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Stubborn Water

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Their daughter was a carbon copy of Haru. Black hair replicating the night sky and her eyes - iridescent shades of cerulean; like the waves of the ocean. However, her mannerism and characteristics was identical to her mother's; the fire in her soul, her stance, her presence - she may be a tiny two-years-old, but what she lacked in size was made up by her outgoing personality. She was the perfect fusion of both parents.

"Nami bath time's over" Gou had her hair tied up in a messy bun, sleeves pushed up to her elbows; with a baby blue towel, ready to wrap her daughter dry.

"Mama no!" Nami's brows furrowed, splashing the twelve inches of water with her hands. It was a protest; a protest which Gou was well acquainted with. Other than Haru's appearance she also inherited his love for water. Whenever the little girl was faced with a body of water, her eyes would glow, she would stare in fascination.

Gou heaved a quiet sigh, biting her bottom lip, trying to stop the grin that was threatening to appear on her face. She found it incredibly endearing, observing Nami - who had a pout on her face, helplessly trying to grasp on to the shallow liquid - but it would slip through her chubby fingers - savouring every last bit of it.

"Nami you've been in the bath for a long time" Gou could easily pull Nami out the water, but it would end with an inconsolable toddler - screaming down the house. Instead she gave a tender smile, trying to reason with her daughter. In response, the stubborn two-year-old squeezed her eyes shut.

This time a chuckle of affection escaped from Gou's mouth, a hand on her hip, lips pursed, she knew this was a one-sided argument. Nami was determined to stay put in the bath - no matter what. Gou didn't know if she should admire her resilience or pull her red locks in exasperation. Both were unwilling to let the other win, keeping their guard up - after all, they had the Matsuoka blood running in their veins.

But Gou wasn't one to lose this battle, playing her trump card, she casually mentioned "Papa's making dinner"- Gou glanced at her daughter, seeing her face light up at the mention of her papa. She went from shielding her beloved water to jumping like an adorable puppy, in the blink of an eye. Nami was obsessed with Haru, she was the embodiment of daddy's girl.

Gou noticed bright blue orbs glued to the bathroom door, following her line of vision, she saw her husband strolling his way to the bath. Gou arched her brow, hoping for some much needed help.

"Papa! Papa!" the toddler cooed. Haru gave a warm smile to Nami, he looked at the towel in Gou's hand, understanding what was going on. Nami was a Nanase, of course.

"Nami won't get out of the bath" Gou sighed.

"I don't see anything wrong with that" said Haru.

"Haru! she's been in the bath for too long...honestly what am I going to do with the both of you" rubbing her temple, she narrowed her eyes at Haru.

Unaffected by his wife's glare, he shrugged his shoulders "I'll take her out, you finish cooking dinner"

"Please... and if you keep her in for any longe-"

Cutting her off, he grabbed the towel from her hand " I won't... she listens to me"

"I know... you were my last resort" she pouted.

Looking away from her husband, she faced her daughter, and could feel his smug grin.

"Nami, Mama's making dinner, Papa's taking over!" Gou ruffled her daughters damp hair, causing her to squeal. Thanking Haru, she went downstairs to the kitchen.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, "Haru?" Gou shouted.

"Haru...dinner's ready!" - no response.

Reluctantly, Gou climbed up the stairs, mumbling to herself "I swear, if she's still in the bath..."

Opening the bathroom door, she realised the blue eyed duo were not inside.

"Huh?" confusion expressed on her face. Making her way to their bedroom, she entered. Only to be greeted by Nami fast asleep - her squishy cheek squashed against Haru's chest. Muscular arms embracing the toddlers tiny frame, Gou giggled at Haru - was also in his own slumber.

It was nothing new but Gou was captivated by the precious sight in front of her. Crimson eyes filled with love, her smile widened at the two most important people in her life.

Making herself comfortable, she lay next to Haru. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arm around his triceps.

"Dinner can wait" she whispered.