex,” his voice cracked on the word, “with you then you’ll stop haunting my client’s stuff.”

Serizawa wasn’t certain he had been haunting those items in the first place, but if it meant getting those tiny shorts off of Reigen he would agree to anything. “Yes, it will start the contract.”

“Contract? What contract?” Reigen asked.

The incubus was starting to see that his human hadn’t meant to call him at all. Serizawa’s heart sank. “When a human summons an incubus they enter a sexual contract,” Serizawa explained. “You have your desires fulfilled and I get to feed.”

“Feed?” the blonde looked suspicious now. “Feed off what?”

“The excess energy you generate during sex,” Serizawa said. At least, that was how the others had explained it. He had not had the chance to experience it himself yet.

Reigen’s arms were crossed, he was in negotiation mode now. “How long and what are the terms?”

Why was the human asking so many questions? Didn’t he want to take those bothersome clothes off? “As long as we both wish and it can be terminated at any time.”

“Without prejudice?” Reigen asked.

Serizawa shook his head. “I don’t know what that means.”

“Basically, I won’t get eaten or taken to hell or anything,” Reigen clarified.

“No, none of that. Um,” Serizawa did not want to sound needy but he really wanted to get this started. “Can we have sex now?”

Reigen actually laughed, posture relaxing. “Yeah, why not?” He turned to kneel on the couch, looking straight at Serizawa. He gave the other a kind grin. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” Serizawa confessed, “I haven’t done this before.”

The human’s face went blank again.

“Did I say something wrong?” Serizawa asked. “Am I not arousing enough for you? I can change form—"

“Don’t change a thing!” Reigen blurted out. His face softened. He reached out, his hands at Serizawa’s broad shoulders. “Look, we’ll just take things slowly.” Reigen gave Serizawa a reassuring squeeze. “Let’s start with kissing, if you get uncomfortable at any time, tell me to stop.” The blonde’s hands moved to caress Serizawa’s dark curls. Reigen murmured a please hum at the softness.

Serizawa enjoyed the sensation, he wondered if Reigen would want the act reciprocated. Seeing this as his own permission to touch, the incubus gently moved his hands to Reigen’s back to draw the human closer. “You’re so odd,” he said, maneuvering Reigen to straddle his lap.

“Why do you say that?” Reigen asked under his breath. He was a little distracted by Serizawa’s chest.

Serizawa thought it was obvious. “You seem more concerned about me than your own pleasure.”

Reigen, who had been going in for a kiss, turned his head, eyes darting away. “Well,” he licked his lips, “I kind of know what it’s like being used.” He did not give the words time to sink in. “So, let’s just have a good time, okay?”

Before Serizawa could say anything, Reigen pressed his lips against Serizawa’s catching the incubus by surprise. Their teeth clinked together from the suddenness of the move and Reigen pulled back to chuckle at his own clumsiness. “Sorry, it’s been a while for me,” he confessed. “Let me try again.”

This time it was gentle and oh so sweet. None of the demonstrations and lectures had prepared Serizawa for the warmth, the wetness and just how much fun such a simple act could be. Then Reigen’s tongue swiped at Serizawa’s seeking permission and the incubus moaned. He pulled the human firmly up against him, his strong arms enjoying holding another living being.

One of Reigen’s hands smushed between them, cupping Serizawa’s pecs. From the blonde’s little exhalation and the tiny fingers of arousal teasing at the back of Serizawa’s brain, Reigen didn’t mind.

As the kisses grew more confident, so did Serizawa. Reigen had asked him what he wanted and he now knew. He wanted to take Reigen just like this, perched in Serizawa’s lap with those tempting thighs straddling him. Serizawa’s sizable organ began to harden.

“Remember,” Reigen murmured when they broke for air, “we can go as slow or as fast as you like.”

Serizawa took the offer at face value, hands moving down to Reigen’s thighs, right where the fabric met skin. Reigen’s arousal spiked, he rocked his hips forward. “May I fuck you?”

The blonde sputtered in shock. “Okay, maybe not that fast.”

Serizawa fought back a disappointed sigh, kissing Reigen’s neck. He felt the other man shiver; he had found a good spot. “Then how may I please you?” he asked, continuing to find good places to kiss on the man’s neck. Too bad he had his shirt on, then Serizawa could reach his shoulders.

“I didn’t say no,” Reigen said. He fondled Serizawa’s chest, fingers playing with the hair, teasing at the incubus’s nipple. He kept shifting in Serizawa’s lap, his own dick hardening. “There are steps involved.”

That sounded promising. “What should I do?” Serizawa asked. He had some ideas from the lessons, but it was no substitute for practical application.

“First I should go to the bathroom and clean up down there,” Reigen said. Yes, he realized he was using euphemisms with a creature literally made for sex but the man still had some sense of discretion.

“Oh,” Serizawa felt silly for forgetting about such a thing. He could assist with that with a snap of his fingers. So, he did.

Reigen stiffened in Serizawa’s lap, his expression that of a man who had just been goosed. “What did you do?” Reigen asked.

“I took care of it for you,” Serizawa said. It was part of his training after all. However, Reigen did not look gratified, just a little disturbed. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked. Serizawa hated the thought of doing something the human didn’t like.

“Not wrong per se.” Reigen squirmed a little and Serizawa had to fight the urge to hold the blonde down and thrust up. Reigen thought about how to put it. “Just don’t do that kind of thing without telling somebody first,” Reigen said.

“You’re not mad?” Serizawa asked. He needed to know.

“No,” Reigen admitted. “But having your ass cleaned out and lubed up in a fraction of a second is really weird.”

“It’s convenient though, right?” Serizawa asked. He remembered Shimazaki saying something like that once.

Reigen pressed his head against Serizawa’s shoulder, stifling a laugh. “It is that.”

Serizawa’s finger dipped under the shorts, touching Reigen more intimately. “Then may I?”

“You can,” Reigen gulped, he could hardly believe he was going to say this, it had been so long since he had been with someone else, “you can finger me open.”

“Oh.” That hadn’t been what Serizawa was thinking. “I thought that since you had lube—”

Reigen leaned back, raising an eyebrow. “Unless that’s just a baseball bat lurking under your loincloth I am not fitting that thing right now.”

Oh, Serizawa understood now. He was rather big. “I can make it smaller.”

“What smaller?” Reigen asked, losing the thread of the conversation.

“My penis.” Shapeshifting was one of an incubus’ many talents. Serizawa was particularly good at genital shifting, although he had not had occasion to put it to good use.

The blonde looked rather intrigued by this information. “That’s good to know,” he said, “but you still have to work me open.” Reigen leaned forward, eyes mischievous. “How about this: make your dick a little smaller and you get me loose. Once you’re inside me you can go back to full size, ‘cause I do want to feel all of you, big guy.”

Serizawa thought this was an excellent plan. He wanted make Reigen feel good, good enough to want to summon Serizawa again and again. Now all Serizawa had to do was get the human naked.

Joy. Euphoria. Serizawa had never been told it could be like this. It was supposed to be good, but was it supposed to be this blissful, this right?

Reigen rocked on top of him, eyes closed, overwhelmed by the thickness of Serizawa’s cock. The incubus felt trapped in a feedback loop of pleasure, of Reigen’s arousal combined with his own lust. The human could only slide halfway up Serizawa before dropping down again. Serizawa wanted Reigen to experience the whole length of him, not just a part. He wanted to move until just the head of his cock was inside and thrust back in. He wanted to fill the human up so full that it spilled out.

They both wanted it.

Serizawa moved. Using his strength, he flipped Reigen over, pressing the smaller human onto his back. He wasn’t skilled enough yet to stay inside, although he wanted to. Brown eyes looked up at Serizawa with surprise. “What—”

The incubus hitched Reigen’s leg up onto his shoulder, purring at the human’s flexibility. “May I fuck you the way you want?” He hoped he could.

Reigen looked startled that Serizawa knew. “Yes.”

Serizawa obliged, sliding in carefully, slowly, letting Reigen get used to the new angle. From the way the human’s back arched and he clutched the sheets he liked it very much. The incubus was glad. He moved as he had imagined, the slow drag out followed by a quick thrust back in. Reigen gasped, unable to speak as he was fucked.

Red faced, eyes wet, Reigen was the loveliest thing the incubus had ever seen. This was Serizawa’s contract, his human.

“You’re beautiful,” Serizawa murmured, unable to help himself. “I’m lucky, so lucky that you’re my first.”

Reigen shook his head. “I’m not—”

The incubus thrust hard, cutting him off. He would not hear Reigen speak ill of himself. “You’re kind, gentle and you feel so good.” Serizawa leaned forward; the bed squeaked in protest. “You feel like you were made for me, just me,” he whispered. “I’ll take care of you, make you happy, make you cum.”

Reigen whined then, hands scrambling to claw at Serizawa’s back, bringing their bodies practically flush. He was close, but not close enough.

Serizawa was going mad. His spine was tingling, his balls tight. He needed to finish, but he couldn’t until Reigen had his pleasure, until he was done. This wasn’t about sealing the contract, that had been done the moment Reigen agreed. No, this was about Serizawa’s own desire, his own lust for this human, his human. This was selfishness, pure and simple. “Please cum for me,” he pleaded, shifting his weight. “Please.”

Reigen exhaled, a sound nearly too soft to hear and warmth spilled between them; his body tightened with delight. Serizawa sighed; he was so happy. He pumped his hips, once, twice and he let himself go. Reigen’s body welcomed him, all of him and Serizawa was more than willing to give. Their bodies squelched as they moved, Serizawa cumming harder than he had ever done before. He couldn’t help the thrill of pride as he thrust again, pushing his spend back into Reigen. He wanted to keep it there just that little bit longer.

Serizawa’s breathing slowed. He was reluctant to leave, but the act was over. The incubus pulled out of Reigen’s body, gratified at the contented sigh from the human.

There were a few things still to discuss, aftercare and possible arrangements for a future meeting then Serizawa would have to return home. Alone.

He could clean them up like he had done the preparation, but Serizawa had learned his lesson. He would ask first this time. “Reigen—”

A snore answered his question. The human was fast asleep, a small smile on his lips. Oh. Serizawa leaned down to nuzzle at Reigen’s neck and nope, no response. Then Serizawa would wait. He was certain the main office wouldn’t be angry with him for staying and making sure that his first contract was fully satisfied. As an incubus, he himself didn’t need to sleep but he entered a meditative state when tired.

This would give him time to give himself a performance evaluation. Serizawa felt that his kissing technique was good but he definitely needed work on fingering. Reigen had winced a few times and that had worried the incubus. A contract’s comfort was first and foremost. Secondly, he was getting better at asking the right questions but still needed improvement. That would come with time. Reigen had really enjoyed it when Serizawa had picked him up and tossed him onto the bed. That was a good note for the future. Then there was the actual penetration—

As Serizawa continued his thoughts, he drifted off. The next time he was aware, sunlight was streaming through the apartment window and Reigen was gazing at him with a contented look. “Guess I wasn’t dreaming,” he murmured. Reigen’s finger traced along the edge of Serizawa’s horn.

The incubus shivered; he didn’t know he liked that. He felt foolish just lying there. “Good morning,” he answered.

Reigen stretched as best he could with a large incubus sprawled on his tiny bed. “I don’t have much, but I can make you some breakfast. Some eggs and miso--” He rolled out of the bed and winced.

Serizawa was alarmed. “Are you hurt?” Please, may he not have hurt his human.

“No,” Reigen answered, “but I’m sticky as hell.” He looked back over his shoulder with a slight grimace. “I need to shower before I do anything.”

“I could clean you,” Serizawa offered like he had planned to the night before.

Reigen shook his head. “No, we’re doing this the old-fashioned way.” He stood and looked back at his-- guest? Sex-buddy? Whatever. “You can join me but no fooling around,” he said, cracking his neck. “I do have work today.”

Showers weren’t common in the other-world so Serizawa found the experience charming, although he did have a hard time keeping his hands from wandering. Reigen was just too tempting to explore. It didn’t help that the human’s attempts at swatting him away were half-hearted at best.

Reigen’s breakfast was meager: some eggs and instant miso. Serizawa did not need to eat human food and, although he explained this, took some of Reigen’s offered meal anyway. The look that the human gave him did strange things to his stomach.

Although honestly, Serizawa hadn’t ever felt this energized. He had always had to take sustenance from other incubi. Now, he could stand on his own.

“So how does this whole thing work?” Reigen asked, chewing around his egg. “Like, do you have a phone number or what?”

“We could schedule now or you could just wish for me,” Serizawa said.

“Okay,” Reigen sounded skeptical. He moved on. “How often do you need to feed?”

“Only once a week or so,” Serizawa said. Although, to be frank, he wouldn’t mind spending more time with Reigen if he requested it.

The blonde considered it. “I have Sunday off; you can stop by then if you’d like.” He swallowed his mouthful. “I’ll have to lay a few ground rules though.”

Ground rules? “Like what?” Serizawa asked.

Reigen pointed his chopsticks at the incubus. “No showing up at the office. I have other employees and this…yeah, I can’t explain this.”

That seemed fair. “Anything else?”

The blonde’s nose scrunched as he thought. “Not off the top of my head. We’ll have to play this by ear.” He picked up his bowl and sipped at his soup. “You know,” he said, setting the bowl down, “you can ask for things too.”

That sounded very nice. Serizawa knew instantly what he wanted. “I want a kiss every time I leave.”

Reigen looked away, cheeks pink. “Um, all right. That sounds reasonable.”

He was glad that the human agreed. “I have to go soon,” Serizawa hinted.

Reigen Arataka, the 21st Century’s Greatest Psychic, knew an opening when he heard one. “Until next Sunday then.” He set down his breakfast and gave Serizawa his requested kiss.

The man tasted of miso and Serizawa wanted to chase that taste. He wanted to hold it on his tongue, he wanted to savor it, he wanted—

He was back at the office. The only other incubus there was Hatori, typing away at his computer.

“How was it?” he asked, not looking up from his keyboard.

“It was really nice,” Serizawa said. He was disappointed he couldn’t have just those few seconds more.

“That’s good,” Hatori said, barely hearing him. “Going to see him again?”

“Yes,” Serizawa said. “I’ve got an appointment on Sunday.”

“That’s good.”

Serizawa wasn’t certain he had actually been heard. It didn’t matter; what did is that Reigen wanted to see him again. He would be counting the days.

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Sunday was only another three days; he should be able to wait. Should being the operative word. He had waited all this time for the central office to make him a match, he could wait those few scant hours until seeing his contract again. He could be patient; patience was one of Serizawa’s few virtues, it was just three days.

Maybe he should make sure Reigen is okay.

The incubus paced back and forth in the office in Claw’s own little corner of Hell. Minegishi was on break and just watched as his coworker lathered himself into a frenzy. “Maybe you should ask about getting another contract if you’ve got this much excess energy,” he suggested.

“No!” Serizawa blurted out, then afraid that he appeared rude, he repeated more softly, “No, I’m fine. Reigen just really wore me out, I don’t think I could handle another human yet.” He chuckled; it was very, very fake.

The other incubus raised an eyebrow. “Uh huh.” He went back to reading, not out of lack of concern but because watching Serizawa pace made him dizzy.

“It’s not completely out of bounds,” Serizawa muttered to himself. He stretched out his awareness, latching onto the connection he had formed with Reigen. Oh good, the man was back at his apartment. He’d just check in, make sure that Reigen didn’t need anything.

He allowed himself to vanish. Back at the office, Minegishi set down his book and shared a look with Hatori. “Something’s going on,” he said.

“Obviously,” Hatori agreed. He deigned to look up from his keyboard. “He might be a little attached.”

“They’ve screwed once,” Minegishi said. “That’s ridiculous.”

The smaller incubus shrugged. “I don’t know, just my observation.”

Minegishi thought he might have to keep an eye on his naïve coworker, make sure things didn’t go awry.

Meanwhile, at Reigen’s apartment, Serizawa found himself nearly crashing into Reigen. The human had just entered the apartment, bags from the konbini in hand. “Oh my god,” Reigen startled. His eyes were blown wide, his arms raised in self-defense. Then he had the chance to see who had invaded his apartment. “You scared me,” he confessed. “What are you doing here?” He looked confused. “It’s not Sunday yet, is it?”

“I, uh—” Serizawa did not know how to explain himself.

“Never mind.” Reigen shoved his bags into Serizawa’s massive arms. “Hold these, I got to take my shoes off.”

Which is how Serizawa found himself standing awkwardly in a human’s apartment watching his contract take off his shoes. Serizawa observed that Reigen was very particular with his shoes, carefully taking them off and placing them exactly where he wanted. Reigen’s attention turned back to the elephant, or rather incubus, in the room.

“Are you going to stand there or drop those off?” Reigen teased him.

“Where should I—”

“On the counter over there.” Reigen indicated a tiny corner of the apartment with a kitchen, really just a counter with two burner set and a mini-fridge.

Serizawa did as he was asked so Reigen could actually enter the studio apartment. Now that he had some distance, Serizawa could really look at his human. When they first met, Reigen had been in pajamas but now he was in a gray suit. It was not expensive but it looked nice; Reigen looked nice. The colors complimented him well and the cut emphasized his frame--

The suit was coming off now. Serizawa nearly dropped the bags on the floor instead of the counter.

“What?” Reigen looked back over his shoulder. He seemed amused at the incubus’s prudishness. “I’m home, I’m not wearing a suit all night.”

“Of course.” This was just a regular human changing clothes, that wasn’t very exciting in the grand scheme-- oh Reigen had a very fine back. Slim with just enough definition, it was too bad that human society frowned on shirtlessness outdoors. Serizawa had been negligent in praising it sufficiently during their last encounter, he would have to rectify that on Sunday.

Then Reigen covered said beautiful back with a plain colored t-shirt and replaced his suit pants with the shorts that Serizawa liked. “I didn’t have any plans this evening,” Reigen said, pulling the shorts on over his pert bottom. “So sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for excitement.”

“I’m fine,” Serizawa said. It was the truth; he was fine now.

Reigen turned back to face him, “Let’s eat then.”

“I don’t really—” Serizawa tried to remind him.

“I know,” Reigen said, pushing his way into the incubus’s space to get at the bags of food, “but you can still try stuff.”

He pulled out his meal, a few bento boxes from the store. Reigen had probably bought them to cover at least two nights. He shoved some food in the fridge and kept out the largest container. Serizawa noticed that Reigen had purchased more instant miso. Seeing Serizawa’s glance, Reigen pointed to the box. “I can make some if you want.”

“Maybe Sunday,” Serizawa said. He entertained the idea that Reigen had purchased it specifically because he had mentioned liking it. It was a pleasant thought.

Reigen put the miso away and moved to the couch with his dinner. Serizawa followed him.

“Let’s see what’s on,” Reigen said, turning on the tv. On the screen was a group of five people, each with huge plates of food in front of them. “Oh, this show is terrible. You’ll love it.”

Serizawa didn’t understand what the human meant. “How does that—"

Then the humans started eating and, when done, the food that they consumed was measured in numbers of pounds eaten. Serizawa was a little horrified. “Why does anyone do this?’

Reigen shrugged. “Why does anyone do anything? Have a plum.” He held out a pickled plum. Serizawa took the offered treat, eyes glued to the screen, lips careful to touch only the tips of Reigen’s fingers.

They spent several hours like this, watching and commenting on terrible television. Every once and while, Reigen would offer some of his own meal for Serizawa to try and the incubus would take it. In the future it would be the basis of a game for the two of them, but for now it was Serizawa’s glimpse into a bruised but tender soul.

He did not mind being fed. He did not mind when Reigen fell asleep on his shoulder. He did not mind when he had to carry the smaller human into his bed. He did not mind temporarily waking Reigen up to give him his kiss goodbye. He did not mind that Reigen was only half-awake, so the kiss was soft but sloppy. He did not mind spending this bit of time with his human.

It was only proper, it was part of their contract, after all.

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Reigen could delude himself about a lot of things, but this wasn’t one of them. He knew that this arrangement was temporary, that someday the incubus would leave him. Reigen had only been able to hold a partner’s attention for so long before they grew tired or strayed or hurt him or—

It was okay. He was okay with this. An incubus fed on sex; Serizawa told him outright. He only required it about once a week but there might be times he would need more energy and would decide that Reigen wasn’t enough. Serizawa hadn’t said this, but Reigen knew it deep down.

He would be okay.

They had only had the one experience together, not counting that strange night watching tv on the couch. Reigen was just preparing himself mentally for the inevitable. He would just ride out this good fortune as long as he could. Serizawa was, quite frankly, gorgeous. Reigen had spread his legs for men far less attractive and with worse motives.

He could do this. Especially when the incubus looked at him that way, with a lust bordering on greed. Reigen was no stranger to interested looks thrown his way but Serizawa’s gaze made him feel powerful, sexy. He could do this. He could show Serizawa the basics, the incubus probably had a far more extensive education in the sexual arts than he did, even if he lacked actual experience.

He would show Serizawa a good time, show him that sex wasn’t just a chore or a means to feed. Reigen would make this fun for him, show him the courtesy he hadn’t been.

He could do this.

“I thought we’d play a little game this time,” Reigen said.

Serizawa looked interested. It was finally Sunday and, like their first time, they were starting on the couch. Reigen was just in his shorts and a tank top (he had no underwear on, he was looking forward to the incubus’s reaction to that) and Serizawa in his obscenely tiny loincloth.

Reigen pulled out a plastic bag filled with snacks. “The object is to see who cracks first.” The incubus looked hesitant, apparently Reigen had used a poor choice of words. Reigen reassured him, “This isn’t that bad. See, I’m going to feed you random things from this bag.” God, he got a kick out of seeing the incubus’s expression while trying new things. When Serizawa had a bite of something he liked, the incubus just lit up. Reigen wanted to see that face again, but he could see Serizawa still doubted him. He had been a salesman once; he knew how to close a deal. “And you fingerfuck me.” Now he had Serizawa’s full attention, good. “We’ll see who can resist actually fucking the longest.”

Considering Serizawa grabbed him about the waist and dragged the smaller man into his lap, Reigen felt that the incubus was on board with the plan. It was a terrible excuse for a game, but Serizawa’s dick hardening underneath his ass proved that he didn’t care. Still, verbal affirmation would be nice. “You can say ‘no,’ if you want,” Reigen reminded him.

“Thank you,” Serizawa said, voice low, “but I wanted to practice using my fingers on you. This idea pleases me.” His broad hands drifted from Reigen’s waist straight to his ass. Pleased was an understatement.

God, Reigen had never been with someone this eager to fuck him. The way Serizawa’s hands wandered it was like he would never get enough. “I take you like these shorts.” Serizawa was squeezing his ass now, thoroughly enjoying himself.

“I like the way they cling to you,” Serizawa murmured. His fingers slipped under the back rim of the shorts only to feel bare skin. The incubus rested his head against Reigen’s shoulder, horns heavy. He shuddered. “Thank you,” he murmured almost too quietly to hear. Reigen wasn’t quite sure who he was thanking. “How do we begin?” Serizawa asked, kissing the side of Reigen’s neck. That felt really nice. “Do you need to clean up?”

Good, the incubus was learning. “You can use magic for the cleaning bit,” Reigen wasn’t a huge fan of douching anyway, “but I want your fingers to lube me up.”

The contented rumble that erupted from Serizawa’s chest made Reigen’s stomach flutter. Then he felt that strange tingling that indicated the incubus was using his magic. The instant slickness had freaked him out during that first encounter. It was much better this time, he felt clean but not wet.

“You can start now,” Reigen said, leaning down to grab the snack bag.

Serizawa did not need further encouragement to manhandle Reigen out of his shorts. The smaller man laughed at the incubus’s grunt of frustration when Reigen’s legs couldn’t move the way he wanted. It was awkward, but soon Reigen was naked, Serizawa’s cock wet and leaking underneath him. Reigen didn’t think the game was going to last long but he didn’t mind. There would be no losers in the end.

The only got through about five bites of cheap snacks before Serizawa lost control. When Reigen swiped a thumb across Serizawa’s lower lip to clean up some 100-yen donut crumbs, it was all over. The incubus’s big hands maneuvered him up and onto the tip of Serizawa’s massive cock. Reigen had taken it before and wanted to take it again; it was just so big. He was pushed down slowly, the organ adjusting its size to his comfort.

God, Serizawa was going to wreck him for any human lover ever again. He felt full, completely seated on the incubus’s lap. He rocked forward and back a little, just getting used to the feel. Serizawa looked dazed, just utterly destroyed. He drew Reigen forward into a heated kiss, teeth scraping against his lips in its intensity. “I wanted this all week,” Serizawa confessed. “Wanted to feel you, kiss you again.”

No one had ever talked this way to Reigen during sex before. Most of the time the words were degrading not sweet. Serizawa needed to stop before—

Then the incubus began to move and Reigen was lost to all rational thought beyond “Yes” and “fuck me!” Between Serizawa’s thrusts and Reigen’s thighs they were working up a hell of a rhythm. Sweat dampened Reigen’s forehead and his chest. They were slick, so slick as they moved. God, he wanted Serizawa to cum inside him, mess him up. Reigen panted in Serizawa’s ear. “You can cum, baby. Please cum inside me.”

“I can’t,” Serizawa moaned. “Need you first.”

“No.” Reigen mouthed at Serizawa’s collarbone. “Want to cum from the feel of you, please.” Then he felt it, Serizawa filling him up, making him wet. He reached down and stroked himself, jacking off furiously until his own orgasm hit him. This was good, so good. It wasn’t until he came down from the high that he noticed Serizawa was looking at him funny. “What?” Reigen asked, his non-sticky hand running through Serizawa’s hair. “What’s wrong?”

The incubus looked comically offended. “You made me cum first.”

The admission went straight to Reigen’s head. He had made a sex demon cum first. He flashed Serizawa his smuggest grin. “Yeah, what about it?”


It wasn’t hard at all, just a light tap really, but Reigen had never been smacked on the bottom like that. He was shocked at how much he liked it. His face flushed bright red in embarrassed arousal.

Serizawa picked up on it right away. Damn his incubus senses. “Can I do that again?”

Too self-conscious to reply, Reigen just nodded. Serizawa spanked him again, this time on the other cheek. The blonde’s breath hitched, jerking a little on the incubus’s softening cock. A broad hand rubbed right where he had been spanked, soothing the spot. The incubus looked like he was somewhere else, his mind wandering.

“What are you thinking?” Reigen asked.

“I’m trying to decide what to do next,” Serizawa said. His hands never stopped groping Reigen’s ass.

Well, Serizawa was taking his sweet time. “That requires this much thinking?” Reigen blurted out.

SMACK! Shit, that still felt good.

“I want to practice blowjobs but this seems like fun now,” Serizawa said. “I feel like if I switch what we’re doing it’ll make things awkward.”

Oh god, he was overthinking this. Reigen cupped Serizawa’s face. “I’ll let you blow me all you want, hell I’ll go to town on your cock next Sunday if you fuck me today.”

Serizawa’s whole demeanor brightened, “I like this idea.” He kissed Reigen again, stealing his breath away. “You have the best ideas.” That’s when Reigen realized he had just made another appointment. Had he just been played? Serizawa didn’t seem the type.

Then he was lifted up and off Serizawa’s dick, white dripping down his thighs. The incubus picked him up and carried him to the bed. Next time they should really just save the step and start there, Reigen thought before being shoved onto his front, pillows under his hips. He felt like he was on display. Then he felt Serizawa’s fingers spreading his cheeks and knew that he was.

The incubus’s thumb traced all along Reigen’s rim, smearing the cum spilling out of him. God, he was hard again humping against the pillow as Serizawa played with his hole. “I wanted to see how my cock looked pushing inside you,” Serizawa said. “Is that okay?”

Sometimes, the incubus was a little too courteous. Reigen gripped Serizawa’s wrist. “If you’re asking permission, then yes I want your dick inside me.”

The thumb was replaced by something much larger. He might be a little tender in the morning but that was future Reigen’s problem. Current Reigen just enjoyed the weight on Serizawa’s body on his lower half, pressing him, down, down against the pillows. He was helpless to move against the onslaught of cock and he loved it. Serizawa was just going to town on him, thrusting in and out. He knew from the pause at the top that Serizawa was watching just how well Reigen’s ass took him. Just how loose he was from Serizawa’s cock and fingers.

Every once and a while Serizawa would lean back and give Reigen a playful smack and that just made it all the better. Reigen could get used to this. He shouldn’t get used to this, that would be dangerous, that would just lead to disappointment. He had to be careful—

Then Serizawa hit his prostate and he lost it.

When he was next alert, Serizawa was planting kisses on his back, drifting lower and lower. The incubus was murmuring in a voice Reigen didn’t think he was meant to hear. “The wait was worth it. I think you were made just for me. All for me.”

What did that even mean? Oh, Reigen didn’t know he was sensitive in the dip just above his ass. That almost tickled when Serizawa pressed his lips there. “Do you need anything?” Serizawa asked.

Reigen took a mental assessment. His mouth was dry. “Water might be nice.”

The incubus didn’t move away, simply called it to them with his magic. Yeah, Reigen was going to be ruined for anyone human after this. He took a drink and offered some to the incubus. Serizawa took it, probably just to be polite but Reigen was still glad to see him take it. “Did you want to watch a movie or something?” Reigen asked. “I think there’s a shitty kaiju film on tonight.”

Serizawa got a faraway look in his eyes. He turned his dark eyes to Reigen. “I’m sorry, they want me back at the office soon.”

“Oh,” Reigen tried to hide his disappointment. “I get it.” Serizawa was an incubus, he probably had other things to do than hang out with him.

“I don’t know if I even have time to shower with you,” Serizawa said. He sounded regretful. “May I use my magic to clean you up? I can’t leave you like this.”

Like this was an ass covered in Serizawa’s spunk and a soaked pillow. The idea of putting that in his crappy washing machine sounded miserable, let alone taking it to the laundry mat. “Sure,” Reigen said. It couldn’t be worse than the instant-lube. The incubus snapped his fingers and a pleasant tingle later Reigen was scrubbed clean head to toe. Even his sheets were spotless.

“Wow, I should call you on laundry day,” Reigen teased.

“I can only use that spell for—”

Reigen sat up and placed a finger on Serizawa’s lips. The incubus could be painfully earnest. “I’m just joking,” Reigen said. He was glad to see Serizawa relax. “Are you okay? You don’t look happy to go back.”

“I just don’t want to go back right now,” Serizawa said. He wouldn’t stop looking at Reigen like he would vanish if he turned away.

“It’s okay.” Reigen gave Serizawa his goodbye kiss, keeping it light. “We always have next Sunday.”

The incubus shut his eyes, a contented smile on his lips. “Okay. You won’t forget?”

Like hell Reigen would forget that appointment. “I won’t,” he promised. Then Serizawa did vanish, leaving Reigen alone in his apartment. Well, old kaiju movies won’t watch themselves. He slipped on his shorts, grabbed his remote and turned on the tv.

Chapter Text

Suzuki Touchiro was an incubus to be reckoned with. Of advanced age and power, he no longer took on contracts himself but managed other incubi under the office name “Claw.” He prided himself on a tightly run ship, on contracts satisfied and on incubi who knew and understood the rules. He hadn’t had a discipline problem in over fifty years. Not until Serizawa.

“I need an update on the whereabouts of my Ultimate 5,” he commanded Hatori. The younger incubus stretched out his awareness, tapping into the ethereal plane.

“Shimazaki is with Number 37,” Hatori reported. Shimazaki was popular enough that his contracts were referred to solely by number. “Shibata’s been summoned by those weird kids again.”

The massive incubus was occasionally summoned by a group of muscle-bound teenagers interested in the art of body improvement. It had become a running gag that Shibata saw more of the kids than any contracts.

“Minegishi is in downtown Seasoning,” Hatori continued. That left the location of one incubus to go: Serizawa. Hatori focused and blanched. “Oh god, he’s doing another unrequested visit to his contract.”

Suzuki pinched his forehead. He could not believe his subordinate was doing this again. “This is ridiculous. Call him back here before—”

“Before what?” a masculine voice drawled.

Suzuki cursed under his breath. “Hello Joseph,” he greeted out loud.

The angel flexed his huge white wings just for show before curling them neatly on his back. Shrewd and with a shaved head and a terrible smoking habit, Joseph from the Heavenly Government was never a welcome sight at the office.

Like all large organizations, the Heavens has an infrastructure with divisions, sub-divisions and all that entails. Each part of the organization had their own management teams and the paperwork to go with it. Joseph, an angel, oversaw all of The Incubus/Succubus Relations Bureau, much to Suzuki’s displeasure.

Joseph tapped out his cigarette into the air, the ashes disappearing in an instant. “Serizawa still going on unrequested visits?” he asked.

Suzuki would not be lectured by an angel. “Serizawa is new at this,” he argued.

“He’s had his human for months,” Joseph said. “He hadn’t requested any other contracts and, from my count, has made unrequested visits at least once, sometimes twice a week since he was summoned.” Unrequested visits weren’t taboo per say, but they did represent a huge liability and cause for concern. The bookkeeping alone was considered punishment in hell.

“Bring them up,” Joseph ordered Hatori. “We need to make sure nothing untoward is happening. We don’t want another repeat of fourteen years ago.”

Suzuki bristled at the comment. It was a dig specifically directed at him. Before he had retired, the incubus had sired a child with a human woman. It had been a huge embarrassment to the Bureau.

The be-speckled incubus flexed his magic, creating a monitoring screen. Within moments, the contract’s small apartment was in focus. What was going on baffled the infernals. Serizawa and his human were on the couch while a movie played on the screen. The human was curled up against Serizawa’s side, blonde hair disheveled because Serizawa kept stroking it. The human was fast asleep while the incubus just looked at him with an expression neither Suzuki nor Hatori could identify.

Joseph snorted in aborted laughter.

Suzuki would not tolerate amusement at his organization’s expense. “I will discuss the matter with him,” he said.

Joseph held up a hand. “I’ll take care of it.”

“What?” Joseph rarely, if ever, spoke to Claw’s incubi directly.

“Just trust me on this,” Joseph said. “This is angel territory,” he blew out a plume of smoke, his grin smug. “I don’t think you’d understand.”

A few days later

Reigen entered his apartment to see Serizawa standing there. He had gotten used to the incubus just showing up a few times a week, but he had never seen Serizawa this frantic. “Quick,” Serizawa said. “Say that you want to see me.”

“What?” Reigen was completely confused.

“Just do it,” Serizawa ordered. The incubus vanished from sight.

That was odd. “I, uh, really want to see Katsuya. Too bad he isn’t here,” Reigen called out. It wasn’t his best acting job by a stretch, but this situation was too stupid to pull out the big guns.

Then Serizawa reappeared, looking relieved.

“Okay, what was that about?” Reigen asked.

The incubus didn’t answer, just pulled him forward for a kiss. Reigen stumbled, trying to stay in the entranceway. His shoes were still on and he had just cleaned the floors.

Then a strange man Reigen had never seen before just showed up in his living room. “Who the hell are you?” he asked.

The man with the white wings just smiled. “You should be asking, “Who in god’s name?”’ He put a hand on Serizawa’s shoulder. “That was cute Serizawa, nice little loophole there.” The man waved his hand, a magnanimous gesture. “Tell you what, he says something like that within five minutes after you show up and we’ll consider it a ‘requested’ visit. Streamline the paperwork for all of us.”

Reigen kicked off his shoes, annoyed at being ignored and at the condescending attitude towards Serizawa. “Hey wiseass, tell me what’s going on or get out of my apartment.”

The man extended his hand; Reigen reluctantly took it. The man was cool to the touch. “Joseph from the Heavenly Government. I manage The Incubus/Succubus Relations Bureau and have taken a special interest in your case,” he said.

“Case?” Reigen was more confused than ever. “What case?”

“These little dates of yours are causing quite a headache down at the home office,” Joseph explained. “It’s out of the norm.”

“Dates?” Reigen sputtered. He hadn’t seen Serizawa anywhere outside of the apartment. “What dates?”

“They’re classified as ‘unrequested visits’ since you haven’t scheduled them or summoned Serizawa but we all know what they really are,” Joseph said with a sly smirk.

“I—” Reigen was taken aback. “I thought this was part of the contract.”

Now Joseph was surprised. The angel burst out into laughter, wings fluttering with the effort. “Oh, that is so precious,” he wheezed. “No, Arataka, no.”

Reigen was a little freaked out that this apparent angel was calling him by first name.

“Sex is part of your contract,” Joseph explained, “all the rest of this is Serizawa’s idea.”

Reigen didn’t know how to take this. What did that even mean?

Serizawa looked pained. “Arataka—”

“So, all this time,” Reigen said, “why have you wanted to spend it with me?” He couldn’t comprehend it. He was just a fake psychic with a crappy apartment. Surely, Serizawa had better things to do than watch movies with him. Or better people to be with.

The angel rolled his eyes. “I’ve got things to do, immortals to manage,” he muttered. “Just keep in mind,” he said to Reigen, “if Serizawa keeps making these unscheduled visits, he will be considered a discipline problem and the consequences for that can be dire. If you don’t want that, just say you want to see him.”

That, at least, Reigen could understand. “Got it.”

“Good,” Joseph said. “Meanwhile, I’ll just let you figure out the rest for yourselves.” He vanished.

Serizawa wilted from the release of tension. “I am so sorry, Arataka.” He looked so drained that it broke Reigen’s heart. He felt like what the incubus needed most was normality.

“Seriously,” Reigen said, putting on a brave face. “That kind of bullshit is why I got out of sales.” He couldn’t handle any more drama this evening. He needed to relax with one of his favorite people, demons, whatever. Together, they could forget a crappy day. Reigen held up a shopping bag. “Takoyaki?”

Humans could be so dense. At least Reigen could be forgiven, Joseph supposed. The man had not just been burnt before, but scalded. It was hard for him to risk his heart again but, if he allowed it, he could spend his whole life bathed in warmth.

Serizawa, on the other hand, Joseph wouldn’t expect to understand what was happening. Incubi were crafted with a limited grasp and scope of emotional experience. He simply couldn’t understand the bond that was developing between them; that the relationship he was forming with Reigen was unique. The incubus was still deceiving himself that he was simply going above and beyond his contract, that he was doing a good job. Serizawa denied that what he was doing was only for himself, not for the Bureau.

Joseph didn’t mind one bit. He was an ancient being, longer lived than many of the other angels. He had taken on the job at the Bureau to add a little excitement to his existence. The incident fourteen years ago though had just been stressful. This new development, however, had real promise.

The angel found Serizawa shapeshifting in front of a mirror in his meager little room. He focused mainly on disguising his more unearthly features rather than anything else. Interesting, from the reports Reigen had never requested such a thing before. “Practicing, Serizawa?”

The incubus startled at the interruption. “Mr. Joseph,” he greeted. He was still skittish after their “talk” about Serizawa’s unrequested visits. “I’ve been doing as you asked.”

“I can see,” Joseph said, he had been keeping a close eye on the paperwork since his warning. “There have been no complaints from the head office in the last two weeks.”

Serizawa smiled in relief. “Good.” He waited and when Joseph didn’t leave, he asked: “Then why are you here?”

“Just checking up,” Joseph said. Of all the incubi under his care, Serizawa was the only one he granted his personal attention. Not that Serizawa knew that. “Brushing up on your shapeshifting?”

“Yes,” Serizawa said, the horns retreating into his head. He still had issues with his tail. “Ara—Reigen wants to take me to a museum this Sunday so I’m practicing looking like a human. We saw a commercial the other day and he saw that I was interested--” The incubus started rambling.

The battle to keep from grinning at the incubus was an epic one. Apparently Reigen had taken that “date” comment very seriously. Joseph struggled to look neutral. “I see,” he said. “Isn’t that your usual scheduled feeding day?”

“Yes,” Serizawa nodded. “But we’ve worked something out. We’ve scheduled for me to stay until Monday morning.”

Now Joseph leered at him. “I see, planning on wearing him out all night then?”

Serizawa’s expression clouded; his voice was harsh: “Don’t talk about him like that.”

There it was, another sign Joseph was looking for. The sort of bond that Serizawa and Reigen was creating had both positive and negative emotions. This was one of the ugly ones rearing its head. Incubi weren’t usually equipped to even have it; most didn’t even understand the concept. Serizawa was far more psychologically complex than his brethren. No wonder it had taken so long for him to get a match.

“I meant no offense, Serizawa,” Joseph soothed.

Serizawa’s brow smoothed, his face regaining its gentleness. He continued talking about his plans for Sunday as if the anger had never happened.

Interesting. Pairing him up with Reigen Arataka might have consequences most at the Bureau couldn’t foresee, but Joseph could. As an angel, he couldn’t interfere directly but he could guide Serizawa into tending the little flame between him and Reigen into a cozy hearth. If the flame sparked into a forest fire, however, Joseph would be forced to extinguish it.

He honestly hoped that the two of them could work it out for themselves. Love was a rarity among heavenly beings and Serizawa had a real shot at it. He just had to balance out the worst of his infernal nature with the best parts of his generous heart. It would be up to him to see if the light or the dark would reign supreme.

Chapter Text

Nestled away in a side street off the busy fashion district, one would hardly expect to find a quiet little museum dedicated solely to one man’s collection of woodcut prints. Reigen had only a mild interest in it, he was more fascinated with the reactions of his companion. Serizawa had never been to a museum before, let alone the kind that required silent contemplation rather than invited discussion.

The museum only presented a small portion of its collection at a time all with the same theme. This quarter was “Heaven and Hell” which had peaked Serizawa’s interest. Some of the prints were Edo period, some even older.

There was even a special exhibition elevated on tatami mats that required museum guests to remove their shoes. Considering this was Serizawa’s first time ever wearing them, getting him into the etiquette of taking them on and off was a bit of a task. It was worth the haughty look from the elderly guard though to see Serizawa captivated by the linework and color.

The incubus had been practicing his shapeshifting and easily passed for human so that wasn’t a concern. Reigen had provided him with clothes, however, so he would have less illusions to maintain. When they finished the circular route through the building Serizawa was almost disappointed. “There aren’t anymore?” he whispered.

They had been at the museum two hours.

Reigen shook his head, the dim light made him sleepy. He had to do something, anything else to stay awake. “We can come back next time when they have different stuff.”

A simple promise, but one that seemed to mean the world to Serizawa. Reigen had no idea how he got so lucky. They exited the museum, Reigen glad to be out under the sun and Serizawa vibrating with excitement. The blonde listened to him chatter about the pieces he liked best and the glaring inaccuracies. He couldn’t hide his own smile. This had been an excellent idea.

“Master Reigen! I’ve haven’t seen you out and about before,” an older feminine voice greeted them.

Reigen stiffened. Oh no, it was one of his clients. He spun on his heels to face the woman. “Mrs. Nakamura,” he recalled after a few crucial seconds. An 85-year-old housewife, she had terrible shoulders after years of drudgery; she was a frequent visitor to Spirits and Such. “Yes, even a psychic of my caliber needs to recharge at least once a week,” Reigen said. “I’m afraid that I--”

“Were you just at the woodcut museum?” the woman asked.

Reigen’s jaw clenched, he really just wanted to be left alone. Well, not alone, preferably just with Serizawa. “Yes, I was escorting an old friend from university.” He gave Serizawa a manly pat on the shoulder.

The incubus looked at him askance. Reigen could only hope he wouldn’t blow their cover.

“It’s always nice to reconnect with old friends,” Mrs. Nakamura said. Then she rolled her shoulder, “I think that curse came back—”

Of course, it did, she was always hunched over her painting. Reigen had warned her about posture before. “I have a 3:30 Wednesday open for a one-hour exorcism,” he remembered.

“Bless you.” Mrs. Nakamura gave Serizawa a conspiratorial wink. “The man has magic hands,” she whispered before tootling off.

Once she was out of earshot, Serizawa turned an unreadable expression onto Reigen. “What did she mean by that?”

“I give massage exorcisms as one of my services,” Reigen explained. “A lot of my clients have sore necks and shoulders and think they’re cursed. I knock out the kinks and they feel better.”

“So, you put your hands on other people?” Serizawa asked, his tone flat. Reigen wasn’t certain if Serizawa was jealous or just puzzled. “How many other people?” Oh yeah, that was jealousy.

That kind of flippant disregard for serious medical massage had always pissed Reigen off. “I don’t know what they teach you in incubus school but my massages are strictly professional,” he defended himself. “They’re for healing not getting people off.”

Serizawa pushed himself into Reigen’s space. “Show me.”

“Excuse me?” Reigen sputtered. He refused to be intimidated despite the height difference and the weight difference and god, Serizawa really could crush him if he wanted to.

“Show me how you heal people,” Serizawa demanded.

Reigen put a hand on Serizawa’s chest and lightly pushed, just enough to tell Serizawa to back off. “I would if you asked nicely, but right now you’re being a jerk.”

The incubus frowned. “Why did you just call me your friend?” The rest of the question remained unspoken.

This was going to be fun to explain. “I’m not out at work,” Reigen explained.

Serizawa shook his head, frustrated. “I don’t understand.”

“Must be nice,” Reigen muttered under his breath. “Long story short, if my clients knew that I liked men I might not have a business anymore.”

The concept seemed beyond Serizawa’s grasp. “Why does that matter?”

Reigen was agitated now. “It just does.”

“But why?” Serizawa asked again.

Oh, Reigen needed the incubus to stop harping on this. He looked around; thank god no one was around to witness the scene. Reigen had to get them off the street. “Not here.” He tugged on Serizawa’s arm leading him away from the museum.

It was going to be an awkward train ride home if he didn’t resolve this. As they made their way down the stairs to the subway, Reigen spotted something that gave him an idea. “Follow me.” He took Serizawa to a secluded set of restrooms including one family room. It was unoccupied.

Reigen inhaled, he could not believe he was about to do this. He made sure there were no witnesses and shoved Serizawa inside the family bathroom. With a quick click, he locked it.

“Why are we here?” Serizawa asked.

“Because I’m going to show you something I don’t do for my clients,” Reigen said, sinking to his knees. Serizawa just stared, a familiar heat in his eyes. “This,” Reigen said, unzipping Serizawa’s borrowed pants, “I do just for you.”

Moments later he had Serizawa’s leaking cock in his mouth, taking his breath away. He still couldn’t take the incubus at full size this way, but it was still good. Serizawa was panting, his illusion slipping as his horns grew and his tail materialized. Reigen ran his hands up those thick thighs, squeezing as he pleasured the incubus. He opened his eyes to see Serizawa’s true appearance. This was how Reigen had always seen Serizawa, it was the form he knew, the one he lov—

Reigen choked, coughing as some of Serizawa’s precum went down the wrong pipe. The incubus knelt beside him. “Are you okay?” he asked, far more concerned about Reigen than his throbbing erection.

“Just overdid it,” Reigen wheezed out.

“We can stop,” Serizawa suggested. He pulled Reigen close and rubbed Reigen’s back.

“No,” Reigen hacked out. He hadn’t finished his apology. He pulled Serizawa’s head down to his level, kissing him in between coughs. Reigen was only human, he could only do so much. “Let me do this for you.”

“You’re in pain, I won’t,” Serizawa protested.

“Fine then,” Reigen said, reaching in between Serizawa’s legs. “I’ll do it this way.” He started jerking Serizawa off and the incubus arched into the touch. Reigen wrapped his free arm around the incubus’s shoulder. “It’s okay,” he murmured, the ache in his throat subsiding. “It’s okay.” He tugged at the incubus’s erection, feeling it swell to full size in his palm. They had only done this a few times but Reigen knew what Serizawa liked. He would show his affection here and now, the way he couldn’t in public.

He kissed Serizawa again in reassurance. “I don’t touch anyone else this way, only you.” The incubus shuddered against him and Reigen’s palm grew wet.

Serizawa’s eyes were closed, his head heavy against Reigen’s shoulders. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“I am too,” Reigen said. “I should have explained that kind of thing before we went out. That wasn’t fair to you.”

“There’s a lot of things about the human world I don’t understand,” Serizawa confessed.

“You and me both,” Reigen admitted.

A calmness settled between them. “May I touch you?” Serizawa asked. “I want to take care of you.”

The blonde bowed his head, god Serizawa was sweet. “Later,” he said. He didn’t want to stay in this bathroom any longer than he had to, it might arouse suspicion. Off Serizawa’s disappointed look, he said: “You can fuck me the way I like back at the apartment.”

The incubus snapped his fingers, cleaning them up. The two of them started to set their appearance to rights. Then Serizawa seized Reigen’s hips, broad hands pulling the smaller man back up against him. “I promise,” Serizawa leaned forward, whispering in Reigen’s ear. “I will make you see stars.”

The blonde shivered in anticipation. Reigen was going to hold him to that.

Trust was a word that Serizawa believed his coworkers only understood on a surface level. That there was nuance and implications that they couldn’t comprehend. For instance, many of them complained when their humans fell asleep. Shimazaki frequently complained about his contract’s lack of stamina, that they couldn’t keep up with him, and Minegishi just found the idea of sleep dull.

Serizawa, however, took a different view. Whenever he heard Reigen’s soft snores, or felt the human burrow himself further against Serizawa, it brought a warmth to the incubus’s chest. The idea that Reigen would do this without worrying that Serizawa would bring him harm never failed to make Serizawa’s knees weak.

That was how he knew he was forgiven for his outburst outside of the museum. It wasn’t Reigen’s impulsive act of comfort in the public restroom, but an agreement made hours later. When Serizawa had scheduled for the additional time, it was because he had something specific he wanted to try. He presented his case to Reigen who looked skeptical but agreed. “Sounds weird,” Reigen had said, ‘but if it’ll make you happy.”

It did make Serizawa happy to cradle Reigen against his chest, to feel the human pressed against up him, to hear Reigen’s breath steady out into sleep, and to have the hard length of his cock nestled in Reigen’s ass. As an incubus he had the ability to maintain his erection for a very long period of time but even he could not do it all night. Still, it was an experiment and one that made Serizawa feel warm and content. His tail had even curled around Reigen’s leg, to keep him all the closer.

He didn’t know how long they stayed this way, but eventually he heard Reigen stir. “Are you all right?” Serizawa asked. He would stop if asked.

Reigen mumbled something Serizawa couldn’t understand. There was a shift in the sheets and Reigen threw his right leg up and over Serizawa’s side. The human rolled his hips, grinding back on Serizawa’s dick. That the incubus could understand.

His tail moved up, curling around Reigen’s thigh to help the human keep himself open for Serizawa. Reigen’s steady breathing degenerated into pants and moans. “Deeper, please,” he pleaded.

Serizawa obeyed, all too eager to show his appreciation. Reigen had been more than accommodating, he deserved this indulgence. He was so hot, so tight, so perfect. The human whimpered as Serizawa thrust into him slowly again and again. Pale hands clutched at the sheets, toes curling in ecstasy.

Reigen turned his head, his kisses sloppy as he could barely reach Serizawa’s mouth. They were wet and unskilled, but Serizawa couldn’t get enough. It was lazy sex, the sort born of that unique combination of arousal and drowsiness.

Hours before, Reigen had demonstrated his massage techniques on Serizawa’s shoulders, how he helped his clients and eased their pain. As an incubus, Serizawa was attuned to the difference between a caress and simple touch. The motions had not stirred Serizawa’s arousal, just comfort, and that had shamed him for his earlier anger. The work that Reigen did for his clients was not a threat to what they had. That touch was nothing like the primal intimacy of this moment.

When they had finished coupling, Reigen’s frantic kisses softened. He wriggled one last time on Serizawa’s cock before allowing the incubus to withdraw. “I need to pee,” Reigen muttered. He rolled out of bed, staggering a little.

Serizawa admired the glisten of his cum between Reigen’s cheeks before extending his magic. The human was clean, but he didn’t seem to notice. The sheets cooled as they were exposed to the air with no body to warm them. It always felt colder when Reigen was gone.

The incubus sighed, sinking into his borrowed pillow. Today had been a good day overall. He hoped that Reigen would take him to museum again, or maybe someplace new. If so, he would have to have better control over himself. His reaction to the old woman was unacceptable. He didn’t even understand why—

Reigen slipped back into bed, nuzzling the incubus’s neck. “Night,” he murmured, curling himself against Serizawa’s broad chest.

The warmth bloomed again. “Good night,” Serizawa answered back. Reigen fell quickly back to sleep. His breathing was quiet and welcome.


Maybe the secret to navigating the human world was in holding onto that word like he held the human in his arms. Serizawa would have to fully learn its meaning beyond anything his brethren knew. He only hoped that he could.

Chapter Text

It was a rare occasion when all of the Ultimate 5 were together. Shimazaki was usually booked solid, Minegishi had his own steady contracts, Hatori helped other departments with their technical issues, Shibata had his hobbies and Serizawa, well Serizawa was spending more and more time with his sole contract.

The five incubi chatted about everything and nothing, simply enjoying or at least tolerating each other’s company. Shimazaki finished his story about yet another wild contract request to the chagrin of the others. After the requisite laughter or eye rolls, Serizawa asked: “What do you do if your contract gets a human lover?”

The other incubi all stared at him. “What?” Minegishi asked, tone flat.

Serizawa shifted with nerves under the scrutiny. “If your human gets a human lover what do you do?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Hatori said, the answer obvious.

Shibata, the largest of the incubi, shook his head. “Why would you even care?”

Shimazaki as the most experienced of the Claw incubi said, “It happens all the time.” He waved a dismissive hand. “If they drop your contract, you move on to the next one. It’s not a big deal.”

The question raised Minegishi’s suspicions. “Don’t tell me your---”

“No,” Serizawa snapped. It came out harsher than intended. “Arataka is,” he paused realizing his mistake, “Reigen doesn’t have another lover.”

Shibata sized up the other incubus. “Why the question then?”

Why had he asked the question? Reigen wasn’t seeing anyone else and the human knew that he was Serizawa’s only contract. Faithfulness wasn’t even a part of the contract, only the satisfaction of needs. Still, the idea of someone else touching Reigen the way that Serizawa did drove him to distraction.

Reigen was an attractive human. On the occasions when Reigen would take Serizawa into the outside world, Serizawa would witness just how appealing others found him. It was both a source of pride and irritation for the incubus. He didn’t know why. Reigen either didn’t notice the attention or deflected it, but it still stuck in Serizawa’s craw.

Serizawa was no slouch in the looks department either, but there was something about him that kept too many people from approaching with untoward intentions. He didn’t know it but at times he projected an aura that drove other potential suitors away. Serizawa only wanted one human, all of the others could back off.

“So, none of you have ever felt angry or anxious or,” Serizawa struggled to explain the feeling, “or afraid that your contract will leave you?”

The blank stares from the other incubi was answer enough. Silence settled awkwardly between them. Serizawa did not know how to recover the situation.

“Jealous,” a young voice interrupted. “I think the word you’re looking for is jealous.”

At the sound, all of the incubi altered their appearances so that their clothes would be more modest. It was out of respect for their leader’s half-breed son, Shou. The boy did not ask to be born; he was a mistake of carelessness on Suzuki’s part but none of the members of Claw treated him as such.

“Can I talk to you, Serizawa?” Shou asked.

Serizawa was pleasantly surprised. As a child when Shou would visit his father, Serizawa would act as primary caretaker. Partly because of the incubus’s personality but also, he was the only one without other responsibilities.

As Shou grew older and spent less time with the incubi in general, his relationship with Serizawa faded. Spending some time with the boy would be good. “You got your first contract?” Shou asked when they were out of earshot of the others. He knew some of what they did. It would have been too hard to keep from him considering his conception, but it was still explained in a way appropriate for his age. None of the incubi were willing to shatter the child’s innocence completely.

“Yes,” Serizawa said, beaming with pride. “He’s been very kind.” That was an understatement. Reigen had been wonderful, showing him all sorts of things just because he wanted Serizawa to experience them. He had given Serizawa his time, his energy and more.

“You must really like him,” Shou said. “If you can feel jealous.”

“What’s jealous?” Serizawa asked.

“You know what envy is, right?” Shou asked. The incubi had all been schooled on the Seven Deadly Sins, even if they didn’t experience all of them.

“So, jealousy is envy?” Serizawa asked, more confused than ever.

“Sort of,” Shou tried to explain it. “Envy is when you want something that someone else has and jealousy is when you think someone will take away what you have.”

Oh. Oh. “Oh,” Serizawa murmured. That struck right at the heart of his fear. He didn’t want anyone else to have Reigen. Reigen was special, Reigen was his. The Bureau had chosen Reigen for him. Yes, often succubus/incubus contracts were temporary but Serizawa didn’t want it to be. He wanted Reigen for as long as he could have him. The idea that someone else could threaten that-- “I don’t think I’m supposed to feel that way.”

“Probably not,” the boy admitted. He grimaced at the incubus in sympathy. “That doesn’t mean much though.”

“Why do you say that?” Serizawa asked.

“Because you’re your own person,” Shou said, “no matter what the Bureau says. You and your contract—”

“Reigen,” Serizawa said.

“You and your Reigen should just do what you want,” Shou said.

The boy was thirteen and his advice naïve, but Serizawa was going to take it anyway.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No problem” Shou said. “Hey, I got this new game. I need another player but Hatori cheats.” Serizawa allowed himself to be led to the boy’s room to try his new videogame. Perhaps spending time with someone other than Reigen might give him more perspective.

The city was falling apart. A tremendous earthquake ripped through Seasoning City with tremors so violent they were felt in hell. The incubi all stood in the Claw office to wait it out or, in reality, they were all holding Serizawa back.

“There is nothing you can do,” Suzuki was firm.

Serizawa’s eyes were wild. “But our contracts—” But Reigen--

“Have to fend for themselves,” Suzuki said. “It is unfortunate but humans are fragile. Tragedy happens all the time.” To an incubus, the words were sensible but, in that moment, Serizawa never hated his boss more.

“I have to go to him,” Serizawa insisted. Before he could teleport, thick ropes coiled around him, pinning him in place.

“Sorry, Serizawa,” Minegishi’s arms were up as he extended his control. “The boss is right; we’ve got to wait this out.”

Serizawa struggled but to no avail. Although being with Reigen had increased his strength and stamina, the ropes were Minegishi’s specialty. He simply did not have the expertise to escape. He was helpless.

The tremors stopped.

They waited. All earthquakes had aftershocks; natural ones did anyway. Minutes passed, then a full half hour. Whatever energy had torn through the city was gone.

Hatori conjured up his laptop. Images of the devastation flashed up. Buildings crumpled to dust, streets upended, concrete piled high like harvested grain, rebar twisted into sculptures of ruin. It was the most horrible thing that any of them had ever seen.

“That’s odd,” Hatori said.

“What is?” Shimazaki asked. He leaned over the smaller incubus like he could actually see the contents of the screen.

“The higher ups report that the earthquake was of psychic origin,” Hatori said. He turned to the others; his eyes wide with horror behind his glasses. “A human did this.”

That a mere human would have this much power within them was terrifying even to creatures such as themselves. “’There are more things in Heaven and Earth,‘” Suzuki did not finish the quote. “What this means for us is we need to be more careful with our dealings, if a human this powerful exists—"

Serizawa tuned the older incubus out. He had other concerns. Awareness stretched out, seeking his human, seeking Reigen. The man had to be alive, if he wasn’t Serizawa would die. The others would tell him that was impossible, but he knew it in his core. Serizawa didn’t want anyone else. Shimazaki could move on, Serizawa couldn’t.

Reigen had somehow carved himself a place in Serizawa’s soul. Without him, Serizawa would just allow himself to fade away into nothingness. It seemed far too soon to form such a conviction but—

Reigen was alive.

It wasn’t time to see him yet, Serizawa could feel that his presence wouldn’t be welcome but later, later he could see him. The incubus sank to his knees. Reigen was alive. He was alive.

Hours later the man was back at his apartment and Serizawa could not stand it any longer. He appeared just inside the doorway as he always did. Reigen, god Reigen looked like shit. The man was covered in dirt and concrete dust on his clothes, his hair, and embedded into his skin. Tiny scratches marred his hands and face, they would heal but looked painful as a collective. Reigen’s shoes looked pretty unscathed strangely enough, but his suit needed repair, especially his torn pants. He had managed to kick off said shoes and was about to take off his jacket when he saw the incubus.

Brown eyes colored with exhaustion gawked at Serizawa. It took a second but the man remembered: “Wow, I really wish Katsuya was here. I’d like to see him.”

Serizawa moved before Reigen could finish speaking. He gathered the smaller man into his arms, allowing himself to feel the warmth, the breath, the physicality Reigen’s living body. The living body that could no longer stand.

The incubus scooped Reigen up before he could fall, powerful arms cradling the man to his chest. Reigen looked apologetic. “Been a long day,” he muttered.

“What happened?” Serizawa asked. He carried Reigen over to the bed.

“Mob,” Reigen said, as Serizawa shrugged off his jacket, “he had some kind of psychic breakdown. There’s been two sides to him this whole time and the other guy, he kind of wrecked the city. It’s okay though.” He smiled up at Serizawa. “He’s a good kid, he pulled himself back together.”

Mob, Reigen’s student. Serizawa had heard about the boy from their talks but he never thought a child would be capable of such damage. “Will he do it again?”

“Honestly,” Reigen said, “I don’t think so.” He watched Serizawa’s thick fingers as they unbuttoned Reigen’s shirt. “He’s got more sense in that little bowl-cut than most people.”

Such flippant trust seemed unbelievable considering the photos Serizawa saw. He pressed a kiss to Reigen’s temple, ignoring the taste of dust and sweat. The human sighed into the gesture. A tiny burst of energy filled Serizawa which he twisted, then pushed back into Reigen with another soft kiss. With each press of the lips, more and more of the damage healed on Reigen’s body.

Bruises faded and minor cuts sealed so they would not scar. Serizawa could not do anything about the bone deep exhaustion, but this he could do. He couldn’t be there to protect Reigen so he would give this gift instead. As Reigen’s shirt came off, he could see the healing already beginning.

“Hey, Reigen I came to check on you—”

Serizawa had never heard that voice before. He stood up, ready to confront whoever had interrupted them.

A cloudy green spirit stared at them, eyes darting back and forth between Reigen and the angry incubus. “That explains a few things,” the spirit said.

Reigen looked over to the spirit. “Like what?” He was completely unconcerned that a spirit was hanging around his water cooler.

Now the spirit openly leered. “Those hickeys I’ve spotted a few times,” he teased. “Taking up with a sex demon, didn’t think you had it in you.”

Serizawa stood down; it was obvious the spirit wasn’t a threat to anything but Reigen’s dignity.

Reigen coughed. “Dimple this is Serizawa Katsuya. He’s my—”

“He’s mine,” Serizawa said.

The human stammered with embarrassment. “And Dimple is one of my coworkers.”

“I was worried about you being lonely and you’ve been shacking up with an incubus,” Dimple said. If Dimple was a coworker, he was either very friendly or very hostile, Serizawa didn’t know him well enough to tell the difference. “Since things seem well in hand here, I’m going back to keep an eye on Shige,” Dimple said.

The green spirit hovered over to Serizawa. “If you hurt him in any way,” Dimple threatened under his breath.

It was nice that Reigen had others concerned for him as well. Serizawa did not take offense. “I’d rather die,” he whispered.

Hard eyes softened at the words. “He really does have amazing luck,” Dimple muttered. “Anyway, I’ll see you later, Reigen.” The spirit phased out of the apartment.

“Seems like my worlds are colliding finally,” Reigen said. “I don’t think he’ll tell Mob but I probably should soon. Don’t know what I’ll tell him.” He started rambling under his breath, too quiet to hear.

That declaration, it took Serizawa’s breath away. He knew how important the boy was to Reigen. To be acknowledged as someone important too—Serizawa hugged Reigen tight. “Thank you,” he said.

Reigen awkwardly patted Serizawa’s back. “Don’t thank me yet and what are you even thanking me for?”

For so many things, too many things that Serizawa didn’t even have a name for. “Let me take you into the shower.”

“Kinky,” Reigen teased him with a sideways grin. The man was far too fatigued to even think of such a thing.

Serizawa ignored it and wrested Reigen out of his remaining clothes. The man needed a shower and some sleep. They could consider other activities after that.

Chapter Text

Serizawa hummed under his breath. Reigen was opening up so nicely, so sweetly for him, getting ready for his cock. It had been two weeks since they had been able to do this. Between Reigen and the city’s recovery from Mob’ psychic accident there hadn’t been time or energy. The closest they had gotten was a blowjob while Reigen was watching some terrible old tv show last week. Serizawa’s mouth closing over him had been a welcome distraction.

Now Reigen’s hips were propped up on pillows at the angle Serizawa liked, keeping his ass just where Serizawa wanted it. He could see his fingers sliding in and out, three of them now, and still watch Reigen’s face as he tried to hide how good he felt by hiding against the bed. It was almost time, the human humped against the pillow as he pushed back onto Serizawa’s hand.

Serizawa wasn’t cruel. He would give the human what he wanted, what they both wanted. His fingers were loath to leave Reigen’s tight warmth, but Serizawa’s cock needed attention. Reigen moaned as he was filled, struggling to keep his hips still so Serizawa could take what he wanted.

Serizawa never got tired of this. The Bureau had blessed him with this gentle soul that Serizawa was more than eager to please. Even at his most emotionally volatile or confused, he never regretted spending time with Reigen. At times like these, he could show his human just how much he was valued.

When they came, it was together, Reigen cooing his gratitude while Serizawa grunted with the effort. It was a good end to a very good day. The movie theater had been dark and empty enough that they could hold hands without worry. Serizawa grew his tail back just to wrap around it around Reigen’s leg. The human had fed Serizawa his popcorn every once and a while, his eyes glued to the screen. Serizawa had enjoyed the show, but Reigen’s reactions were better. There had been the strange incident at the park, but outside of that, Serizawa would not have changed a thing.

Serizawa pulled his hips back to withdraw when Reigen grasped his wrist. “Katsuya, I—” Reigen sighed, dragging his hand down to entwine their fingers. “If I get sick or something and can’t feed you for a while, I don’t want you to suffer.” He had a hard time meeting the incubus’s eyes. “If you need another human to feed on, I’d understand. These last few weeks must have been hard on you and if--”

Serizawa was firm, “I don’t want another human.” He jerked back, unseating himself from Reigen. He sprawled along Reigen’s back like a cat, just to demonstrate how he wasn’t going anywhere.

“You might not have another choice,” Reigen squeaked out, a little crushed under Serizawa’s weight. “I don’t want you hurt because of me.”

“I don’t need anybody else,” Serizawa said, nipping at Reigen’s ear. “If necessary, I’ll get extra energy from the others at Claw, I’m not taking on another human.”

“Fine.” Reigen wiggled. “Are you getting off me anytime soon?”

“No.” The incubus was stubborn, there was absolutely no circumstance where he’d take another contract. Reigen was his one and only. Besides, if he did take on another contract then he would have to spend less time with Reigen. His hands moved down to wrap around Reigen’s chest, squeezing.

He knew the human wasn’t fully comfortable, but he wasn’t going to leave yet. If Reigen was pinned beneath him, he couldn’t get into trouble. He wouldn’t run into psychic tornados, or have to fend off overly-friendly food vendors, or attract the attention of the secret things that crawl in the dark.

Serizawa’s mood dimmed. At the park that afternoon, he had killed his first creature. It had been vaguely humanoid barring the mass of tentacles writhing out of its back and bloody red skin. None of the people had seen it, only Serizawa. He would have let it be if it hadn’t spoken to him, if it hadn’t dared to say what it did.

“You can see me sub-creature?” the thing asked, its maw toothy and smiling. “I sense the touch of the infernal on that one.” It pointed a long slender finger at Reigen, who was patiently standing in line at a food cart for some takayaki. “Is he yours?”

The incubus did not deign to answer. The creature was beneath him in the hierarchy of hell.

Then it had the audacity to speak again: “How many tentacles do you think it would take before I could make him scream? How many to fill him better than you could? How—”

Serizawa vaporized the monster without hesitation. An incubus was not built for combat but they could protect their contracts if they were threatened. Considering how often a human would be endangered in the middle of the act, it was an ability that was rarely used among any incubus. He felt both drained and invigorated. How dare that creature say such things?

Then Reigen had returned with the takayaki, holding out a fish-shaped pastry. “It’s got anko, that okay?” he asked.

Of course, it had been okay, but how long would it be that way? Serizawa hadn’t been able to protect Reigen during the psychic storm. The human also worked in a realm where he had no power. Yes, Reigen’s clients often weren’t really cursed but when the supernatural was involved he was vulnerable. That vulnerability might be even worse since he started his contract with Serizawa. Now other dark creatures could sense him, could desire him. Incubi would know to leave Reigen alone, the system was too good for that but he would be fair game to things like what had lurked in the park.

Serizawa’s hands drifted from Reigen’s chest, back down to his hips. The incubus was hard again, from a combination of desire and rage. Reigen could feel it. “You want another round?” he asked, not sensing the incubus’s mood. If he had seen Serizawa’s face, he would not have been so casual about it.

Taking it as permission, Serizawa slipped back inside. He thrust in at a much faster pace than before. He was rough, rougher than he had been in a while. Reigen was his, no other creature would touch him without consent. He would protect Reigen, fill him with his cum so nothing else would fit, so nothing else would dare. Serizawa held Reigen down, pinning his hips in place as he pumped in more of his spend.

Reigen looked shocked at the speed. “That was fast.”

Then Serizawa came again, and again. White spilled out over his own cock as he filled Reigen’s body. He pulled the human back up into his lap, bouncing Reigen up and down. He held Reigen’s thighs up and open, forcing him to feel Serizawa’s full length stuffing him. It wasn’t the right angle, too much was leaking.

“Katsuya—” Reigen was a little alarmed now at the amount of cum oozing out of him, covering his ass. “What—”

Reigen was shoved forward onto the bed again, pinned by Serizawa’s frame. It was all he could do to ride it out as Serizawa bred him over and over. He sobbed as his poor ass was drilled without sign of stopping. He didn’t hurt but it was too much, too much. He could barely feel his legs anymore. “Please,” Reigen could barely speak. “Katsuya—”

The cum wouldn’t be enough, it would fade, the human would have to clean up sometime. Serizawa grunted in frustration, he had to make Reigen safe, make sure everyone and everything knew he was protected. Serizawa had enough in him to cum one last time but—

He needed something more permanent. Like a mark or—Serizawa’s eyes blazed. His energy swirled around him, magic condensing into this one act. As he reached climax one last time, he did something irreversible. Serizawa bit down onto Reigen’s right shoulder.

Serizawa broke skin, but it was the searing pain that accompanied the bite that made the human scream. The bite mark would fade, would never scar, but the other one that Serizawa left behind would remain for the remainder of Reigen’s life. A human wouldn’t see it, but the creatures of heaven and hell could, an Infernal Mark.

Reigen and Serizawa were no longer incubus and contract but something far more permanent and far more taboo. Nothing could separate them barring Reigen’s death. They were bound. The incubus, finally satisfied, withdrew from his human, pressing gentle kisses along the Infernal Mark. Reigen, after recovering his senses, glared at Serizawa. “What the hell was that?”

Before Serizawa could answer, he was gone. Reigen was alone in the bed, covered in the evidence of Serizawa’s lust. Serizawa never left like that. The human looked around in alarm. “Katsuya? Katsuya?” he called out.

What Reigen did not know was that Serizawa had been called back into hell against his will. He stood in Claw’s office, bound in chains before Suzuki and the other Ultimate 5.

The older incubus flamed with all the fury of the damned. “What did you do?”

Serizawa wasn’t answering. This was bad; this was very, very bad. What was worse, Joseph the angel had just showed up in his apartment in all his glory and Reigen was still covered in lube and cum. Reigen yelped when he saw the Heavenly Government representative and tried to cover himself. Of course, all of the sheets were buried under the pillows they were using and he couldn’t shift them and god, this was embarrassing.

Joseph was a being eternal; nudity did not affect him. “Wow,” his eyes raked Reigen up and down. “He really did a number on you.”

The human constructed a pillow fort around his junk and glared at the angel. “What are you doing here? Where’s Katsuya?”

“He’s back in hell about to be judged,” Joseph said. “If you care about him, you’ll come with me.”

Reigen’s blood went cold. “What’s he being judged for? He didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Not according to Heaven’s Law.” Joseph snapped his fingers and Reigen was suddenly clean but still naked. “Oh yeah,” he muttered under his breath. “I guess I can’t bring you before the Judge like that.”

He snapped his fingers again and Reigen was in his usual gray suit. The human scattered his pillow fort, clambering to his feet, thoroughly agitated. “You still haven’t told me what’s going on,” Reigen accused.

Joseph rolled his eyes, taking out a cigarette. “Basically, Serizawa is going to be shattered into thousands of pieces and scattered across the galaxy. It won’t kill him but it will take him at least five hundred years to reconstitute. By the time he pulls himself together you’ll be long dead.”

Reigen slapped the cigarette out of Joseph’s hand before he could light it. “What the fuck?”

Joseph used his magic to catch the cigarette before it fell. “Save some of that spunk for the Judge,” he said. “You’re going to need it.” He considered something for a moment and waved a hand over Reigen’s ass. Any lingering soreness disappeared. “You play your cards right and you’ll be thanking me later.”

“Don’t screw around with me,” Reigen demanded. He slapped the cigarette away again before the angel could light it. “I quit, stop trying to smoke in my apartment.”

“The kid, right?” Joseph guessed.

It still creeped Reigen out how much the angel seemed to know about him. “This isn’t about Mob” he insisted, pushing his student to the back of his mind, “what’s happening to Katsuya?”

“All you need to know is that you have a chance to save him,” Joseph said. “But you have to tell the truth, the entire truth about the nature of your relationship with him.”

What was that supposed to mean? “What, admit that I take him out on dates because I feel like it?” Reigen said. “That seeing him experience mundane things makes them new for me—”

“That kind of stuff,” Joseph said. “That’s great.” He grabbed Reigen’s arm and, before the human could protest, transported them to a Judgement Chamber in the vast void.

The room looked like a courtroom anywhere in the world, like the fact it had way too much wood paneling. Except all the wood grain formed grimacing faces, and yeah Reigen wasn’t going to examine that too closely.

There was Katsuya, clean but in chains sitting at the defendant’s chair. There were five other incubi watching, all looked somber, especially the oldest. A red-haired man with intense eyes and thin horns, he watched Serizawa with a strange combination of anger and regret.

In the judge’s seat was the Judge, an immense being of pure light. The Judge turned its fiery gaze to Joseph. “What brings you here?” the Judge intoned.

“I’m here to act as attorney for the Defense,” Joseph said. “And I’ve brought a witness as well.” He jerked his head and Reigen stepped forward.

The human didn’t think it possible for a being of nearly pure light to blink but today was the day for the impossible. “You brought the human,” the Judge was shocked. “The human came willingly. Well, that’s unprecedented.”

“Your Honor,” Reigen started, putting on his smoothest show, “I don’t understand what law has been broken here but I think being scattered into atoms is a punishment far too harsh for going out on a few unauthorized dates.” Really, this entire circus seemed like overkill for such an offense.

The Judge turned the full weight of its gaze onto Reigen. “You think this is about your little outings?” For the first time in two centuries, the being laughed. Its laughter shook the entire room, ethereal organisms who operated outside of space and time startled at the sound. “That’s actually adorable.” The Judge wiped at its unfathomable eyes. “That has to go in the Record of Eternity. No, Reigen Arataka, the incubus is not being tried for dating, he is being tried for the crime of Marking you.”

Now Reigen was confused. “He did what now?”

“Without your consent during your last coupling, he branded you with an Infernal Mark,” the Judge explained. The being pointed at Reigen’s right shoulder. “Every creature of the dark and light now know that Serizawa Katsuya has claimed you. You are bound to him for the rest of your natural life.” The Judge sounded apologetic, “He will never let you seek another human’s love; you are his now.”

Reigen couldn’t help it. He grasped at his right shoulder as if he could feel something, anything there. All he felt was the remaining ache from the bite. “Really?” he asked, under his breath. He turned to Serizawa. “Is this true?”

“Yes,” Serizawa admitted. He cast his eyes downward in shame. “I wanted to protect you,” he said. “Since we formed a contract other creatures are more aware of your presence. Your job is already dangerous but my essence lingering on you might make it worse. I had to do something.” The chains rattled with nervousness as he clutched his own hands, terrified of rejection.

“Hey,” Reigen crossed the room, unmindful of the room they were in, that they were in a Judgement Chamber. He tilting Serizawa’s chin up. “The Judge is right, you should have asked permission, but I don’t mind belonging to you.”

The entire courtroom stilled in shock.

“I spent all this time worrying about the day you’d finally leave me—” Reigen confessed.

“Why would I leave you?” Serizawa asked. He grasped at Reigen’s hands, unmindful of the chains. “You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. The Bureau chose you for me and I see why. You’re kind, gentle—”

The human’s face flushed a deep, burning red. “You don’t have to go overboard—”

“I’ve seen how other humans flirt with you, how attracted they are to you,” Serizawa said.

Reigen deflected again. “That doesn’t really mean—”

“I would get jealous,” Serizawa admitted, hands squeezing tight. “That’s not an emotion I’m supposed to feel. An incubus is not supposed to get attached but the idea of another human touching me or touching you,” this was not easy for the incubus, “it feels me with disgust.”

Joseph sidled up to the Judge and whispered, “I feel like I should have popcorn right now.”

The Judge raised one finger, a silent reproach. It was assessing, judging.

“I want to protect you, keep you safe,” Serizawa said, “but I also want you all to myself. When you’re near me I feel warm inside and just being with you is enough. I don’t need the contract to want to spend my existence with you.” The words felt so right, felt so good to say out loud, to have them in the open. Serizawa’s heart was light. “I don’t know what these feelings are, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

“I, uh,” Reigen could barely dare to hope. He had loved before, only to be scorned. To have someone want him so badly that they risked being torn out of existence for centuries had to mean something. This wasn’t just a contract for sex and hadn’t been for a long time. Reigen could finally admit that he didn’t take Serizawa out into the world or feed him or watch movies with him or do anything that he did for the incubus solely out of kindness. There was a need to connect there, for an intimacy deeper than just the physical.

Reigen took the plunge. “I think those feelings are love, Katsuya. At least they are for me.”

The chains shattered, dissolving into nothingness before the eyes of the court. Serizawa’s hands went from clutching Reigen’s fingers to his back, to pulling him forward and kissing him before all of Judgement. The light generated between them in that moment was blinding.

“Is that what this feeling is?” Serizawa asked, in between kisses. “Is that why I’m so happy?”

The Judge let out a deep beleaguered sigh. “Can someone hose those two off? This is a Courtroom.”

“I’ll handle this,” Joseph volunteered. He approached the lovebirds and yanked them apart like naughty children. “So, I take it the charges are dropped?” he asked, ignoring Reigen’s glare and Serizawa’s smitten expression.

“In all other previous cases,” the Judge intoned, “love was either not involved or merely one-sided, this is obviously not the case here. Serizawa Katsuya!” he addressed the incubus.

The tone was one that could not be ignored. Serizawa stood at attention.

“Do you swear to stand by this human and protect him from danger the rest of his natural life? To take full ownership and responsibility for the Mark you have given him?” the Judge asked.

“I can do that?” Serizawa asked, sounding far too excited. “Does that mean I can stay with Reigen?”

The Judge sighed for a second time. “I’ll take that as an affirmative. And you, Reigen Arataka--”

“I’m probably going to have to get a bigger apartment,” Reigen said. “Can I get reimbursement from you guys for that? Do you even have money in heaven or whatever?”

The Judge, a being of pure light and wisdom just sighed again. The affairs of mortals and eternity could be so exhausting. “Just go, case is dismissed.”

There was much to discuss, but Reigen and Serizawa put it off for a few hours. They were too busy making out and reveling in their newfound happiness for serious matters. They had won in a battle they hadn’t even known they were fighting. It wasn’t until later that they made one more life-altering decision. “I want to come to work with you,” Serizawa said.

“What?” Reigen had never heard the incubus express this much interest in his business before. He poured the hot water into two separate bowls for the instant miso.

“If I’m going to protect you then I should work with you,” Serizawa insisted. “That’s where you’re in the most danger.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like you have a lot of experience fighting spirits,” Reigen said.

“Neither do you,” Serizawa teased.

Reigen ignored that. “Or customer service.” He finished stirring the soup and brought out the bowls to the couch.

“I can learn,” Serizawa sounded more confident than he felt.

Reigen plopped on the couch and sipped at his soup. “I guess. You’re sure you want to do this? You’ll have to let me boss you around during the day.”

“Like I’ve minded before,” Serizawa answered with a grin.

Reigen flushed red and hit him with a couch cushion. “That’s different and you know it.”

The discussion became more serious from there, discussing a cover story and just what Serizawa could or couldn’t do. They decided that Serizawa would start at Spirits and Such the next day. Reigen thought that it was better to yank the Band-Aid off quickly on the situation rather than peel slowly. If Serizawa couldn’t cut it, they would think of another plan.

Serizawa’s introduction to the office went well the next morning. He had gotten good enough at shape-shifting to hold a human form for hours at a time. Reigen still insisted on getting him a suit though not to tax his energy. Mob was a delight; Serizawa could see why he held a special place in Reigen’s heart. With time, he was certain he would become just as fond of the boy.

Dimple recognized Serizawa right away but his only comment was a snide whisper to Reigen: “Mixing business with pleasure now?” The blonde just made a sarcastic comment under his breath to the spirit and the matter appeared to be settled.

After the first few scheduled clients Mob left for a lunch outing with a boy named Teruki. When the boy and the spirit were gone, Serizawa stood behind Reigen. It was the first time they had been alone in hours. “I can sense you’ve thought about it,” Serizawa said, voice low.

“Thought about what?” Reigen asked, typing away at his keyboard. If he had turned around, he would have spotted the amorous look on his companion’s face.

“Me fucking you in this office,” Serizawa teased. He had seen the fantasies before and felt that this was a good time to try at least one of them. They had a lifetime now for the others.

The human froze; Reigen didn’t seem to agree. “This is during working hours.”

“When’s the next scheduled client?” Serizawa asked.

“An hour and a half,” Reigen said, excitement growing in his voice.

The incubus locked the door with his magic and spun Reigen around in his chair. “We have plenty of time.”

“Katsuya, we can fool around later,” Reigen said, not really meaning it. The burgeoning tent in his suit pants said otherwise.

“But if I use my magic to protect you,” Serizawa ran his hands up Reigen’s clothed thighs, “I’m going to need a lot more energy.”

Reigen never needed much tempting when it came to sex. He unzipped his pants. “We’d better be done before Mr. Sanada’s appointment.”

Serizawa grinned in triumph. “We will.” He scooped Reigen up and shoved him back onto his desk. With a few quick yanks, the suit pants and boxer briefs were discarded revealing Reigen’s fully hard cock. He gazed down at Serizawa with heavily lidded eyes, oh yes, he was more than ready for an office quickie. As Serizawa dove between those thighs he loved so much, he praised the Bureau for their infinite wisdom in pairing him with Reigen.

Maybe he should send them a “thank you” card.